Bones (2005–2017): Season 7, Episode 12 - The Suit on the Set - full transcript

The corpse of the boss of the Hollywood studio where extravagant British director Joco Kent is filming "Bone of Contention", an action movie based of a book by Bones, is dropped in a clumsy attempt to cover up a bizarre stabbing. He had enemies and his demise opens opportunities. While investigating, Booth is offered a lucrative security job there. The Jeffersonian team is jealous of scientific consultant Dr. Douglas Filmore, but they all get to prove their worth.

Next summer, learn now one tibia
can topple an empire.

Blaine Con way and Cherie Redfern
are Lister and Reichs.

From the best-selling author Temperance
Brennan comes Bone of Contention.

Action so intense you can
feel it in your bones.

I gotta say...

that was really some
pulse-quickening action right there.

I mean you guys are- are awesome.

Uh, Blaine, what's it been like playing
a role like Special Agent Andy Lister?

- Awesome.
- Awesome.

Now, Cherie, the role
of Dr. Kathy Reichs...

must have been quite
a departure for you.

Actually, no, not at all.

I feel like in many ways I
could be Dr. Reichs.

The only difference is
maybe she Went to college.

But other than that,
our essence is very, very similar.


I know you have to
get back to filming.

We can't wait to see the movie.

Bone of Contention. Summer 2013

You-You can feel it in your bones.

Feel it in your bones.

- What is this for?
- Publicity.

- Apparently the movie is awesome.
- Apparently everything is.

How come they didn't interview the
actors playing the other scientists?

I mean, they're just as important.

Don't worry. I'm sure they will,
Dr. Hodgins.

Can we see that first part again-
them blowing up?

- Yeah.
- Because it's awesome?

It actually kind of is, yeah.

I'm just lucky.
I don't even work out.

None of this was in my script.

What? What are you talking about?
That's all you.

The studio just Wanted
a couple of tweaks.

They do this all the time, Bones.
These doughnuts are amazing.

I have the utmost respect for your work,
Dr. Brennan. Really.

You have a fire in an ice palace.
Where did that come from?

The grease fire you had in the diner,
that you wrote-

I just tweaked it a little bit.

Why did you change the
name of the Jeffersonian?

Washington Institute for Science and
Knowledge gives us that cool acronym- WISK.

Right? They work at WISK.
The focus group loved it.

What's that big green Wall?

That's a little visual trick.
Here, look at this. Come here.

This is how it's gonna look like
in the movie. Watch this. Ready?

Look at that. isn't that cool?


Wow. Look at that, Bones.
You got a monorail. Right?

What is the holdup here, people?

- Places, everyone.
- You're making me wanna fire someone.

I'm a little shiny, Jocco.
Just a minute.

- Maybe you shouldn't let so many people polish you.
- Oh, back off, limpy.

Hi, Dr. Brennan. I'm Mandy Oh, VP.
of Production.

We are so honored to
have you visiting.

- Oh.
- And you must be Agent Booth.

Oh. Excuse me. Great doughnuts.

So if there's anything you need,
any questions-

Well, I was Wondering about, uh,
some of the changes to the script.

- Wonderful, aren't they?
- Actually, there are some mistakes in the science-

I'm sorry. I have to take this.

Hello, Brad.

How is the most talented
man in the world today?

Okay, places, everyone.
This is for picture.

This is exciting. Whoa.

Okay! Let's make some magic.

- Give us a bell.
- Hey, hey.

Oh, WOW.

And we take this.

- And background.

And... action.

What do you think, Bonesy?

This look like an accident to you?

No, this was
definitely no accident.

The victim suffered a penetrating
trauma to the chest bones...

followed by a massive
cardiacal eruption.

- "Cardiacal" is not a word.
- It's what? Just roll with it.

I could extract the
medial epicondyle...

and have the WISK team run tests...

to see if she was a member
of Dimitri's terrorist group.

The medial epicondyle
is not in the chest.

This pollen-

Our victim was near an olive grove.

He wouldn't be able to tell that
with just a magnifying glass.

Oh. Let's take a closer look,
and then we can look at the-

- Wait! Stop. Cut. Cut.
- Ow. No, no. God. Oh, no.

- What?
- Aah! No. No, Bones.

- Cut.
- Ah! Geez. What's the problem, Jocco?

Um, I have no idea.

She's just excited.
She's very excited.

She's been Waiting a
long time for this film.

Don't you want to be accurate? You just
can't rip open a chest cavity like that.

- And the dialogue-
- I... don't care.

Okay? I'm the only one
that says "action"...

and I'm the only one
that says "cut."


- Right. Reset. Back to one.
- Reset.

Props, we're gonna
need a fresh corpse.

Hey. So Brennan read
the new script...

and the other lab members
are still in there.

Yeah, but not in any of the
big new action sequences.

I just think it would be
cool if they gave us one too.


Well, you know,
our fictional us-es.

Yeah, honey, but no one would
know who we are anyway.

Michael Vincent Would.

You're kidding.

You want them to put your
character in the movie more...

because of our son?

- Is that too pathetic?
- No, honey. That's-

You're the sweetest
father in the world.

Listen, whatever is going on
out there in la-la land...

it's all make-believe.

And nobody can do What you do.

- Well, that's true.
- It is.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

How did the dialogue
get so mangled?

I thought you had a
technical consultant.

Oh, we do. We have the best.

Uh, Doug? Dougie? Oh.

Oh. Hello, Dr. Brennan,
Agent Booth.

- Filmore.
- Have you tried the miniature quiche?

- It's delicious.
- You know each other?

- We worked a previous case together.
- This man is a podiatrist.

Wow. I hope you don't
ask for a raise.

I have to take this.

- Marty.
- I'm sorry, but none of this is my fault.

And Jocco doesn't care if
the science is accurate.

He just wants everything
to look good on film.

I find this rather disillusioning.

I did, too, until I
got my first paycheck.

Finally, right? Places.
From the top.

Get the corpse ready.

- Oh, my God!
- What now?

- This thing smells, Jocco.
- Yeah, well, hold your nose. Let's go.

Wow, that smells familiar, Bones.

Wait. You two, sit down.

Security. Fred,
get 'em the hell outta here.

- Put it back. F.B.I.
- Take it out. Director.

- F.B.I. Put it back.
- Take it out.

This is not a prop.
This is a real dead body.

-Oh, my God. Ugh!

- That's a real body?
- Are we allowed to use a real body?

I hear Dr. Brennan sent pictures.

Yeah. At first, I thought she was joking.

Looks like a prop, right?

A really good prop.
Do we know who it is?

Not yet. No one's been reported
missing on the movie lot.

She Wants me to start a
facial reconstruction.

Maybe if we solve this case,
they'll put us in the movie more.

I think we're getting
ahead of ourselves.

This isn't even our jurisdiction.

Hmm. It could be.

That's it. I'm shutting down the movie.

No, no. You can't shut down the movie.

I'll examine the remains. That's What I do.

Mike here is the head of security.
He says we need to shut down.

- L.A.P.D. should be here any minute.
- The F.B.I. is already here.

- That should be enough, right, Booth?
- Huh?

Heat from inside the closed
body bag sped decomposition.

I agree. I put time of death...

between 90 and a hundred hours.

The victim appears
to be male, mid-40s.

God. Stop touching it.

The press on this is
going to be a nightmare.

Why does everything happen to me?

Why don't we solve this murder?

No, no, no, no, no.
We can't do that. No.

Please? You know that we can.

Dr. Filmore can assist me.

It was more cost-effective for
Production to rent real equipment...

than to build look-alikes, so this is
actually a fully functioning laboratory.

And you are a federal agent.
You can claim jurisdiction.

You know the department
will back you.

Please, please.

I've been dreaming of making
a movie my whole life.

Are you gonna let one little decomposing
corpse get in the way of that?

Okay. Let me do this.

Okay. So, tell you What.
You don't want bad press?

Why don't you have the real Reichs
and Lister solve the murder for you?

Makes for a great story,
doesn't it?

Give him whatever he needs.

If you solve this, remember,
it was all my idea.

Clooney? You are such a rascal.

Wow. I feel like I'm
looking at our lab...

after a heavy night of drinking.

It's actually state of the art.

I helped them rent the equipment.

Which would explain the
abundance of podiatry equipment.

There's a profusion of
perimortem bone damage...

to the arms and the torso...

as well as a skull fracture.

'Kay. Could you direct the camera
closer to the left costal margin?

Based on staining of
surrounding tissue...

I'd say cause of death
was a punctured aorta.

- He bled out.
- Excuse me. Dr. Brennan?

Oh, Mr. Summers.
Dr. Saroyan, this is Mr. Summers.

He plays Dr Yagher-
the Hodgins character

- Nice to meet you.
- You too.

Um, Dr Brennan, you- We will be on
call if you need anything.


I'm sorry to bother you.

I forgot some stuff up here...

and they said I could get
it if Security escorted me.

If you don't touch the remains
or the surrounding surfaces.

It seems that the compound fracture...

to the victim's left seventh rib...

could be What punctured his aorta.

I'm seeing bits of foliage
on the victim's shoes.

That's from the Lauraceae family...

probably Laurus nobilis...

if I had to guess.

I can't believe that this
is a real, dead body.

I can't believe you
identified the foliage.

Oh, I have a doctorate in botany.

And one in microbiology.

And I dabbled a bit in
entomology as an undergrad.

That's how I got this part.
I wasn't intimidated by all the lab-speak.

I don't understand.

If you have a useful talent,
why are you an actor?

Well, acting's always
been my first love...

and love always wins out
in the end, right'?

Kind of like a methicillin-resistant
staph infection.

Got to admit, I do miss
the science sometimes.

Anyway, good luck with your investigation.

Dr. Summers, where did you
do your graduate Work?

U.C. Berkeley. My adviser
was Dr. Lily Jacobson.

I know Dr. Jacobson.

Have you ever used a
G.C. mass spectrometer?

All your actors have criminal records here.

Mostly drugs, drunk driving...

domestic disturbances.

They say it's part
of their process.

Right. And you say your
security is tight here?

It's tough to get on the lot,
but, once you're here...

you can pretty much go anywhere.

What about leaving? You check the vehicles?

- Uh, random searches, yeah.
- Huh.

The killer probably hid the body here...

'cause it was too risky to move it.

Ho! Look at that, huh?

Hey. Oxbow I love that movie.



I know. it's a nice change
of pace from the Bureau.

Bureau? You were in the Bureau?

Yeah. Five years as a
special agent in Chicago.

Then I had my daughter,
and she's three now.

I make twice as much here.
The sun is always shining.

- We got a spot opening up if you're interested.
- Me?

- Yeah.
- Nah. No, I don't-

- I don't think I'm cut out for this place.
- That's how I used to feel.

But you've got kids too.
You should think about it.

And you can surf before work.
I do every day.

Before I call the movers,
I'd like to check out the alibis...

- of all the people who had records.
- Okay.

- All right.
- This way.

I can't believe I'm actually
working with the Jeffersonian.

Neither can I. This is not fair

His ookey room is ookier than mine.

- Hodgins.
- Do you even have any idea...

What the first species are
to invade a decomposing body?

Calliphoridae and Sarcophagidae, right?

- Did you pick that up from the movie dialogue?
- No.

All right, I've been using a dichotomous
key here to identify the samples.

I'm gonna send that to you.
See What you think.

Has Agent Booth run a
background check on you yet?

Honey, Brennan and Cam spoke
with his graduate adviser...

so play nice.

He's touching evidence.
How do we know he's not the killer?

Cam- Is that Dr.Saroyan's first name?

Yeah. Why?

She looks so familiar to me.
Did she ever live in New York?

Yeah, for over 10 years.

Maybe we crossed paths there.

Okay. You were right.

The foliage on the victim
was Laurus nobilis.


One correct answer does
not a scientist make.

Yeah, no. No, of course not.
Uh, probably a lucky guess.

Okay, the facial
reconstruction is done.

Here is our victim.

I'll tell Brennan to run this
through Missing Persons.

You don't have to do that.
I know who that is.

That's Hanson Stephens.

He's the head of the studio.

How could someone as important as a
studio president not be reported missing?

Maybe Angela made a mistake.

- It's unlikely with such a pristine skull.
- Mmm.

That topiary is remarkable.

It looks just like a cello.

This place is like a park. Don't you think?

I mean, it's so beautiful out here.

Now Christine, she loves the beach.

If we lived out here, we could probably
go to Disneyland almost every day.

But we don't live here. Excuse me.

I need to find out whether a certain
type of foliage can be found on the lot.

Is that something you
can help me with?

Oh, I- I just do What she tells me.

We've got a species
map in the office.

Just, uh, call my extension.
Valerie Rogers, Head Groundskeeper.

- Thank you.
- Do you do all these, uh-

- Yes.
- She is Picasso.

Fernando, when you finish those,
you can mow the west lawn.

- Okay? Please.
- I just did it yesterday.

Well, not that well.

I'll get that map out for you.
Have a good day.

I'm sorry. Mr. Stephens is busy.

Really? I wanna go in
that office. I'm F.B.I.

You see? This is a real F.B.I. badge.

And Mr. Stephens loves the F.B.I.

He's got an Al Capone
movie in development.

But he is busy today.

So you're telling us that Hanson
Stephens is inside that office right now?

Of course. But as I said-

I'm sorry. Mr. Stephens
is unavailable.

Can I have him return?


Write out all your questions,
and I'll upload them to his tablet.

Tablet? This is ridiculous.

- No, you can't go in there.
- Mm-hmm.

There's no one here.

What do you have to say for
yourself now, huh, sport?

Can I get you a beverage?
Bottled water?


No blood. Doesn't appear
as if he was killed here.

Says here you used to
work for an agent...

and you got fired for assaulting
him and trashing his office.

He made me sleep in a kennel with
his dog when he Went on vacation.

- A kennel?
- Victim's cell phone's still here.

We should upload the
contents to Angela.

I'll have our I.T. guys help.

I didn't kill Mr. Stephens.
I was just covering for him, I swear.

No, he's telling the truth.

Two, three times a year,
Hanson would go AWOL.

Nick would deflect calls.
I'd cover the meetings.

- Where would he go?
- Who knows?

He'd grab whatever actress he
was sleeping with that Week...

and take off on a corporate jet.

Mr. Stephens may have had his failings,
but he turned this studio around.

Yeah, he had help, Nick.

No, I-I'm just saying.

I loved Hanson.

Right. Gonna need to know where
you were last Friday night.

- Nick has logs. Don't you?
- Yeah, you too.

I'd like to see your logs too.

All right, now you gently swab the
damaged edge of the bone...

and then just put that into the
solution. .Just- gently.

And there's really enough trace to
indicate the makeup of the weapon?

If we're lucky and
if you're competent.

Well, I have to be. I am playing
a genius in the film.

Yeah, that you are.

That you are.

Now, once that syringe is ready...

I want you to stick that into the
injection port on the mass spec.

Good. And now just
depress the plunger.



- Mother Suckers!
- / beg your pardon?

That's why Dr. Saroyan
looks so familiar.

Invasion of the Mother Suckers.

was this awful, low-budget movie...

that I did when I first
moved to New York

There was a girl in it-
looks just like Dr. Saroyan.

- Weird huh?
- Very.

Oh. Hey, got the results.

Uh, traces of copper and zinc.

That's brass.

Brass. Foliage.

And Invasion of the Mother Suckers.


The fractures to both patellas...

suggest the victim was knocked
over with substantial force.

Hmm. And the injury
to the frontal bone

would indicate that
he hit his forehead...

on some sort of brass
protuberance during his fall.

- Mmm.
- And the remaining fractures?

All caused by posterior
to anterior force.

I'm pleased to see
that your foray...

into another pseudo-profession
like film consulting...

hasn't dulled your
scientific acumen.

- Thank you.
- I'm going to spend some time with my daughter...

but I will be reachable
by cell phone.

Preeminent scientist, best-selling
author and now devoted mother.

I sometimes think you
appear in my life...

for the sole purpose of
making me feel inadequate.

You give me far too much credit,
Dr. Filmore.

You're perfectly capable of
recognizing your own inadequacies.

You know, the criminal records
are not surprising.

The entertainment industry has
its own set of norms.

Not only is bad behavior rarely punished,
it's often rewarded.

Wow. Why does your office look
like the command center...

in some super villain's submarine?

Uh, I guess my bobblehead bobby
wasn't flashy enough.

I still think that It's an excellent
idea to question people there.

The actors might suddenly see their
fictional world as real

- It might work to your advantage.
- Right.

Let me ask you a question. Um-

You think Bones would be open to,
I don't know, living on the West Coast?

Where did that come from?

I don't know. This,
uh- This job opened up.

- In Los Angeles?
- Yeah.

Less risk, more money.

I mean, now that we have a family,
that seems right.

And the more that I
think about it, for me-


Wow! I do my own stunts,
but you are awesome.

What the hell are you doing?
I could have killed you. Get up.

Unbelievable. No sense of mortality
at all Completely delusional

- Oh, who's the big head?
- It's the F.B.I. shrink.

I was just trying to show him
how I'm gonna play Lister.

I mean this guy's like
Steve McQueen, man.

- I gotta do him justice.
- McQueen?

- Oh, yeah.
- That's funny you say that, 'cause I-

Agent Booth, you were gonna
ask him questions?

Right. Right. So, Mr. Conway.

- Blaine, dude. Blaine. Both F.B.I., right?
- No.

Checked out your alibi
for the Weekend.

People at the hotel in Santa Barbara,
they have no record of you.

I can't use my own name.

I'd get mobbed.

You don't seriously
think I killed Hanson.

You have a record here
for drug use, assault.

Dude, I was just
trying to get on TMZ...

so I slugged a few people.

Look, everybody hated Hanson.

Jocco hated him.

Cherie used him and then hated him.

Everybody in Publicity hated him.

- Mandy hated him.
- Everybody hated him. Okay, great.

You know what? I'm gonna
check out your alibi.

Stay close.


- Can I have my gun?
- Yeah.

- Huh? Right?
- You.

- You're good.
- Yep.

Look at that.

Whew! F.B.I.! F.B.I.!

- See What I gotta deal with?
- F.B.I.! Drop your weapon.

His belt buckle says "Kooky."

I can see the McQueen thing though.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Little bit. Little bit.

There was nothing of value
on Stephens's cell phone...

but I did notice that he subscribed
to a remote backup service.

Which means that even if
something was erased...

- you could access it via the backup service?
- Exactly.

Here's a call from Friday,
8:47 p.m...

which is the night he disappeared.

It was deleted later.

Hey, it's me.

I'm not gonna get screwed
by you again, Hanson.

If you wanna apologize, I'll be here all
night. Otherwise, you're dead to me.

Well, that certainly
sounds hostile.

Yeah. It came from the studio.

I ran the extension through
the studio directory.

"Liam Toynen. Bungalow 314."

- isn't he the guy who rewrote Dr. Brennan's script?
- Yes, he is.

And the studio I.T. guys flagged him
for searching questionable Web sites.

And there's this.

- "The Perfect Murder."
- Yep.

Looks like this one wasn't
perfect enough, Liam.

Bart. it's Bart Simpson.

Hey, look at that.

Hey, Bones, come on.

Take a picture- me and Bart.
For Parker, huh?

- Booth, Bungalow 314.
- Huh?

- And look.
- What are you doin'?

The sprinkler head. The shape could
match the victim's head injury.

It's made out of brass, right?

Yes, but it's clean.

How about that one over there?

- Blood.
- Blood.

We heard your voice message to Hanson.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.


What, you've never been
angry with anyone before?

Why are we talking on the set?

- Because this is official business-
- Okay.

And so this is almost
my official office.

- Right, Bones?
- Sure.

On the voice message...

you ask Hanson Stephens to come
to your bungalow late at night.

It's not a polite invitation.

Yeah. He was trying to get me to
do a draft of a script for free.

I don't work for free, so we had
a little bit of a disagreement.

Maybe you had that disagreement
outside the bungalow...

because that is where he died.

- What?
- Let's take a look at this, huh?

"How to Commit the Perfect Murder."

Why were you looking
at this Web site?

Okay, that's research.
I'm-I'm doing a thriller.

Don't you do research on the
Internet when you Write?

Oh, I-I do actually.

What happened when Stephens
showed up that night?

He didn't show up.
That's the thing.

He usually comes by,
apologizes and, you know...

gives me a few hundred
grand to finish the draft.

- A few hundred grand?
- Yeah.

- For what?
- I'm in demand.

But you were on the lot that night.

Yeah. I was writing your thing.

- You didn't hear any fighting outside or anything?
- Look, guys.

I would be an idiot
to kill Hanson, okay?

The guy paid me
buckets to write crap.

- Hey.
- Crap? You're writing my film.

Sorry to burst your bubble...

but the only reason that
he green-lit your film...

was to get into Cherie
Redfern's pants.

- So-
- Ooh!

- The ice palace is stupid.
- Yeah, it is dumb.

- So-
- It is kind of dumb.


This is a still from Invasion
of the Mother Suckers.

Oh, my God. That's Cam.

We have gotta get our hands
on a copy of this movie.

Yeah. Absolutely.

But I-I thought you said
this was out of print.

You're telling me you have millions
of dollars of computer equipment...

and you can't rustle up a copy of
Invasion of the Mother Suckers?

I'm on it.

I met Hanson at a charity
event four months ago.

He was... so charming.
We just clicked.

Right. And after you clicked, he offered you
the lead in, uh, Bone of Contention.


But he respected my talent.

I'm not one of those actresses that
just sleeps her way to the top.


Right, I don't think he
was treating you right.

I mean, he did offer you a
role in his next film...

but he gave the lead to
Jennifer Garner, right?

I'm not gonna lie.
Hanson could be a real bastard.

But I'm not the only
one who felt that way.

That skank Mandy has Wanted
his job for two years.

She's probably refurnished
his office already.

?Mi amor? Prep?rate, mi amor

Wait, What- No, Nando,
please, don't. Wait.

- Oh-ho. So you're sleeping with him too?
- Huh?

Why do you say it like that?
Because I'm a gardener?

What does he mean by "too"?
Who else can give you What I can do?

I don't know. Can you offer
her a lead in a film?

Can we just save this
for later, please?

I'll have you know I'm a
producer in Mexico. Two films.

One Went to Sundance.

Right. So then you probably know
who Cherie here is sleeping With.

How am I gonna say no to Hanson?

- It is a simple, one-syllable word.
- Excuse me. Psst.

I'd like to know where you
both were last Friday night.

Oh, uh, I was on set
filming all night.

- You can ask Jocco.
- Jocco.

How about you, Sundance boy?

I was at a Robert McKee writing
seminar. I have receipts.

Great. We'll check all that out.
You two stick close, okay?

Good luck, kid.

He was gonna give my
role to Jennifer Garner.

What was I supposed to do?

Mi amor. Please?

Oh, Dr. Brennan, good.

I noticed a roughness on two of
the victim's left metacarpals.

And upon magnification...

it became clear that there were minute
shards of debris embedded in the bone...

and it looks like glass.

When Barry returns from filming, see that
he and Dr. Hodgins analyze the shards.


- Oh, what's that?
- It's a map of the studios.

I just got it from
the groundskeeper.

I've shaded the areas with
Laurus nobilis foliage...

which we found on the victim.

But none is near the murder site.

The murder took place on a
surface covered with grass...

a scenario every forensic
podiatrist dreams of.

I can make sonographic

of all the impressions made
in the underlying dirt...

then reconstruct exactly
What happened in the attack.

But the crime scene is five days old.
People have been walking on it.

No problem.

Are you afraid that I...

humble podiatrist and
overpaid film consultant...

might uncover information
that you couldn't?

This is not a competition,
Dr. Filmore.

Oh, yes, it is, Dr. Brennan.

So, uh, Mike, he, uh,
offered me a job.

What? Here?

We live 3,000 miles away.
That doesn't make any sense.

Double the pay.
You know, less danger.

Except for the killings.

One every now and then
will keep us fresh.

Besides, the other
night you said...

you loved looking at the
ocean from the hotel.

I do, as long as I don't think
about the fecal contamination...

from improperly handled runoff.

Right. That's true.
it's a bad idea.

- What did you find?
- Oh. Oh.

So I tracked down the director.

He's now a high school
teacher in Pittsburgh.

But he just sent me an e-mail...

that he has a copy of Invasion of the
Mother Suckers in his garage.

- Yes!
- Excuse me.


Sorry. Are you ready?

Oh, my Goof

What are you wearing?

It's called the Gait Replicator

Yeah, he's gonna re-create What
happened at the murder site.

We're linking up his Robocop
suit into the Angelatron.

And the replicator
can mimic exactly...

the height, bone structure...

and the weight distribution
of the victim.

When I Walk on the pressure-sensitive
computerized mat...

every step I take shows up on the
grid on the Angelatron.

We cross-reference it against
the topographical map...

of What happened
at the murder site.

Then we factor in soil density.

And then we extrapolate which
ones came from the assailant.

That is- That is brilliant.

I know

Dr Brennan will be green with envy.

We'll be able to reconstruct the
entire murder scenario.

I'm gloating. I apologize.

Canadians shouldn't gloat.

Angela took Dr. Filmore's data...

and discovered that Stephens
was running from someone-

well, something actually.

They found partial tire tracks.

So you're saying that
Stephens got run over?

That would certainly be consistent
with the nature of his injuries.

The car knocked him into
the sprinkler head...

causing the skull fracture...

uh, breaking his rib, which
punctured his aorta and killed him.

Okay, so, why are we here?

Based on bone density
and fracture depth-

- Yeah.
- It was a small, light vehicle.

Bones, look at the leaves.

Right under the front fender, huh?

Looks like Mandy Oh
really Wanted that job.

- Uh-oh.
- Oh, that's funny.

- Do you get it?
- Mandy Oh. Right.

You cannot seriously be
accusing me of killing Hanson.

The tire width and
the bumper height-

are consistent with his injuries.

- Turn that off.
- It's the board of directors.

- I am next in line-
- I know, and Hanson Stephens stood in your way.

Who'd you talk to? Nick?

That little brownnose who thinks he knows
everything 'cause he Went to Harvard.

Ever think he killed Hanson
because he wants my job?

A circuitous but creative
motive for murder.

I could use it in my next book.

Look, I don't see why you don't
just arrest the Mexican gardener.

- On What charge?
- He and Stephens were both shtupping Cherie, right?

He's probably illegal anyway.

You're being incredibly racist.

- Not incredibly.
- Fernando's alibi checked out. It was strong.

How do you explain the damage to your car
and the foliage in your undercarriage?

That probably happened last week.

Hey, you. Bush lady.

Remember last week when I swerved into
the giraffe 'cause I was texting...

and you got all hysterical
and said that I hurt its leg?

Yes. I'm sorry about that.

I apologized.

Could we get a cutting of the
foliage from that giraffe, please?


Is she in trouble?

That's What we're
trying to find out.

These /eaves from Mandy Oh's car-

they don't match the
leaves found on the victim.

So I guess she was
telling the truth.

How's it coming with the fragments that
were embedded in the victim's hands?

Still Waiting on the
results from the mass spec.

- I-I gotta tell you, Barry, you're doin' a great job.
- Yeah?

You should have a much bigger
part in the film.

I mean, seriously, I-

Where would they be without the
bug-and-slime guy, right?

Tell me about it. They don't
even understand my dialogue.

It is really interesting.

"Dr. Reichs,
the Papilionoideae pupa...

pertains to particulates
presented primarily postmortem."

- Damn. That is a beautiful line.
- Right?

We're so unappreciated.

I've been pushing to
get you guys a cameo.

How cool would that be?

I don't know.
I mean, I-I'm not an actor.

But if you really need us-

I mean, it's not set in, um-

Hey, results.

Hey, it wasn't glass.
It's aluminosilicate. What's that?

Aluminosilicate is used to make
the screens for smartphones.

Thanks, Cam. I'll tell Booth.

Here you go. Mmm!

You are eating an excessive
amount of doughnuts on this trip.

These are- These are
amazing doughnuts.

They're from this place called
Huckleberry's. Never had 'em before.

It's probably one of the best
doughnuts I've ever had. Ever.

- Are you done?
- Yeah.

Cam says it seems like
the victim's hand...

slammed into a cell phone
when he was run over.

We already have the victim's cell phone.
Maybe he's got two phones.

The backup server.

If Stephens used it for one phone,
maybe he used it for both.

Just make sure Angela has all the
accounts to all the cell phones.

- Okay?
- Sure.

Now you really should have
a bite of this doughnut.

So, they were right.

Stephens did have a personal phone
as well as a business phone.

Now I'm still downloading the
backup from last Friday night...

and all I've got are
some texts, but look.

"I'm aching for you. Need it soon."

No wonder movie dialogue is so bad.

Yeah. He sent that
to Cherie Redfern.

Look at her reply.

"Sorry, baby, not tonight.
Filming late."

It came!

Invasion of the Mother Suckers is ours.

It was on actual film stock,
so we need to get a projector.

- No.
- What did you just say?

Cam. Nothing. Hi.

Oh, my God.

I was hoping that Barry wouldn't remember.
You have to destroy that.

No, no, no, no.
This is the only copy.

Look, I was about to
start med school...

and I needed the money.

And I- Oh, my God.

I have never been this
mortified in my life.

Cam, you might wanna look at this.


Stephens took some
video with his phone...

on the same night he died,

That's Cherie Redfern's trailer.

Yeah, and that's Jocco Kent,
the director.

So Stephens was spying on them.

Apparently he had good reason to.


- Tell you What. She is open to it.
- Good.

- Yeah.
- Just so you know, the job has its perks.

Nobody asks us any questions,
if you catch my meaning.


So, this is the first
murder you've ever had?

- Since I've been here.
- Let's make it your last.

Hey. Jocco, pal. Let's talk.

- Shooting.
- No, we're not shooting. We're gonna cut.

- Stop. Cut. Stop.
- That's a cut.

Just- Whatever it is you say, stop.

- All I'm trying to do is make some magic.
- Everyone back to one.

Little bit of magic in an
otherwise sad and cruel world.

- Why is that so difficult?
- Why? Because someone has been murdered.

And now my film's being murdered.
How's that fair?

You know what? Reset from the top.

- Mr. Kent-
- No, no, Mr. Kent.

I said I wanna talk to you now.
That means stop.

What are you gonna do-
arrest a man...

that's grossed a billion
dollars in the last five years?

Great idea. Stand up. Put your
hands behind your back. Let's go.

- Really?
- Back off.

Jocco, are you okay?

- What are you doing?
- I'm in character.

- I figured that's What you'd do.
- What?

Ho, ho, ho. Wow.

What happened next,
huh? Stephens- did he confront you?

No. I didn't even
know he was there.

I thought I heard something,
and then-

Are you telling me Cherie
was sleeping with him?

You really thought you
were the only one?

You drive an MG,
don't you, Mr. Kent?

Yeah. '65. Why?

Because it's a small car,
and Stephens was run over by a small car.

We're gonna have to
examine your car.

Are you sure she was
sleeping with Stephens?

Throughout history, creative
people have commonly indulged
in a highly sensual lifestyle.

It's called the
artistic temperament.

Yeah, but I really liked her.

Sympathy? Now?

I'm a selfish bastard. I know that.

But it's all I have.

People only like me 'cause
I'm rich... and famous.

Yes. You don't seem to have any
other attractive qualities.


There was something
else about that night.

Shouting- by the bungalows.

- And you're just telling us that now?
- Yeah.

I thought it was a film shooting.
I'm not used to real things.


Tell ya, it's another
crazy Brit in Hollywood.

I'm telling you.

The vehicle was executing a turn when
it ran over the victim. - Right.

I guess the killer would've had to turn
so he didn't run into the bungalow.

You know, if I highlight
the bone damage...

I can estimate a turning radius.

Could either the Mini or
the MG have done this?

I'll pull up the specs.

No. Whatever ran him over had
an even smaller turning radius.

I'll have studio security run a list of the
vehicles that came on the lot on Friday.

Okay. And I'll do some
more calculations...

and see if I can come up with a precise
width of the vehicle's wheel track.

The trunk of the elephant
has been grafted back on.

Stephens must've ripped
the elephant trunk off...

so he could look into, uh,
Cherie's trailer there, huh?

These leaves are the
Laurus nobilis.

That would explain the leaves
that were found on his suit.

Since the cambium layers
look like they never dried...

I would estimate that these
branches were sealed together...

within an hour of being severed.

The same night Stephens was killed.

Get away from that!

You'll ruin it. She's just been grafted.

Yes, the night that Hanson
Stephens was killed.

I don't know anything about
that. it's taken me seven years
to get her to look like this.

- Booth.
- Yeah?

- This cart is exactly the right size.
- Get away from that.

The turning radius, it's small
enough to cause the fracturing I saw.

Looks like Picasso's upset that
someone's messing with her artwork.

- I'm a little lost here.
- You saw Stephens-

tearing the trunk off
this elephant, didn't you?

Seven years of hard
work down the drain.

Whoa. Blood-
beneath the front bumper.

You go after him. He takes off.
You get in the cart and you run him down.

The blood and the cart
tie you to the murder.

Well, Stephens wouldn't
even apologize.

He said he was gonna fire
me for yelling at him.

But I couldn't leave her...
and all the others.

They're my life.

We just caught a murderer.
We just caught a mur-

This is awesome.

I mean, not for you.

But these are awesome.

Well, the film is back on schedule.

And Mandy got the publicity she wanted.

This could be a big hit for you.

What, a dream come true, right?

I'm being silly, aren't I?
It's just a foolish film.

It's not- Come on. You know what?

You can make millions
of people happy.

There's nothing foolish about that.

Booth, you know, I've been thinking.
It is nice here.

I already turned down the job.

What? Why?

'Cause working out here,
I wouldn't be working with you.

And... you're my partner- always.

- Okay, this is just wrong.
- Come on, relax.

Have a doughnut.
I got 'em from Los Angeles. Here.

What I need is a beer.
Like maybe a whole case.

- Oh.
- Oh, thank you.

Oh, my God. These
doughnuts are amazing.

Right? They're amazing. I think it's
because it's always sunny there.

- Okay. You ready?
- Okay, okay.

- Sit, Sweets. Sit.
- Okay.

- Everyone ready?
- Yes!

- Here we go. it's showtime.
- Let's go.


Everybody, shh.

- Oh, there she is.
- That's you?

Oh, my God! There she is.
There she is.

- Oh, no. Turn it off.
- No.

Hey, Rocky.

Glad you could meet me here.

Not as glad as I am, Cindy.

Cindy. I love it.


I love it.

I hope I can make it
worth your while.

Oh, yeah, baby

That's enough.

Oh, yeah. Nice fangs.

Aah! No!

Die, mother sucker!



What is that? What is that?

I loved you.

- Yeah!
- Okay, that's it. That's enough.

- Die, mother sucker.
- Yeah.

- Wow.
- Die, mother sucker.

- I love the movies. Love the movies.
- Bravo!

Since you all seem to love film...

the studio's made you an offer.

- Us?
- Yeah. They were really grateful...

that we solved the murder,
so they Wanted you guys to be in the film.

- Oh.
- Are you serious?

- Really?
- No. No. That- Once is enough for me.

- Oh, come on.
- We have to.

Are-Are you kidding me?
This is amazing.

I'm gonna be
immortalized for my son.

Have a doughnut, huh?

That's it. Die, mother sucker.

- Let's watch some more.
- Callback.

When everything they loved
was about to vanish...

they went in search of justice-

and found each other

What's stronger- their courage
or their bones?

You be the judge.

Conway and Redfern are
Lister and Reichs.

And next summer ..

they're gonna save the world

Bone of Contention.

Summer 2013.