Bones (2005–2017): Season 7, Episode 11 - The Family in the Feud - full transcript

A West Virginia truffle hunter's hog stumbles upon a corpse in the woods. The killing may fit in over a century of vicious, vivid feud between the neighboring Babcock and Mobley families, ...

Oh, yeah.

Come on, Penny.
Show me what you got.

That's it.

Oh, you sexy beast, you.

- Come on. Come on, Penny.
- [Grunting]

Find me those truffles.

That's it!
That's it! Whoo!

What? You got something? Huh?

Found some truffles there,
sweetheart? Huh?

Let's see what you got.


Oh, you struck gold this time, sweetheart.

Hee, hee!

Go on, find some more.
Find some more.


What you got? Huh?


Oh, Lord.



- [Whimpering]
- [Penny Squealing]

Run, Penny! Run!

I just don't understand why
we just didn't hire that fourth
sitter that we interviewed.

She was like Mary Poppins, Bones.

She didn't know the difference between
Montessori and Waldorf educational theory.

Lookin' for new day care?

We believe the one-on-one attention
Christine will receive from a nanny...

is preferable to the dynamics of
a group environment.

Christine was expelled
by the Jeffersonian day care.

Suspended. I'm appealing the decision.

How does a baby
get suspended from day care?

I don't know. It might have somethin'
to do with her mom...

questioning everything
that the staff and the directors do.

Because you care so much
about our daughter.


Why did you say "oh" like that?

I didn't. I just said it like "oh."

They felt that Bones was turning the other
parents against the staff.

No, we all agreed the multicultural,
multilingual song time...

is not too much to ask.

- Oh.
- You did it again.

- I don't think I did.
- Didn't he?

Bones, no. We've gone
through two nanny services...

four child-care providers...

three Ph.D. candidates
from American University-

because you care
so much about our daughter.

- Who's watching Christine now?
- A medical student.

But today's her last day.
I don't know why she's leaving.

- [Chuckles] Really?
- [Cell Phone Rings]

If you don't make a decision by the end
of the day, I'm gonna hire someone.

- Booth.
- Is it possible your inability
to find adequate child care...

is because you're feeling anxious
about separating from Christine?

- That's absurd.
- Great. Okay. On our way.

Okay. Gotta go.
We have a case in West Virginia.

You can't make a decision
like this on your own, Booth.

- What? You don't trust me now?
I'm not a good enough dad?
- Yes, but-

No more interviewing.
It's starting to feel like Charlie Rose.

You have to admit. Okay, come on.

- We are really out
in the sticks, aren't we?
- Yeah.

- [Pig Squeals]
- Whoa, what was that?

Oh, the man who found the remains
was out here with a truffle hog.

It ran off when it saw the remains.

Truffles? There's truffles out here?

All right,
just relax there, bug boy.

Let's finish the investigation,
and you can dig for all
the truffles that you... want.

Oh, wow. Talk about dead guy standing.

Yeah, his overall strap
got caught on this branch.

The large projecting mastoid process,
broad chin and high nasal root...

indicate the decedent
was a Caucasian male.

I heard that they were cultivating
Tuber melanosporums in Rixeyville...

but I had no idea that
the spores had made it this far south.

- What's he talkin' about?
What are you talkin' about?
- The truffles.

Listen. The pig's owner said
the skull had eyes that glowed red.

Ask me, I think this guy was
just tanked on moonshine.

Nope. It is because of these guys.

- What's that?
- Coleoptera: Phengodidae-

also known as railroad worms.

See, the females, right?
They glow green to attract the males...

and red to frighten off predators.

That's exciting.

Judging by the porosity
of the exposed ulna...

the decedent was
approximately 80 years old.

Oh, well, maybe he just got hung up
on the branches there.

He couldn't unhook himself,
and he just died of natural causes.

The high volume of dried blood
on the victim's clothing...

indicates that he bled out
from penetrating trauma to
one of the major blood vessels.

That would indicate assault.

All right! Let's get it back
to the Jeffersonian then.

Let's cut down Grandpa Walton here and-

Bones, what are you doin'?

I do trust you.
I just want you to know that.

You're an excellent father.

Right. But this is a professional setting,

Not for me. There's nothing more
I can do until I get back to the lab.


[Man Chattering]

Mmm. Wow. What was that one for?

I enjoyed the previous one so much,
I wanted one more. I'm done now.

I'm not done. Bones?


Ms. Wick, I'm going to need
the clothes removed...

and the bones cleaned as soon as possible.

Dr. Hodgins was gonna swab the overalls.

There's no reason for the shoes to be on.

- He clearly wasn't shot in his feet.
- Of course.

I'm gonna need an age...

for the facial reconstruction.

- 80 years old.
- 40 years old.

I hate to disagree with you,
Dr. Brennan...

but, based on the robusticity of the
muscle attachments, he was closer to 40.

The porosity of the bones indicates a male
closer to 80. It's in my field report.

You are misreading the musculature.

I've been reading musculature
and tissue anomalies for 16 years.

So the misreading
of the evidence is yours.

- He's 40.
- He's 80.

[Chuckles] I hate it
when Mom and Mom fight.

I'm sure once you settle
your babysitting issues...

you'll be a lot less cranky.

Why are the decedent's shoes still on?

I'm gonna test the striated
muscles to show the elasticity
of the myosin myofibrils.

That should give us a definitive age.

I will carbon-date the bones,
which will be even more accurate.

He's a polydactyl.

Will that tell us how old he is?

It just means that he has six toes.

It's a congenital anomaly common in
Egyptian nobles and heritage chickens.

Well, since he's neither
royalty nor a chicken...

getting an lD and a correct age
should be a piece of cake.

- [Cooing]
- She is adorable.
I have missed this so much.

- She likes you.
- What's not to like? She
doesn't know I have a record.

You think Tempe's gonna be
okay with this?

She's gonna be fine with it.
You're the grandfather. Family, Max.

Okay, I got the diapers, the wipes and,
um, the batteries for the moni-

- Dad!
- Hey, baby.

Uh, boy, she's getting big.

Max here is gonna help out
with Christine...

till, you know, we can find someone...

or she's allowed back into day care.

You should've told me, Booth.

I'm telling you now, right?

We don't have anyone, and look at that.

- She loves him.
- [Sniffs] Uh-oh, uh-oh.

I think that, uh, we have
just made a deposit here...

in the diaper bank.

- Oh, l-I can change her.
- No, allow me, please.

- Sure.
- Be back in a jiffy.

- Here.
- I got it.

What? You said you trusted me.

That's the man who abandoned me
as a child, Booth.

But he risked his life,
you know, to come back into yours.

Look, he loves her. You can't get that,
no matter how much you pay, Bones.

- [Cell Phone Rings]
- Right? Booth.

Hold on, hold on. Great.

Okay, just text me
the rest of the information.

- [Beeps]
- What was that?

Got the lD from
one of the local hospitals.

The sixth toe was a giveaway-
Tug Babcock, 65.

No, that's not possible. The bones
indicated that he was at least 80.

Okay, well, what? You were 15 years off,
and Cam was 25 years off, right?

If I were you, I would just hang my hat
on margin of error.

[Christine Cooing]

There she is. There she is.

She's just like you. You were exactly
like this, happy all the time.

[Christine Laughing]

It's perfect!

- [Cooing]
- Oh, man.

It appears the victim
was shot on the left side.

At a range of less than 15 feet...

based on the powder burns on his clothes.

The bullet traversed through the body
from left to right...

nicking the L4 before hitting the pelvis.

You're saying that because
he was shot at such close range...

it shattered the right half of the pelvis?

Yes. I did a great job, didn't l?

And, by the way...

I'm so sorry both you and Dr. Brennan
were wrong about the victim's age.

I know that caused a lot of tension.

But you chose to bring it up anyway.

When will you have the rest
of the pelvis reconstructed, Ms. Wick?

It's in a million pieces.

And we already know that he was shot.

You wouldn't wanna miss anything,
would you, and wind up like me?

Oh, no. I mean,
you're wonderful, brilliant.

- Did you find the bullet?
- No, ma'am.

It's probably still at the crime scene.

We're gonna need it
if we're gonna find that weapon.

- I'll send some techs out.
- I'm available.

So is Angela. We'll go.
It's no problem.

Let me know when you finish
that reconstruction, Ms. Wick.

[Chickens Clucking]

We found him in the woods
off Rural Route 6.

We just thought Daddy was out campin'.

Sometimes he'd be gone for days and...

then come back...
with a bunch of dead things.

Mama's a supermarket girl.

Daddy used to love teasin' Claire.

Said ever since she come back here
after law school...

she lost her appreciation
for fresh-killed meat.

- It's not the meat.
- Oh.

It's the shooting.
I didn't miss that when I was in the city.

[Sighs] But I sure will miss Tug
now that he's gone.

Well, I'm, uh, very sorry for your loss.

Can you think of anyone
who'd wanna kill your father?

The Mobleys.

The Mobleys?

The family lives across the valley.

Tug recently won a property lawsuit
against the Mobleys.

I represented him.

The Mobleys hate us Babcocks.

They been makin' our lives miserable
for over a hundred years.

- Just like the Hatfields and the McCoys?
- That was a story.

There's nothin' made up...

about the Mobleys and Babcocks.


[Caroline] Those hillbillies have been
goin' at it tooth and nail-

- I got it.
- since the 1800s.

- That's all the Mobleys and the Babcocks?
- You know it, cher.

They used to just kill each other
and call it a day.

Then they moved on to mule theft...

blowin' up stills, aggravated assaults...

and lately, since we're civilized,
nuisance lawsuits.

Well, tribal feuds
tend to be generational...

because the feud itself becomes
a cultural identity for them.

Well, for Lady Justice,
it's a boil on her butt.

That's why she never sits down.

Your boss thinks you throw
one of these bozos in jail, they'll stop.

Yeah. The Justice Department
tends to frown on murder.

The Mobley clan is run by
an old man, a Norbert Mobley.

Gotta be close to 70.


Look at all these weapons charges.

Well, you wanted to be a G-man.


[Electronic Whining, Beeping]

I wanna make sure that I understand this.

I was in my nice temperature-controlled
office having some me time...

and I was suddenly dragged out here
to do all the work...

while you look for truffles.

Hey, you need the bullet
to find the weapon, right?

I don't even like truffles.

What are you talking about?

Have you ever had a fresh truffle?

- [Electronic Squealing]
- I mean fresh.

Sorry to disturb you,
but I found something here, truffle man.

Oh. Yeah.

That is definitely a bullet.

[Metal Detector Beeping]

- He was only shot once, right?
- Yeah.

That's weird. This thing keeps going off,
and there's nothing there.

Well, that's because
there's a lot of metal in the ground.

See, this area was known to have
a lot of copper deposits.

And a lot of copper means a lot of money.

Yeah, well, a lot of money
means a lot of motive.

Hold on a second.

- What is that? Copper?
- [Whispering] No.


[Sniffs, Moans]

This Babcock-Mobley feud
is actually quite tame.

The Garos of lndia would have a duel
with an opposing family member...

and then feast on the loser.

Their cannibalism was responsible...

for some excellent recipes
that are still used today.

You always look on
the bright side of things, don't you?

What are you doin'?

I'm attempting to get
cell phone reception.

You can call the lab when
we get to the Mobley place.

No, I have no reason to call the lab.

Oh, Max.
You're trying to call Max.

- I told him I'd be calling.
- He's fine. He knows
his way around a baby.

I mean, look, you turned out... fine.

- Bones, will you get back inside?
- I can't hear you.

Oh, it's ringing! It's working.

Dad! Dad, hi. How is Christine?

Oh, great. Good.

No, I'm just hanging
out of a car. That's all.

Okay, will you-
Will you give her a kiss for me?

Okay, bye.

She's fine.

- So-
- She's fine. Was that worth it?

Yes. If you need
to make a call, I can drive.

Seriously? Who locks their gate, you know,
a mile from their house?

- Well, tribal feuds are
usually about territory.
- [Chickens Clucking]

Wow, okay. I guess it is territorial.

- [Gunshot]
- Get the hell off my land,
or I'll shoot you!

Look. I want you to stay here. I don't
want Christine to lose both parents.


Okay, he's inside. Stay here.

Norbert Mobley,
come out with your hands up. FBl!

- Psst, Booth.
- What?

- Be careful.
- Just stay behind the tire!

- [Goat Bleats]
- I'm warning ya. I'll fill you full of lead.

- And I'll like it.
- [Gunshot]

Norbert. Easy.

Get the gun up. Up.

What, are you crazy?
Give me- Give me the gun, will you!

No. It's my gun.

- I'm FBl!
- This is my land. You got no rights.


You are crazy.


[Sighs] How about you let her cuff me?
She's pretty.

[Goat Bleats]

- [Grunts]
- [Goat Bleats]

Y'all were trespassin'!

I'm with the FBl, okay?
I announced myself.

- We just had a little harmless gunplay.
- Harmless?

The law's always pokin'
its nose where it shouldn't.

- What happened to your house?
- Tug Babcock happened to it.

Claimed part of it
was built over his property line.

Damn court sided with him
and his lawyer daughter-in-law.

So you're sayin' they just took that piece
that was over the line?

Thought I'd move.
I showed the rat bastard.

No Babcock is gonna best a Mobley.

Sounds like motive to me.

Motive for what?

To kill Mr. Babcock.
You clearly like to shoot at people.

- Tug is dead?
- He was found shot, hanging on a tree...

Iess than a quarter of a mile
from here in the woods.

Damn. There is a God.

You do realize you're a suspect, right?

Given our history, I'm sure I am.

But sorry to say,
I can't take credit for puttin' Tug down.

What is that history, Mr. Mobley?

Do we have to go over
the history right now?

Lengthy feuds often have unique origins.

It might inform our investigation.

Feds are never interested
in the truth, darlin'.

Fine. Just tell her the history, will ya?

Tell her the history.
Give her what she wants.

1893. One of them Babcock girls
used her wiles...

to trick my great-great-great-grandpa
into marryin' her.

Then she poisoned him to take his land.

But when they found him,
she was poisoned too.

Stonewall wouldn't go peaceful.

Gotta love him for that.

So you've been fightin'
over the land ever since?

Babcocks is savages.

- No. Babcocks are savages.
- See? She gets it.

They think those lawsuits
will wear me down...

but I don't pay 'em no nevermind.

So why are you sneakin' around the woods
shooting at people, pal?

On account of the folks been
lurkin' around at night...

diggin' holes in my land over there.

Please say you have something
good for me, cher...

because I don't wanna be swimmin'
in this hillbilly moonshine...

for another 120 years.

Angela is seeing if Norbert's gun matches
the bullet that we found.

See, I think that Booth should take me out
in the field more. What do you think?

Would you like him playing with your bugs?

What about those holes Booth found in the
ground? He said you knew what they were.

When I found the bullet,
I also found a vein of copper on the land.

So those holes are from someone
taking soil samples.

- So someone else knew about the copper.
- Well, it seems that way.

There's a small mining company that
has an option to drill on Tug's land...

but only after Tug's death.

The company's run
by a guy named Dennis Timmons.

So maybe Timmons
helped old Tug into the grave.

Hey, it makes sense.

From these survey reports, the copper
could've been worth a few million.

- I don't like where this is headed, cher.
- Really?

Think you could drop a hint to Booth about
me getting some more fieldwork?

What? Come on.
Is it so terrible to have a dream?

No. Not when you're in bed.

- [Phones Ringing]
- [Sighs]

[Dog Barking]

Hello? Hi, Dad.

- Hi, sweetheart.
- Oh, you cooked.

Yeah. I made lasagna.

When did you have the time to do that?

- When she was taking her nap.
- Wh- You got her to take a nap?

Yeah. I sang for her, and that,
uh, would put anyone to sleep.

- [Chuckles]
- And I gave her a bath
and, uh, washed her hair.

- [Cooing]
- Wow. You really are good at this.

Yeah, I am. You're my proof.

- How was work today?
- Well, it seems to be a murder
between feuding families.

Ooh, gee,
I guess there'll be lots of suspects.

Yes, and the bones aren't
telling us enough yet.

I hope you know that I'm just trying
to help you do your job.

You're not worried, are ya?

I mean, I'm walkin' the straight
and narrow. You know that, right?


Sure. Christine seems very happy.

- That's because she's got a great mom.
- [Murmurs]


[Max Chuckles]

Hey, how's Max workin' out?

Max is doin' great.

You know, he's doing everything
that Bones wants him to do.

I mean, if he was a pro,
he'd be gettin' paid.

Great. That's great.

Does Dr. Brennan feel the same way?

Yeah. Yeah.
Listen. Max is doin' a great job, okay?

Don't go ruining this
by "shrinkifying" it.

Oh, I'd just advise you
to temper your enthusiasm.

I mean, most people tend to exceed
their baseline performance...

during the initial days
of a new situation.

Sweets, this is working, okay?
It's working great, okay?

Christine gets to spend
more time with her grandfather, right?

Max gets to spend more time with Bones...

that he missed out
when she was growing up.

And I don't have to interview
all these nannies.

- You seem irritated.
- Well, you're irritating me, okay?

- Well-
- Didn't they teach you how not
to be irritating at shrink camp?

It was a university.

You can't really graduate
Phi Beta Kappa from camp.

Okay, fine, Mr. Phi Beta Kappa guy.

You can go question Mr. Timmons
all by yourself, all right?


Come on.

Yeah, I had a deal with Tug.

It's all legal.
You can see the paperwork.

Tug Babcock is dead.

- I didn't do it.
- Why do you assume I suspect you?

Because my business is in bankruptcy...

and I only get access to the land
after Babcock dies.

That is very forthcoming.

I'm supposed to tell the truth, right?
Why are you looking at me cross-eyed?

So you admit to digging up the land.

Yeah. I was broke.
I was gonna lose everything.

So I dug up some copper samples
to get a bridge loan from the bank.

At night?

I was trespassing.

Night seemed to be a good time
not to be seen. But I didn't kill him.

Look, the person you wanna talk to...

is that girl who's always walkin'
through those woods at night.

Who? What girl?

Beats me. All I know is that
she took a shot at me one time.

- I had to run for my life.
- And you didn't report her?

I was trespassing, okay?
What else do you want from me?

There's no need for hostility.

Unless you're masking something
you don't want me to know.

Look. I'm telling you everything.

I don't know who she was.

Just some blonde,
maybe 20 or so. It was dark.

But I did see her take off, though,
in an old blue pickup.

It had a rusted hood, only one taillight.

Excellent. Thanks.

[Angela] Hodgins and I found
the casing as well as the bullet.

But they don't match the old man's gun.

They could belong
to the mystery woman in the woods.

You really do excellent work.

Thank you, Daisy.

Wait a minute. What's this?

- Can you enlarge this image?
- Yeah.

[Angela] Oh, that's just
white powder on the bullet.

It- There's some trace in the casing too.

There are tiny fragments.

This is bone.


But- Huh.

But what?

These bone fragments from the bullet
should match the victim's bones.

Of course.

But look.

The colors don't match.

The bone on the bullet is a different
color- a different porosity.


That's bone from another person?

I think we might have two victims.

- [Booth] Two victims?
- [Brennan] That's what it appears.

The bone matter that Ms. Wick found...

was definitely not from Tug Babcock.

So we're lookin' for another body.

I will look for environmental markers
when I examine the bone.

It could potentially give us the location
for the other remains.

- [Line Ringing]
- My father's not answering.

Oh, he probably just put Christine to bed.

No, she should be up from her nap already.

Anyhow, listen.
I talked to local P.D. in West Virginia...

about helping us search
for that blue pickup truck.

They're not too happy
about getting involved.

Well, it's murder.
They don't have a choice.

I think the cops are actually glad
that they're killing each other off.

I think they've had it with this feud.

- You're calling again.
- Yes. And I called five times before that.

- Bones.
- Why isn't he picking up?

Well, there could be millions of reasons.

- That's right. And not
all of them are good.
- Bones.

This is a man who walked out on me
and my brother... without warning.

Just left.
You think I didn't try calling then too?

- It's different.
- Is it? Why is it?

I told him I'd be calling.
I told him to keep his phone close.

What-What if he just left again?

He wouldn't do that, okay?
He's probably out for a walk with her.

- Don't patronize me, Booth.
I told him I'd call.
- [Cell Phone Rings]

Okay. Wait. Hold on for a second.


Great. Okay, listen.
They found a blue pickup truck.

I'll tell you what I'm gonna do.
I got a buddy at the D.C. police.

I'll give him a call.
I'll ask him to look for Max, okay?

Okay. Thank you.

And I'll go home and wait for them
in case they come back.

I- I can do the preliminary work
on my bone fragments there.

Call me when you find 'em.

Danny, it's Booth. Listen, I need you
to do me a favor. Will you?

[Sweets] So you put that
whole pelvis back together?

That must've been, like, a million pieces.

Yes. Pretty amazing, right?
Oh, and look what I found.

You see this little hole
on the superior iliac crest?

Two millimeters.
That size matches a biopsy needle.

And since there's minimal
remodeling, it must've occurred
within days of his murder.

So you think he was sick.

I'm having Dr. Saroyan
run tests for me on the marrow.

You're having me run tests for you?

Oh, hi. No, I meant
you're running tests...

even though you wouldn't have a reason
to if I hadn't found the hole.

Which you wouldn't have found had I not
insisted that you reassemble the pelvis.

Hey, there's no sense in fighting.
I mean, this isn't a competition.

Oh, that's where you're wrong,
Dr. Sweets.

It is, and I've won.

I have the results from the marrow test.

Osteogenic chondrosarcoma.

Tug Babcock had bone cancer?

Stage 4 and widely metastatic.

He had maybe a month to live.

He was shot with only weeks left?

That's so sad.

I'm gonna tell Booth and Dr. Brennan.

This Mobley-Babcock feud
killed an old man...

who just wanted
to live out a few more days.

It's crazy.

Yeah, well, given their long history...

and the dynamics of a complex
interpersonal relationship-

It has to end, Lance. Look at this.

Each one is a different version
of how the feud started.

"Carlene was a witch who gave Stonewall
a potion that turned his liver into worms."

"Stonewall poisoned Carlene
because his dinner was cold."

There are 50 of these.

I have to find the truth.

I can use the bones,
environmental factors, historical records.

- Don't you have other work to do?
- Lancelot.

This is about bringing peace
and restoring trust in human goodness.

Don't you think that's important work?

Of course.


I was looking through the bone dust...

and I found a few particles
that have enough mass to examine.

So, what am I looking for?

There appears to be tunneling in the bone.

That could indicate insect activity.

Hey, this could've been caused by mites.

I usually only see tunneling like this
at archaeological sites.

Could the mites have left
any environmental markers?

I mean, they could.
They frequently shed their outer shells.

Okay. I will get these samples back to you
as soon as possible.

You can send them for carbon dating...

so that we can determine
when the victim died.

[Doorbell Rings]

I have to go, Hodgins. Thank you.

Hello, Dr. Brennan. Uh, Seeley wanted us
to bring him here personally.

- Thank you.
- Hey, I got it, pal.

I'm-I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

My cell phone must've fallen out of my
jacket when we were playing in the park.

- Give me Christine, please.
- Oh, she- Please. I said I was sorry.

You disappeared just like before.
I had no way to get in touch.

But she's fine. She's more than fine.

I can't go through this again.
I can't have another day like this.

You won't.

I have to call Booth to let him know
that Christine is back.

- You should leave.
- Ah, listen, please, honey.

Please leave, Dad.


Okay. I love you too.

You give Christine a kiss for me.

I really gotta get chained up
to listen to that?

I'm sorry. You might wanna be
a little bit nicer, okay?

You're a murder suspect, SueBob.

- I haven't killed no one.
- Really?

Because we know that you were taking
potshots out in the woods the other night.

Maybe you were aiming at Tug Babcock?

I fired a few warnin' shots.
That's all.

There are bears in those woods.

But I checked. I didn't hit no one.

Okay, so I'm supposed to believe
that you were shooting at bears.

- You're gonna have
to do better than that.
- I don't have to say nothin'.

Fine. I'm takin' you in.
All right, boys. Take her in.

I was goin' to see Junior.
That's what I was doin' in the woods.


Junior Babcock.

Let me get this straight.
You were going to see a Babcock?

Junior and me-

I love him, okay. And he loves me.

We couldn't just come out
with something like that.

Tug would've started a war
if he found out.

- Maybe Junior killed Tug.
- No way.

Junior would've killed himself
before he would've hurt his grandpa.

I swear.
He dropped from heaven, that boy.

Seems like you're a regular
at the sheriff's department.

Isn't that right, Junior?

Look at this- burglary,
arson, vandalism, barn burning.

Now, how is barn burning
different from arson?

One's a misdemeanor...

and, uh, the other's a felony.

Right. You sure are a lawyer's son,
aren't you?

Where is this leading, Agent Booth?
All those charges were dismissed.

Right. You kept,
uh, clogging up the county courts.

As long as I have to live
in that backward hellhole...

I will use my legal training
to reduce the violence...

and move this dispute to the courts.

Now you're acting like that's a crime.

No. But murder, that's a crime.
And it's not a misdemeanor.

No, I love my granddaddy.

I'd never hurt him.
Grandpa taught me to shoot.

It's probably not the best thing
to admit right now, Junior.

So, you and SueBob, you met in the woods
that night, didn't you?

How'd you know about that?

You met SueBob Mobley?

Why in the hell would you do that?

Probably because the two
of them, they were...

you know, gettin' it on, right, Junior?


I'm sorry, Mama.

I love SueBob. I wanna marry her.


You know the rain of hurt
you'd be bringing down on your family?

Yeah, and grandpa, he wouldn't have been
too happy about that either.

- What, you two get into a fight?
- No!

- We're done here.
- And you ended up
killing him in self-defense?

- Don't you answer that.
- You got it wrong.
Grandpa gave me his blessin'.

His blessing?

He said he was sick of all the fighting.

He was happy for me and SueBob.

SueBob doesn't know it yet,
but he-he gave me money for a ring.

A ring?

Tug Babcock was gonna die in weeks.

It's common to reevaluate your life
when it's about to end.

So he wanted the feud to end
so that the kids could be happy.

It's really sweet.

[Computer Chimes]

Oh, another e-mail from your father?

Yes. That makes 12.
But it's not gonna work.

I can't believe that you fired your dad.

That is harsh, honey.

- He lost his cell phone. It was a mistake.
- [Computer Chimes]

All right, honey.
You should just forgive the old guy.

It's the results from
the radiocarbon-dating of the bone dust.

This is remarkable.

The bone's 120 years old?

How is that even possible?

Because there was
no second victim that night.

The bone dust was packed
into the ammunition.

Why would someone put
a dead person's bones inside a bullet?

It's a custom in certain societies...

especially American rural communities.

It's a way of honoring their ancestors...

much like some tribes
which construct their homes...

out of the remains of their relatives.

I mean, if someone made these bullets...

we should be able to
find out who bought them.

[Daisy] I'm thinking that the whole feud
started from the wrong premise.

The poisoning makes no sense.

And why would they have
to get married first?

The families harbored
no animosity prior to the-

- It's not your problem, Ms. Wick.
- But it is.

These two families are
tearing each other apart for no reason.

And you think that you are gonna be able
to repair the damage...

when no one else could
in the past 120 years?

Perhaps it's too big
of a challenge for you.

- Fear of failure. It happens.
- Excuse me?

I was thinking I could see what chemicals
are in the old bones...

and you could analyze
the soil and water tables.

- But if it's beyond you, just-
- Don't.

No, that is not it.

Oh, oh, it's the truffles.
They take precedence. I understand.

Fine. I will help you.

But don't diss my truffles.

Here. Taste.


Are you out of your mind?

I love truffles. But those... taste awful!



You're a scientist and not a cook!

That doesn't make sense!

You wanna know what's in that soil? Fine.

I'm gonna run this
through the mass spec...

and find out what's making
my truffles taste like poo!

Oh, oh, don't say poo.

I just ate that!

- Don't-
- [Both Gagging]

Don't do that.

I'm gonna need a warrant to
search Norbert Mobley's house.

- You have something to get me
out from under this case, cher?
- Yeah, yeah.

The bullet that killed Babcock,
it was purchased by Mobley.

- How can you be sure about that?
- We found the gun shop
that made the bullets.

It was filled with his
great-great-great-grandfather's ashes.

Leave it up to hillbillies to figure out
a way to keep on killing after they're dead.

All right, well, Norbert ordered 30 rounds
of Stonewall Mobley ammo.

So you can match the bullet you found to
the batch that was made for Norbert?

- If the ammo's in the house, yeah.
- I'll get you your warrant, cher.

And get ready to pucker up.

Because if you solve this one, I'm
plantin' a little bit of heaven on you.


I am not going out with you
to get more truffles.

I'm not so sure I want any more.

- [Computer Beeping]
- Oh, my.

That's not good.

Arsenic, cadmium, lead and copper.

That's great. You were gonna poison us.

It's probably because of the copper vein.

I mean, it was mined at the end
of the 19th century.

The acid rock drainage probably
contaminated the water table
with toxic runoff.

If your truffle is toxic
years after the area was mined...

it must've been deadly in the 1800s.

Wait. Why do we care about the 1800s?

Because that's when Stonewall
and Carlene died.

I have to find out
where their bodies were found.

Bones, I thought you didn't trust any
of the sitters that we interviewed?

I didn't, not on their own.

So until we find someone suitable,
I hired two.

Two? What? One to watch Christine
and the other to watch the first sitter?

I thought you wouldn't understand.

Bones, that doesn't make any sense.

Oh, my sweetheart's back.

You didn't have to bring him,
you know.

- Well, actually I did.
He has the search warrant.
- Here you go.

Here's the warrant. You bought the ammo
that killed Tug Babcock.

Ammo was filled with cremains from your
great-great-great-grandfather, Stonewall.

You gonna get me the ammo, or am I gonna
have to go inside and get it myself?

Good luck with that. Those bullets were
in my parlor, and my parlor's gone.

You didn't remove your possessions
before your house was demolished?

I wasn't gonna give no Babcock
the satisfaction of watchin' me scramble.

I let that lawyer bitch take those bullets
along with everything else.

Claire Babcock.


Look, Claire Babcock just doesn't seem
like the type to plug an old man.

- She'd get her revenge in court.
- Yeah, that's why she's a good suspect.

All right, look. Tug's a Babcock.
Claire's a Babcock, right?

uh, they kill Mobleys, not other Babcocks.

But she has the best motive.

This feud's costing everyone a lot of
money because of those lawsuits, right?

- Yeah.
- Well, a ton of that money goes to her.

So if Tug's cancer made him
decide to end the feud...

he would've told his lawyer
to stop the lawsuits.

There goes all the money
she was gonna use to get outta here.

- You know what? Good job, Sweets.
- Thank you.

- Yeah.
- I like it when you appreciate my work.

Not a problem. See you later.

'Cause a lot of people don't understand
the training and the skill...

that goes into what I do,
based on everything-

- A bridge too far.
- You think?

Yeah. See ya.

[Police Radio Chatter]

This warrant was issued
without enough cause.

- I could file a harassment suit.
- That's between you and the judge.

- Booth?
- Yeah.

This was made by Ashes to Ammo.

It says the cremains
are from Stonewall Mobley.

That's the same type that killed Tug.

Oh, look.
There's a bullet missing too.

Then I guess you should arrest Norbert.
Those are his bullets.

And he sure as hell wanted Tug dead.

Not as much as you did. Those lawsuits
dry up, so does your income.

You're reaching, Agent Booth.

That looks like the rifle, Booth.


Any chance I'm gonna find
your fingerprints on this?

A very good chance! I had to take
all this crap out of Norbert's place.

But I don't shoot! Ask anyone.

Which means that if you had
used the rifle...

you probably would've
injured yourself on the recoil.

- Is this hurting you?
- [Winces]

This is all circumstantial.

I was nowhere near those woods
the night Tug was killed.

And you can't prove that I was.

Now, I can't stop you
from lookin' through all this...

but I certainly don't have to talk to you.

That looks like something.
Can you use that? What is it?

It's just an age fissure.

I noted it in my initial examination.

It's of no value to the case.

Can't you build a circumstantial case?

Everything points to Claire Babcock.

My boss wants something definitive.

He doesn't want this case
dragging on in appeals, and neither do l.

Because if it did,
you all would be dragged along with me.

Can't you get your government-funded asses
in gear and find me somethin'?

I'd like to remind you
that you're a guest here in this lab.

Prisoner is more like it, ch?rie.

Did you know that
the life cycle of a truffle...

relies on a complex chain
of symbiotic relationships?

Truffles? See, this is why
we can't catch the killer.

No. No, no. It's the reason we can.

Tug was killed right
in the middle of truffle season.

See, that's when the spores are out.

Of course. And the grove where Tug
was killed is the only one with truffles.

If Claire Babcock was there,
she would've been covered with spores.

So all we have to do
is subpoena her clothing.

Okay. Now I am likin' truffles.


Dr. Brennan?

She lied. She was there.

Tug came to tell me
he wanted to end the feud.

I- lf I just could've made
a little more money from those lawsuits...

we could've had a good
life away from here!

What's wrong with that? I hate this place!

I dug through all the records
for the area.

The tree where Tug was found, that was
where Stonewall and Carlene's cabin was...

right by a stream that's all dried up now.

So the water in the stream was toxic.

In 1892, there was record rainfall there.

The toxins from the runoff from the copper
mine would've contaminated their stream.

Stonewall and Carlene
didn't poison each other.

They drank from their water
and died from acute heavy metal toxicity.

You did it. You figured it out.

Stonewall and Carlene, they were in love.

Their deaths were an accident.

And the feud a stupid misunderstanding.

How did SueBob and Junior
react when you told 'em?

They want to have a barbecue for
the two families to make peace.

- Good.
- There was a bit of a disagreement...

about whether they would
serve chicken or ribs.

Apparently, there's some kind of family
tradition involved on both sides.

- They fought?
- A lover's squabble.

They calmed down when I called Security.


But love always wins in the end.
Doesn't it, Lancelot?


- Always.
- [Chuckles]


[Doorbell Rings]


Hi, Dad.

Uh, l, um- I found this in my jacket...

and l-I know that Christine doesn't like
to go to bed without it.


I'm really sorry, honey.

How could you let that happen, Dad?

Vanishing like that.
You know what it's like for me.

- You have every right to feel this way.
- So what happened?

You knew that I would be calling
every hour. Y-You agreed to that.

So when I didn't call,
why didn't you just call yourself?

I thought that you didn't call me
because you trusted me.

I won't make that mistake again.
I promise.

Don't say that.

I don't wanna lose you again.

I'll do whatever you want.

I just- I wanna forget about this.

I want you to be Christine's grandfather.

I want us- I want us to be a family.

It's funny.
[Sniffles] That's what I want.

Hey. Hey, look at this, huh?

Hi, Seeley. I'm just leaving, okay?

No. Dad, uh, we were just
gonna have dinner. We have plenty.

That's okay.

- Max, don't be ridiculous.
Come on inside, huh?
- Come on.

- Okay.
- All right. Here you go.

- Hey, honey.
- I'll go set another plate, all right?

- [Coos]
- Oh, boy, that's you.
That's you all over again.

- Same smile.
- You want to hold Christine?

- And I'll help Booth.
- Okay.

- I got you. I got you.
- Oh, yeah.

Look. Well, hi.
Well, what you got in your mouth?

- [Cooing]
- No? Yeah?

[Max Laughs]

- You are amazing.
- [Laughing]

What's so funny?

She definitely has your eyes.

- I thought she had your eyes.
- You think?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, a little bit.

What's that mean?