Bones (2005–2017): Season 6, Episode 5 - The Bones That Weren't - full transcript

On an isolated construction site, a skateboarder falls over a bump in a concrete slate - part of a young man's skull, identified from a rare dental tattoo as missing former ballet dancer ...


# They say that we ain't got the style #

# We ain't got the class #

# We ain't got the tunes that's
gonna put us on the map #

# And I'm a phony in disguise
tryin' to make the radio #

# I'm an antisocial anarchist
I sound like so-and-so #

# They say I'm just a stupid kid
Another crazy radical #

# Rock and roll is dead,
I probably should have stayed in school #

# Another Generation X who somehow
slipped up through the cracks #

# Oh, they'd love to see me fall,
but I'm already on my back #

# So it goes in one ear-##

Oh, whoa. You look nice today.

Down, boy. Gotta go to work.

Beautiful and responsible.

How did I get so lucky, huh?

What do you know about Anacostia?

It's a neighborhood about
a mile and a half from here.

Seedy, prostitution,
lots of gangs, bad activity. Why?

You ever hear of local cops
getting bought off down there?

I thought you were only working
the White House and Capitol Hill.

You can see Anacostia
from the top of the Capitol dome.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

- Expanding our portfolio, are we?
- Look who's talking.

How many jurisdictional boundaries
have you transgressed over the years?

- All of them.
- All of them?


- Every one of them.
- Oh.

- Bye.
- Bye.

I'll miss you.

Anacostia? That's a really
tough part of town.

Not compared to downtown Kabul it's not.

Or the surface of Venus, which is
covered by clouds of sulfuric acid...

and hundreds of active megavolcanoes.

What? We are talking
about tough neighborhoods.

Uh-huh. It's good that Hannah's totally
jazzed about her work though.

For smart people like Hannah and me,
not being jazzed is physically painful.

Whoa. Are you saying that Hannah does
extra work because she's bored at home?

No. No.

I'm an exciting guy.

I, for example- I'm makin'
dinner for her tonight with wine.

You just decided that now, didn't you?

If you're not the cause of her ennui...

then it stands to reason that
you cannot make her happy.

- It's standard first-order logic.
- First-order logic?

First-order logic
is a philosophical system of reasoning...

using "if-then" statements
as quantifiers and predicates.

"If-then" statements
are binary truth functions,
wherein a compound sentence...

is logically equivalent to the negative.

Guys, guys.
Hannah and I are really happy.

I gave her the big closet, and I always
put the seat down after I pee.

You should also put the lid down.

Otherwise, a fine mist of aerosolized
urine and fecal particulates...

are sprayed into the air
every time you flush.

- You might as well brush your teeth
in excrement.

She's right.

Yeah. Thank God you called.

Okay. Great. Thanks.

We have a case. We've got to go.

Oh, it looks like a giant man-eating clam.

There's no such thing
as a man-eating clam.

You know, the giant ones,
they clamp on to your leg like a bear trap.

No. A: The shells close too
slowly to catch anything.

B: The really big ones can't
even close all the way.

Not in the movies I've watched.

It's all yours.

Whoa. Poor guy.
Now he's stuck in a hard place.

- How do you know it's a male?
- I don't. I just meant, you know-

- I just feel bad, whatever sex.
- Oh.

- However, you are correct.
- Oh.

Given the angle of the jaw
and the wear to the teeth...

the victim is a male in his late 20s.

- Male, late 20s. Okay, what's that?
- A probe.

These appear to be the only
remains encased here.

- What do you mean?
- Where's the back of his skull?

Oh, okay, so what you're saying is there
could be, you know, male parts...

all just embedded here
in this big slab of concrete?

Well, there's the impression
of the rest of the skull.

When the concrete set,
the bone was still there.

But somehow,
it disappeared in the meantime.

Okay, so let me guess.
You want the whole slab of concrete...

- shipped back to the Jeffersonian, right?
- No.

Don't be absurd.
A 2-by-3-by-4-meter section will be fine.

- Yeah.
- Shouldn't weigh more than a ton.

Nothin' here but dust.

Perhaps it's what's left
of the missing bones.

It could be many things, Mr. Vaziri.

Speculation is pointless
until we analyze the evidence.

Sorry. I've been away from forensic
anthropology for almost a year.
I guess I'm rusty.

But we are glad to have you back,
Mr. Vaziri. Aren't we, Dr. Brennan?

Yes, we're delighted.

Cultural anthropology
is a fine discipline...

but it doesn't involve as much hard
science as forensic anthropology.

I hope that you'll be able to make
the requisite readjustment.

- It's like time has stood still.
- All done.

So many tunnels in there,
like an ant farm.

Since we have the fluoroscope...

I was thinking I could inject a barium
sulfate slurry into the concrete.

Once inside, I could fluoroscope
the slurry like an M.R.I.

That should give us a clear picture
of what we're dealing with...

without destroying the concrete.

How's that for hard-science thinking?

Attaboy, Arastoo.

- Looks like a human skeleton.
- It is a skeleton.

Or at least the cast of one.

So, the tissue must have decomposed
before the concrete was poured.

- Why?
- Because, otherwise...

we'd be looking
at the mold of a human body...

instead of a mold of the skeleton.

What happened to the victim's clothing?

Natural fibers, like cotton...

would have decomposed
to dust or tatters...

- in, say, I don't know, four months?
- But not bones.

If we can figure out what happened
to the victim's skeletal structure...

we may be able to figure out
what happened to him.

All right, so the victim
was lying on his back...

arms by his side.

He must have been knocked
unconscious, paralyzed or already dead.

- What's your thinking?
- If he was conscious...

he would have curled up in pain
or tried to crawl away.

I've found something really odd.

Something between the victim's teeth?

No. On his teeth.

Is there any such thing
as a dental tattoo?

There's no reason that ink
couldn't be introduced to the enamel.

What do you got?

Huh. Well, that's a new one.

There's a figure of
an upside-down man on the victim's
left central maxillary incisor.

I believe he's effecting a headspin.
A classic hip-hop move.

There can't be too many people
that tattoo teeth, right?

This could lead to the victim's identity.

I will find it extremely frustrating...

if the victim's identity
is all we can discern.

Well, unless you can take bone dust
and turn it back into a full skeleton...

this is all we've got to work with.

Oh, God.

- What?
- You're gonna propose.


Candles, wine.

New toothbrushes?


You went through all this
to tell me I have bad breath?

No, I just think you
need a new toothbrush.

Well, actually, we both do,
and I bought these two, obviously.

And you can choose which color
you'd like.

- Something Temperance said?
- Yeah. Something she did.

Trust me, you do not want to know, okay?

So, more importantly,
it's time for a little wine.

Huh? Day's over.

- Oh, yes.
- There you go, for you. Okay.

Here we go, for me.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.


we're good here.

Okay, Seeley, what's all this about?

Nothing. Why does it
have to be about somethin'?

You found out that my editor
won't let me pursue the corrupt cop story.

- Huh?
- No, I didn't.

What did he say?

I quote: "The White House
press corps chases history...

not lurid 'true crime' stories."

Wow. He actually said the word "lurid"?

- It's not funny.
- It is kind of funny.

- Why is it funny?
- 'Cause then I know that...

you're still gonna do that story
without his permission.

And I think that-
That really makes me laugh.

I like that you know me that well.


Is there any chance that
I could say to you, uh, "Be careful"...

and then you could say, "Safety first"?

- It's worth a shot.
- Okay. You be careful.

- Safety first.
- Liar.

Come here. Hmm.


- Aren't we gonna eat first?
- No way.


Good morning. Hello.

Ooh. It is morning, yeah?

- You stayed up all night?
- Yes.

Is that good for the baby?

Well, what he doesn't know
doesn't hurt him, right?

Okay, so here
is a additive stereo lithograph...

that I borrowed from Archaeology.

You need a skeleton, and I'm
gonna make a reasonable facsimile.

Are those lasers?

Their purpose is to cure micro-thin layers
of liquid resin into hard plastic.

The stacking of these
two-dimensional layers...

will create a three-dimensional object.

The fluoroscopic scan created a template.

Which you'll use to grow a plastic replica
of the victim's skeleton.

Well, how accurate will it be?

That's for you and Arastoo to find out...

while I take a well-deserved nap.

At worst, it'll be
as accurate as a fossil.

I find I am totally jazzed
by your out-of-the-box lateral thinking.

I come to work and find
myself in the future.

Time travel is impossible, Mr. Vaziri.

But I know exactly what you mean.


If you're taking orders...

I'd like a 6'4", 37-year-old male with
a good income and no mommy issues.

- The detail is remarkable.
- Thank you.

It's even flexible at the joints...

where the tendons and ligaments
were replicated.

Right. But can we get
anything useful from it?

Well, the victim had turned-out hips
and high arches.

That, along with the muscle attachments
at the shoulders and hips...

suggests that he was a ballet dancer.

There are nicks on the lateral
and posterior surfaces.

Okay. Why don't you just
flip it over so we can get a better look?

I would never flip over a real skeleton.

Ah, lucky for us this is a replica.

Come on, grab a limb.


Hey, that was kinda fun.

These nicks suggest
that he was stabbed.

Or impaled.

We haven't proven murder yet, Mr. Vaziri.

It's possible that the victim
blundered into a construction site...

fell into the foundation,
impaling himself on rebar.

Well, this is the place where the guy
with the, uh, tattoo on his tooth-
Robert Pearson-

studied before he left.

That's assuming that Robert Pearson
is the only missing person...

to have a tattoo of a hip-hop dancer
on his left front incisor.

- Holding up.
- Well, I admit that the odds favor your conclusion.

- Mm-hmm.
- No family? No job?

He hasn't been here in a year, all right?

The skeleton isn't the only thing missing.
This guy's off the grid.

Clumsy, clumsy, clumsy.
What are you doing? Are you new?

Wow. She's mean.

Ballet is a rigorous vocation, Booth.


Bad posture, bad hands- bad partner.

- Are you an eagle?
- Excuse me?

Are you an eagle?


Then stop making claws.
Fingers flat on all lifts. That hurts, right?

Okay, I don't really have any problem
saying this woman killed somebody. You?

Well, she's quite small physically.

I suggest you learn how to perform a lift.

She's mean.

Whoa. Okay, well, there's
your evidence of strength.

That's how you perform a lift.

What do you want?
I'm trying to bring beauty
to the world, if that's okay with you?

We just have a few questions about one
of your former students.

Which former student?
I have quite a number of former students.

- Robert Pearson.
- Robert?

I hope you're here to tell me he's dead.

- Today is your lucky day.
- Why do you wish him to be dead?

Because he is the one who broke this
ankle and set my career back three years.

You-You want me to break down
and cry because Robert's dead?

People die. Bad things happen.

- Oh, so you blame Robert
for breaking your ankle?
- Yes.

An accident not too different
from what you saw today.

But I'll be just fine in six months.

Your gait and the contour of your ankle...

indicate that you've suffered
compound fractures...

to the medial and the lateral malleolus.

Lateral "mallebious."
Well, that sounds pretty serious, huh?

Well, she'll never be able to
properly execute a fouett? again.

A career-ender, huh?

You don't seem too surprised.

- Doctors say things all the time.
It doesn't make it true.
- Right.

- Your dad owns a construction
company, right?
- Yeah. So?

So you must know your way
around a construction site pretty well.

You know, Robert was just
found in a recently completed site.

Okay, this- this is crazy.
I could never kill anyone.

It's not crazy.
You know, people do this all the time.

They get mad, a little too mad.

I don't think it was actually
Robert's fault that you fell.

It-lt was a pas de deux.
He dropped me. That is not my fault.

Given your height, you are well over
the optimal weight for ballerina.

It'd be difficult for anybody
to perform a proper pas de deux with you.

- Are you calling me fat?
- No, no.

For a member of the general public,
you're actually quite thin.

- But by ballerina standards-
- You bitch!

Whoa, ho, ho. Okay, temper, temper!

Look, if you're gonna charge me
with something, get on with it.

Otherwise, I have a class to teach.

There are remodeled circular
microfractures on the skull.

So someone struck him
on the head with a twirling-

What twirls and is good
for hitting on the head?

Very thin cardboard on asphalt?

So he left ballet to become
a spinning-on-his-head dancer.

Check this out. Initial analysis
of the powdered bone dust...

revealed traces
of Blastomyces dermatitidis.

It's a fascinating fungus
that quite literally eats bone.

So that's what happened to
the rest of his skeleton? A fungus ate it?

Where'd the fungus come from?

- It must've been introduced
to the bone before he died.
- Ouch.

Well, it's bad for him, but good for us.

I mean, the fungus probably hitched
a ride on the murder weapon.

Now, check this out. I crossed-checked
the C.D.C.'s infectious disease map...

for recent outbreaks
of the fungus in the area.

There was an outbreak
in Kalorama Park about six months ago.

- It fits the time frame.
- Kalorama Park's loaded
with street performers.

- Perfect place for a guy
to spin on his head.
- Added twist-

as well as the fungus in the bone dust,
I found flecks of bronze in his wounds.

So we'll tell Booth to keep an eye out
for a bronze murder weapon
in Kalorama Park.

# Drop it, in the middle of the dance floor
Moves like Neyo #

# Matrix in slow mode
Slide down the pole like an Eskimo #

# Professional until the next episode #

# It's so hot
from the walls to the window #

# Break it on down
like a bulldoze #

# Wrinkling my school clothes
Marshmallows and rocky road ##

It must've been quite a comedown...

to have been working for
a professional ballet company...

to, you know, dancing for tips.

For centuries, busking has been a viable
way for creative people to earn a living.

No barriers between the performer
and the audience...

with payment coming
only after the performance.

It's entertainment in its purest,
unfettered form.

I bet he drove his parents crazy.


The fluidity with which he moves
should not be possible.

It appears as if he has no bones.

Well, that'd put you out
of business, wouldn't it?


# We never cry
about the weather #

# We're just stuck
kissin' in the rain ##

We should talk to some
of the buskers, Booth.

Excuse me. F.B.I. Special Agent Booth.

This here is, uh, Dr. Temperance
Brennan from the Jeffersonian.

We just wanna ask you a few questions.

We're just performing.
This isn't federal land.

The F.B.I. has no jurisdiction over us.

All right, just simmer down there, uh-

- Beverly.
- Beverly.

We don't want to take away from your,
uh- What did you call it?

- Pure, unfettered entertainment.
- Exactly.

We got off on the wrong foot here.
I'm Johnny.

Johnny Wizard. And this is Derrick.

Derrick here keeps the park clean for us.

- Derrick.
- You might wanna take
better care of your watch.

- Gimme that back.
- Oh. That was very good.

How about this?

- Look, Booth.
- Yeah. Look. Hey, an ear flower.

Great. You guys recognize this man?

Yeah, that's Robert. Is he in trouble?

Robert is dead.

- Oh, no.
- Man, that's terrible.

I told you it was weird
he just disappeared like that.

Then why didn't you report him missing?

Weird is just weird. It's not suspicious.

We thought he went legit, left us behind.

You and, uh, Robert have
a little thing there, Beverly?

Only business. I played, he danced.

- What happened to him?
- Uh, that's what we're
investigating right now.

- When was the last time
you guys saw him?
- Six months ago.

I think this would really suit you.

- That is my bracelet.
- No, I hate magic. Hate magic.

- Did he have any enemies?
- Everybody loved Robert.

- What about Russell?
- Who's Russell?

- They got into a fight about prime dance spots.
- But they worked it out.

All right, well, listen, if you hear
of anything, here's my card.

- Just give me a call.
- You got it.

Whoa, easy! Okay, you know,
it's a federal offense
to steal an F.B.I. agent's I.D.

I could shoot you if I wanted to,
you know that? Shoot you.

Hodgins found bronze
particulates at the site.

Yeah, so?

This statue seems to be made of bronze.

Perhaps some of those sharp edges are
responsible for the injuries we discovered.

- Ohh!
- Whoa!

Mr. Milford, I'm Dr. Lance Sweets.

I'm a psychologist.

And the reason I'm talking to you...

is that every time the F.B.I. agent I work
with asked you a question...

you spouted Shakespearean verse at him.

He doesn't speak Shakespearean.

We found traces of bronze
on a murder victim.

Hmm. You're covered in bronze.

Uh, what I think is that you suffer from
an untreated dissociative disorder...

wherein the only way that you can
communicate is through Shakespeare.

So, um-

"An honest tale speeds best
being plainly told."

"Truth is truth to the end of reckoning."

You're talkin'. Okay, uh, regarding
the homicide of Robert Pearson...

"There is special providence
in the fall of a sparrow."

"By Isis, I will give thee bloody teeth
if thou with Robert paragon again."

Oh, okay. So you're saying that Robert
wasn't an innocent victim.


Uh, "But were we burdened
with like weight of pain...

as much or more
we should ourselves complain."

- "This is the short and long of it."
- Yeah.

"There is no honor amongst thieves."

Oh, he's a thief.
What kind of thief was he?

"One may smile and smile
and be a villain."

"A cutpurse of the empire and the rule...

that from a shelf
the precious diadem stole...

and put it in his pocket."

Robert Pearson was a thief, a cutpurse.

That's a- That's a pickpocket, right?

He-He worked with someone...

he betrayed him, and-

"Where the offense is,
let the great ax fall."


Well, "I can no other answer
make but thanks and thanks."

"How far that little candle
throws his beam...

so shines a good deed
in a naughty world."

Well, thank you.

There are nicks to the right tibia,
femur and ilium...

the back of the 10th rib
on the left side...

the left transverse process
of the T6 and the right scapula.

These marks are congruent with impaling.

- But none suggest cause of death.
- Maybe he bled out.

The bronze particulates I found
didn't come from the paint on
the Shakespearean loony-tunes.

- Where did they come from?
- I don't know.

Maybe a pipe.

That was helpful.

I discern from your tone that you mean
the opposite of what you're saying.

Which is the very definition of irony.

This is the construction site
before the concrete was poured.

And this is rebar.

Now over that is a layer
of plastic sheeting.

It appears that the victim
was pushed or fell from this spot.

- How high is that?
- Just shy of three meters.

And he was impaled here.

But his skull was found over there.

Yeah, the body was yanked off the rebar
and dragged over there.

The plastic sheeting was sliced,
and the body was shoved underneath.

So the corpse decomposed
under the plastic for four months
before the concrete was poured?

The construction company went bust,
and the whole area was fenced off
for several months.

And then another company came in
and bought the project
and poured the foundation.

Now the concrete lifted the skull through
the slit in the plastic...

and the rest of the bones
dissolved from Hodgins's fungus.

This guy was impaled. So how did
nobody notice the blood for four months?

Black plastic and rusty rebar
from a distance- practically impossible.

Can all of the nicks on the bones
be explained by the rebar?

Yeah, let me show you.

Okay, what's that?

That's a nick on his spine.

Okay, the wound on the right
transverse process of the T6...

does not line up with the rest
of the wounds from the rebar.

Well, it could have been inflicted
before he fell on the rebar.

That one there. It punctures his lung.

This is not only cause of death...

it's the way Hodgins's fungus
was introduced into the bone marrow.

So, you remember these entertainers...

- fight over the best spots, right?
- Yes.

Okay, so who had the most to gain
from Robert Pearson leaving?

The other dancer, Russell Leonard.

Yeah, so with Robert gone,
Russell's the only dancer.

- Robert's death doubled his income.
- Is that all you got?

Because if we're looking for a pickpocket,
that magician makes a good suspect.

Uh, uh, uh.
Magician's record's totally clean.

Russell was arrested two months ago...

for threatening another dancer
with a sharpened screwdriver.

The murder weapon,
as described by Cam and Angela...

could very well be
a sharpened screwdriver...

tipped with a bone-eating fungus.

Bone-eating fungus, huh?

Hmm. Sometimes you
say things that sound crazy
in a really totally serious tone of voice.


# Cutty's back in the buildin'
Folks tend to oohs and aahs #

# When he stood for folks
When she lets go #

# Your hand is crushed
she hopes #

# As she's the one to call
when it's time to float #

# Nope, hate to be
so cocky and brash #

# But I'm working on gettin'
about a habit of cash #

# That's before my music
even hits the shelves #

# For the market men
Then my good looks sell #

# Well, there ain't nobody
hot as me #

# That's how I earn Mr. Green
Play the violent genes #

# I'm so fresh, so clean
I'm so nice, so mean #

# I'm so hot, so cool
So y'all just move #

# There ain't nobody hot as me #

# I'm so fresh, so clean
I'm so nice, so mean #

# I'm so hot, so cool
So y'all just move ##


Yeah. Right. Great.

- Whoo!
- All right, all right. Thank you. Thank you.

All right. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Oh, thank you.

All right, yeah. That's what
I'm talkin' about right-

All that and you can't even kick
in a buck. Now what's up with that?

Oh, now you're kickin' my stuff.
That's police brutality.

Oh, I'm not kickin'. I'm just stumblin'.

- You wanna know what, Bones?
- What?

You know what I feel with my foot there?

Looks like a... weapon.
Uh-oh. Parole violation, pal.

Your fluidity makes it appear
that you have no bones.

- And I am an expert on bones.
- So I find that very impressive.

Well, thank you.
I'll take that as a great compliment...

- while being intimidated
by law enforcement.
- Booth.

Yeah, uh, h-hold on.
Hey, guys, over here. Uh, I'm on my way.

- Booth, what's wrong?
- I-I gotta go. Hannah's been shot.

Don't worry, Seeley. I'm fine.

You got shot, Hannah. You're not fine.

I've been shot before. So have you, right?

It's not like you build up an immunity
to gunshot wounds. You should have
taken me with you.


If I'm there with an F.B.I. guy,
I don't get my story. You know that.

- Did you see the shooter?
- Why?

- You gonna go after him?
- Yeah, I am.

They pulled a.38 slug out of my leg.

- A cop gun.
- When I was shot...

I was talkin' to a dealer...

who was telling me about cops
moving drugs in his neighborhood.

In my experience...

things are not that coincidental.

So you're not gonna
lose your job here, are you?

I mean, your editor's not gonna can you?

No. I'm shot. I'm pretty.

Suddenly, he thinks
it's a pretty good story.

I looked at your X-rays.

Yeah, well, the doctor said it was nothing.
I should be out in the morning.

- That's a very bad idea.
- Why?

Because Hannah has suffered
a hairline avulsion fracture of the femur.

The doctor said it was
a little nick on the bone.

An avulsion fracture is caused
when a tendon or ligament
pulls off a piece of bone.

If you stressed your leg incorrectly...

the tendon could pull that shard of bone
out farther than it already is...

and sever the femoral artery.

You'd bleed out and die before
anyone knew what had happened.

You sure?

I'll talk to the chief surgical resident.

I believe he'll want to operate on you
this evening.

So, basically...

you saved my life.



Any evidence on the screwdriver?

Well, I pulled all of this,
so I know he used the screwdriver...

to open beer, scrape dog excrement off
the bottom of a shoe, stir coffee.

- Hopefully, not in that order.
- It's been six months.

There's not much chance
that the fungus would still be
evident on a smooth metal surface.

- So what now?
- Now it's time to go to the source.

The C.D.C. reported three more cases...

of Blastomyces dermatitidis
linked to Kalorama Park.

Which would tie the dancer to the murder.

Ah, beats cultural anthropology, don't it?

Oh, Agent Booth.
No, you should be with Hannah.

Dr. Brennan and I can
conduct the interrogation.

Bones said the operation was routine.

- It's a simple procedure, yes.
- And we have a case to work.

Okay. Uh, you're obviously upset,
and that's understandable.

I'm not upset, okay?
I am just doing my job.

Something is happening here,
and I'm not sure what it is.

Well, Agent Booth had a scare.
Someone very close to him
could have died.

And now he's obviously in denial.

I'm close with Booth and am frequently
in life-threatening situations.

- But we persevere.
- See that, Sweets? Not in denial.
I'm persevering.

- Yep.
- Persevering.

- That's right.
- All right.

You got two assault charges here, okay?

One where you threatened someone
with a screwdriver.

That was self-defense.
The charges were dropped.

- The petty theft charge wasn't dropped.
- I stole a sandwich.

I was hungry.
I spent five days locked up.

I'm sure they can think of better ways
to spend the taxpayers' money.

Why don't you tell us about you
and your friend Robert.

Look, when Robert came
to the park, he was broke.

I showed him the ropes,
told him what kind of moves
would bring him the biggest crowds.

- Then in a couple weeks, he was
making more money than you.
- That must have pissed you off.

No. I mean, I was- I was jealous, okay.

But Robert and me, we were friends.

Your screwdriver is a good match
for the murder weapon.

If you're such great friends,
why didn't you report him missing?

I work the streets.
People come and go. That's the way it is.

People in streets, they also
don't like it when someone takes
money they think is theirs.

Okay, I get where this is goin'.
So you've already decided that I'm guilty.

I want a lawyer.

These wrappers are from the vendor
who sells chicken. They're clean.

So far, none of the food stalls
show any kind of evidence of fungus.

Well, I thought if you use a screwdriver
to open up cans, maybe food got on it too.

Well, look at the bright side.
Now we can eat this pad thai.

Does look delicious.

Hey, there's definitely some
kind of eukaryotic organism...

growing on this.

These trash bags,
they all come from the restroom, huh?

This is not how I imagined
spending my day.

Do me a favor?
Separate all the trash bags
from the restroom from the others.

Working on two degrees,
and this is where I end up.

Tuition money well spent.

Hey, hey, hey. Blastomyces dermatitidis.

All right. The park janitor
collected what we needed.

Look what else he has.

We just found the murder weapon.

It's possible that this
was the murder weapon.

- Okay.
- Would you be happier if I said...

it was probable it was the murder weapon
instead of possible?

Sometimes decreasing the probabilities
makes it tougher to identify the murderer.

You mean, we know what,
when and how...

but we have no evidence tying
this weapon to a specific who.

Really, it could be anybody.
But it's good that we found the weapon.

Wait, it seems the murderer
chased the victim through the park.

Booth would wanna know why.

Shakespeare said the victim
was a pickpocket.

Maybe one of his angry marks
caught him at it.

Okay. So, the angry mark
grabs the trash picker...

and catches up to the victim
at the construction site.

Stabs him in the back,
tosses him into the foundation.

Then slits the plastic
and shoves his body beneath it.

I know what you're thinking.

We already looked for the fingerprints
on the plastic where it was cut.

It's all degraded
and smeared from the blood.

The forensic team found nothing usable.

No, no. Cam, along the slit
was the wrong place to look.

What is she doing?

Dr. Hodgins, would you come
over here and be a corpse?


Sweetie, y-you do mean
"pretend" to be a corpse, right?

'Cause the way you're holding that knife,
you're looking a little "slashery."

No, this knife is not for Dr. Hodgins.

Now, the curve in the slit...

suggests that the murderer
held the knife in his right hand.

And the slash extended 1.5 meters,
performed in one smooth movement.

Just careful where you're goin'
with that razor-sharp blade there.



- There.
- Uh, there?

- What there?
- Right.

She supported her weight
with her left hand.

So she left a full palm print
on the plastic.

How do you get
a six-month-old palm print...

off a piece of plastic
that's encased in concrete?

I need some gold.

Did you catch the murderer?

Well, technically, attempted murderer,
since you survived.

I meant the dancer-killer,
not the journalist-shooter.

We'll catch him. Don't worry.

Then we'll catch whoever did this to you.

Ten bucks says
I catch him before you do.

Ha! I'm not a betting man. But if I was,
I'd definitely raise the stakes.

Obviously, whoever shot me
is a cop who's afraid of getting caught.

I think you should back off.

- You gotta be kidding?
- What?

No. At least until
you get your health back.

Then we can lull him into
a false sense of security.

We catch him together.

Could you please lean in?


A little closer.

Within lip reach.

Thank you for being
my big scary protector.

Now, the process is called
vacuum metal deposition.

Well, this looks like a popcorn machine.

Now gold will bind with the lipids
from fingerprints at an atomic level.

Now this technique involves
coating a thin layer...

- of thermalized metallic dust
onto the evidence.
- It has to be gold?

Well, yeah. Gold conducts electricity
better than any other noncorrosive metal.

What, did you have to pay for it yourself?

Just go. Do.

Okay, here goes the gold.

Now evaporated zinc
will only condense onto metal.

Since the gold has bonded
with the fingerprints...

there's more metal in the print
than the rest of the sample.


- It worked.
- Thank goodness.

- Oh.
- What?

That is not the maintenance
guy from the park's handprint.

- How do you know?
- It's too small. It's a child.

Or a woman.

What if the other one
doesn't drink anything?

We turn the air-conditioning up
in the room, suck all the moisture out of it.

So which one do you think it is?

I have no idea.

Think of it as a game, all right?
Take a guess.

Just between the two of us.
No one's gonna hear you.
Go ahead. Guess, guess, guess.

Well, the ballet teacher
seems very mean and vindictive.

Plus, she's deceptively strong.

And she's not afraid to be violent.

- Mmm. Sorry. Wrong.
- How do you know?

I went through all the police reports
of the pickpocket incidents...

that happened out at Kalorama Park.

What did that tell you?

That not one incident out of dozens...

ever occurred while Beverly Houle
or Robert Pearson were performing.

So they were the team that Sweets heard
about from the Shakespeare statue.

- He cheated her.
- She chased him
with the garbage picker...

- stuck him in the back- end of story.
- Yeah.

But when a woman kills a man,
it's never just about the money.

You're implying there was some
kind of sexual tension involved.

Right. When that goes south,
all bets are off.

There's no honor amongst
thieves or ex-lovers.


That's it. Show time.



Her body language
doesn't prove anything.

Well, we have different
definitions for that. That's for sure.

That's why nobody can thwart
our criminological brilliance.

Did you read that off
of a restaurant place mat?

Comic book. I'm on
a self-improvement kick, all right?


Come on in.

How do you feel?

I'm alive.

Thanks to you.

Hey, where's my gift?

Excuse me?

Listen, I get it.

You saved my life, and I'm very grateful.

But traditionally, when you come to visit
someone in the hospital, you bear gifts.

Well, that custom began as a
replacement for religious sacrifice.

As a way to get the gods to
take mercy on a sick person.

Yes. But I don't believe in that.

- So-
- But you do believe in cultural traditions?

Of course. But-

So, since I'm not above a little
supplication every once in a while...

maybe you should give me
your sunglasses?

- Seriously?
- Sure.


- There you go.
- Thank you.

Perhaps you should be more careful
in what stories you pursue in the future.


Booth would be very unhappy if you died.

Would you back down, Temperance,
if you thought you were working
on something important?


No, I wouldn't.

Well, aren't we a pair?

I guess Seeley's gonna have to
resign himself to being worried
as long as we're both around.

We are. We are quite a pair.

They look good on you.

What's that mean?

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