Bones (2005–2017): Season 7, Episode 5 - The Twist in the Twister - full transcript

A storm chaser with a shot at becoming professional may be murdered, but his corpse is mangled with half a neighborhood by the last tornado he studied. Booth, assisted by Lance as he ...

Right here's our archery range.

Archery's one of the electives
for our campers

in the Chipmunk and Otter

Awesome. And the kids use
real arrows, right?

Like, the pointy kind?


Lots of sticks
and stuff around.

Jill, I realize you never worked
at a camp before,

but you did go to camp, right?

Okay, here's the truth.

Um, I saw Friday the 13th

at Suzy Misner's sleepover
in the fourth grade,

and it completely
freaked me out,

so I only lasted at camp
for two days.

Why on earth did you apply
to Camp Patawomeck?

'Cause college tuition's
a fortune.

I see. Well, I appreciate
your honesty.


I got this.

Please, Mrs. Allen,

just give me a chance.

I mean,
I'm really a hard worker,

I'm great with kids,
I can even make lanyards.

Won't your fear of camp
be a problem?

Please, I'm not in the fourth grade
anymore, Mrs. Allen.

Oh, that's the largest
coffee they have?

At least yours has
caffeine in it.

I have to hope that the taste
of the decaf

just tricks my body
into staying awake.

You want a few sips
of mine?

Our baby doesn't sleep,
and you want me

to feed him breast milk
laced with speed?

A good point.

What do you think's
going on with him?

I don't know.
Maybe he's teething,

or it's a growth spurt,

or, I don't know,
maybe he's part shark.

Either way, we just have
to hunker down and survive it.

My grandbaby giving you trouble?

Oh, my God, Dad!

I thought that you promised
to call before you came.

Oh, man, he did call.
Last week.

- I just, I forgot to tell you.
- Okay.

What? I'm tired.

Aren't you
a burly little pistol?

See what your Granddaddy

He's sweet.

Oh, wow.

You know, that might not
be such a good idea.

We're actually trying to keep him calm,
is the thing, and...

Now, Dad, you're, you're
overstimulating him.

Babies need to be stimulated.

Are you two okay?

Oh, uh, we-we haven't
slept in weeks.

We got to get him

to daycare
and we gotta get to work.

So, it's just,
you know...

I can take care
of the little tyke.


You know, Dad, Michael needs
his sleep,

and daycare's the only place
that he naps.


I'll see y'all after work then,
and I guess I'll be boring.


Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Whoa, whoa, Bones!

Hey, did you fall or something?

I'm fine. I find this
to be the easiest

position from which
to observe the remains.

Let me get you a chair.
Can I get a chair?

- No, I don't need a chair.
- Something to sit on?

Booth, I'm pregnant,
not sick.

Pelvis suggests male,
dentition wear, early 30s.

In addition to the obvious
penetrating stab wound,

there is a tremendous amount
of blunt-force trauma,

multiple compound fractures.

The guy was pounded on
before he got stabbed.

Are you sure you're okay?

You don't look
very comfortable.

I never said
I was comfortable;

I said I didn't
need a chair.

What did the camp director say?

The property's been closed
for two months,

and I'm running checks
on all the previous employees.

Well, there's no sign of
disturbance from the ground.

I'm thinking it's just
a body dump, if you ask me.

Most likely.

Bones, do you need help
getting up?

No, I just need to gather
some momentum

and find the right trajectory.

This is ridiculous.

Here, let me help you.

No, I've got it.

Come on! Let go.

You're gonna hurt
yourself, Bones!

No, I'm not! Let go, Booth.
Let go!

Let me help you!

Just let me help you.
Your points are...

Let go, Booth!

- Just, I got it, Bones.
- Booth!


You know, staring at us is
not gonna help solve the case.

So let's just all
get back to work here, okay?

- Just...
- Okay, here. Watch your...

So, Fisher, how did
this last looney bin

compare to the others?

I don't think that's
an appropriate...

Oh, no, that's okay,
I'm not ashamed.

On the nuthouse
rating scale,

I'd have to give Verdant Valley
four out of five nuts.

Fantastic game room,
but the nightgowns chafed.

The murder weapon appears to be
a garden-variety fence post.

There's even soil on the tip.

I'll take a sample.

See if I can figure out
where it came from.

and coleoptera ratio

put time of death

...five weeks ago.

Is death getting dull
to you, Dr. Hodgins?

Uh, sorry.
It's Michael.

Apparently, our baby believes

that sleep is
only for the weak.

Sounds like my mother.

This morning at 5:45,
she threw open the curtains

and started singing a
medley from Godspell.

Do you live with your mother?

Temporarily. It was a condition
of my release.

♪ Don't forget to call
your mother ♪

Oh. Speaking of...

♪ Don't forget... ♪

Hi, Mom.

Hi, dear, did you notice
my hydrangeas?

No, I did not notice
the hydrangeas this morning.

I'm sure they
were beautiful, yes.

Okay, I'm at work.
I gotta go.

Okay, bye, Mom.


She sounds cheery.

Oh! The woman smiles
when she chews.

There's no clear directionality
for the sandblasting effect.

It's like whatever did this came
from every direction at once.

Yeah, I don't know what
happened to this guy,

but I am seeing dozens of
different types of organic

and inorganic matter here.

Wait a minute-- you said time of
death was five weeks ago, right?


There was a series of
tornadoes five weeks ago.

Was there one
near the body find?

Close enough.

A tornado would
explain damages, the debris.

Yeah, but what about the
fence post through the chest?

Tornadoes have even been known
to embed a piece of piano wire

into a concrete wall.

I watched at lot of TV
at the looney bin.

There weren't
many approved channels.

So you're saying that

this guy was killed
by a tornado.


There's no hemorrhagic staining
in the chest wound.

The stake isn't
the murder weapon.

This happened postmortem.

Same here--
every injury I see so far

appears to be post-mortem, too.

So something killed him,

and then he got sucked up
by a tornado?

Well, my mom would find a way
to see the "happy" in all this,

but to me, this guy just had
a very bad day.

♪ Bones 7x05 ♪
The Twist in the Twister
Original Air Date on December 8, 2011

♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method
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You're telling me

a tornado dumped that body?

Isn't it fascinating?

I have never handled
a tornado case before.

Meteorological hazards
always present

a challenging set of variables.

It is the totality of
the bone damage that...

- No, no, no, no.
- Booth!

Uh-uh! Do you know how much
sodium is in this?

I'm planning to have
a low-sodium dinner.

I'll be fine.

You're just gonna swell up.

I mean, swell more
than you already are.

That's a bad word,
"swell." You know,

I'm just gonna get you fruit.

Fruit's much better.
It's healthier for you.

Okay, that's it. You're getting
way too overprotective.

- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are. It's bad enough

that you do it
in our personal life,

but now it's affecting how you
treat me out in the field.

What are you talking about?

This morning
at the crime scene?

Yeah. I wasn't
being overprotective.

I was just helping you.

Now, I didn't know
that was a crime.


The remains are still
being cleaned,

but I did some preliminary
X rays.

I think I found cause
of death.

I tell you what,
if I was being overprotective,

I would tell you to
put your sweater on,

because there's
a really bad draft

coming from this
air conditioning vent.

What is it?

Well, the victim suffered
three distinct injuries

to the right parietal.

You think that all three were
caused by the same object?

That's my hypothesis, yes.

Have Hodgins swab
for particulate residue,

we'll check for cranial staining
once the bones are clean.

Of course. Dr. Brennan,
I have to go. My mother's calling,

and she gets worried
if I don't answer.

Fine, I should... Hello?

Did you bring your sweater?

Orange paint flakes?

Present in all three
skull injuries.

And since it is highly unlikely that
an object let loose in a tornado

would strike
the same person three times

in almost
the exact same spot...

- Are you okay?
- Sure, sure, sure, sure.

Might have had a few too many
cups of coffee, but yeah.

Oh, baby's still not sleeping?

Not that much, no.

Anyway, uh...

looks like someone bashed
this guy in the head.

Uh, is she trying to
get on the platform

with a buy-ten,
get-one-free yogurt card?

Oh, yes.


Oh. That's good.

Guess I'm a little out of it.

Finished the facial

I think.

Great. I did.

Found a match in
Missing Persons.

Nice work! Nice work.

Honey, how much coffee
have you had?

Uh, it's...

No more.

Right, right, right, right.




Scott Braley, 32.
Reported missing

three weeks ago
by his brother.

- I will go tell Booth.
- Okay.

Hey, hey, the daycare
center just called.

And my dad is there.

- Oh!
- Yeah.

He wants permission to take
Michael for the afternoon.

Oh, Ange, if Michael
spends the rest

of the day alone with your dad,
by the time we get home,

he's gonna be wound up tighter
than an eight-day clock.

I know, honey, but, I mean,
what am I supposed to tell him?

Tell him... tell him, tell him

that we get points against us
at the daycare

whenever we change Michael's
schedule at the last minute,

and if we get any more,
we could lose his spot.


That is good.

Are you that good
when you lie to me?

How would I know?
I've never tried.

Smart boy.

I don't get it.

Why would someone
kill Scottie?

Oh, we're working on that.

Any idea why your brother
was in Virginia?

Yeah, sure.
He only spent part

of his time
in New Jersey.

The rest of the time he was out
following tornadoes.

He was a storm chaser.


He was a real weather geek.

He was also good.

He was like the Storm Whisperer.

I mean, he had this way of just

getting inside a...
a tornado's brain.

Meaning you don't think he would
do anything stupid on purpose?

Oh, no. No way.

And besides,
I mean, if he ever

was to get himself
in trouble,

that MiniMoho could probably
survive an H-bomb.


Yeah, his...
his motor home.

It wasn't with him?

Scottie turned this thing
into this crazy,

fully armored, mega-equipped
weather lab on wheels.

It... It was like
a comic book-looking thing.

I mean...

I can't believe
it wasn't with him.

- Was it valuable?
- Hell, yeah.

I mean, he put every last penny
he had into that thing.

That thing was
probably worth--

I don't know-- 100 grand.

Honey, I told you to leave
out of the side door.


She... she made you

Yeah, I know,
the-the-the smiley face

made out
of blueberries.

It's horrifying.

All right, I...
I gotta go. Bye.

Was that your mom again?

No, that was a girl I met
at a bar last night.

Jenna, Gemma,
something like that.

Ugh. It's infuriating.

My mom said the rec room
was mine, my space.

And this woman is still there
at your house, with your mom?

You have a son.
You tell me--

is letting your child
have a simple,

casual sexual encounter
really too much to ask for?

Well, my son
is eight months old, Fisher.

He doesn't date a lot.


You guys
ready for me?

Yes, definitely.

- Okay, Fisher.
- Okay.

The yellow area indicates
the path of destruction

caused by the tornado
last month.

It's about six miles long
by 1,000 feet wide.

And this mark here

is where the victim's
body was found.

But if the tornado

is what moved it, how did it
end up way over there?

Logical question,
Dr. Saroyan,

and one that was answered
in part three

of When Weather Attacks.

Once an object is picked up
by a tornado, it isn't carried

and then set down.

It's, uh, spun around,
and then flung--

more like a shot put.

Would it be possible
to work backwards

from the location
of the body find

to figure out
where along the tornado's path

the victim was picked up?

I'm not sure, but I can try.

Hey, the only difference
between try and triumph

is a little "umph."

My mom puts

motivational sayings
up on the fridge.

Oh, God, she's destroying me.

So you think the killer
was another storm chaser?

That's one

I mean, who else is going
to want that crazy van?

Good point.

Well, like with
any subculture,

storm chasing
attracts a variety

of distinct
personality types.

Adrenaline junkies.

Yeah, they're the ones
most likely to,

uh, put their lives and
the lives of others in danger.

There's a name for them.

They're called...

You know,
that's a real word,

and people just
throw it around.


Hemorrhagic staining
on the interior of the skull

confirms cause of death as
blunt-force trauma to the head.

Good. Good news.

Any thoughts
on the weapon?

Based on the fracture pattern,

we're looking
for something cylindrical

with a diameter of between five
and seven centimeters.

Right, like a baseball bat.

if it were painted orange.

Any luck on the MiniMojo?

The MiniMoho.

Well, that's what I meant.

Yeah, a vehicle fitting
the description

has been parked in
North Carolina for days,

so I... you know what,
I just sent a team

to check it out.

What? Wait.
Why... why aren't we going?

If there are other
storm chasers there,

we're missing the opportunity
to exploit their expertise

and learn about the nuances
of tornado behavior.

Ah, it's a four-hour
drive there and back.

I didn't think it was a
good use of our time.

Well, I wish you
had consulted me first.

Where are you?

You sound like
you're in the car.

'Cause I am in the car.
I'm headed to the grocery store

to get some soap for the dishes.

I know how much you hate it,

you know, when the food
gets crusty.

Look, that's the office
on the other line.

Well, I didn't hear a beep.

I'll let you know as soon
as I hear anything, okay?

Okay, but...

Why did you tell
Dr. Brennan that...

Look, do I ask you
questions about Daisy? No.

No, but, I mean,
if there's something

you want to know,
I'd be happy to...

There's nothing
I want to know,

and there's nothing
I want to tell.


License plate matches.

Oh, that's a relief,
'cause I really thought

there'd be more
than one armored motor home

with a satellite dish
on the roof in the parking lot.

Don't get snippy with me just
'cause you feel bad about lying.

Hey. Looks like
someone's inside.

Sounds like there's

two someones inside.

The storm--
it's so big!

So powerful!

It's coming right at us.
Hang on!

You know, human sexuality

is a gem
with innumerable facets.

FBI. Open up.
Come out

with your hands up in the air
and your pants on.

- FBI?
- Where's my shirt?

Seriously, you didn't know
how that was going to end?

All right, thank you.

Well, the girl swears
they just met.

Okay, well, we'll
run a check.

I want you to meet Nolan.

Says here
that he's been

Scott's, uh, driver
for the past three seasons.

Why do you still
have his vehicle?

I've been holding it hostage.

Scott had cash flow
problems this season.

He hadn't paid me yet.

I got fed up, said I wasn't

going to drive anymore
until I got paid.

So what were you doing out here
where all these storms hit?

Were you trying to
sell this vehicle?

You saw what I'm doing--
that girl?

She's what we call a, uh,
chaser chaser-- storm groupie.

Someone who's aroused
by extreme weather patterns.

It's, uh,

human sexuality...

"Groupie" pretty much
spelled that out to me.

Got that.

This little baby sure has
gotten me a lot of tail.

Be sorry to see her go.

It's a sexy vehicle.

- Honey.
- Hmm?

Those are
particulates, not Michael.

You don't have to keep
moving like that.

I... I didn't even know
I was doing it.

Michael only falls asleep
when I oscillate.

Coffee wore off, huh?


We'll get through this.

- So these are the particulates?
- Yeah.

If you cross-reference
the concentration

of various particulates
with the topographical data

you have regarding
the storm's path,

then you can determine
the murder site.

- Oh, honey.
- Hmm?

- You're so brilliant.
- You, too.


Trying to make
another kid?

- Hi, Dad.
- Stopped in to daycare,

and it turns out they don't seem
to have those rules you made up.

Oh, uh...

I can explain that.

I'm getting the feeling
that you don't trust me

to be alone
with my own grandbaby.

Of course we do.


so not true.

I played stadiums

every night
back when you were in diapers.

You were backstage
at every single show.

You think that did her any harm?

All the books say that a strict
routine is crucial, so...

We just want to be there
when you're with him.

Until he gets

Well, I'm leaving tomorrow,
baby girl,

and, uh, doesn't seem right
for that little guy

to miss out on even one minute
hanging with his grandpa.

So the National
Science Federation

is making a, uh, IMAX film
about tornadoes.

Let me guess-- Scott was
trying to get the contract?

Right, so the filmmaker

is going to ride along
with a storm chaser

for five seasons,
gathering footage.

How much is the
contract worth?

Half a million dollars.

That was supposed
to be a whistle.

My tongue's coated with cheese.

Look at the, uh, storm chaser
who got the contract.

Antonia "Toni" Lawrence.

- Yeah, I need some water.
- Right.

Turns out that Scott

had Toni arrested
last year.

Criminal mischief?

He accused her of putting
sugar in his gas tank

to keep him away
from the storms,

and the charges were
eventually dropped,

but still, right?

Well, Toni must be around
here somewhere, right?

Considering the
storm system.

Bureau is tracing
her credit cards now.

Why are you lying
to Dr. Brennan?

I mean, you told
her that a team

was going to North
Carolina-- that's us.

There's a lot
of storms out here.

I don't want her
in this environment.

I'm just trying
to be protective.

Of course, she's going to think

that I'm, you know,
overly protective.

Aren't you, though?

Okay, look.

I'm just saying,
Dr. Brennan is an adult.

She's your partner,
both personally

and professionally.

And while it's

Okay, we got the location
for Toni Lawrence.


There we go.

No, Mom, I can't.

I'm not going to marry her, Mom.

I can't even remember her name.

Emma? Huh.

Could have sworn it started
with a "juh" sound.

Oh, wow.

Got to go. Bye.

This is

The FBI already examined it
for evidence.

They couldn't find anything.

Dr. Saroyan said
they could store it here

until a spot opens up
at their garage.

Hey, can we go inside?

Uh, we probably shouldn't.

Hey. Only the first two sensors.

We're going to leave
those here, all right?

Everything else...

Sweets, look at all the camera
equipment over here, huh?


You the ones
that are shooting the movie?

Yeah. Is there
a problem?

Wait. I'm Misty Clemmons,

one of the project

Sorry, no tourists
on this run.

You're Toni
Lawrence, right?

A fan. Nice to meet you.

FBI. Special Agent Booth.

This here is Dr. Sweets.

Yeah, we're here
to ask you

about your rivalry
with Scott Braley.


I've got a four-vehicle crew,
a thriving tour service.

I'm a regular commentator
on the Weather Channel.

Scott's a lone storm weirdo.

There's no rivalry.

You damaged his gas tank.

Sounds like a rivalry to me.

If you'll excuse me,

there's a mesocyclone

Meso...? Oh!

I've got to get my crew
on the road.

You going to cut me
some slack

for lying to Bones now?

Yeah, no, you totally
should've lied.

Whoa. Wait a second.

Look at the extinguisher
on her truck.

Hurry up.
Let's go, guys.

Bones was telling me about
a potential murder weapon.

That's the same
shape and color.

I got to get this.
Come on, let's go!

Agent Booth!

Stop Toni and the
crew from leaving.

You understand?

It's all right, honey.

I'm not worried about you.

Come on!

- Everyone into the shelter for questioning!
- No!

We have to get
on the road!

We have to get
the footage!

Can't we do this later,
after the storm?

Come on! Come on down here!

Come on! Go!
Just leave it!

- Come on, let's go!
- Don't worry about it!

Go, go, go!

Hey, Booth!

Come on!
Go, go, go, go, go!


Booth, get in here!

Close the hatch!

This is a big one.

This is huge.

I didn't think we
were gonna make it.

You lied to me!

Bones, what are you doing?

Get inside!


Get the-- I got it.
Couldn't miss this.

You know, you could've
killed yourself, Bones.

But I didn't. I'm fine.

How'd you even know
where to find us?

I used the cell tower
ping method

that led us to
Vincent Nigel-Murray's killer.

This could definitely
be the murder weapon.

I'm telling you,
I didn't kill him.

I didn't even know
Scott was missing.

Right, but
you knew that

he wanted that
film contract,


- I cannot believe you made us miss this.
- How about you?

How long you been
working with her?

Wait, wait, wait.
Don't suck me into this.

Look, I just shoot the storms.

Toni led me to the best footage,
and that's as far as we go.

I've been doing some reading

on the rotational behavior
of tornadoes.

Have either of you...

Is this really

This is my first
tornado case, Booth.

You know, you could've
just used a telephone?

I find it easier

to have direct conversations.

Right, 'cause it's always
important to have face time

right before you're about to get
blown into the side of a barn.

Man, this one's huge.

Okay, did you ever shoot film
with Scott Braley, too?

I tried. I met with him
in Virginia last month

during the storms there.

He said he'd call me
next time he went out,

but he never did, though.

Okay, well,
when that huge tornado hit,

where were you?

I was sitting in my motel room
like an idiot,

waiting for him to call.

I missed the whole
entire thing.

Now I'm missing
another one.

Did you hear that?

Mother Nature is so incredible.

Mother Nature is not real.

Okay, how about you?

You have any
dealings with Scott?

Oh, I don't get to spend much
time with the actual chasers.

I mostly just drive the
film back and forth.

And I see you're also

a big fan
of rainbows.

I love them. God's promise
after every storm.

You're wasting
your time with us.

Someone else was giving Scott
a hard time.

What do you mean? Who?

I don't know.
I heard him on the phone

about a month and a half ago;
we were at the same rest stop.

He was screaming at someone;
it was ugly.

Okay, what were
they arguing about?

Sounded like money.

From what I could tell,
whoever Scott was yelling at,

Scott owed a lot.

♪ Don't forget to call
your mother ♪

♪ Don't forget... ♪

You gonna
answer that?

No. No, I am not.

Hey, check it out.

The victim designed
these recording probeses.

He'd set them out in
the path of a tornado,

and then gather them up
after to download the data.

It's genius.

Dude, this thing is
aerodynamically designed

not to get blown away.

Technology someone might
want to steal.

This guy deserves his
own NatGeo special.


What do you think
this thing is for?

That is a miniature tornado.

Saw that on episode six
of Wacky Weather Wonders.

They made this Wicked Witch
out of balsa wood;

got her to oscillate on the top.

Did you say "oscillate"?


Dr. Hodgins?

Oh, my God.


Looks like winds
reached about 160.

I can't believe
I didn't get any footage.

Damn it.

Over there.

It's a rainbow.

All right.

You see this?

You see all this

You still think
I'm being overprotective?

You know what,
you shouldn't have come.

I got a lot of valuable
information, Booth.

Plus, it looks like
you're the one

who shouldn't have come.

My car!

That's my car!

Check this out.


Hey, where are you
going, Bones?!

Hold up!

Bones, wait!

I need a ride.

I need a ride back.

You thinking of
starting a band?

That's funny.

Do you have any idea
how difficult it is

for me to tell
my father anything?

All I want is for him

to just see things
from my perspective, right?

So I can get some sleep here.

But he just insists
that he knows everything,

and it's just...

Didn't someone get murdered?


Yes. Yes.

So... based on the presence

of certain particulates
and the absence of others,

we know that the victim
was spit out from the tornado

somewhere within
this red area here.

Meaning he was
picked up somewhere

in this lower section.

That's still

a lot of area to search.

I know. That's why I tried

to narrow it down further.

I looked at the particulate
density ratios

and used
a probability index,

and it suggests
that the body

was picked up somewhere
within this square mile.

So I narrowed down the area
where the victim was killed.

Cam wants us to supervise
a search for the...

murder site.

You built a tornado
with a car seat on top?

I call it
the Sleepytime Cyclone.

It mimics the way that I move
to get Michael to fall asleep.

What do you think?

Honey, this is stupid.


I thought it was
sort of brilliant, in a...

No, I mean, we're
actually considering

strapping our precious
baby into something

a meth-addicted
carnie wouldn't ride,

but we won't leave him
alone with my own father.

Wow, when you
put it that way...

We have to go on
this search anyway.

And so my dad overloads
his little neurons.

Michael will be fine.

This means a lot to Dad.

You're right.

Of course you're right.


Okay, now I'm just feeling sick.

Ah, great.

Saved you some pasta.


You, uh, left me stranded out
there in the middle of nowhere.

I wasn't worried.

Unlike you, I trust my partner

to be able
to take care of himself.

You're angry.

You have every right
to be angry.

I understand that.

So, uh, the fire extinguisher
on Toni's truck--

that the murder weapon?

No. It didn't match the
skull fractures on the victim.

Yeah, doesn't surprise me.

You know, her alibi
checks out, too.

This looks good.

I did discover some bone
abrasions that Fisher ascribed

to the victim's
fall from the sky.

But I think they happened while
he was still inside the tornado.

I might not have
considered that

if I hadn't talked
to the storm chasers.

You're not going to let
this one go, are you?

Not yet.

What about the
victim's finances?

Did you find out who
he owed money to?

Well, apparently,
there was a backer

who pretty much, uh,
bankrolled everything.

If he couldn't pay back
the money he owed,

then that would be
motive for murder.


And I got
the forensic accountants,

you know,
checking into all that.

Bones, I'm really sorry
I lied.

I'm really, really sorry, Bones.

You think you have the right
to control me

because I'm carrying
your progeny.

Do you think maybe we could
just use the word "daughter"?

I'm just trying to

protect you here, that's all.

Oh. Here we go.

There it is.

Okay, I got the name
of the person

who bankrolled our victim.

His brother.

So we have to go
to southern Virginia

to search for a murder site.

But we'll be back
in a couple of hours.

We'll be fine, darling.

Okay, the emergency
numbers are on the phone,

and there are extra
wipes in the bathroom,

if you run out, so...

And he'll probably be hungry
again in about two hours.

- Hand over my grandbaby.
- All right.

So, just try

not to overstimulate him, okay?

Darling-- and you-- go.

Okay. All right.

Bye, buddy.


Uh, all right.

Bye, Dad.

Okay. Bye.

Ah, it's quiet in here.

Let me show you what a show

in Cowboy Stadium
in Dallas sounds like.

Why didn't you tell us
you bankrolled your brother?

It didn't think
it was relevant.

Come on, not relevant, building
up years of resentment,

paying for a hobby
you thought was ridiculous?

I didn't think
it was ridiculous.

You took out a life
insurance policy

on your brother.
You stand to get

the money back on that,
I'm sure.

I invested a lot.

That policy's just
good business.

I also bought him
disability, liability.

I cared about my brother.

Because a witness says that
both of you were arguing about,

what, two months before
your brother died.

You want to tell us
what you were arguing about?


Okay, maybe I was a little sick
of him taking my money,

but we worked it out.

Worked it out, how?

I told him I would pay
for one more season.

If he still couldn't
get by on his own,

Scottie said he would
give up chasing for good.

Did you go out with him to
that tornado the day he died?

No, of course not.

I was scared of those things.

Now I wish I had gone.

Maybe my brother
would still be alive.

♪ Friendly strangers
on the path ♪

♪ Is there something
I came here to do? ♪

♪ Can I hear you in the storm? ♪

♪ Is anybody there? ♪

♪ Ah... ♪

♪ Spinning in outer space... ♪


We've been at this
for hours.

Maybe we could just call
and see how Michael is doing.

No, because my dad's gonna
think we don't trust him.

Yeah, well, we don't.

Oh, God.


This is totally heartbreaking.

Oh, yeah, it is.

Guess we got it
pretty good, huh?


Hey, hey.


Over there.

Oh, yeah!

This is it!

This is one of Scott's
tornado probes.

- He was here.
- This would've recorded

all the storm

I can download it,

see if maybe we can
find something helpful.

Dr. Hodgins,
I got blood.

Okay, you know what?
Take a sample of that.

We're going to get
it to Dr. Saroyan.

We should take all
this stuff, too.

Based on airflow patterns,
any evidence

that didn't blow away would
have ended up in the debris.

Absolutely. Everyone,

we're going to box
everything up and check it out

back at the lab, okay?

- Okay!
- We did it.

We're good.

Okay. Okay...

could I, could I just
be projecting, then?

Okay, I gotta go.

I'll call you back.


No. Shrink.

When I came home last night...

Please, don't...

Dr. Brennan took some notes
on a journal article.

She wants you to assist her.

She wants me to determine
the directionality

of every bone injury?

Better you than me.

But if most injuries happened
while the victim was inside

the tornado, then how
does directionality...

Flip to page three.

Apparently, Dr. Brennan spoke
to one of the storm chasers,

who said that 99%
of all tornadoes

in the northern hemisphere

rotate in
a counterclockwise direction.

So then, if we know

then we can extrapolate the
victim's relative body positions

within the tornado
at the time of each injury.

This is totally
unexplored territory.

We could wind up on
the cover of the journal.

Dr. Saroyan?
I found something.

Broken glass?

I thought this was from a
destroyed structure at first,

but it turns out it's a
different tensile strength

than window glass.

It's 2.63 grams
per cubic centimeter.

Well, it's covered in blood.

Yeah, and it's painted orange.

The same paint we found
in the victim's skull wounds?

You got it.

The blood on the concrete
was a match for the victim.

I'll test this, too,
and see if it's a match.

- Is this the same glass?
- Yeah.

It's green.

Okay, so we know that Scott
was out in the storm.

Most likely with his MiniMojo,

since we know he set up
one of his probes.

MiniMoho. And it ended up
back at Scott's motel.

Which would suggest that the
killer drove it back there.

Perhaps we should interview
more storm chasers.

No. No. We are not going
near any more storms.

Do you really think that I would
put our child in danger, Booth?

Bones, you drove
into a tornado.

It's Cam.

- Brennan.
- Yeah, and Booth, so speak English.

We've got a partial
murder weapon.

It was a heavy-duty
reusable glass water bottle.

That doesn't make any sense.

I mean, how do you get three
times with a glass bottle?

It would break!

The water bottle uses
a thick glass,

very high tensile strength.

Plus, once it's filled, it
weighs close to four pounds.

Was it painted orange?

Not only orange,
it was also red,

yellow, green, blue...
A rainbow.

You got it.

Our victim was killed
by a friendly,

rainbow-covered water bottle.

That woman from the National
Science Federation.

Misty. I'm gonna
have to talk to Misty.

So, you recognize
this, Misty?

Yeah. It's my water bottle.

I've been looking for that.
Where'd you find it?

We found it at Scott
Braley's murder site.

Someone used it to kill him.

Oh, God.

Look, I have no idea.

I told you, I've never
even met that guy before.

You sure about that?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure, but...

Oh, this is horrible.

Hey, why don't you take
another look here, huh?


Oh, gee.
What? What is it?

I've never seen
this man, I swear,

but I know the van.
The van?

A couple months ago, on one of
my trips to deliver film to Wes,

I saw it parked at a motel, and
there was this guy getting out.

A different guy.

And do you remember his name?



It was Nolan.

I figured he was a storm chaser,
so I stopped to chat--

I mean, those guys are all
so exciting, you know, and...

one thing led to another, and...

I must have left
my water bottle.

And you had sex with him?

It was wrong, I know.

I had a boyfriend, but
I just got carried away.

Your boyfriend is Wes, right?
The filmmaker?

He broke up with me a couple
weeks after I slept with Nolan.

I don't... Somehow he
figured out I cheated on him.


Booth thinks that
Misty's boyfriend, Wes,

went out with the victim
to get storm footage.

But when Wes saw his
girlfriend's water bottle

in Scott's van, he thought
they slept together.

So he got angry
and hit Scott over the head

with the water bottle.

Murder by rainbow.

Why the tornado footage?

This is
Wes's footage-- he told us

that he was in a motel
during the tornado

where Scott died.
If we can link

any of his footage
to the same tornado,

we can prove
that he's lying.

We're comparing the footage
that he took around that time

to the photos that I took
at the crime scene.

We're looking for any

topographical similarities,
structural landmarks, anything.


Yeah, except it's not working.

I can't make out anything
besides the funnel cloud itself.

This could be any tornado,
on any given day.


the directionality,
it's unusual.

What do you mean?

The storm chasers said that
virtually every tornado

in the northern hemisphere
rotates counterclockwise.

Can you pause this

and, and highlight
a piece of debris?


Play it in slow-motion.


This tornado is
rotating clockwise.

It's incredibly rare.

If there was a way

that we could prove

that the tornado that
carried the victim

was also rotating clockwise...

Yeah. We can.

The-the weather probe we found
at the murder scene.

I downloaded the data.

Wind speeds averaging
185 miles per hour.

Clockwise rotation.

Wes was there.

You lied to us. You were
at the murder scene.

This is a lot cooler

- than the rec room.
- This is awesome.

You really didn't have to
bring me dinner tonight.

Well... I knew you'd
be working late,

and it didn't seem fair for you
to miss your mom's meatloaf.


Oh, that woman may
be off her rocker,

but... boy, can she cook.

You think my mother's
off her rocker?

Sorry. Don't you?

Well, no, of course
I do, but...

you've been spending
so much time with her.

Well, yeah, because I thought
we had fun together,

and when she made it very clear
that she didn't want you

inviting women into
the house, I figured...

it's probably just easier to
get her to invite me herself.

So you befriended my mother so
that you could have sex with me?

Pretty much.

That makes me feel very odd.


Oh, my God.

I think you may be right.

♪ I want your hi fi mama ♪

♪ Won't you let me
play it tonight ♪

I don't believe this.

Honey, I'm sure there's
an explanation for this.

Yeah, he's deranged.
♪ Won't you let me play it tonight? ♪

Dad! Dad, what
are you doing?

Wait, don't yell;

you'll mess up his dreams.

Wait, he's asleep?

- With this on?
- He likes it.

It soothes him.
I tried funk metal,

but this child has a
distinct preference for

them low-down blues, and
that good, rockin' boogie.

H-How long has he been asleep?

About four hours.

I don't believe it.

I don't believe
you still doubt me.

Love you, Dad.

And Michael loves you, too.

And you can come and baby-sit
whenever you want.

Well, of course I can.

He's tattooed.

You, you, you...

you tattooed my child?

Relax. It's a press-on.

For now.


Oh, boy... Okay.

Oh... my God.

♪ Good night, darling,
wherever you are. ♪


- How did it go?
- You know what?

He didn't even lawyer up.
I tell you, Bones, I think

that he was actually
glad he got caught.

It's too bad he won't be
able to make his movie.

I would have liked
to have seen that.


Listen, uh...

Bones, I do trust you.

Does that mean that
you're not going to

hover over me, like a crab
whose mate is about to molt?

I don't actually follow that,
but no, I'm not.

You're not going to stop?

I know it's not fair,
but no, I'm not gonna stop.

- Why?
- Why?

Because I know that I'm
not going to be able to

always protect you and
this beautiful baby.

So acting like I can actually
makes me feel less helpless.

So basically, you're asking me
to support your delusion.


That's crazy.

Well, you got a little bit
of the crazy in you, too.

Excuse me, but I am
a supremely rational person.

Really? Walking around these
hardwood floors in bare feet?

I mean, you could
get a splinter.

- I'm gonna go get your slippers.
- You're...

- You're starting again.
- I told you I wasn't going to stop.

Do you want the ones with
the little bunny ears,

or the slipper socks?
- What? No. I'm not going to wear them.

I'm not going to pull
a splinter out of your feet.

- I don't have a splinter.
- You will!

- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will!

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