Bones (2005–2017): Season 6, Episode 6 - The Shallow in the Deep - full transcript

The past and present collide when human remains from a 150-year-old slave ship, the Amalia Rose, surface. The team is tasked to give the deceased a proper burial but make an unforeseen ...





Are you there?

No, I'm in South Beach workin' on my tan.

All right.

You need Sweets to sign
your post-Afghanistan
"fitness for duty" report.

- Did you forget?
- Me?

Well, generally you wear more clothing...

and you've been avoiding this for weeks.

Well, I couldn't sleep.
Hannah got up at the crack of dawn.


Do you always have this pronounced
a release of gas in the morning?

- Is it that bad?
- Synovial gas.

- That's what the cracking is.
- Synovial gas- what's that mean?

There comes a point when your body
can't hide all the abuse it's taken.

What do you mean, "certain point"?

You've been shot and beaten
and jumped out of airplanes.

- The skeletal damage alone-
- Oh, God. I'm fallin' apart.

You're fine.
It's your skeleton that's falling apart.

The compression fracture
to your T3 alone...

should have incapacitated you years ago.

Then there's the fracture to your sternum
from when that obese girl shot you.

Fractures to your metatarsals
from when you were tortured.

Rib pitting from when you foolishly
tried to act as a human shield.

- Rib pitting?
- And that's before we even get
to your compromised ligaments.

Both intertransverse
and anterior longitudinal.

How do you have room in your brain
to remember all that?

I care about you, Booth. The more abuse
a body takes, the sooner it degenerates.

- That's it? That's all you got for me?
- It can be a good thing.

In tribes, men like you are elders.

They don't have to hunt anymore.

Well, I wanna go hunting.

Well, perhaps you'll feel better
after you get your form signed.

You know I will.

- Oh, no!
- Oh!

- Agent Booth!
- Dr. Brennan!

You should be at work, Ms. Wick.
It is a very important day.

Can you sign this?

- Are you serious?
- Just sign it.

Just sign and get back to your fun.

- Dr. Brennan, about this morning-
- What about it?

I don't want you to think that Lance and I
are dating again, because we're not.

That was purely accidental intercourse.

You had intercourse accidentally?

What were you trying to do, Ms. Wick?

- I was returning a book.
- And your pants fell off?

All of the pieces of ship
without remains attached-

straight to the Early American workroom.

- Door on your right.
- Where do you want this?

Take it up on the platform.

- Got it.
- Okay.

- How much of this is there?
- I have no idea.

So when you said "old remains"...

the ship part of it just slipped your mind?

- No, of course not.
- This is incredible.

I can't believe this is an actual slave ship.

- Where did they find it?
- Off the coast of Maryland.

This could shed enormous light
on the slave trade.

Or give me nightmares. One or the other.

Mytilus edulis. Blue mussels. Wow.

They said this was for you.

The Jeffersonian board of directors
wants us to try and identify the remains.

How? These people have been dead
for nearly 150 years.

Yeah, well, this might help.

It's a copy of the outgoing manifest.

And it lists all the slaves they were
transporting to New Orleans.

There's age and race and degree of color.

This is really detailed...

in a totally horrible,
disgusting, sucky kind of way.

Slaves were considered property.

They were as carefully cataloged
as livestock or silverware.

Male child, under 10 years old.

130 centimeters.

The marine mussels compromised
the bone...

but the skull shows a mix of Negroid
and Caucasoid characteristics...

suggesting that
he would be listed as mulatto.

Got it. Polidore Nelson.

Symphyseal rim well defined.

Partial ectocranial suture closure.

Female, 40s, five feet tall.

Okay, there's only one woman that small.

Over here, now.

Uh, not kidding, even a little bit.
Dr. Hodgins.

- Yeah. What do you got?
- That.

- What the hell is it?
- Wow!

It's some kind of organism
anchored to the bone.


Alien sea life hitchhikes in on a
slave ship, and that's all
you can say? "Interesting"?

I think in this context,
"interesting" is a way...

of acknowledging life forms
beyond Dr. Hodgins's expertise.

Temporary condition, I assure you.
Listen up!

Pull any other bones with pink slime
and bring 'em over here.

It's possible that "alien"
is an appropriate adjective.

I mean, we may be looking at N.T.I. here.

- What's he talking about?
- I have no idea.

N.T.I., as in non-terrestrial intelligence.

Oh, no.

If alien life forms were going
to exist somewhere on Earth...

the ocean floor would be it.

- Please tell me you're kidding.
- Judging by weight and texture...

all of the affected bones appear
to belong to the same skeleton.

Something is very wrong.

Come on.
I really gotta look at these images?

Yes. Penetrating trauma to
the cribriform plate and palatine bones.

- You mean that
jaggedy-looking hole there?
- Yes.

The puncture
would've extended upward...

into the anterior base of the brain,
resulting in immediate death.

This man was hooked
through the mouth-

like a fish.

Okay, got it. Thank you very much.

I just don't know how I can help you
with a murdered slave.

They may have found him in a slave ship.
But given the condition of his cartilage...

this man died less than a month ago,
and... this is murder.

Abrasions to the pisiform.

It's likely this person
was wearing manacles.

Why are you working on remains
from the slave ship...

when you know our recent
murder victim has priority?

Because Dr. Hodgins
is still trying to remove...

the unidentified deep-sea life forms.

Maybe we should discuss
the murder victim's X-rays instead.

Incomplete epiphyseal fusion.
He was at most 20 years old.

Chipping on the zygomatic arch.

Hairline fractures to the mental foramen,
all heavily remodeled.

Metaphyseal fractures
to the left tibia and right ulna.

- Never properly set.
- I've seen these before.

They happen when someone
has their extremities...

wrenched over and over again
at a very young age.

Suggestive of child abuse?

We have to identify him.

What is taking Dr. Hodgins so long?

We are looking at what could be a clue...

to the origin of life itself.

Come on.

The origin of life
looks like a pink Chia Pet?

According to one theory,
billions of years ago...

organic molecules hitchhiked to Earth on
comets that plummeted into our oceans...

forming the seeds of life as we know it.

- Okay, now you've lost me.
- Look at this.

The organism operates like hair follicles-

anchors its root system to the bone.

It's actually kind of attractive up close.

Yeah, for a mucous-excreting
underwater insect.

Well, let me scan the skull...

and then I can build
a facial reconstruction from it.

Do you realize these guys
could be harder to identify...

than a decomposed murder victim?

How can you compare
a murder victim to ocean snot...

that looks like something
that Barbie wore to the prom?

- You compared 'em to a Chia Pet.
- That's not the same thing.

You're right. Because if these guys
are new and I get to identify them...

then I get to name an entire species...

Anjelonicus montinegris.



So the dead guy
got caught in a fishing net...

and the fishing net
got caught on a slave ship?

Yeah. A net gets lost.
It floats around for years.

- They call it a ghost net.
- Wow.

Ghost net caught a ghost. That's-

- Something like that.
- It's ironic.

- Okay, why are you still here?
- I'm weak.

I'm weak, Agent Booth.

I broke up with Daisy,
but I can't keep my hands off her.

What's new, all right?
You're a guy. Life goes on.

Yeah. That's the problem. We broke up.

But it just goes on.
It's-It's like she's a magnet.

Should I just let it happen?

Here. Pick it up.

"Yes, definitely." You think?

I don't know.
How am I supposed to know?

Years of experience.
The perspective of age.


How is it that I went to sleep Han Solo
and I woke up Obi-Wan Kenobi?

I have no idea what you're talking about.


Looks like Angela finished the victim's
facial reconstruction. Oh.

There is our ghost.

He wasn't
on the Missing Persons database.

But I got a hit from the F.B.I.'s
facial recognition software.

"Mike Casper."

Yeah, his wife lives in-
what is it- Calvert County.

He's married?

He's got a kid and a dog
and a cushy aerospace job.

No, that's not possible.
He's 19, 20, 21 at most.

- All right, Bones. He's 28.
- No- There's no way.

Booth, you really need
to double-check these things.

Look, the battle scars are to the body,
not to the brain, okay?

You're being very touchy.

I'm not being touchy.
This is Casper's driver's license.

- It's the same face Angela drew.
Right there.
- Okay.

It's possible he had cerebral palsy.

That could retard bone development.

Or you're just wrong.

I'm not wrong.

- You're wrong.
- I'm not wrong-

- Yes?
- Mrs. Casper?

- Yes?
- Special Agent Booth.

- This here is my partner, Dr. Brennan.
- How can I help you?

- You mind if we come in?
- I'm actually in the middle
of something right now.

- It's about your husband.
- We believe we found his remains
off the coast of Maryland.

Any reason to believe that
he might've been on a boat recently?

Ask him yourself. Mike?


Victim got a driver's license
with your name and his picture.

He used it to charge up
a fortune in credit card debt.

Yeah, I get it.

The guy that got killed
is the same guy who stole my I.D.

But it's got nothin' to do with me.
I'm not exactly a violent guy.

Mike's very easy-going.

This is a conversation between you and
your credit card company, Mr. Casper.

You know how they say
they record calls for quality control?

- Well, turns out it's true.
- I'm sorry sir.

But because you failed
to notify us within the time-

How could I tell you when I didn't know?

You should've contacted
the credit reporting agencies.

In the future,
if you place a fraud alert on your card-

You wanna know
what I'm gonna do in the future?

I'm gonna find the scum who stole
my I.D. and I'm gonna kill him.

What'd you expect me to say?
They froze my cards.

Our credit was ruined. That piece of dirt...

he cost us the house
we were tryin' to buy.

- If we need a lawyer-
- We don't need a lawyer.
We haven't done anything.

My husband is telling the truth.
He is not a violent man.

Sweets, tell them what you told me.

According to the latest clinical data...

identity theft can cause serious...

maladaptive psychological
and somatic symptoms.

No kidding.
I haven't slept in two months.

Those symptoms aren't limited
to insomnia.

The hell is that supposed to mean?

Okay. That would be one of the
maladaptive psychological symptoms.

Uncontrolled rage.

How could I kill him
when I didn't even know who he was?

I noticed you have a boat hitch on the
back of your car. You own a boat?

- Yeah. I fish. So what?
- You have any big hooks on that boat?

- Why?
- A body was found
about a mile off the coast.

I'm thinkin' maybe you're doin' more
than just fishing on that boat.

All right. I want that lawyer now.

Dr. Brennan really needs these! I don't
understand why you can't just pluck.

If I pluck them off one by one,
it's going to take a week, Ms. Wick.

So what you need to do is
stop telling me how to do my job.

I don't see how
this is gonna hurry things up.

If I figure out what they are...

I'll figure out how to get them off.

Any more questions?

Not at this moment.

Aha! Yes!

It's a type of benthic worm. See?

- Progress.
- Okay.

The only way I can get D.N.A. to I.D.
our I.D. thief is by using bone marrow.

- But your alien organism
has sucked it dry.
- Okay.

Contrary to popular rumor,
it is not my alien organism.

Not yet anyway.

But I have narrowed it down
to a type of benthic worm.

How can you not be able
to I.D. a fluffy pink worm?

How many of those
could there possibly be?

You'd be surprised.

How am I supposed
to figure out who killed him
when I can't even figure out who he is?

All I can tell from the X-rays is that...

he had multiple fractures
that were never properly set.

He also sustained repeated facial trauma
between the ages of two and 14.

So child abuse?

He wasn't on a Missing Persons

So it means no one was missing.

You have a very strange tendency
to state the obvious.

If you were a kid who got
the crap beat out of him...

over and over again, what would you do?

You'd think about running away,
or you do run away.

But he wasn't a kid anymore, Booth.
He was 19 or 20 when he died.

Doesn't mean he didn't run away before.

And when a kid runs away,
someone reports him missing.

A school, a neighbor- someone.

We were looking at the wrong database.

We need to reverse
the craniofacial growth patterns...

and run the results against
the Missing Children's database.

Send him back to childhood, huh?

Retain the cranial proportion...

but reduce the jaw,
narrow the neck and raise the ears.

Change the proportion of the head
to one part facial mass...

to two and a quarter parts cranial mass.

Decrease the size
of the upper and lower jaw.


It's hard to believe
that 10 years from this...

he's gonna be stealing I.D.s
and getting himself killed.

Okay. That's him.

We found him.

Nine-year-old Liam
is tonight's "Thursday's Child."

I like all kinds of sports,
but mostly basketball...

even though I'm kind of short.

But maybe I'll grow, right?
And I'm really good at math...

'cause I like numbers.

If Liam can find a family...

all those numbers are sure to add up
to one very bright future.

Okay. That sounds a little like
puppy adoption if you ask me.

When I was in the foster system,
we used to think...

that kids that got on "Thursday's Child"
won the lottery, you know.

One day, they're on TV.
Next day, big car pulls up...

to take them to the suburbs-
every single time.

Yeah, well, Liam didn't get adopted.

Would've saved the juvie system
a whole hell of a lot of time if he had.

Court unsealed his records
because of the murder.

He was busted two years ago
for B & E with another foster kid
by the name of Hunter Lang.

- We're tryin' to track him down now.
- Oh. Why?

Well, Liam testified
against Hunter in exchange
for a suspended sentence.

Ooh. That's not good.

Foster kids stick together.

Huh. Was that the kind of thing
a guy would kill for?

Depends on the guy.
I know these kids.

I'll talk to 'em, let you know.

Has anybody else noticed this is like
a giant jigsaw without the edge pieces?

One person gets killed, and it's murder.

Millions get killed, and it's history.

I'm tryin' to just think of them as bones.
It's easier.

Female, approximately 25.

Right here. Hany Beaufort.

- Yeah, but they're not just bones.
- What does that mean?

I'm gonna need to borrow these skulls.

Why does nobody seem to be working
on our murder victim, Ms. Wick?

Still waiting on Dr. Hodgins.

- Are you okay?
- It's nothing.

Hany... was
my great-grandmother's name.

If you two can't stay focused on the
Molony case, we're gonna have issues.

Well, we're trying. But Hodgins is-

I got it! Thank you,
Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force...

a fine collection of marine biologists
dedicated to making sure...

that if the alien ever shows up...

we jam it in an air lock
and kiss it good-bye.

I lost out on the naming rights, babe,
but I'm a big boy.

- I can handle it.
- So happy to hear that.

Turns out our little feathered friend
is the Osedax mucofloris...

otherwise known
as the bone-eating snot-flower.

You've gotta be kidding.

I'm not kidding. Allow me to demonstrate.

- Voil?.
- Oh, no.

Now, the bone-eating snot-flower
burrows into the bone, like so.

It cracks through the hard shell...

straight down to the fatty marrow.

And then-

Now, each female has maybe about
a dozen dwarf males inside of her.

Basically, sperm holders.

- Cannoli? No? Anyone?
- No. Never again.

- I cannot even tell you.
- Can you please get to the point?

I figured out how to remove 'em.

You have to back me up
with Dr. Brennan.

She hasn't said anything,
but I know what she's thinking.

- It's an emergency.
- Whoa. What am I supposed to say?

You have to explain
what happened this morning.

Sex is a normal part
of the adult experience.

You don't need to apologize for it.

Do you know what happened
when I was little?

My dad and I saw these two deer
goin' at it on the side of a hill.

And I asked him what they were doing.
And he said...

the nice deer in back
was pushing his friend up the hill.


And now, we're those deer.

Only no one's explaining
that you were just pushing me uphill.

- I have issues.
- I had no idea.

- You're happy
we broke up, aren't you?
- Look.

Dr. Brennan is not a prude.
I would suggest that she doesn't
even care that we had sex.

- Just that it was right in front of her.
- That would be logical.

Not that it would ever
come up again anyway,
since it was an anomaly.


But maybe there's nothing wrong with that
if it did come up.

I mean, just as long as it wasn't here.

Seems reasonable.

- Totally reasonable.
- Mm-hmm.

So the parole officer didn't
have an address on Hunter Lang.

But she said that he works
on a boat at the end
of the dock called the Dandeana.

It's possible
that he was drawn to the sea...

because the isolation mimics
his childhood environment.

- You're overthinking this.
- There's no such thing as overthinking.

You may think incorrectly or inadequately
or falsely, but the notion of-

- All right, got it. Got it.
- Okay.

So since you guys
both saw "the incident"...

I've decided to take Agent Booth's advice.

Anyway, even though
Daisy and I aren't dating...

I've decided we can still enjoy each
other's company casually once in a while.

I'm not sure why I should care.
Are you planning on having sex...

somewhere that I will witness it?

I hope not.

- Then I definitely don't care.
- I'm with her.

Ladies, we're shoving off!

Yeah, well, so much for that isolation
theory, Mr. Expert on Foster Care.

I've heard about these events. They're
designed to facilitate intercourse...

between older women and younger men.

- We got that, Bones.
- Hurry up, ladies! Cosmos are waiting.

- We're ready to cast off.
- Oh, okay.

- Time to board.
- Excuse me.
We're lookin' for Hunter Lang.

He's one of our bartenders.
Nadia, they're lookin' for Lang.

Oh. Jealous husband?


Oh. Well, can this wait?
We'll be back by 10:00.

Yeah, how about we come with you?

Only if he comes too.

- That was the plan.
- Done!

I'm sorry. What just happened there?

If this were the Malukus,
I'd say it was some sort of virgin offering.

- Virgin?
- Quasi-virgin offering.




The male guests
seem to be enjoying themselves.

Come on. Are you kiddin' me?

Look at this kid.
He's barely out of diapers.

Wouldn't you like to be
on a boat full of nubile young women?

- No.
- The socially acceptable age
difference is half plus eight.

- Huh?
- Come on. Everyone knows that.

They do not. If everybody knew that,
Booth would know that.

Okay, so you're okay with
dating somebody who's 20?

Sure, if she were mature. Uh-huh.

That means it would be well within the
social norm for me to date a man of 24.

- He's 24. Would you date him?
- Well, not literally.

I'm definitely gettin' the look here.

- The look?
- The precursor to sexual overtures.

- Let's see what you got.
- Oh!

Mama like.

- Hi.
- All right, ladies.

He's got a curfew.
He's gotta be back by 12:00 midnight.

- You're gonna leave me?
- Yeah.

- Okay. Hi.
- Don't be afraid.

The atmosphere is very festive.

- Thank you.
- Oh. Uh, thanks. I'm fine.

No- No need. I'm workin'. Right.

- Anthropologically speaking-
- Yeah.

women were attracted to older men
because they could take care of them.

The world has changed. These women
can take care of themselves.

Well, it's just wrong.
That's all. Just wrong.

Why? Because it's hard on men like you
who are past their prime?

- I'm not past my prime.
- Prime is 18.

Okay. Maybe just a little.

Hey. Bones, there's Hunter Lang.

The posterior surface of your forearm
is absolutely magnificent.

Thanks. I work out.

You can work out somewhere else.
She's not interested.

- Don't be so hasty.
- You kidding me?

- He's-
- Who's the old dude?

- I'm her partner.
- He's my partner.

She's too old for you
and too young for you-
all at the same time.

I think what he's trying to tell you is that
I haven't yet reached my sexual prime.

I have.

- Definitely.
- Definitely.
- Really?

Give me this right now.
Okay, come on. Sweets, we're working.

- Put the drink down.
- I'm trying.

Here, have this. Yeah,
lock your lips around that, sweetheart.

- Come on. This way.
- Want me to tuck you in?



I know you had it rough, Hunter.
I was a foster kid too.

Sure you were.

How many foster homes did you live in?

Eleven, 12. Who keeps track?

I did. Four places by the time I was six.

Not somethin' you forget.

Yeah? What was your score?

- Score?
- Supervision score.

One means doesn't need supervision.

Five means bring out the meds
and lock him down.

Makes it easy
on the check cashers, huh?

That's what we called foster parents.
I was a two.

I was a four. Real pain in the ass.

Great. So what was the deal
with you and Liam Molony?

No deal. No deal. And I'm not
saying that because he's dead.

Right. He testified against you.

- I got over it. Are we done yet?
- No.

The kids I was placed with,
we leaned on each other.

If one of those kids betrayed me,
that would hurt a lot.

Look, what Liam did- I was like, whatever.

You know? We talked about it when
I got out of juvie, and it's all good. No big.

- So when was the last time you saw him?
- Labor Day.

Yeah, he was, uh-
he was workin' the cougars.

You see, most of the guys that come
here, they come for the free booze,
the easy sex.

But not Liam. He was smarter than that.

He used to get the extras
from the old ladies...

like money, gifts.

Are you aware of an issue
that happened between Liam
and a guy by the name of Mike Casper?

- No, I'm not.
- On Labor Day,
did you two leave together?

No, no. He must've bailed
when I was cleaning up.

- Ask Nadia. She'd know.
- Why is that?

He was one of her favorites. Liam would
always show up with a carful of cubs.

Nadia would get her boy bait,
and then Liam would have all
the cougars he could handle.

- How many would that be?
- Come on, man.

He's 19. Was 19.

Look, can I get back to work here?

I'm gonna go find Bones, talk to Nadia.
You get the rest of his information.

- All right?
- Yeah.

Hello there.

- Me?
- Aren't you a scrumptious little tidbit.

No, no. In case you haven't noticed,
I really don't fit this demographic, okay?

You got it all wrong, sugar.
Why would I wanna be with them
when I could be with you?

I just needed to know what they were.

And now, I know what'll eat 'em.


- And they won't damage the bones?
- Nope.

The bubbles agitate the water
and encourages them to feed.

- May I ask you
a personal question, Dr. Hodgins?
- No.

I have got a beautiful wife,
a fulfilling job...

and I just figured out
how to remove snot-flowers.

I'm gonna go ahead and savor
the moment here, Ms. Wick.


Oh! Ah!


That's curious. There are
significant abrasions to the bone.

Can I see that ulna?

One ulna coming right up.

Ah! Whew!

They look like kerf marks,
but they don't go into the bone.
They go along the bone.

And the staining says
they're definitely perimortem.

Well, I'll swab 'em and see what we got.

The abrasions are everywhere...

all along the anterior surface of the bones.

You know, I know it's one of
the few areas of my non-expertise...

but does it look to you like somebody
attacked our dead guy with a grater?

- ##
- I understand. Yes.

- Good-bye, Ms. Wick.
- So what'd the lab say?

The victim was attacked by a sharp,
pierced object with multiple grooves.

Some kind of very large grater.

Mmm. Before or after gettin' hooked
like a fish?

I have no way of knowing that
until I examine the bones.

We gotta find the party
planner around here.

She throws a very good party.

- I enjoyed my conversation.
- Oh, with the zygote?

Well, he's charming.
He likes long walks on the beach...

and he enjoys watching the sunset.

That's a line, Bones. They're lines.

You're what they call
prime real estate around here.

Well, I'm prime real estate anywhere.

Never mind. Hey, Captain,
have you seen Nadia Blake?

She's probably below deck.

That's some, uh,
fragrant coffee you got there.

I brewed it myself. Uh, gotta keep sharp.

Hey, Bones, our guy was hooked
through the mouth like a fish, right?

- Uh-huh.
- That fit the bill?

The shape is consistent
with the damage to the palatine bone
and the cribriform plate.

Right, whatever that means. But could
be our murder weapon, right? Yeah.


We have to bring it back to the lab...

and test it for trace evidence.

Hey, Bones, could this be our grater?

Well, it is if it corresponds to
the abrasions on the bones.

Which means Liam Molony
didn't get off this boat alive.


- I got it.
- Stop it!

- Freeze!
- I mean it!

Do you mind?

Okay, come on. Cover up. I need to ask
you a few questions about Liam Molony.

- Do you mind if I get dressed first?
- You got 60 seconds.


- What do you got, Bones?
- What happened to my 60 seconds?

Most likely blowfly maggots...

indicating that at some recent point,
there was rotting flesh here.

Okay, you, pony boy, let's go.
Out. Come on.

You need a key to open this lock.

- Bones, excuse me.
- What?

- You people are crazy!
- Ah!

You said Liam was last seen
on this boat?

I'm thinkin' that he was killed
and stashed in here...

until they got out
far enough to dump the body.

- What do you think?
- I think you're right.

Last time Liam was seen alive, it was on
one of your cruises about a month ago.

Hey, I don't keep track
of the boys who go on my cruises.

My God, that'd be a full-time job.

As opposed to arranging hookups.

For a cub, he certainly knows how
to take the romance out of things.

We're not talkin' about him.
We're talkin' about you.

So middle-aged women
pay you to hook up with younger guys?

No, they don't.

They pay to go on my cruises.

What they do when they get off
is up to them.

One of your guests ended up fish food
at the bottom of the sea.

- I'm not seein' the romance in that.
- And he usually does.

Which means, there really isn't any.

Hey, I liked Liam.
He was very good for business.

You took advantage of a kid
who didn't have a mother.

You basically fed him older women.

He needed mature companionship,
and my ladies needed a fresh face.

- And youthful physique?
- Exactly.

There are plenty of guys
in their 30s and 40s
who have youthful physiques.

- Yeah. Yeah. It's different.
- Yeah.

- Not in a bad way, but-
- Yeah, in a bad way.

You're not helpin' your case.

If something happened to Liam that night,
I have no idea what it is.

The guy was stuffed in a fish locker...

in a cabin that you seem to spend
a lot of your "quality" time in.

Okay, how could I put him
in a locker I don't even have a key to?

- Who has the key?
- Well, Captain Kelly.

Maybe it's him you should be talking to.

Do you have the results back
on the maggots from the cougar cruise?

Maggots are next on my list.

Ms. Wick has already
confirmed the murder weapon.

Everyone else is working
on the slave ship...

which makes you
the clog in my drain, Dr. Hodgins.

I'm still trying to figure out the trace
from those bone scrapes.

It's very strange and sticky.

Three primary proteins,
including a trypsin-like serine protease.

This is my "What the hell
are you talking about?" look.

It's a waterproof marine epoxy.


Why would the victim have glue
on his bones?

Yeah. That's exactly
what's got me stumped.

Ponder it while you put
the maggots in the blender.

Hopefully, you can pull
enough D.N.A. to prove
that Liam Molony was in that locker.

After he was dead, but before
he got tossed overboard. I'm on it.

Your boat hook killed him.
His name is Liam Molony.

I've seen him before,
but I barely know the guy.

Why would I kill him?

You tell me. You got a wife?
She hook up with Molony?

Oh, please. I'd have paid him.

- Would you knock it off?
- They're from Ms. Wick and Hodgins.

- It appears to be urgent.
- All right, just get on with it. Be quick.

She doesn't really listen to you, does she?

It's really none of your business.

Dr. Hodgins blended the maggots.

They don't have remnants
of human D.N.A.

- They have monocalcium paracaseinate.
- Which means? Explain.

- Cheese.
- What?

The maggots ate cheese, not Molony.

Okay. Okay, you, that's not funny.

Yeah, it is. Look.

I don't just do the horny-broad cruises.

- I do gourmet parties once a month.
- Your point is?

Last week's dinner,
there was a bunch of this, uh...

you know, uh, illegal Italian cheese.

- I took one of 'em.
- Oh. I see.

I don't. What does Italian cheese
have to do with maggots?

There's a traditional Sardinian
sheep-milk cheese called casu marzu.

It is riddled with live insect larvae.

I told you.
Look, I had nothing to do with this.

All right. Do you remember seeing this
guy on the Labor Day cougar cruise?

I might've seen him out
on deck with a woman.

Nobody goes out on deck
on account of the bar's inside.

Can you describe her?

Well, I was, um,
a little under the weather.


A possibility.

Then how are we
gonna get a description?

# Sweet light #

# Sweet light #

# Sweet, sweet light #

# Sweet light #

# As we wander alone #

# And wherever we roam #

# We shall look for you there #

# You will always be there ##

Somebody forget about lunch?

Oh. I'm so- I-
How long have I been sitting here?


I had a Caesar salad
with a side of Miss Wick.

We talked about Sardinian cheese
at length.

I'm so sorry, babe.

I totally lost track.

No, these are amazing, Angie.

You're doing a sketch
for every set of remains?

Kinda feel like I have to.

You also have to eat.
I mean, we're growing a baby, remember?

Well, yeah,
but he was somebody's baby too.

And I want our baby to know that.

Oh, wow.
I sound like a crazy woman, don't I?

Actually, you're sounding like a mom.

- Oh, crap. Already?
- Yep.

- I should take that sandwich.
- Okay.

You keep working. I'm on it.
You want a peanut butter-and-egg salad?

Yes. I know.
Pregnancy is so weird.

- I love you.
- I love you too.

Even the "charcoaly" bits.

Three separate studies
suggest this is a very effective method.

It's called state-dependent learning.

If we want him to remember
what happened when he was drunk,
just have to get him drunk.

Right. Is this really gonna work?

Memories are anchored
in internal contexts.

Yeah. For example, if I had a drink...

I would instantly remember
Daisy and how champagne
just makes her eyes sparkle.

Sweets. Is he drunk enough already?

- I'd say yes.
- Okay. Let's just focus here, all right?

- Labor Day cruise.
- Mm-hmm.

Liam Molony's on the deck with a woman.
Can you describe her?


He's confused. For example,
if I were to describe Daisy...

I'd say she was 5'5",
beautiful brown hair-

- Oh, for God's sakes, Sweets.
- I remember.

Her hair was red.

And she kept, uh, flicking it.

- Booth, that sounds just like-
- Claire Casper.

- The wife of the man
whose identity Liam stole.
- Get his keys.

- Why?
- We gotta go solve a murder.

Just give him two aspirin,
put him in a cab. All right?

Hey, wait, wait, wait! Wait, wait, wait!

We got witnesses, and they all put you
on the Labor Day cougar cruise.

Big whoop. I go on a lot of party cruises.
They're a fun night out.

Fun night out with Liam Molony?

All right.
You really want me to say this?

Liam and I hooked up a few months ago.

He used to come by the house
when Mike was at work.

Ah. Okay, so when Mike's I.D. got stolen,
you realized that it was Liam.

Could've been really easy for him.
All he had to do was grab some mail.

That must've really pissed you off.

You think I cared?
Boy went like a hot little pipe.

You definitely cared,
'cause your whole little world was
about to come crumbling down.

You went on that cruise lookin' for him,
didn't you? What did he say?

Threaten to tell your husband
about the affair?

I didn't kill Liam...

and there's nothin'
you can do to prove different.

Hey. We're, uh-
We're almost wrapped up.

Yeah. Booth called.
He thinks Claire Casper did it.

But there's no evidence
to tie her to the crime.

No, I was actually-
I was talking about the Amalia Rose.

The remains have been identified,
and they're moving them into the exhibit.

The press conference is tomorrow.


Not that this is any of my business,
but, um...

I sort of thought
that you'd be more interested.

Is that what I'm supposed to be?

I just thought-

That because I'm black,
I should be all over this?

I already know what happened.
My family were property...

along with about 15 million other Africans.

They were traded like cattle,
and they died like cattle.

And I am trying really hard not
to let those bones out there get to me.

I'm sorry, Cam.
I should've been more sensitive.

It's fine. It's all good.

Hey. So, new developments.
Am I interrupting?

No. Uh, what's going on?

I ran a couple more tests...

and the sticky stuff on
the bone abrasions wasn't marine epoxy.

It's barnacle secretion.

I think I know what happened.

Now, imagine this platform is the party
boat, and I am Liam Molony.

And I'm Claire Casper-
sexually predatory suburban housewife.

Right. Okay.
So, Molony and Claire, they struggle.

- Now, Molony, he's strong.
- We know that
from the bone attachments.

But Claire, she's got rage on her side.

And I shove him overboard.


Don't worry. We thought this through.

Molony, he tries to climb back on board,
scraping himself on the barnacles.

But Claire, she grabs the boat hook.

And stabs him with it
straight through the mouth.

- Uh-huh.
- The hook tore through his
palate into the frontal lobe...

fracturing his front teeth
as it was removed.

What's wrong?

If the abrasions
to Liam Molony's skeleton...

were caused by the barnacles
on the boat...

there may be evidence in the barnacles.

And that is why I sent the techs
out to the marina to check the boat.

Barnacles grow at a prescribed rate.

We dated these little ones back
to the night Liam Molony disappeared.

He tried to climb back up
the side of the hull.

In the process, breaking off the barnacles
and lacerating himself down to the bone.

Yeah. And these baby barnacles
grew in their place.

D.N.A.'s back from the blood we found
under those barnacles. There's two types.

One is consistent with Liam Molony.

The other's a match for Claire Casper.

She must've gotten cut
when they struggled.

Booth wanted evidence.
Looks like we got it.

Jury's gonna believe this, Claire.
We got you.

It was an accident. I-

I told Liam I knew what he did.

We started fighting.

My glass broke, and I got cut.

I looked down and saw blood.

And I got so mad, I shoved him.

He went over.

Into the ocean.

I grabbed the boat hook to get him.
I was gonna pull him out.

Then what happened?

He called me a... desperate old hag.

I never thought of myself as old until then.

I grabbed the boat hook, and I...

swung it up and caught him in the mouth.

Just like a fish.

I wanted him to die, Agent Booth, but I-

I didn't wanna kill him.

Here's the thing.
As much as it pains me to say,
I don't like casual sex.

You don't?

I mean, I like sex. I love sex.

Okay? I just-
I don't only wanna spend time with you...

'cause I'm gettin' my freak on.

I like giving you the freak.

If you wanna keep seeing me...

we need to have substantive conversation
and shared interests.

Well, that should be easy.
We have lots in common.

Okay. Like what?

We both love Indian food.

Can't stand it. Only ate it for you.

- Really?
- Uh-huh.

- What about travel?
- Since the Malukus, I'm totally over it.

- Hiking?
- Hate it.

Dogs? I love dogs.

I'm allergic.

Remember that time
when you had the flu...

and we stayed in bed and watched
the Saved by the Bell marathon?

Yeah, and we decided
you're just like Jessie...

'cause she's so smart
and ambitious, right?

And you were like Screech,
'cause he was the geeky genius.

- But they never hooked up.
- Which they totally should have.

Right? 'Cause they had
more in common than they realized.

We could watch it again.

I have issues with the last season.

Me too!



These people were wrenched
from their homeland...

and disappeared into
the cold seas of the Atlantic...

forgotten until today.

We're very proud to announce
that thanks to the hard work
of the Jeffersonian staff...

the remains found on the Amalia Rose
have been matched with
the names on the manifest.

They will be buried at the
Great Oak Cemetery in Maryland.

But their names and faces
will live on here in the Jeffersonian.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to present
the victims of the Amalia Rose.

Polidore Nelson.

Barbury Page.

Jim- No last name.

Abraham Fox.



Hany Beaufort.

Bartlett Nelson.

Issiah Nelson.

Rebecca- No last name.

Cain Dawson.

Eliza- No last name.

Georgiana Picket.

Clarence Stark.

Dillie Stark.

Franklin- No last name.

What's that mean?

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