Bones (2005–2017): Season 5, Episode 10 - The Goop on the Girl - full transcript

When a man dressed as Santa Claus blows himself up during a botched bank robbery, Brennan and Booth work to identify the bomber and determine his motives. Meanwhile, Brennan makes plans to ...

Here comes Santa Claus
Here comes Santa Claus

Right down Santa Claus Lane

Vixen and Blitzen and all his reindeer

Pulling on the reins

Bells are ringing, children singing...

Hey, Santa. How you doing?
Deposit or withdrawal?

Is this some sort of joke?

Give me all of your money, now.

The other ones, too.

Hurry up.

- Something's going on over there.
- What do you mean?


I have a bomb!

Everyone get down!

Put the money in the bag, quick!

It's a beauty, isn't it? I got the...

I got the employee's discount,
good tips, too.

Shall I get some tinsel?

Well, you can do whatever you want,
it's your Christmas tree.

Well, it's ours, honey, as in you and me.

Dad, I'm going to do volunteer work
in El Salvador.

Well, that means
I'm gonna be alone for Christmas.

Well, what about Russ
and the girls?

Your brother is going to Orlando
to spend the holidays with his in-laws,

and I will be alone, and it'll be pitiful.

Well, if I stay,
then there'll be two of us alone,

- which is twice as pitiful.
- Well, that's interesting math.

What if I can get someone else
to share Christmas with us?

Now, that would make it
a real Christmas, right?

Dad, some reformed criminal pal of yours
won't make a real Christmas.

I'm talking family, a blood relative, an aunt
or one of your cousins from Minnesota.

- You have contact with these people?
- We're MySpace buddies.

Come on, honey, please?

Well, why do people hate
to spend Christmas alone?

'Cause it means nobody loves them.

Code 39. Code 39.
Bank robbery in progress.

Capital Mutual Bank,
corner of 12th and U Street.

Suspect dressed as Santa.
Urgent help needed.

Yes, Agent Booth, 22705.

I'm two blocks from Capital Mutual Bank.
ETA within a minute.

All of you, stay down, you hear me?

Stay down,
and everybody goes home for Christmas.

Everybody back.

You! Santa! Move into the road. Now!

Don't do this. Just walk away.

On your knees. On your knees!

- FBI, man. Do it now!
- I just answered the call.


Cab driver is stabilized.

Can we just hurry this up?
'Cause I have a witness over there.

Well, are you sure
you didn't throw out your back?

No, I didn't. I'm fine.

Okay, do you have a medical degree?
I don't think so.

- Okay, your pupillary response is fine.
- Okay, well, there you go.

I'm gonna go talk to my witness now.
Thank you.

Got him.

Hi. I'm Special Agent Seeley Booth.

- Are you okay, Miss...
- Hartmeyer.

Georgia Hartmeyer, and, no, I'm not okay.

- I'm covered in...
- Human remains.

- The bomber's bones became shrapnel.
- Oh, my God, I got to get out of here.

Listen, we just want to ask you
a couple questions.

We have to bag her,
and take her to the lab.

- Right now?
- Yeah.

I know this is really hard
and you're freaked out,

- but what you have on there is evidence.
- It's no big deal.

I'm just gonna put this cap over your hair
and bag your hands.

And I'm gonna meet you back at the lab,

and I'm gonna ask you a couple questions,
and then I'm gonna take you home.

- Okay?
- All right, I guess, if I have to.

Hey, what do you got?

Recovering bomb fragments.
Hey, check this out.

Explosives unit guys loaned me
these magnetized gloves.

These are so going on my Christmas list.

That stuff there, is that from the bomb,
or is that from Santa?

Bomb. Oily pudding residue
indicates a homemade emulsion bomb.

- Man, you sure you're okay?
- Fine. Okay?

He says he's fine,
but that may just be a function of shock.

I'm fine.
You know what, I'm gonna go home,

- grab a shower and get cleaned up.
- No, Booth!

I am fine. Will you just stop worrying
about me, Bones?

- Spinous process.
- What? Where?

Yes, indeed,
that is a definite chunk of Santa.

- We're gonna need some bags, Cam!
- No. No, no.

I'm sorry, Booth, but you're evidence now.

Did you hear anything back
on that cab driver?

No, but Cam is in touch with the hospital.

- Okay, I have to remove your clothing now.
- Why?

- Well, there may be particulates.
- Particulates?

Evidence for Hodgins, and flesh for Cam.

You know, the bomber said something
about "answering the call."

What do you think that means?

Many terrorists feel
they're acting upon divine instruction.

I don't think he was a terrorist.
I just think he was a bank robber.

- There's spatter on the back of your collar.
- Spatter?


- I can take my own shirt off...
- No, don't.

- You'll compromise the evidence.
- Right.

I'm having Christmas dinner
at my place this year with my dad.

Considering you've been shunted aside
by your own family, I'd like to invite you.

That's a sweet invitation.

- So, will you come?
- I don't know.

I was thinking about going up to Quebec
to see Parker.

I really don't care what Rebecca thinks.

Well, if you do that, won't she retaliate

by insisting upon coming
to all your special times with Parker?


You have a perfect acromion.

- Stand up.
- Okay.

Off the table.

What, is there stuff on my pants?

Yeah, vascular tissue
on your Cocky belt buckle.

- Oh. Right. Slides right off, and we're done.
- No.

- I have to remove your pants.
- All right,

you know, I'm just gonna start
reciting some saints, you know.

Saint Joseph, Saint Peter,
Saint Paul, Saint John.

- Anyone for mistletoe?
- I'm recovering evidence.

- Just evidence, that's all.
- Interesting.

Listen, Bones, I really got to go
question the other eyewitness,

- so are we done here?
- No, you can sit.

- There's something in your hair.
- Where?

- Don't touch.
- What?

Organic residue. I'll cut it out.

What do you mean, cut it out? No.
No scissors. Not the hair.

Tox results show that our bomber had
propranolol in his bloodstream.

It's a beta blocker popular with
performers, soldiers and suicide bombers.

Yeah, snipers use that
to calm their nerves.

Also, Hodgins swabbed this.

Found high concentrations of limonene.
It's a citrus fruit derivative.

- What is that, a nostril?
- Yup.

And I have no idea
how the limonene got there,

unless the guy was snorting
orange Kool-Aid.

Right. Listen, Bones, I really got to get
going to question this other eyewitness.

Will you just... Ow!

Are we doing experiments on Booth?
Because if so, I'd like to help.

Make fun of the naked guy,
knock yourself out.

I think we got everything.
No, mandible fragment.

Just get it all out.

Okay, there you go.

- Agent Booth, you look... Wow.
- How are you?

Finished with the hair,
moving on to the hands.

And thank you for asking,

especially given
the difficult morning you've had.

He was speaking to Ms. Hartmeyer.


I'm not used to having evidence that talks,
so it's a little disconcerting.

I'll just get back to work.

- How much longer do I have to stay here?
- Just a couple more questions.

Do you remember how long
you were standing outside the bank?

I'm not sure. I was waiting for the bus.

Do you remember seeing Santa
go into the bank? Ow!

Sorry. It's being stubborn.

All I know is,
I was minding my own business,

and this guy just blew up in front of me.

Dr. Brennan, look at these white fragments
in the nail bed.

Most likely dental pulp.

- Santa teeth!
- Geez.

- Harvest the nail.
- Just a quick clip.

- Hey, Booth?
- Yeah?

- Think I got something here.
- Oh. Great, join the party.

- Where's your chest hair?
- I'm highly evolved.

His pubic extension
is entirely within normal...

Enough. Okay, so what do you got?

I'm cataloging bomb components
so we can run it through EXIS,

the Explosive Incidents System.

Bomb makers' signatures
are as unique as handwriting.

We found this computer chip
that sets frequency on a two-way radio,

which means this bomb
was command-initiated,

triggered via an electronic signal
from the two-way.

Right, that would explain
the crackle I heard

right before the bomb went off,
and there was this voice.

You know, if Santa had a partner,

he was probably monitoring
that frequency.

He hears me say "FBI," he panics,
and he blows up good old Saint Nick,

but there's no way to trace it back to him.

Well, except for that computer chip.
The radio was set to 27.4 megahertz.

You guys have a scanner around here?

So, this is the first time
I have ever borrowed anything

from the Eisenhower Collection.

I'm just gonna tune in here to 27.4.

... their pockets. No more!

Bring down the tools of capitalist greed.
Burn them, like they burned us...

"Burn..." That's him. I heard him say that.

- Hey. We expedited tissue removal.
- Great, thanks.

Hey, listen, it's Booth. I need an FCC
mobile scanner unit now. Great. Thanks.

You want to search for the source
of this transmission?

It could be the guy who set off the bomb.

Okay, pants, pants, I need pants.
Where are my pants?

We're not one voice.
We're thousands of voices.

Democracy has been corrupted
by the greed of big business.

Burn it to the ground.

If he's referring to lobbyists,
then he's actually correct.

You agree with this clown?

And what about blowing up
your partner, okay?

'Cause it sounds like this creep

was planning on detonating Santa
right from the start.

Well, that would explain the propranolol.

Who blows up Christmas?
Who does that, Bones?

Hear my call.

Get off your ass and do something.
Get up off your...

Do you think that's what the victim meant
about "answering the call?"

Sure as hell sounds like that.
Take the next right, will you?


Does that look like
the frontal near the sinus to you?

Uh, I have no idea.

Seems appropriately spongy.

Look, I know you're busy,
but I'm in a pickle, Daisy.

This is our first Christmas together.

And though I've avoided the holidays
ever since my parents have been gone,

I feel like I shouldn't put a damper
on your holiday zest.

- Oh, I'm zestless.
- You are?

I see no point in celebrating
Jesus' birth in December

- when he was actually born in March.
- No kidding.

It'd be like celebrating the Fourth of July
in April. Ridiculous.

So, what do we do December 25th?

Would it be wrong to stay in bed all day
and have sex?

Yes, it would.
And what is with everybody today?

We were just discussing holiday plans.

Did Dr. Brennan ask you
about Christmas dinner?

She did.
I said it wouldn't be a Christmas dinner

- unless it occurred in March.
- Interesting.

Clear off, Sweets. We have to ID
our Christmas-in-December bomber.

Bye, Lancelot.
Colon, end bracket to colon, capital D!

Semicolon, end parentheses,
less than sign, numeral three.

- Colon, capital P.
- Oh, dear God. I'm going to yak.

This isn't skull. It's manubrium.

Seems to be some kind of burn
on the interior surface.

Get that to Hodgins.

Just up ahead.

That's it. Right there. Pull over.

- Booth?
- Yep.

Santa's cohort is inside that house.
These men use explosives.

They want to destroy
the Federal Government.

Shouldn't we call in backup?

Sixty seconds of rant,
people. Bring it on, bring it down.

We don't have any time. Do you hear him?

Sixty seconds, or he's going to sign off.
I got to keep him distracted.

All right.

Booth, you're going to pull down
the antenna? That's illegal.

Well, not when I got him for a Title 97,

malicious interference
and unlicensed operation.

- Hey. Phone in our location, okay?
- Check.

- Here. Cover me.
- Okay.

The banks take our money
to line their pockets.

No more! Burn down...

- Hey!
- Hey, what? Hey, come on now.

That's it.
You have the right to remain silent.

You're a flunky of a corrupt regime.
It is my duty to resist you.

Well, I should warn you,
he's very hard to resist.

- Thanks, Bones.
- Sure.


- What's this?
- Says you waive your right to a lawyer.

I know my rights better than any lawyer
who's a pawn in the system.

Fully aware that's there's nothing illegal
about my broadcasts. Freedom of speech.

You were in the military, right?
You were trained in explosives.

So what?

Explosives and ordnances
are part of Basic Training.

I don't think that they meant for you
to use your Basic Training experience

to rob banks.

You know what? You got the wrong guy.

All I do is broadcast my show,
go to meetings, hand out pamphlets.

Just before he blew up, the robber said
that he "answered the call."

My call? From the radio?

Look, some nut listens to me, goes crazy,
I'm not responsible.

- I never told anybody to break the law.
- Right. Because you know what?

Your little pirate radio frequency
set off the bomb

right before the robber
was about to get arrested.

- Must have been a coincidence.
- Just a coincidence?

You should just keep saying that
to yourself over and over again

so you can actually believe it.

This is fun.
Isn't it fun to meet a new relative, girls?

So, you're my cousin, Margaret?

My mother was your mother's cousin,
according to Uncle Max.

It's an uncanny resemblance.
You're practically sisters.

Why aren't you home for Christmas?

This time of year,
I prefer to be in Philadelphia,

away from my family and all those kids.

You don't have children?

"Keep your eyes wide open
before marriage, and half-shut afterward."

I never got to the half-shut part.
What's your excuse?

For not being married?
I don't have an excuse.

- I just have very good reasons.
- Like what?

I think that marriage is something
you need to have a reason to enter into.

- I never found that reason.
- Mmm. I totally agree.

"Experience keeps a dear school,
but fools learn in no other."

You see, Margaret is a big fan
of Benjamin Franklin.

Yes. He was the smartest man
who ever lived.

His advice has never failed me.

Actually, the person with the highest
recorded IQ is Marilyn vos Savant.

"Tim was so learned that he could name
a horse in nine languages,

"so ignorant that he bought a cow
to ride on."

I don't think this is going to work.

Listen, family reunions
are always awkward.

Well, do you think this is going well?

Not really.
You seem like a bit of a know-it-all.

Nice to meet you,
but I'm going to El Salvador for Christmas.

You both are welcome to use my place
over the holidays.

"He that won't be counseled
can't be helped."

I told you to keep to Ben's scientific stuff.

All righty, here's your head.

Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth
are kind of in a hurry to ID him.

No problem, Daisy.

I have no intention
of letting Santa ruin Christmas.

Were you aware of the fact
that Jesus was really born in March?

I don't care.

That Rudolph would have to be a girl,

because male reindeer
drop their antlers in winter.

Okay, I'll be right back.

That brings people to their window

I want a snowfall kind of love

The kind of love
that keeps you in bed all day

Oh, I want to look through with you

And watch it all melt away

And we will blow away

Okay, here he is.
The guy who bombed Christmas.

Can you hand me my sketch pad
so I can get him to the media?

- Hey.
- Hey, I was just thinking of you.

Oh, my God, what did you buy?

Gingerbread house, talking reindeer,
peppermint bark. I went a little crazy.

I know how much your dad
loved Christmas.

- You didn't get my present, did you?
- Still working on that.

Good. 'Cause I know what I want.
Hawaii. The Big Island.

- That would be hard to wrap.
- No. I want to go there for Christmas.

Please don't say no, Cam. Please.

That sounds fantastic,
but I only have a couple days off.

Not with you. With Paris' family.
Her mom and dad invited me.

- They did?
- I know it's totally last minute,

but I found a cheap flight,
and the hotel is covered,

and all I have to do is pack
shorts and bathing suits.

You really thought this through.

If I stay, it's just the two of us,
and that's depressing.

You really want to go?
It's that important to you?

It's important to me.

And this way you can do
what you usually do at Christmas

- instead of worrying about me.
- You're not a worry. You...

If that's what you want,
then of course you can go.

Thank you.

- Hey, Michelle.
- Hi, Dr. Hodgins.

- Mind if I steal her away?
- She's all yours.

We ran the explosive residue.
It's predominantly ammonium nitrate.

Also fuel oil, naptha,
detergent and antimony sulfide.

Any of that unique enough
to pinpoint our bomb maker?

Not even close.

Sweets says the pirate radio guy
doesn't fit the profile.

He's an extrovert, and we're looking for

a lock-yourself-in-the-basement
type of fellow.

All right. So, all we know so far
is that the detonation pressure

was about half a million pounds
per square inch.

Which is consistent
with the skeletal damage.

You can see blow out to the back,
as well as curvature and divoting

all going in one direction, to the rear.

So the explosive was confined
to the front of the vest.

Until we find the rest of the manubrium,

it's going to be pretty tough
to figure out specifics.

The manubrium doesn't just get up
and walk away.

Unless the bomber's own bones
became shrapnel.

We checked the scene of the explosion,
but we didn't check the cab driver,

who took the biggest hit.
I'll call the hospital.

So, I've decided
to take you up on your offer.

What offer?

You inviting me to your house
for Christmas dinner?

- You forgot you invited me.
- No, it's just... No!

My dad brought by my second cousin,
and I really didn't like her.

Well, that makes sense.

- Why do you say that?
- Well, because she's family.

I mean, 90% of the time,
family just gets under your skin.

That's the difference
between family and friends.

She's unapologetically dogmatic.

She lives her entire life based on
the quotations of Benjamin Franklin.

Maybe she feels the same way about you
and your mania for logic.

- Mania?
- Okay, enthusiasm.

Look, if you ditch this opportunity
because a family member annoys you,

- it just goes with the family territory.
- Hmm. That's true.

You and Jared can barely be
in the same room together.

Well, he's a whole other kettle of fish.
I'll tell you that.

He's just annoying.


Uh. Okay.

Somebody saw Angela's sketch on the TV.

Says it looks like her son.
Name of Holden Chevaleer.

Great. Thanks.

Get this, our bomber was an exterminator.

Well, that makes sense.
Exterminators use orange oil.

And Hodgins said
the bomb contained naptha.

Exterminators use naptha to kill bed bugs.

That picture on the news.

- It's my son, isn't it?
- Yes, ma'am.

They didn't say why they were showing it,
just that they wanted information. Why?

Well, we believe that your son
was involved in a robbery

at Capital Mutual Bank.

Your son, did he ever use explosives,
Mrs. Chevaleer?

No, of course not.
Holden wouldn't hurt a fly.

Well, he's an exterminator.
By definition, he hurts flies.

That's not what she meant, Bones.

Holden is a good boy.

We have dinner together
almost every night.

It's just the two of us, you understand.

- Any friends?
- He's very shy.

He's much happier working on his projects
in the garage.

What kind of projects?

I don't really know.
I like to give him his privacy.

- Have any financial troubles?
- Everybody does.

He tried to get a loan,
but the bank wouldn't give him one.

That must have made him very angry.

Well, he isn't perfect. But I know my son.

And if there has been any kind of trouble,
it is not his fault.

Just let me talk to him.
He'll tell you, I know he will.

I'm afraid that's not going to be possible.


You just tell me
what's happened to my son.

These just came through from the hospital.

Pre-op photos of the cab driver
and his x-rays.

Severe trauma, primarily to the
proximal phalanges and metacarpals.

Pitting and multiple fractures
to the palmar side.

He was probably trying to shield his face
from the explosion.

We think the fragment
in his zygomatic arch

may be the missing manubrium fragment.

There. Did the hospital deliver
the bone shrapnel fragments?

Ms. Wick's working on it now.

We're hoping they'll give us
a better sense of the bomb.

We need Angela to recreate the explosion.

As soon as Hodgins figures out the bomb.

It's very difficult to work when
someone is looking over your shoulder.

It's even more difficult to work
when you have nothing to work on.

Snap it up.

This is it. The missing manubrium.

Three parallel burns,
about two millimeters apart.

Ooh. I think we got our initiator.

The bomb maker used the base
of a small light bulb.

Battery on one end,
explosives on the other.

I'm going to run this
through the EXIS database.

Oh, one more thing.

I found this in Santa's 12th rib.

- I'm never going to make my flight.
- I recommend celebrating in March.

Thank you, Ebenezer.

You're not going to El Salvador
for Christmas?


You don't strike me as someone
who's flexible about their schedule.

Well, I took advice from someone
who knows more about families than I do.

"He that raises a large family
does stand a broader mark for sorrow,

"but then stands a broader mark
for pleasure as well."

Well, that's sort of what he said,
but without the "pleasure" part.

- Booth.
- Yeah, so an Explosives unit

checked out Holden Chevaleer's garage,
there was nothing.

And this guy's name
doesn't even pop up in the system.

That's very interesting, but I...

Which just confirms
that we have to find his accomplice.

Nice tree.

- Wow, who is this, your sister?
- No, my second cousin.

- I'm Margaret.
- There's no resemblance.

What do you mean?
You're both very beautiful.

"Beauty and folly are old companions."

- Told you. Benjamin Franklin.
- Right, right. Hey, hey!

Good old Ben. You know,
he invented electricity and the $100 bill.

Neither one of those things is true.

You're right,
there's no resemblance whatsoever.

Nice meeting you, Maggie.

- Bye, Booth.
- See you.

That's my partner. He's FBI.

His eyes are too small
to be really handsome.

Well, I have to admit,
I find him pleasing to look at.

- Agent Booth.
- I'm busy.

Look, what you were saying about
my broadcast blowing that guy up.

I was hoping you could put me in contact
with his mother.

- Stay away from her.
- It was a coincidence.

No way I could have known
in a million years, but still...

If you don't feel responsible,

then why do you want to talk
to this victim's mother?

Hey, I was Army, man. Just like you.
I served my country.

You don't even remember
what this country stands for.

- Maybe it's you who forgot.
- Sorry?

Freedom of speech.
I have the right to be heard.

Legally, yeah. Maybe you should think
about saying something worth hearing.

Look, it wasn't my fault.

You spew that poison out in the airwaves,
this happened, you know it.

- Agent, show him out.
- Sir.

Let's go.

We ran the details of the bomb
against the EXIS database.

It's an identical match
for a number of devices

all built by the same man.

A guy named Malaki Wallace.

He got busted in the '90s
for robbing a Western Union office.

And using an emulsion bomb
with a light bulb initiator.

Okay, anything more current?

No. He's been dormant
since he got out of prison.

- Prison?
- Yeah.

And it looks like he came back
with a bang.

You're not listening. I've been
out of the bombing game for years.

- Really?
- Really.

Yeah, so how do you explain this?

Well, I'm always happy to consult.

That is a simple incendiary device.
Very rudimentary.


Whoa! Was that strictly necessary?

See, Explosives unit, they found that
in your apartment there, Malaki.

So, I'm a fidgeter.

Bomb making is a compulsive activity,
much like arson.

The problem is just about anything

will fidget itself into a bomb,
given half a chance

and readily available household products.

Like, something like this?

- Okay, okay.
- What is that, Booth?

- Now, what do you want?
- Where've you been for the past 48 hours?

- Pushing plungers.
- Demolition?

I'm an apartment super.
Sewer line backed up,

and I spent Monday and Tuesday
unclogging the toilets.

I got 35 witnesses.

The tenants all had to share
one Porta Potti.

It's not that easy, pal.

See, we have a device
with your name written all over it.

Naptha, limonene, light bulbs.
Whole deal, pal.

These guys consider themselves
artists, Booth. Teachers.

Well, maybe you have a prot?g?.

Someone you passed the torch to?

Well, if someone built one of my devices,

they probably just got the recipe
off my Web site.

- You have a mad bomber Web site?
- What can I say? I got fans.

And these fans, they subscribe?

E-mails and passwords
and correspondence, you name it.

All right.

I found this in the area
of the right articular capsule.

It's a puncture mark,
like you would get from a deep needle jab.

Well, perhaps it's where the bomber
injected himself with propranolol.

Although it's unlikely
someone would inject themselves

- deep enough to strike bone.
- Exactly.

So I reviewed the x-rays
of the right scapula and hand.

Look at the extensor facet
of the glenoid cavity,

and the bilateral asymmetry
of the second metacarpal.

Indicative of pronounced right-handedness.

He couldn't have injected himself
in the right arm.

Dr. B? I ID'd the fragment of wire
we got out of his rib.

Booth's gonna want to hear this.

All right, so someone else injected Santa
with the propranolol.


And the wire in his rib was triple-heat
treated boron manganese steel.

Is that what they used to wire the tubes
of the explosives together?

No, it's a patented form of steel
used exclusively in high-end bike locks.

It wasn't part of the bomb.

It was what locked Holden Chevaleer
into the bomb.

Someone locked him into the vest,

dressed him like Santa
and then forced him to rob the bank.

Wait a sec. Patsy.

That's why he said what he said.
"I just answered the call."

The guy's an exterminator, Bones.
He meant "the call" literally.

He answered a service call.

Only his customer locked him into a bomb
and made him rob a bank.

- This is not good.
- Why?

Why? Because whoever
strapped Holden into the bomb

didn't get what they wanted.
What if they try again?

You looked peeved.

I went to wash my hands just now,
but there was no soap in the dispenser.

It had to be...


Hey. You look irked.

She's mad about the soap.

Your analysis of the emulsion bomb
included detergent.

You didn't actually get permission
to recreate the bomb, did you?

- Oh, my God!
- I needed to do this

so that Angela could
recreate the explosion.

- You told him that?
- No, no.

Don't let him turn this around on me.

I do not want an explosive device
in my lab.

Relax, I did not connect the initiator.

- No!
- It is perfectly safe.

- What's that?
- It's antimony sulfide.

It's fine on its own. It's perfectly harmless.

The bomber used it
in the detonating charge.

Hodgins is very authentic
when it comes to his reconstructions.

We have to pull the evidence trays.

Give me a clue here, guys.
What are we looking for?

It's H11209. Biological evidence
from witness Georgia Hartmeyer.

Got it. It's her fingernail.

I thought it was just blast residue,
but that stain's definitely on the inside.

Did you have to do that?

It's metallic and sweet.
That is definitely antimony sulfide.

And it couldn't have gotten there
unless she helped assemble the bomb.

Okay, Ms. Hartmeyer, we just have
a couple follow-up questions, that's all.

Like, what were you doing
outside the bank, for instance?

I told you, waiting for the bus.

I checked.
You live on the other side of town.

- I take the bus to work.
- You were fired three months ago.

I like to shop in that area, okay?

That is very interesting,
because we checked your credit cards

and you've never made a purchase
anywhere near Capital Mutual Bank.

- Gotcha.
- You got nothing.

I didn't blow him up.
I swear I didn't blow him up.

So, I recreated the scene outside the bank.

Oh, that's Booth, with the Cocky belt.

Yeah, and this is the cab driver
and Georgia Hartmeyer.

Now, I factored in everything we know
about the bomb's velocity and direction,

including the positions of Booth, Georgia
and the cab driver prior to the blast.

Okay, here we go.

You see the problem?

The cab driver covered his face
with his hands.

We know that from his injuries.

But given his proximity,
he wouldn't have had the time.

Yeah. Now, I can adjust his reaction times,
but even when I go superhuman,

and I'm talking, like,
Maverick and Iceman reaction times,

look at where the bone shrapnel lands.

The only explanation is that
he was reacting, not to the explosion,

- but to the sound of the radio.
- Yeah.

Now check out the FCC's
frequency allocation chart.

Now, Owen Thiel broadcast
his pirate radio signal at 27.4 megahertz.

Which is right next to 27.41 megahertz,

which is the Land Mobile frequency
this cab driver used.

So, Georgia and the cab driver must have
locked Holden into the bomb vest.

They waited outside of the bank.
If Holden didn't do what they asked,

the cab driver could detonate him
with the cab radio.

Yeah, only Owen Thiel beat him to it.

I'll have Booth look for
the cab driver's name

on Malaki's Web site subscriber list.

You know, all those jokes that I made
about Santa ruining Christmas, I suck.

Well, at the time you made those jokes,

you weren't aware
that Holden was a patsy.

You don't think that sometimes we forget
those bones out there are people?

Georgia and the cab driver,
they flipped on each other

the second I got them into interrogation.

Apparently they found each other
at a debt counseling seminar, of all things.

- Well, how did they pick Holden?
- The phone book.

They called, and as soon as he showed up,
they jumped him.

Told him if he did what they wanted,
they would set him free.

- Sometimes people are terrible.
- Yeah, I know.

Cam says that the victim's mother
is burying him on Christmas morning.

- I heard that.
- It was just him and his mom, right?

Yeah, guy worked alone.
He never had time for any friends.

What's wrong?

Max told me that being alone at Christmas
means that nobody loves you.

She's burying her son, alone,
on Christmas.

- I think that's heartbreaking.
- You know, when I say "heartbreaking,"

you say that the heart is a muscle,
so it can't break, it can only get crushed.

Isn't it heart-crushing?

- You want to go to his funeral?
- Yes.

I would. Then she won't be alone.

You know what, Bones?

Sometimes I think your heart muscle
is bigger than people give you credit for.

You're being quiet.

I promise to text 85 times a day.

Why are you stopping?

- I don't want you to go to Hawaii.
- You're changing your mind?

You and me,
we're the closest thing we have to family.

- You can't just change your mind.
- And family spends Christmas together.

- We're spending Christmas together.
- You're serious?

If I let you go,
you're gonna have a good time.

- What's wrong with that?
- Everything.

Because that's what we'll be to each other,

just two people
who don't spend Christmas together.

So you want to be two people
who spend Christmas together,

but one of them is really, really mad?

I know deep down you care.
I just hope not too deep down.

- Can we at least talk about this?
- No.

It's my job to prove to you every day
that you are loved in this world.

- And if doing that makes you angry...
- It makes me furious.

Well, then that's the price I pay.

But you will know beyond a doubt
that I can't just let you go flying off

and not have it absolutely ruin
my Christmas.

Because right now, the way things are,
there's no Christmas without you.

I love you, too.

A man died this week.

By all accounts, he was a good man.

Loved his mother, worked hard,
shouldered his responsibilities.

He was a man that any one of us
would be proud to call "friend."

Star of wonder in the heavens

I killed him with this microphone.

I killed him by going on these airwaves
and sharing my rage with you.

Spreading my rage.


Star of wonder

Now, you can say that it wasn't
my fault, that it was a coincidence.

I thought about that.
Thought about it a lot.

But the fact is...

The fact is, if it weren't for me,
he might still be alive.

I'm so sorry for that.

Watching from a distant hill

And I remembered something
that I forgot over the last few years,

that God is not only a god
of anger and vengeance.

Star of wonder

If you will

Now, my religious beliefs tell me
that Christ did not die in vain,

that he died to redeem us all.

And I intend to show that this good,
simple man also did not die in vain.

That he redeemed
one angry, shouting man.

So these are the last words
I will ever broadcast.

And I hope they're the words
you remember best.

Peace on Earth.

What happened to the "Down with
Christmas, let's hump like bunnies" thing?

I'm not here for baby Jesus.
I'm here for Agent Booth.

- That explains the antlers.
- It was a moment of whimsy.

- They look good on you, Dr. Sweets.
- Thank you.

- Hey.
- Hey.


So, you think that we should feel like
big, giant losers

that we're not spending Christmas
with family?

There's more than one kind of family.

- Merry Christmas, Hodgins.
- Merry Christmas, Angela.

Hey. That's too much salt there,
that's too much salt.

"He that would fish must venture his bait."

Bones, when are we gonna eat?
I'm starving.

Well, right now.
If Booth wants to fish, he'll fish.

What on earth are you trying to say?

Honey, families always give
unwanted advice.

Unwanted advice?

You have to stop quoting
Benjamin Franklin at me.

- Why?
- Well, I have no evidence of this,

but I feel that every time you do that,
it's not actually communication.

I feel the same way when people tell jokes.

Hmm. I never thought of it that way.

I'd rather hear what you have to say
than Benjamin Franklin.

That's the nicest thing
anyone's ever said to me.

Tempe, this is your gathering.
Wouldn't you like to say something?

Oh. Uh...

Thank you, everyone, for coming.
Let's eat.

No. I mean, would you like
to say something about Christmas?


Christmas has its roots
in the pagan festival of Saturnalia,

which is traditionally celebrated
by intoxication, naked singing

and the consumption
of human-shaped biscuits.

I think what Bones is trying to say here

is that we're all just happy
that we are all together.

- Well, we're all together every day.
- Not me. No, I'm not here every day.

Well, it's a different kind of together.

To family, friends, lovers,

family, and food.

- You said "family" twice. It's repetitious.
- It's a good toast, though. Cheers.

- Okay?
- Cheers.

- Cheers.
- Merry Christmas.

- Merry Christmas.
- Cheers.

- Merry Christmas.
- Cheers.

- Merry Christmas.
- Cheers. Merry Christmas.

- Cheers.
- All right.

- What do we do now?
- Let's say a prayer.

- No, no prayer, not in my place.
- Bones, I always pray.

- Maybe just a moment of silence.
- Hold hands.

Silent night.