Bones (2005–2017): Season 7, Episode 8 - The Bump in the Road - full transcript

Finn Abernathy's Dixie country experience proves as useful as his IQ in figuring out a female corpse smeared over half a mile of interstate road by Alan Bates's truck. The victim, farmer's wife Barb, was a fanatic even by the standards of her coupon addicts club, all of whom bicker and bother Chad Fergus's supermarket, where a cashier was filmed beating Barb. Her husband Dale Berquist spend lonely nights dining with other women. Finn proves a perfect gentleman when Michelle shows interest in dating him, yet now Camille re-questions his past.


Ooh. She winked at me.

She probably has something in her eye.
Do you have the shopping list?

Yeah. I have the shopping list right there.

Why do you have to be like that?
She could've winked at me.

She's six weeks old, Booth.

She's developmentally incapable
of making the decision to wink at you.

She could be just like you.

You know, brilliant and... crazy about me.

Hah. Hey, that was a good one.

[Clicks Tongue]
See that? Mommy winked too.

Okay. I have packed
extra Onesies, a sweater.

- I have infant sunscreen
if they take her outside.
- Bones, she's gonna be fine.

Jeffersonian's got one of
the best day care centers in the country.

Logically, I know that's true.

But for some reason, I'm still anxious.

You know, because you're her mom, right?

It's her first day at day care and your first day
back at work. You're gonna miss her.

Well, I'll see her in a few hours.

Do you have organic baby wipes
on your list?

Yes, I have organic baby wipes.
I have diapers.

- Oh, and I got food for us so we don't starve.
- Good.

- Here she is.
- Okay. Oh.

- [Fussing]
- Hello.

Bones, she's gonna be fine, all right?

If you need her,
the lab is really close to the day care.

I know that.

Oh, did you remember to wash the nipples?

Yeah, when I showered this morning.
But I don't think the day care's gonna check.

- [Gasps] She winked at me!
- [Coos]

I think she winked at me.

She's brilliant, just like her dad, right?

- She's very advanced.
- Like her dad.

- I knew she would be.
- Yeah, of course.

[Woman] You didn't have to rush us
like that, Walter.

Well, the campground closes at 8:00.

And if we're late,
we won't have any place to sleep.

[Scoffs] A motel with pay-per-view
and WiFi sounds pretty good to me.

Yeah, the whole point of this trip
is so that we can all be one with nature.

People stopped living in the woods
for a reason, Dad.

Did you remember the cooler?

- Yeah.
- And the emergency radio?

- And the first-
- Yes, yes, yes. And the first aid kit.


And the marshmallows and my guitar.

- [Mother] Oh!
- God, not your guitar.

- [Thump]
- Oh!

[Tires Screeching]

Oh! Oh!

I cannot believe you forgot
to tie down the luggage, Walter!

Well, maybe if you didn't nag me!

- Oh!
- Don't-

Oh, God. What did you run over?

Uh, probably a possum.

I know it's sad, sweetie,
but- but these things happen.

Let's just pick up our stuff, okay?

Just- What? What? Oh.



- [Mother Screams]
- [Daughter Screams]

[Both Scream, Echoing]

[Screaming Fades]

You know, I owe you a 20-acre thank you,
Dr. Saroyan.

My professor was- was mighty impressed by
the evaluation you gave me.

Oh. Just telling the truth, Finn.
Are your classes going well?

Well, sometimes I find myself
lost in the forest.

But as long as no one walks off
and leaves their campfire burning...

I guess I'll be okay.

Wow. That was lot of imagery.

You know, my mama used to say...

"God gave us words,
and it's our job to put wings on 'em."

- [Bell Dings]
- Finn!

- I thought you were gonna
call me about this weekend.
- Lily.

- Uh-
- [Both Chuckle]

Uh, I'm sorry, but...
I have to work all weekend.

Yeah, this is my boss.

She says there's fields to plow,
weekend or no.

- Oh.
- [Saroyan] Yes.

Finn has to hitch the horses to the wagon...

and use that plow to unearth the-

- The-
- He-He's got to work.

Maybe next week?

Sure. Yeah. Uh, maybe next week.

[Exhales Sharply]

Okay, what's the problem?

She seemed sweet and really beautiful.

Yeah, I got papers to write and-

All work and no play, Finn.

You got to have some fun, date a little.

Three scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage...

home fries, toast, O.J. and coffee.

Mmm. That's mine.

- And a small coffee with skim milk.
- [Cell Phone Rings, Beeps]

Oh. There is a body on the interstate.
I gotta run.

- And you can prep the lab.
- Okay.

- [Sirens Wailing]
- [Chattering]

Be careful while removing the remains.

I need every piece of bone
in the condition it was discovered.

Okay, spatulas. What, are you guys getting
your technology from flipping pancakes now?

[Saroyan] Most of the tissue looks to have
been mashed into the road or dried in the sun.

Cars must've been running over this guy
all night long, not knowing he was human.

Based on the size of the femoral head,
the victim is female.

Female. Just testing you, Bones.

So, first day back.
What's it like not seeing your little one?

I have confidence in the day care center.

The director has a doctorate
in child development. We got her transcripts.

- Really?
- Oh, Booth used the F.B.I.-

Bones, that's between us, right?

- [Cell Phone Chirps]
- Sorry.

- [Beeps]
- [Chuckles]

Oh! Is that Christine?

Isn't she beautiful, huh? She winks too.

I told the director to send
a photo every half an hour.

- Wow. I didn't know they did that.
- They don't usually.

But I told her, because of my position...

that I could have her fired.

Well, everything I'm seeing
points to a hit-and-run.

Hit-and-run. Not our problem. Nice.

I'm not so sure about that, Booth.
There's no skull.

You know what?
It probably got knocked off...

by one of the cars
that ran over her last night.

No. Separation of the disc
from the body of the vertebra...

indicates that her head was removed
before she was left on the road.

Well, that doesn't sound accidental at all.

- I'm gonna take a photo.
- [Shutter Clicks]

Mr. Abernathy should see this right away...

- so he can determine what type
of weapon might have caused this.
- [Beeping]

- Oh. Uh-oh.
- What? Something worse
than her head getting cut off?

I sent the photo to the day care director.

Ooh. Day one? Not a good first impression.

- [Phone Beeps]
- How- Is there an unsend button?

There are no kerf marks.

I mean, this lady's head
wasn't sliced or sawed off.

- Meaning?
- It was torn off.

Maybe an animal killed her.

I mean, these marks on the bones...

they could be from claws, right?

Nope. The abrasions
to the fibula and the tibia...

are all in the same downward direction.

This lady was dragged
along the highway for quite a space.

- I've seen this before.
- Really? A lot?

On the bones of a deer that was snagged
by a pickup and dragged for a few miles.

I missed so much growing up in the city.

Have you discovered anything, Mr. Abernathy?

The abrasions indicate that the victim
was dragged for a stretch.

What dragged her, I haven't determined yet.

But based on the length of her fibula...

I'd say she was anywhere from
154 to 161 centimeters tall.

And taking into account her gracile form...

- and small muscle attachments-
- [Sniffing]

I'd say she weighed approximately 54 kilos.

- Dr. Hodgins?
- Hmm.

Uh, it's diesel fuel.

- Smell it. Diesel fuel leaked on her.
- [Sniffs]


That could be from
any vehicle that ran over her.

No. It stained the bone.

Staining that deep would take time.

It probably came from
the vehicle that dragged her.

Look at this.
There's some kind of oil or grease...

on the back of the victim's shirt.


N.G.L.I. one-and-a-half grade lubricant.

I used to work on our pickup.

Diesel and that weight multipurpose grease
are used on semis.

Okay then.

Our victim was dragged by an 18-wheeler.

Here you go.

- Agent Booth. Do you have a minute?
- No, I don't.

I don't have any time.
I got 15 minutes to get to the store...

before, you know, my family starves.

- Hey, new baby. I got it. I'll make it quick.
- Okay.

I heard that your victim
was dragged by a semitruck.

There's a weigh station half mile ahead
of the place the body was discovered.

Wait a second. Shaw-

Half mile ahead of the body-
That doesn't do anything for me.

- No, actually, it does, sir.
- Yeah?

- Let me show you.
- Okay.

Weigh stations use weigh-in-motion scales...

embedded in the road approximately one mile
before the actual station.

- [Booth Murmurs]
- [Typing]

Right. You're saying that the truck...

would've crossed over the scale
while dragging the victim.

And it would've recorded
the excess weight of the victim.

And we'd be able to locate
the specific truck.

- Yes, sir.
- Good work, Shaw. Okay.
I'm gonna go to the store.

While I'm doing that, I want you to
cross-reference the weights from the two scales.

Well, I did, and one truck did weigh more
when pulling in to the station...

and I already got the victim's weight
from Mr. Abernathy.

Hey, gold star.
You win a chicken dinner. Okay.

I'm gonna go to the store
and get organic baby wipes...

'cause for some reason,
they have to be organic.

There's less chance of a rash.
Their skin is extra sensitive.

Uh, there's a truck
that belongs to Fields Market...

that drove over the scale weighing 122 pounds
more than it did at the weigh station.

- It's the weight of the victim.
- That's the truck.

So the trick is to track it down
while I'm at the store.

Well, according to the G.P.S. unit...

that Fields Market places
in all of their trucks...

their driver Alan Bates
is currently in Baltimore.

And I have his exact location for you.

[Elevator Bell Chimes]

Huh. Course you do.
There it is. Right there.

I don't suppose you have
organic baby wipes on you?

No, sir. But, um,
I do have a break coming up.

- I could, uh-
- That's really okay, Shaw.

Uh, just remember me when you
take over the Bureau. Thanks for that.

I found more papers in her bra.

Well, these papers
from her pockets are all faded.

I have no idea what was printed
or written on them.

Must be something important.

Why do you think that? I mean, you have
papers in your pockets, and so do l.

Yeah, but do you also
stuff papers into your bra?

Not since high school.

She was hiding these, right?

That means that they're important.

You know, maybe even secrets.

You think that this is some kind
of government conspiracy?

Ange, in 1963, the positions
of the Soviet nuclear fleet...

were sewn into the lining of a hunting cap.

The video spectral comparator...

should be able to tell us
what was once on here.

[Motor Whirs]

You never know.

I mean, these markings could be code.

- See? Right here.
- Yeah.

It's a U.P.C. code on a coupon.

Ten cents off any three-pack
of tapioca pudding.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Terrorists are trying to corner the market
on tapioca pudding and take down America.

- You're mocking me.
- You're quick.

So then why would she
be stuffing coupons into her bra?

I'm telling you, it means something.

Yes, honey. It means that
we're overpaying for pudding.

So you haven't found cause of death.

No, ma'am. Uh, so far, all the trauma
seems to be postmortem.

I have to reconstruct her skeleton
to see if I can find any trauma...

that might have caused her demise.

And I'm running tox screens...

to see if there was any
poisoning or drug overdose.

Then I'll get to piecing
that poor woman back together.

Michelle! What are you doing here?

I'm dropping off your keys.

Unless you want to take the bus home.

Oh, I forgot. Thank you.

[Finn Clears Throat]

Uh- Michelle,
this is Finn Abernathy, our new intern.

Finn, this is my daughter, Michelle.

Well, I'm, uh, very pleased
to meet you, Michelle.

Me too. Cam's told me all about you.

She says you're quite the star.

Well, that's 'cause your mother doesn't know
any other way but kind.

I'm not sure she was kind enough.

I can tell you that picture she has of you
on her desk ain't kind enough.

Clearly, they haven't invented a camera
that can do right by you.

Oh, my God. Um- Thank you.

Actually, I just read that they developed...

an 18-megapixel camera
that's quite extraordinary.

Don't you have guts to play with?

Yes, I do.

And Finn has a skeleton to reassemble.

You're right.

For a second there,
you made me forget the horrors of death.

I'll walk out with you.

- Uh- You can stay.
- No, no. You're busy.

I'll see you at home.

You don't by any chance
like bluegrass music, do you?

- Don't know it.
- Oh, well, that's gotta change.

It makes you feel like your insides
are having a party.

- Hmm.
- [Both Chuckling]

I like parties.

This guy here, the driver of the truck...

has been with Fields Market for 15 years.

He's got two priors
for solicitation of a prostitute.

Hey, buddy. Special Agent Booth, F.B.I.

What's the deal, man?
I got deliveries to make.

There's perishables in there.

Deal is we think this truck was used to drag
a dead body along the freeway last night.

- That's a joke, right?
- No, it's not a joke.

Bones, what are you doing?
Will you get out of there?

- Let me do that. Come on!
- Flesh and sinew.

This is definitely the vehicle
that dragged the victim.

- That's great. Let's get you
out of there so I can-
- No, Booth!

Stop! I'm looking for evidence.

- Let me get you-
- Whoa.

I think the victim's head qualifies.

And I'm telling you, I have no idea
how that woman got under my truck.

Hmm. I bet it gets lonely
out on the road, right, Alan?

Well, that's the life I signed up for.

- Hookers, they take off the edge?
- Nope. Not anymore.

I'm a happily married man now.

Then your wife might not be so happy
to find these panties in your truck.

You can't be going through there like that.

- Don't you need a warrant?
- Not when the door's open there, pal.

There's evidence of bodily fluid
in some of these undergarments.

Okay. Obviously, married or not, you definitely
like to have company on the road, huh?

This isn't what you think.
I was alone last night.

The panties, they're-

You better come up with a good story...

'cause your lawyer's gonna need
something at your murder trial.

The panties are mine, okay? They're mine.

- [Sighs]
- Oh!

- They don't chafe like man pants.
- Well, yeah.

Don't tell my wife.
I only wear 'em on the road.

There's no need for embarrassment.

Even the Norse warriors
were frequent cross-dressers.

That's fascinating, Bones.

I'm gonna need to know where this truck
stopped in the past 24 hours.

I've been to about 50 different markets.
You can have my logbook.

I didn't kill anyone.

I just like to feel pretty.

[Angela] Do I even want to know
what you guys are up to?

Well, Booth got a list of all the stops
the trucker made yesterday.

He covered half the state.

If we can determine the type of pollen
our victim inhaled prior to her death...

we might be able to actually pinpoint
where the truck picked her up.

So, we're gonna make a dead head sneeze.

- Ugh.
- Uh, if y'all don't mind...

I should take the piece
of this frontal bone and the zygomatic...

- so they don't get scrambled in the procedure.
- Be my guest.

- You in a hurry there, Opie?
- Let him go, honey.

Yeah, 'cause he's got a big date tonight,
right, Cam?

Date. No. No. It's just-

It's just two people going out
to do something together, so-

What do you two know that I don't?

Finn is going out with Michelle.

Whoa! That's awesome!

Not awesome?

What's wrong? I thought that you liked him.

I like him. I do... Iike Finn.

But it's just-
He's got a somewhat troubled past.

Yeah, but you were the one who said
that was all behind him.

I know. I know.

But Michelle's my daughter, and he went
after his stepfather with a knife.

Yeah, but if some jerk was beating
my mother, I'd have done the same thing.

Yeah. He's a good kid, Cam.

Can we just go back to work?

- Yeah. Sure.
- Yeah.

You guys ready?

More than you will ever know.

- [Gas Hissing]
- Three, two, one.

I'd say "Bless you,"
but I think it's a little late for that.

The rapidly spinning driveshaft...

caught the victim's hair
and pulled her in...

and then bore a hole
through her left frontal and parietal bones.

[Baby Talk]
Then into her brain, which caused her death.

Don't you think this is a little strange,
talking about this in front of the baby?

I hardly think she understands, Booth.

The driveshaft on that truck
is three-and-a-quarter feet off the ground.

To come into contact with the gears,
she'd have to be crouching.

Why would she be crouching under a truck?

No. Maybe she was hiding from someone...

and she accidentally got her head stuck
in the driveshaft when the truck pulled away.

Then whoever she was hiding from
is responsible for her death.

Hey, I was hoping I'd find you two here.

So, I've got result-
Oh, my God. She is so cute.

[Brennan] She's going to be beautiful
and quite brilliant, I assume.

- Right? Look at her.
- Do you have information for us?

Yes. Yeah. I've got results on the contents
of the victim's nasal passage.

So there were spores of American chestnut
flower pollen in her mucosa...

suggesting that she spent a lot of time
at an American chestnut farm.

But the only grower in the area
is in Hagerstown.

And how is our little Christine doing?

Did she have a nice lunch?

She drank approximately
88.75 milliliters of milk, which means-

I know what that means, Dr. Brennan.
I've been caring for infants for many years.

You struggled in early childhood nutrition
in graduate school.

But I've since written
a well-respected article about it...

in the Journal of Pediatrics.

I'm gonna go say hi to Michael.


Oh, almost forgot.

I know you wanted a picture every half hour...

so I took this one
just before you showed up.

- Ah.
- Oh.

- And that's a dirty diaper.
- Yes.

Christine's bowel movements
appear to be perfect.

Soft, yellow, loose.

This is very nice of Ms. Noonan.

I don't think nice was her intention.

Thank you. Thank you so much.


I can't believe it.
Who would want to kill my Barb?

My wife's never hurt anybody.

I'm very sorry for your loss.

Where'd you find her? Where was she?

She was, uh, discovered along
a quarter-mile stretch of the interstate.

What do you mean quarter-mile stretch?

Well, she was, um-

She was dragged by another vehicle.

Wha- So she was hit by a car then.

So it wasn't murder.

Well, the folks at the Jeffersonian...

believe that she was assaulted
before she was dragged.

We're convinced it wasn't an accident.

Sure. Okay. Okay.

It's just, uh- Can't- Can't believe it.

We also found some coupons
that were stuffed in her clothes.

Any idea why they would be there?


Sure, I do.

- Welcome to Barb-Mart.
- Whoa.

Wow. Okay.

Is your wife some kind of,
like, a survivalist or something?

No. Barb is a-

Barb was an extreme couponer.

- What does that mean?
- Means her whole life
was about saving money...

whether we had space for this stuff or not.

[Booth] Have to do a lot of shopping
to buy all this stuff.

Barb would head out with a pile of coupons.

Sometimes it'd be days
before I saw her again.

- When was the last time you saw her?
- Last night.

Just before she took off
for Fields Market in Frederick.

They had some
double coupon thing going on.

She's dead? Are you sure?

- You knew her?
- Of course.

Yeah, Bargain Barb.
She's one of my best customers.

In here at least once a week with her mounds
of coupons, just clearing my shelves.

- Is that a problem for you?
- Oh, no, no, no. No, uh-

Barb got great product for great value...

and I got reimbursed by the manufacturers.

Not to mention
the extra eight cents per coupon...

they throw in for the store, so-

[Woman On P.A.]
Chad, Register 1. Chad to Register 1.

- Sorry. Duty calls.
- Go get 'em, Chad.

Ninety-three coupons.
She jammed my register.

That just means she knows what she's doing.
Doesn't it, Crystal?

- Yeah, that's it. She's Mrs. Einstein.
- [Register Beeping]

- Okay, ma'am, we are up and running again.
- [Register Bell Dings]

- Sorry for the delay.
- She also tried to slip
these expired coupons past me.

Like that'd be possible.

You know you're not allowed to use
expired coupons, Ms. Carlyle.

- That'll be three dollars and seven cents.
- For all that?

Those Sunday supplements can save a bundle.

I found the missing
pieces of the skull in the parking lot.

The victim definitely died here.

What? Barb died in my parking lot?

Chad. Let's go talk in private. Bones?

Yeah, sure.

I'm sure this is nothing.

I mean, Crystal's been working here
since before carrots were a juice.

But, um, this was last night.

[No Audible Dialogue]

I think we need to talk to Crystal.

Yeah, that's a good idea.

I can see you suffer
from carpal tunnel syndrome...

as a result of the repetitive circular motion
required while scanning coupons.

- That must be very painful.
- I manage.

Your wrists must've been killing you by the time
Barb rolled in at the end of the night. Right?

And her back. Standing all day at her age...

would cause pinching of the nerves
in the lumbar region.

My age?
What the hell's that supposed to mean?

After Chad broke up the fight,
you and Barb- Did you take it outside?

No. I counted out my drawer
while Chad cleaned up the mess.

The security camera shows you left
your register for almost five minutes.

Well, I had to tinkle.
That happens a lot in women my age.

You really don't care
that Barb is dead, do you?

- She ruined my life with
her stupid couponing club.
- What do you mean?

She sent in all her couponing freaks...

and told 'em to use my checkout line.

Why you? I'm sure there are
more pleasant cashiers.

But there ain't anyone faster than me.

Those cheap S.O.B.'s
would do anything to get a deal.

I'd bet that includes murder.

I'd talk to her friends.

So I hacked into
the victim's e-mail account...

and found some e-mail chains
about her couponing club.

Look at this.

"Clipped 200 coupons last night."
"Saved $242 this week alone."

And there's a ton of these
from her club buddies.

Extreme couponing
is an addiction like any other.

Yeah, well, no wonder Booth thinks
that one of them killed her.

It looks like Barb got into
a fight over coupons...

with someone who called herself
the Deal Diva.

Well, Barb put those coupons
in her bra.

Maybe she was trying to protect them
from the Deal Diva.

Or maybe the coupons
actually belonged to the Diva.

Look at this. "lf I see you looking
through my stuff again, bitch...

the only coupon
you'll be needing is for a coffin."

Ooh. Yeah. And look at this one.

"The Maryland Couponing Club
is meeting tomorrow morning...

at Half Price Harry's house in Frederick."

I'll let Booth know.

Oh, um- I didn't- I didn't order those.

No, no, no. They're for me.

Buy one, get one free every Thursday.
Love this place.


Okay. So-

What'd you think of your first
bluegrass concert, huh?

I loved it. The crowd wasn't at all
what I thought. I was expecting more-

Missing teeth, scraggly beards,
guys that married their sisters.

Mmm, sort of.

Does it make me a horrible person?

Yes. Yes, it does.

You weren't supposed to say yes.

Well, um- I apologize, miss.

I'm still learning the ways of your...
sophisticated city folk.

Mmm. Well, then, you're in good hands...

because I'm an excellent tutor.

You know, they got a saying back home.

It's easier to catch a ray of sunshine...

than the smile of a beautiful woman.

I like that one.

I don't want to be
too forward or nothin', but-

You think we can spend
a little more time together- this weekend?

[Exhales, Chuckles]

Since you're not familiar
with our big city ways...

that was a yes for this weekend.

- [Chuckles]
- All right.

What do we got, Mr. Abernathy?

Hey. Morning, Dr. Saroyan.

Why hasn't the skull been reassembled?

I beg your pardon, ma'am?

Dr. Brennan found the skull fragments...

in the grocery store parking lot
14 hours ago.

Well, I reckon I got no control
over how fast the beetles clean the bones.

Maybe they had a snack before work.

- [Chuckles]
- We're trying to catch a killer...

so I'm not in the mood for jokes.

- Is this about Michelle, ma'am?
- Excuse me?

'Cause I'm keeping company
with your daughter?

No. Do you actually think I would-

Absolutely not.

This is about you doing your job
in a timely manner. Nothing more.

Well, I'll be a sun-soaked bat.

Really, Mr. Abernathy?

Why will you be a sun-soaked bat?

An abrasion on the frontal bone.
Judging by the staining...

this poor woman was struck in the head
before that truck killed her.

So Booth was right. She was being attacked.

That's why she hid under the truck.

Now what do you think caused this?

Well, it looks to be an extremely wide
V- shaped wound track.

Meaning whatever did this...

is some sort of wide-angle tool
that comes to a sharp point.

Like the corner of something.

- Yeah.
- Well, have Dr. Hodgins swab it.

Oh. Were you able to analyze the wound
Mr. Abernathy discovered?

Um- Ow- Uh, l-

I'm actually waiting for the bones...

because Hodgins is just swabbing them first.

- Well, what's in there?
- Here?

Oh, this is just-
This is an old filing cabinet.

Just got files in it.

- [Baby Laughing]
- Uh- Oh.

- Oh, my gosh. Um, Michael is in here too.
- Michael?

But we aren't allowed
to have our children in the lab.

Yeah, I know. I know.
But you're not gonna tell them, right?

No, but- Why is he here?

Seriously? Because I missed him.
Don't you miss Christine?

I'm at work, so I focus on work.

We have to compartmentalize our lives.

- And you can do that?
- I have to.

Okay. Well, I can't.

So, I just break the rules, right?

And it feels good, doesn't it?

- [Cell Phone Chirps]
- [Chuckles]

- [Beeps]
- Christine.


[Clicks Tongue]
So is that all you need?

I'll see her soon enough.

Let me know if you can identify the injuries
when you input the bones.

- Sure.
- [Michael Cooing]

Until then, mister.

Until then.

[Loud Chattering]

No wonder they couldn't hear us knocking.

[Chattering Continues]

Whoa! That is scary.

Trading and using coupons
releases dopamine as a reward.

The feeling is very addictive.

It's like with you and gambling.

Really? Yeah, I'm not
like these freaks, okay?

Hey, hey, hey! F.B.I.! Hey!


Listen. I'm looking for the Deal Diva.

I'm the Diva.

Real name's Rhonda Fitzgibbons.
Can I help you?

Booth, look what she's holding.

Dr. Saroyan says we're looking for something
with sharp corners.

- I need to see that, please.
- No way.

I don't care if you're the damn president.
You ain't touching my coups.

Fine. We'll just do this the hard way.

You're under arrest for impeding
a federal investigation.

What are you doing?
I didn't agree to those deals.

I'm giving you half off a teeth cleaning.

- No! Get away from my coups!
- Come on.

I'm a good person. I use half my coupons
to buy groceries for the food bank.

- What about your e-mail to Barb?
- Oh, please.

I was angry and I said things that I shouldn't
have said, but I wasn't gonna kill her.

Why don't you tell us about
your relationship with Barb?

Well, we used to be best friends.

And I was the one
who turned her on to couponing...

which was a big mistake,
because she turned into a monster.

Two weeks ago, I wouldn't share
my 20% off chicken thighs...

and she bashed my head into a shopping cart.

Maybe that's where you got your revenge-
Thursday night at the market.

- No. I-
- [Sweets] Well, your coupon carrier...

matches the description
of the murder weapon.

But I wasn't even at Fields Market
last Thursday night.

Why don't you check my receipts
if you don't believe me.

Every store I've been in
since my fight with Barb.

- These will tell you where I was on Thursday.
- Check these.

- Oh, that's a lot.
- Just check the receipts.

Hey, Cam.

Michelle. You brought lunch.
You are the perfect daughter.

It's for Finn.

- Oh.
- He said he didn't think D.C.
had any good catfish...

so I brought him a sandwich from Mr. A's.

I was gonna take him, but I couldn't wait.

- I just wanted to come say hi.
- Huh.

- What was that?
- What was what?

That "huh." That's your
"l don't agree with what you're doing...

but I'm not gonna say anything" huh.

No. It was just a "huh,"
Michelle. Nothing more.

Good. Then I'm gonna go give Finn
his catfish before it gets cold.

No, you can't, because he is busy right now...

and I don't want you two
to see each other anymore.

That was more words than I was expecting.

- Wait. Are you serious?
- Yes.

I'm-I'm sorry, but you know
how you tend to get with new relationships.

I'm happy. Is that wrong?

Well, the last time you were happy...

you sacrificed a great college education
to follow your boyfriend.

I just don't want to see you get hurt again.

You mean the way Finn
tried to hurt his stepdad?

You are my daughter.
It's my job to protect you.

I may be your daughter, but I'm also 18.

And that means if can vote and go to war,
I can certainly choose who I date.

Yeah, but you can't drink.

You're still not allowed to drink.

The forensic accountant compared
Rhonda's receipts with Barb's
to see if their paths crossed.

So Rhonda's alibi holds.

I'm afraid that means
more work for Dr. Brennan.

- How's she holding up?
- What do you mean?

Just being back at work
and away from the baby for the first time.

- That can be tough.
- Well, you know, she's making
the day care people crazy.

But, you know- She's fine.

She has you. I was on my own.

You have a baby?


Um, a son. Danny. He's three.

My mom watches him while I'm at work.


I didn't know.

And you shouldn't.

I'm a special agent
with the Federal Bureau of lnvestigation...

and that's all that matters here...

and I wasn't looking for special treatment.

That's right. I know. Special agents.

[Both Chuckle]

Bet you're a great mom.

Uh, the forensic accountant
did note that, uh...

Barb and her husband
have a joint credit card.

So? Most couples do.

Yeah, but the receipts that he checked...

showed four separate occasions
last month, while Barb was shopping...

their credit card was also being used
in high-end restaurants around town.

So he's out fine dining
while she's pinching pennies.

Yeah. And judging by
the amounts that he was charging...

he was not dining alone.

[Finn] So I finished reconstructing
the victim's shattered frontal bone.

Looks like the abrasion
we found below the hole...

is actually just the bottom
of a larger wound.

Whatever caused the abrasion...

also appears to have chipped off a portion
of bone near the top of the wound.

Okay. Well,
I'll have Dr. Hodgins take another swab.

We might have better luck this time around...

given that there's now
three times the wound to work with.

That may not be necessary, Mr. Abernathy.

There appears to be a metal fragment
of some sort embedded in the wound.

- Oh.
- [Cell Phone Chirps, Beeps]

Look what the day care director sent me.

Oh. Well, she's cuter
than a june bug in a jumpsuit.


I- I've never seen that,
so I can't make the comparison.

I should go.
Christine clearly needs to be fed.

Have Dr. Hodgins examine the fragment.

He should be able to determine
what type of metal it is.

Well, with all due respect
to Thurston, I know my metals.

And this here is aluminum.

Oh. Which rules out the card case.

Very good.

Dr. Brennan, one thing?

I am lactating,
so make it fast, Mr. Abernathy.


I think Dr. Saroyan has taken issue with me
keeping company with Michelle.

Maybe with you being a mother and all...

you might be able to help me
see her point of view.

At this stage, I'm only equipped to handle
the concerns of a six-week-old.

So unless you have a diaper
that needs changing or need to be breast-fed...

I'm afraid I can't help.

So you and Barb weren't the happy couple
that you made yourself out to be.

- lsn't that right, Dale?
- Wh-What are you talking about?

All those fancy dinners
while your wife was out...

buying food to put on your table.

I- I like to dine out sometimes.

Apparently with a lot of women.
We called the restaurants.

O- O-Okay, look, uh-

Barb, she-she wasn't
the woman I married anymore.

She'd rather spend her nights
Dumpster diving for coupons than with me.

Right. So you killed her before she could see
this credit card statement and catch you.

No. Look. I-I admit, I cheated.

I was gonna tell her.

It's easy to say now.

I didn't kill my wife.

Excuse me.
Dr. Saroyan, do you have a minute for me?

- This won't take long.
- Sure.

I talked to Michelle, and she informed me...

that you're not the happiest seed
on the strawberry about my dating her.

Finn, please. It's just that
you have so much work here and at school...

and Michelle's gonna be applying-

At least be honest with me, Dr. Saroyan.

You're afraid for your girl.
I understand that, okay?

It's unfounded, but I do have a history.

- Let me explain.
- There's no need, ma'am.

It ain't wood between these ears.

Look, I owe you a great deal.

And I wouldn't have a second chance
if it weren't for you.

And while I do think you're making a mistake
about me and Michelle...

you're her mama,
and I have to respect your wishes...

till I can convince you otherwise.

Does she know you've come to see me?

Yes, ma'am. She does.

She ran out in tears when I told her.

- But she understood?
- No. Not from what I saw.

- Opie, Dr. B. wants you.
- We're in the middle of something here.

With all due respect, ma'am, I believe
the sun has set on our conversation.

I'd like to get back to work.

That's why you have me here.

Don't you have a murder
to solve, Dr. Hodgins?

Sure. Right.

[Footsteps Depart]


These are all the aluminum tools
from Dale's nut farm...

and none of them match the wound track.

Nothing from his place did.

So we're no closer than we were before.

I don't know about that.

See, I did find what appears to be...

a microscopic puncture to the bone.

Now, you can see the hemorrhagic staining.

So must've happened round
the time she expired.

Wait a minute. Let me swab that.


[Chuckles] It's not blood.

No. That is ink.

Purple ink. That's why it looked like blood.

It could be from a marker.

Well, I can find the exact make
and dye batch so we can verify that.

But we've determined that the wounds
were made from something aluminum...

something with a sharp edge.

I don't know any marker like that.

I do. I've seen that marker,
and I know exactly what holds it.

I.D. the marker. I need to talk to Booth.

Apparently, we just solved a murder.


I remembered that Chad
was using a purple marker...

to cross out the expired coupons.

- Hmm.
- He kept it on his aluminum clipboard.

- When he hit her, it made the mark.
- Okay.

Well, let's find Chad, huh?
There he is.

- Hey, Chad.
- Agent Booth.

Any news about Barb?

- Oh, big news. Probably not to you.
- What do you mean?

- Could I see your clipboard, please?
- Why?

[Booth] Just give her the clipboard,
all right, Chad?

Thank you.

These edges would definitely
cause the wound track we saw.

What are you doing there?

A bone shaving.

Pretty sure that'll match the victim.

I- I hit her. That's all.

And sh-she ran away.

Come on. She-She was
digging through my Dumpster for coupons.

I was sick of it. I'm trying to turn this
into a high-end place-

Iocal produce, organic food.

Barb and her couponing friends,
they wouldn't know a decent peach...

- if it bit 'em in the ass.
- Turn around. You're under arrest.

No, no. I-I didn't kill her.

I- She ran away, I swear.

And she hid under a truck
that dragged her to her death.

She died because she was hiding from you,
because you attacked her.

- It's not illegal.
- Well, actually, you know, it is.

You committed a felony assault
which led to her death.

According to the law,
you're responsible. Let's go.

- That's- That's crazy.
- You shouldn't hit people.

- [Handcuffs Ratcheting]
- You should use your words.

- That's what all the books say.
- Are you serious?

Well, you know,
she's a new mom. Come on.

Come on. Let's go.

Ho-ho. Whoa. Hold on. Look at this.

Organic baby wipes.

We might as well pick up some diapers too.

You know what?
I need some Beer Nuts. What aisle is that?

- Aisle 4.
- Aisle 4.

[Brennan] We should probably get
some of those organic peaches.

- [Crying]
- I'm sorry, honey, but Finn
must've agreed with me.

You're his boss. What choice did he have?

Let me try to explain, Michelle.

What can you possibly say?

What is it with old people?

- Old?
- How can you not remember
that you were like me once?

- Michelle.
- What?

I should get home.

I have some applications to finish.

No, Michelle. Wait.

I have something to say.

Dr. Saroyan, I can't
stop seeing your daughter.

- Wh-What?
- You can't?

No, ma'am.

You see, because...

I think about Michelle all the time...

and I wouldn't be much of a man
if I walked out on her...

just because I was feeling
a little pressure.

So no, ma'am.

I can't stop seeing Michelle.

And if that means you don't want me
to work here anymore, well-

That's, uh, something
I'm gonna have to swallow.


You're not going anywhere, Mr. Abernathy.



And I'm sorry I was old.

- [Chuckles]
- I'll try not to let it happen again.

Okay. Okay.
Don't press your luck. Take it outside.


[Toy Squeaks]

- [Whispers] She sleeping?
- Like a baby.

- [Squeaking]
- Right. Sorry.

I put all that stuff away
that we got at the market.

Oh, thanks. We saved all that money
with those coupons you had.

Right. Let's keep that between you and l.

I don't want that to get out.

- Okay.
- Look at her.

So you gonna go put her in the crib
so you can get some rest?

- No, I'm not.
- Why not?

I can't. I can't let her go.

I just- I missed her so much.

I thought you were okay with this,
that it was fine-

It's not rational, I know, but l-

I mean- Oh. Look at her.

I just missed her so much.

Well, maybe this was too soon
for you to go back to work.

Maybe you should've taken more time,
you know, for yourself.

No. No, I can't.

I- I'm needed. You know-

What I do is for her now too.

She should know that what I do is important.

I know.

And just because something is difficult...

doesn't mean that I shouldn't do it.

Look. I'm here for you and for her, okay?

Anything you need. We'll go slow on this.

Okay. I'm going to sneak her into the lab.

- Every day.
- You're a good mom.

- lsn't she a good mommy?
- Don't wake her up.

- [Whispering] I'm not gonna wake her up.
- You're too loud.

What's that mean?