Bones (2005–2017): Season 5, Episode 15 - The Bones on the Blue Line - full transcript

When a subway train is thrown off the track by 60,000 gallons of flood water, a partially skeletonized body emerges out of the overflow. While Dr. Sweets, a passenger on the derailed train, copes with post traumatic stress, the rest of the team and intern Daisy Wick get to work on identifying the victim as Martin Aragon, a professional ghost writer caught up in a deadly love triangle. Meanwhile, Brennan releases her second book to great success, but has to accommodate a nosy reporter, and Sweets' near-death experience leads him to make a drastic decision.

Uh, excuse me, are you all right?

Yes, thanks. Yes, in fact, I'm great.

I've been fighting leukemia
for the past eight years,

and now I just got a text. I'm cancer-free.

That's awesome! Congratulations, man!

It's... Oh, my God!

I've been on hold for almost half my life.
No more.

No. I'm gonna travel. I'm gonna sleep
with exotic women in exotic places.

I'm gonna do anything I want.

Hey, that sounds like a good plan.

Congrats, man.

Ms. Iwanaga has come all the way over
from Japan

just to interview me about my new book.

Really? So, her book is big in Japan, too?

Yes, very popular. Spine-tingling.

Oh. Spine-tingling is good, Bones.

Well, except when it indicates
a dangerous nerve disorder.

She's also interested
in how you work.

Oh, sure. As long as we keep you safe.

That is what Agent Andy would say
in your books.

It is an earthquake.

No, no, no, no, it's not an earthquake.
This isn't California.

Well, in both 1811 and 1812,
large tremors shook DC,

and again in 1828.

- We can discuss this later.
- Whoa!

Okay, that was big. Whoa!

What's going on?

Let's get out of here!
The water main just broke!

Oh, my God!

What the hell is that?



Look, there's Sweets.

He looks very upset.

Well, when I talked to him,
he said a guy died in his arms.

- You guys with the FBI?
- FBI, yeah.

We're here about the human remains.

- Well, that's him, right over there.
- No, the skeleton.

Oh, right, Officer Grant, she can help you.

All right, I'll tell you what,

I'll meet up with you.
I'm gonna go see Sweets.

Officer McKenna Grant
is just right over there in the police vest.


Bring me a line!

- Hey, you all right?
- Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Yeah, you don't look fine.

No, it's, you know,
a whole subway car full of people.

And the worst injury's a broken arm,
except for this guy.

- Yeah, I can see that.
- I was just talking to him when it hit,

and he just beat cancer.

All right, look, tell you what,

just let's go over here
and just have a seat, try to relax.

You know, he talked about traveling
and sleeping with exotic women.

And he was gone, just like that.

Just have a seat, all right?
Just relax, all right?

And I'm gonna go check on Bones

and I'll come back
and I'll take you to the office, all right?

- That's fine. Uh-huh.
- Okay?

It's no problem.

Your friend said the skeleton washed up
against the train window.

It would've freaked me out.

Booth, this is Officer Grant
with the transit police.

The water mains,
they broke all through the city.

Yeah, and this station was closed
for construction.

It's probably why it flooded like that.

This is a male, early 30s,
dead at least a week.

Probably washed out of that tunnel
when the main broke.

This could be quite a thrilling opening
for your next book.

Yeah. What'd she say?

Never mind.

There are striations on
the bones from animals scavenging.

Probably rats in the subway tunnel.

That explains why
there's so little tissue left.

Like the remains in your book,
Bred in the Bone.

Oh, no, those remains were eaten
by weasels, not rats.

It's a different genus altogether,
although dentition is similar.

There's some kind of viscous film
on the humerus and scapula.

I'll take a swab for Hodgins.

So, other than the cancer survivor
who died in Sweets' subway car,

there were no other fatalities,
just a couple chimneys down

and some stuff falling off of the shelves.

Really rotten luck for that poor guy.

And this one, too, apparently.

Hello, I'm Angela Montenegro.

Oh, Ms. Iwanaga is interviewing me
for a Japanese magazine.


In the books, you must be Amanda.

Well, I have a lot more fun than Amanda.

Angela, perhaps you could take
Ms. Iwanaga to my office.

We can discuss my book a little later.

- Of course.
- Right this way.

Lance, what are you doing here?

I came to offer my services.

Earthquakes can cause
psychological trauma.

Yes, for you, baby.
What you've been through.

- I'm fine, Daisy.
- Sweets, you saw somebody die.

I know my Lancelot.
You needed to see me, didn't you?

No, I'm just trying to do my job.


Booth told you to go home.
He knows about things like this, Sweets.

We'll call if we need you, I promise.
We'll have Hodgins drive you home.

Bye, Lancelot.

Note the victim's clavicle.

- It's dented.
- And blue.

There's also a blue nick on the C7.

Something blue pierced his clavicle
and went through to the back of his neck.

That would've sliced through
the carotid artery.

Ms. Wick, take molds of the clavicle
for possible weapon

and swab the blue pigment for Hodgins.

You didn't have to give me a lift.
I have a car.

Seeing someone die, Sweets,

you don't just go on with your day
after something like that.

Right, of course. I was just...

You know, I thought
if I could help other people, then...

Yes, but, you know, sometimes you can't.

Eight years of chemo and radiation.

He said he was gonna do all the things
that he'd been putting off.

And then he was gone.

I'm sorry, man.

I just don't... I don't wanna disappear
without living the life that I wanna live.

Well, hey, how about you start
by taking the afternoon off?

Amanda is the best of friend
of Dr. Reichs in the books.

Are you also friends with Dr. Brennan?

- Absolutely, yeah. We're best friends.
- I see.

Amanda once had sex with Agent Andy.
Then I assume you also...

Oh, no, no, no, no. Not... Not me.
What are you writing there? Stop writing.

The books and life are not the same thing,
most of the time.

- Okay, Ms. Iwanaga, I'm all yours.
- Excellent.

Dr. Reichs' relationship with Agent Andy
is based on you and Booth?

The quite notorious sex life
they share and...

What? No! We're not them.
They're fiction. What are you writing?

- You started writing before I answered.
- She loves to write.

Your readers feel the passion.

My readers appreciate the intricate plots
and the unique forensics.

Why aren't you writing that down?
That was interesting, what I just said.

- Dr. Brennan!
- Ms. Wick.

I found a tooth in the victim's scapula.
Oh, my gosh, am I interrupting?

A tooth. I'm sorry, Ms. Iwanaga.
We can continue this later.

Do you and Amanda share
an interest in painting?


But listen, that does not mean that
I had a thing with a Norwegian prince.

You got that, right?
That Amanda and I are different people?

Belgian and Norwegian
are not at all the same thing, believe me.

There, in the coracoid process.

At first, I thought it was some kind
of mineralized connective tissue.

But then I remembered in your book,

Dr. Reichs is confounded
by the anomalous 13th rib.

Note how you are able to retain
the important facts from the book.

And what does all this mean?

It's definitely a tooth. I tested it. A canine.

And look here, he's missing his canine.

Well, someone extracted his tooth
and surgically implanted it in his scapula?

Okay, if that's his tooth,
what's that in the middle of it?

Modified osteo-odonto keratoprosthesis.

Of course.
It's a new surgery to restore sight.

In your shoulder?

They use the tooth as an anchor
for a prosthetic lens.

- So the victim was blind.
- This is a rare operation.

We should contact ophthalmologists
in the area.

One of them can probably ID the victim.

I identified the blue substance
on his bones.

It's a polymer. Paint or rubber, maybe dye.

That's why I'd like to go searching
for rat poop.

Of course you'd like that.

Yes, the victim was eaten by rats
in the subway tunnels.

Rat excrement will contain
not only inorganic clues,

but digested remains from the victim.
That could give us time of death, too.

- Go for it.
- Well, I'll need some help.

You seem to know your poop.

Did you get to the part
in Bone of Contention

where Kathy has to swim
through the sewage tunnel

looking for the killer's teeth?

I'm on page three so far.
I've been busy with the murder.

- I speed read.
- Yeah, of course you do.

Hey, rat poop. Let's bag that, okay?

Our furry little friends.

All right, there's gotta
be a rat's nest nearby,

because rats stay close to home.
So, keep your eyes open.

- Here's a trail of fecal matter.
- Yep.

I think it's Dr. Brennan's best book.

People think that
scientists aren't romantic,

but Dr. Brennan
has a knack for the steamy.

Yeah, well, still waters run deep.

Wait until you get to page 187. It is H-O-T.

She describes this move
that Agent Andy makes.

Lance and I tried it a few times,
and oh, my God!

- The neighbors complained.
- Rat poop, Ms. Wick, rat poop.

You have to check it out.

Rat nest!

Oh, yeah.

As rat nests go, this is the mother ship.
There's got to be some gifts in here for us.

Ventilation grates.

The body could've been dropped
through there.

Yeah, all right.
Let's start bagging some excrement.

A white cane.

Our victim was blind.

Martin Aragon, 30 years old,
lives in Kingman Park.

- His eye surgeon identified him.
- He's a scribe.

I beg your pardon?

Seriously. He wrote letters for a living.

His business partner's name
is Sophia Meade.

I don't like today one bit.

This man was on the verge
of maybe having his sight returned.

And Lance's dead friend from the subway
just found out he was cured of leukemia.

- Yeah, it's ironic.
- With all due respect,

that's not irony.
People may think it's irony,

but it's really just
an unfortunate juxtaposition of events.

Well, I guess they're gonna need
a shorter word for that.


Dr. Brennan, why doesn't Agent Andy
wear a Cocky belt buckle?

Because Andy isn't Booth.
Why does everyone think that?

Agent Booth thinks he is.

He says,
"They're both brave and attractive."

- Well, he's wrong.
- You do not think he's attractive?

I think his symmetry is pleasing, yes.

But Ms. Iwanaga,
the characters in my books

are really only there
to further the forensics.

I do not agree. The sex is very involving.

Why does everyone think that?
It's just sex.

Imaginative sex.

Okay, I only include that

and the personal interactions
to denote the passage of time.

What are you writing?
I only took conversational Japanese.

Page 187.

Oh, my God!


One moment, please.
Personal privilege point of order.

- How's your rat poop?
- Page 187.

Mind reading it aloud?

Page 187.
I am not reading the sparky bits to you.

You can get somebody else
to do that, sicko.

Okay, fine. Read it to yourself, then.

That's that thing that I do.

Nobody else does that thing.
It's my thing that I do.

- Right.
- It's not a well-known thing.

It's, you know, my thing that I do.

Right. I remember. I was there.

You told Brennan about that thing I do.

- It's a very good thing.
- It's my thing that I do.

Did you tell her that it was my thing?

- You mean, did I give you credit?
- Yes. Did you?

- No.
- Good.

'Cause I don't need her looking at me
thinking about that thing I do.

Well, that's good, then.

But now that thing I do is in print,

and every guy that reads that book
is gonna give it a shot.

Oh, well.
You know I got other things that I do.

My advice?

Only sleep with guys that can't read.

'Cause otherwise you'll never be rid of me.

I'm very worried about Lance!
I didn't mean to say that out loud.

I just thought it so hard
that it popped out of my mouth.

Apology accepted.

That guy dying right in front of him
really freaked him out.

He's very sensitive.

Not inured to death and mortality,
like you and I are.

The pattern of this pitting,
I believe it resulted from blowback.

- From a gunshot?
- Most probably.

The victim was shot with a gun,

and he was standing
in front of something glass.

Which shattered
and blew back into his skull.

Then the bullet must've been blue.

Are there such things as blue bullets?

That's for me to find out, right?

Yes. Because that's my job.

Martin and I have been business partners
for six years.

We've been writing letters for people
since we got out of college.

How'd he adjust to the fact
that he was blind?

He loved reading and writing
more than anything.

The past couple of years,
he's been very down and depressed.

That's why he got that operation.

Listen, how does this whole professional
letter-writing thing, you know, work?

Well, most people are unable
to express themselves in a cogent manner.

Martin and I know how to do that.

- Does it pay well?
- $50 a page for simple letters.

Fifty bucks!

$250 for legalese.

- So, someone owes me money...
- You come to us. Yes.

Or if you got bad service.

Letters to the editor, congressmen,
even Dear John letters.

When was the last time
you saw your partner?

Last week.

We don't work together every day.
I have kids. I work from home.

So, clients, do they ever want
their money back?

Yeah, we have dissatisfied customers
like any business.

But no one's ever threatened us.
You're welcome to look at our archives.

So, you have copies of everything?

Yes. On disk.

God, our victim
is an expert on everything.

I mean, look at all these letters here.

Parking tickets, income tax, court orders,
the whole thing.

Get to a point where
I'd wanna kill him, too.


Yeah. Yeah. Sorry.

- Sure you're ready to come back to work?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

You know, that guy in the subway,
one way to look at it is that he died happy.


Well, you think about it.
This guy gets this great news.

What's he do?
He shares it with a stranger.

You're gonna think
I'm stupid for saying this,

but the whole thing, it felt like a message.

Right, a message. I believe in messages.

Yeah, it was like a message.
"Go ye forth and live life to the fullest."

- Something like that.
- Live life to its fullest.

- Yeah.
- People should do that more often.

Moment to moment, day to day.
But they don't.

Wait till you see this.
Look at this letter right here.

A letter actually written by the victim.

I mean, it's written by him
and signed by him.

He's complaining about
a sandwich franchise.

Says it's disgusting.
It should be shut down. What?

Yeah. You know what, keep reading.

All right, he kept the reply.

"You're destroying my career
and my living.

"People have been killed for less."

It's a death threat.

It's a death threat.

Well, I put together a timeline
made out of rat poop.

And now I'm in a sixth grade science fair.

The oldest poop containing human
remains dates from seven days ago.

Now, I also found this.

Is that the color
that was found on the bones?

Mmm-hmm. Same sub-micrometer
blue polymer-based material.

Now, I'm running a scan of companies
that manufacture it

to see if it's ever been used
for ammunition.

And check this out, also found this.

- Is that leather?
- Mmm-hmm.

It's a piece from the sole of a shoe.

- The victim's?
- No. His we matched with DNA.

This leather was found in a rat's stomach
along with bits of the victim.

They were ingested at the same time.

This could've come
from whoever killed Martin Aragon.

- Mmm-hmm.
- What do you know? King of the Lab!

Wow! That's a first.
Usually I have to say it.

Yes, but I wanted to hear how it sounded
with a touch of modesty.

Stewart, so...

So, I spoke to Sammy's corporate office.

I found out you lost your franchise
in Rock Creek last month.

What's this about?

They said that they pulled the plug on you,

because you got into what they called
an altercation

with one of the customers there.
You two fought.

Oh, yeah, that blind creep, Aragon.

He comes in twice a week
for three months.

One day he gets sick and it's my fault.

Those letters, they were just
some kind of crazy vendetta.

So, what's this,
son of a bitch coming after me again?

He's dead. He was murdered.

Well, then someone did the world a favor.

But it wasn't me.
That bastard cost me over 100,000.

- I lost everything.
- You wrote him back,

saying you'd kill him if he didn't stop
writing to the head office.

Hold on, man.
That's just something that you say, okay?

I was going under. My wife left me.

I offered him five free lunches,
but nothing was good enough for him.

Where were you last Thursday night?

Anywhere near
Rock Creek subway station?

- Why?
- Why?

A second ago, you're happy he's dead.

Now you don't wanna
tell me anything. Why?

Man, even from the grave,
this dude is ruining my life.

Hey, look, I don't have to say nothing.

I want one of those
court-appointed lawyers.

Sure. Okay. Take about a couple of hours.
Sit tight.

I believe my books are popular

because they introduce the reader
to the world of forensic anthropology.

Why aren't you writing?
You usually write down everything.

Why did it take so long for Dr. Reichs
to have sex with Agent Andy?

For the same reason
that she used stable isotopes

to determine that the victim
spent her childhood in East Timor.

The oxygen isotopes
we ingest through food and water

are incorporated into
the hydroxyl carbonic apatite of bone.

You should be writing this down.

Will she ever tell Andy
about her affair with Ryan?

That was inconsequential fluff,
Ms. Iwanaga.

It's why they fight in chapter six.

Well, they identify the lotus tooth
in chapter six.

That is when their passion is released,
page 187.

Why are you only asking about things
that mean nothing?

Those are the things
that mean everything.

All anyone cares about are the characters.

It's what they relate to, you know.
It makes the story real.

No, the facts make it real.
They're indisputable.

Okay, well, if you believed that,
you wouldn't write it as well as you do.

- Angela helps me with those scenes.
- What?

Angela helps me.

- Page 187?
- Angela.

Though I'm anxious to try it.


So these are all the letters
he was paid to write?

Yeah, yeah, look at this one.
"Your breath gives me life.

"We're joined by love's tender coil,
sight ruled by my heart alone."

Well, that is very romantic.

Somebody definitely got
their money's worth.

No, I don't think
it was written for a stranger.

Yeah, but this is for the customer.

Yeah, but look,
"Sight ruled by my heart alone."

He's blind. It was about him.

Lance, I heard you were here.
I've been calling.

I know. Um...

I've been busy doing
a lot of thinking, Daisy.

About what?
I know something is bothering you.

You have to share it with me.

Uh, guys, I'm gonna leave.

No, you know what, we should work.
I'll call you. I'll call you.



What's going on, Sweets?

You know, I only have one life, Angela,
and I don't want to play it safe.

So, now I'd really like to work.


I can check these e-mail headers
to see who got these letters.

Maybe it was some kind of love affair
gone wrong.

Okay, the server sent the message
to this IP address.

- The remote desktop is open.
- Okay, what just happened?

Well, we now have full control over
the computer that received these e-mails.

- Whoa, what'd you just do?
- Turned the webcam on.

Hey, that is the manager
at the subway station.

Well, then that is who Martin Aragon
sent the love letters to.

- Where're we going?
- Cam asked me to get you out of the lab.

- Why?
- Because you keep sighing and moaning.

I thought I was keeping that to myself.

No, no. You were sharing with everyone.

Why do you drive a minivan?

Do you have kids
that we don't know about?

I'm an artist, Daisy.
And the Sienna has plenty of room.

Plus, I stink at parallel parking.

And that backup camera thing is,
like, the invention of the century.

So why are you
sighing and moaning, Daisy?

Because... Have you ever been dumped?

Of course. Hasn't everybody?

- Not me.
- Never?

Never. I'm smart. I'm extremely attractive.

Plus, I'm a sexual dynamo.


So, do you think that Sweets
is gonna break up with you?

I don't know,
because it's never happened before.

He's pushing me away.
He's been avoiding me.


- You don't have anything to worry about.
- Why?

Because before
they break up with you,

guys usually get really affectionate
and sweet.

- Does it always happen like that?
- No, no, not always.

So you can't give me any real help at all,
even though you've been dumped a lot.

Not a lot, Daisy.

Why would Lance
break up with me? I'm awesome!

I paid the dude to write letters for me.
Is that a crime?

- To?
- Officer McKenna Grant.

Officer Grant,
the transit cop that was at the accident?

Yeah. I was getting nowhere with her.

She was all wrapped up with this dude,
Eddie Ceraficki.

Aragon said he could appeal
to her romantic side.

- So you could close the deal.
- Yeah.

She has a cute ass, you know.

I thought maybe that poetry stuff,
it could work.

- Right.
- Right.

You are quite a romantic, Colin.

Tell you what, though.
Martin Aragon was murdered.

- You're kidding me.
- Try to look surprised, okay? It'll help.

I swear I had no idea.

You know, maybe
when he wrote these letters to her...

Yeah, yeah, that's what it is.

You know, maybe
when he wrote these letters to her,

he actually fell in love with her himself.

What would I care?
As long as the letters worked.

But those letters, they didn't work.

And you, you shelled out a lot of money
for those letters, right?

What do you end up with?

A blind guy who falls in love
with your girlfriend.

That'd make you pretty mad, wouldn't it?

Am I right, Colin?

I feel uncomfortable
talking about this.

I mean, is this because of something
that that Japanese journalist said?

No, no, no. It's just Riku asked Bones

about some of the character stuff
in her book.

And when we were alone,
Bones told me you helped her.

Yeah, I mean, I might've given her
a few suggestions, that's all.

Suggestions like, I don't know, what?

Okay, look, Brennan types up her book,

and then I go to her place,
and I lie on the couch,

I mean, with a glass of wine.

And she reads me the book.
I make suggestions.

Oh, um, she reads you the whole book?

Well, yeah, yeah. And I say,

"You know what'd be great here?
If they were naked."

Or, "What if he says this to her,
and then they laugh and then they kiss."

You know, that kind of stuff.

- The good stuff, you mean.
- No. Do not do that.

She writes the book.
I just drink wine and make suggestions.

Like her editor.
And editors do not get credit.

- How about page 187?
- What is it with you guys and page 187?

I have to go. I'm busy.

You recognize these?

- Where did you get these?
- From the murder victim's computer.

He wrote them to you, didn't he?

No, these letters were sent to me
by Colin Casey.

No, Colin paid Martin Aragon
to write these.

Well, he wasted his money,

because I only went out with him
a couple of times.

But you think that maybe Colin blamed
the blind guy for not sealing the deal?

No. Sorry, but Colin isn't exactly
the tough guy type.

Eddie, maybe, but not Colin.

Eddie, your previous boyfriend?

Yeah. He...
Well, when I left Eddie for Colin,

he came down
and punched Colin up a little bit.

Not hospital punching.
But, yeah, he knocked him around.

What if Eddie found out that Colin used
the blind guy's letters to woo you away?


Where would we find Eddie?

He owns a pawnshop just above
Rock Creek station where I work.

Is that how you met him?

No. I met Eddie when I arrested him
for carrying a concealed weapon.

Yeah, I hear you. I got issues with men.
Thanks for the update.

This is a quasar safety slug.

It was designed to disintegrate
so it won't ricochet after it hits its target.

So it's a safe bullet?

Not for the person it hits.
Just anyone else in the room.

Now, this is a thin coating of blue polymer.

That must be what left marks
on the clavicle and C7.

Perhaps because the ammunition's so rare,
we could trace buyers.

Well, I'm not done yet.
Now turning our attention

to the glass fragments embedded
in the back of our victim's head.

The bullet exited the victim,

shattered a glass object behind him
before disintegrating.

Right, the angle of applied force
was 28 degrees.

So if I extend the incidence lines,
the point of intersection was here.

Which means he was standing
between 45 and 60 centimeters

in front of the glass object
when he was shot.

Okay. Then we find that glass,
and we find where he was killed.

Well, we're still not done.

Hey, those are my photographs

from when Dr. Hodgins and I
went to find the rat poop.

Let's not get emotional, Ms. Wick.

Okay, so we need to find glass fixtures
that contain borosilicate.

- We find that here.

Now, I scanned for color frequencies
on the wall

where the bullet would've disintegrated.

The blue polymer emits
about 420 nanometers.

You found where he was murdered.

He was lured into this tunnel
and he was shot.

Let the record show that my photographs
were invaluable to the process.

There's no record, is there?

This is a pawnshop.

Like the one in your first book,
when Dr. Reichs and Agent Andy

removed their clothes
in the two-man submarine.

The pulverized acromion
is the important part of that book.

Well, you know what, I like the sub.

I can hardly wait to see
what you three are looking for.

Come on, you gotta be kidding me.

- You own a gun, Mr. Ceraficki?
- Of course I own a gun.

It's a pawnshop. I never have to use it.

I mean, I wave it around
from time to time, but...

Why is he allowed to carry a gun
after being arrested

- on a concealed weapon charge?
- That was a mistake.

I accidentally put it in my pocket,
you know, when I left work.

Can we see the gun, please?

She's right over here.

Real easy there, pal.

We don't want any sudden movements.
No mistakes. That's it.

That is very sexy.
Big Andy with a gun protecting Kathy.

No, no, no. He is not Andy.
And I'm not Kathy.

It's even more exciting
when he shoots someone with it.

- Bones.
- Well, it is, Booth. And impressive.

- He never misses.
- Andy sometimes misses.

Yes. See?

- Sorry about that, pal.
- I get it. Cops gotta be careful.

Can I see that box of ammo right there?

Ah-ha! Got you, dirt bag!

Got me for what?

Don't write that. Don't write "dirt bag."

What? Got him.

Officer Grant says
you have quite a temper.

Yeah, well, guy starts writing love letters
to your girlfriend,

then she dumps you for him,
he's gonna get a pop in the nose.

It's practically the law, right?

Yeah. Right. So you punch him in the nose.

- That's fine.
- Thank you.

Then you find out that it wasn't
Colin Casey who wrote the letters.

- What? He admitted it.
- No. No, no, no.

He hired someone else to write the letters.
You find that out.

Then you get really pissed off,
and you shoot him.

- Who?
- Martin Aragon.

The guy who actually wrote the letters.

Whoa. Wait, wait.
So she dumped me for another guy?

- No. She dumps you for Colin.
- All right, now I'm confused.

The point of all of this is that we have
your fancy blue bullets and the gun,

and we know where you shot him.

I never shot my gun.
I told you already, okay?

I might wave it around from time to time

if some bad-looking dude
comes in my joint. But I never shot it.

And plus, I'm sure you figured out
that those blue bullets don't fit in that gun.

- A guy could have two guns, right?
- Who are you saying I killed, again?

I'll tell you what, Eddie,
if you have nothing to hide,

why don't you just show me the gun
that uses these fancy blue bullets?

Okay, let the record show that
the suspect acted very suspiciously

- when I asked him to produce the weapon.
- No. Wait.


I gave the gun to somebody.


She said I was a stiff sometimes, all right?
Boring, I guess.

And she wanted me to be a little romantic.

So I gave her the gun
that brought us together in the first place.

- Officer Grant?
- Yeah. I got it engraved.

Then I gave it to her for Valentine's Day.

So, now, are you gonna inform the record
on what to show on that?

There's nobody in there.

Here you go.

Officer Grant, thanks for coming in.

Can I have your sidearm, please?

What's this about?

Well, we got a warrant
to search your apartment.

Have a seat, please.

We found Eddie's gun.

Says, "You can arrest me anytime, Eddie."

You're a law enforcement professional.
Why would you keep the murder weapon?

I am a law enforcement professional.

And if you had any evidence that wasn't
circumstantial, you'd have arrested me.

So I guess I'll be leaving.
It's been a pleasure.

You need to hold on
for one second, please.

We also have a warrant for your shoes.

My shoes?

What's that?

Leather, we found with the victim's tissue.
Inside a rat.

If we can match this leather to your shoes,

it'll show that you were there
when the victim died.

Would you please remove your shoes,
Officer Grant?

Eddie was a good guy.
I just wanted a little romance.

But those letters were a lie.
I should've been happy with Eddie.

I should've been happy with what I had.

Thank you very much.
I have a big article to write.

Well, I hope you'll stress
the important things in my novels.

I have learned very much.

Yes, you learned that rat excrement
can provide not only a timeline,

but also very important
non-circumstantial evidence.

I also learned that people should not
take credit for what other people write.

What is that supposed to mean?

I mean, the man who was murdered,
of course.


"Unseen, I feel your spirit as we work.

"The scent of your hair,
the accidental brush of your skin.

"I hear your heart beating.
Mine beating with yours as one.

"I breathe when you breathe.

"Breath to breath, heartbeat to heartbeat."

You believe Martin wrote
these letters to me?

Yeah, that imagery.
You know, syntax, the emotion. Yes, I do.

So you're saying he was in love with me?

I wasn't sure whether to tell you.

But I figured that if I was him,

I wouldn't want my fear to prevent you
from knowing how I felt.

But he never said anything.

But Martin wouldn't, would he?

I was married. I had children. I was happy.

He could never have what he wanted.

Poor Martin.

What is this?

- It's your share.
- My share of what?

My advance, plus an estimation of what
you deserve for the other two books.

Okay, would you stop talking as though
I know what you're talking about?

I've come to realize over
the past couple days

that you deserve 25%
of what I get from my books.

Does this have to do with Hodgins
and the whole sex thing on page 187?

Among other things.

- So is this Booth's idea?
- Well, no.

I did my own math.
Booth is terrible at math.

Well, I meant the whole share thing.

Booth's surprise at your involvement
caused me to reevaluate our arrangement.


- Is my math incorrect?
- Wow!

This is... This is 25%?

Yes. I figure, if my agent gets 10%,
you deserve more.

- Daisy?
- Lancelot.

There you are. Don't touch the bones.

Oh. Did it look like I was going to? I wasn't.

I've been trying to call you.
You've been avoiding me, haven't you?

Yeah. I just...
I needed to think about some things.

About you and me
and what I want my life to be.

Is this because of the boy
who didn't die of leukemia?


And you're here
because you decided something?


Am I gonna like what you decided?

I don't know.

I just wanna say that

I don't wanna spend any more time
away from you than I have to.

- What?
- I'm doing this wrong. Um...

When my mom died,
she left me something.

And my mom and dad were together
for almost 60 years.

They were really old.

Yeah, they were really old
when they adopted me.

It's just a modest ring.

It represents 60 years of love.

Daisy, will you be my wife?

It will make me incredibly happy
if you would be my husband.

I'm sorry about everyone else.
All the bad things.

That earthquake was
the luckiest thing in the world for me.

- You are not going to believe this.
- Come in. You want a drink?

I have some Chinese food
in the refrigerator.

- A drink, scotch.
- What am I not gonna believe?

Officer Grant got a lawyer.

Well, we just arrested her for murder.
I believe that.

Right, but Eddie... Eddie got her
the best defense attorney in town.

- That is hard to believe.
- I know, right?

He heard what she did for him,
and he fell in love with her all over again.

That is not rational.

Yeah, you know what?
I still can be surprised by people.

- Is that good or bad?
- Uh... Bad.

I think.

Wow. Uh... I don't know.

Well, if she's convicted,
even with good behavior,

she'll be in prison for the next 15 years.

Yeah, but he said that they're soul mates,

and he'll wait for however long
it takes for her to get out.

- Soul mates?
- Soul mates. Yeah.

The idea of soul mates
actually originated with Plato.

Yeah, you mean the clay
that kids play with.

No, the...

- What?
- You're joking.

- Me, joke, no.
- No, the ancient Greek philosopher.

His theory was that humans

originally consisted of four arms,
four legs and two faces.

Zeus was threatened by their power
and split them all in half,

condemning us all to spend our lives
trying to complete ourselves.

I don't believe that's true.

I agree. It's ridiculous.


Four arms, four heads?

- Two faces.
- Come on.