Bones (2005–2017): Season 5, Episode 8 - The Foot in the Foreclosure - full transcript

In Howard Fileman's house, which is for sale, estate agent Katie Selnick and two prospective buyers discover a corpse, charred except for a fat foot. Clever forensics gradually show it was ...

It's a buyer's market,
so this place is a steal.

And the owner's wife died,
so he's motivated.

I'd be surprised if another agent
doesn't already have an offer.

What's that smell?

It's probably the neighbors.
I hear they love to barbeque.

It's a very friendly neighborhood.

Now, the master bedroom
has been beautifully redone

with coffered ceilings
and all new carpeting.

If you ask me, it's to die for.

I'm sorry, he was supposed to clean up.

- That's a foot.
- Oh, my God!


I thought your grandfather
lived in a nursing home.

It's a retirement community,
it's not a prison.

He can leave anytime that he wants.

I think it's nice he wants to stay
with you for a while.

Did something happen
in the nursing home?

You know what, if I tell you,
you're just gonna read into it

and all sorts of stuff.

- No.
- I won't.

He slugged a nurse.

A male nurse.

Okay. Well, actually,
that's pretty straightforward.

Hostile, aggressive, antisocial behavior.

Sweets, he wanted to smoke a cigar
in his room.

- A cigar? It's interesting.
- No, it's not.

He's a tough guy, that's all.

Shrimp! Shrimp!

Hey, Pops! How you doing?

- Shrimp?
- I imagine Booth used to be shorter.

Pops. Bring it over. How you doing?

- Come on over, Pops.
- Nice place.

Ptomaine come with your food,
or do you have to order it on the side?

This here is Dr. Temperance Brennan.

Very nice to meet you, Mr. Booth.

Well, you weren't kidding.

- What did you tell him?
- Nothing.

You can give her hand back now.

All right.
You can call me Hank, sweetheart.

- Okay, Hank.
- Hi.

And who's this, a friend of Parker's?

No, this here is Dr. Sweets.

A doctor? I don't think so.

- No, it is.
- It's true.

Where'd you get your MD,
in a Cracker Jack box?


So, what do you got on score?
I'm ready for some action.

Well, you know,
I figure we'd play some dominoes.

And then after that, maybe go...

Sorry. Excuse me. Sorry, Pops. Booth.

Yeah. Okay. On our way. Got a case.

Good, I can help. I was an MP, you know?

No, you can't come, Pops.
Well, I'll tell you what,

why don't you meet me
back at the apartment, all right?

All right, all right, I'll call a cab.

No, Sweets, here, he'll give you a ride.
Okay, Pops?

It was nice to meet you, Hank.

- Sure.
- See you, Pops. Bang on.

Uh... So, shall we go?

You got room on your bicycle for my bag?

Are you sure
you can handle him?

You know, he must've been
in a nursing home for a reason.

Pops, he had triple bypass surgery about,
I'd say, three months ago.

You know, he didn't wanna be on his own.

Hey, if he wants to be with me now,
that's cool.

Well, what if he wants
to make it permanent?

He's family, Bones.
Okay, nothing trumps family.

Just remember that, okay?
All right, let's go. Open up.

- After you, Bones.
- Thank you.

This wouldn't have happened
if I'd been here.

She told me to move out,
said the place would look better.

Let me handle this.

Hi, I'm Katie Selnick,
I'm the real estate agent,

and this is Howard Fileman,
he's the owner of the house.

I know that this is a really bad time,
but it is a buyer's market,

- so if you could...
- Whoa.

Show a little compassion, all right.

I need a list of everyone
who had access to the house.

That includes real estate agents,
that includes clients.

Well, that's an awfully long list.

Then you better start
getting to work there, Katie.

Here you go. Please stay there.
Thank you. Whoa!

Whoever this was
burned to ash overnight.

Give me some space, please. Back up.

So, nothing else burned?

Nothing else.

Hey, maybe it was the candle here
on the cake.

Stop! Everyone freeze.

This hand is very fragile,
especially the phalanges.

Any motion may cause the rest of it
to just fall apart.

Okay, we're frozen now, Bones.
What can we do?

I need some kind of spray adhesive,
like hairspray.

- She must have some.
- I'll go get some.

It'd be best if you didn't lift your feet
when you moved.


- Careful.
- Yeah.

There appear to be wounds on this hand.

But we won't know what weapon
caused them if I don't stabilize the ash.

Okay, can I move now?

- Gently.
- All right.

So, what are we talking about here,
spontaneous combustion?

- There's no such thing.
- Come on, Bones.

Electrical currents in your body,
they start sparking

and then before you know it... Whoosh.
Flame on.

That's absurd, Booth.

Really? Then, what happened?

I have absolutely no idea.

Exactly, spontaneous combustion.

I think Booth was on to something.

spontaneous combustion?

Well, the so-called instances
of spontaneous combustion

can actually be explained by
a phenomenon known as the Wick Effect.

Okay, here's the classic example.

Heavy-set guy, passes out from booze,
holding a lit cigarette.

He drops the cigarette onto his pajamas.

The fire melts his belly fat.

The fat soaks into the bedding,

creating what is essentially
a slow-burning human candle.

The pajamas being the wick.

Fat burns in, not out, which explains
why nothing else caught on fire.

Based on the position of the body,
the victim was either unconscious

or dead when the fire started.

People who die in a fire
show signs of motion.

You know, trying to get away
from the flames. This person never moved.

Tox screen from the tissue on the foot
showed no signs of drugs or alcohol.

So, then the victim was killed
before the fire even started.

Hey, so you met Booth's granddad?

Yes, I think Booth wants him to move in.

Wow, that's a big step.

Well, Hank raised Booth
after his father left.

Seeley'd do anything for him.

Booth is a good man.

Well, well, showing a little interest

in the personal lives
of your co-workers, there, Clark?

No. I just meant that...

Well, I had a grandparent
who lived with us when I was young.

And, yes, I am.

Too often, we don't appreciate the elderly
until they're gone.

I just find Agent Booth's actions
to be commendable and moving.

You're moved?

Yes, I'm moved.

And now I'm not.

Based on the markers,
I'd say we're looking at a female.

The victim had Haglund's Deformity.
Very good, Dr. Edison.

Haglund's Deformity?

The bony enlargement on the heel

was caused by wearing
ill-fitting high-heeled shoes.

Judging by the microfractures remodeling
to the tarsus and metatarsus,

the victim also had Plantar Fasciitis.

There were also elevated levels
of Leptin in the tox screen.

Taken together, that means the victim
was probably obese.

So, we have to ID a pile of ash
based on only the fact

that it's a fat lady?

It's quite a challenge, I agree.

This orange goo
looks like melted polymers.

Can I grab a sample here?

Just be careful of bone fragments.

So, what does he call his grandfather?


I called mine Gramps.

Agent Booth,
this is Officer David Poe, Third District.

Sorry to disturb you, sir.

What's up, Officer Poe?

Well, I'm here with your grandfather, sir.

- Excuse me?
- I'm fine, Seeley.

This cop just pinched me for nothing.

We're at Takoma Park.
I think he could use a ride home.

Well, is he hurt? Is he okay?

He was a little bit confused
and disoriented.

Wait, a minute. Seeley, I'm fine.

I just took a subway
to see my friend Willie Lewis.

I mention him to you?
We were in the 82nd together.

Yeah, I remember, Pops.

Well, the son of a bitch up and died on me.

They had the funeral three weeks ago.
Nobody even told me.

I took a walk to clear my head,
and, well, I got turned around.

Okay, listen, listen, Pops,
I'm coming to get you, okay?

- You're working.
- It's okay. It's okay, Pops.

Just put me back on with the cop.


- Hi. Miss Selnick. Hold on.
- Hi.

I have a list of some of the people
who had access to the house.

- Some?
- I'll get more,

but I was showing a house.
The market is horrible.

- I haven't made a sale in...
- A woman is dead, Miss Selnick.

- That doesn't bother you at all?
- I know it should.

My therapist says I'm afraid to feel.

Well, you know what,
you should be afraid of going to jail

for obstructing a murder investigation.

I want those names by tomorrow.

I'm on my way, Officer Poe. Tomorrow.

The wounds
appear to be defensive,

but this section of hand
is too fragile to take a mold.

Well, I'm making a 3-D rendering,
which is essentially a virtual mold.

Hey, Booth must be cute
with his grandfather, huh?

Well, his grandfather calls him "Shrimp."

Booth seems to like it,
which I don't understand.

Well, it's because it makes him feel loved,
like when he actually was a shrimp.

So, the moniker is a sign of affection?

Very good, Brennan.

- You never had a nickname?
- No.

Just what Booth calls me, just Bones.

The orange glob of goo,
polyethylene terephthalate.

Right, it's polyester. It's a perfect wick.

She had to have been wearing it
when she was lit.

Hey, let me see that.

Not enough residue for it
to be a coat or pajamas or anything.

What about a vest?

Yeah, I mean, could be.

I think I know this color.

The computer can match
the exact shade of color for us.

This is the Palettone color wheel.

When a corporation
wants to standardize their logo,

they have Palettone
create a color for them.

This particular shade of orange
is known as PriceCo. Blossom Orange.

This is the color of the vest
the employees wear.

The victim worked at PriceCo.

I'll tell Booth.

I just gotta make one stop, okay, Pops.

- Is this about the murder?
- Yeah. Yeah.

It's not gonna take long.
You sure you're all right?

Stop asking me that.

You never got lost?

Just because I'm maturing,
people think I'm going senile.

All right, all right. Okay, just asking.

Remember when
I taught you how to pitch?

You thought I was too old then, too.

I'll tell you,
you had the best sinker I ever saw.

- I could never get that one right.
- Your fastball could smoke mine.

Glad you're here, Pops.

Yeah, and don't worry.

If you ever need a little privacy with
the bone doctor, I'll make myself scarce.

Okay, thanks, but there's nothing
going on between us.

- You gay?
- What? No.

She's a keeper. You should listen to me.

I warned you about Rebecca
being a waste of time, didn't I?

Come on, Pops.
I can take care of my own love life.

I don't think so.

Well, I gotta get a book light.
Now, I won't get in your way.

All right, listen, Pops, do me a favor,
why don't you just

stand right here at the entrance,
right underneath this big sign, all right?

I gotta go find the manager.

Well, go. Keep America safe.

Don't wander off. Stay right here.

Excuse me,
where would I find electrical tape?

Let's see.

I think... I think...
I think I can help you find it. This way.

Meg Tracy's been AWOL since Tuesday.
Never called. Not like her.

Would you happen to have
an employee photo?

Sure. Did she do something?

Because I don't wanna get dragged
into anything.

No, we're just concerned something
may have happened to her, that's all.

Maybe you heard complaints about me?

But it's from those slackers
and deadbeats who don't do their job.

I keep my nose clean.

- The photo.
- I'll get her whole file.

Just leave me out of it.

- Kitchen and bath, right down there.
- Great, thank you.

Pops, what are you doing?
You don't work here.

Why are you wearing that vest?

Well, three people
said I was a good greeter, so I got a vest.

Okay, Pops. We gotta go. Let's go.
Take the vest off.

My shift's not over.

No, you're not on a shift. Will you just...

You think this is the break room,
because I will fire you.

Slow down.
Okay, this here is my grandfather, all right.

He's just a big fan of the store, that's all.
He's always wanted to work here.

But not today. We gotta get this file back
to Bones, okay? Thanks.

- I quit!
- Yeah, he quits. Come on.

Where would I find fertilizer
for azaleas?

Aisle four.

This woman's a size four, tops.

She must have recently lost
a significant amount of weight.

Her doctor confirmed that she had
been treated for both the microfractures

we found in the foot
and the Haglund's Deformity.

But on her last visit with him,
she weighed 234 pounds.

Baby had back.

Sorry, I don't know where that came from.

The doctor's x-rays of the foot match ours.
It's Meg Tracy.

If Meg was thin, why so much ash?

Because there was someone else
in bed with Meg.

Two people died in that fire.

So, now we're looking
at a double murder.

Given the amount of ash and bone,

these remains represent approximately
380 pounds of human.

We know that Meg Tracy
weighed about 120,

which puts our second victim at 260.

This is part of the mental eminence.

Judging by the angle of the jaw fragment,
the second victim was male.

Super-sized male.

So, the cake on the table
was probably his.

I still don't have nearly enough
to give you a face.

Yeah, and I'm still working
on these inorganics.

I'll separate the male and female
bone fragments,

see if they share any injuries.

We're still assembling evidence,
analyzing the bones,

and constructing 3-D imagery.

They got lighter fluid
and presto logs over at PriceCo.

That could burn somebody up.

There's no evidence of an accelerant.

Yet. That manager over there
that yelled at me,

I saw the look in her eyes.
I was an MP, you know.

Pops, this is a little more complicated
than arresting some drunk soldiers

that just wandered off the base.

I don't think so.

Did I take these blue pills?

Yeah, and you took the yellow ones, too.

I feel like a damn chemistry experiment.

They didn't have this stuff 50 years ago
and everybody was fine.

Actually, medicine has increased
life expectancy quite a bit since 1959.

Fifty years ago, you'd probably be dead.

- Bones.
- No, I like her.

She's real. She's got balls.

Well, ovaries, actually.

All right, you got a pair of steel ovaries.

- Thank you.
- Will you two, please?

Always so proper. Will you loosen up?

He's quite skittish
when the subject of sex comes up.

No, I'm not.

Maybe I didn't give him
enough information

when he was a kid.


No, yeah, I'm coming right now. All right.

What's going on?

They brought in Meg Tracy's roommate
for questioning.

I should go talk to her.
Look, I'm sorry, Pops.

Go, we'll play dominos later. You'll lose.

You wish.

I love that kid.

I'm more proud of him
than anybody in the world.

I think he feels the same way.

He had no one else
when his father walked out.

He was lucky to have you.

I never had the nerve
to tell him that it was my fault.

What was?

Well, if I was a better man,

maybe I could've figured
something else out.

But when I saw my son hitting Seeley,
beating that little kid,

that was it.

I said, "Get out!
You don't deserve to be a father. Get out!"

He never came back.

So, I was left with the two boys.

You're a good man, Hank.

I didn't know what else to do.

He was beating my grandson.

Look, when the time is right,
you'll tell him.

And if he...

If he needs it, you'll hold him, okay?


I wondered why Meg
hadn't come back to the apartment.

I tried to call.

- You're sure it's Meg?
- I'm afraid so.

How long have you guys been roommates?

Three years.

We were weight loss buddies.

This year, the loser paid
for the other one to go to Hawaii.

Incentive, you know? I lost, obviously.

- So, you paid for Meg's trip?
- Meg lost over 100 pounds.

I lost six.

How did she die?

Well, we're still working
on cause of death.

You know, she was with a man.

Do you happen to know
who Meg was dating?

No one special. I would've known.

She used to meet different guys
at Club Jiggle.

Club Jiggle?

For thin people who...
Let's say they appreciate people my size.

I went myself a couple of times,
but it was too freaky.

These skinny guys saying
they wanted to fondle my cankles

and eat brisket out of my navel.
It skeeved me out.


Right, that's a whole other world, I guess.

Um, can you verify where you were
the night of the 10th?

It was a big house party.
I was there until after 2 a.m.

Can you do me a favor
and just, you know, write down

the names of the people who could verify
that they saw you at the party?

Am I a suspect?

You can get the second victim's height
from bone fragments?

When subjected to intense heat,
the long bones warp, crack,

and contract in predictable ways.

Based on the figures that Clark gave me,

I was able to partially reconstruct
a male fibula.

The amount of bone shrinkage
from heat exposure was about 20% .

Which allows you to calculate height.
That's brilliant.

We know our victim was
approximately 260 pounds.

Yeah, but based on the fibula, he was 5'5".

5'5", 260, that's a start.

I'll tell Booth.

Meg may have been participating
in a feeder and eater fetish.

Her roommate said that the guys
at the club

wanted to eat brisket out of her navel.

Okay, that would make sense.

Fetishes are common in all
sexually repressive societies like ours.

Yeah, feeders and eaters
are a subcategory of fat fetishism.

It involves an obese person,
or an eater, and a feeder

that derives sexual pleasure
out of the gaining and fondling of body fat.

That would explain
the cake next to the bed.

Which I'm probably never gonna
wanna eat again.

- Hank said you love cake.
- I usually do.

Wait, are we staying on point here?

Well, we were discussing cake,
weren't we?

He's making you grilled cheese tonight,
by the way.

- Really?
- Yes, I'm invited.

How's it going with your grandfather?

I know it can be very stressful to be
responsible for someone who's elderly.

- It's fine.
- Well, he does take a lot of medication,

so he has health issues.
You have to stay on top of that.

Well, he took care of me when I was sick.
I could take care of him.

It's not gonna be easy for him
to build a new life here at his age.

And he's got a history
of aggressive behavior, right?

If he ever wants to talk,
I'd be more than happy...

Sorry, sorry, we were talking
about murder here, right?

- Meg Tracy, fondling of fat?
- Of course.

Right. So, why would Meg go back
to the club if she wasn't fat anymore?

Meg lived for many years
as an obese woman.

Her obsession with food is not something
that would just go away.

She would have to struggle with it
every day.

Right, so, you're saying
that she missed overeating so much

that she fed other people
in order to feed herself?

Yes, exactly.

So, the eater became a feeder,
and somehow it got her killed?

Pops has been making grilled cheese
for a long time.

I had these about three times a week.
They're amazing, right?

Mmm-hmm. Very good.

I learned how to make these
during the Battle of Incheon.

American cheese reminded us of home.

We kept fighting.

Come on, dig in, Bones.
This is real food here.

We should get to the club, Booth.

Bones is right. We got
a lot of people to interrogate, Pops.

- Sure.
- Amazing.

What channel's the fishing channel on?

- 135.
- All right.

You're out of your Coumadin, Hank.

I forgot. So many pills.

These pills are important.

If you forget to take them,
you could get clots,

have a heart attack or stroke.

I don't think so.

Pops, when was the last time
you took them?

A few days ago.

We have to go get this refilled.
He should take them right away.

I'm fine.

No, no, no.
You're coming with us, okay, Pops?

I'm gonna make sure you take them
in front of me, all right? Come on.

The center of the palm
has some kind of injury.

Brennan suspects it's defensive.

There's a cake next to them.
Could the injury be caused by a knife?

No, it's not a knife.
See, the markings are jagged.

It doesn't indicate
any recognizable weapon.

By filling in the injury, I can make
a virtual mold of the injured area.

It's a nose.

Killed by a nose.

That'd be a first.

I'll see if I can match
any possible weapons.

Maybe something old.

So, you took it, huh, Pops?
You took the pill?

I took it. You saw me.

I got you a pill box that has a compartment

for each day's pills,
that way you won't forget.

I won't forget.

So, where're we going?

Well, we're gonna go to...
It's an unusual spot.

It's where...
What would be the PC word for fat?

There's nothing wrong with big women.

- Your grandma had some jam in her jelly.
- All right, Pops.

Being overweight
wasn't always stigmatized.

During the middle ages in Italy,
the wealthy and influential

members of society
were called popolo grasso,

meaning, literally, "fat people."

- Is she always like this?
- No, Pops,

she always has the facts, Pops, always.

You should go on a game show.
You'd clean up.

I tell her that all the time,
but, you know, she's already loaded.

She's got talent, charm, beauty, money.
And you're just friends?

I didn't raise you very well.

I like big butts and I cannot lie

You other brothers can't deny

that when a girl walks in
with an itty bitty waist

And a round thing in your face
you get sprung

Wanna pull up front
'Cause you notice that butt was stuffed

Deep in the jeans she's wearing

I'm hooked and I can't stop staring

Oh, baby, I wanna get with you
and take your picture

My homeboys tried to warn me
but with that butt you got

Me so horny

- Freaky.
- Hey, listen, Pops,

I want you to stick close, all right.

I don't want you to keep disappearing
into one of those women.

They seem quite happy.

Obviously they haven't seen
their blood sugar levels.

Hi, baby.
You're not with the celery stick, are you?

No. I mean, yes, yeah.

My body mass index
is within the accepted medical norms.

You don't know what you're missing.

Hey, listen, Pops,
we're gonna go talk to the bartender.

You gonna be okay? Pops?

Will you stop asking me that?

All right. Come on.

- Is there a problem?
- Just wanna ask you a few questions.

- Do you recognize this girl?
- Yeah, Meg.

She's been coming here for years.

She just lost a bunch of weight.
Guess she switched sides.

Did you ever see her with a man
approximately 5'5", 260 pounds?

- Is Meg all right?
- She's dead.

It might help, you know,
jog your memory a little bit, there.

Oh, man. Yeah. Sure.

Let's see. There was one guy.


- Glasses?
- I don't know. You tell us.

Big, of course, and short.

Meg bought him a bacon burger
and some cake.

The guy loved cake, just like Meg used to.

She must've fed him six pieces,
devil's food.

- Right. Great. You got a name?
- Sorry.

- Did he kill her?
- He's dead, too.

- Yeah.
- He had a goatee.

Wait, Hugo. She called him Hugo.

- Hugo? Great. Thank you.
- Sure.

Sorry about Meg.

We should see if there are any Hugos
on the real estate agent's list.

Yeah, well,
she hasn't given me the list yet.

Well, maybe she had a reason not to.

Well, that's exactly what I was thinking.
Look at that, huh.

They like him.

Well, you know, he never had
any problems with the ladies.

We should get him home.

No, let's just give him a second there, huh?

He's having a good time. No rush.

Mr. Fileman,
I didn't expect to see you here.

Katie said she was gonna see you
and suggested that I come along.

Did you bring the list of people
who had access to the house?

- Yes, I did.
- Right, then what's he doing here?

He can't sell his house
as long as it's a crime scene.

Neither can you.

- That was nasty.
- But it's true.

Look, the bank is threatening to foreclose,
you know, like this is my fault.

I can't lose my house
before I have a chance to sell.

Katie said you could help.

I'm sorry, but it's an active crime scene.

My wife and I built that house together.

After she died, I couldn't get any work.

Twenty-one years
as a master carpenter, you know?

Means nothing. How is that fair?

If you could just sign a request
for a stay of foreclosure

for unforeseen circumstances,
like a government investigation.

I brought the form, Agent Booth.

This isn't a very long list.

Not a very good market.

"Hugo Tucker."

Hugo Tucker. Tucker.

Would he happen to have been
overweight, goatee,

glasses, by any chance?

Tucker? Yeah, I think so.

He looked at the house a few times.
I thought he was gonna make an offer.

I remember him.
He really loved the custom work I'd done.

- Nice man.
- Well, he's probably the other victim.

Oh, God, is this gonna delay things more?

I'll see what I can do.

I've pulled all the teeth
we found in the ashes.

These incisors and molars,
they match the x-rays

that were sent over
from Hugo Tucker's dentist.

So, it's definitely him.

Any markers on the fragments
that could help Angela ID a weapon?

All the bone damage
I've found so far is the result of the fire.

The heat causes the bones to break apart
into small crescent shapes, like this.

Or they'll show a criss-cross pattern,
like this.

Have you gone through them all?

- No, I'm still looking.
- Excellent.


And I have to say
I was pleasantly surprised yesterday

that you felt relaxed enough
to talk about your grandfather.

I'm human, you know?
I just believe in working at work.

- I realize that. I didn't...
- And I loved my grandfather very much,

but I really should have the discipline
to keep it to myself.

Of course. Then carry on.

He never got to see what I became.

What I do, it's for him.

I'm sure he'd be very proud.

Hugo Tucker is single.

- Glasses and goatee.
- Yeah, signed in at the open house.

I talked to his roommate.
No enemies, he wasn't in debt.

There's no reason
why somebody would want him dead.

Jealousy. What if Meg had a boyfriend?

Roommate said there was no one special.

I still don't like that real estate lady.

Interesting. I thought
you didn't like to go by your gut?

Well, I was just trying it out.

It's not satisfying.


Brennan. Hi, Hank.

Hank? Why is he calling you?

For dinner, tonight at 7:00.
We'll play dominoes after.

No, no, no, tell him
he doesn't have to make me dinner.

Well, Booth says
that you don't have to make dinner.

Okay. He says,
"Shut up, and don't be late."

Okay, Hank.

All right, thanks. Bye.

Well, he said he's gonna teach me
how to kick your ass.

That'll be the day. I don't think so.
I don't like that real estate agent, either.

I mean, what if she
was sleeping with Hugo?

Give me that! All right?

Listen, Pops, okay,
we're trying to work here.

Not Pops, but I'm interested
to know what's going on.

Nothing special. What is it, Hodgins?

So, this was melted
onto one of the bed springs.

- What is that?
- It's a slim ring.

- One more time. What is that?
- It's a gastric banding device

that actually limits the amount of food
a person's stomach can hold at one time.

A surgical means of losing weight.

Well, that's how she lost 100 pounds
in such a short time.

So much for willpower.

- It has a serial number.
- Yeah, exactly.

I talked to the doctor
who did the operation.

It turns out that the slim ring
was not registered to Meg Tracy,

but it was registered to her roommate,
Stephanie Stevens.

Meg used her roommate's insurance.

Bet Stephanie was pretty mad about that.

Well, especially if she wanted
to get the same procedure herself,

and now couldn't.

But mad enough to kill?

I've seen people kill for a lot less,
believe me. Booth.

Yeah. God, is he all right?
Okay, I'm on my way.

A fire in my place.
Pops was cooking on the stove and...

Thanks. Thanks for everything.

It's that stupid stove.
Who has a stove like that?

You left a dish towel on the stove, Pops.

I don't think so.

You know, you could have been hurt.
You could have been killed.

I always used to make dinner for you.

Done it more than a million times.

It's that damn stove.

All right.

I won't be long, Pops.
I just have to question a suspect.

I don't need a babysitter, you know,
and I do mean "baby."

Why can't I stay here with Temperance?

I have work at the lab.

Perhaps you can teach Sweets
to play dominoes.

- Great idea.
- I already know how.

I don't think he'd have a chance.

You don't know
who you're messing with, squirt.

Bring it on, old man.

Those are fighting words, Pop.

- Thanks, Sweets.
- Yeah.

- Come on.
- Okay. See you later, Hank.

You know, what happened to me
could've happened to anybody.

Oh, I know.

Just because I'm carrying
a few extra years,

doesn't mean I can't take care of myself.

I know.

Smart ass.

- I go first.
- All right.

"I know."

Thanks for coming in, Bones.
You know, he really wanted to see you.

Well, are you sure you don't need me?

No, I'll interrogate her roommate,
and if I get anything, I'll call you.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, I guess he needs more
than I can give right now.

Maybe I should take a leave of absence.

Can you afford to do that?
You have a son to take care of, too.

Pops will think I don't love him.


I should go.

So we know that Meg used your
insurance card for the slim ring surgery.

What? That's why I got turned down?

You didn't know?

I went in for a routine checkup and
my insurance company declined payment.

They said I'd exceeded my annual limit.
I thought it was a mistake.

That's how she lost the weight?
That bitch!

All right, so you're saying
that she stole your insurance card.

Well, no, I let her use my card,
but not for that.

She was sick. She didn't have
any insurance, so I helped her out.

Well, you know that's a crime, right?

Well, isn't it a crime
when your roommate screws you

out of 10 grand worth
of medical coverage?

Sorry, but you're not
answering my question here.

She cheated on our bet.

I paid for her trip to Hawaii, too.
I can't believe this.

So, you were at the party
the night that Meg was killed, correct?

- Yes.
- You know, we talked to those people

off the list that you gave us.

And it's an awfully big party,
big enough for you to disappear.

And no one could really tell, you know,
if you'd gone or if you'd left.

They didn't know.


You're never gonna believe me,
so now I have to pay for a lawyer, too.

- Have you found anything, Dr. Edison?
- Yes.

All of these bone fragments
are scarred exclusively

with markers from the fire, but these two,
a piece of the parietal and the occipital,

seem to show evidence of being fractured.

Definitely could've been made by the
pointed object Angela's trying to identify.

Look at this.

Residue along the edge
of the fracture.

It's a resin.

Resin consists of terpenes
and phenolic compounds.

It's wood. He was struck
with a weapon made out of wood.

Teak, to be exact.

The bed is teak.

The wounds on Meg's hand
were clearly defensive.

So she couldn't have accidentally
hit her hand against the posts.

And the blows were sufficient
to render them unconscious.

- The finials.
- The what?

The decorative knobs
that go on top of the posts,

they're missing.

So the rest of the bed was carved,
which means

the finials must've been carved, too.

Okay, this is the real estate agent's
virtual tour of Howard's house.

Look, we have finials.

The reason why the image looked
like a nose is because it was a nose.

The victim was beaten
with one of these heads.

Wait, that's Howard Fileman,
the homeowner.

He said he was a master carpenter.

So, the other one was probably his wife.

Well, it's a match.

So, it wasn't about who was having sex,
but about where they were having sex.

Howard carved this bed for him
and his wife,

it was a symbol of their love.

Meg and Hugo both had roommates.
The house was cheaper than a hotel.

Howard catches Meg and Hugo
having sex in his bed.

Weird cake sex.

He kills them, sets the bed on fire,
and then leaves

with the busts of him and his wife.

That's so sweet.

And it's horrible, too. It's mainly horrible.

I'll tell Booth.
Howard might still have the finials.

We'll pull blood and tissue from them.

No, he'll still have them. I guarantee it.

It's all he has left of her.

I went back to sleep in our bed.

I used to stare at her face
up on the bed posts

and pretend she was next to me.

But I found them.

That wasn't right.

I don't know why you got takeout.
I could have cooked dinner.

Right. Try this one here, it's chicken.
You'll love it.

I don't think so.
Doesn't look like chicken to me.

- I'll try it anyway.
- Right, okay, look.

I got you a fork 'cause I know
how much you hate chopsticks.

- All right?
- Good job.


Hey, listen,
there's something I gotta tell you.

I know. This isn't chicken.
I already told you that.

But there's something
I wanna say to you first.

I can't tell you how much it means to me
to be here with you.

To share your life,

to see what a good man
you've turned out to be.

- Pops...
- Shut, shut up.

This gooey crap isn't easy for me.

Now, listen, I don't want you to think
I don't love you,

but I've gotta go back.

- What?
- To the place.

They need me.

Ronald called. He's got no one to fish with.

And Margaret needs my help
with the crocheting.

You crochet, Pops?

That's what we call sex.

And let's face it, your appliances stink.

All right, well, what about the orderlies?

Don't worry about them.
They're used to being hit by me.

Okay. Well, you're really sure
that this is what you want?

I already called them.

They know I'm coming.

Maybe you and your friend
can give me a ride, huh?


- You'll call, right, Pops?
- I'll call, you'll call, we'll visit.

We'll be sick of each other.

I'll miss you, Hank.

Of course you will.

Shrimp, can you give us a minute?

Sure, Pops.

Now, you remember what I told you.

I remember.

He's big and strong,
but he's gonna need someone.

Everyone needs someone. Don't be scared.

Scared? What? I'm not scared of anything.

It all goes by so fast.

You don't want any regrets.

I don't understand.

Yes, you do.

Give me a hug.

All right, it's your turn.

- What'd he say to you?
- None of your business.

Now, listen, you remember,
it's all in there.

Everything you need to know.

You just do what it tells you.

I love you, Pops.

I love you.

- Okay, okay. Now I can't breathe.
- All right.

All right, then.

What'd he say to you?

Nothing, just saying goodbye.


Me? Nothing, just, "Be a good boy,"

stuff like that.

We should go.


- I like that thing around your neck.
- What?

The thing that you're wearing
around your neck.

- Looks really good.
- You've seen it before.

I don't think so.

Well, thanks.