Bones (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 9 - The Passenger in the Oven - full transcript

On Booth and Bones' flight to China, for an archaeological examination, a travel reporter's body is found, cooked to death in the microwave. Sweets gets Bones' editor to name her possibly relevant adulterous flirt and her next article subject, pilot alcohol abuse. The Smithsonian team must help with forensics on transmitted data, before the Chinese authorities get jurisdiction after the plane lands.

- Excuse me.
- Just a minute.

Ma'am, this woman is asleep
next to me, and I really have to get out.

It's just that this book is so exciting.
Do you like mysteries?

Well, I'm an F.B.I. agent.
So mysteries are sort of my thing.

Oh. I'm an aficionado myself.
I'm here with Nadine.

She's plotting the perfect murder
for years now. But just for fun.

Right. You can tell me all about it later.
I've gotta get out. I've gotta go.

Oh, right.
When you gotta go, you gotta go.



Oh! Sorry.


How old are you?

Come on.
We're at 36,000 feet.

That's outside the three-mile limit.

This is American soil
until we touch down in Shanghai.

All right? So come on.
Hand 'em over.

Eli, what are you doing now?
You know your mother isn't feeling well.

Is he bothering you?

No. We were just talking.

- That's all.
- Yeah. You can sleep, Dad.

It's all good.

- Ruff, ruff!
- Huh? What? Booth?

Wow, look at this. I don't even get a hot meal,
and you get pajamas and slippers.

It's the basic amenities.
The flight is over 13 hours.

Yeah, I know. I spent the past eight
of them back there in Gitmo.

- Yes!
- You know you aren't allowed up here.

What? We're, uh-
We're a team, okay?

This is, uh, government business.

You shouldn't have paid
for your own ticket, you know.

Ooh, a massager.

Sir, you need to return to coach.

See, we're, um- we're partners.
We like being together.

Your sexual relationship's not relevant, sir.
This is first class.

Why does everyone always think
we have a sexual relationship?

- I mean, we barely ever even touch each other.
- Oh, I got it. All right.

Here we go. F.B.I.,
Special Agent Seeley Booth.

This here's my partner,
Dr. Temperance Brennan.

And, uh, she is actually going to China.
Well, we are going to China.

And she's gonna help the Chinese government
help identify some real old Chinese dude.

Bones were found in a Wu Hong cave-
over 40,000 years old.

According to Title 18,
Section 1831...

I must protect the proprietary
American technology...

Dr. Brennan will be using.

So it is my patriotic duty...

to be right next to her here, like a bodyguard.

This trip is taking me back to my real passion-
prehistoric anthropological discoveries.

Sir, you have to go back to your seat.


- Right now.
- Fine.

Bones. Bones!
What do you mean "your real passion"?

I thought us working together
was your real passion.

You two can take up this fight
again after we land.

Oh. Right.

- Watch your head.
- Ow!

You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Kicking me back to the cattle class.
You know, that's not right.

Enjoy your flight, sir.

So, the cat's away
and it's T.G.I.F., huh?

I'm right here.
I'm the cat.

Well, in this case,
I think Dr. Brennan is the cat.

I'm the cat who's giving
the mice the rest of the day off.

Hey, so Daisy and I were wondering
if anyone would like to join us...

for a little competitive karaoke
this evening.

Huh? Some pre-weekend fun?

Huh? I'm singing
"Lime in the Coconut. "

Sorry. I'm gonna be biking
the Virginia Creeper Trail.

Roxie and I are going
to an artists' retreat in Pond View.

And I'm driving Angela
to the train station.

- You are?
- Yes, I am.

- Oh.
- You ready to go, Angie?

Hey. Yeah, I'm all set.

I haven't been to one of these retreats
since we were in school.

Well, I'll see you all on Monday.

Have a good weekend.

What do you think?

- What do you think?
- Oh, don't- don't do that.

The whole " answer a question
with a question" thing.

Why does whatever's going on
between Roxie and Angela matter to you?

Because Angela and I were engaged.

And now she's with a woman.
It matters because-

What? It just matters.

Well, don't you feel that both of you
are entitled to your own private lives?

- Stop asking me questions.
- Do you feel threatened?

- Okay, that's it. I'm outta here.
- I-

You know, a little karaoke
might help you unwind.

Especially when I'm singing.

I've got a beautiful tenor.

Excuse me.

You should have
your prostate checked.

Oh, this damn thing.

Bones. Bones.

Huh? You're gonna get in trouble.

She's downstairs. You didn't answer me
before. You tired of working with me?

No, it's not that.

But the identification and
analysis of ancient remains-

that's why I became
a forensic anthropologist.

You're bored.

- The spark is gone.
- I'm a scientist first.



Scientist first. I- I get it.

I understand.

- Hey.
- Yeah?

If you get caught up here,
does that make me an accessory?

An accessory to an upgrade.

Ho-ho. Yeah!

Oh, my God! That is heaven.

Bones, down there.

Oh, my God.

That's a, uh-
That's a body, right?

Can you account for all your people,
Captain Blake?

Me and the copilot, yeah.
Cabin crew, you'd have to ask Miss McNutt.

Well, she isn't speaking.

Bones, not everyone brushes off
these horrible experiences, okay?

Let me- Let me try this, okay?

What's your name?

What's your first name?

Katherine. Kate.

Kate. Okay, Kate, what you saw down there,
you don't ever have to see again.

- Are you missing any people?
- No.

I can still smell-

- It's very much like roast pork.
- Bones.

I just want you to relax. Have a little water.
We might need your help.

- Need her help? For what? We fly to China and call the cops.
- No, no, no.

You're gonna turn this puppy around.
We're gonna head home.

No can do. We passed the point
of no return fuel-wise 23 minutes ago.

The polar route takes us over Greenland.
Can we land there to refuel?

Not with the weather they're having.
I'm sorry.

But our next stop is Shanghai, China. Don't worry.
They have cops there. Lots of them.

Until these wheels touch down,
this plane is sovereign U.S. territory.

Look, F.B.I. guy, you do whatever you want
as long as it doesn't endanger this flight.

But in four hours, we're on
sovereign Chinese territory.

Excuse me.

Before you become completely catatonic...

can you tell me how
to access the Internet?

I need to contact my people.

Bones, you don't have to shout.

She's in shock, not deaf.

What? What, are you kidding?

Because the message I got,
that could not be correct.

- I'd rather brief everyone at once.
- What's going on?

Whoa. Is that what
you really look like?

Cam said an emergency. I didn't have time to-
I think maybe your message was garbled?

I'd rather brief everyone at once.

There was a murder
on Brennan's plane to China?

- Good, we're all here.
- What are you?

- Like 16?
- I love these shorts.

A body was found roasted beyond recognition
in a large convection microwave oven...

- on Booth and Brennan's flight to China.
- My God.

- Maybe you should-
- Yeah. I'm gonna-

- Thanks.
- Call me when you catch the bad guy.

- And I'm here because-
- You were on my speed dial.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Uh, Dr. Saroyan?

Um, two people,
they go away together...

and they pack one bag-
that means something, right?

You mean Angela and Roxie?


Yeah, it means something.

- Excuse me.
- What's going on?

Listen. Would you happen to have
a measuring tape and tweezers?

There's been a murder!

- Nadine! Nadine! They need tweezers for an autopsy.
- Shh! No!

- Code red. Code red.
- Shh! No code red. Don't wake Nadine up.

I will explain everything to you later.

I promise, Charlotte. I just need those things.
Do you have 'em?

Well, I didn't hear a gunshot,
so it must've been a knifing.

I saw Dr. Temperance Brennan,
the mystery writer, in first class.

I bet she's doing the autopsy. Listen.

I was awake the whole time. And anyone who
went that way, they came back again.

So if the victim is a passenger,
he or she is in first class.

Probably she, because most
murder victims are women.

Wow. You really are into murder, aren't you?

- Okay, thanks.
- Wait!

- Dr. Brennan will need this.
- What's that for?

It's a probe.

This is the best flight
I've ever been on.

Okay, sweetie,
we've got a solid link here, audio/visual.

So you should be able to beam us
all the digital photographs you can.

Okay, we've isolated the crime scene.

And we'll try to compromise
the forensics as little as possible.

- Look what I got.
- Oh, a probe.

- That's great. I didn't think of that.
- Yeah, lucky I did.

- Hey, Booth. Good flight so far?
- I'm having trouble sleeping.

Looks like you managed to get
the remains out of the oven.

Yeah, They're, uh, kind of, uh-
Well, they- they-

They've fallen apart a little bit there.

Hey, Bones. Did you knock
the phone off this cradle?


I've informed the F.A.A., the N.T.S.B. and
the Chinese we have a dead body on board.

- Who else has access to the galley down there?
- All of us.

It's kind of our getaway place,
to chill out from passengers.

Who was the last person who made
a call from the satellite phone down there?

- I can get you the number called.
- It- It was me.

You? What are you?

- A spy or a smuggler?
- No.

She's in love, Agent Booth.

And her boyfriend works for this airline
at the Shanghai airport.

- It's against the rules.
- So is having sex with passengers in the bathroom.

Okay. I think we're all
under a lot of stress here.

I used the phone right after dinner.
There was no dead body cooking in the microwave.

I tell you what.
Why don't you two go do a seat count.

- Tell me what passengers are missing, okay?
- Okay.

A macro photo of the victim's follicles
suggests brown hair- maybe red.

I estimate her height
to be 157 centimeters.

Ooh. Hodgins has that
meerkat look on his face.

What's going on
with her fingernails?

Are you referring to the spots
around the phalanges?

- What would cause those kinds of burns?
- False fingernails.

A.B.S. plastic and ethyl cyanoacrylate glue.
Like torches.

So a petite brown- or red-haired woman
with fake nails.

Five foot two, three.
Small, brown. Red hair. Fake nails.

- Fake nails.
- Mm-hmm.

- Seat 3B, Elizabeth Jones.
- 3B.

3B? 3B.


Buddy. Buddy, wake up.

Excuse me.
I'm sorry to bother you.

But do you remember the person
who was sitting right here next to you?

No. I took a sleeping pill.
Are we in China?

You spend seven grand on a flight
and you sleep through the whole thing?

- You don't even eat first?
- Excuse me, Agent Booth?


I'm Arthur Bilbrey.
My wife Ann is very ill.

I'd appreciate it if she could
get some rest before we landed.

I'll be fine. Relax.

You better be really quiet,
or I'll take you down, F.B.I!

Eli, please. This is my son Eli.

I got your back, Mom.

- You got a name?
Yeah. Elizabeth Jones, Seat 3B, first class.

The sooner you can get us a background check-

uh, the better for us.

Well, now that's just strange.

Let me, uh-
Let me make a call and get back to you.

Angela and Hodgins noticed a shadow
on the exposed part of the sternum.

Yes, I saw that. I-
There is something here.

But I- I- I can't identify it.

Angela suggested that you take as many photos
as possible at your highest resolution.

All right.

- It's not bone. It's inorganic.
- This quick enough for you?

Your victim is Elizabeth Joy Jones.

She's a travel writer
for D.C. Voyager Magazine.

- You gotta get over to that magazine.
- Why?

- They might know why she got murdered.
- You got this backwards, cher?.

- I am not an investigator.
- Neither am I.

And here I am taking apart
another murder victim.

Just go talk to the boss, the secretary.
Pretend they're on the stand.

- Take Sweets with you.
- If you want me to do this, you have to make a good case.

- Want you to do what?
- If you want me to take on the Chinese government...

the State Department,
the F.A.A. and the N.T.S. B...

and for all I know, the U.N.,
you make me a damn fine, solid case.

Bones, can you turn her around
so she's not looking at us?

Well, she's deceased, Booth. She can't see.

Oh, man.

I am definitely not a squint. Whoa.

Well, I've always known that. You have
no training in the field of forensic science.

- I really don't want any.
- Okay, to make an arrest, we need time and cause of death...

as well as something
that can I.D. the killer.

What do you need?

- A magnifying lens.
- Okay. Right.

Sorry. Look, I need a magnifying glass.

- I thought you might have one, you know, for the fine print.
- My eyes are perfect.

Is the magnifying glass
for examining the victim's corpse?

You don't think that Nadine
would mind if I, uh-

She'd be thrilled if she were awake.
She sleeps like a log.

Now what equipment would
Dr. Brennan normally use in this situation?

I don't know.
I'm more of a people person.


I'm using interpolation software
with a blending-edge algorithm.

Kind of like what I do
if I were restoring a painting.

So, did Roxie go
to the retreat without you?

- No. We're gonna do something here.
- Right.

Don't say it like that.

Like what?

- I know. Sorry.
- What do you think?

Candle wax?

Judging by the burn characteristics,
some kind of thermoplastic.

- But what is that? Like something reflective.
- Yeah.

I'll get the computer to find pixels that are
within a couple shades on the color wheel.

- Cool. And just zap it to my computer?
- Yeah.


All right. What I want you to do
is take off your glasses...

shake out your hair, and say...

"Mr. Booth, do you know
what the penalty is for an overdue book?"


Never mind.

This notch mark here on the occipital
is what knocked her unconscious.

The hairline fractures weakened
the integrity of the cranium...

and caused it to burst when heated.

So she was hit. With what?

Well, I'll have to take
an impression to find out.

- How?
- Well, I need denture cream and...

uh, baby powder-

- Baby powder.
- And a butane lighter, please?

Is that it?

Uh, I think so. Yes.

Sorry, dear. But these are my real choppers.
And Nadine's are real too.

Is Dr. Brennan making a cast of an injury?

That's what she'd do in her books.

Hit the lights.

Ladies and gentlemen,
sorry to disturb you.

But Agent Booth of the F.B.I.
would like to address you.

Attention, everyone.
I need to requisition some denture cream...

- baby powder and a butane lighter.
- What?

Lighters are strictly forbidden
on the aircraft.

- So is murder. Denture cream?
- Here, sonny.

- There you go.
- Okay, how about some baby powder or face powder?

Anybody have any baby powder?
Face powder? There.

Great. Okay, how about a lighter?
Butane lighter?

Come on. No one has a lighter?

- Whoa.
- I confiscated it.


This is good.
The powder contains...

hydrated silica and calcium carbonate.

Come on. Isn't this a lot more fun
than the Wu Hong cave...

and the 40,000-year-old skeletons?

- Is this gonna work?
- It should.

- This should- - Bones, you're filling
me up with confidence right now.



Now all we need to do...

is find the item that matches this,
and we have our weapon.

Right. That's all, huh?

Well, at least we know
it's on the airplane.

- Any luck with cause of death?
- Yeah.

Someone knocked her on the head
and it exploded on the cranium thing.

We're looking at the margins of
the burned flesh around the rectus abdominis.

I dislike the occlusive nature of tissue.

Look, just think of it as bone wrapping.

From the photos, it looks as if
there's a pinkish coloration. Is that correct?

Pinkish is a subjective term.
And I'm not comfortable...

applying a subjective evaluation
to evidence that's not even-

It's pinkish and gross-ish.

Okay. That indicates presence
of blood flow at the time she was cooked.

She was still alive
in the microwave?

- How long was she in there?
- Since the oven temp was set at maximum...

and she was approximately
110 pounds-

Can you describe
the breast tissue?

I'm not sure how to qualify
what I see in descriptive terms.

Well, if she was a turkey,
she'd be dry and overdone.

Okay. That means she had to be
cooking for about six and a half hours.

Giving us time of death.

- Huh.
- If I were you, I'd get some tissue samples.

Sometimes flesh
can be quite informative.

Ha! Bones, I think we got a match.

Someone slammed her head against the latch.

And shoved her in the oven
and cooked her.

Wait a second.

Are you sure it was Elizabeth?

Of course they'll have to do a D.N.A.
or dental match when they land.

- But they're pretty sure, yes.
- Man, I can't believe she's gone.

Liz was one of the best
travel writers in the country.

How would you characterize
her relationships with others?

Uh, warm, friendly, outgoing.

Not an enemy in the world.

Jump in anytime, Dr. Sweets.

No, no. I'm cool.

Well, as long as you're cool.
Was Miss Jones on assignment?

No, no. This was a pleasure trip.

- She had just finished a piece for us on airline safety.
- Ironic.

It was an expos? on pilots...

that have hid drunk driving convictions
from their employers.

- Bones, what is that?
- Oh, tissue samples.

Oh, no! Don't- Don't let people see that!

- I need vodka.
- Well, I do, too, Bones, but you know what? We're working.

No. To preserve the tissue samples.

All they got left is bourbon and scotch.

Hold on.

- Come on.
- What?

Okay, hand it over.
Hand the vodka over. Come on.

Thought so.


Obviously your mom is sick
and you love her.

And that's probably
why you're acting badly.

But what you gotta do
is you gotta think-

really think how to help her.

She's gonna die.

Okay? What am I supposed
to do about that?

Make her proud of you.

- Yeah?
- I got a copy of Elizabeth Jones's next article.

It's about pilots with D.U.I. convictions.

All right.
Is there a link to anything on this flight?

I have a search team looking
for her research...

but I do know the airline you're on
is singled out as the worst offender.

And the pilot on your plane there,
he's got a past.

He's in the article.

Thanks, Caroline.

You do realize that by sending my copilot out,
you broke about 40 laws legal-wise.

Yeah, well, I thought
we might have a, uh-

Whoa. A private man-to-man
conversation about Elizabeth Jones.

- The name does not ring a bell.
- So is this how you slow this plane down?

Please don't touch that.
Don't touch anything.

Elizabeth Jones was a journalist.

- I do not know her.
- Well, she knows you.

She wrote an article
about alcohol and a pilot.

And what's that got to do with me?

2002, D.U.I.

You never reported that to the F.A.A.

You know, that is a $250,000 fine
and five years in jail.

That D.U.I. charge,
it was the day of my dad's funeral.

I know it's not stylish,
but I happen to love my old man.

Well, it's still a motive, legal-wise.

I did not kill her.

- I didn't even know she existed.
- I need you to slow this plane down.

- Why?
- To give us time to find out who did, unless it was you.

And in that case, time, it doesn't matter.

I can report electrical issues.
Maybe give you an extra hour.

Great. I'll take that as a sign
of cooperation, Captain.

It's a beautiful view. Look at that.

How long do I have to stay here?

I was interested in some of the things
you were saying earlier.

Hey, I answered every question
the scary woman asked me.

Yeah. Well, the thing is, she's a lawyer.
So she's very direct.

- Scary.
- She has a knack for putting people into federal prison.

I believe she likes to do it.
I have a more psychological mojo.

You don't look like you have a mojo.

I'm interested in what you know
about Elizabeth Jones's personal life.

I did not have sex with that woman.

- But you wanted to.
- Yeah, but I didn't.

- Was she the type to have affairs?
- Yes.

Have you got a name?

I could go get Miss Julian again
if you're more comfortable with her.

- Artie. All I know is Artie.
- Artie. Okay.

Well, let's talk
about Elizabeth and Artie.

Now, how resentful were you...

that Elizabeth slept with him
and not with you?

Well, he's married. I'm not.

So, yeah. Maybe I'm a little resentful.

It's a Band-Aid.

Oh, yeah. Thanks. I was totally flummoxed.

So the clean part here
must be where it overlapped.

And then the darker part must
be where it came in contact with the skin.

I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure...

even you can't get a D.N.A. result
from a digital photograph.

- No. But what about a finger size?
- Oh.

Wow. Right. That's kind of brilliant.

- Eighty-two millimeters in circumference.
- All right.

Well, mine's 62.

So it's a pretty big guy.

- Or overweight.
- Look at the perforations.

- Vertical stretching along the pad.
- I see it.

But I have no idea what it means.

It was locked in a bent position.

Oh, that would explain the creases.

So if I highlight the parts
where the adhesive wore off...

it was bent more than 90 degrees.

I really love... working with you.

Me too. We're really good together...

at these things.


- I gotta ask you something, Angela.
- Yeah.

I got that from the fast double back.

This thing with Roxie.

- It's real. Yeah.
- No, I get that. I see that.

- Is that what got between us?
- I'd love to say yes to that.

Because I think it would
make you feel better.

But you can fall
in love with a man?

I'm sorry, but... yes.


Sweetie. God.
Totally forgot you were there.

I guess you heard everything, huh?

Yes. It was fascinating.

- Well, what do you think?
- Well, the only joint that'll bend over 90 degrees...

is between the proximal
and intermediate phalanges.

Right. Finger stuff.

We're looking for a large person,
probably male...

with inflammatory flexor tenosynovitis.

That's great, sweetie.
But what about the rest of the conversation?

Oh, I'm sorry, Ange.
I wasn't paying attention.

I need to go find a passenger
with trigger finger.

Thanks for the talk.

Excuse me. If I could have your attention, please.

My name is Dr. Temperance Brennan.

- The writer?
- Yes. What we need to do now is find a passenger...

with a laceration on their locked
proximal interphalangeal joint.

So if everyone can look at their
neighbor's proximal interphalangeal-

I tell you what. Who would like a free,
signed copy of Dr. Brennan's new book?

Raise your hands.
Look at that, huh?

- Ah. I see what you're doing.
- All right, so keep your hands up nice and high...

so Dr. Brennan can count
the number of books we need.

Hey, does anyone have
a question for Dr. Brennan?

Are you working on anything
right now, Dr. Brennan?

Yes. Keep your hands up.

- What is that delicious smell?
- Roast pork.

Oh, no. That delicious smell
is the difference between first class and coach.

- How we doing there, Bones?
- Booth?

- Hold that.
- Over here.

Uh, hi.

- Hi. Booth?
- Yeah.

- What's your name?
- Just sign it to "Awesome Nick Devito. "

Uh, what is the big deal? I?ve just got
a little trigger finger. I injured my tendon.

- You like shooting a lot?
- Yeah, I love shooting.

Doesn't mean I'm not a reader.

Tell you what.
Why don't you come with us. Come on.

I don't know anybody
named Elizabeth Jones, no.

Hey, Sweets.

- Are you still with Elizabeth Jones's editor?
- Yes. And I have-

Ask him if he knows someone
by the name of Nick Devito.

- Is this, like, a question to get my free book?
- Where's your Band-Aid?

- Do you know Nick Devito?
- Must have come off while I was asleep.

I twitch. I'm twitchy.

- I had lunch once with Danny DeVito.
- He says no. I have information.

Elizabeth Jones was having
an affair with a man known only as Artie.

The relationship's been
going on for over a year.

But it went bad
in the last month or so.

He's married. His wife is sick.
And his kid is a pain in the ass.

You know what, Sweets?
You are the man of the hour.

I owe you a beer and a rye chaser, my friend.

That sounds like it would make me sick.

You can go back to your seat.


Well, we have a much better suspect.

I think you know why I'm here.

Look, I'm sorry about my son.
He's a teenager. His mother's very ill.

It's not about your son, Artie.

It's about Elizabeth Jones.

My wife doesn't know about E.J.
I would like to keep it that way.

Did Elizabeth Jones ask you
to leave your wife?

From the very beginning,
I told Elizabeth that would never happen.

You see the shape that Ann's in?
My first priority right now...

is to be a good husband
and a good father.

By dragging a dying woman to China?

No. To stand on the Great Wall of China has
been Ann's dream since she was a little girl.

Our last chance to do something amazing
as a family together.

So Elizabeth Jones followed you?


- And you killed her?
- Of course not.

Excuse me.

I am a lawyer.

Hmm. Your wife didn't know about her?

She knows that there was someone.

- Did you talk to Elizabeth?
- Yes.

I begged her to leave us alone.
Ann was asleep.

As I said, Agent Booth, I'm an attorney.

You have no evidence and very little time
before we land in Shanghai.

If you want to find out who killed E.J.,
I suggest you not waste any more time with me.

I enhanced the photographs of the sternum.

Light was reflected off of this area here.

Skin wouldn't do that.

There were tiny metal shards embedded
in the bone.

And silicon melted into it as well.

- Fake boobs? How's that help?
- Silicon, not silicone.

It was a chip of some kind.

A SIM card from a phone,
memory chip from a camera.

- But we need to see it to make a positive I.D.
- How did it go with Bilbrey?

He's an attorney.
He's not saying much of anything.

- And the gun nut, Devito?
- Most likely his Band-Aid...

was stuck to the wheel
of a food cart.

Find me the smoking gun, cher?...

or that killer disappears
into a billion people when you land.

1.29 billion, approximately.
Are you pressuring us?

- Have a lovely flight.
- I was just contacted by Shanghai International.

They've arrested a man named Felix Clossen,
a Dutch national who works for the airline.

- He was passing stolen credit card numbers.
- That's fascinating.

But we're more interested in solving
a murder investigation right now.

All the credit card numbers
were from passengers on this plane.

And Clossen is
our flight attendant's boyfriend.


Your call to Clossen was made within minutes
of the victim being placed in the oven.

- Minutes.
- I got the credit card numbers off the computer...

and called them in to my boyfriend.

- And Elizabeth Jones caught you?
- Yes.

- I mean, no.
- Well, which one is it?

I didn't know who it was.
I heard them coming and figured it was Kate.

So I hid in the aeronautics compartment.

Well, who was with Elizabeth?

I couldn't hear because
of the engine noise in the compartment.

All I could see was their feet.

Well, male or female?
What kind of shoes?

They were wearing slippers-
the ones we give out in first class.

They're all the same.
They walked by me, and I ran upstairs.

I didn't kill anyone.

Whoever killed her has to have
traces of blood on their slippers.

That could cause the gun
to smoke for Caroline.

Look, Bones.
You're gonna need an A.L.S. light.

Not even those dotty old mystery buffs
carry that in their giant purses.

- We can make one.
- How are you gonna make one?

- Hope you can do it fast. We're gonna be landing very soon.
- No, no.

You're not landing this plane
until I tell you you land this plane.

- Remember, you're still a suspect.
- It's not about me or you.

We're going to run out of fuel
in 20 minutes.

Okay, Booth, we need the blue lamp
out of the overhead projector.

Do you, by any chance,
have any yellow-tinted shooting glasses?

Sure. What do you need?
Daylight, artificial light or moonlight?

Let's see.

These will do. Thanks.

This is brilliant.
They're making an A.L.S. emitter.

- What's that for?
- To find blood.

- Ready?
- Got 'em.

Hit the lights.


Easy, Bones. You see anything?

No. No. Nothing.

What about over here? Right there?

No. Nothing.

Oh, geez.

- Booth? Over there.
- You got something?

- Yes, there.
- Are you sure?

Yes, Booth.

Turn the lights on.

What is going on, please?

- Your son killed Elizabeth Jones.
- Hey, how long till we land?

- We're on our final descent.
- Eli? That's impossible.

Oh, why? You can't think of a motive?
Like maybe he loves his mother?

He wants to keep his family together?

You probably just think
he's some dumb-ass kid.

- I beg your pardon?
- Listen, Caroline. I'm ready to make an arrest.

You're more than sure, right, cher??
You're damn sure?

Well, it's circumstantial, but it's compelling.
So do you have a warrant to sign?

- Yes.
- Sign it so I can make the arrest.

- Just a minute, please.
- That's the lawyer, right?

- You can always tell a damn lawyer.
- I represent my son.

- Who is also a minor, incidentally.
- A minor?

- A minor murderer!
- Ladies and gentlemen...

we are making our final descent
into Shanghai International Airport.

Please return your seats to the upright position
and turn off all electronic devices.

- Booth, you're cutting it pretty close there.
- Yeah, I know.

- What's going on?
- We know you killed Elizabeth Jones.

- Probably why you wanted to get so drunk. Huh, Eli?
- Don't say a word, Eli.

You're making this arrest on the strength
of bloodstains on the bottom of a slipper...

- that could belong to anyone in first class.
- Booth?

The father was cheating
on the dying wife with the victim.

- Arthur?
- You thought the family was safe by getting away from the woman.

Booth, we're really close to the ground.

- She shows up on the plane in first class.
- Not a word, Eli.

Booth, I can see people.
We have less than 30 seconds.

- Booth!
- Caroline, you gotta trust me on this.

Make the case, Agent Booth.
Something more than motive.

- Bones?
- Booth. If this missing video game...

turns out to be the computer chip
embedded in the victim's sternum-

Where'd you lose the cartridge, Eli?

- We've got forensic corroboration.
- "If"! She said "if"!

- Sign it.
- The moment this plane touches down, I lose jurisdiction.

- This better be a good-
- Sign the warrant.

- Please.
- Okay, make the arrest.

Eli Bilbrey, I am placing you under arrest
for the murder of Elizabeth Jones.

Anything you say can and will be used
against you in a court of law...

because this is the United States of America!

Thank you.
Thank you very much.

Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.

Bones, the applause was for the landing.

Oh. Yes.

I always wondered
why people did that.

#No good, no how #

# No man should treat you #

# Like he do #

Did you catch the murderer?

- Yeah.
- That's great.

- It's not great?
- He was 16.

- Oh.
- Dying mom, cheating father.

He just wanted to make it stop.

I'm sorry.

That counts as a crappy day.

You should probably just
go home and draw a bath.

I want you to come with me and stay.

Of course I'll stay.

I mean, I want you to... move in with me.

This isn't just because
you've had a bad day, right?

- Because-
- No. It isn't.

You've never done that before,
asked someone to move in with you?

- No.
- You've lived with people at their place.

With my bag packed
by the front door, yeah.

Why aren't you saying anything?

Right. Because you're gonna say no.

Yeah, I am.

I'm saying, "No, thanks. "


It's too soon. You aren't ready.
I'm not ready either.

Let's just see how things unfold, okay?

- Okay.
- What?

I'm always the one to say that.

# Keep the lighthouse in sight #

# Godspeed to you ##

Look what I found, huh?

- There's that smile.
- Thank you.


- We don't even get to get off the plane?
- No.

They're refueling and finding us another pilot, and-

go back home.

- What about his parents?
- They gotta fly back on their own dime.

Eli is in federal custody now.

You want to get off the plane
to see those old Chinese bones.

I'm sorry.

- It's not your fault.
- Yeah, it is.

'Cause I'm the one who dragged you
out of pure science...

and pulled you into murder solving.

That's not how I remember it.

- Really?
- Yes.

Well, as I recall, I had to force you
to take me into the field.


Yes. You didn't want to, remember?

This is all my fault.

Hey, are you two gonna make out?

Hey, quiet. You lost your right to talk.

Why do people always think
we're gonna make out?

I say we let him sit back there
the entire trip back by himself.

He did kill someone.
And he ruined my dig.

Plus, you know he's gonna try
to drink all the champagne.

We're gonna need some for later. To us.

Wait. Why does yours go all the way back
and mine doesn't go all the way back?

- Oh, it's just how mine is.
- This is first class.

They're supposed to go
all the way back.

Maybe it's because you're
supposed to be in coach.

What's that mean?