Bones (2005–2017): Season 7, Episode 1 - The Memories in the Shallow Grave - full transcript

A paint-ball team accidentally finds in a national park the consumed corpse of a woman, soon identified from dental records as the wife of protestant minister Joseph Serrano. She was ...


They're up on that ridge.

They got us pinned down.

We can get across that clearing,

then move around their right
flank, we can take them out.

I've got it. You, Kenton
and May-- you cover me.

You can't go do it alone.

I am not going to let my men get

Cover me!



Dude, you're,
like, covered in paint.

A-Are you okay, bro?




Okay, oh, here it is!



Oh, sorry. You want me to,
uh... help you with that?

No, I can make toast.

It's just, your
kitchen is very small.

My kitchen is the same size
that it's always been.

Look at it.

The implication being that
I've grown bigger?

I'm aware of that.

Oh, no, it's not that
you've grown bigger.

It's that you've... you
know, you-you've grown out.

You've gotten larger, you know?
Like you just expanded, then...

(stammers): You look
great, by the way.

What you see is the

of your own virility,

which fills you with a
sense of pride and power.

It's natural to confuse
that with attraction

You look great.

Oh... (sighs)

(murmurs and sighs)

So, uh... y-your magazine
is in my oatmeal.

Oh, you know, we don't have to
go through this.

My place is much roomier.

- We both agreed to split time.
- Yes, and we are.

Neither of us really likes it.

- I'm fine.
- Ohh...

Come on, Bones, you know what?
It's been five months.

We spend almost all
of our time together.

What we need is one bed.

One place. Our place.

I thought you said you'd never
move in with someone again

unless you're married.

Are you asking me to marry you?

What? Me? No, no!

You're the one who believes
in marriage.

I'm not going to bring it up.

Well, you just did.

Are you saying that you aren't
going to ask me to marry you?

No, you are going to ask me
to marry you.

That's ridiculous.

It's not ridiculous.
It's gonna happen.

I don't know when, but when
it does, the three of us

should have a nice place,
where there's, like...

(cell phone rings)


Right, on our way.

We've got a murder.

Booth, that's my toast.

(indistinct voices)

(flies buzzing)

Look, there's lots of
rocks and mud and stuff.

Here, let me have the case.

Booth, for centuries
pregnant women

have been carrying
bales of hay,

jugs of water on their head
- I know.

and then squatting in the
fields to have their children.

There's not gonna be any
squatting in the fields.

Squatting is a great position to
give birth.

I'm never going to be able to
survive this pregnancy.

I'm telling you.

This is a very shallow grave.

HODGINS: Yeah, the rains revealed
the remains.

Man, this is going to give
paint ball a bad name.

BRENNAN: Judging by the pelvis,
the victim is female,

late 20s, early 30s.

Remains are covered in Megaselia
scalaris-- coffin flies.

They burrow into the ground when
they sense carrion.

BOOTH: Looks like they had a
feast, huh, Bones?

HODGINS: Yeah, well, the
females were pregnant.

They needed the protein.

- I can relate to that.
- They laid eggs which are now

in the pupa stage, so I'd fix
time of death at seven days.

I'm gonna need the names

of all the paintball
players in the game, got it?

(Brennan sobbing)

There's damage

to the hard and soft
palates-- it could be...

Could be cause of death.

(sobbing continues)

- Everything okay, Bones?
- Of course.

I am merely experiencing
emotional... inconsistencies

due to hormones secreted...
during pregnancy.

Angela used to cry at the
Shamwow commercial.

You know, maybe the, uh,

dead bodies are finally getting
to you.

Of course not.

I gotta get a picture
of this one, huh?

(shutter clicking)
Stop it, Booth!

All right, relax, okay?

It just... means that,
you know, you're normal.

I'm not normal.
I'm extraordinary.

This is definitely murder.


something was jabbed through
the hard palate into her brain.

Wow, now I'm feeling sad.

I'm not sad.

Just bring the remains
back to the lab.

(sobbing continues)

Bones 7x01 The Memories in the Shallow Grave
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(saw buzzing)

There's an oily residue
on her clothes.

She must have been laying in

Yeah, well, I can compare it
to the soil samples that I took.

You'll be careful not to damage
the skull fractures, right?

(buzzing stops)

Are you questioning my
competence, Mr. Bray?

Uh, no, it's just that Dr.
Brennan told me to make sure

that her remains weren't

So you're more intimidated by
Dr. Brennan,

even though I run this lab?

Well, when you take Dr.
Brennan and add pregnant...


No. You are the tops
in your field.

I am much more intimidated
by you.

Nice save.

Whatever was jammed up there
went to the top of the skull.

Hard to believe that these three
little pounds

are the reason
we are who we are.

- Whoa.
- Oh, God.

There's beetles in there.

Come to papa, my little friends.

See, they may have ingested

some of the particulates that
were on the weapon.

Judging by the shape of the
injury and the fact that

some of the brain tissue seems
to be torn,

it looks like something metal,
with a jagged edge.

Well, maybe you could help us,
couldn't you?


They're beetles,

not puppies, Dr. Hodgins.
(cell phone rings)

Ah, what do you know?

It's Dr. Brennan asking me
what's taking so long.

Well, I will just tell her to
cool her jets.

'Cause I am not rushing
you, no matter what...

I'm done, Mr. Bray.

(sighs) Thank God.

So, the guy who organized the
paintball, uh, battle said

it was the first time
they used that site.

We're checking everybody
out for alibis.

Did any of the participants have
a criminal record?

The worst we have is a drunk and
disorderly outside a frat house

and some guy who, uh,
served two days

for not paying his child support.
- Is his ex-wife missing?

Actually, it was the bank;
they're the ones that screwed up.

You seem, uh, very hungry
for the details. (growls)

Oh, I just... no, I just
want to help, you know?

Under normal circumstances,

Dr. Brennan would be confined
to a desk about now.

Right, well we all know
that Bones is not normal.


- I mean, normal's not her thing.
- No.

- No! (chuckles)
- No.

Well, I just want you to know
that I'm ready.

- You're ready?
- I'm ready.

All right, ready.

- All I need from you is the shrinky stuff.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

So there's no extra stress

between you and Dr. Brennan
because of the pregnancy?


We're not going
to talk about that.

Why not?
It's shrinky stuff.

We're fine. We're fine!

All right, okay. I'm not trying
to be pushy here,

but it must be very difficult
that you and Dr. Brennan

haven't agreed on a living
arrangement yet.

Okay, you know what?

I've been shot at, I've been
stalked, I've been kidnapped,

I almost drowned, okay?

I'll be able to find
a place for us to live.

So, go have some
coffee, all right?


Is it true that you were
crying at the crime scene?

Only as a result of increased
hormonal output,

not sadness at the
victim's death.

Probably Chorionic Gonadotropin.

- Exactly.
- Still, I mean, you crying...

I would've loved to
have seen that.

- Why?
MONTENEGRO: It's sort of like an eclipse.

It doesn't happen that often.

Well, Booth took a
picture of me,

but since I have a picture of
him cooking an omelet naked,

he agreed never
to show it to anyone.

Smart move.

I-I'm sorry... naked?


Okay, listen, I am
your best friend, honey,

so I think I should
take a peek at that.

Based on the remodeling,

these fractures occurred
about six months ago.

BRENNAN: Blunt force trauma to
the frontal bone.

There's also remodeling
damage to the clavicle.

And acromion.
All on the left side.

- It could be from a fall.
- Or a beating.

It's impossible to tell with
so much remodeling.

Is it the full figure?

No, the injuries seem to
only extend to here.

I'm talking about
the omelet shot.

(clears throat) Weren't
you going to use

those pictures to do a
facial reconstruction?


The victim was lying
in fatty acids

rich in di- and
triunsaturated esters.

- Which is...?
- Linseed oil.

It was in the soil and seeped
onto her clothes.

Why would someone

coat the bottom of a
grave with linseed oil?

Well, it would
prevent the body

from absorbing the water
underneath it.

But I don't know why a killer

would care
about keeping her dry.

How's your brain?

Aside from the stab wound,
I also found past brain damage

that could've compromised
cognitive functioning.

Wendell said they found
remodeled fractures

from about six months ago

on the skull.
That would fit.

Any word from the beetles?

Uh, nothing that points to a
weapon, but check this out.

The tissue they'd eaten
contained traces of lorazepam.

She was being
treated for anxiety.

That could have something to do
with the prior brain damage.

So, beaten about six months ago
and murdered last week.

That's some bad luck.

Hey, I'm almost
done here.

It just needs
to render.

That's not why I'm here.


seem to be emotional again.



This might not be
strictly hormonal.

Booth is upset with me.

Because I'm not ready
for us to move in together.


Good for Booth.

I've always been
on my own, Angela.

Yeah, but you're

never gonna be
on your own again.


Those little kicks
you feel,

that's just the beginning.

Look at this.

(baby cooing,
Hodgins babbling playfully)

Ooh. Whoa, ripe.


Mommy, it's your turn.

I've changed the last 200.

Yes, we want Mommy
to change us.

There's Mommy.


Oh, it's a good thing

you are so cute.

Look at you.

You and Booth,

you made that baby together,
so it's going to expect

that both of you be there.

I'm with Booth
on this one.

Are you mad at me?

I'm actually feeling
very affectionate toward you.

But of course that could
just be the hormones.


I hope not.

(computer beeping)

Okay, we have
a match.

Claire Serrano.

There were two

Missing Persons Reports
filed on her

in the last six months.



Yeah, first one
six months ago,

the other last week, the
night she disappeared.

Both filed by her husband?

Bones says she was pretty
battered up six months ago.

Maybe that's why
she disappeared, right?

Mr. Serrano.


Special Agent Booth.

This here is
Dr. Sweets.


Uh, this is
about Claire, right?

Did you find her?

Yeah. Have a seat.

Thank God.

I've been praying all week.

We all have.

Right. I'm afraid
it's not good news.

She was found buried
in Hamilton State Park.

What do you mean?

We believe she was murdered.


I just got her back.

(clears throat)

When you say you've all
been praying for her,

who else do you mean?

Oh, um...
(clears throat)

my congregation.

I'm the pastor of

the First Church of Christ
at Logan Circle.

Thank you.
(clears throat)

So this is the second time
she went missing, Mr. Serrano?

Yes, yes.

The first time was in February.

She just left one day
and disappeared.

No one knew
what happened.

Then about six weeks ago, she
turned up in our neighborhood.

But she didn't know
why she was there,

she didn't know who she was.

That's retrograde amnesia.

Yes. The doctor said
she'd suffered some

head trauma
and just wandered away.

Claire couldn't
remember anything,

not even what happened
when she was missing.

The doctor said she must have

started a new life
someplace else.

Wait a second.

You mean to tell me that
she can't remember that, either?

No, it happens, Agent Booth.

Her amnesia caused her
to establish a new identity.

It's called a fugue state.

It's a survival technique
that can disappear

as quickly as it appears.

But Claire came back to me.

And she was starting
to remember.

It was going to be like it was.

That was the Lord's work.

And somehow...

I have to believe

that this was
the Lord's work, too.

Could, uh, Claire's injuries
have been from a beating?


But there's too much remodeling
to be certain what caused them.

Do you think that
she was beaten?

No, I don't want to.
Her husband is a pastor.

Violence would be a logical
extension of his belief.

The Bible features
a vengeful God

who capriciously slaughters
the creatures he creates.

Sweets would characterize
him as a sociopath.

Wait, God is not a sociopath.

Let's just say I don't want
him babysitting for our child.

Maybe you should, uh, slow down
a little bit there on the food.

I need to increase my caloric
intake by at least 300 calories.

Can I have some
of your pie?

Uh, well, you already are
eating it, just...

You know, I've been thinking
about our living arrangement.

You're right.

We should move
in together.

(chuckles): Really?
- Yes.

Angela agrees that
it's best for the baby

if we share a place.

This is great!

So you can move into my
apartment permanently.


No, no.

That is your place.

We need our place.

But in Iroquois society, the men
always moved in with the women.

That's your reasoning?

I did a very well-respected
paper on the Iroquois.

Women controlled society,
owned all the property.

But we're not the Iroquois.

But the baby is in me, Booth.

I'm more financially
secure than you.

Objectively, I'm
more rational.

This should be my decision.

(clears throat)


You know what, we're family.

Even you should know
what that means, Bones.

You're angry.

Yeah, I'm angry.

So, Claire Serrano was being
treated by Dr. David Yazrick,

a neuropsychologist
specializing in memory problems

from amnesia, PTSD,
drug addiction.

He's waiting
to talk to us now.

Oh, boy.

Let's go talk to the doctor.

I'll look at the remains
again, see what--

if I can find what caused
those fractures.


So, I was sifting through the
soil at the bottom of the grave,

and I found fibers
coated in linseed oil.

You said her clothes
had absorbed the oil.

Her clothes are made of
polyethylene terephthalate.

Can't you just say polyester?

I did.

Anyway, these fibers

are upland cotton
of a very high tenacity.

They were found
in this area here.

So what kind of cloth would be
made out of a fiber like that?

I don't know yet.
But whatever that cloth

turns out to be,
it was removed from the grave

before she was buried.

So something was dug up
before she was buried.

So, a lot of Yazrick's methods

are unorthodox,
but he's had great success

with guided imagery
and exercises

to improve short-term memory.

That guy Yazrick--
wasn't he the guy who got

bounced from Vegas
for counting cards?

- Yes.
- Yeah.

He said it was research
for his techniques though.

A lot of people think
that it was just publicity

because his work
is so controversial.

I heard about him.

Heard about him
while I was gambling.

Agent Booth...

- No.
- "No" what? You don't even know

what I was going to say.
Are you kidding me?

- You're kidding me right now.
- No.

Your voice just
gets all sensitive.

It-It's irritating.

Okay, something is clearly going
on between you and Dr. Brennan.

We have a murder
to solve.

So, I read your paper

on explicit memory retrieval

and its ability to alter
current destructive behavior.

It was fascinating.

Oh, thanks.

I'm actually using it
myself to stop smoking.

Of course, next I'm
gonna have to find

a way to give
up chewing gum.

- Ah, it's a good trade-off.
- That's great.

Listen, Sweets said
that Claire thought

that she was
someone else for a while.

Yeah, but something, some faint
memory drew her back to D.C.

But even after
returning to D.C.,

you said that Claire was still
suffering from amnesia?

When I started
treating her,

she had no distinct
memories of her past.

That must have made it tense,

you know, between her
and her husband.

Well, it was
difficult for them.

But during her last session,
Claire told me

that she was remembering
moments from her wedding.

She was so happy,
she was in tears.

Was Claire afraid of anyone?

Did she think that someone
was gonna hurt her?


What is it?

Well, we have these group
sessions once a week,

so the patients know
that there are

other people
with similar problems.

There's a patient who
suffers from aphasia.

He was in a small plane crash
that killed his wife.

He had become
very, very attached to Claire.

But he has no
history of violence.

Attached how?

SWEETS: After a trauma
like that,

some patients transfer
their feelings to someone else.

It's a sort of, uh,

survival mechanism, emotionally.

Sounds like a stalker to me.

Don't you want
Mr. Bray to help you?

He's in the other room;
I can call him.

No. It's okay.

I-I'd just like
some time alone.


You okay?

Sometimes I get more fatigued
than I'm used to.

Did you have any luck
identifying the weapon

that was inserted
into her brain?

No, but the diagnosis

of amnesia and fugue state

certainly explains
the bruising I saw.

Booth and Sweets

are talking to her doctor now

to discover the extent
of her condition.

I can't imagine having
my entire life erased like that.

It's like she kept dying.

Perhaps it was a good thing.

She had the

to start fresh,
create a better life.

Are you sure you're okay?


Just making an observation.

Because if I can...

Look at the spider web fractures

on the frontal bone.

The discoloration along
the seam of the fracture.

Isn't that common
when bone knits together?

Yes, but that section
is not from remodeling.

She had recent head trauma that
reopened the original fracture.

The discoloration is from
soil that entered the wound.

So it happened
when she was killed?

There's no evidence
of fresh remodeling, so yes.

The particulates

in the crevice
might be able to help us

determine the murder weapon.

Violin guy?

He's the stalker?

YAZRICK: He was with the symphony
before the accident.

The aphasia prevents
him from being able

to speak unless he
plays his violin.

Makes you want to wear
a helmet all the time, huh?

The syntactic processing

for language and music share
a set of neural resources.

Music can form a bridge
which allows him to talk.


Trevor, this is
Agent Booth

and Dr. Sweets
from the FBI.

They'd like to talk
to you about Claire.

Trevor, you have to talk
to them about Claire.

(playing melancholy melody)

She belonged with me.

We both knew it.

Claire was afraid
of her husband.

We belonged together.

I know it must be very painful

to lose another person
so close to you.

That man wanted to change her.

But she had to change to regain

her life, Trevor.
You know that.

But if she changed...

what would happen to me?

He's just upset. It's natural.

If he needed her and felt that
she was moving away,

isn't it possible that he would
do anything to prevent that?

What's this?

Oh, linseed oil.

Okay, look who came to see
Daddy the Mad Scientist.

Hi, buddy!

Oh, we're gonna get so in
trouble if Cam finds out.

Come here, buddy! Hi!


He was just down
the hall in daycare,

and I figured that we'd
be terrible parents

if we didn't
break the rules.

So true.

Hey, sport, want to see
Daddy's spiders?

Want to see
Daddy's spiders?

Look in there.
How's that, Michael?

What is this?

Uh, why...

it's, it's a very small
bipedal primate

from the Hominidae family.

You both know the rules.

Yeah, we do,
but he doesn't.

And he was crying
for his dad so...

Right. So, um, I, uh, I got
the results back on

the linseed oil from
the violinist.

It is not a match for the soil
or the oil

that we found in the grave;

different levels
of palmitoleic acid,

and the fibers,
they don't match the cotton.

Booth's gonna be disappointed.

It appears that
our fibers came

from a heavy canvas used in
handbags and luggage.

And linseed oil is used
to waterproof the canvas.

So someone dug up a bag
before burying him?

Looks that way.

I'll let Booth know.

He's not allowed in the lab.

I don't want
to see him here again.

Your daughter visits.

She's 18.

She's not gonna spit up on
the mass spectrometer.

(baby cooing)

Tell him to stop looking
at me like that.

Will you tell him to stop?

Well, he likes you.

Well, don't let
the smile fool you.

I am still very upset.

Sweet baby boy.


Who was that?

That's my boy.

I'm sorry, Booth.

I had no intention
of making you angry.

Perhaps I didn't
express myself well.

No, you were clear.

You were very clear.

But you were wrong.

Actually I was correct
about the Iroquois.

Oh, of course you were.
But you know what?

I also did some
research on the Internet,

and I found about 20 tribes
which say you would have

to move in with me.

And one where I actually get

to shoot you in the leg
with an arrow.

Your point is that we aren't
part of the Iroquois,

and so my example isn't

I concede your point.

But I don't concede that I'm
being unreasonable

for merely trying to be rational
about our living arrangement.

Look, Bones...

I love you, okay?

That's not rational.

Us having a kid,
that's not rational.

But here we are.

(cell phone rings)


It wasn't the, uh, violin guy.

I gotta get back
to the office.


I love you, too, Booth.

I know.

So there's no evidence

to tie Trevor Quan
to Claire's murder?

But I do remember

Quan saying that Claire was
afraid of her husband.

Oh, well, that could be
a projection

because Quan wanted
her for himself.

Right. Or it could be true

because Bones never could
figure out

what caused Claire's
past injuries.

Beatings are definitely
a possibility.

Domestic disturbance reports
against her husband.

Two of them.

Claire accused him of assault.

This certainly looks
like a beating.

Exactly why I'm gonna talk
to the pastor again.

You found something,
Mr. Bray?

Claire was shot.


You're saying that's
what killed her?

No. This wasn't

And the wound healed.

It happened
about four months ago

during the time she was missing.

It's remodeled.

Exactly. That's why
we didn't see it.

I re-X-rayed the area.

SAROYAN: A piece of bullet's
still in there.

It's pretty sloppy work.

It should've been
a simple removal.

It probably wasn't
performed by a doctor.

People looking to avoid the law
don't go to hospitals.

Whoever took
this bullet out

didn't want anyone
to know what happened.

The striations on
the bullet fragments

are still visible.

Angela might be able
to match them

to the gun that was used.

The neighbors say there was a
lot of yelling and screaming

coming from your place.

Claire would wake up
and not know where she was.

Sometimes she wouldn't
know who I was.

She'd get scared.

It says here
that she was injured.

The last time, yes.
Claire thought I was

holding her against her will.

She came at me with
a pair of scissors.

I explained all this
to the officers

when they came to the house.
No charges were ever filed.

I'm sure they feel
like they made a mistake

since now that Claire
has been killed.

I loved my wife, Agent Booth.

What about this Karen Alford?

You know her?
The police say

that she was there both times
they came.

Yes, she's a friend
of Claire's from the church.

She was like part
of our family.

Right. I'm sure you spent
a lot of time with her

since Claire went missing.

Not in the way
you're implying.

(chuckles) I'm just trying to be
thorough, you understand.

Even a man of God can be tempted
by the flesh.

The Lord guides my life,
Agent Booth.

I stand before Him
with a clear conscience.

So, any gun store that's in
the ATF's NIBIN database

shoots a round and
then puts

the ballistics information
into the system.

So we can find

whoever purchased the gun
that shot Claire.

Yeah, that's the idea.

So... did you and Booth decide
to move in together?

He won't live at my place.

Well, then just get another

That's what Hodgins
and I did.

But with the uncertainty
of the real estate market,

it would be irresponsible for us
to get a place now.

Look, honey, you wound up in
foster care,

and that would
make anybody scared

about starting a family.

I didn't say anything
about foster care.

Well, you didn't have to.

Those memories
don't have

to rule your life.

Remember the time
with your mom and dad.

The good times.

Have that life.

(device beeps)

We have a match.

MONTENEGRO: Yep, this is the gun
that shot Claire.

Well, it turns out
that Claire was shot

during a robbery five months ago.

Who shot her?

A man and a woman entered a home
in West Virginia.

Homeowner fired at them,
and they ran.

And the bullet that hit Claire
matched the homeowner's gun.

So Claire robbed
somebody's house.

Would this behavior be

with her being in a fugue state?

Sure. She could have adopted
the persona of a criminal

if she was connected with one
at the time.

Cops arrested the man with her

at the time. He's in
a halfway house.

I'm gonna talk
to him this afternoon.

She never mentioned

any of this to you?

I can check my records again,
but I'd remember

something like that.

The particulates in the skull
fracture Dr. Brennan found

turned out to be synthetic
pyrogenic silicas,

melamine resins
and titanium dioxide.

It's a paint manufactured
in Germany

for the German military.

So she was killed
by a German soldier?

I don't know who killed her,
but I do know what did.

Das ist ein Glock Feldspaten.

It's a field spade used for

digging trenches and for gardening.
And graves, it seems.

What's that at
the end of the handle?

It's a 175-millimeter saw blade.

Just the size for jamming
through the roof

of someone's mouth.

BOOTH: You got arrested for the
break-in where she got shot.

Yeah. Served 60 days for
breaking and entering, and they

set me up
in this halfway house.

So you haven't seen Claire
since the break-in?


Yeah, Claire.

I don't know what
she told you,

but her name's Brenda.

Yeah. What'd she do?

She got herself killed.

That's harsh.


How'd you guys meet?

I saw her walking along the side
of the road

looking pretty roughed up,

so I gave her a lift,
and we hit it off.

Whether her name was Brenda
or not didn't matter.

I got my secrets,
she had hers, right?

Right. So,

there aren't any locks in
the halfway house here?

Hey, no, forget it.
I didn't kill her.

You can ask any
of the supervisors.

I been a regular
Boy Scout since I been here.

Boy Scout. Hamilton
State Park,

that's not
too far from here.

Hamilton? That where
they found her?

Near that, uh,
old oak grove?

Could be.

That bitch.

There was a canvas
bag that was buried there.

Is that where you
put all your stash

that you got from
your break-ins?

I'm not saying anything.

Of course, we never
found the bag,

so it can't be used
in the evidence against you.

Then again, if you
don't cooperate,

any prosecutor is gonna
think that you killed her.



the bag was mine.

There you go.

There was almost 80 grand
in there.

She must've brought someone
along to help her dig it up.

- Who?
- How am I supposed to know?

I was locked up
for four months.

You know, I always knew there
was something off about her.

Serves her right,
getting killed.

Wish I'd done it myself.

SWEETS: So, creating a
simplified timeline

will help us construct
a coherent narrative, right?

The duck sauce is where

Claire suffers
her initial injury.

We don't know what
the injury is.

Doesn't matter. For our
purposes, it's duck sauce.

That's where Claire gets

loses contact with her husband
and her past life.

Now at the eggrolls,
Ricky Duval picks her up,

and in a fugue state,
she becomes Brenda.

These soy sauce packets
are their crime spree,

ending with
the lettuce cups

where she gets shot.

Now when Ricky
is arrested,

she starts to have flashes
of her previous life

and winds up wandering around
the fried rice, which is D.C.

She's brought to Yazrick
for treatment

at the fortune cookies

and begins the slow process
of recovering her memory

until she is finally murdered
and buried

at the orange slices.

- That's the simplified version?
- Well, I could add in

recovered memories
in chronological order

if you're finished
with the lo mein.

(phone ringing)



It's me.

I have a favor to ask you.


Listen, first, I don't think
I've been very fair.



(siren wailing)


Bones! Bones!

Bones, where are you?!

Here. Here, Booth.

Oh, God.
Are you hurt?

I'm just stuck.

- Just get me out.
- All right.

But don't break
the Egyptian vases.

They were just
delivered today.

I'm going to get this...

Okay. How did you do this?

I don't know.
I'm just so big.

My center of gravity
must have shifted

and I fell.
Are you sure you're okay?

Yeah, positive.

- Just get one shot.
- Not funny.

Right okay, well,

it's a little funny,
you have to admit.

Why didn't you just call
the security guard?

I didn't think of that.
I just thought of you.

Right. Okay. You okay?


- Baby's okay?
- Yes.

All right, Bones, I'm, uh...

I'm sorry-- I-I'm sorry about,
uh-- about before

and you know, and pushing you.

Actually you were pulling me.
And it worked very well.

No, I meant about
finding a place to live.


I just-- I want our kid to
know that I'm not my dad.

I just want him to know

that I was a good dad who gave
him a real home-- our home.

Why didn't you just say that?

I just didn't think
you'd understand.

I don't.

I know you're not your father.

But I do think that we should
get our own place together.



Lying here, I've had
some time to think.

Longer than I expected-- y-you
must have run into traffic.

Anyway, I realize
that this is

just one of many
unforeseen situations

that I might find myself in now
that we're starting a family.

And since I can always depend on
you to assist when needed,

whether practically,
emotionally or sexually,

being in close proximity
would facilitate that.

And if the only way for that
to occur is by finding

another dwelling,
I'm willing to do that,

even though it's a foolish
investment in this market.

Well, I was hoping for something
a little bit more romantic,

but I'll take what I can get.

- Just one more thing...
- Of course.

that I can add, if I may.

- Booth!
- What?

Look at the grave.


That was our mom...
that was our moment right there?

We haven't looked
in the paintball splatters.

Well, those were there
after the murder.

Yes, but they could
be covering up evidence.

I would have seen this before,
if I wasn't awash in hormones.

So have you and Dr. Brennan

decided where you're going
to look for a place?

Come on, we made the decision
about 12 hours ago.

- Will you give me a break?
- Of course, break given.

I'm just glad that I
was of some help.

Oh, so now you're going
to take credit for this, huh?

Well, it takes a village.
Coffee, please. Right, village.

Okay, listen, we've just got
work to do here, okay? Thanks.

Well, I've been through
Yazrick's notes twice now.

And there's nothing that would
implicate her husband.

Well, there's no notes in here
about Claire's lost six months.

Yeah, well, Yazrick
already mentioned that.

It's common for a patient to have
no memory of their fugue state.

Yeah, but is it common
for a doctor not to ask

any questions about it?


He must have.
There's no way...

Oh, my God, you're right.

Well, I mean, he
must have tried.

- It has to be here somewhere.
- Either that,

or maybe he removed it.

- Look at this.
- What?

5S 1000.

TH 2500.

BJ 1500.

I have no idea.

It's code for gambling.

When I used to gamble,
right, I had codes.

I understand this language.

Five card stud, a $1,000 buy in.

Texas Hold 'em, $2,500.
Black Jack $1,500.

These are all on Claire's
Friday appointments.

He had a game every Friday.

He wasn't counting cards
for publicity.

Yazrick had a gambling
problem just like me.

(X-ray shutter snapping)

All right, I think
we got all the paint.

It wasn't bone in there.
It was part of an acorn.

Dr. Hodgins.

Booth got Dr. Yazrick's

bank records.

As soon as he got any money,
it disappeared.

Wow, so he had a
pretty big problem.

that wasn't enough

to make an arrest.

Well, we haven't
found much to help.

We recovered all
the paint splatters

within a 30-foot radius
of the grave,

which accounts for all evidence
run off from the rain.

And you haven't found
anything in the paint?

Yeah, I mean, leaves, insects,
some hair--

which turned out to be
from a squirrel. (fly buzzing)

Booth keeps calling.
He needs evidence.

Well, unless he wants us
to manufacture it,

we don't have anything.

What are
these X-rays?

The paint had hardened,

so I X-rayed each glob to see if
there was anything inside.

We didn't want to break it open

in case it would destroy

What about 6F3?

Looks like tree sap or resin.

Enlarge the image, please.

Oh, that's not sap.

Looks like chewing gum.

Okay, even if it is,

the dye and the
polyethylene in the paint

would have destroyed the DNA.

We don't need DNA, do we,
Mr. Bray?

Of course not.

I should have seen
that, I'm sorry.

Excuse me. The boss here
needs an explanation.

Look at the image.

There's a clear impression
of the tooth in the gum.

That's as good as a fingerprint.

If I freeze the paintball,

I should be able
to extract the gum

without compromising the shape.

I'll tell Booth.

She's having that baby so the
next generation will have

someone who'll make
them feel dumb.


Claire was my patient.
Why would I kill her?

Because she remembered
where the money was

buried and you needed it.

That's ridiculous.

She never mentioned anything
about that time.

You saw my notes.

Yeah we did. We actually,
we did see your notes.

And, uh, let's take a look here.
See, you were gambling.

Your bank account went dry.

I've been there.

Maybe people were
threatening you.

Doesn't mean that
I killed her.

I've never even been
out to that park.

We have proof
that you were there.

So we subpoenaed your
dental records,

and look what we found there.
Your chewing gum.

It's a match.

She entrusted her life to you.

And you betrayed her.

Turn around.
You're under arrest.

I gave Claire her life back.
(handcuffs clicking)

I wasn't asking
for much in return.

(indistinct sportscast plays)

There are a lot
of houses for sale.

Well, it's a buyer's
market, I told you.

ANNOUNCER: ...dropped for a
loss. Is that a fumble?


Fumble! Yes!

Touch... down!

Go, Big Red! Huh?

That was very loud, Booth.

It's sports.
It's supposed to be loud.

Well, when we find the house,

I don't want a TV
in our bedroom.

Research shows that it can
compromise your sex life.

We'll get a big one for the
family room, how's that? Okay?

This one has a nice family room.
Look at that.

That's nice, isn't it?

- And you want a yard, right?
- Yeah, it has to be a big yard.

Enough room for
a swing set, and uh...

Oh, and a tree house, I've
always wanted a tree house.

- Me, too.
- Right?

I thought it
would make a great lab.

We can have whatever
life we want.

You know that, right?

New memories, new life.

Belly rub.

Oh, got to rub
the belly.

Rub-a the belly,
rub-a the belly.

Kiss-a the belly.

Hello, little baby
in the belly.


BRENNAN: This... this
one has a pool, too.

How much does that cost,
that place there?

Oh, it's just a little
over $3 million.


Whoa, wait a second.

Hold on, I can't afford that.

But I can.

I just got a big advance
for my next book.

No, no, no. Uh-uh.
50-50 straight down the line.

Then we're going to have
to inflate the pool.

It makes for some
great memories, right?

Wouldn't you like
to have horses, though?

Oh, God, horses.

Why did I think this
was going to be easy?

That's what you like
about me, I'm not easy.

Not all the time.

Well, it's a fact that
males usually prefer women

they have to hunt for...

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