Bones (2005–2017): Season 5, Episode 17 - The Death of the Queen Bee - full transcript

The team's latest case takes Brennan back to her alma mater, Burtonsville High School, where she and Booth investigate the discovery of an unidentified skull and upper torso. With Angela's help, they identify the victim as one of Brennan's classmates, and notice a possible connection to a second murder committed 15 years prior. Brennan and Booth go undercover as a married couple at her class reunion to interrogate a set of suspects, where even as an adult, Brennan is still predictably misunderstood and her only friend lies in a strangely dark and offbeat janitor. Meanwhile, Hodgins spills a lab secret.

This is my favorite spot.

- I've only been here with boys before.
- Me too.

But I love that Katy Perry song so much.
It speaks to me, you know?

[Girl #2]


Okay, just kissing.
No touching things or anything.

No. Just the stuff that's in the song.

[Object Clatters]

I hear something.

It's your heart beating.


No. Really.

There's something out there.

- [Clattering]
- [Both Screaming]


I can't believe you grew up in this area.

Yes. I am an alumna of Burtonsville High.

- Right. Did you ever bring
a boy out here and-
- What, touch his genitalia? No.

Whoa. Okay, I was just thinking
maybe just a little smooching.

I used to come out here to find animals
to dissect. I didn't have a boyfriend.

Well, maybe because you were cutting up
little woodland creatures maybe?

I'm Sheriff Rebecca Conway.
You federal backup?

F.B. I. Special Agent Seeley Booth.

Hmm. Nice wheels. Nice face... and bod.

Very nice.

- Thank you.
- [Brennan] We know each other.

Becky, right? I'm - I'm Temperance.

- Have I arrested you before, hon?
- You were my lab partner
in chemistry at Burtonsville High.

Are you absolutely sure?

- I have an excellent memory.
- Positive.

Though you are thinner now,
which is better for your cardiovascular system.

In high school, you were quite overweight...

hence the derision from the other students.

Yeah, I remember you now- the creepy girl.

So, you're in town for the reunion.

- [Chuckles] Reunion.
- Yeah.

I need a date, if you're free.

We're just here to Inspect the remains.

Oh. No surprise there.

Two girls were out here rolling around.

- [Booth] Two girls?
- Yeah. It's the 21 st century, sweetheart.

- Get with the program.
- [Chittering]

Anyway, that critter ran into them right there
with the skull on its head.

Well, it was probably eating
the brains and eyes.

- Often, scavengers-
- Don't need the details, Morticia.

I'm keeping this quiet
until I know what we're dealing with.

Female, age indeterminate.

Judging by the lack of staining...

the victim's head was severed postmortem.

Oh! No. Not cut up.

Well, I'm glad you kept this quiet, Becky.

There are probably more remains in the area.

We're gonna need to search the bushes
for more people parts, Lou.

- I don't want the remains compromised.
- Don't compromise the remains.

She was a very careless lab partner.

You gotta go to your reunion, Bones.
We already flew all the way out here.

I'm not going.
High school was not a happy time.

For some reason,
people didn't seem to like me.

Which is exactly why you have to go now.

Reunions are made for you
to smear your success Into people's faces.

- Your accomplishments are gonna kill 'em.
- I found something!

Oh. Lou, stay right here.


- Where are the ribs, Bones?
- According to the legend,
they've been cooked and eaten.

Legend? What legend?

- They say a spirit lives in these woods.
- [Shutter Clicking]

He takes over a person, makes them kill.

My senior year, a classmate was murdered
and dismembered just like this.

- Ribs gone.
- They never found the killer.

The Butcher of Burtonsville High.

He's back.

- The Butcher of Burtonsville?
- That's what we called him.

Insect activity puts time of death
at approximately 10 days ago.

You should swab the dismemberment points.

There could be trace evidence from a blade.

You get very bossy
when you don't have flesh to play with.

I am the boss.

And he removes his victim's ribs because?

He eats them. Barbecue.

You don't actually believe that?

There's no evidence of cannibalism.
It's merely an urban legend.

But they never found out
who killed the girl in your class?

No. Sarah Tidwyler.

Booth is getting
the old case files to find links.

The stumps
on the victim's fourth and fifth ribs...

show evidence of hemorrhagic staining.

So two ribs weren't sawed off.

Fractured and then snapped off, It appears.

So your high school is famous, sweetie.

The earliest recorded mention
of the Butcher of Burtonsville was in 1956.

Young people were warned
to avoid secluded locations at night...

as there was a lunatic
who killed and dismembered his victims...

and then barbecued and ate their ribs.

Yet, until Sarah's murder...

it was just an urban legend-

society's attempt to control behavior
through a fear-based myth.

This is very teenage slasher movie-ish.

Whatever blade was used
left very clean and precise cuts.

It's always a tad creepy
when you admire the killer's handiwork.

Now, this first victim, Sarah Tidwyler,
was a member of the class of '94?

And the second victim was killed
just before the reunion of the same class.

It doesn't sound like a coincidence to me.

The cops here agreed to
keep everything quiet...

until we I.D. The victim
and catalog the evidence.

And this, uh, Ray Buxley
was a prime suspect in '94?

He was the high school custodian,
but they didn't have enough to hold him.

Lives alone, low-status job...

obsession with gruesome crime stories...

surrounded by teenage girls.

Very creepy. It's, like, Freddy creepy.

Okay. Well, I'm gonna go check him out.

Since you're trying to keep the town
from another wave of collective hysteria...

I wouldn't suggest
announcing your F.B. I. Status.

- We go undercover.
- Exactly.

Since Bones
was already invited to the reunion...

we get more information
if she's seen as an alumni.

- Alumna. Yes.
- Yeah. Great.

You know, correcting my Latin-
not the best way to make friends.

- Sorry.
- Great. See you later, Sweets.

- Wait. Agent Booth.
- Yes, Dr. Sweets?

You and Dr. Brennan are in the same motel?

Yeah, but they are not adjoining rooms.

Okay, Sweets? Look. They do not adjoin.

You can see... the bathroom.

- And I'm closer to the ice machine.
- No, I'm merely asking...

because of your feelings for Dr. Brennan.

I get it. All right, Sweets,
I respect that, but I've moved on.

- I already even have a date for next week.
- Oh, really? Who might that be?

- Thanks. Take care.
- Who might that be, Booth?

Booth, who might that be?

There appear to be some metal flakes...

embedded in the margins of the bones.

Ooh, come to the king.

[Wendell] Man. Social pressures,
sports, sexual psychodramas.

I'm surprised there aren't more murders
in high school.

Your high school sounds
a lot more exciting than mine.

It's a pretty tough place.
A lot of violence. A lot of drugs.

A lot of pregnancies.

So you've been through
the baby daddy scare before?


Before what?

Oh, no.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I had no idea you hadn't told him.

- Big mouth. And I am sorry.
- Big mouth what?


- Oh.
- You were pregnant?

I was just gonna leave,
but you're kind of in my-

I'm gonna go around.

No. I was not pregnant.

But you thought you might be pregnant.

Very briefly, Wendell.

Why didn't you tell me?
I'm pretty sure I'm the only possibility.

Yes. Yes. Of course.

Do you think that we could talk about this
later and-and- and maybe not here?

Oh, of course. I'm sorry. I was just-

We can absolutely discuss this later.

How well do you know this, uh, custodian?

Very well. He used to find
dead animals for me to dissect.

We used to have long discussions
about death.

Mr. Buxley would say
it was a natural process.

You were Wednesday Addams.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Well, in high school,
you had a creepy custodian as a best friend.

- I bet you had a pet rat too.
- No. I had a mouse
and a snake and some spiders.

Wow. And you weren't popular.
Now, that's amazing.

Oh! I am so sorry.
My nerves are totally fried.

I haven't slept in days
because of this damn reunion.

- Julie Coyle?
- Yes. Do we know each other?

- Temperance Brennan.
- Temperance.

Oh. Yes.

You- [Laughs]
Liked dead things.

I thought that was you. Wow.

The years have been very kind
to you, Temperance. Very.

Not that "very." She Liked dead things, Brad.

Yes, but now I'm a wealthy author
and a successful scientist.

- Did I do that right?
- No.

I'm, uh, her husband, Bobby Kent...

Temperance's lesser half.

- Brad Benson. Julie Coyle.
- [Booth Chuckles]

- You guys have any kids yet?
- Oh, no, not yet,
but we want a houseful. Right?

- Yes. We have intercourse
every chance we get.
- Wow.

Uh, yeah. All over the place.

Well, we have a gym to decorate, so-

You know, Evelyn Is gonna be so happy
to see you, Temperance.

- "Bygones are bygones," she always says.
- You married Evelyn Simms?

We were all so jealous. Evelyn's off
saving some unpronounceable country.

- Uh, Nicaragua.
- See?

So Prom King Brad here's
been giving me a hand.

Evy's gonna be flying back for the reunion.
We'll see you there. Good to meet you, Bobby.

Yeah. "Bygones be bygones."

What did that Brad guy mean?
What's going on between you and Evelyn?

- Something happen?
- It's not important. We were children.

We should go see Mr. Buxley.

By morning, I knew I wasn't pregnant...

so l-l- I saw no reason to bring it up.

What you're saying
would make perfect sense to Dr. Brennan...

but it- it feels wrong, you know?

Well, maybe I should have told you.

I don't know. L-

I just thought it was gonna bring up
a bunch of questions...

that we weren't ready for.

I can answer those questions.

- Well, what do you mean?
- If you got pregnant,
it's your decision what to do.

Well, yeah. I know it is.

I get that, but...

if you decided to keep the baby,
I would do the right thing.

- You would?
- I absolutely would.

I'd bear my share of the consequences,
more than my fair share.

I'd marry you if that's what you wanted.

I would do the right thing.

I'm sorry, Wendell. I should have told you.

[Both Laughing]

That's cute.

Mr. Buxley?

Ah, I have so many fond memories
of this place.

Gee, can't imagine
why this guy was a suspect.

Mr. Buxley?

Mr. Buxley.

It's good to see you.

And you.

You grew up good.

Thank you. And this is-

- Her husband, uh, Bobby.
- My husband, Bobby.

Oh, lucky man.

You care for some ribs?

They're... succulent, juicy.

Uh, I'm fine, and I'm full. I already ate.

You have quite the collection of blades
around here.

Yeah, well, a man never knows
when he might need to cut.

That's... quite a motto, right?

I was just telling my husband...

about Sarah Tidwyler.

- Do you remember her?
- Yeah.

Folks here thought I killed her.

- Well, not me.
- No.

No, not you.

I could always count on you.

Say, and you know...

I might have me a dead rabbit
around here...

if you'd like to cut it open.

- That is so sweet.
- No, it's not sweet.

I mean, not now...

probably because Mr. Buxley here has to get
the campus ready for the big reunion.

- I suppose.
- Yeah. I'm sure you've been working...

long hours late into the night,
probably even weekends, right?

Maybe even the weekend before last.
Were you working then?

Why do you wanna ask me
about that particular weekend, hmm?

You know what?
Just tell him, or he'll keep asking.

He can't help it. He's a newspaperman.

Well, that weekend I was away.

I, uh, went and bought this.


- [Door Slams]
- First edition. [Chuckling]

My first novel.

You named the killer after me.

I'd have shed a tear
If my- my duct worked proper.


I thought you might be coming to the reunion.

Maybe you could put your pen to it for me, huh?
Pretty please.

- With pleasure.
- Here. Use my pen.

Thanks, sweetie.

To the real Ray Buxley...

who taught me...

about... death.

Hey, you said the skull's ready for me?

- Well, what about casts of the blade injuries?
- Still working on them.

Hey, sweetie. Wow.
That is a crappy motel room.

- The bed has magic fingers.
- Okay. I'm gonna drive by that one.

- How's the reunion?
- I find I am uncomfortable...

with people who disliked me in high school.

So you're pressed for an I.D.

I'll try to be quick
with the facial reconstruction.

Turns out our victim
has a remodeled mandibular fracture.

- So that should narrow down the search.
- Let me look at that.

Can you put it under the medio cam?

- [Angela] Is there a problem?
- This fracture was made by a blunt object...

striking her face
at an almost 90-degree angle.

That's in my notes. Yes. And the remodeling
gave us an approximate age- about 30.

- Thirty-three. She was 33.
- Well, how do you know that?

Because I'm the one who broke her jaw,
with a tennis racket.

This is one of my classmates.

Evelyn Simms.

So this is Evelyn Simms. Wow.

Homecoming queen, cheerleading captain...

president of the Girls Service Club.

A girl like this-
she wouldn't have given me the time of day...

which, of course, makes her that much hotter.

Sweets, I'm sure you really didn't
wanna say that out loud, right?

- It slipped out.
- Everybody loved Evelyn.

A lot of people hated her, too,
for being so popular.

You're the one who decked her
with a tennis racket.

I-I-I never enjoyed playing doubles.
Someone is always in your way.

Although my classmates
thought I hit her on purpose.

Well, perhaps subconsciously you did.

I mean, a girl like yourself
with marginal social standing...

takes out her hostility
by striking the popular girl.

- It is quite common.
- Okay, that sounded clinical,
but felt very insulting.

- But what do you hope to find
in 15-year-old memorabilia?
- Basic victimology.

We already know that there's a similarity
in the method of killing.

They were in the same class.
Perhaps there's an interpersonal connection.

Oh, Sweets! Hold it right there.

There you are.
It's your high school picture.

- Why aren't you smiling?
- I wasn't amused by anything.

None of this is pertinent
to the investigation.

Reunions can rekindle
old feelings of resentment.

If a classmate's life hasn't worked out...

they might see Evelyn's happiness
as a personal threat.

- This is the girl that was murdered in 1994.
- Yes. Sarah Tidwyler.

Physically, she appears nothing Like Evelyn.

No apparent interests in common.

Look at that.
Look who has his arm around her.

That's Evelyn's husband, Brad.

[Brennan] Brad was dating Sarah
when she was murdered.

And now he's married
to the most recent victim.

It's a pretty strong connection.

This is a cross section
of the victim's distal femur.

As you can see, the kerf wall is smooth,
indicating whatever blade was used...

the size of its teeth was small.

But it did have teeth.
So we're looking for a saw of some type.

Judging by the bone loss from the cuts,
a saw blade about two millimeters thick.

- I can't determine
what type of blade yet though.
- Let me know when you can.

Whoa. Hold on. Show-and-tell's not over yet.

So we have got two particulates
transferred during dismemberment.

It's a pretty messy process,
what with all that blood spurting...

- and muscles and sinews tearing-
- Okay, we get it.

- What'd you find?
- Well, after much effort and expertise...

I found calcium sulfate...

and flecks of grade 3003-H14 aluminum.

How are either of those in any way cooler
than discovering the saw? Hmm?

I'll let Dr. Brennan know
that we are looking for a saw...

which can cut through metal.

And you don't have to fight.
You both did well.

I run a kindergarten.


- Yes.
- Wendell was so sweet, you know?

He had this stiff upper lip...

and he kept telling me
that he'd do the right thing.

And his jaw was all tightened and manly.

Wendell does seem to live
by a very strong sense of morality and ethics.

He's probably the best guy I've ever met.

I mean, he's good-hearted, and he's honest.

You're saying good things,
but your tone indicates you have doubts.

'Cause when Hodgins thought I was pregnant,
he said, "I'm your guy."

Wendell talked about bearing
the consequences and doing the right thing.

Well, anthropologically speaking...

males doing their duty
form the bedrock of civilization.

- It's not very poetic.
- Because males tended to find
those duties onerous...

they took every opportunity to avoid them...

mostly through geographic exploration...

meaningless conquests and war.

Hodgins wanted to be with me and the baby...

which, I guess, means
that he's less likely than Wendell...

to go off and start a war, right?

Brad was always the golden boy.

Always got what he wanted.

Rumor is his business isn't doing very good.

Booth, you can't give this credence.

It's gossip, which, by definition...

is a form of entertainment,
not information.

- And her grammar is appalling.
- It is a miracle
that you have any life whatsoever.

You cheated off my test in chemistry.

I could supply you a little fun
while you're here, 'cause you're
probably dying with this one.

- We're talking about Brad Benson, right?
- Right.

Um, well, Brad has his own auto body shop...

and rumor is he's losing money,
big time.

Owning his own auto body shop, he would
have access to a saw that cuts metal.

We'll just get an agent,
check out his financials. Anything else?

No. I'm gonna go in the gym
and see if they need help setting up.

But if you need anything, holler.

If I had covered my paper,
she would still be taking that class.


- [Tools Whirring]
- [Hammering]

Andy Pfleuger.
He used to have a crush on me.

You're right, Booth. It's nice to be back.


I found stab marks
on the posterior and right lateral side.

Posterior iliac spine...

L1 and T10 vertebrae...

and here on the Inferior angle
of the scapula.

- Cause of death, Mr. Bray?
- All the stab wounds terminate in bone.

So they wouldn't have been fatal,
except for this one.

The weapon could have passed
through the eighth intercostal space...

perforating the lung,
causing her to bleed to death.

The victim's husband
had an auto body shop, right? Look at this.

Looks Like transfer from the murder weapon-
thin flecks of Iridescent metal.

Could be the kind that they use
to coat a paint job on a car.

So the weapon is found in an auto body shop?

I haven't I.D.'d the weapon yet.

But check out the microtomography.

The blade was double-edged
with an identical taper on both sides.

So somebody killed her
with a really sharp piece of pie.


Angela has the photos Dr. Brennan uploaded...

of potential weapons from the reunion.

Yeah, we didn't have those at my reunion.

- So this is the class of '94.
- [Laughs]

Man, my high school's looking good.

I think Brennan was the normal one.

Do you see anything
that can match the stab marks?

No. The cleaver has
a totally different blade profile.

- Right. We're looking for a piece of pie, right?
- Look at her.

Zoom In on those tools on the table.

Can you give me the angle of that taper?


Ah, 48 degrees.

Compare that to the marks on the bone.

It's pretty close.

This Ice-carving tool
could definitely be the murder weapon.

Carrie is a sweetie pie.

She made the cake for my birthday.

But Carrie isn't here. Where did she go?

I don't know. You're the genius.

- Any bad blood between her and Evelyn?
- Evelyn is on the city council.

She gave Carrie her catering contract...

for city functions, school lunches.

She took it away too.

They had a big blowout.
Now Carrie's looking for work.

So, what's going on?
Leaving me out of the gossip?

No. I love to gossip.

Remember when you were locked out
of the locker room in your underwear...

and the boys took pictures
and they put it all over school?


I can't believe you'd bring that up.

That's not gossip, honey. It's embarrassing.

You're as clueless as ever.

There's Carrie.

Oh, I can't believe it'd be her.

Her cakes are so light and fluffy.

You're- You're breaking up with me?

- Yes.
- Because I would have done
the right thing by you?

I'm not a duty, Wendell.

You didn't do anything wrong.

In-in fact, it's the opposite.
You're the best.

But you can't tell me
that, in the back of your heart...

you aren't thinking
that another upcoming duty...

might be to let me down as gently as you can.

I really, really like you, Angela.

I really like you too.

You're sexy and smart...

and good.

- [Chuckles]
- [Laughing]

You're, like, saint good.

Ooh, I'm a sexy saint.

Hey, do not knock that.

It's a very rare and hot combo.

You have somebody out there who isn't a duty.

So do you.

I think we both know who.

Okay, look, you have to question her
as her old friend.

She didn't like me then. No one did.

And they still don't.
I obviously had no social skills.

They're not gonna suspect a thing,
all right?

- Because you're an alumni.
- Alumna.

- [Sighs]
- Why can't I hang out with Mr. Buxley?

Listen, I'm gonna be right here next to you.

You just go up to her and you say,
"Hi. How are you?"

And then you just spark up a conversation.

Hi, Carrie.
How have you been? Hello, Andy.

Hello, Temperance. I'm the shop teacher now.

In charge of the entire shop program.

You look really good. Really.

Two seconds ago,
he was trying to get Into my pants.

- I'm her husband, Bobby Kent.
- Oh.

Is the marriage working out?
Because statistically, it doesn't -

- Are you serious?
- Go inflate a doll, Andy.

Thanks for the rescue.

So, you actually look normal now.

Thank you.
I heard Evelyn ruined your career.

- But you're not, are you?
- My wife just meant
how difficult It must be...

with this economy and trying to find work.

I know how terrible Temperance felt.
Isn't that right, sweetheart?

- Okay. Sure.
- [Carrie] It is hard.

I lost everything.

Maybe it wasn't Evy's fault,
but I had to go live with my parents in Florida...

until I find something else.

Almost didn't make it back for the reunion.

- So, you weren't here this past weekend?
- [Cell Phone Rings]

No. I was buying diapers for my dad.

- Hodgins.
- Great. You'll have to excuse us.

- That cake looks great.
- Oh, yeah? Your cake isn't bad either.

Are you sure you and Morticia
are working out?

Whew. Slow down.

Okay, Hodgins, what do you have?

Hey, so the calcium sulfate-
it was plain old chalk...

and the particles in the stab marks
were clear-coat varnish.

Chalk and varnish. Do you have anything
on the murder weapon- the saw?

The negative hook angle
and the striations on the bones...

indicate a band saw.

- Band saw.
- Bingo.

- Bingo based on what?
- Bingo, bango.

Where else are you gonna find
a band saw and chalk?

Shop class.

No offense,
but, you know, I hate your school.

Temperance should too.

They never treated her good enough here.

- Hello, Mr. Buxley.
- Careful in the dark, kids.

- [Whirring, Muffled]
- The saw.

Careful, Bones.

[Saw Whirring]

[Whirring Continues]

Do you like it?
You're one of my girls now, Temperance.

Do you like it?

It's just a token of my affection.
It's for you, Temperance.

- Oh, thank you, Andy.
- No. No "Thank you, Andy." She's married.

- Things happen.
- Yeah. We know.

You asked Sarah to prom, didn't you?

Yeah. I think she would have went
with me, too, if she had lived.

Then did you think that Evelyn
would leave Brad for you?

Well, I've heard Brad
has had business trouble.

You know, she deserves somebody
who can provide her stability.

- I smell bleach, honey.
- I know.

I came in here week before last...

and the place was really spick-and-span.

Ray doesn't usually do such a good job.

It wasn't me.

Do you always just appear?

Bleach cleans blood.

Maybe somebody cut theirselves...


You are good, Mr. Buxley.

You are very good.
[Sighs] I've missed you.

Did you want something, Mr. Buxley?

Oh, right.
Uh, Julie asked me to get you all upstairs.

Uh, party's startin'.

- Oh, coming.
- [Brennan] We'll be right there.

I wanna show Bobby the picture of me
in the science cabinet.

- Oh, that'll be great. Where is that again?
- [Door Closes]

- It's down the hall.
- [Whispering] Hurry up.

- Maybe Angela and Wendell
can match the saw blade from photos.
- [Shutter Clicking]

Well, if this whole place was bleached,
there's gonna be a lot of blood.

If Evelyn was dismembered here,
even if the room was cleaned...

the killer may have left some evidence.

I'll go look for a weapon.

- Pie-shaped point.
- Right. Pie-shaped point.

The saw would have created
a lot of bone dust.

- [Beeping]
- Some of the dust...

could have traveled into this computer vent.

- I'm getting a text.
- [Beeps]

I found some.

This might be bone dust.

It turns out Brad had
a large life insurance policy on Evelyn.

And he definitely knows
his way around shop tools.

The evidence sure points to Brad.

What do you got?


Bone dust.

It's none of my business
if you broke up with Angela.

It's your business because we're friends
and it's kind of a big deal for me.

Oh. Yeah. Right.

Uh, I'm sorry. Of course. You know what?

You need to-
You need to go out and get drunk.

You know? Pick a fight.
Steal a car. Come on. I got your back.

What I need is for you to know
that I did my best concerning Angela.

Yeah. I know that already.

- I haven't told you about it.
- You don't have to. I know you.

Someday maybe we can talk
about what kind of woman Angela is.

Someday. Yeah.

I guess, somewhere,
I always knew she was just on loan.

She Is awesome, isn't she?

She's totally worth it, man. I mean-

I know.

I know you know.

- ?? [P. A... ; House]
- [People Laughing, Chattering]

Whoo! Ah! You!

Then let me talk
to your supervisor's supervisor.

Sheriff said that Brad Is upset.

You know, Evelyn should be here by now.

You know,
a lot of people thought I killed Sarah.

I think that's why they're so cold to me.

But I was fine, you know.

I had science and history.

- And Mr. Buxley.
- Yeah.

? These sounds fall Into my mind ?

♪ These sounds
fall Into my mind ♪

♪ These sounds fall Into my mind ♪

Yes, I'll hold for the 50th time.

Oh! The Electric Slide was my favorite dance.

[Booth Laughs]
It Is.

I never understood why my classmates
didn't appreciate my dance moves more.

?? [Ends]

- ?? [Man Vocalizing, Singing. ; Ballad]
- [Woman] Oh!

We get any more information
from the squints on the murder weapon?

The ice-carving tool was close,
but not an exact match.

- All right. Let's get some punch.
- Oh, can we dance, Booth?

- What?
- It's Seal.

Well, it's a slow song.

Oh, I'm sorry. Is that too difficult for you?

I just don't want any misunderstandings here.
That's all, Bones.

I mean, you know,
we, uh, opened up a door there...

that neither one of us wants to walk through.

I know. I-I just was asking to dance
because I remembered the song.

I'm sorry.

No. You know what? Hey, it's just a dance.

It's - It's your reunion, okay?
Let's do it. Let's dance.

Yeah. Come on.

Oh. [Laughs]
Why are you so far away?

You know, just keeping room
for the Holy Spirit. That's all. Yeow.

♪ Now that your rose Is In bloom ♪

♪ A Light hits the gloom on the gray ♪

Why are you always
so suspicious of Mr. Buxley?

Why? Because he's psycho, he has access
to the shop, and he has a huge knife.

♪ You remain ♪

♪ My power, my pleasure
my pain ♪

[Crowd Gasping]

?? [Continues, Indistinct]

That is so cool.

Bones, you're tearing up.

This is the prom I never got to go to.

♪ Baby ♪

♪ I compare you to a kiss
from a rose on the gray ♪

♪ Ooh, the more I get of you ♪

♪ The stranger It feels, yeah ♪

♪ Now that your rose Is In bloom ♪

♪ A Light hits the gloom on the gray ♪♪

[Man Singing. ; Rock]
? She's a girl gone crazy ?

♪ A girl gone crazy ♪

♪ She's a girl gone crazy ♪

- ? A girl gone crazy ?
- [Shutter Clicking]

Could be the shop teacher, right?

Evelyn turns him down, and he freaks out...

because he's running out of time
to lose his virginity.

Well, you still haven't confirmed
that Carrie was in Florida.

- Pie?
- Oh, yeah. Sure. That's great. I love pie.

I can't believe Evelyn missed the reunion.

If she never comes back, then you might
get your catering contract back.


Did you see the serving thing?
Could be the murder weapon.

The angle's wrong. Andy asked me to prom
after Sarah was murdered.

Should've said yes. This is fun.

Except for the murder.


- They're beautiful, aren't they?
- Yeah, it's great.

♪ She's a girl gone crazy ♪

- ? Girl gone crazy ?
- The points are about 48 degrees...

- just Like Angela's estimate.
- What are you doing? Ho, ho.

- Excuse me.
- What are you doing, Bones?

Look at her.
She Is still weird. Hands off, Morticia.


Hey, just hold that.

Look, just hold up the star
and smile, sweetheart.

They're a freakin; love story,
and I'm feeding cats.


So the star points have a 52-degree taper.

[Saroyan] An exact match
for the Injures found on the bones.

Yeah, and the edging shows
that the stars were cut by the same saw...

that was used to dismember the body.

But there are multiple wounds.

It's hard to believe that she was stabbed
repeatedly with a star until she was killed.

Can you show us the placement
of all the bone injuries?

Stab wounds are usually localized.

Maybe there were multiple stars.

There. Look. The picture from shop class.

Okay, well, this Is the drying rack.

Uh, this Is where they placed the stars
when the varnish was drying.

So let's see if the points line up.

The wounds are so deep.

Falling on them wouldn't kill her.

Well, unless somebody shoved her onto them.

[Wendell] That explains the two ribs
that were broken and not cut.

They were fractured when the murderer
threw Evelyn onto the stars.

Digging the stars into her bones...

and puncturing the pleural cavity, killing her.

Somebody really hated her.

- ?? [Continues]
- Okay, thanks, Cam.

- [Beeps]
- The stars are the murder weapon.

They were made on the same band saw
that dismembered Evelyn.

Who made the stars?

I'll ask.

You're not here for the reunion,
are you, Miss Temperance?

No, Mr. Buxley.

Couldn't imagine that.

So, who's dead?


These stars were made here in the shop.

- The stars killed her?
- Do you know who made them?

Yeah. Julie.

She made all the decorations.

She's a regular Martha Stewart.

- Julie?
- Yeah.

Don't surprise me though.

One look at her, you can tell she's off.

You know, them smiley ones,
they always give me the willies.


Wha-What's wrong?

Um, Brad just got off the phone.

Evy never got to Nicaragua.

Where could she be?
She would've called, right?

Oh, honey.

It was her, Booth. It was Julie.

- [Police Radio Chatter]
- Brad was mine. It was my turn to have him.

I beg your pardon?

Evelyn and I made a pact in high school.

We got rid of Sarah so we could share Brad.
We had a pact.

Evelyn and you killed Sarah?

She was sleeping with Brad. He was ours.

Evy had him first,
and now It was my turn to have him.

She wouldn't give him up.

Where is Brad anyway?
Someone should tell him that I'm here.

- He's gonna be worried about me.
- Yeah.

Um, just get comfy.

Watch the hair.

[People Whispering]

- Hey.
- Hey.

Did, um- Did Wendell tell you?

Of course he did. You're friends.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Yes, I am.

As you know,
I have some experience in this area.

L- I'd like to know if Wendell's all right.

He's doing much better than I did
after we broke up.

Well, I don't wanna be the kind of person...

who leaves this string
of good-hearted guys behind her, you know?

Ange, we broke up, you know?

You did not dump me.

And Wendell is fine.

But I gotta tell you, I think you left him...

in better shape than you found him.

I don't know about that.
I mean, I'm pretty sure he was born that way.


he is better for having known you, Angela.

- And how can you be sure?
- Because I've been there.

- [Women Chattering]
- [People Laughing]

Even 10 or 15 years later...

you put the same people
in the same environments...

and the exact same interpersonal
relationships pick up where they left off.

Well, when the wall fell, the majority
of K.G.B. Agents kept their positions...

when the organization
turned to other endeavors.

Are you saying
that high school's like the K.G. B?

- [Chuckles]
- [Saroyan] Clandestine meetings...

secret pacts, murder-
sounds like her high school.

Well, I tried to change
their perception of me...

by telling them how rich and successful
I'd become, but they still didn't like me.

- Why would you tell them that?
- She didn't do it right.

- You told her to do that?
- Look, it had to be subtle.

I am so never going
to my high school reunion, ever.

I think it'd be fun to see
how everybody turned out.

Heck, yeah. I'd like to see
how Suzanne Dowell turned out.

Oh, man. She used to wear these jeans.

[Sharp Inhale]
Must've been painted on.

Stephanie Roberts and her little pink shirt.

- Dr. Sweets, are you still with us?
- [Brennan Laughing]

- Sorry.
- [Booth] They didn't dislike you, Bones.

They just didn't understand you.
It's a big difference.

It didn't bother me.
I found the reunion to be quite educational.

And you were right.

- It was good to go back.
- [Booth] Right.

It made me see how lucky I am now.

This is what friendship looks like-
this table.

- I am very lucky.
- Aw. Cheers.

[All Laughing]


[Man Singing. ; Rock]
? The sun won't stop getting brighter ?

- ? My feet are getting Lighter ?
- [No Audible Dialogue]

♪ I'm floating Like a feather ♪

♪ It won't stop getting better ♪

♪ Oh, no, no, no ♪

♪ No, It won't stop getting better ♪

♪ No, no, no, no ♪♪

What's that mean?

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