Bones (2005–2017): Season 6, Episode 13 - The Daredevil in the Mold - full transcript

A BMX rider's remains are discovered on the roof of a warehouse after a failed bike stunt. While Booth and Brennan interrogate the victim's fellow riders, Hodgins and newly mellowed "squint...

Cheers! Yeah.

I-I really appreciate you
talking to me, Agent Booth.

Well, you know what?
You're buying. Here you go.

I just love Daisy
so much.

Yeah. I just do.
I just love her!

Right. I know.
You said that.

We really should
change the subject.

I can't. I can't!
Why can't you?

I just... she's all
I think about.

Her laugh,
her little nose,

her cute laugh,

the things she does in bed,
so imaginative.

You really have had
too much to drink.

What about you?
I gotta listen to you, that's why.

Finish all that.

You think I'm too
young to get married?

Yeah, I do.

Yeah? Just like that?

Yeah, just like that.
You're too young.

But love and commitment
don't have age restrictions.

Daisy's ready.

Yeah. So?

I can't imagine
my life without her.

Well, let's just talk about something else.
How about sports?

How about those Capitals?
I want to get married.

How about action films?
Let's talk action movies. Right?

I don't want to be your age
and wind up like you.

What'd you say?

I don't. You've never been

And that, that's sad to me.


I don't want that to be where
my life is headed,

you know?

But I'm, I'm gonna propose to
Daisy. I'm gonna do it.

Yeah, I'm gonna do it.

Yeah. Yeah!

Yeah. Well, you know what?
I'm gonna propose to Hannah.


Yeah! I-I've been planning it

for a while now.



Oh, my God!

You know, till death do us part.

I'm picking out
the ring tomorrow.

Dude! That's great!
Congratulation! Yeah.

We should, we should buy
our rings together.

That's a good idea. Okay, yeah.
Just don't go telling the world.

I don't want
to hear everyone's opinion.

No, no. It's, it's stuck in
my shrink vault.

My-My drunk shrink vault.

Yeah, it is.


That's great news.


Are you okay, Booth?
You look a little pale.

I'm fine. You really don't
have to yell, either.

Okay? I can hear you
right here.

Geez, it's so bright
up here, isn't it?

I feel like I'm walking
on the sun.

You're suffering from alcohol
poisoning, aren't you?

Poisoning? No.

Excessive consumption of alcohol
poisons the liver

and depletes its
supply of glutathione

and other reductive
detoxification agents.

Okay, I got it.
I had a little bit

too much to drink
last night, all right?

Okay! Lookit here!
What happened to Mr. Mustard?

Looks like he was stuffed
in a Snuggly.

The remains have been
completely devoured by mold.

An aggressive pathogenic mold.

Decedent is male, early 20s,

but the mold will have to be
removed before I can discern

anything else of
value from the skeleton.

Are you okay, Booth?

He's hung over.

On a school day?

Was it a fun drunk or a
hell-with-the-world drunk?

Okay, look, I had a little bit
too much to drink.

I was with Sweets. He wanted
a little advice, that's all.

Ooh, about Daisy, I imagine.
I'd get soused, too.

Pliny the Elder thought
eating fried canaries

would alleviate
a hangover.

Canaries, right. I'll put that
on my shopping list.

Who found Captain Moldy here?

The owner of the building.
Came up to fix the AC.

Sweets must view your
relationship with Hannah

as being quite healthy,
if he asked you for advice.

What happened over here?

It looks like something was
dropped there.

We think the victim.

It's very unlikely that he fell
out of the sky.

And there are drag marks
from that damage

to where we found the body.

Indicating someone hid the body
behind the air conditioner.

Okay, so the victim
was dropped here.

Fallen angel?

You're not helping.

And someone dragged him
over there.

Presumably, the killer.

Hide by the AC and he took off
over there through the exit

down the stairs and off
into the night.

Only, he didn't use the stairs.

That door only opens from the
inside, and it's alarmed.

There's no sign of it being
tampered with.

Then how did they get up here?

This is a
phylogenetic mold.

Deuteromycota, I think.

It couldn't have originated on
the roof.

It could help determine where he
was before he was murdered.

Fisher, you gonna be
playing that all the time?

It's surf from a beach in Hana.

The doctor said
the soothing sounds

could help dispel my sense
of dread and hopelessness.

Oh, also
herbal tea helps.

And it's working?

Other than more frequent trips
to the bathroom, I'm chill.

Why are we listening
to the ocean?

It's relaxing.

Please turn it off.

Why are my bones not clean,
Dr. Hodgins?

I have to determine exactly what
I'm dealing with first.

Then I'll know how to remove it
without damaging the bones.

I did, uh, X-ray
the remains, Dr. Brennan,

and I marked the fractures.

There appear to be fractures on
almost every bone.

These are at least
two years old.

These are about one year old.

And these are all fresh

and could possibly be cause
of death.

Huh. I hope I got them all.

Yes. I believe
you did an excellent job

with these, Mr. Fisher.

So who was our victim,
a moldy crash test dummy?

♪ Bones 6x13 ♪
The Daredevil in the Mold
Original Air Date on February 10, 2011

♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method

Well, usually I'm the
one that removes

the remaining flesh
from the bones.

Yes, but in this case,

the remaining flesh is
mostly a fungus,

which is my area of expertise.

Okay, that won't mark
the bone, will it?

No, it's nylon.

However, it's perfect
for strangling.

Are you just gonna stand there?



What the hell?!

Are you just gonna stand there?

I can't do anything until I can
get my hands on the bones.

But don't worry
about me.

I have my wave sounds.


I'm making mold steaks,

and you're listening to...

You can't hear me anymore.


Have you identified the mold?

You can't hear me,
so I can say whatever I want,

you morose bastard.

I can read lips.

How many bones are broken?

I can see evidence

of approximately
120 remodeled breaks.

Excuse me?

120 bone breaks
that have already healed?

I'm not done yet. I hope

that among all
the antemortem fractures

is some more current
instance of bone damage

that might suggest
cause of death.

Well, with all these fractures,
we should be able to identify

the victim through medical

I'll put out an all-points
bulletin for a human piñata.

Mr. Fisher, how long will
Hodgins be with the bones?

Why is he ignoring me?

Hodgins-- how long?

Oh. Uh, if I take him literally,
about eight hours.

Fine, then you might as well
begin cataloging the damage.

Wow. Uh, I'm gonna need
a pen and paper.

I have got some good news,
some bad news

and some more good news.

Start with the good news.

The remains were devoured
by a myxomycota mold

from the protista kingdom,

more commonly known as dog vomit
slime mold.

That's the good news?

Yes, because the mold hitchhiked
a ride

to that rooftop on the victim.

And we might be able to use that
to trace his movements.

The bad news is the condensation
runoff from the A/C,

combined with heat

from the exhaust vent created
mold nirvana.

That mold is obscuring
a lot of the evidence.

Okay, good news, bad news.

Looks like all we're left with
is some more good news?

I got a little present
for us in the mold.


The exoskeleton
of a chimney swift bedbug.

That's "more good news"?


Tracking bedbug outbreaks?

There's an app for that.

You're really not gonna eat anything?

A hangover can inhibit
appetite for up to 36 hours.

Man, I leave town for one
night and you get wasted.

What was the occasion,
old Army buddy?

He was with Sweets.

Did Sweets get drunk, too?

Blind drunk.
He hugged me.

You can get arrested for
contributing to the delinquency

of a minor.

We just had a guy conversation.

A conversation about what?


Come on.
What about?

Nah, nothing.

Just, uh...

Sweets and Daisy...

moving forward, um...

You have an idealistic

and highly romanticized notion
of love.

Sweets was right
to confide in you.

What'd you say about me?

You? Oh...


You were talking about love,

and you didn't mention me?

Can we just talk
about the murder?

Angela, men are idiots.

I know that.

And you've got one
of the good ones.

You said when I worked up
a likeness...

Thank God.

Yeah. Well, the
facial bones were

really damaged, so I did
the best I could.

He looks pretty determined.

Yeah. With all
those broken bones,

I'm figuring daredevil.

There you are.

I have been looking for you.

Oh, God. You're not gonna
ruin a perfectly good snack

by talking about
bedbugs, are you?

If you want,
I can call them "bunnies."

I'd appreciate that.
Thank you.

Right. Okay, so,
there have been an outbreak

of bedbug... nnies

across the entire
Eastern Seaboard.

But, luckily for us,

the bed... bunny we found
on the victim was

a special chimney
swift bedbunny.


Three hotsheet motels
along Lancing Avenue

were especially hard hit.

By... bunnies?

Yeah, yeah. And mold.

Oh, the same dog slime
mold that ate our victim?

Dog vomit slime mold.

I'm just gonna
finish this later.

I didn't name it.

Anyway, anyway.

The health department,
right? They sent a truck

to pick up all
the mattresses.

One of the motels said they
had stacked the stuff outside

and it all got stolen.

By a gang
of BMX bike riders.

I'm assuming you've made
some sort of connection?

Tons of broken bones?

BMX bike riders?

And maybe they wanted
something softer

than concrete to land on.

Mm-hmm. A little dry.

Good, though.


♪ Who's gonna bring
the flying pain? ♪

♪ Black and blue,
black and blue ♪

♪ This is a war,
it ain't no game ♪

♪ Black and blue,
black and blue ♪

♪ Didn't your mama tell you ♪

♪ Not to go down
to Santa Cruz? ♪

♪ You're gonna leave here
black and blue... ♪

So, I told you that my sketch
might-might not be exact.

Well, then I'll describe
the injuries

and maybe a witness can help
you with a new sketch. Whoa!

Am I supposed to just
pretend to be an FBI agent?

Because what I'm wearing
isn't very...

You know, Angela,
just be yourself.

Go in strong. Be yourself.

Excuse me.

FBI Special Agent Booth. This
here is Dr. Temperance Brennan.

And I'm Montenegro.


Hey. Pete Casriel.

What can I do for you?

Are you missing anyone
from this playground?

I beg your pardon?

Simple question.
Do you have any kids

who used to be here all the time

who aren't anymore?

It's not school, bro.

We don't take attendance here.

No lip, Pete.

That too much?

Yeah. Show him
the picture.

You recognize this guy?

He would have
broken a lot of bones.

He looks like a lot of guys.

Everyone around here, though,

has a broken a bone or two,
though. You know?

Aren't you a little old
to be subjecting your body

to this kind of abuse?

I held the world record
for the longest ice pick grind

for, like, two years
when I was a young bucko.

Just got right into the blood.

Right. I used to ride go-carts.
But I grew out of it.

Yeah, well, that's you.

Anyway, it's like
The Condor once said, man.

"You're gonna be woken up
unconscious pretty often

if you're going to have fun
the way I like to have fun."

Come check this out.

♪ This is my world,
this is my life ♪

♪ The clock strikes, you feel
the pain in your chest ♪

♪ It's time to sleep, but
your mind won't let you rest ♪

♪ Your thoughts are swift,
it's a battle in your mind ♪

♪ No matter what you do
it just continues rising ♪

♪ Broken, broken in two ♪

See that?
That was a massive invert.

Before he got it right,
that kid broke his arm--

I don't know--
like, three times.

♪ A day like this ♪

Hey, uh,
there's our bedbug mattresses.

♪ The feeling hits you, you're
dizzy from your thoughts ♪

♪ Your brain is swollen,
it's like a mental gunshot ♪

Okay, you know,
I've seen enough of this.

Excuse me, kid. Whoa.

FBI. Whoa!

Hey, uh, excuse me.

Hello? The guy said, "FBI."

Everyone just...
Whoa, whoa. FBI.

Hey, guys. Can, just...

Bones, what are you
doing? Bones?


♪ Have you ever ♪


♪ Had a day like this? ♪

What the hell, lady?

You should wear shin guards.

Do you recognize this young man?

Yeah. Sure. That's D-Rott.

Nice sketch, Ange.

♪ This is my world ♪

♪ This is my life. ♪

♪ ♪

That leg should be set.

You really shouldn't
try to stand.

I'm okay. It's only broken
a little bit.

A little bit?

Does your mother know
what you're doing out here?


She's pregnant.

The FBI is weird, dude.

Right. Before they cart you
off to the hospital,

what can you tell us
about D-Rott?

He wiped out so many times
that he was cut and broken

and bruised so much that
he looked like he was rotting.

Hence the moniker.

Does D-Rott have a real name?

Dustin. Dustin Rottenberg.

He's pretty much
the best rider in the area.

Maybe the East Coast.

Is he in trouble?

No. He's dead.
Oh, my God.

That explains
why he hasn't been around.

Did Dustin do something crazy?

We found him on a warehouse
rooftop in the Navy yards.


Shouldn't you at least pretend
to be upset?

Dustin was trying
to get sponsored.

He'd been doing video stunts
over in the Navy yards,

and he posted them online.
They're awesome.

Yeah. He wanted
to get a shot of himself

jumping from roof to roof,

so I designed a ramp for him.

Designing a ramp like that
requires extensive knowledge

of physics, geometry...

I'm a mechanical
engineering student at GW.

The design wasn't
finished yet.

He never should
have used it.

Well, we didn't
find a ramp there.

There was someone with
him on the roof.

They moved his body. Any idea
who that could have been?

No. Uh...

He rode with a lot of people.

Well, if you hear anything,
just give me a call.


What are you guys gonna do
with D-Rott's bike?

Those wheels were sweet.

I'll pay whatever you want.

We didn't find the bike.

So some bastard probably
killed him for his bike?

Hey. So listen up.

Our child

is not riding skateboards
or bicycles

or playing football
until he is old enough

to pay his own
medical bills.

It's okay if I don't take
you seriously, isn't it?

Are the hormones
talking again?

Screaming, actually.


Well, I'm not throwing
up for, like, months

just so this kid can break
his leg or something.


Ew and ew.

What are you doing, babe?

I am going to shake them
through these filters

until they give me
what I want.

You're getting that mad
scientist look in your eyes.

I always wanted
to be a mad scientist.

I'm living the dream, baby.


So what do you want
our kid to be, anyway?

I mean, if we could decide
and make it happen

without being those annoying
parents that we hate?

Anything I want?


A musician.

Hard rock and '50s
West Coast jazz,

who's also an astrophysicist

in extraterrestrial studies,

who also has
a secondary degree,

not necessarily a doctorate,

in 20th-century
political theory

and its relationship
to corporatism.

Ooh. Who also does killer
stand-up on the weekends.

Oh, wow.

What about you?

What do you want
our baby to be?

Well, "mad scientist"
sounds good to me.

Hey, Noel.

This is awesome.

They're like birds
that can ride bikes

but without all the
wings and feathers.

Yeah, right.

Give me that.

Hey. Look, man.

I'm really sorry.

Sorry for what?

Oh. I'm not here
for breaking into that...

Never mind.
Hey. I'm Noel.

My eyes are red from allergies.

Okay. I'm Dr. Sweets.
Oh, cool.

So you can write prescriptions?
Listen, Noel.

We need you to find a bike.
We think it was stolen.

You sure this
is a good idea?

Look, I've used
Noel before.

You know, to tail people,
to sniff things out.

If anyone can find that
bike, it's Noel. Noel?

Yeah. My powers of observation
are acute.

Yeah, I saw the, uh, stalking
arrest on your rap sheet.

Look, Noel, we
think that someone

was killed
for the bike.

This one.

It was last seen
in the Navy yard.

All right. No problem.

I'll need a cell phone, a car,

and $500 cash to get started.

I'll tell you what. Why don't
we just drop the charges

for whatever it is you stole?

What exactly did I steal?

I don't know, but you
stole something, right?

Yeah, I must have.

So we got a deal?

$50 bucks
for my glaucoma medicine?

Tell you what. Let me see
the bike, and we'll talk.

All right. Deal.

Deal. Deal. Amazing.

Have you cataloged
the injuries, Mr. Fisher?

Mr. Fisher?


I was trying to get
your attention, Mr. Fisher.

I'm so sorry.

I was on Hat Bang Sak
Beach in Thailand.

You're of more use here.

What is that smell?

Oh. Reishi tea.

It's calming,

but makes me go, so...

Show me what you've
learned from the bones.

Right. Two minutes.
I'm just going to use the john.

I don't have the time. Now.

Okay, but the tea and...
and the sounds of the ocean...

Mr. Fisher, I have many interns
to choose from.



Okay. Uh...

I think I may have found
the cause of death.

I've separated the bones
with perimortem breaks.

All the breaks here,
from the C4 and below

are anterior
wedge fractures.

Yes. Uh, I'm just gonna
cut to the chase.

The victim died from
internal decapitation.

Blunt force trauma
to the chin,

which snapped the neck

and killed him.

That's it.

Very good, Mr. Fisher.

Perhaps the tea is working.

I assure you, it is.

I thought you said you had to go

to the restroom.
Thank you.

Hey, Noel. I got your call.
What do you got for me?

I'm sorry, man. I didn't
know you were hungry.

You want mine?

No, I don't want
your hot dog.

The bike.
Oh, right.

That kid over there
in the grey plaid shirt.

Dude must know his dogs,
because these are great.

This is, like,
my fourth foot.

I saw him shoplift
down the street.

He took off on the bike.

It's sitting over there
next to the garbage can.


Except for
the early mornings.

Are you sure you
don't want a bite?

Hey. FBI!


Come on.


That's got to be
worth another $20.


Where's my dog?

These are eight fake IDs
which we found on your person.

What I'm trying to do here,

Orlando, is try to figure out if
you're just another shifty kid

or a murderer. Sit down.

I didn't...
I didn't murder anybody.

Okay, look.

Look, I-I sell these things

for a hundred bucks a piece,
but-but murder?

No. That's not me.

Right. So, where'd
you get the bike?

I found it.

Found it?

You know it's
worth two grand?

What, all beat up like that?

Yeah, the owner
of this bike is dead.

Oh, this is terrible.

You know a Dustin Rottenberg,
A.K.A. D-Rott?

No, I don't know Dustin
or D-Rott.

I found the bike.


Between two buildings

at this industrial park
in the Navy yards.

Just lying there, all beat up
and on the ground.

So I took it.

See that?

Doesn't it feel good
to tell the truth?

We want you to perform
a postmortem on the bicycle.

It's just like a
skeleton, Angela.

The oxidized scratches
are analogous

to remodeled
bone breaks,

indicating they happened
quite some time ago.

Any marks without oxidation

will be considered
the perimortem injuries.

We were thinking you could
recreate the bike accident.

Okay, I mean,
maybe I could, but why?

We will recreate what happened
to the human victim

while you recreate
what happened to his bicycle.

Then we can see whether
the internal decapitation

was an accident or murder.

What's that?


What's that?!

What's what?!

That chunk there.
Hey, hey.

You don't have to yell.

I was just on Nerja Beach
in Spain.

Give me a second
to reenter joyless reality.

That could be a number
of things, man.

Could be a fragment of schist,

or perhaps the ossification of
an organic material such as...

It's bone.

Are you sure?

I'm calm, I'm focused, I'm sure.

Now, if you'll excuse me.


Not cool, man.

I ran a number of scenarios
on the victim's body

to explain the injuries
on the bones.

Check this out.


Why are you using toys?
I'm pregnant.

I can't seem to pass a toy store
without going in it.

Boy or girl,
my kid is gonna love these.

I'm sure.
How many variants are you using?

I matched the victim's injuries

to each of the following
possible scenarios.

Landing on two tires, one tire,

upside down, back tire,

and even on its side.

How many injuries match
the damage to the bicycle?

All of them but one.

Which injury?

The internal decapitation.

For that to happen, the chin
would have to hit the ground

at a force of approximately
1,200 pounds per square inch.

Now, no matter how
I position him...

The mandible
remains uninjured.

And look where
the bike ends up.

Exactly where the boy
said he found the bike.


So our victim wasn't killed
in the bicycle crash.

After he fell, someone

struck him in his chin,
severing his head from his neck.

That's what killed him.


So, I found clothing
fragments, insect larvae,

wood splinters
and roofing paper.

And a few bone fragments
I gave to Fisher

to see if he can
work his magic.

Fisher has magic now?

Sure. He gets it
from the tea.

It's a secret potion.

What's this?

Yeah, I'm not
sure yet.

It's some kind of
glass splinters.

But there was no broken glass
on the roof.

The bone chip isn't bone.

It's a tooth.

It's really discolored.

Well, tetracycline
does that.

Yes. Radiocarbon analysis shows

the tooth comes from someone 23
or 24 years old.

Our victim's only 20.

Which means the tooth could not
have come from our victim, and

since tetracycline is
used to treat chronic acne,

we're looking
for a pockmarked 23-year-old

with a missing tooth.

Keep drinking that tea,
Mr. Fisher.

Why am I here?
I haven't done anything.

Well, your medical records show

that you use tetracycline
for you acne.

But that messed
up your teeth.

Hey, dude, at least
I don't look like a pizza.

I'm thinking of getting
those whitener strips.

You know,
in case I get a sponsor

so I look good in the magazines.

You want a sponsorship,
just like D-Rott?

We all do, dude.

Why do you think
we put up with all the abuse?

D-Rott was going after
the sponsorship that you wanted.

That pissed you off.

What the hell are you saying?
He was my friend, dude.

Here's what
I'm thinking happened.

You two got in a fight

over the sponsorship,
and you killed him.

See, we found this on D-Rott.

It's your tooth.
He knocked it out.

What's so funny?

Course he knocked my tooth out.

I cut him off on the half pipe.

He went after me, and we beat
the crap out of each other.

A million people saw it.

He kept the tooth
as a souvenir.

It was a joke
between us.

Look. I even
got one of his.


Mr. Fisher.

Ah, okay.

Uh, we've determined

that the mandible was
struck on the right side,

approximately 5.6 centimeters
from the condyle.


But look at the fracture.

Looks like glass.

Okay, good.

I thought
the tea might be getting to me.

Hodgins also found slivers
of glass in the mold.

It looks like a thread

that must have been
left by the weapon.

Very observant, Mr. Fisher.

I find I can be quite productive

when not being crushed
by despair.

I'm glad we have a reason

to tolerate
your foul-smelling beverages.

Take the thread
to Dr. Hodgins.

We need to know
what struck the victim.

Man, these are expensive!

What do you expect?
They're diamonds.

So, when you proposed last time,
didn't you give her a ring?

Yeah, my grandmother's ring.

Ah. Why don't you just
give her that one again?

Well, she had to swallow it

when she was in Indonesia
so it wouldn't get stolen.

Whoa. Well, did you ever
get it back?

Yeah. Yeah, it just
doesn't seem that romantic

to propose with a ring
that had to be fished

out of the toilet,
you know?

It is kind
of gross. Hi.

Hi. Looking
for an engagement ring, are we?

Yes. Yes, we are.


Can I see this tray?

It's a nice tray.

It is.

I'd like something like that.

Oh, an excellent choice, sir.

You must be very much in love.



smoke, Agent Booth, that's...

Hi. I was thinking something

more along the
lines of that one.


Yeah. Why?

Is she pregnant? I mean,
do you have to get married?


Well, then,
I wouldn't bother proposing.

Not with a ring like that.

Don't listen to her, Sweets.

You get whichever ring
that you want.

No, she's right.

I really am.
Do you mind?

I'm just saying, there's no
returns, no exchanges.

No, no. No, nah. I can't. Sorry.
Can't do it.

Can't do it. I...
If I'm thinking about the money,

then I can't ask her
to marry me.

Right? You were right.

I... I'm not ready.

I'm-I'm years away from
being in your situation.

Look, I don't care
what you do, all right?

I'm going for it.
I love Hannah.

And I'm getting her... this one.

That's bigger than the last one.

You're a wonderful man.

A wonderful, wonderful man.

I'm quite moved, myself.

I used your design, and

calculated every
conceivable way that

he could have gotten
enough speed

to cause the damage
to the roof,

but it doesn't match.

Oh, God.


He didn't use that ramp.

It wasn't a jump
from building to building.

Well, yeah,
but he didn't drop from the sky.

Basically, he did.

This is my fault.
He tried to use

my other design.

No, Staci.

Dustin wasn't killed
by the stunt.

His body was dragged

to where he was found
after he was killed.

You sure?

How do you think
he got up there?

He made the jump
from the ground.

He launched himself
over 40 feet in the air?

I didn't think
it was possible.

I told Dustin
the design was only theoretical.

I did it for class,
and the teacher flunked me.

Do you think that you can draw
the design for me?


Well, the-the ramp is
on the ground.

He had to be going at least

40 miles an hour when he hit it
to get enough height, see?

Yeah, but nobody can get
that kind of speed on a bike.

I mean, not on that street. I know.
Someone had to tow him to get a launch like that.

And whoever it was

would have been the last person
to see him alive.

This graphic is based
on Staci's new ramp design.

Oh, oh, oh! Aw!


it could have been
anyone with him that day?

Anyone with a car
that can go 40 miles an hour.

Well, that rules
out Henry Ford.

But whoever struck him left
behind these threads of glass.

Now, this is the glass thread

we found in the victim's
fractured mandible, and this...

this is the thread
we found in the mold.

Same magnification?


So they match?

They match.

What kind of glass
leaves threads like this?

Fiberglass. The kind of
spun fiberglass used in casts.

So, the murder weapon
was a cast?

When I was in that BMX park,
it seemed like

everybody there had a cast
on his arm.

What do we do? Take samples from
every broken arm we can find?

Wait a minute.

We're not looking
for a broken arm.

What do you mean?

He was struck in the chin
by a blow

that was strong enough to cause
internal decapitation.

He was kicked.

He was totally kicked
in the chin.

How many broken legs
did you see?

Just one.

So, forensics found these
fiberglass fibers on the body.


So, they're remnants
from your cast.

Oh. I'll be damned.

Well, we hung
out together,

so it's probably why, right?

Yeah, but Dustin Rottenberg's
DNA was also found on your cast.

What does that tell you?

You kicked him.

Is-Is there...
is there any chance

that it wasn't my kick
that killed him?

Like, maybe
it was the accident, dude.

I don't know.
You know, you can discuss

that strategy
with your defense lawyers.

Far as I'm concerned,

Dr. Brennan says
you're the one who killed him.

I was really hoping
otherwise, bro.

Why did you kick him
in the head?

I don't know. I was just...

I was so amped up,
man, from the stunt.

I mean,
if this thing had worked, bro,

it was gonna be epic,
I mean, historic.

You should have
seen how fast

he was going
when he hit that ramp, dude.

You towed him?

Yeah, man, in my van.

And you know what?

It was perfect.

I saw it in the mirror.

I saw the-the bike head
for the stars, man,

like a rocket, just...

Like the space
shuttle, right?

It was beautiful.

But then when D-Rott
didn't pop over that roof

and wave he was okay,

I knew he wasn't okay.

So I took the rope
ladder and climbed up.

He was so messed up, man.

There was no sign
of his bike anywhere.

Yeah, well,

my people said
that he hit the roof

with the equivalent force

of falling out
of a two-story building.

I know. He was so pissed.

I leaned down
to see if he was all right.

The dude hit me.

And we just started
getting into it or whatever.

You fought?

He had a grip on my plums, man.

What was I supposed to do?

I just... I kicked out.

You kicked him in the jaw.

He had a grip
on my plums, man.

It has an effect
on your judgment.

I wish... Man, I-I wish
he wouldn't have died, though.

Hey, soldier.


You looking for a good time?

Look at you!

Wow. I...

You didn't answer the question.

I, um...

Wow. I-I thought
I was looking for a good time,

but you know,
the truth is, I, um...

I think I'm looking
for a little bit more.

Well, don't underestimate
a good time.

I, uh... I was gonna...

You know what?
I was gonna wait, but...

I, um...

I love you, Hannah.

And I just...

When I met you,

I really, honestly wondered

if I was ever going
to meet anyone again.


Oh, my God.

I, uh...

Marry me.

I want you to be my wife.


Oh, Seeley.

I love you.

I really do...

But I can't.

I'm just not the marrying kind.

I am.

I know.
I know you are.

I thought we would have
more time before we got to this.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

So, what happens now?

What do you
think happens now?


Can we just go back?

I'll walk in here,
you tell me how good I look,

I'll say thank you, we kiss,

we'll have a nice dinner like...
like this never happened.

We can just... go back.


Your turn.

What happens now?

I'll get my stuff out
of your place.

How much time
do you need?

To get out of
your place?

Or to get over you?

♪ Buckets of rain,
buckets of tears ♪

♪ Got all those buckets
coming out of my ears ♪

♪ Buckets of moonbeams
in my hand ♪

♪ You got all the love, honey,
I can stand ♪

I do love you, Seeley.

I don't think we're done,

but I can see
we're done for now.

I'm just not the
marrying kind.

You already said that.

I've said it plenty
of times before.

I guess you
weren't listening.

♪ I been meek,
hard like an oak ♪

♪ I seen pretty people
disappear like smoke ♪

♪ Friends will arrive ♪

♪ Friends will disappear ♪

♪ If you want me ♪

♪ Honey, baby, I'll be here ♪

♪ I like your smile
and your fingertips ♪

♪ I like the way
that you move your hips ♪

♪ I like the cool way
you look at me ♪

♪ Everything about you
bringing me misery ♪

♪ Little red wagon,
little red bike ♪

♪ I ain't no monkey,
but I know what I like ♪

♪ I like the way
you love me strong and slow ♪

♪ I'm taking you with me,
honey baby, where I go... ♪

You drunk?


Relatively, I'm drunk,
meaning, I'm drunker than usual.

But no...
I am not a drunk.

You sound...

Hannah called me.


Really, I-I...

I don't want
to talk about that, okay?

I'm just... I'm over...
I'm over it.

I'm done, okay?


what happens next?

What happens next?


I mean, you like evidence,
right, Bones?

Well, here's the evidence.

The evidence is that
there is something wrong here.

Now, I... I fell in love

with a woman,

and I had a kid.

She doesn't want to marry me.

Well, uh...

And then, the next woman--
well, she's...


Yeah, and now...

I mean, what is it with women

who just don't want
what I'm offering here?


No. Just...
You know what? Drink.


I'm just really...

I'm just mad.

I'm just really mad
at all of you.

All right? I'm just mad.

Okay, so...

You want to know
how this is gonna work?

Okay, this is how
this is gonna work.

Me and you are partners.

That's what we do.
We're partners.

All right? And I love that.

I think that's great.

And, uh, we-we're good people
who catch bad people, right?

Yeah, and-and... and we argue,
we-we go back and forth.

We're partners.

And sometimes
after we solve a case,

we come here, and we celebrate.

That's what we do.
We celebrate.

So, as far as I can see,

that is what happens next.

Are you okay with that?

Great, because, you know,
if you are, tell you what.

You stay here
and you have a drink with me.

All right, maybe, uh,

we have a little
small talk, chitchat.

And if you're not, well...

you can leave.

There's the door.

And tomorrow I'll find you
a new FBI guy.

Those are my only choices?


Those are your only choices.

Then I'll have a drink.