Bones (2005–2017): Season 8, Episode 1 - The Future in the Past - full transcript

Max, Bones and baby Christine have been on the run for months since Christopher Pelant set her up for murder. Now they leave clues for Booth to realize the corpse they leave dug-up in his Virginia home small town is probably an early victim of Pelant's, the school counselor whose written recommendation was key in the IT genius's Stanford admission. Booth has a hard timing countering his buddy, Agent Hayes Flynn, in charge of arresting Bones. Despite childish emotive hostility from Angela's side, Bones' forensic interim, Dr. Clark Edison, helps clear the case which looks likely to end his contract. Pelant, now a children's computer introduction instructor, can't resist hacking, but a last surprise up his sleeve since childhood changes everything once more.

[Man] Previously on Bones.

I know this man. He's Ethan
Sawyer. Pelant killed my friend.

The evidence is piling
up against Brennan.

[Max] This guy Pelant,
he's framing you.

I swear to God, if you
touch her, I will kill you.


I gotta take your gun and badge.

Rules are rules, cher.
There's nothing I could do.

[Booth] What if he
shows up at my house?

You gotta make a
run for it, honey. Now.


I'm gonna get my family
back. You tell Bones that.

[Birds Chirping]

This... This is Dada.
This is Daddy. [Cooing]

Yeah. I bet the next time you see
him, he'll have your tree house finished.

[Coos] Yep.

And this is all of us together.

- Dada!
- Yes. Dada.

Dada. That's right.

We're all packed,
sweetheart. It's time to go.

You sure we have to leave again?

Yeah, we've been here too long.

New place is quite close.

Give me that little... You
want to go with your grandpa?

- Here we go.
- Up, up.


[Rapid Beeping]


- [Sighs]
- [Typing Continues]

Do you really have to look
at these while you work?

Well, they inspire me.
Pelant framed her for murder.

If we can just figure out how he put her
in the security footage, we can clear her.

Do I really have to
explain that to you?

There's something in Sawyer's
triangle. If we can just...

You have been trying to crack
this code for months, Angie.

Now, you got to focus
on somethin' else, okay?

Look at Pelant's
library records again...

or why Caroline's bank
accounts got hacked.

No, I'm telling you,
this holds the key.

Maybe there's more than one key.

Hey, come on. Let's get
you something to eat, okay?

Those neurotransmitters of yours aren't gonna
fire without your favorite B.L.T. from the diner.

I miss her.

We all do.

Come on.

[Phone Ringing]

[Woman Chattering]

Seeley, it's that time.

The answer is always the same. I haven't
heard from her. I have no idea where she is.

We done now? We have to go
through all your phone calls, e-mails...

Maybe if you spent more
time looking into Pelant...

We can't. You know that.
We have nothing on him.

You know what? He was in my
house. I saw him on my security tapes.

Yeah, but when we looked at the
footage, somehow he was gone.

Well, he erased himself with
computers. That's his thing.

I don't know what I'm supposed
to do with all of your theories.

- You're supposed to believe me.
- Okay, I can't go through
all of this again.

I'll find Pelant
with or without you.

The issue now is
Dr. Brennan. She's a fugitive.

Look, just come into my office.

Oh, look at that.
It's lunchtime. Yeah?

Even us desk jockeys, we
gotta eat, right? [Chuckles]

I'll get you a sandwich.

Roast beef, right?
Uh, no, I got it.

That's right...
tuna, extra mayo.

Seeley, don't do
anything stupid.

Hmm. You had a question?

Ms. Montenegro. Yes. Come in.

No. You can come out
here if you want to talk to me.

Just because this is my office now
doesn't mean I stole it from Dr. Brennan.

You could have said no. You could have
worked from one of the desks out here.

Okay, I'm not doing this. I need your report
from last week's victim... Wallace, Brian.

I told you everything
I discovered.

And I need you to
put it in a binder...

because we use binders now so everyone
has access to the same information.

Brennan didn't use binders.
She could remember...

I am not Dr. Brennan.

I use binders, and
people like my binders.

- Is everything okay here?
- He's wasting my time.

Unless you don't think that
breaking Pelant's code is important.

That's not even the point. Look, she won't do
any of the written reports for the binders.

Because if he can't do
the job like Brennan, then...

He's not Dr. Brennan, Angela.

And he is the resident
forensic anthropologist here.

You will respect him.
I don't believe this.

- I mean, don't you care?
- No, don't... don't go there. Not with me.

We are all doing what we can to get
Dr. Brennan cleared and back here.

But this lab has other
work to do as well.

Well, my first priority
is clearing Brennan.

So if you want to stay here and use
this facility to decode Pelant's handiwork,

you'll cooperate
with Dr. Edison.


Don't do this. I'll be fine.

Well, that's for me to decide.

I have kept you safe
so far, have I not?

I have to, Dad.
It's the only way.

Tempe, please, let's figure
something else out, all right? Please.

Just take care of Christine
until I get back. [Christine Crying]


[Pelant] Now, I know the economy
hasn't been a friend to any of you,

and you all want
to find employment.

Mastering the spreadsheet will give
you a skill you can apply to many jobs.

Now, uh, place your
cursor on the top...

Top of the far-left column.

I'd like to volunteer.

[Man] Mine isn't moving.

It's not working.

Uh, um, you just have to left-click
the mouse when you get there.

[Chuckles] Cool, boss.

Good job.

Special Agent
Hayes Flynn, please.

Maybe you can talk to Seeley. Pelant's
threatening to file charges for stalking.

Seeley isn't gonna listen to anyone
until Pelant's locked up. You know that.

Now, you say this
tip was anonymous?

Was it a man or a
woman? I'm not sure.

The voice was disguised. The
audio techs are working on it now.

Well, why would...
Here you go, Doctor.

Why would anyone go to the trouble of
disguising their voice to report a crime?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Then how come every time we
guess Pelant, you don't agree?

- How long has
your team been here?
- Ten minutes.

We found it like this.

The remains were uncovered through keyhole
excavation and then through step trenching.

Each layer has been revealed and
highlighted by brushing, not digging.

- Very professional.
- [Clark] Very.

Thus making it possible for forensics
experts like us to pinpoint time of burial.

Who could do
something like this?

- I know who taught me.
- Dr. Brennan.

It's also possible that these remains are
Dr. Brennan's and that Pelant is playing with us.

What is it?

It's a snowdrop.

This isn't Brennan.
She left this for us.

Hey, put together
a search team now.

Dr. Brennan's been
here. I want her brought in.


Galanthus nivalis.

Galanthus blooms in winter,
before the vernal equinox,

signifying spring's approach.

- It's a symbol of hope.
- Okay. Meaning?

Well, isn't it obvious?

It's obvious that the
high nasal bridge...

Brennan wants us to know that
solving this murder will clear her name...

so that she can come home.

Meaning Pelant
killed this woman?

High nasal bridge
indicates Caucasian.

Angela, how do you
get all that from a flower?

Uh, I didn't say
anything about a flower.

She won't tell me
anything either.

[Clark] Sternal rib contour puts
age at between 35 and 39 years old,

and this pelvic inlet belongs to a
woman who has never given birth.

Oh, it's just so wonderful
to have your attention.

I'd like you to send everything
we know to Booth end of day today.

By messenger? By e-mail.

By e-mail? Yes.
Include the flower stuff.

Your express instructions were to
avoid e-mail in any case involving Pelant.

There's no evidence that
Pelant is involved here.

And I think Booth should
have this news immediately.

Bones sent you a message
saying, "Have hope."

Okay, how? I can't tell you.

Thanks for nothing, Ange.
Hey, why are you so mad at me?

How are you
communicating with Bones?

I can't tell you 'cause
she made me promise.

Bones has been
missing for three months.

You have been communicating
with her for three months. I haven't.

You won't tell me how. I
haven't even told Hodgins.

Hodgins gets to go home every night with the
woman he loves and gets to see his child.

I don't. I'm sorry.

[Cell Phone Chimes, Beeps]

Wait a second. Do you know
anything about this e-mail from Clark?

Yeah. Cam made him
send it even though...

The remains match the description
of a high school guidance counselor,

Carole Morrisey, who
went missing 10 years ago.

I'll tell her that you love
her, like I always do.

Great. Thanks. But
I'll tell her myself.

[Woman On TV] According
to local law enforcement,

they received an
anonymous phone call...

from an unknown man directing
officers to these human remains...

just off of a
popular jogging trail.

See? Now that's exactly what
you wanted to have happen.

There's Hodgins and Angela.

And it looks like Clark is
doing a very good job, but...

I would like to see
Booth standing there...

with his pen and index cards.

Well, you see Cam, right?
You know who she's talking to?

- She's talking to Booth.
- [Chuckles]

The citizens of Pitt
Meadows, Virginia...

Quintessential small
town America... Hey.

Are coming to the realization that
their town isn't as safe as they thought.

Sheriff Frame has reportedly
asked for help from the F.B.I...

and the forensic specialists
at the Jeffersonian Institution.

Reporting live in Pitt Meadows,
Elizabeth Howe, CNB News.

[Audio Off] [Man]
Wow, that's crazy.


Saroyan. [Booth]
Yeah. Look, it's me.

You know that guidance
counselor you have on your slab?

Don't say it that way.
She used to be a person.

Well, her name is Carole Morrisey.
Guess who went to her high school.

- Christopher Pelant.
- That's right.

- Do you think
Pelant killed her?
- Not at all.

- Do you think Dr. Brennan
thinks he killed her?
- Not in the least.

You're on your way
there, aren't you? Nope.

You're lying in case Flynn
asks me any questions.

You know what? I don't think
anything. I'm on my way to Atlantic City.

And after this conversation,
this phone goes dead.

Got it.

[Door Closes]


[Computer Beeps]

[Ragged Breathing]


- Okay.
- [Rapid Beeping]

I don't know where Booth is. I don't think
you're being completely honest with me.

Then you have trust
issues, stemming from...

I don't know. A bunch
of psychological crap.

Something's going on.

There's a murder in Pelant's hometown,
Booth heads off to Atlantic City?

I'm sorry to hear that Agent Booth is still
struggling with his gambling addiction.

You hear from Booth, you
call me within 10 seconds.

Yeah, he won't call me. Why
not? You two have a spat?

No, he doesn't
want me to lie to you.


Everyone around
here is so damn clever.

[Man] Great. Thanks a lot.

[Crickets Chirping]



I knew you'd come.

Wow! I can't believe
how big she's gotten!

Look at her! Huh? Man!

- And you're okay? She's okay too, right?
- Dada.

We're better now. Dada.
Dada. Did you hear that?

She said Dada. Dada!
[Brennan Laughing]

Dada, Dada, Dada.

Well, I tell her about you every
day, and she is quite brilliant.

Of course. She takes
after her dad, huh?

Ha! The dada. Dada.

She said "Dada." Going in, yes.

[Christine Babbling]
Dada. Hee-hee!

[Laughs] Look at this!

Breakfast, huh?

My father thought I was
crazy for uncovering that body,

but I just couldn't live anymore without
knowing when this was gonna end.

How'd you find the teacher?

Dad and I started looking into
Pelant's history growing up...

School records, newspaper
clippings. [Cereal Clattering]

That's when we found out that his high
school guidance counselor disappeared.

No explanation. Just vanished.

She was a runner, so...

Ah, she was doing cross-country
training in the woods.


So I combed the area for weeks until
I found some discolored vegetation.

Yes, that's because organic
content decomposing...

changes the
appearance of plant life.

Right? Doesn't it,
right? Yes, it does.

Yes. Oh, well, you know,

I missed you, so I was
reading some of your books.

They're thick. They're
really... They're heavy.

I only had time to
excavate the remains,

so all I have to examine
are these photographs.

- But they're not enough.
- Well, it's okay.

I mean, Cam's got all the
remains back at the Jeffersonian.

They'll find out what happened. Plus,
they'll get all the school records to Sweets.

No, I have to be the one to
examine the remains, Booth.

- There has to be a way that...
- Look, you don't think that
Pelant knows what's going on?

- He'll expose you.
- He's right, honey.

That's why I have to pack us up.

- Already?
- Well, Booth being here
changes everything.

I know.

There's staining to the
trabecular of the sternum.

There must have been a lot of
internal bleeding for staining this deep.

Hmm. The trauma to the
posterior aspect of the skull...

shows fracturing,

which reach a depth
of 10 to 14 millimeters.

Which would have damaged
the cerebrocerebellum.

But wouldn't give
us cause of death.

An injury like this would
impair motor skills at the worst.

This fracturing looks like it was made
while the victim was moving away.

Please put your
findings into the binder.

So what we have here
is a deep initial blow...

and then a quick extraction, which resulted in
tapering off to a mere scraping of the bone.

Which would happen if the victim
was moving away from her assailant.

If we I.D. what caused the
fracturing... [Device Beeps]

then we can
link it to the killer.

I swabbed the skull
injuries. [Clark] Yeah?

It was a rock. Red agate.

What? That doesn't
make any sense.

If-If the rock was a
weapon, or if she fell on it,

it wouldn't have caused
this kind of wound track.

Sorry, but it was
definitely red agate.


Did you put your
findings into the binder?


Okay, so Hodgins told me
to look at everything fresh.

Forget about the triangle. And
do we hate him or love him for this?

We love him. So,
you got suspended...

because Pelant made it look
like Brennan was paying you off...

so you wouldn't
arrest her, right?

You're telling me this
again so you could rub it in?

[Chuckling] No. No.

I'm telling you this because I
figured out how Pelant did it.

I have proof that your electronic
signature and Brennan's were forged.

You can prove Pelant did that?


I can prove that it was done,
but I can't tie it back to Pelant.

He used a parameterized
complexity, which is this...

He covered his tracks.

But you can clear me.


I'm gonna send this to the
computer forensics team at the F.B.I.

Then I can get back on this case
and put that rank little weasel in jail...

for the rest of his
scrawny-ass life.

Do I sound bitter?
Oh, not nearly enough.

Well, I'm just warming up.

[Brush Rustling]

Hey, Bones, you got
anything off those pictures?

It looks like there are nicks to C5 and C6,
but they could just be anomalies on the image.

I-I have to examine the bones.

No, you can't do that. Listen, Bones,
we can't keep going through this.

Well, I can't live
like this anymore.

What kind of life are we gonna have if they
throw you in jail for the rest of your life?

I feel like I'm already
there. You're not, okay?

I'm here. Christine is here. That's
all that matters right now, all right?

Just take a look at the
photos... one more time.

How'd you get them to give
me the victim's case file?

I'm back on the case, cher,
and that means you are too.

So speak to me. What did you find
out about the guidance counselor?

Okay. In the year leading up to her writing
his letter of recommendation to Stanford,

Pelant was suspended for hacking into the
school's computer system to change a grade.

His college recommendation
makes him out to be a saint.

Pelant always likes
looking like a saint.

But when you analyze the
idiolect used in this letter...

Everyone I talk to today is
trying to give me a headache.

The language patterns. You know,
linguistic variations of the author.

They're like stylistic and
psychological fingerprints.

Thank you. Okay.

So I went through some old articles
that Pelant wrote for the school paper,

an essay he won an award for,

as well as some papers
that he wrote at Stanford.

They were all very clinical.

You know, determinedly
rationalistic, clear and concise.

But... when I did a
multivariate analysis...

on the other letters of recommendation
from the guidance counselor,

I found far more descriptive
and modified linguistics.

Let me guess. But not in the
recommendation she wrote for Pelant.

Pelant may be able to
erase what he wants digitally,

but he doesn't know how
to erase his writing style.

So he wrote the
recommendation himself...

and then killed her so he could
go to a school he wanted to?

Well, Stanford was the
only school he applied to.

Little toad liked getting
his way even then.

And this is the last recommendation
sent before she disappeared.

So Clark should
reexamine these remains.

These nicks are not
from being buried.

These are cut marks. Okay.

Well, maybe I can help him determine
what kind of weapon was used.

Brennan's probably going crazy not being
able to get her hands on these remains.

I'd like her to know that
we're making progress.


Do you think that you
could do me a favor?

You've been talking
to her. Uh, no, no.

I... Um, I... Honey,
don't ask questions.

How have you been doing it?

I just need you to put
flowers someplace.

Is it a code? I-I don't
want to get into it.

Angie, come on. You don't
trust me? It's not about that.

If... If I'm the only one who
knows, then everybody else is clean.

You know it has to be that way.

Will you help?

Beautiful flowers, Dr. Hodgins.

- And ingenious.
- You son of a bitch.

We're watching you.
We're getting closer.

And just know, if you come near
any of us, if you threaten any of us...

Sounds like you're
threatening me, Dr. Hodgins.

I am. I will kill you.

Know that.

I read your F.B.I. files.

The, uh, psychologist reports?

"While exhibiting anger
and hostility toward authority,

Dr. Hodgins uses harmless
conspiracy theorizing as an outlet.

Thoroughly prosocial
and empathetic,

Hodgins represents no threat."

Sorry. Sorry, but you're too
good a person, Dr. Hodgins.

You're not capable
of killing me.

People change.

Yeah, this is an
interesting fact.

You're gasping for air, but, see, it's not
your lungs that are crying out for oxygen.

It's your brain.
That's what's dying.

That brilliant brain of yours.

Yeah. You're getting
weaker, aren't you? Hmm?

A little dizzy. I sound
very far away, don't I?

That big brain of yours
isn't much help now, hmm?

Is it?

[Coughs, Gasping]

[Hodgins] Pelant was there.

You admit to communicating with a
wanted murder suspect using flowers.

Ms. Montenegro had no idea with whom
she was or was not in communication.

Pelant was there. How
about we talk about that?

Did you interact
with him in any way?

No, I did not. No
matter what he says.

What's that supposed to mean?

Symbolic flowers are a pretty
limited form of communication.

Yeah, it was mostly Brennan...

Or someone else.

Telling Booth that she was okay.

- Or somebody else.
- Got it.

She was waiting for me to
tell her that I had figured out...

how Pelant framed her for
the murder of Ethan Sawyer.

Which I have not
been able to do yet.

Well, I'll tell you
what you're gonna do.

You're gonna go to the
next grave on your list,

and you're gonna leave a flower that
says, "Surrender yourself to the F.B.I."

- I can't do that.
- Then I will arrest you.

Oh, cut that out
now. You will not.

[Sweets] I know what you're
trying to do, Agent Flynn.

Dr. Brennan isn't gonna show up at the next
drop now that Pelant knows this flower system.

Okay, cyber boy, this
is the real world now.

I'm not gonna lead
you back to her.

But if you want to follow me, I
hope you like Mexican food...

because we're
headed for the border.

There's something nobody
knows that I'm gonna tell you now.

I lied to Flynn. I
interacted with Pelant.

How? I... I choked him
until he was unconscious.

I was gonna kill him...

until I remembered that if I did that,
Brennan would never be able to come home.

[Elevator Bell Dings]

You choked a man
till he passed out?

A bad man who killed people.

You're hinting that if I'd
killed him, I'd be bad too?

Hinting? Sweets, I'm not
the interesting part of this.

Listen to me. Pelant
wanted me to kill him.

How could you tell? I
can't explain it. It just...

He was staring in
my face while I did it,

and what I read there
was, "Do it. Do it."

So you're saying
Pelant is suicidal.

I am telling you that he was
happy that I wanted to kill him.

Okay? It just... It seemed like
something you should know.

What I know is that you and I need to discuss
the fact that you're capable of murder.

Not cold-blooded murder.

If it's true that Pelant
actually wanted you to kill him,

that's different
from being suicidal.

Which makes it extremely
valuable information.

There are fairly deep nicks here
on the anterior of the C5 and C6.

Her throat was slit? Not
really consistent with a knife.

They're pretty deep. I'll
consult with Angela, but, uh,

given the size of
Pelant at the age of 16,

the weapon is probably heavier.

Okay, the key will be to tie
Pelant to the murder specifically.

You mean tie the
weapon to the murderer.

Dr. Brennan would have
done that better too. I know.

I apologize.

For what?

For not realizing sooner that
what you're working toward here...

To clear Dr. Brennan
and bring her home...

Will most likely lead to you
losing your position here.

It definitely occurred to me.

Yet what didn't occur to
you was to do a bad job.

I'll never forget that.

- [Brennan] Five hours.
- Yeah, we should
get out of here.

No, the arrangement was always that if
Dad wasn't back from a pickup in six hours,

Christine and I would
get the hell out of Dodge.

Max's term, I'm guessing.

At least Max has a good
reason for not coming back.

That doesn't make
me feel any better.

Oh, believe me, I know.

Oh, Booth. I had to
go. You know why.

- You understand.
- I understand. Totally.

I didn't know what else to do.

I... It would never be my
first choice to cause you pain.

Look, if he's not back in
an hour, we have to go.

You should've stolen
that car, Agent Booth.

- Max, what are you doing?
- Trying to start your car.

What do you mean start my
car? Why? [Starter Cranking]

I saw psycho boy at
the graveyard today.

Tell me you
didn't try to kill him.

No, no. What, in broad daylight,
with people everywhere? No.

- Get out of the car.
- Did you buy your car?

Yeah. With cash, under a fake
name. Yeah, well, it's traceable.

Mine is stolen. It's
untraceable. You take that.

I will take this, and Mr. Pelant
will come after this one,

and I will kill him.

No, no, no, Max. No, Max. Just
turn it off. Bad idea, Max. Max!

[Cell Phone Speed Dialing]

Yeah, Flynn, it's, uh, Booth.

Listen, I tried talking some sense
into Brennan, tried to bring her in.

- Sure, you did.
- She's heading south on State
Road 47, north of Cullen.

She's driving a, uh, '86 blue Toyota
Cressida with Pennsylvania plates.

You're the second person
to call that car in as stolen.




Yes, Dr. Hodgins?

You need to leave.
I beg your pardon?

And take Clark with you.

And the security guards and
everybody. What about you?

I will be in my office, getting
caught up on the white binders.

And seeing absolutely
nobody you shouldn't see.


[Clark] I-I don't understand.

I am taking you to dinner.
We're gonna have drinks.

We actually may drink so much
that we're late in the morning.

Okay. But are all the security
guards coming with us?

- What's happening?
- [Beeping]

[Equipment Powering Down]


[Booth] All good? Yeah.





[Sighs] All right.

We don't have a lot of time
before people figure out you're here.

So you're sure you can do
this? Clark is very organized.

His binders are
quite a brilliant idea.

Is something wrong,
Angela? Yeah.

I... I really missed
you so much.

That's great. Okay. Don't you have some
kind of computer code you have to crack?

All right, um...

This has all the information
the F.B.I. needs...

to track the incoming and outgoing
e-mails on our secure server.

Thanks. Yeah.

We'll need to swab
the injuries on C5 and 6.

I'm on it.

Sweets! Finally. Agent Booth.

I'm very uncomfortable
about this.

You know, as an F.B.I. agent, it's
my sworn duty to arrest Dr. Brennan.

It's so good to see you, by
the way. It's been too long.

- You too.
- Just give her a day. Okay?

If she can't find the answer, you can arrest
her... and me... for harboring a criminal.

- Me too.
- Why do you want him here?

- I needed someone
I could trust to protect you.
- Hey!

Someone I knew who had a gun and knew
how to use it. Master-rated marksman, so...

Great. Thanks. I gotta
get this to Flynn. Yeah.

There are also
injuries from L5 to L3.

From his notes,
Dr. Edison posited an ax.

If I find out what it was made from,
maybe I can narrow down what kind of ax.

Pelant has hacked into secure e-mails
between the Jeffersonian and the F.B.I.

That's a violation
of his parole.

Look, we can lock him up while we're
putting this whole murder case against him.

First of all, Seeley, I have no
idea what any of this means.

We just get the computer
forensics guys to look at it.

How about we get your statement about where
you disappeared to and who you've been with?

Forget procedure. Let's
get this to Forensics now.

As far as any government agency
is concerned, Pelant is clean.

If I go after him
with no cause...

How you gonna feel when he walks away
from this murder, just like all the others?

Or better yet, how are you gonna feel
if next time he kills someone you know?

Yeah. This is Flynn. I need your best guy
in the fourth floor conference room now.

So get his ass out of bed.

The desiccated cartilage
on the lateral femoral...

and tibial condyles
indicate tearing.

So that's good.
Not for the victim.

Well. Yeah.

Coupled with the torn cartilage
on the talus and medial malleolus,

it means she was
hung upside down,

which also explains the blood
staining on the inside of the sternum.

Okay, so you're saying she
was hung, gutted and bled?

That is consistent...

with both Dr. Saroyan's and
Dr. Edison's findings, as noted.

All right. So we're close. This means
I don't have to arrest you. Right?

Not close enough yet.

Dr. Hodgins?

I don't have the results yet.

No, I'm thinking
about the skull.

What was the trace
you found there?

It's red agate. It's a
rock found in Virginia.

Why aren't your findings
included in Dr. Edison's binder?

[Chuckles] Really?

Oh. Sorry. Yeah, it's all here.

Angie did a model of what the agate would
have looked like to make the wound track.

Pelant snared the victim while
she was running through the woods.

As she fell backward,
her head hit the rock.

The wound retracted because
she was being pulled up.

My God, we've missed you.

Now we just need
a murder weapon.

Excellent, Mr. Bobrick.

Now, uh, open up the spreadsheet
and input the new figures.


Christopher Pelant,
you are under arrest...

for violating the federal computer
fraud and abuse statute, 18 U.S.C. 1030.

Th-That's not true. I
haven't done anything.

You have. Even a genius can
make a few mistakes. [Grunts]

That's too tight! Not
for me, it isn't. Let's go.

[Saroyan] 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday
morning. This better be good.

They took Pelant into custody after
hacking into an F.B.I. e-mail system,

so we have a little
room to breathe.

Well, I'll be damned.
Don't be so surprised.

You made Clark send
that e-mail to set up Pelant.

Oh, you and your
conspiracy theories.

Are you any closer to
tying the murder to Pelant?

I discovered some traces
of tamahagane in the bone.

It's a Japanese steel.
Hopefully it'll help Dr. B.

Who, of course, is not here.

Of course not. Which is
why you can tell Security...

that they won't be needed
on a Sunday to check the lab...

because I'll be here
to look after things.

That is very generous of you.

Hey, I'm nothing
if not dedicated.

This gobbledygook is
your friend Ethan's code,

and I cannot get
a line on this at all.

I'm sorry.

Ethan was extremely
schizophrenic when he wrote this.

We don't really know how
much reality he could grasp.

- It's not gobbledygook.
- How do you know?

Because Pelant wouldn't have killed Ethan
Sawyer if that didn't scare him in some way.

This triangle... It's
a scientist's effort...

to distill, uh, human motivation
into a rational construct, correct?

- That's one way to put it.
- There are three sides
to a triangle.

[Chuckles] Your understanding
of geometry is not very advanced.

Well, I wasn't finished.

Uh, there are three
sides to Pelant.

One, the base, is his
constant rebirth into innocence.

- You know, the face
that he shows the world.
- Okay.

Side number two is
his secret persona.

What does that mean?

The killer, the secret murderer.

[Snaps Fingers]

- And side number three?
- Hodgins provided me
with that yesterday.

Pelant wants one
of us to kill him.

All right. So right in the
dumper with that one, huh?

- Why would you say that?
- Her face went all blank.

No, blank is
Angela's thinking face.

It means leave her
alone. Oh. Sorry.

Dr. Edison was
extremely thorough.

Everyone hates entering
notes into those white binders.

I know the problem.

What problem? With
the weapon. It's not an ax.

Even you can't tell that
in a glance, Dr. Brennan.

No, I can tell it by looking at the
findings in Dr. Edison's notebook.

You figured that the weapon was a
heavily weighted object like an ax...

because Pelant was
small in high school.

In fact, he was heavy.

All the photos of
Pelant in the yearbook...

show him to be
slight of stature.

Those are all digital.

My father looked up an
actual paper yearbook...

and found that Pelant
never appeared.

Then how do you
know he was heavy?

A 200-pound person puts
approximately 600 pounds of pressure...

on their knee joints
just by walking.

Even after the weight is lost,

there are lingering
symptoms of osteoarthritis...

which affect gait,
carriage and posture.

Pelant was fat?

In the vernacular, yes.

The salient point is that the weapon
16-year-old Christopher Pelant used...

to kill Carole Morrisey...

weighed significantly
less than an ax.

Dr. Hodgins determined
that the weapon...

was made of tamahagane,

steel used in the traditional Japanese
smelting process used to make swords.

Pelant used a Japanese sword?

Dad had coffee with Pelant's
grandfather a couple of times.

He fought in World
War II, Pacific Theater.

It was common for soldiers to
bring back souvenirs from battle.

Caroline will get a warrant
to search the family home.


- You got him.
- Perhaps.

No, you got him.

[Men] ♪ Hey ♪

♪ Ho ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Ho ♪ ♪ I've been
trying to do it right ♪

♪ Hey ♪ ♪ I've been
living a lonely life ♪

♪ Ho ♪ ♪ I've been
sleeping here instead ♪

♪ Hey ♪
♪ I've been sleeping in my bed ♪

♪ Ho ♪
♪ Sleeping in my bed ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Ho ♪

♪ Ho ♪
♪ So show me family ♪

♪ Hey ♪ ♪ All the
blood that I will bleed ♪

♪ Ho ♪ ♪ I don't
know where I belong ♪

♪ Hey ♪ ♪ I don't know
where I went wrong ♪

♪ Ho ♪
♪ But I can write a song ♪

♪ Hey ♪
Two, three.

♪ I belong with you
You belong with me ♪

♪ You're my sweetheart ♪

♪ I belong with you
You belong with me ♪

♪ You're my sweet ♪
♪ Ho ♪

[Sirens Wailing]

♪ Hey ♪

[Police Radio Chatter]

♪ Ho ♪

- [Booth] Satisfied?
- I'd be more satisfied
if he were dead.

No, we're putting him
away for murder, Max.

Better him than me, I guess.

This guy, Pelant, he
needs killing, Booth.

♪ I'd be standing on Canal ♪

- ♪ Ho ♪
- ♪ And Bowery ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Ho ♪ ♪ She'd be
standing next to me ♪

♪ Hey ♪
Two, three.

♪ I belong with you
You belong with me ♪

♪ You're my sweetheart ♪

♪ I belong with you You belong
with me ♪ [Man] Good call, son.

♪ You're my sweetheart ♪

[Chuckling] Yeah.


♪ Hey ♪

♪ We need it now ♪

♪ Let's hope ♪

♪ Whoa, for some ♪

♪ So ♪

♪ We're bleeding now ♪

♪ I belong with you
You belong with me ♪

♪ You're my sweetheart ♪

♪ I belong with you
You belong with me ♪

♪ You're my sweet ♪
♪ Ho ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ Hey ♪♪

Booth picked this up, so I
have no idea how good it is.

As long as it has
booze in it, I'll be fine.

Um... [Clears Throat]

It's, uh... It's not
my house, obviously,

and it's not my party, but if I could
just have your attention for a second.

Um, I would like
you all to know...

that I have officially relinquished
control of the Major Crimes Unit...

to my good friend Seeley Booth.

- Yeah.
- Whoo!

Oh! I get my office back now.

- All right,
but I'm keeping the chair.
- Mmm. No chair.

Dude, come on. Let's
keep it civil. Seriously.

- It's like lumbar nirvana.
- We'll figure that out.

All right. Anyway, not that I have
not enjoyed working with you squints,

but, um, I'm gonna take my
chances with Domestic Terrorism.

Uh, less prickly type of
personality over there.

That's not true. He's
being hyperbolic, I think.


Go ahead. Go
ahead. [Clears Throat]

I would like to announce that
Dr. Temperance Brennan...

is no longer a suspect in
the murder of Ethan Sawyer...

and can resume her rightful
place at the Jeffersonian.

- [Whooping]
- Yeah.

Oh, I... I have an
announcement to make.

The Jeffersonian actually needs
two forensic anthropologists...

One to solve crime...

and the other to pursue
serious archaeological work.

I hate crime, and I love
serious archaeological work.

- I love crime.
- [All Laughing]

I've been angry at Angela
for the past three months,

and I...

Thanks for getting
my family back.


[Mouths Words]

[Sniffs] [Washing
Machine Whirring]


Hey. How are you?

Hey, look at that!
Bones is back, right?

You still angry with me?


I did what I thought
was right for Christine.

I know. You did the right thing.

If... If I told you
we were leaving,

you would have
been an accomplice.

We needed you
here to catch Pelant.

You don't have to explain. You
did the right thing. I understand.

I'm sorry.

Why are you sorry for
doing the right thing?

I'm sorry for how you must
have felt when I did the right thing.

[Washer Door Slams]
Yeah, you know what?

I think I like you
better as a blonde.

Oh, no. Mm-hmm.

[Exhales] Mmm. Mmm.

Get up here. [Laughing]

[Dryer Whirring] [Laughing]

[Cell Phone Rings]

Hold on. No, Booth.


[Dryer Stops] What?

What's going on?

If you can't behave yourself, then
you're going to have to turn around...

because that is a fully accredited
representative of the Egyptian government,

which I wasn't
certain still existed.

What did you mean when
you said Pelant is not Pelant?

That man is Bassam Alfayat.

No, that is most certainly
Christopher Pelant. His physiognomy...

His fingerprints, D.N.A.,
work history, medical records...

Everything identifies
him as Alfayat.

So does his official history.

Left Egypt age six, boarding
school in England, Canada,

then high school
and university here.

You're saying that he wiped out
his identity and created a new one?

The Egyptians are
taking him home tonight.

There's nothing
you can do? Nothing.

Booth? Please?

If you hurt him, you
will lose your job.

- Bones!
- That's assault. She assaulted me!

I'm a witness, if you want to
stay here and press charges.

Get him out of here.

If you're not gonna kiss her, I
just might have to do it myself.

What kind of flower is that?

It's a marigold.
What's that mean?

Pain and grief.

It means pain and grief.

Let's go.

What's that mean?