Bones (2005–2017): Season 6, Episode 10 - The Body in the Bag - full transcript

An unidentifiable body is discovered in the shower of an upscale home belonging to a young female socialite. With the help of nosy bones expert and Jeffersonian "squint" Clark Edison, ...

Hey, Paisley.

I know you're in here.

Why haven't you been returning my calls?


Hey, sexy.

Guess who's here!

Let's have a little fun in the shower.

Where are you, baby?

Oh, God! Help!

- ##
- # Put the lime in the coconut
and drink 'em both up #

# Put the lime in the coconut
and drink 'em both up #

# Put the lime in the coconut
and drink 'em both up #

# Put the lime in the coconut
and drink 'em both up #

- "Lime in the coconut"?
- Gee!

Really isn't a morning song, you know.

- Right. Was I-
- Yeah.

Oh, boy. I haven't seen you around here.

Yeah, because treadmills are for mice.
Listen, I gotta ask you something.

- Okay.
- A while back...

Bones, um, she kind of, um-

You know, she kind of said that she
kind of still has feelings for, you know-

Wait. Did she say that she loved you?
Was it that direct?

- Wow. You just get right into it.
- I have to. I'm getting winded here.

Yeah. That's what she said.

Okay. Well, what did you say?

"I'm sorry. I'm with Hannah now.

I moved on. I love Hannah."

- You know, I haven't told Hannah,
and it's kinda eating at me.

I understand.
Oh, God. I'm going uphill now.

Sweets? Sweets!

Well, you know, if this is on your mind,
then you should tell Hannah.

Bones and Hannah are friends now.

I mean, isn't that what secrets are for?

Hey, maybe you could just give me
something to make me stop feeling guilty.

Well, perhaps this is difficult because
you still have feelings for Dr. Brennan.

What? No. No- You know what?

This was a bad idea.
I'll talk to Hannah myself, okay?

All right.

I'll tell you what.

Stop bringing up me and Bones, okay?

What are you doing?

Why can't I turn this down?

What did you do to this thing?

Somebody? Somebody?

Hey. Mr. Swiss Cheese here, huh?

The holes in the soft tissue
appear to be a function...

of excellent water pressure
in multiple nozzles.

According to the meter,
shower's been on for three days.

Sounds like time of death to me.

Any indication of water temperature?

Tankless water heater
kept at 105 the entire time.

More than adequate to bore holes
through necrotic flesh.

Okay. So, we I.D. the body yet?

What's visible of the sacrum
points to a female.

Pubic surface indicates
that she was in her early to mid-20s.

According to the neighbors, the house
belongs to a Paisley Johnston, 23.

- Nice place for a 23-year-old.
- Rich party girl.

She sustained a Le Fort fracture...

which caused her facial bones
to fragment.

The force of the shower spray
washed the fragments down the drain.

We'll need to recover them
in order to do a reconstruction.

I'm working on it.

Okay, I just heard Hodgins. Where is he?

I'm up here on the roof snaking the vents.

The victim's hair mass
went down the drain...

then the whole clog
caught on the adipose...

- which melted off at the-
- Okay, enough of you.

Okay. Here we go.

Now, when I start to snake, I suggest
you guys step away from the drain, okay?


A screwdriver, please.

Okay. Here we go.

I think I see some... bone fragments.

Go through, go through.

Definitely a skull fragment.

- Flashlight?
- Yep.

Do you hear something?

Mm. It's just a little gurgle. That's all.

When it comes to plumbing,
women just can't deal.

Okay, we're covered
in flesh and bone fragments.

Scrape it all off into evidence bags...

and be careful not to swallow.


Have you found cause of death,
Dr. Edison?

Epidural hematoma...

resulting from a depressed
fracture to the occipital.

Is it me, or is it strangely quiet
around here?

Everyone's trying to respect your wish...

for a calm and professional environment.

Oh. I'm sorry.
That was an unfair demand of mine.


My girlfriend says
I'm a stick-in-the-mud...

and that the workplace
can be a healthy social environment
as well as professional.

I think she's wrong. Did you confirm...

that the victim is Paisley Johnston?

Not yet. A large chunk
of the occipital bone is missing.

Not to mention everything
south of the eye sockets.

But I was able to determine
that our victim had mild scoliosis.

It may help to confirm identity.

Booth is trying to get ahold of Paisley's
parents, but they're in Antarctica.

You know, my parents also
travel quite frequently.

I believe I may have
some abandonment issues...

which causes me to be withdrawn.

Hence my previous workplace behavior.

You are really opening up.

Once Dr. Hodgins recovers
the bone fragments from the plumbing...

we'll be able to reconstruct
the skull and determine weapon.

I'll remove the rest of the flesh
so you can get a better look at the bones.

Dr. Edison can assist you.

So, are you still dating
that gynecologist?


That's zero to 60 in no time.

I'm gonna just concentrate...

on removing the rest of this flesh...

if that's okay with you.



If somebody wanted
Paisley Johnston dead...

it definitely wasn't
the credit card company.

- Oh, yeah? Big shopper?
- Olympic level.

But there's nothing in her paper trail...

that suggests a motive for murder.

Well, I checked out
her social networking pages.

It's actually a sophisticated profiling tool.
May I?

- Yeah. Knock yourself out.
- All right.

Have you, uh, talked to Hannah yet?

- I will.
- Okay.

I've been a little busy here.

You know?
Uh, murder victim. Remember?

You'll get around to it.

Do they teach a course
in hounding at shrink school?

Let's just stay on point here, Sweets!

See what you got. Okay.

Paisley Johnston.

Who posts that many
pictures of themselves?

Someone with narcissistic
personality disorder.

- What, is she clubbing with a rat?
- Chinchilla.

His name's Chi Chi.
He features prominently.

She probably felt safer bonding
with a pet than a human being.

She lists a lot of friends.

Not so much friends as admirers.

She only seemed to interact
directly with one person.

- Who?
- Nicole Twist.

They exchanged direct messages
almost every waking hour for months.

Usually it was just compliments...

or exclamations of undying friendship.

Now check out the last message
from four days ago.

"I can't believe what you did!
You're the biggest fake in the world!

- Bitch!"
- Oh, wow.

What kind of language
is that for B.F.F.'s?

And that is when Nicole,
Paisley's only and best friend...

severed their relationship
by de-friending Paisley.

Now, symbolically
this is some rough stuff.

- Rough enough for murder?
- Give me a shot at her. I'll let you know.

- You got her.
- Now with the Hannah-

- Nope.
- and Dr. Brennan-

- Just walk away.
- Okay.

I can't believe this.

I just thought that Paisley
was out of town.

Did you two fight recently, Nicole?

- You mean about the purse thing?
- Sure.

Tell me about the purse thing.

Well, Paisley bought me
a purse for my birthday.

A Chanel double flap, black lambskin...

with silver hardware.

Is that a good thing?


what I really wanted was...

the double flap lambskin
with gold hardware.

I know, I know. They say that you don't,
like, need to match metals.

But- I mean, really.

Like, look at my skin tone. Silver?

So, anyway, I went to Chanel
to try to exchange the bag.

They arrested me.

Paisley gave me a fake.

Paisley gave you a counterfeit bag?

Like, I was humiliated.

Totally... humiliated.

So it wasn't just a handbag.
It was symbolic of betrayal.

It would only be natural
to seek revenge...

for a handbag.


You bet.

And I did.

I de-friended her right there and then.

Now she's gone, and I-

I just want her back.

I want to friend her again.


Yep. Hey.

- Honey, you've been going at this
for hours.
- I know.

When I snaked the vent,
it created an artificial backflow...

and flushed some of the remains
into the sink line.

But I'm gonna get every last bit.

- Okay. I brought you something to eat.
- Ooh!

Although the baby got hungry,
so I ate some of it.

- Most of it.
- Okay.

Lets me, you know,
get back to work quicker.

Mm. I gotta say, this place is amazing.

I could totally live here.

And the neighborhood
is nice too, you know?

It's not all locked up
behind gates and hedges.

You don't like our place?

Well, it's your place. And before that,
it was your father's place.

And before that,
it was your grandfather's place.

Before that, my great-grandfather's.

- Seriously?
- Mm-hmm.

Chester Putnam Hodgins.

Never met a chandelier he didn't like.

Don't get me wrong. It's nice.

It's just- I don't know.

Can't you see our kid
in a neighborhood like this one?

Riding his bike in the street
with the other kids and...

playing kickball?

I mean, it's nice.

Except for the murder.

I just think we need an "our place."

You know, someplace where
we make our own history.

Um, can you do me a favor
and grab me...

some of those forceps
out of my field bag?


Well, bring on the bone fragments.

Okay. Thank you.

All right, come to papa.


What is that?

I don't know.
That looks like some kind of paper.

Well, it's with the hair
and bone fragments...

so it must have been in the shower...

when Paisley got murdered.

Why would she have a piece of paper
with her in the shower?

Looks like writing. Like Chinese.

- You think you can reconstruct this?
- Sure.

If I can eat that pudding I brought you.

It's not for me. The baby loves pudding.

- She loves you?
- Loved. Did.

I told her it was never
gonna happen again.

She's not gonna
get over it just like that.

How about you?

I told you.
That was all in the past, okay?

Whatever I felt, I don't feel it anymore-

except for you.

I knew you two were close, but-

Would you rather I didn't say anything
and kept this a secret?


No. If I found out you were keeping
this from me, then I'd worry.


- And then I'd kill you.
- You'd have every right to.

Oh, God.
What am I gonna say to Brennan?

Nothing. You don't have
to say anything at all.

She's my friend.
She's gonna know I know.

I'm supposed to have lunch
with her tomorrow.

Well, if you do bring it up,
just go easy on Bones.

Because she's not like everyone else.
You know that.

It's so much easier getting
shot at than dealing with stuff like this.

Right? I'm with you on that.

I don't understand the problem.

The driver's license says
Paisley Johnston's 5 foot 4.

The skeleton's 5 foot 4.

The average height
of the American woman
is 5 feet 3.7 inches.

- It's not exactly conclusive.
- It's consistent.

But the length of the femur is not.

- You checked your measurements?
- Twice.

- And you used the right tables?
- Of course I did.

Did Paisley have some kind
of congenital issue?

Scoliosis doesn't affect long-bone growth.

- So what could it be?
- I have no idea.

Unless Paisley Johnston
was an Asian in a former life.

Asians have shorter femurs in proportion
to their bodies than Caucasians.

But Paisley Johnston isn't Asian.

Which means
this is not Paisley Johnston.

Since the victim is Asian...

it's reasonable to find a paper
with Chinese characters on it.

Although these don't look
like typical Han characters, do they?

Uh, sorry. I was born in Baltimore.

And I took French in school.

Can you enhance the image?

- Yeah, I can try
using multispectral imaging.

Brennan. Hannah!
Oh, I'm glad you called.

I got us a reservation.

I see. No, of course.

Of course.

Why don't you call
when you have some free time.



Hannah canceled?

She is very busy working on a story...

about the appropriation committee.

But I thought she called before to say
that she could make it.

That was after she called
to cancel the first time.

she has computer trouble now.


No, honey. That's code.

- What kind of code?
- L.W.L.C.

Little white lie code.

White lies used to spare
somebody's feelings.

Why would she think she needs
to spare my feelings?

Well, three changes of plans
between friends in one day
is statistically impossible.

What study are you citing?

Just a little research project
that I conducted myself.

At the Common Sense Institute.

Hannah's avoiding you, honey.

- Did you guys have a fight?
- Fight? No.

Well, then she's embarrassed because
she's keeping something from you.

You should get her to tell you what it is.

Secrets are toxic between friends.

Oh. I was right.

They aren't modern Chinese characters.

It's a special Taoist charm, or fu.

- Fu?
- They're a type of spell.

This one was written
to cure bone ailments.

Oh, maybe she used it for her scoliosis.

That explains why it was in the shower.

You paste it to the affected
area of your body.

That is an iron crutch.

It's a symbol used
in traditional herb shops.

- Like a pharmacy logo?
- Exactly.

It should lead us to the apothecary
who gave her this fu.

- ##
- I put a BOLO out on Paisley,
but we haven't found her yet.

Which would suggest
two possible scenarios.

Either she killed
the Asian girl and fled...

or whoever killed the Asian girl
also killed Paisley.

Whoa. Okay, what the hell are those?

Sea horse.

- Oh, God.
- It's a Chinese aphrodisiac.

Lady knows her jing fang medicine.
How can I help you?

F.B.I. Special Agent Booth.
This here is Dr. Temperance Brennan.

Ming Tsou.

Do you recognize this fu?

Yes. I- I made it. I gave it to a patient.

Was that patient about 25 years old,
5 foot 4 and slender?

Yes. How do you know all this?
What is this about?

We're investigating her death.

Who was she?

Jenny Yang.

You were more than her pharmacist,
weren't you?

They were engaged.

I gave her this blessing
so her back wouldn't hurt...

when she stood too long at her job.

From the scoliosis?

When was the last time you saw her?

A week ago.

I haven't heard from her.

Why didn't you report her missing?

We were having some trouble.

All she cared about
were her American friends.

She was turning her back
on traditions that were
very important to our relationship.

And you couldn't let that happen?

I loved her.

I wanted her to be happy.

What was she doing
at Paisley Johnston's house?


She's part of the crowd
Jenny wanted to be a part of.

Jenny met her at work.

They worked together?

No. Paisley's rich.

Jenny worked at the Szechuan restaurant
down the street for Mama Liu.

Was it Paisley? Did she kill Jenny?

We're looking for Paisley now.
We don't know what happened yet.

Ask Mama Liu.

Try pulling that.

No, not that. That's tissue.

You need to stop backseat combing
before I tweeze your eyes out.

Sorry. But to have enough skull...

to I.D. a murder weapon,
I need more bone.

But you knew that. Again, sorry.


Did you really ask Cam
about her boyfriend?


I've been far too withdrawn
and private around here.

Oh, and by the way, congratulations, Dad.


You know, I want a lot of kids.

I'm from a big family. You know,
I've had, like, nine brothers and sisters.

Could never get a word in.

- That's probably why I never
opened up around here.
- Wow. Nine.

Or it could have been
my stint in the N.S.A.

Yeah. They never allowed us
to talk about anything there.

You were in the N.S. A?

Mm-hmm. Summer job.

Yeah, when I was deciding
what I wanted to do.

What did you do there?

Any luck?

Dr. Hodgins won't allow me to help.

Ooh! Ooh, there's a fragment.

Come on! Over here. Hodgins, right here.

I see it, Clark, but I cannot get it out
from this tangled mess.

- Then why don't we just put it
in the centrifuge?
- That's not gonna work.

Exactly. What we need
is an acid reagent...

that can eat the hair,
leaving the bones behind.

Won't it risk damaging the bones?

You need a conditioner.
Three bucks at the drugstore.

Feel free to expense it.

My girlfriend and I are talking
about having babies.

Yeah, but she's afraid of, like,
losing her sexuality during pregnancy.

Conditioner, Clark.


Yes? Can I help you?

- We're looking for Mama "Loo."
- Mama Liu.

"Loo-you." Yes.

Paisley sent us.

At your service.

Very stylish, both of you.

Follow me.

You want Vuitton? Prada?

- Gucci? Chanel?
- The whole thing.

Follow me, cuties.

- What's happening?
- Chanel's what's happening.

And Gucci.

Sweet, sweet Gucci.

Four for the price of three. Cash only.

- $150 each.
- All right.

Nicole said Paisley got her a Chanel bag.

- But that was counterfeit.
- She got it here.

- Give you special price.
- Freeze!

Metro Police. You're under arrest
for dealing in counterfeit goods.

Sorry to point our weapons at you guys.

- I had no idea we were on the same side.
- Right. No problem.

Eric Anderson. I'm an investigator
with the Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance.

Prada police.

The Gucci gumshoes.
The Rolex roughriders.

Take your best shot. I'm used to it.

These are beautiful.

I can't tell they're counterfeit.

Which is why it's such
a lucrative business.

Well, personally, I don't see the appeal.

Status symbols are signifiers of
the position one has in a social network.

The same as the hyena bones
worn by the Malawi tribeswomen.

Although those are
impossible to counterfeit.

This is a little bigger than a few bones.

If you buy a fake purse,
you're supporting...

a multibillion-dollar business
which perpetuates child labor...

launders drug cartel money,
finances terrorists.

You think that little old lady
could be dangerous?

- I wouldn't cross her.
- Come on. In the car.

We're investigating a murder-
someone who works for her,
a Jenny Yang.

Jenny Yang
was the one who tipped us off.

Yeah, well, maybe Mama found out
and decided to get even.

Do I really have to get in?

I'm old lady!

There you go.

Wouldn't a hair conditioner
compromise the evidence?

Nah. It's basically
hydrolyzed protein acidifier.

It's easily discernible...

from the other chemicals and particulates.

- Got some there for you already.
- Oh. Thanks.

You must be very happy.

Uh, yeah.

Always happy to retrieve evidence.

No. I- I mean about the baby.

I think you and Angela will be...

bizarre but splendid parents.

Thanks, Clark.

- So, about you and the N.S.A. -
- Never gonna happen, Dr. Hodgins.

- Yeah. But-
- It was just a summer job.

- But-
- Can't. Sorry.

But I would be very happy
to discuss this whole mess...

with Dr. Brennan, Agent Booth
and this new woman.

What the hell is that about?
I mean, come on.

The potential emotional fallout,
it could be cataclysmic. Am I right?

Okay. We should really focus
on these bone fragments...

so that you can determine
the weapon, okay?

Oh. Sure.


my money's on Dr. B. and Booth.

- Hannah.
- Temperance.

I- I'm just, uh-

- I'm late.
- No, you're not.

Yes, I am.

Apparently that is
a statistical impossibility.

How's that a statistical impossibility?

You have exceeded your daily quota
for legitimate excuses...

and, since I don't want
to lose you as a friend...

I insist on knowing
why you're avoiding me.

Can we talk about this later?
Maybe we can meet for a drink.

- I'm late for a meeting with the president.
- No.



I found out about you and Seeley-

your talk, how you feel.

Booth told you?

He shouldn't have done that.

He had to. We're a couple.

I didn't want to hurt you.

I just-

I-I shouldn't have said anything to him.

I would have done the same thing,
and you would have understood.


I wasn't avoiding you.
I was just confused.

I don't want to do anything
to mess up your friendship with Seeley...

or my friendship with you.

Now, if you'd please step aside,
I'm actually-

- I'm late for an interview
with the president.
- Oh. Really?

- Yes.
- I am sorry.

Could you please ask him to devote more
resources to the conflict in the Congo?

- I will. Drinks later? I won't cancel.
- All set.


Please. All I do is sell some purses.

- I did not know they're fake.
- Save it, Mama.

Mr. Anderson here tells me
you run quite the operation.

My guess is, someone gets in your way,
you take 'em out.

Cheap belt.
I fix you up with nice Herm?s belt.

A real one. How about that?

Bribery. Interesting.

Not bribery. Generosity.

Generosity? Okay. Purses are the least
of your problems right now.

You know a Jenny Yang, right?

She's like my own child.

All right. Well, she was found murdered.


All right- Hey, hey!

Hey, hey, hey! Everybody just calm down.

I did not kill anyone.

Why would I kill Jenny?

Jenny's the one who told us
about the counterfeit goods.

She said you'd kill her if you found out.

Jenny was a good Chinese girl...

not like those other girls
who pretended to be her friends.

Yeah, really interesting.
Or maybe Paisley just told her friend...

to get a cut of the action,
and you wouldn't give it to her.

That white bitch was the criminal!

She owe me 2,000 for the purses.

Jenny went to her house to collect...

and I never saw her again.

She tried to be white.

That's what killed her.

679 pages worth of Paisley's online life.

- You find Jenny in there?
- Yeah. Page 472.

Paisley ignored
a friend request from Jenny.


I think Jenny wouldn't
take no for an answer.

It's possible.
Classic stalker relationship.

None of these people have seen
Paisley or have any idea where she is.

- She always has this rat
by her side, right?
- Yeah.

Narcissistic personality disorder...

coupled with addiction
to both intoxicants and sex...

doesn't leave a lot of room
to develop a human relationship.

Wait a second. Look at that collar.

Paisley mentioned in one of her posts...

that she had Chi Chi
LoJacked so she'd never lose him.

That is excellent work, Dr. Edison.

Thank you.

I-I just want to tell you that...

I feel so much more comfortable here...

now that I'm not holding so much inside.

I'm glad.

But just know that
if you ever feel the need...

to bottle yourself up again,
we'll support you.

Thank you.

She was killed by a blunt force trauma
to the occipital bone.

The bone shards were jammed
into her brain.

This was one angry, violent death.

Dr. Brennan would say it's impossible
to know the assailant's state of mind.

But I'm gonna go on record right now
and say that this was one psycho dude.

- Can you take a cast to determine
what kind of weapon was used?

Dr. Saroyan.

Yeah, we tracked down
Paisley Johnston through her rat.

She was drinking and taking pills.
They had to pump her stomach.

I'm thinking that's the sort of thing you'd
do if you regretted murdering someone.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing.

girls like you end up O.D.'ing...

in cheap hotels for a reason, Paisley.

I don't want to talk to you anymore.

Why don't you tell me about Jenny Yang.

- Jenny who?
- Yang.

Jenny Yang. You were buying
counterfeit purses from her.

I barely know her.

Oh, she was found murdered
in your shower.

- In my shower?
- Mm.

- What was she doing in my house?
- I don't know. You tell me.

Oh, God.
She knew where I kept my key...

because sometimes she dropped off
the purses when I wasn't home.

The F.B.I. also found
a small electronic device...

under your mattress.

Brody put it there. He's my boyfriend.

He thought I didn't know, but I did.

Whenever I'd bring someone else into
bed with me, it would turn on the bear.

The bear?

Teddy bear cam.
You know, a secret camera.

He was using it to watch his girlfriend
sleep with other guys.


Right. Well, we didn't find a teddy bear
cam in your room anywhere.

Well, Brody's probably
watching what's on it.

Did you guys clean up
the dead stuff in my shower?

Because, um, I really don't do that.

The reconstructed skull is complete.

What are these?

I thought they were from the skull...

but they must be from
another part of the skeleton.

I was gonna determine that next.

There's a depressed fracture with lines
radiating away from the point of impact.

Radiating lines point to a weapon
of small mass impacting with high force.

That would be consistent
with the idea of a hammer or baton.

But with this angle, the weapon would've
had to smash upward into the skull.

Hmm. That would be
a very awkward attack.

Pull up the crime scene photos.

If Jenny was picked up...

and smashed downward
onto one of those nozzles...

that would also match these injuries.

They're approximately
the right circumference.

And the right angle.

Death by shower.

That's a new one.

So, did everything work out with Hannah?

Yeah, yeah.
It was great. She's really cool.

- I mean, she's amazing.
- Yeah? And with her and Dr. Brennan?

Oh, fine. Everything's great.

You know, the two of them
are becoming really good friends.

- And that's okay?
- Yeah. Yeah. Why not?

Well, I just meant that they're close...

- and what they have in common
is you, so-
- So?

So some men might find that threatening.

Well, lucky for me, I'm not "some men."

Excuse me. Agent Booth.

- Anderson.
- Mama Liu is not your killer.
She was in New York...

sorting through a shipment of counterfeit
goods when the girl was murdered.

Mama Liu led us to the importer
who placed her there.

- Wow. So you got an even bigger bust.
- Yeah.

Thanks for your help, Booth.
I get a big bonus for this one.

I get the same salary no matter how many
killers I catch. Where's the justice?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Take the bear.
Just take the bear. He's yours.

Why'd you take the bear
in the first place?

How would you like it if people found out
you were taping your girlfriend?

Well, she knew you were
taping her, by the way.

I don't care. I'm just glad she's alive.

Paisley was sleeping with other guys.

Maybe you wanted to take a little revenge.

You're twisting me around here.

- I brought you the teddy bear.
- Right.

For your sake, let's hope
there's nothing erased.


She's very energetic.

Paisley's very flexible.

Does this qualify as porn or work?

- There's an overlap.
- Hmm.

Okay. That's a new guy.

- Man, he's in a hurry.
- It's on fast-forward, Sweets.

Oh. That makes sense.

Same woman, another guy.

Whoa. That- One second.

That's not Paisley. That's Jenny Yang.

That's the Chinese charm- the fu thing...

- or whatever they called it.
- If the time code is right...

then this was recorded
the night of the murder.

So she's trying so hard
to be modern, and yet...

she still wears that
old country charm on her back?

An individual can try to identify outside
their culture, but customs persist.

They're ingrained
as permanently as a fingerprint.

Too bad she didn't realize that sooner.

Could that be Brody with Jenny?

Maybe. You don't actually see
his face in the video.

Perhaps we can measure the male's
limbs to determine ethnicity.

Okay. Well, I can try.

I only have access to that leg
and part of his arm, but let's give it a shot.

- Dr. Brennan.
- Yes?

I looked more closely at those two pieces
left over from the skull reconstruction.

They aren't bone at all.

They're asymmetrically bundled
keratin, amino acids, guanidine.

- Hair?
- Yes. But with sterols present.

Rhinoceros horn.

It's used in traditional
Chinese medicine...

mistakenly believed to be
a male aphrodisiac.

Jenny's fianc? had it in his shop.

Looks like Jenny's fianc?'s
gonna need a little more than rhino horn.

Like maybe a good lawyer.

You said you hadn't seen Jenny
in a week.

I haven't.

We found traces of rhinoceros horn
in Paisley's shower.

In Chinese medicine,
rhinoceros horn is only used by men.

- Which puts you in the shower.
- No. The-

The rhinoceros horn was
on a blue string, like a necklace.

I told Jenny it would help her back.

That's not true.
Rhinoceros horn is cold...

and only used on men
because they're hot.

We are.

I was trying to cool her spirit.

She was changing, lying to me...

becoming obsessed with fools
like Paisley Johnston.

So if you couldn't have her, no one could.

I didn't hurt her.

I just didn't want her to lose her identity.
I loved her.

Please roll up your pant leg.

Wh-What? What are you doing?

We have a video of the man
with Jenny that night.

I'd like to compare your tibia
with the one on the video.

No. Y-You could make a mistake.

I don't make mistakes.

No, she doesn't.

It's definitely not Ming Tsou.

The tibia's the wrong length.

What about Paisley's boyfriend, Brody?

Mm-mmm. Not according
to the body measurements.

So all we've got
is a murderer we can't I.D.

Maybe we can.

I've isolated
all the reflective surfaces in the room.

- You can't recognize anyone in those.
- No, not yet.

But if we can find a portion
of his face in any of these...

I might be able to make a composite.

That's brilliant, Angela.

Or, if it doesn't work, totally idiotic.

Try the chrome sphere on the lamp.

Okay, now that wine glass.

And that little
cube-shaped box in the alcove.

And this other box
on the other side of the bed.

Okay. Now I'll isolate
the facial reflections...

and map them to the models.

And increase the resolution.

This might actually work.

Now the computer just needs
to generate a 3-D image...

then fill in the pieces- hopefully.

That's the Prada policeman.

Thanks for coming in.

- Just have to ask you a few more
questions about Jenny Yang.
- No problem.

Why didn't you tell us
that you, uh, slept with her?

Okay, look.
I made a mistake, okay? But come on.

I got a wife, a new baby.

You're breaking my heart.

I was conducting an investigation.

She was helping me.
One thing led to another.

It happens.

One thing led to murder, Anderson.

You had sex with her that night.

The jury loves this sort of stuff.

You can't tell that's me.

Oh, you see, the squints
at the Jeffersonian...

got your face from
the reflections in the room.

D.A. was convinced.

Arrest warrant.

Jenny took me
to Paisley's that night-

show her fake purses.

We fooled around,
and in the shower she asked...

if I could arrest Paisley
instead of Mama Liu.

And that wouldn't get you a bonus.

We had the bust all planned, and then...

suddenly she was freaking out
about betraying Mama Liu.

Said if I didn't call it off,
she'd tell my boss I slept with her.

I'd lose my job, my family, everything.

So you killed her and you ran.

You didn't even shut off the water.

I could have lost everything.

You killed her, and you ran.

Look at her little heart beating.

He's cute, isn't he?


He's really floating around in there.

Clark. Uh, hey.

Hey. I'm sorry.
I really didn't mean to spy on you two.

I just-

Wow, that is just so amazing.

You guys. Come here.

- Thanks.
- So great.

Wow, that's- That's really sweet.

Yeah, and weird. What is going on?

It's like you've eaten the real Clark.

Change is growth, man.

I just wanted to come by and just tell you
guys that you did a great job on the case.

- Mm. Thank you.
- Now have a good evening.


- Good night, Clark.
- Good night.

He's totally weird, right?

And he was in the N.S.A., so he could be
completely messing with us.

Or he's just turning into a normal guy.

Don't get all paranoid on us.

One last look?

Heck, yeah.


Doesn't look like
a chandelier kind of kid, does he?

I don't think I could
fit one in there anyway.

I'll think he'll be happier
with this anyway.

Hodgins, what is this?

Open it.

So I ran into Paisley...

after, um, completely
trashing her plumbing.

Unlike us, dead people freak her out.

So I made her an offer,
and I got the place for a steal.

I mean, you still like it, right?

I'm gonna replace the shower. I promise.


this is the craziest,
sweetest thing that...

anybody's ever done for me.

Thank you.

I love you.


# Before you came to life
I couldn't mark the time #

You usually have a drink with Seeley
after a case, don't you?

Yes, but he'll have his drink
with you when you get home.

Depends on how many
we knock back first.

I have quite a high tolerance for alcohol.

Oh. Is that a challenge?

Barkeep, a shot of bourbon
and one for my friend.

- "Barkeep"?
- I enjoyed Westerns as a child.



I think that guy across the bar
is looking at you.

It happens frequently.
I am quite beautiful.

He's very handsome.

He is.

I enjoy a good-looking man.

Well, most women do.

Another round?

Angela said that I... should move on.

She didn't mean
that I should change locations.

I know.

I think she's right.

You deserve to be happy, Temperance.



Can I buy you a drink?

I'd like that.

I'm gonna go. I'll see you tomorrow.

- Okay.
- No, wait.

I wanted to buy you a drink, both of you.

What do you say?

No. God, no.

Get lost, creep.

Can you believe that?

Oh, wow.

Barkeep, two more.

- Barkeep.
- Barkeep.

- Two more.
- Two more, please.

What's that mean?

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