Bones (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 6 - The He in the She - full transcript

Two 'hippies' fishing at the beach find a nearly consumed corps, a few weeks old. It's Patricia Ludmilla, the missing reverend of the close-knit Inclusion church parish on a fairly isolated island. She was a closet transsexual. Bones' blatant disbelief embarrasses devout Catholic Booth. Anthropology student Vincent Nigel-Murray proves his forensic talent and conversational wit. Angela reconstructs her male identity: TV preacher Patrick Stephenson, presumed dead, disappeared with a fortune in Thailand six years ago, leaving a wife Cecilia and teenage son Ryan, who left commercial religion.

You've got to love

Love one another

- I'm so toasted.
- Yeah. Me, too.

Time to let them go

- Hey.
- What?

Early morning, shouldn't it be foggy?

Global warming.

- But it's all good.
- No, not really.

I don't want to be negative,
but it's not all good.

Just ask a penguin, man.
Global warming sucks.

What's that?

Global warming is when some kind of
carbon gasses get built up...

No, what's that?

It's trash.

No, man.

Look at that!
Thank God, somebody got murdered!

- Okay, let's go!
- You're supposed to turn your phones

completely off during our sessions,
you know? Not just vibrate.

Matter of respect.

- Hi, guys.
- You can release 24.

Hey, Dr. Brennan.

Mr. Nigel-Murray,
what are you doing here?

We decided to utilize
some of your brighter grad students

until we find a full time
forensic anthropologist, remember?

Do you consider yourself one of my
brighter grad students, Mr. Nigel-Murray?

Yes. And so do you, Dr. Brennan.

I am not calling this kid Mr. Nigel anything.

Vincent or Vince, or Vinnie, Vin, Vincenza.

Actually, I had this girlfriend
once who used to call me

Vino Delectable because of how my...

You don't need to know that.
What do you need me to do first?

I need you to go back to the lab.

I thought perhaps you might want
Vincent to shadow you,

get a real sense of what you do.

Little known forensic fact, tongue prints
are as distinctive as fingerprints.

I can be useful in the field.

I need a forensic anthropologist in the lab

so I can spend my time
aiming Agent Booth in the right direction.

"Aiming Agent Booth." What? Like a hose?

Well, here. Take my car.

I'll get a ride with Booth.

How were these remains found?

Well, let me aim you
in this direction, okay, Bones?

Two... Let's call them hippies,

found these remains this morning.


I sold veggie burritos and followed
Phish one whole summer. It was fantastic.

I'm not able to ascertain sex
without a pelvic bone.

Well, if this scrap of cloth is a
bathing suit, then probably female.

Are you good at estimating time of death
for submerged corpses?

Heavily degraded by crab and fish.
Two to three weeks.

That could be a breast implant.

Breasts! That's my department, okay?

You give me a serial number and
my guys'll be able to track that down.

Why is there only half a skeleton?

Because the spine
has been severed.

So a severed spine equals foul play.

- No, not necessarily.
- Then it was an accident?

- No. It was foul play.
- I just said that.

- This hand has sustained trauma.
- Shark attack!

No. The fingers got smashed from,
it looks like, multiple blows.

That suggests foul play.
And not by a shark.

We'll have Hodgins take a close look
for particulates.

- Okay, great. So what do we do next?
- Find the other half?

What do you see, Mr. Nigel-Murray?

Eye sockets.

Anything special about these sockets?

There are no eyeballs in them?

We already have Agent Booth to make
lame jokes. Let's stick to facts.

The rods in the human eye are sensitive
enough to detect the light emitted

by a struck match from as much
as a mile away on a clear night.

Okay. Let's stick to relevant facts.

These sockets have been ground down.

Okay. That could be useful.

- Especially if you have an explanation.
- Plastic surgery.

She had fake boobs, too.

Sockets, eyeballs, boobs, I wouldn't use

these words when
conferring with Dr. Brennan.

I know. With her, it's all supraorbital
limbus and mammary implants.

But you seemed a more colloquial sort.

Well, in that case,
what about the backbone?

A clean transection between
the L1 and L2 vertebrae.

Obviously that would've been fatal
if it had happened

while the victim were still alive.

This conk to the parietal bone
would not have been fatal.

And these abrasions are puzzling.

Postmortem scraping from the remains
being washed up on a stony beach.

- Should I have known that?
- The point is you do now.

The remains show traces of fresh water

and pelagic sediment
common to Chesapeake Bay.

- Grad student?
- He's done very well so far.

- He'll disappoint.
- Why?

I've discovered microscopic tooth shards
from the Alosa sapidissima,

also known as the American shad,
on what flesh there is.

In the 1700s, the shad was
especially valued as a delicacy.

Yeah, fascinating.

Based on currents,
shad populations, and sheer guesswork...

Don't tell him you're guessing.

...the victim died
in the same body of water

in which she was found.
Probably within six miles.

I got a serial number
off the breast implant.

The FBI's tracking it down now.

Traces of copolymer on the vertebrae,
nearly microscopic.

- I'm chasing that down.
- I won't disappoint.

I graduated with
first-class honors from Leeds.

Also, I have a retentive memory.

That would explain
the informative tangents.

Does Brennan put "Mister"
in front of your name?


It's her very subtle way of saying
you're not a doctor.

Don't tell him that.

Do you know what large-breasted women
and fish remind me of?

Be very careful what you say next,
Mr. Nigel-Murray.

Topless saleswomen are legal
in Liverpool, England.

But only in tropical fish stores.

Tangents, Mr. Nigel-Murray.
Tangents and diversions,

perhaps we could keep
those to a minimum.

The FBI has traced the breast implant
to a Baltimore plastic surgeon.

He replaced a leaking implant
for this woman.

So her name is Patricia Ludmuller,
RR number 1, Maylor Island, Maryland.

Yeah. Reported missing three weeks ago.

Presumed drowned after she didn't
come back from her morning swim.

Very striking facial features.

Yeah, well, according to your Mister...
What's his name?

- Nigel-Murray?
- Yeah. Those are mostly artificial, too.

- How many people live on Maylor Island?
- I'd say about a couple thousand.

That's one of those end-of-the-world
places where the weirdoes flock.

Why go to this much trouble
to make yourself

look beautiful and then
move to the end of the world?

Well, the background check on her
turned up suspiciously little.

All right?
There's no credit cards, no driver's license.

Officially, she didn't exist
before five years ago.

Witness protection?

Nope. Marshals say she's not one of theirs.
But you know, sometimes they lie.

If you really wanted to hide, you
wouldn't make yourself look beautiful.

Well, if you want to hide, Bones, you
change your looks as much as you can.

- Talk about low-profile.
- It's very peaceful.

Yeah. Well, these peaceful places,
they usually have a seething underbelly.

- Really?
- Well, I mean, what do I know?

I'm from Philly
where the underbelly's on top.

Just focus. Look, our victim's home.

She's a very spiritual person.
Catholic in her tastes.

What? You can tell she's Catholic?

Not Catholic, catholic.

Encompassing, universal.

She has a lot of religious books,

but they cover a wide range
of dogmas and philosophies.

She herself seems to be Protestant.

There's crosses, no crucifixes.

She's a pastor, yeah.

Looks like one of those
grassroots community churches.


She was preparing for a sermon.

A pastor with breast
augmentation and veneers?

- So?
- A spiritual leader shouldn't be so vain.

The Pope sits on a throne. He wears
robes worth thousands of dollars.

- Isn't that vanity?
- Really?

You're going after the Pope now?

One pastor gets her teeth whitened and
the other drinks wine on Sunday mornings

and tells everyone that it's been
miraculously transformed into blood.

Which of those is more outlandish?

You have one new message.

Hey, it's JP again.

I'm sorry. I miss you.
I need to see you. It's important.

I really need you, Pattie.
Please call. Please.

Sounds like a lost sheep
in need of religious counseling.

Sounds more like a desperate boyfriend.

Nothing here.
It's just... Caller ID's blocked. Hold on.


Yeah? Where? Bones. Bones.

They found a pelvis and legs in the water
about eight miles from here

on the Virginia side of the bay.

- They should take it to the lab.
- Okay, send it over to the lab. Now.

There's more tissue on this half.

And just because
we have the top of a body

and the bottom of a body
doesn't mean it's all the same body.

This half starts where the other half
ends, at the L2 vertebra.

Coincidence? I think not.

Based on the lack of hemorrhagic tissue,

this victim was already dead
when cut in half.

He's in the water, drowning, maybe.

Or is pushed from a boat.

When he reaches for the boat,
his fingers are smashed,

he drowns and then is cut in half later
in some maritime mishap.

- "He"?
- Triangular pubis.

No evidence of a ventral arc.

The pelvic bone speaks.
It says, "I be male."

The pelvic bone can say whatever it
wants to say. This part here says female.

- What part's that?
- It's called a vagina.


Did you know that women
blink twice as often as men?

Which might be useful information if
the fish hadn't eaten our victim's eyelids.


Well, I can do a DNA comparison
to find out

if these two sets of human remains
come from the same victim.

The measurements of the vertebrae
match perfectly.

I'm nearly positive
that it's all one victim.

Who is...

- Male.
- And female.

We have one victim with two sexes.

- A transgender?
- Post-op. She had female sex organs.

So if she had sexual reassignment surgery,

that means she would be a transsexual.

- How do they do that?
- They split the penis,

and then turn it inside out, carefully,
so as not to damage the nerves.

And then they use the glans
to create a nerve cluster

dense enough to achieve orgasm.

Okay, new rule.
No surgical details, all right?

Generally, transgendered people feel that
they are the victim of a cosmic mistake.

They're certain from a young age that
they were born into the wrong body.

Surgery and hormone treatments are a
way to correct that biological mistake.

Which is why Patricia Ludmuller's
past only went back five years.

Are pastors allowed to think that
God makes those kind of mistakes?

Do you think God makes
that kind of mistake?

Well, I think that God expects us
to overcome certain things.

The term "trans" conveys
a meaning of "beyond," "across,"

"moving further."
There's a very spiritual component.

Let's say some hyperreligious
fundamentalist finds out that

Sister Patricia used to be Father Paul...

And murders her.

Okay, you mentioned that
there was an intense message

on Patricia Ludmuller's
answering machine, right?

- Yes.
- If, say, she had sex with a man,

and then informed him
that she was transgender,

isn't that a more likely motive for murder?

Anthropologically speaking,
a male's status in a society

is closely connected with what he
perceives to be his outward maleness.

Look, there's no way the guy on that
answering machine knew that he,

she, he knew that she, he,

- was transgender.
- How do you know?

Well, because I know
an ain't-too-proud-to-beg phone call

when I hear one, all right?

He had no idea that
she wasn't a real woman.

- That's very insightful.
- Thank you.

Insightful. See?

Except for the "real woman" slip.

Have you made many of these
ain't-too-proud-to-beg calls in the past?

What do you say we
just stay focused here?

Okay, have you ruled out completely that
Patricia Ludmuller's murder might be

because of something that
happened before he became a woman?

I put a request in to find out his
previous identity before he was a woman.

That's the best I could do.
Okay, from now on, he is always a she.

She was a he when she died, so she
deserves the respect due to him or her,

okay, person!

Okay. I'm a genius and I'm confused.

Pastor Patricia was our center.

Like the best leaders,
she drew us together without even trying.

Did you release identity?

Their pastor went for a swim
and never came back. All right?

- The body washed up.
- Intuitive leap. Right.

Let's pray together.

Let's pray that whatever happened to
Patricia out there alone came peacefully,

that God embraced her as his daughter,

that there was no pain,
only God's great serenity.

A moment of silence for
the pastor we loved so much.

What are you doing?

I'm praying.
Would you keep your voice down?

- Sorry. You're not a member.
- It's not a gym, Bones.

Excuse me, Mr...

Wade Schmidt. You're FBI?

How did you know that Patricia Ludmuller
was the victim found in the bay?

She's a member of our community
and she's gone. We feel her loss.

- We're right, aren't we?
- Yes.

Is there a vice pastor or
somebody else we can talk to?

Not really. I take care of the finances.

Chuck over there, he acted as kind of
an unofficial assistant to Patricia.

What will happen to the church now?

To be honest, I'm not optimistic
that we'll survive Patricia's loss.

Why? You are a community of people
with a common superstition.

The shared illusion
should be enough to bind you.


Patricia would like you.

She'd say, "That's the one
that'll keep us honest."

See? She would have liked me.

She keeps everyone honest, this one.

Hey, Chuck, you got a moment?

These people are from the FBI.

- I thought Patricia drowned.
- We don't know the cause of death yet.

She went for a swim on a foggy morning.

She got cut in half by a yacht propeller

- or a destroyer returning to Norfolk. Okay?
- Chuck.

We don't know how the
body was disarticulated.

What the hell do you know?

We know what
we don't know, Mr. Kennedy.

That's why we're asking questions.

Yeah, we do have a few felons in
our congregation, former addicts.

Not to mention the less serious sins,
lying, vanity, sloth, greed.

I myself had a meth problem.
Would you like to arrest me?

Is that a confession, Chuck?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm confessing to a past.
I have a past, like everybody else.

I bet even you do.

Of course, God absolved me of my past.

How about you?

- See you around.
- He's taking it hard.

The way Chuck sees it, Patricia introduced
him to God, and God saved his life,

gave him focus,
made him part of a community.

Do you have a congregant called JP?

- Yes.
- Could you point him out to us, please?

It's still hard to believe the pastor's gone.

I understand she was
one hell of a swimmer.

Hey, Booth, I'm looking at
these pictures you gave me,

and body language and facial expressions

- tell some very interesting stories.
- Why don't you give me your insights?

She swam every single day. Yeah.

But you don't need me for that insight.
Ask anybody.

He holds himself separate
from the congregation.

What do you think that means?

How long have you been a
member of the Inclusion Church?

Well, I joined about six months ago.

He's a latecomer to the church, huh?
That's a good one.

Thank you.

For sharing that.

Why would anybody lie about
when they joined a church?

So what brought you to the church?

I had a drinking problem, which
gave me problems with the law,

which gave me marital problems.

You served two years,
less a day, for assault.

When I got out of jail,
I wanted my wife back.

I wanted my life back.

It doesn't look like things are
going so great with the wife.

Are you living with your wife again?

I got a ways to go before Rita
trusts me whole hog, you know?

Plus, she's not that excited
about the religious aspect.

Why is the FBI interested
in the pastor drowning?

Well, there's more than one way
for a person to drown.

- Did you always call her "pastor"?
- What else would I call her?

Hey, it's JP again.

I'm sorry. I miss you.
I need to see you. It's important.

I really need you, Pattie.
Please call. Please.

You got it all wrong.
That call is not what you're thinking.

- I was calling the pastor about Rita.
- Really?

Oh. Hold on a minute.

Look at the last photo. He knew.

You can't tell that from a photo.

- I beg your pardon?
- I can.

He knew that she used to be a man.

It doesn't show in the photographs.

- You know what I'm saying?
- About what Patricia was before?

I told you he knew.

What was your reaction
when you found out

that Pastor Patricia wasn't a real woman?

Don't say Pattie wasn't a real woman.
It makes you sound ignorant.

The pastor came between you and
your wife, but she was living a lie.

You lost your manhood and
your religion all in one go.

Or what?
Did prison just widen your tastes?

You're just pretending to be a jerk
to get a rise out of this guy, right?

I didn't want to develop
feelings for Patricia, but I did,

and that didn't change when
she told me who she used to be.

- Who did she used to be?
- What do you want, a name?

I don't know. I never asked.

Can't you look it up on
some legal name change form?

If you'd have ever met Pattie,
you'd know what I know.

What God knows. What she knew.

She was not a man.

Yeah, I'm with him on this one, Booth.

Bone marrow and liver remnants

contain high concentrations
of ethinyl estradiol,

medroxyprogesterone acetate and
spironolactone, which is an anti-androgen.

- Hormone replacement therapy.
- Very healthy bone mass.

High percentages of
calcium and vitamin D.

- Which indicates...
- A health nut.

Tox screen shows Stamaril,
Havrix monodose and Engerix-B.

- Vaccinations?
- Yellow fever, Hep A and Hep B.

All necessary for traveling to the Far East.

Did you know that only 20%
of Americans have passports?

That's not irrelevant.

Perhaps that's why
there's no record of this guy, woman,

having a sex change. It could have
happened in, you know, Thailand.

Very good, Mr. Nigel-Murray.

Though conjecture is not really
what we do here in the lab. So...

But very good, Mr. Nigel-Murray.

- Can I ask you something?
- Is there any way to say no?

Whatever happened to whoever it
was who used to work here before me?

He joined forces with a serial killer

who was the last in a long
line of cannibalistic murderers

specializing in knocking off
members of secret societies

and building skeletons
out of their body parts.

Wow. I hope that doesn't happen to me.

So he's not coming back?

No. He's locked up
for the rest of his life.

But we all still like him.

- Excuse me.
- Hello, hello, hello.

Are you familiar with the expression,
"That's way too much car for you"?

I believe that's one of
ours, actually, sir. Yes.


- I want to show you something.
- I want to show you something.

Vroom-vroom, kid.

You're already in my rearview mirror.

Booth said the FBI couldn't find any
record of an official name change

or anything showing
who Patricia Ludmuller was

before the sex-change operation.

It's possible she had her
surgery done in the Far East.

In England, the Speaker of the
House is not allowed to speak.

Anyway, what I did was...

Here she is as a woman.

Not bad.

I mean... I mean the sketch. Okay.

Here I made her more masculine.

I made the bony prominences more robust,

increased the size of the mastoid
processes and the nuchal crests.

Seldom seen bigger nuchal crests.

It doesn't look like anybody you recognize?

Should it?

I also added facial hair.

- Do you recognize him now?
- It's that guy.

"O, evil spirits, come out."

That's exactly what I thought.

Yes, God makes demands of us.

This money belongs to God! Not me!

Who will join me in giving God
what is rightfully his?

He is asking you now, at this moment.

What is your answer?

What is your answer to God
when he calls your name?

Will you deny him?

Pastor Patrick Stephenson.

Disappeared six years ago.

Wow. I got it right.

He disappeared from Vietnam or Thailand,
one of those places.

Yeah, on a world tour.

His followers said he was the first of many
who would be taken up in the Rapture.

So that guy went from that

to being a woman pastor
in a cottage on Chesapeake Bay?

Hey, some people would call that heaven.

Amazing job, Angela.

Yeah, well check this out.

She had a wife and son
before she gave up being a he.

The Thai Federal Police were certain
that Patrick had been robbed and killed.

Yeah, well, it's a lot to absorb.

A sex change operation in Bangkok,
Thailand costs about $25,000.

You want me to believe
that Patrick stole money

and then had himself
transformed into a woman?

- It's a scenario.
- Patrick was a religious man.

He would never offend God
in this blatant manner.

The theft, you mean, because it's a sin?

A sex-change operation.

We are made in God's image, Dr. Brennan.
Who are we to alter that image?

Obviously, you dye your hair,
there's evidence of plastic surgery.

That's different.

- Bones.
- How?

It's augmenting God's work,
not undoing it completely.

How about that, Bones?

We have a DNA match
between your husband

and the deceased female
found in the Chesapeake Bay.

Do these people believe in DNA?

Look, it seems as though
your husband sent a check

made out to the church every month.

- A hundred dollars a month?
- Mmm-hmm.

So Patrick was repaying
us for the money he took?

Actually, it's more accurate to say that

Patricia was repaying you
for the money that Patrick took.

During these intervening years, did
your husband ever try to contact you?

No. I believed the Thai police
when they declared Patrick dead.

- And your son?
- Ryan would definitely have told me

- if he'd heard from his father.
- We're gonna have to talk to him.

The last I heard, he was in California.

After his father vanished, Ryan took over
preaching the word of God to our flock

for about a year.
Then he had a crisis of faith and left.

Ryan is still in the throes of that crisis.

I have faith that in the fullness of time,
God will lead Ryan back to us.

- Before your husband...
- Became a woman?

Disappeared, did he have any
reason to fear for his life?

A man named Arthur Ford was
arrested for assaulting Patrick.

- Why did he assault your husband?
- He had a son.

The boy donated his entire
trust fund to the church.

His father thought that we'd
brainwashed him or some such nonsense.

Did you give the money back?

The boy wasn't brainwashed, Dr. Brennan.

The Lord touched him.

Exactly how much money
did the Lord touch him for?

- $5 million?
- Great, thank you.

$5 million is a ton of moolah,
but Arthur Ford is not a good suspect.

Why? What with the ton of moolah
they practically stole from his son?

That phone call I just had, Arthur Ford
died of pancreatic cancer three years ago.

- Oh.
- Yeah, "Oh."

- Do you think she loved her husband?
- Who?

Mrs. Stephenson.

I don't know.
But she was plenty angry at him.

- For getting a sex-change operation?
- No, no, no. Before that.

I mean, she only called him by his given
name or referred to him as "Ryan's father."

Never, you know, "My husband."

I call you "Booth." And I like you just fine.

Thank you. But we're not married.

One angry father might be dead,
but maybe there are more.

But Patrick Stephenson wasn't murdered.
Patricia Ludmuller was.

You think the moment Patricia Ludmuller
came to exist,

Patrick Stephenson stopped?

When the butterfly emerges,
does the caterpillar cease to exist?

Okay. What are you?
Like, some kind of kung fu master?

Why don't we just figure out
who killed this guy,

gal, person, okay?

Would you like me just
as much if I were a man?

Oh, yeah. Much better. I wouldn't have
to be so polite and accommodating.

How about you? Would you like
me better if I was a woman?

- No, I would not.
- Why?

I'd be jealous that you
might be prettier than I am.

I would be, too. I'd be hot. Smoking hot.

They're not gay. They're not homosexual.

They are abominations unto the Lord.

They are sodomites...

This kid is Patrick Stephenson's son?

It would explain why Patrick Stephenson
chose to disappear the way he did.

Unashamed, they perform deeds that led
them into the hands of an angry God.

Now this is a fairly well known moment,
even though it was never televised. Watch.

It is this ignorance to the light
of God that led to their doom.

I can't do this anymore.

I can't.

I preach against sins, sins I hate,
but other sins such as greed...


This is a palace, and I am a prince.

I am not like my father

and I am not like my mother.

I just want to do God's work,

not perform on television,

bilk you for your money.

God bless us all.

God forgive us all.

Ironically, he was just like his father.

You think he switched sexes, too?

No, no. They both turned their backs
on this kind of commercial worship.

They both went out into
the world looking for redemption.

I assume you're gonna
search out Ryan Stephenson?

I work at the FBI. That's what we do.
It's a big country. And we'll try.

Well, concentrate your search in hospitals,
halfway houses, rehab centers, jails.

You think things have gone
that badly for him?

No, no. He's not an inmate or a patient.

Ryan Stephenson is literally
atoning for the sins of his father.

He left the palace for the street.

He's following the teachings of Jesus.

His mother says he's in California.

No. She's wrong.
This kid, he's the prodigal son.

I'll bet he's within 20 miles of that giant
church he fled as a confused adolescent.

- I'll take that bet.
- All right. How much?

- Twenty bucks.
- Deal.

Deal. $20.

- Thank you.
- There you go.

Thank you.

Well, if you're making the wager,
how come I get the money?

- You're the bank.
- You're the bank lady.

This comminuted fracture on the pelvis
is very similar to the blow to the skull.

Both blows were inflicted while
Patricia Ludmuller was still alive.

She was swimming, she was struck
on the head, she drowned.

Then how were her fingers damaged
and how was she cut in half?

Wow. You ask extremely
difficult questions.

The particulates found about
the skull wound and the pelvis

are fiber-reinforced polymers and
hydrocarbon secretion of coniferous trees.

- Which is what, exactly?
- Fiberglass and resin.

Okay, she was struck by a boat,
the keel of a boat.

Now we're getting somewhere.
Anything on the metacarpals?

You mean, can I tell
what hit her fingers? No.

It was either something
that didn't leave traces

or the water rubbed away all the evidence.

- We'll show these images to Dr. Brennan.
- Why?

She'll see something you missed.

So that's Ryan Stephenson?

Yep. Found him in a detox
center in Silver Spring.

- A patient?
- Nope, counselor. You called it.

- You owe me 20 bucks.
- Get it from Bones.

- Are you sure it was my father?
- Yes, I'm positive.

- They told me dad died in Thailand.
- Well, he...

Well, she seemed to have found
peace up there on the island.

- Named his church "Inclusion"?
- Yeah.

He welcomed drug addicts,
prostitutes, homosexuals?

According to her congregation, who
loved her, your father welcomed everyone.

What? You afraid your
father's gonna burn in hell?


No, I just wish I had the
chance to know the new him,


I'm a suspect?

You thought perhaps I found out my
father was a fraud who had a sex change

and that God asked me to kill him?

Did God tell you to kill your dad?

I've changed.

Do you believe in redemption?

Yes, I do.

One of God's challenges to us
is to see past the surface.

To the deeper, essential nature
which lies right beneath.

You believe our bodies
are like dustcovers?

That's exactly what I think, Agent Booth.

Rip them off and see what's underneath.

You see, all this time I thought
my father was killed or

had abandoned me,
and that's just not what happened.

He didn't want to shake my faith.

He was protecting me from the truth. He...

He didn't want me to have to
choose between him and God,

and I love my father for that.

I just hope God can forgive me
for making him feel that way.

Do you think I could
have my father's Bible?

I'm afraid it's still evidence.

But, hey, we figure out who killed your
father, I'll make sure you get that.

Thank you.

You ever consider returning
to the ministry, Ryan?

Okay, so we know
Patricia Ludmuller was run over by a boat.

The boat struck her in two places.
The skull and the pelvic bone.

We found traces of
enamel paint and stain filler,

specifically Silver Neptune Mahogany
and Lead Red Primer.

It was a foggy day,
she was out there swimming alone.

- This death could have been accidental.
- Or a hit-and-run.

No. It was murder.

Only 1% of deaths are murders.

Hodgins, you found pieces of
splintered wood from the keel,

both in the skull and the pelvic bone.

Yeah, from a wooden-keeled,
shallow-hulled speedboat.

The splinters are embedded
in the skull from this direction.

Struck from behind.

And in the pelvic bone from this
direction, at a 90-degree angle.

The boat hit her skull from behind,
while she was face down in the water.

The second blow hit her from the side,
and she was on her back in the water.

She was struck once, then the boat
turned around to make sure she was dead.

Then hurt, disoriented,
she reached up to clasp the gunwale?

Someone smashed her fingers,
forcing her to let go.

Then she floated on her back.

The boat left, then turned around
and struck her again.


We know exactly how
Patricia Ludmuller was murdered.

- Excuse me, Dr. Saroyan.
- Yes, Vincent.

Is there a way to quit working here

without losing Dr. Brennan
as my grad supervisor?

I see. You'd like to quit this internship
without losing your academic standing.

- Yeah.
- Can I ask why?

It's absolutely impossible
to kiss your own elbow.

And how is that relevant?

It isn't, Dr. Saroyan, but,

I'm someone who loves knowledge,
and all of you are very narrowly focused.

It's a good focus, I know,
catching murderers, but all in all,

I'd rather be like me than like you,
so if you can help me out?

I'll take care of it with Dr. Brennan.

We'll move on to another intern.

Did you know that over 98%
of people will respond with,

"Thank you,"
if you say, "You're welcome"?

- You're welcome.
- Thank you.

Vino Delectable.

Based on size, wood grain
and shape of the keel,

Hodgins and Angela narrowed
our search down to two models.

It's a Lee Shore Island and
a Bow Wave Runabout. Okay.

So, how'd she end up split in two?

You mean,
how did a man become a woman?

No, Bones, her spine was severed.

The polymer Hodgins found
was probably fishing line, so she

sinks, decomposes and the fishing
line severs the spinal column.

Some fisherman thinks
a big one got away.

You think it means anything?

She lived her life split in two,
then in death, split in two again.

- No. I don't think it means anything.
- I didn't think you would.

There is a black river

It passes by my window

Late at night

Hey, Dr. Hodgins, over here.
Over here.

I walk the water

- What have you got?
- You think maybe it's him?

They're checking JP's boat.

Singing, "Oh"

- That's JP's?
- Why is the church group in a tizzy?

That's JP's boat.

"River of time"

Wow, JP, this here is
one fine vessel. Isn't it, Bones?

- Yes.
- Look at that, huh?

Flush mount, single lever control box.

Check this out, Bones, huh?

He's got a wiring harness under there.

Bench seats with marine vinyl seat
cushions. This is just classic.

- How long have you had this for?
- Years.

I only started restoring it
after I joined the church.

The pastor said it'd be
a good project for me.

Did you take it out the day
Patricia Ludmuller disappeared?

- No.
- This is definitely the boat

- that struck Patricia Ludmuller.
- What?

- Twice.
- Couldn't deal with the rejection, JP?

Our psychological expert
says that many men freak out

when they find out the woman they've
been sleeping with used to be a man.

We never slept together.

I wanted to. I wanted her. She wanted me.

- But she refused. I'm still married.
- That why you ran her down?

This is where you smashed her hand.

No! Will you stop saying these things?

She must have been in a lot of pain
when she grabbed the side of the boat.

I'm sure we'll find what he used
to smash her fingers right here in the boat.

My guess is this.

Bones, these seats, they aren't adjustable.

How tall do you think JP is?

- 190 to 195 centimeters...
- Just give me a simple height.

- Six three or four?
- How about his wife?

Perhaps 100 and... Five foot two.

That's all I need. Thanks.

JP, you didn't restore this
boat for yourself, did you?

Pastor Patricia said I should
do something for someone else.

Someone I love.

Then you should have built it for her.

I waited for you to get out of prison,
and I waited for you to get sober,

and I waited for you to get
tired of this stupid church.

And all you did was fall
in love with another woman.

- I never slept with her, Rita.
- I don't believe that.

I'll never believe that.

Rita Gratton, I'm placing you under arrest

for the murder of Patricia Ludmuller.

There is a black river

It passes by my window

I think I should begin my first
sermon to you as kind of an introduction.

My name is Ryan Stephenson.

I'm a child of man.

I'm a child of woman.

But more importantly, I'm a child of God,
and as I look around I see others like me.

We don't look alike. None of us look alike.

On the outside, we are gay and
straight, black and white, fat and thin,

man and woman, saint and sinner.

Should I keep going,
or do you guys catch my drift?

But inside...

Inside we're all the same.

- That is completely incorrect.
- Not now, Bones.

Our skeletons are wildly
different or I wouldn't have a job.

Just listen.

I am sorry that I didn't get
to know my father, Patricia.

But I hope I will find him, her,

that redeemed human being,

both in her old Bible
and, more importantly,

in you, the people who she loved

and who loved her back.

Redemption through transformation.
I get it.

What do you believe in, Bones?

I believe in always swimming
with a buddy.

- What?
- You gather your wisdom, I gather mine.


Don't swallow this time

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