Bones (2005–2017): Season 7, Episode 10 - The Warrior in the Wuss - full transcript

Metal hardware deliverer Tony Cole was fatally stabbed in a puzzling way. Booth is more preoccupied with his son Parker, finally back from England, and how to fit him in the family with Bones and baby sister Christine, and Sweets is through with counseling under false pretenses. Hodgins uses the case to prove his expensive 'pet' equipment is all useful. Tony had a bitter company rival, Karl Singler, and picked a fight with his beloved boy Danny's karate sensei, Hunter Sherman, over a fight with sprout Blake Sherman.

So when I called
in sick this morning,

I hung upside down in gravity boots
so my voice would sound all nasally.

[Laughs] For me, it's all
about the set-up the day before.

A well-planted cough
here, a sneeze there.

My boss wound up
telling me to stay home.

Dude, we are so set. [Chuckles]

Slow down. I don't wanna end up
with a broken leg which I can't explain.

- [Object Crunches]
- Damn it!

- Whoa!
- Hold up. I'm caught
on a branch or something.

- [Screaming]
- What's the matter?



Help, dude! Help me!

I-I think I really
am gonna be sick.

[Gasping, Whimpering]

Help me!

[Saroyan] Dr. Hodgins.

Yeah. Help, please.

Oh, wow! [Chuckling]

This just came for
you, whatever it is.

Oh, my God.

It's my evaporator.

God. It looks
beautiful, doesn't it?

It looks expensive.

Yeah, well, nothing but the
best for the Justice League.

You've been buying
a lot of toys lately.

These are the latest in
high-tech scientific equipment.

Look at this.

I just used the variable thermostatic
incubator to hatch a Chlamydosaurus.

You have a budget,
Dr. Hodgins, which I oversee.

Do these things fall
within that budget?

Oh, come on. What business
doesn't operate on credit?

Ours. And your
department is tapped out.

Well, hey, I mean, there's just
one more thing. [Cell Phone Rings]

I saw this T.E.C.-cooled...
This is Dr. Saroyan.

Of course I can spare
him. I'll send him right out.

[Beeps] Booth and Dr. Brennan
need you at a body find.

They're gonna text
you the location.

And start thinking about which
machines you're sending back.

What? No, w-w-w-wait. I
can't get rid of any of these.

These are... These
are like my children.

Make the choice,
or I'll make it for you.


I love you.

[Police Radio Chatter]


[Siren Wailing]
[Woman Chattering]

I would buy them myself, but
it is against Jeffersonian policy.

Really not that
interested, Hodgins.

Let's just focus on the
work. All right, buddy?

Victim is male, judging by
the heart-shaped pelvic inlet.

Right, not to mention his oversized
wedding ring right there on the left hand.

- Can we hurry this up, Bones?
- Do you have another murder
I don't know about?

Booth's son is coming back from
England today. His plane lands at 11:00.

[Hodgins] Oh, right. Parker's
been gone for a while, right?

Actually, four months. I hope
he's not calling soccer football.

Parker's very excited to meet
his new sister. I can imagine.

And a new house, a new room.

I bet he gets to buy a new
toy every now and then.

Right. Okay.

Given the size of
this blowfly larvae,

I'd say our victim died three
days ago. Great. Perfect.

Let's bag this puppy up and
get it back to the Jeffersonian.

I don't wanna leave
Parker stranded.

- We're still missing
the victim's head, Booth.
- You really need that?

Right. Okay. That was
a bad question. Okay.

Tell you what. You look over
there, and I'll look over here.

We have to be methodical.

Skull retrieval requires the
use of physics, anatomy...

and the careful reading
of geological terrain.

That sounds like it's gonna
take a long time, and I gotta...

Since the head is commonly
the first to dislodge during decomp,

it could have washed down
the hill during last night's rain.

These rivulets from the downpour
probably acted as troughs.

Great. Okay, so it's
somewhere down there. Let's go.

To the untrained eye, yes. But I can
actually analyze the viscosity of the mud.

And factor in the orifices
in the human head...

that can catch or snag on
debris and alter its course.

When you're an expert, you
can actually see the trajectory of...

Guys, it's takin' too long. I don't know
what you're making such a big deal about.

Whoa! [Shouting]

- [Brennan, Hodgins Gasping]
- [Booth Shouting]

- Oh!
- [Groans]



Hey. You found me.

Well, we found it.

Hey! Can we go to
the airport now? Huh?

[Booth] I'm so glad
you're back, buddy.

I'll bet so is Christine.

She's so little. Yeah.

Oh, I think she's
smiling at you.

You think? Yeah.

What do you think of your
room? It's just like your old one.

- It's awesome.
- [Whimpering]

I think you should take her.

Right, okay. [Christine Fussing]

Easy. I don't want
her to hate me.

She's not gonna hate you. You're
her big brother. Come on, huh?

[Fussing Continues]

It's all right.

What do you think of that? I got
the old R.C. truck out. Found it.

Think it still works?
Of course it does.

Me and Christine put some batteries in it
this morning, and we took it for a few laps.

[Chuckles] Listen,
Bones had to go the lab,

so maybe later you, me and Christine,
we can make spaghetti and meatballs, huh?

- Christine can't really do
the things you say, Dad.
- Right. I know, buddy.

We're all just really
happy that you're back.

[Christine Cooing] You like her.

I love her. Just
like I love you.

Okay? Okay?

[Kisses] Look at that.

Can I just lie down? I'm tired.

Sure. Yeah, um...

It's probably
just jet lag, right?

Before you know it, you'll be
back on American time. Right?

Hey, buddy.

I'm really glad you're back.

See ya.

[Door Closes] [Lock Clicks]

The stomach and the
pyloric sphincter are intact.

So there's a good
chance I'll get a look...

at this guy's last meal.


Pulp cavity depth on the
maxillary central incisor...

gives us an approximate
age of 26 to 36 years old.

- Hey, didn't Parker
get here today?
- Yes, just a couple hours ago.

How did it go with
him and Christine?

Christine met him
at the airport with us.

Parker hugged her and she spit up
on him, but Parker didn't seem to care.

- So you think it's workin' out?
- Yes. Why wouldn't it?

Well, as an anthropologist,
you know that every culture...

has stories about the
dangers of having stepchildren.

Cinderella. [Clark] Exactly.

Sibling rivalry is a common and
necessary sociological imperative.

Since it is, it doesn't concern me any
more than the discomfort of childbirth.

Your attitude is
very impressive.

Of course it is.

[Squishing] There's
a perimortem wound...

on the victim's
right ischial spine.

Well, it is consistent
with a stabbing injury.

If the external iliac artery was
severed when he was stabbed,

that could give
us cause of death.

Your equipment costs millions.

I haven't been allowed...

to upgrade my system all year.

But we are still the best.

You haven't gotten a hit on
your facial reconstruction yet.

Well, nothing over a 20% match.

All I'm saying is...

there is probably a piece
of equipment that could help.

Or he has no record
or driver's license...

or anyone who
reported him missing.

Hey, whose side are you on?

I'm just saying that sometimes
you can go a little overboard.

What's that supposed to mean?

The motion sensors in our
bedroom that control the blinds?

When we have sex, they open
and close and open and close.

[Clark Laughing] Okay.

Sorry. I didn't mean
to listen to that.

I just happened to be here,
and my ears are open...

Cut to the chase, Clark. Right.

Okay, listen, I think I know
why you can't get a hit.

We've got the
victim listed at 5'5".

Yeah, because that's
what you told me. I know.

But that's before I discovered
his pump bump and his mallet toe.

That doesn't sound good.

Markers on his right distal
interphalangeal joints and calcaneus.

Now, usually that's associated
with women who wear heels,

but they're also found
in men who wear lifts.

So, try listing
his height at 5'8".

[Computer Beeping]

Oh, that did it. Tony Cole.

Hey, look. Reported
missing by his wife.

Talk about issues. This guy lies
about his height on his driver's license.

Lucky you knew
about the lifts, Clark.

Oh, don't get snotty,
Ms. Montenegro.

I could tell this whole
lab about your blinds.

[Whispering] Open,
close, open, close.

[Clark Laughing]

So, when was the last time...

you heard from your
husband, Mrs. Cole?

Last Friday.

Tony sent me a text after work.

It said "Don't hold dinner.
I'm going to be late."

Was it typical for him
to stay out late? No.

He was always
home with his family.

He helped my son with
his homework every night.

He... He practiced karate
with him on the weekends.

[Sniffles] He was a good man.

We're not saying that
he wasn't a good man.

We're just trying to understand
what happened that night.

[Sweets] Now, did you
notice any unusual behavior?

Was he under stress? Tony's
work was really getting to him.

He owned a... A
Spark & Steel truck.

And this new guy...
Uh, Karl something...

Was horning in on his territory.

Tony said he was just awful.

Awful how?

He would make fun of how
short he is to intimidate him.

Um, so your husband was
self-conscious about his height?

We noticed he wore lifts.

Tony took enough grief
in school to last a lifetime.

And now this jerk is
trying to take his route too?

I mean, that would stress
out anybody, wouldn't it?


Would, um, you know
where we could find this Karl?

Well, that shouldn't be hard.

Just check with the
Spark & Steel company.

Spark & Steel. Right.

Are you in a hurry?

Yes, I am.

My son's coming home
from a week-long class trip,

and I have to find a way to
tell him that his father's dead.

I examined the
cleaned ischial spine,

and I found more
than we bargained for.

[Hodgins] That looks
like the tip of a weapon.

It was lodged deep in the bone.

If the victim was stabbed
in a front-facing attack,

we should be able to figure
out the length of the weapon.

At least seven inches long.

That would definitely have severed the
right common and external iliac arteries.

You found cause of
death, dude. That I did, bro.

Can you determine what
the metal is? [Hodgins] Sure.

Yeah, I will use my new mass
spec, which I intend to keep.

Uh, it'll narrow down... It'll
determine the tensile strength,

and I can also use it to narrow
down what he was stabbed with.


[Booth] Right. Just call when you find
out the tool truck's next stop. Thanks.

They should have the guy's
route, so he should be close by.

I think when we get home,

we should do something
together as a family...

since Parker's home now.

Great. Great. I love
that idea. Like what?

Well, there's a wooded
area behind the house. Yeah.

I thought we could search for
carrion and rearticulate their skeletons.

You know, a family project.

Really? Wh-What
do you do with them?

We could mount them and
then hang them up as decoration.

Or we can just
have dinner together.

Maybe the place with the
bottomless bowl of breadsticks.

Everybody loves breadsticks.

I thought a project might
bring us together as a family...

and might help make the
adjustment easier for Parker.

What do you mean,
adjustment? Parker's fine.

Since siblings can develop
acrimonious rivalries...

I know. I appreciate the
thought. I really do, Bones.

But I really don't think playing with dead
animals is gonna make things all that better.

If you think breadsticks
are enough...

Garlic ones? Yeah.
[Cell Phone Ringing]


[Beeps] Booth.

Okay. That's great. We're about,
uh, two minutes away. Thanks.

Guy's truck is about a half
mile from here. We're good.

And, Bones, listen, thanks
for worrying about Parker.

[Men Chuckling]

Judging by the size of the crowd,
it seems a very lucrative business.

Spark & Steel specializes
in high-end tools.

A truck like this would
give him a nice income...

Extra nice if he added a route.

So there I was,
about 20 minutes left.

I hadn't caught so much
as a guppy all day long.

Karl Singler? F.B.I. Save
that whopper story for later.

- Okay, let's go. Clear out,
guys. Get back to work.
- Excuse us. Thank you.

I don't know what this is
about, but I don't lie about fishin'.

I got this belt for
winning the trout classic.

- What'd you get yours for?
- To hold my pants up.

We have some
questions about Tony Cole.

What about him? Little guy
get himself into some trouble?

No, he got himself murdered. Rumor
has it you wanted him out of your way.

- That's just not true.
- You were trying to steal
his route, weren't you?

Look, the economy's
not so great right now.

So we were competing for clients,
yeah, but th-that doesn't mean murder.

Financial gain? That's a
good motive in my book.

Definitely. Where
were you last Friday?

Friday I was, uh... I
was at work all day.

And at night, I was
playing poker, which I won.

I got witnesses,
purchase orders.

We believe the
victim was stabbed...

with a metal implement
measuring at least seven inches.

Do you have any tools matching
that description in your truck?

Metal? Seven inches?
What, are you kidding?


I've got awls, picks, scribes,
screwdrivers, handsaws,

Swiss needle files,
chisels, drill bits, hammers.

Knock yourselves out.


[Sweets] Consider
the victim's profile.

I mean, here's a guy who
was bullied his entire life.

He subjugated his own feelings
of inadequacy by wearing lifts,

choosing an overtly
masculine profession.

Oh, okay, so he wanted
to be a... a guy's guy.

I'm liking this so far. Keep going.
Don't stop. Come on. Come on.

Now, commonly that means that he
wouldn't want to talk about his problems...

with any woman, even his wife.

Right, because it would
make him look less like a man.

Yeah. I would've said that it was a
gender role compliance advantage, but...

No one will understand what
you're talking about, Sweets.

Okay, well, he was
close with his son.

His wife said that he was
helping his kid with karate.

Probably didn't want him to get
bullied the same way that he did,

which would explain this.

It's a police report...

filed the day before
Tony was murdered.

He tried to instigate a fight.

With the karate teacher. Mm-hmm.

- Why didn't you
just lead with this?
- I'm sorry.

But look who made the 911 call.

His son?

Batter up. Time to
get shrinky with the kid.

Hey, so the metal
fragment is an alloy...

comprised of iron, chromium,
nickel, molybdenum...

and just a pinch of carbon.

Ah, stainless steel.

That means it could be one of the
tools that Booth and Dr. Brennan found.

Yeah, but the tensile
strength wouldn't match.

We're looking for a knife
with a relatively thin blade.

This could be a penknife. I've
never seen a seven-inch penknife.

- All right, well, I'm
gonna keep workin' on it.
- Dr. Hodgins.


I would love to be able to give
you all the equipment you desire,

but the Jeffersonian's
suffering from cutbacks...

just like every other
government agency.

They've even canceled the
Founder's Day party. What?

There's always a
Founder's Day party.

Not this year. Who do
these bozos think they are?

Don't they realize that by spending on a
party, we're actually fueling the economy?

You know, creating demand for,
like, booze and-and food and a deejay.

I mean, come on! This is
simple Keynesian economics.

Sorry. No party.


Don't you just hate
the neoclassicists?

Come on!

What is this country
coming to? Seriously.

Can you tell me why
you called 911, Danny?

I got into a fight
after school one day.

It was with my
sensei's kid, Blake.

Mm-hmm. It was my fault.

No, it-it wasn't. It was
a misunderstanding. No.

I started it.

I thought maybe if I could
take Blake down, that Dad...

That finally he would just...

You thought you could make him proud
of you by showing him how tough you are.

Pretty dumb, huh?

I'm the one who got beat.

That must've made him angry. He doesn't
want you to have to go through what he did.

That's why he made
me practice all the time.

But I-I stunk at karate.

So he took you with him when he
went to talk to your karate teacher, right?

He just wanted
to work things out.

He flipped out, Mom.

The sensei was so much bigger
than him, and Dad just kept yelling.

It was so embarrassing.
That's why I called 911.

I didn't know what else to do.

I just wanted it to stop. Right.

And when they came home,

did your husband talk to you at all
about what happened, Mrs. Cole?

No, he didn't.

He was upset, but
he didn't like to talk.

Okay. What about you,
Danny? Did he talk to you at all?

The next morning,
before my class trip,

he-he said he wasn't done yet...

and that he'd keep
fighting for me.

Hey. You wanted to see me?

Yes. I was hoping you
could help me with something.

Oh, God, no, no. I-I
can't even look at that.

No, not this. No,
no, no, no, no.

Oh! Wow.

Looks like the victim ate a lot
of peanuts the night he died.

[Sighs] Okay.

Um, could we just
move this along, please?

It's about Hodgins. He
seems to be dragging his feet.

I was hoping that you could help me
get him to return some of his equipment.


So you want me to use my position
as his wife to manipulate him?

That's an ugly
way of putting it.

No, no. I mean,
that's the way it works.

I manipulate Hodgins
all the time. [Chuckles]

- Oh, great.
- Uh, no. No can do.

See, there are only so many
manipulations a wife has.

I don't wanna
waste one of mine...

on something like fiscal
responsibilities at the Jeffersonian.

Oh, hey. Wait.

Does this look like a worm
to you or a sun-dried tomato?

[Scoffs] Beats me.

But that sounds like a job for
one of Hodgins's new machines.

[Booth] Hey, buddy, you here?

Just had a quick break.

Wanted to see if you wanted
to grab a bite... or something.


Parker? Great.

[Exhales] Dad?

Yeah? There you are.

- Where were you?
- What are you doing home?

I came by to see you,
obviously, of course.

- And I was gonna
pick up my gym bag.
- I haven't seen it.

Of course you haven't
seen my gym bag.

Why would you...
have seen my bag?

- Where were you just now?
- Uh, nowhere.

- Just exploring
the woods out back.
- Out back, exploring the woods.

Okay, well, why didn't you tell
the babysitter where you were?

'Cause I'm not a baby.
Christine's the baby.

[Cell Phone Ringing]

[Beeps] Booth.

I just had the pleasure of
emptying the victim's stomach,

and I found a very unusual,
very nasty-looking worm.

I'm passing it on to Hodgins.

Great. I'm sure he's
gonna be real excited.

Is there anything else, or is this just all
about worms? [Brennan] Yes, a lot more.

Cam found points of compromised
periosteum on the skeleton...

over the pelvis and
the lower extremities.

- Bruising.
- All right,
so he was beaten up.

[Saroyan] But it
wasn't a one-sided fight.

Bruising suggests the victim
actually got a few punches in.

Which couldn't have been easy.

Each bruise matrix has a
highly localized point of impact.

- He fought someone
proficient in martial arts.
- The karate teacher.

I'll come by, pick you up and we can see
if his hands match the wounds and stuff.

I'll see you in 15. [Beeps]

Hey, buddy. I need to
get back to work. Okay?

Stay tight. I'll see ya later. If you
go anywhere, you tell the babysitter...

Right. You tell the sitter
where you're gonna be. All right?



Because of the pattern of
injury to the bone, I agree...

Danny's sensei is
an excellent suspect.

Do you think he'll let me
measure his extremities?


Are you listening, Booth?

No. I mean, look...

Um, Parker lied to me today.

You know, he said he was
out playing in the woods,

but his sneakers were clean and
there was nothing in his treads.

Maybe he cleaned his sneakers.

[Sighs] Bones, he's 11.

Also, he acted weird.

Why do you think he lied?

I don't know what to
think. It's probably nothin'.

You know what? The
karate place is just up here.

[Students Shouting]
[Man] Knuckles... eye level.

Focusing on our chi.

[Shouting Continues]

[Man] Excellent.

[Chuckles] This guy's
a kung fu celebrity.

[Brennan] It's not kung fu.

It's Shotokan-ryu. What?

A style of karate which
itself means "empty hand."

Right. A lot of weapons
there for that empty hand.

[Man] Yame!

I'm sorry. This is a private
class reserved for black belts.

F.B.I. I have to ask you a
few questions about Tony Cole.

He was murdered. Oh, my God.

Jiyu kumite!

I had no idea. That's terrible.
Cole came to you last week?

'Cause your two kids,
they got into a fight? Yes.

Uh, he was very upset, and I
didn't handle it as well as I should've.

I raised my voice. It might
have sounded a little threatening.

- That's it? You didn't have at him?
- That would never happen.


What are you doing?

Examining your hands. Bones.

- Please don't.
- [Students Shouting,

The whole point of what we do
here is to make violence unnecessary.

- [Chuckles] -
[Brennan] It's true.

One of the tenets of bushido...

is the fight avoided
is the fight best fought.

What if it can't be avoided? Rumor
is that Tony couldn't let it drop.

He came here last Thursday.
I never saw him again.

Then you wouldn't mind if Dr. Brennan here
takes a mold of your hands and your feet...

so we can compare that to
the injuries from the victim.

Actually, I would mind.
I have classes all day.

It's not necessary, Booth.

I can find all the measurements
I need from this DVD.

[Booth] Look at
that. See you soon.

Sensei ni, rei.

He just ran through all 27 kata.

Fortunately, I was able to capture
each strike surface as it was exposed.

And if we now compare Sensei
Sherman's strike point surfaces...

with the victim's bone bruises
for both size and shape...

Yeah, like a glass
slipper, only for a fist.

I-I don't believe these two things
are analogous. Cut me some slack.

I've been reading
Michael Vincent fairy tales.

How's it goin' with Parker?

Booth is worried.

Parker spends a lot
of time in his room,

and when he goes out he
lies about where he's been.

Okay. Well, I'd be worried too.

But he looks at Christine
with such affection.

Adolescents in many
tribes are encouraged...

to develop independent
lives when new siblings arrive.

Are they encouraged to lie?

Nothing matched up. Okay.

So whoever did this was considerably
smaller than the karate guy.

Like, a lot smaller.

Could we maybe be
looking for a child?

It's possible, if the child
was adept at karate.

Maybe when Cole got
nowhere with the sensei,

he confronted the sensei's kid.

Dr. Hodgins, what on earth...

Shh! No vibrations.

What are you doing
in my autopsy room?

What's it look like?

Performing an autopsy on a worm?


The worm you found
in the victim's stomach.

It's a Scyphophorus

known to discerning drunks
as the common mescal worm.

So that tells us our
victim was drinking mescal.

What else do we need to
know? His origin. Ready.

After I rehydrate our
visitor from the south,

I plan on opening him up to see
what his stomach contents are.


I, of course, could accomplish
the same thing in half the time...

with a new piece of technology
from Sumner & Company,

but I don't have
the funds for it.

[Clears Throat]

Truth be told, I find this
makes me feel closer to him.

I'm hoping our mescali friend...

gave his life so that we might
avenge the life of our victim.

- You're serious?
- Would you care to assist?

It would make me
feel a little less foolish.

What the hell.

[Laser Buzzing]

[Gasping] Okay. Okay.

His death was not in vain.

I got what I needed.

You have dirt.

Worms use their muscular
pharynx to suck in soil.

They extract the nutrients
and give the rest back.

- That's a nice way of
saying "worm turd."
- Yeah?

Well, this little turd could turn
out to be our Rosetta Stone.

[Knocking] [Brennan] Parker?

It's Temperance. I was wondering if you
wanted to take a walk with me and Christine.


Parker, are you okay?

Hyah! [Grunts]


So, which one of you is Blake?


[Booth] Blake is a girl?



The rest of the class... Mokuso!

[Exhales] How can
I help you this time?

We'd like to ask your
daughter a few questions.


We think she may have some
information about Mr. Cole's death.

We don't want to have to
take you both in to the F.B.I.

We think it'd be much more
comfortable to talk here. So...



You, uh, seem to have
won a lot of awards.

She was a regional champion and a
state finalist for the past three years.

I hope I can win
state this year.

So, Blake, were you aware that
Danny's father was murdered last Friday?

Yes. It's so sad.
I'm very sorry.

Did you happen to
see him that day?

Yeah. He stopped me on
my way home from school.

Blake, why didn't
you tell me about this?

- I handled it.
- Sir, please, if we could
ask the questions.

Uh, so why'd you strike him?

Mr. Cole didn't like it that I
defended myself from his son, Danny.

He thought I was the aggressor.

He said since my dad wasn't going to teach
me the difference between right and wrong,

he would.

- Then you struck him?
- No. I handled it
according to code.

I said I felt threatened and to
please leave me alone. He wouldn't.

You wouldn't happen to have used
any weapons from around here?

A knife or a penknife
or anything like that?

I don't like your accusation.

Cole goaded her. He was a
grown man. The guy had issues.

He was having problems at work,
clearly with his son. This isn't her fault.

Right. Then it shouldn't be a problem for
Blake here to clear that up. Right, Blake?

I would never use a
weapon. I would have no need.

I merely struck
Mr. Cole to disable him.

It was self-defense.
I can prove it.

My friend Shana got the
whole thing on her phone.

It's on WeTube now.

[Sweets] "Grown man in
little girl beat-down." Hmm.

[No Audible Dialogue]

Oh! Oh!

[Sweets] Oh!

[Sweets Chuckles] Oh!

Oh, that was awesome!

It was... It was... Sweets.

I'm sorry. Yeah.
But it... it was.

Hey, Bones. I
was just gonna call.

The sensei's
kid didn't kill him.

Although she could.

- That's not why
I'm here, Booth.
- What's the problem?

We have to talk
about Parker. I know.

He's... He's not acting like
himself. I-I'll take care of it.

I was just at home, and I found
some evidence in his room.

Evidence? Okay, Parker's
my son. He's not a suspect.

I take no pleasure
in this, Booth.

The radio car the two
of you built is destroyed.

He stole one of my lab coats.

And pictures... the one you like
so much of Christine and me?


He took apart the frame,
and the picture is missing.

I'm sorry, but we have our
daughter to think about too.

Okay, um, I just rarely get
a chance to see him, and...

I'll take care of it.

All right? I will.


I should get back to the lab to help
determine what the weapon might be.

Bones, I-I got it. Okay?




Doesn't look like you found
the weapon, Dr. Edison.

I've given us seven
inches of simulated tissue,

but I can't get any of the tips to
break off into the bone substitute.

Well, the blades need
more resistance. I know.

So I reexamined
the ischial spine...

and I magnified the
injury times 1,500.


[Brennan] Hmm.
The bone is scratched.

This looks like it was caused
when the weapon was removed.

I agree. But how could it
be removed in that direction?

Well, the killer would have to
stab the victim from the front...

but pull the blade out from
behind, which is impossible.


Hey. What are you doin'?

I'm asking myself
the same thing.

You're preserving him.

I grew strangely attached
to our little friend. [Chuckles]

Please tell me he's spoken
from beyond the grave.

Shouted to us actually.

I did, however, use my new incubator
and evaporator to get these results.

So you wouldn't
have to return them.

Hey, if you feel that these
results are ill-gotten gains,

I respect the budgetary
integrity of this institution...

and I will just
throw these away.

And since I'm your boss, I'm
perfectly capable of throwing you away.

Good point. Okay.

The contents of the worm's digestive tract
contained trace elements of silver, bat guano...

and a fungus known
as Fusarium oxysporum.

Okay, I know what bat guano is.

Now, the fungus and other
soil particulates tell us...

that our pequeño amigo hailed
from Mexico's Jalisco region.

More specifically, the southwest
face of Cerro Negro, or Black Hill.

Your worm-Spanish
is excellent. Sí.

Es muy bueno.

Now, one of the finest
distilleries in all of Mexico.

They harvest agave there, right?

Maguey del Sol, or
the Worm of the Sun.

While an interesting fact, you've got us in
Mexico when our victim was killed in D.C.

Oh, no problemo, señorita.

There are only three bars in the area
that are licensed to sell Maguey del Sol...

and one is right on the victim's Spark
& Steel sales route... Cantina Carreras.

Pretty good, huh?

Exactly how many of your new toys did
you manage to use to come up with this?

All of them.

[Sweets] I don't understand why
you needed me to come along.

There's no profiling involved. You're just
tracking down potential witnesses, right?

No, we're goin' to a bar.

And since bartenders are shrinks
of the food and beverage industry,

I figure that you
can translate that.

I'm not buying it. You've
got something on your mind.

No. No, I don't.

Come on! You always do this.

Do what?

You make an excuse to get me
alone so you can ask me something,

and then you deny it and then
we have to do this stupid dance.

And I'm not gonna do it anymore.
Okay? So just stop the car.

What? What part of "stop
the car" is confusing to you?

What are you doin'?
You know what?

If you don't have a problem, then
you don't need me here tonight.

So I'm goin'. Ah, put
your seat belt on, will ya!

We're coming up on a
red light. Close the door!

[Warning Bell Chiming] All
right, all right, all right! It's Parker!

It's Parker, okay?

That wasn't so hard, was it?

You know, the attitude
is really not necessary.


Ever since Parker got back,

he's been locking
himself up in his room.

You think it's
because of Christine?

That's normal, right? I
mean, everyone says so.

Yeah, it is. And since you
know that, what's the problem?

Well, he's also been stealing
things. And he's been lying.

And he also... He smashed
this toy that he and I built.

Now, who would do that? Look, he's
a good kid. I don't think that's in doubt.

But Parker's behavior
must make you angry.

What did he say when
you talked to him about it?

I haven't yet. You
have to talk to him.

I don't want him to feel like
I'm ganging up on him. That's all.

You're not your
father, Agent Booth.

I mean, it's okay for you to be
angry at Parker. You're a good dad.

You'll figure it out.

You know how to handle it.

This'll turn out a lot
better than you think.


Next time, let's just
cut the dance, please.

For the record, I didn't need
this talk, just so you know.

I just wanted you to
feel useful. Pull over.

Pull over. Pull over. Pull
over. No. We're on a case.

♪♪ [Background: Mariachi]
Excuse me. F.B.I. Special Agent Booth.

This here is Dr. Sweets,
my colleague. Cops.

How can I help you? Well, we're
here to ask you a few questions.

Have you seen this guy
before? That's Tiny Cole.

- What'd he do, kill someone?
- He was murdered.

Oh, that's rough.
Poor little guy.

Well, you don't seem too
surprised. I'm not surprised.

About a week ago, Cole came
in. Nothing was going right for him.

I could tell he needed a little something
to make the world look a little better.

So I gave him the
best I got. Right.

- Maguey del Sol, right?
- Must've been into his
third drink when it started.

Everyone in the place was
laughin', pointing at Tony.

What were they laughing at?

A video of Tony getting beat
up by this little girl on their phone.

A lot of them were his customers, so
he flipped, started threatening everyone.

But that just made
'em laugh harder.

Short guy teased and
bullied his whole life.

That kind of humiliation, he'd do
anything to make them stop laughing.

Looks like he did
something that got him killed.

Blake's friend posted the video on
WeTube, but she didn't make it go viral.

There was minimal
activity at first.

Just some kids passing
it around the school.

But then at 5:23 p.m., we have the
first viewing away from the school.

Within five minutes of that
viewing, the lights start to spread.

And then we have
activity everywhere.

Hey, that looks like it could be the
bar where Cole was last seen alive.

Yeah, that was caused
by our active inducer.

And then it just
spread like wildfire.

Can you get an
I.D. of the inducer?

Uh, I can only
pinpoint a location.

Can we cross-reference
that point...

with our suspects'
addresses? Yeah.

Hey, Karl Singler.

Isn't that... That's the guy that
was trying to steal Cole's customers.

Karl Singler spread it to every
one of Tony Cole's customers.

Why? Why?

Because he wanted to humiliate
him, make him feel like a loser.

If he does that, then Singler has
a chance to steal his customers.

We still don't have any physical
evidence to tie him to the crime.

We got nothing? We have
to determine a weapon.

It appears as if he was stabbed from the
front, but the knife was removed from behind.

That's impossible, Bones.

Hence our problem providing
you with the evidence you need.


Are you upset, Booth?

Yeah, it's the Parker thing.

You know, we
have... [Clears Throat]

We need to talk to him together.

We? Yeah, we.

Together. You know, as a family.

We need to attack this
problem head-on and talk to him.

We have a problem. We
have to do this together.

Fish sandwich for you.

- Veggie burger for you.
- Thank you.

Enjoy it.

Fish sandwich. And a
veggie burger. Yes, I know.

The fish! It's a
fish that killed him!

You can't stab someone
with a fish, Booth. The weapon.

It was a fishing blade on
one of those multi-tool knives.

The front tip of it
curves back, right?

He wasn't stabbed in the front.
He was stabbed from behind.

So the tip, it breaks
off when he pulls it out.

That would also explain the
scraping from front to back.

And Karl Singler
is... Is a fisherman.

Hey, Karl. How's business?

Again? This is harassment.

May I see the multi-tool
on your belt? Yeah.

Get yourself a warrant.

That fast enough
for ya? Right there.

[Chuckles] Hand
it over. Let's go.

Be careful with that. I won it.

That's it. That's
the curved blade.

The tip is intact.
The blade looks new.

Yeah, I replaced it
last year. You satisfied?

Mm-mmm. No.

There's blood in the
gears. [Booth] Blood?

You replaced the blade because the tip broke
off? Why didn't you just throw out the knife?

Why? Because it's his trophy.
Right? But now it's evidence.

[Booth] Right?

Okay, look, it was
self-defense. All right?

That little bastard attacked me
because he couldn't take a joke.

So you stabbed him
in the back? Come on.

That's not self-defense.
That's pickin' on a little guy.

[Groans] You're under arrest.

- [Handcuffs Ratcheting]
- [Grunts]

♪♪ [Background: Mariachi]

[Chattering, Giggling]

Are you people drinking?

Yes, we are. [Stammers]

Have one. It's not
allowed. You know that.

Dr. Hodgins brewed an
exceptional artisanal tequila.

Hey, the rotary evaporator
makes a brilliant still.

And I don't know how he makes
guacamole in that centrifuge,

but this is the
best I've ever had.

You just... You gotta slice
the onions with the laser first.

Have the decency to
hide this from your boss.

I thought that we should have
our own Founder's Day party...

without costing the
Jeffersonian any more money.

I suppose you're not taking into
consideration how much that evaporator costs.

[Chuckles] Just try one.

You know, you're off the
clock, Cam. Just be bad.

It's worth it. Take a whiff.

Come on. I got the idea from our
little wormy friend there. Just drink.

One toast to our wormy
friend. He solved the case.

Come on.

Damn, that's good. Yes!

I think it's an excellent use of the
Jeffersonian's facility and equipment.

Thank you. Do I want to know
where you got the agave to make this?

- It... That's locally sourced.
- How locally?

Just don't take a stroll through the
Mexican Succulents exhibit anytime soon,

'cause it's just...
It's a little sparse.

There are so many
things wrong here,

I don't even know how
I'm gonna deal with this.

Well, I'll tell you what.

I think we'll just give you a little
bit more of this to help you think.

- What do you say?
- Just a little bit.

- [Giggling] - [Hodgins]
Ladies and gentlemen.

To the founders.

To the founders.
[Clark] To the founders.

- [Laughing]
- To the founders!

[Saroyan] Oh, my God.

[Parker] I haven't done
anything wrong, I swear.

Well, you've been destroying
things. You've been lying to us.

You've stolen pictures. I
haven't stolen anything.

It's best to stop right now,
bud. Don't make it any worse.

You don't understand.
[Brennan] I do.

There's anthropological
necessity for you...

to seek superior status
within the family structure.

I don't understand.

She just means that we understand
it's hard for you to accept Christine.

No! I like her.

She's my sister. I love her.

You guys are ruining
everything. [Brennan] Us?

- What did we do?
- It was supposed to be
a surprise.

You would see it when
you put Christine to bed.

I may as well show you now.

I wanted to make her
something. That's all.

See? It's Christine's family.

Here's a picture of Temperance,


and your F.B.I. patch.

That's the patch you took from my
gym bag. Yeah, but it was an extra.

I made sure.

See? And here's a
picture of all of us.

- It's beautiful, Parker.
- [Cooing]

Let's see how
Christine likes it.

Turn it on, Dad.

All right. I used the
motor from our truck.

Right, from the
R.C. truck. Mm-hmm.

♪♪ [Lullaby] Look at that.

I got the music from a
chip in a greeting card.

And I got a picture of
my face in the middle.

That way, Christine will know
me the next time I come to visit.

- I'm sorry, buddy.
- It's all right.

[Christine Laughing]

- She likes it.
- She loves it.

[Laughing, Squealing]

[All Chattering]

[Christine Squealing]

[Christine Laughs]

What's that mean?

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