Bones (2005–2017): Season 6, Episode 23 - The Change in the Game - full transcript

A generally disliked member of Max Keenan's bowling team's corpse is found as a decomposing mess in the cones machinery when that renovated section is reopened, but he was knocked dead a ...

I want to bowl!

It's my birthday
and I want to bowl!

I know, sweetheart,
but we have to take turns.

No turns! It's my birthday!

Okay, okay.

Can we let Justin bowl
just once?

I want to bowl now!

Excuse me!

Lane four!

The pins aren't resetting on
lane four!

Okay, well, look, I gotta reset
the lane.

So you tell him
to cool his jets.

I want to bowl...
Yeah, that'll work.


You need
to behave, Justin.

I don't have to.

I'm the birthday boy!

You know what happens to little
boys at a bowling alley

who don't behave,
even on their birthday?


I don't think you want to know.

What can they do to me?
I'm the birthday boy.

I'll behave!

I'll behave! I'll behave!

I'm pretty sure any day

the Guinness people are gonna
come and measure me.

You look beautiful.

Yeah, for a water buffalo.

It's two days
past my due date.

Well, the doctor said the baby
could be up to two weeks late.

It's time to take matters
into my own hands.

- What do you mean?
- Excuse me.

Could I have some
habanero sauce, please?

Hot sauce can bring on labor.


Mm-hmm. You confirm
with Dr. Banno?

First thing, she has to check
the baby's eyes.

She knows.

I'm sure we can handle it
either way,

but I'd-I'd just like to know
as soon as possible.

Dr. Banno has everything
under control.

And everyone says
she's the best.

I'm sure I've asked you
all of this, like,

a hundred times, right?

It's okay;
I don't care.

Don't you think that
that might be

a little too much there, babe?

Oh, no, this isn't that hot.

You should drink milk,
not water.

Oh, God!


Can I get some milk?!

Can I get some milk
down here, please?

Angela says she's going
to have her baby today.

She's been saying that
every day for two weeks.

Well, mathematically

the chances of her being right
increase every day.


Can you say "Blech
of a strike?"


there's an extreme amount
of insect and maggot activity.

That would explain
the lack of tissue.

No one noticed him
before he dropped?

The owner says the alley's been
closed for ten days

to resurface the floors.

It just reopened today

Judging by this piece
of the pelvis

and the mandible, I would say he
was a Caucasian male, mid-30s.

How'd he get into the pinsetter?

Well, look at that.

Looks like he got caught up in
the machine, Bones.

It ground him up
quite effectively.

The owner said people

have been known to sneak back
here for, uh, you know...

I do not know.
To have, you know...

Snacks? There are a lot
of fast food wrappers.

That would account for the

maggots, insects
and the rapid decomp.

Wrong kind of snack.

Bones, you know,
sexual liaisons?

- Oh...
- So, what do you think, huh?

Fell in there after making
a little whoopee?

Well, only if he died
during whoopee,

and then fell into the machine.

He was dead
when he was ripped apart.

At least a week.

There's bruising on the ulna
and pisiform and there's

a slight fracture
on the radial tuberosity.

All antimortem.

Did you follow that?

Dead first, and then ground up.

These are
defensive wounds, Booth.

The victim was fending off
an attack.

Definitely failed to fend.

I agree.

It appears
this man was murdered.

♪ Bones 6x23 ♪
The Change in the Game
Original Air Date on May 19, 2011

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♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method

I don't even know
why we're here.

You mean existentially,

as human beings or...?

Really? I'm about
to be a father any second

and you're doing

No, I mean here, you know?

In the lab when we should be
home, waiting in comfort.

It's normal to be worried.

Worry can make
a guy edgy.

So right now, what
you're being is normal.

This is the guy taking apart
a meat puppet puzzle.

Watch this. I'm about
to Brennanize you.


Transverse fracture of the
metacarpal of the right thumb,

chondromalacia patellae
of the left knee,

a notch in the notch
of the ulna with...

A notch in the notch?

That's correct. With exostosis
of the medial surface.

Okay, so what is that?

Some kind of, like,
repetitive stress stuff?

Yup. Like this.


Yeah, I'm thinking

some kind of
ritualized offering

to, like, the sun, you know?

Yeah, like a figure kinda on
a high throne, right?

So, like a, like a Satanic
or Illuminati slave.


you're bowling.
Hey, okay.

You're ready?! All right,
the hot sauce worked?!

Uh, no, not yet.

- Just relax.
- Bowling?

Bowling, yes.

Well, that would correspond
with the high level

of polyester in his garment.

And the fact that he was found
in a bowling alley.

And the fact that he was wearing
a bowling shirt

with the name "Jeff" sewn on
the pocket.

And the team name...

I knew a kid

in high school
everybody called...

Right, yeah. Just to be clear,
you're not in labor?

No, honey, not currently.

I don't know.
The hot sauce doesn't work,

the sex doesn't work.

I mean, maybe we should
just take

a long ride on a bumpy road.

How is that any different
than sex?

My mom went into labor after
riding on a roller-coaster.

That explains a lot.

I don't know, honey.

Maybe we should try
an amusement park.

Uh, I think we should just let
the hot sauce work its magic.

Yeah, sure.

Meet Mr. Jeff Fowler.

Jeff Fowler was
an accomplished bowler.

Lots of trophies,
custom balls.

He was also a classic car
restorer and dealer,

which tells us
that he was fastidious,

competitive, careful,
respectful of design,

social and gregarious.

Wait a second. Wait a second
This shirt says "Thunderballs."

I'm still doing
my psych profile.

I know but this Thunderballs,

that's the name of Bones' dad's
bowling team:

Oh, God, I hope this is

not another case where Max,
you know, killed someone.

I thought he promised not to do
that anymore. Well, if he isn't

the murderer,
I think he might be able

to help us catch the bad guy.

Thanks for this.

Thank the victim's shirt.

Angela, are you in labor?

Is it time?
I can grab a cab

and be there in five minutes.

No, no, nothing has happened,

What are you up to?

I'm going to meet Booth and my
dad about this murder case.

I wish you
would go into labor.

Yeah, you and me both.

The Zuni Indians believed that

labor could be hastened
by silence.

Did Hodgins tell you
to tell me that?

For some reason,
I find it very difficult

to concentrate on anything else.

Well, that's probably because
you are a very good friend.

Yes, probably. I'm here, Ange.

I know you are, sweetie.

That's why I love you.

Oh, no, I mean I'm at the diner.

Oh. Right.

Je-Jeff Fowler was murdered?

His skull was set up
like a center pin.

Dad, what happened
to you?

Oh, nothing, Tempe, nothing.

So he's going back there
to get himself a little nookie.

Right, so it's true
what they say.

Dad, you don't end up in
a wheelchair for nothing.

Okay, if you must know...

I had a very embarrassing
physical event occur.

What, did you
fall off your bike?


Yeah, and Rosamund was inured
in that same, uh...

- Physical event?
- Yeah.

Okay, who's Rosamund?

She's a lady friend.
A lady friend?

Did she break a hip
or something?

She's 36. And by the way,

weren't we talking
about a murder case here?

Dad, can you think of why anyone
would want to kill Jeff Fowler?

Well, he liked to call himself
"The Closer."

And we all called him
"The Gloater."

You'd kill a guy just for that?

No kidding. You...

Hey, cut it out! It wasn't me.
You know, you have

trust issues, my friend.

Do you think he was killed
by a poor loser?

Absolutely. Just not me.

Okay, we'll just talk
to everyone

who he bowled against then.
No, no, no, no.

Here's the thing.

It's a tournament.
And you're not gonna get

these people to talk to you.

It's only gonna lead
to more questions.

But the first 48 hours

of a murder investigation are

- Yeah.
- Well, you're a bowler, aren't you?

- Yeah, yeah, I bowl. High 280s.
- Whew!

What does that mean?

It means he's good.

So why not go in undercover?

Come on. You could take my place
with the Thunderballs.

But you just said
they won't talk.

Yeah, but they love to gossip.

I mean, what do you think
bowlers are doing

when they're not actually

I get it.
Get 'em to say something

during the tournament--
I'm liking this.

I love undercover.
What'll I be?

You can be my girlfriend.


Um, but if Angela
goes into labor,

we have to pick a fight so that

I can be there
to catch the baby.

We'll get you there,
hell or high water!

Yeah! What?

I don't know.
Something weird here.

You're-you're almost polite
to each other.

What is it?
You having a fight?

No, I just really, really
want to be there

when Angela's baby is born.

Right, so how soon before
I can become a Thunderball?

Don't you love that smell?

The gladiators'

I can discern
fried food,

sweat, dirty feet,

cigarette smoke,
chewing gum.

And murder.

Okay, now, please, would you try
and act like a couple?

And don't embarrass me.

All right,

here we go.

Hey, Amber, I want you
to meet Buck and Wanda.

You're awful young.

How good can he be?

He rents his shoes.

Hey, The Closer
rented shoes.

This team is cursed.
First Jeff gets killed,

then you fall
out of bed.

Now it's just me
and all this dead weight.

Hey, hey, hey, do not
call me dead weight.

I'm a champion.

With style and grace.

Hercules Maldonado.
They call me...

The Tornado.

Easy there, Hercules.

You're drooling
all over my girl.

His fiancee, to be more exact.

That's French.

All right.

Here you go, hon.
Thanks, doll.



Now that's my muffin at work.

Form is everything.
You hear that, Buck?

I didn't mean him.
I meant you.

Back off, Tina.

Don't fraternize with
the other team.

They play head games.

I'm Alison Rose.

Like the flower.

I love your hair.

Alison, back off!

See what I mean?

Why don't you take
a chill pill,

you poisonous little dwarf.

Tod Balacleets is coming.

He is the tournament director.

AKA The Raven.

I need you to sign in before
the preliminaries can begin.

Fair play

and good sportsmanship
above all else.

- You know the drill.
- They call you The Raven?

They call you Buck?

And that's Wanda.

Nice to meet you,
The Raven.

All right, okay, Thunderballs,

versus Strike Force.

Let the tournament begin.

So, these red flakes,
they were embedded

in the front of his skull.

He's so ground up, it'll be tough
to determine the cause of death.

At least he was already dead
before he was pulled apart.

You know, the only
perimortem injury

that I could find
is this fracture

to the nasal bone.

- Who dies of a broken nose?
- Exactly. If I can't figure out

the cause of death
Dr. Brennan's going to be

tossing me into that machine.


You're supposed to say,
"No, she'll understand."

Oh, but she won't.

Ah, that is so funny.

Did you hear that?

Only me being sarcastic.

No, no, no-- something rattled.

In the skull.

Something dislodged
in the enzyme bath.

Wait a minute.

He was killed
by a broken nose.

When his nose
got hit,

the force shattered
the cribiform plate

in the back of his skull.

So fragments from
inside his skull

literally flew into his brain?

Yeah, that's how he died.


Okay, is it time?!

All right, I'm going
to call Dr. Banno!

You really have to chill,

♪ I like to go bowling
with my friend Burt ♪

♪ With my bowling ball
and my bowling shirt ♪

♪ I like to roll the ball
down the lane ♪

♪ On a good day,
I'll throw a few strikes ♪

♪ Make some spares,
that's what I like ♪

Come on, come on! All right!
♪ Bowling is my kind of game ♪

That's how
it's done.

♪ I aim for the one pin,
two pin, three pin, four ♪

♪ Five pins down the lane ♪

♪ With a boom and a bang,
they hit the floor ♪

♪ And I throw the ball again ♪

♪ I like to go bowling with my friend Burt ♪
You got it.

♪ With my bowling ball
and my bowling shirt ♪

♪ Bowling is my kind of game ♪

♪ I aim for the six pin,
seven pin, eight pin, nine ♪

♪ Ten pins down the lane ♪

♪ I throw the ball
and I hit the line ♪

♪ And I knock 'em down again ♪

♪ I likes to go bowling with
my best friend Burt ♪

♪ With my bowling ball
and my bowling shirt ♪

♪ Bowling is
my kind of game. ♪

What're you doin'?

I log every game
we've played in here.

How each lane plays.

Who screwed up.

How well I did.

Here's where
I'll be in 2026.

"World Champion
of the World."

That's a redundant statement.

I'm so good, they have
to say it twice.

♪ Bowling is my kind of game. ♪



Oh! Yes!

It's okay. Not to worry.
We will win the next round, no?

And you know
what would be good?

If you'd try
to help with that.

I'll be in the
video arcade

until needed,
and not a second before.

Listen, you see the guy
Hercules over there?

The Raven assigned him to us.

After The Closer got killed.

Well, I don't see any other way
for him to get on the team.

He's terrible.

It's not about playing, Bones.
It's about catching a murderer.

Then why are you trying to win?

First rule of undercover--

you got to make it look real.

You want to make it look real,
maybe you should be

a little more affectionate
with each other.

I'll go talk
to Hercules.


Good game, Hercules.

Gracias, senorita.

Although, without the venom
of the little one,

I would have been
much better.

Well, it must be difficult to
step into The Closer's shoes.

That I would never do.

But you have.

No. I have my own shoes.

You see, he used
rental shoes.

A disgrace.

A real bowler does not
rely on superstition.

I don't understand.

Mr. Fowler believed
in luck.

His lucky rental shoes,
lucky lane number 12,

his lucky little shirt,
lucky beer mug.

It's foolishness.

I agree.

Yes. You see I-- I'm a real man
who does not need superstition,

because I have God
on my side.

I'm sure God wants you
to be a good bowler.

And when The Closer
was going around

telling everyone
that I was terrible,

I knew-- I had faith
that, one day,

I would have my chance.

And now, huh? Now I do.

Because he was murdered?

God works in mysterious
ways, no?

Well, I suppose
that's one way to explain it.

Toodle-oo, Bucky.


that old fossil really wants to
share milk and cookies with you,

if you get my drift.

Yeah, yeah,
I get that a lot.

Yeah, I know what you mean.
No, you don't.

Hey, when it comes
to Alison,

everyone is fair game.

Alison put
the moves on you?

Check it out, man,
I'm fresh.

What about The Closer?

Yeah. All the chicks
dug The Closer.

He was a huge fish in
this dinky little pond.

With him gone, I am
the hair apparent.

Hair apparent?

That's what they
call it, dude.

Read a book.

The splinters
and chips dislodged

from the inside and shot
through the brain matter.

Okay, you do know that
that hot sauce--

the only thing it's doing
is making the baby sweat.

My dad says that this
always brings on labor.

Oh, yeah.

And a rock 'n' roll guitar god

is definitely the go-to guy
for obstetrics.

Any idea what caused

the damage to the nasal
and ethmoid bones?

Okay, I tried a 2 x 4.

It would have caused
the brain damage,

but it would have crushed
the frontal bone,

the zygomatic bone
and caused a Lefort fracture.

We need something with
a more concentrated force.

Yeah, maybe a hammer?

Oof! Wow, that's nice,

but a little too concentrated.

Can you zoom in a bit?


We need a point of impact
concentrated over the defined area,

but with the energy dispersed
around the edges.

Right, yeah, of course.

Something with
rounded edges.

That way the primary point
of impact would be the nose,

and the edges would account
for the spidering.

Well, it's not a bat.

None of those match
the fracture pattern.

Oh, my God.

What, do you know what it is?

Oh, my God.

What's the murder weapon, Angie?

Are you kidding?

Come on, now, you're the expert.

You've been jumping
around all day,

and when my water breaks
you don't even notice?


Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

Okay, here we go,
here we go.

It's show time!

Okay, okay, I'm calm,
very calm, okay?

No panic, no hysteria.

We can totally handle
this, right, Angie?

Get the car!


Where the hell
are my keys?!

Now that's what we
call a contraction.

Oh, God, that's what you call
a contraction, you rotten old bat.

I call it a fireball
of pain.

She didn't mean that--
the "rotten old bat" part.

I think I did.

That's okay. Everyone reacts to
the stress and pain

of childbirth

Believe me, I have seen it all.

I wouldn't bet on it.

Angela's a very unique

Shut up, Hodgins.

Your voice is
incredibly annoying.

We're going to wait
for the contractions

to get a little closer together
before asking you to push.

Oh, God, they get
closer together?

Wait a minute,
I knew that.

I knew that, right, honey?

Didn't I know that?

I-I'm sorry that I called you
a-a rotten old bat.

It's okay. And, yes,
you did know that.

Angela, you know

everything you need to know
to have this baby.

And what you forget,
your husband will remind you.



Doc, Doctor... uh...

Right. Okay, so...

breathe through your nose.

- Do not tell me what to do.
- Okay.

But-but-but coach me
like we practiced.

Those are mutually exclusive.

Don't argue with me.



Hey, how's it going?

It's, you know,
kind of hard to describe.

This is great.
This is really great.

I am so ready for this.

Is it okay if I ask
Hodgins a question?

Is it?

Yeah, yes, we're
just lying around

waiting for these contractions
to get closer together.

Go for it, bud.

Okay, I put that red flake
we found

into the mass spectrometer,

but I don't really know how
to read the results.

I can help you with that.

Also, um, I have no idea

how to get the Angelatron
to find the weapon.

Oh, okay. Uh, you need to
run it through my program.

It's really easy, I'll,
I'll, I'll help you through it.

- Hey. What's this?
- Hello, Dr. Banno,

I'm Wendell Bray.
We're solving a murder.

I'm pretty sure we're
supposed to be solving a baby.

Um, okay, so...

Let me see the
mass spec readings.

Wow. Wendell, um, what you...

what you need to do is

run it through a program
called "Spatula."

Hey, Sherry, how's it going?

Oh, hey, Cam

We are solving a murder
when we're supposed to be

concentrating on bringing
a life into the world.

Oh, contraction.

Good stiff one, looks like.

Hey, hey, that's polyurethane.

- Did you say polyurethane?
- Yeah.

Bowling balls are
made of polyurethane.

You know, that could be
your murder weapon.

Great, I'll run it
through the Scapula.

It's Spatula.

Okay. Sorry, Ange.

Bye! And good luck, Angela.

And you too, Sherry.


Eat it!


A little sportsmanship,
if you please.

Sportsmanship is for
losers and wanna-bes.

I'll be in the arcade.

Kid was raised by wolves.

Till she killed
and ate them all.

I'll get your ball
for you, Muffin.

Her daddy must've been a baker,

'cause that is a
great set of buns.

Down, boy.

That's okay, you got your eye
on her, too. I get it.

But all's fair, old man.

And I gotta warn you, I'm in the
prime of my sexual magnetism.

Go, Buck!
Go, Buck!

Come on, Buck.

Ooh... oh!

Why are you bowling so badly?

My feet are killing me.

This is Wanda. Talk to me.

Hey, buddy!

I need a pair of shoes that
aren't going to rot my feet.

One with the ball,

one with the lane,

one with the pin.

Let's go...


Buck's on the truck,

driving the truck.

Buck truck!

He's a car thief.

- What?
- Blake.

Isn't that the best
thing about bowling?

Getting to meet
a wide range of people?

Kid's a car thief?

A compulsive joy rider.

The guy that got killed--
didn't he restore cars?

Oh! That would make them

natural enemies, I guess.

I never thought of that.


Blake killed Jeff.

Hey, Alison.

You're up.


Wendell identified
the murder weapon.

Well, great. It's about time.
What is it?

A bowling ball.

Oh, gee, that's
a big help.

Great. That's really
gonna help in here.

Oh, I got a great idea.
I tell you what, why don't you

use your murder ray, there,
and look in Blake's bag.

It's not a murder ray, it's
an ultraviolet light. Why?

Why? Because they
were natural enemies.

Be careful.

Distract him.

Hey! What do you
think you're doing?

Are you tampering
with his equipment?

'Cause that is
a grievous league violation.

No, no, no.
She's just looking, right?

Hey! What's with
the black light?

I'm just looking to see

if you used any substance to
change the surface of your ball.

Right! Like, uh, baby powder
for the, for your grip.

I don't cheat.

Yeah, but you steal cars.

That would make me a thief,
and not a cheater.

You know what we should do?

- We just call over to The Raven.
- Why? No, please.

For to become our
unbalanced mediator.

Is there a problem here?

No problem.

I'm eyeing you Thunderballs.

You know why?

'Cause Jeff Fowler
got what he deserved.

And so does anyone
else who cheats.

We don't cheat.

I bet he killed Jeff.

Why's that?

Well, because Jeff
superglued The Raven's hand

into his bowling ball

at a Dialing-for-Dollars
bowl-a-thon a couple years ago.

Yeah, you can see it on
the interwebs computer.

It's very funny.

The Raven has never
competed again.

You know, they say sometimes,
if you walk by the bowling alley

at night, you can hear
him yelling at God,

and swearing revenge!

So what I want you to do is

I want you to call
Sweets, all right?

Have The Raven picked up,
so we can have him checked out

for a case of the
killer crazies.

Everything looks great.

No, it is not great.
It is not great.

I want this thing out of me,
and it's staying in.

Would you like to
reconsider an epidural?

Hey, yeah,
why not, Ange?

Because natural childbirth is
a beautiful, beautiful thing.


Excuse me, Dr. Banno.
You're, you're blocking the, uh...

Hey. According to Dr. Brennan,

"bowling ball" wasn't
specific enough.

Dude. What do you want
us to do about it?

You have to,
you have to program

a series of variables
into the Angelatron.

which mimic a spread of...
Oh, God Almighty!

...spread of-- aah!

Take me now!

A spread of variables with...

Mars, Saturn, and Uranus!

Oh, babe!

I'll figure it out myself.

...The Raven!

That effectively
ended your career.

I'm the tournament
director now.

People respect me.

Right. But your true desire was
to be a professional bowler,

and you would have
attained that desire,

if Jeff Fowler hadn't put
superglue in your bowling ball.

It was just a prank.

Which ruined your life.

I was a great bowler.

But after what Fowler did, I
never trusted my release again.

Fate can be unkind.

But you can't fight it.


you can take revenge on
the deliverer of that fate.

The guy who stole your,
your life.

Now, you keep saying
that he ruined my life.

But I supervise 12 leagues;

I have the respect of my
peers; I have a family.

Well, sort of.

The woman that I see sometimes,
her stepkid seems to like me.

I am a well-respected official.

You know, it could be said
that you dress in black

and take revenge
on real bowlers,

by humiliating them

in the guise of...

Are you being so cruel
to me in the hopes of

getting some kind of
"crazy murderer" response?

Yeah. Yeah, I am.

That's extremely cold-hearted.

It's my job.

Well, how did I do?

Quite well, actually.

But we still need you
to provide an alibi

for your whereabouts
on the fourteenth.

I was bowling.

Over at the Granville Lanes.

No one knows me there,
so I'm less self-conscious.

So you're saying there's
no one to vouch for you.

Well, someone must
have seen me there, right?

I am The Raven.


We are in Spatula.

I think. This should get us
a variety of bowling balls.

Then we can, uh, run
different scenarios

to determine the weight.

Very good. She always makes
this look so difficult.



I am not sure
that was right.

I know, I know.

In the counsels of government...

Okay, I'm pretty sure
he's not the killer.

What are you doing?

I am not really
qualified to do this.

Oh! Whoa, Mr. Bray.

Look, maybe, maybe I
should just ask Angela.

Uh, is, is this a good time?

I don't want to rush you, but
you've got less than a minute

before the next
contraction, Wendell.

Oh! Uh, right. Okay, uh,

this thing doesn't work. It started
out all right, but now it's...

A million images
started flying by,

Oh, my God. Did you hit "purge"?

Hey, hey,

get away from my equipment.

Do you want me to...

No. Walk away, Wendell.
Don't touch anything.


Okay. We're, uh... going.

Let's try breathing, okay?
Four short breaths.

Hee, hee, ha, ha.

Oh, God,
shut up!

You sound like
a quacking duck!

Oh, God, okay.

Come on, Buck.
Come on.


We are doomed!

We only needed two pins to win,
and you left them both standing.

I still got another ball.

Oh, yeah, right.
A 7-10 split.

It's highly improbable,

statistically approaching
the impossible.

Sometimes when you speak,
it's like you,

you watch PBS on purpose.

You need two pins,
I'll get two pins.


Something is wrong.

You shouldn't have
been able to do that.

Oh, honey, give
the man his props.

I'd like to, but it's
simply improbable.


Force equals mass
times acceleration.

Okay. To break a nose,
you need a very low force

with a large mass,
say around 30 Gs, or...

No, no, no. Hmm.

This is like watching
Michelle do her homework.

Maybe I should try
to... Oh! Wait!

Hey! Uh...
Do you need me to--

Because of the amount
of force it takes

to break the victim's nose
is so low, it means that

the mass and acceleration
must be fairly low as well,

so... In fact, any mass

over 2.26 kilograms, wielded at

almost any acceleration,
would be too much damage.

So 2.26 kilograms...

Five pounds.

The ball could not have weighed
more than five pounds.

What are you doing?

Looking through
Amber's laptop.

Don't you need
a warrant for that?

If Buck and I
ever have a child,

she will not turn
out like Amber.

Yeah, Temperance,
it's just us monkeys.

You don't have to keep
up your cover story.

I find it helpful to
remain in character.

See how she improves

Yeah, very impressive.

These are all the
statistics from lane 12.

Yeah? So?

So, there have been some
very difficult splits

made on lane 12,
including Booth's.

You... you think Amber
falsified her records?

I think she tampered
with the lane.

Hey, Joe, my feet are
itching like crazy.

Don't you fumigate these?

Wear a size 12?

Probably got Fowler's shoes.

He never wore socks. Feet stunk.

We all hated it.

Superstitious bastard.

How do you calibrate
the, uh, pin setters?

I don't do anything.
Computers do it all.

So someone could reset
the pin placement?

Yeah, I guess. You know,
I don't really give a crap.

- What?
- I was right.

You never could have
gotten that 7-10 split.

So you gotta keep giving
up hope on me, there?

No. Someone got into
the computer system,

and recalibrated
lane 12, so the pins

set closer together.
That's why Fowler

thought that
lane 12 was lucky.

It's easier to bowl
strikes and get splits.

I'll be damned.
Sweets was right.

Fowler was a cheat.


This is Wanda.

At the bowling alley.

The size and shape of the injury

indicates that he was killed
with a bowling ball.

But the ball would have to be
five pounds or less.

A child's bowling ball?

Thanks, Wendell.

What's he saying,
it's a kid's ball?

It appears so.


Hey, what if it wasn't
Fowler who rigged the lane?

What if it was Amber?

Fowler figures it out...

She kills him.

If we ever had
a child like that...

Oh, that's never ever
gonna happen, Wanda.


This is Wanda the bowler
at the bowling tournament,


Dr. Brennan,
I'm here with Dr. Hodgins.

Is he back from
the baby being born?

Oh, no, Angela's still in labor.

She stalled or something.

Listen, tell her that bowling
balls-- they don't flake, okay?

They chip.

He said bowling balls
don't flake.

What do they do?

Uh, they chip.

Is there a difference?

This is my area, okay, Wendell?

Chips, flakes, shards,
fragments, slivers, chunks,

lumps, shavings, snippets.

This is what I do.

Okay, everybody is getting
a little cranky now.

If what you found was a flake,

that suggests that the murder
weapon was not a bowling ball.

Then what else is made of
polyurethane and flakes?

This type of polyurethane

meets national
traffic safety standards.

You're looking for
a motorcycle helmet

with red sparkles.

He says we're looking for

a motorcycle helmet
with red sparkles.

Thank you.

She said "thank you"
and hung up.

H-How's it going there, buddy?

Good news.

It's time to push.

It's time to push.
It's gonna be all right.

Come on...

Okay, babe.



Max. Max!

Who owns a motorcycle?

George Clooney does.

No, Booth means
in the league.


Ah, this sucks.

Wait a minute,
wait a minute.

He does.

The shoe guy?

We're up! Let's go.

Well, we quit.



We have to catch a killer,
and then we have to

go visit our friend in
the hospital. You understand.

They're bailing!

They're forfeiting?

What? I don't want
to win like that.

Hey, a win is a win;
I'm okay with this.

Oh, I'm not okay with that.

Uh, what are you doing
to my helmet?

Looks like blood.

Everybody! Everybody get
back to the game!

Listen, kid, there are
things more important

than your bowling average.

Do not mess with me,
you mullet-haired hick!

Listen, kid, I'm with the FBI.

I'm an FBI agent.

You watch your mouth.

Hey, you! You're under arrest

for the murder
of Jeff Fowler.

You run,
I swear I'll shoot you.



He was gonna run;
I saw it in his eyes.

You know what?

You'd have killed him, too.

He never washed his feet.

I mean, look at my hands!

All of my fingernails
fell off.

And then my girlfriend left me

for The Raven,

and I really liked her kid.

I didn't even hit
him that hard.

It was just a tap.

Couldn't you
go easy on him?

Yeah, Jeff Fowler
was a pretty terrible guy.

L-Let him go.

Go easy on him?!

You ruined everything!


Stop her.

You are a horrible child!

Oh, that's good, Angie!

Good, Angie!

We're very close.




I want to talk about
if the baby is blind.


Yeah, yeah, now.

Okay, okay.

Well, well, yeah,
we're ready for that.


Yeah, we're ready.


It'll only take a moment
to check your baby's eyes.

I won't keep you waiting,
trust me.

Hey, hey.

Have I ever told you
how-how wonderful your voice is?

It's like hot tea
and-and honey.

Any child who has a father

with a voice
like yours is just...

Have I ever told you
how good you smell?

And-And how soft
your skin is?

And how every time
you take my hand,

I feel your whole life
vibrating with mine?

My God.

You're going to be wonderful
parents, no matter what happens.

Okay! Push, Ange!

This is the one. Here we go.

Go, Ange, go!


Yeah, that's it!

♪ I can offer you
a warm embrace ♪

♪ To make you feel my love... ♪

♪ When the evening shadows
and the stars appear... ♪

Oh, God!

He's here.
He's here.


It's a boy.

He's a he.

Give me just a moment.

♪ To make you feel my love... ♪

We're a family.

♪ I know you haven't
made your mind up yet ♪

♪ But I will never
do you wrong ♪

♪ I known it from the moment
that we met ♪

♪ No doubt in my mind
that you belong ♪

♪ I could make you happy,
make your dreams come true ♪

Your son's vision is fine.

Everything about him
is just fine.

♪ Go to the ends
of the earth for you ♪

♪ To make you feel my love ♪

♪ I know you haven't
made your mind up yet ♪

♪ But I would never
do you wrong ♪

♪ I've known it
from the moment that we met ♪

♪ No doubt in my mind
where you belong... ♪

Everybody, I would like you
to meet my son,

Michael Stacatto
Vincent Hodgins.

♪ I'd go hungry,
I'd go black and blue ♪

Hey. These are your friends.

These are your friends.


♪ Know there's nothing
that I wouldn't do ♪



♪ To make you feel my love. ♪

What was it like?

It was wonderful.

And beautiful.

It was a dream.

Look at this guy.

It's from Booth, too.

Thank you.

♪ The storms are raging
on the rolling sea... ♪

They looked so happy.

Yeah, well,
they had a baby.

Their whole lives
have changed.

You'd think they'd be a
little more apprehensive.

Well, you know, having a baby--
that's a good thing.

You really think that?

Yeah, it's a great thing.

What? What?

Oh, come on.

Bones, look, the baby,
the baby's fine.

It's healthy.
They had a healthy baby.

All right?
They love each other.

This is the happiest day
of their lives.



♪ Nothing that
I wouldn't do... ♪


I'm pregnant.

♪ Go to the ends
of the earth for you... ♪

You're the father.

♪ To make you feel my love. ♪

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