Bones (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 4 - The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond - full transcript

The dissected body of an author with OCD is discovered by a pair of teenagers and leads the team on a search for the head and the killer. Also, Sweets and Hodgins visit Zack in the mental institution.

That was great. You were great.
So maybe we could do it again?

- The others are coming, right?
- We've still got time?

What is the matter with you?

- I gotta take a leak.
- Go!

It's not my fault they make
the Garganti-Gulps so gargantuous.

It doesn't seem to bother me any,

- Karen!
- What?

Are you sure I'm the only guy
you've ever had sex with?


Oh, my God.

Karen! Karen!

As I've told you many times, Dr. Sweets,
I do feel remorse.

- But not for stabbing a man in the heart?
- No.

For succumbing to the faulty logic
that persuaded me

that his death was desirable.

You know, a sane person
would regret murdering someone

- more than being taken in by a line of crap.
- Define "crap."

Drivel, blarney, nonsense, balderdash,

twaddle, bull, bunkum, hooey. Like that.

Now I realize it was drivel, blarney,
nonsense, balderdash,

twaddle, bull, bunkum, hooey.
Then I perceived it as logic.

How are your hands?

I estimate that I've regained
almost 60% full function,

which is not bad for hands
that were torn apart by an explosion.

You know, you'll only be released
from this psychiatric institution

if we cure you of your delusions.

My card isn't working. Hello?

I was wrong, not delusional.

- Your card must've expired, Dr. Sweets.
- Thank you.

Well, perhaps you should consider that
your delusion is that you're not delusional.

- How many pieces in total?
- Twelve.

- Interesting anomaly, no head.
- No head? That's odd.

Which is why I said anomaly.

No need to be snippy
with my partner, pal.

Booth, it's all right.

- Whoa, what's wrong with your back?
- Nothing.

Well, you're walking as though you
strained your inner transverse ligament.

- I might be able to help with that.
- No.

I should never have gone down
that small slide with Parker.

I'll be fine. It's nothing, okay?

The body parts
were found in this evaporation pool.

That's purple!

The kid said it turned purple
when he peed in it.

For future reference, this is more
of an anomaly than a missing head.

- Sad comment on your life, Doc.
- Again, snippy.

You know, if my back wasn't bad,
I would hit you.

Booth, I can take care of myself.

Size of the limbs suggests that our victim
is a fully grown male.

- What is with the purple water?
- Hodgins can analyze it.

- Cell phone, Dr. Brennan.
- Don't tell me.

You want the entire purple pond drained
and shipped back to the Jeffersonian.

No. I think a small sample will do.

- Great.
- Although skulls are heavy.

The head could've sunk to the bottom.
You're correct. We should drain it.

We're draining it. Drain it. Oh, man.

- The ends of his fingers look burned.
- Torture?

Sometimes guys try to conceal
their identity by losing their fingerprints.

Mr. Bray is my brightest
scholarship student.

All right, these are children's shoes.
But they're a size 11.

So you think
our victim was a giant toddler?

No. That would show up in the bones.

Sarcasm does not play well
on the forensic platform.

I tracked down the manufacturer
in Sri Lanka, and guess what?

Special order.

Time of death based on decomp,
between two and four days.

All of the cuts to the skeleton are clean

except for several incomplete slices
to the C2 vertebra.

Comes to cutting off the head,
the killer hesitates.

Makes sense,
gets easier after the first chop.

What do you glean from the x-rays?

A slight spinal curvature,

hypermobile extension joints,
cartilage deficiency.

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome?

We'll have the FBI
check with local orthopedic physicians.

The water turned purple because
of a bottom-growing algae called lemanea.

Something agitated the algae
so it turned purple.

The young man who found the body
urinated in the pool.


Well, the average rate of flow for males
under 45 is what?

It's 21 milliliters per second.

So, yeah, yeah, that would be enough
to disrupt the algae.

- Dr. Hodgins, have you moved yet?
- Nope.

If you hand me those shoes,
I could check for particulates.

Where is Hodgins moving?

Cam thinks that Hodgins should move
into Zack's ookey room.

Cam's right.

I tell all of my grad students not to be
distracted by the standards set by Zack.

- I don't know who that is.
- You and me, Wendell, we need to talk.

If your back doesn't hurt,
then why are you letting me drive?

Well, you know what?
Don't get used to it, okay?

I heal really, really fast.

My guys, they didn't find the victim's head
in the pool, all right?

But I put out a bulletin
to orthopedic doctors within

- 200 miles of the body drop...
- The body parts drop.

The victim was killed, chopped up
and then dropped.

- Breaking in a new intern, aren't you?
- How did you know?

Well, because, you know,
you always get overly precise.

That's how I usually know.
Hey, so you want me to talk to him?

- Break him in a little bit.
- No.

Booth, you don't have to fix everything
for everyone all the time.

- You know, I can handle myself.
- Partners watch out for each other.

Well, if that were true,
you'd let me fix your back.

My back is fine.

All right, all I need is an aspirin,
a hot bath,

and maybe a nice single malt scotch.

We cross-referenced
Ellen Danny syndrome...


...with those kiddy shoes
Ange tracked down.

Okay, we came up
with this guy right here.

Oh, Jared Addison.

- 25 years old. What?
- Watch the road! 25 years old.

I am watching the road!

Well, you're not
if you're looking at the screen!

Well, I'm guessing that that's our victim.

My son was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos
in his teens.

- Are you sure it's Jared?
- Do you recognize these shoes?

Jared ordered them specially.

This distinct footwear in combination
with Ehlers-Danlos

and other markers indicate that
the remains we found belong to your son.

I'm very sorry for your loss.
If you need a moment...

It would be helpful
if we could see your son's room.

- Wow.
- You can see why I recognized the shoes.

Mrs. Addison, your son died days ago.
Why didn't you report him missing?

- I had no idea Jared was missing.
- Well, he lives here with you, right?

Jared was a novelist.
He was finishing a book.

He checked into a hotel
so I wouldn't bother him.

I had no idea anything was wrong.

Your son was Jared Addison,
the cult science-fiction novelist?

Wait a second. On the back here it says
that he lived in the Caribbean on a boat.

No, that's not your son.

Obviously the publisher hired
an impersonator

and came up
with some romantic cover story.

How did you know that?

My publisher wanted to do
the same thing with me.

Jared's publisher dropped him
after his second book.

Jared was feeling a lot of pressure
to make this one great.

Maybe try to get him back.

Listen, Mrs. Addison,
with your permission,

I'd like to bring someone in here
to take a look over your son's room.

- You know, an expert.
- What kind of an expert?

You know, Bones. An expert.

I found coffee grounds and sea kelp
in the treads of the vic's shoes.

So before the giant toddler was killed,
he was brewing coffee on the seashore.

Yes, that's it precisely. Case closed.

Also, I found a tiny fly egg, smaller
than any of the eggs of any of the flies

common to where we found
the body parts.

Where's this fly egg from?

In order to answer that, I have to hatch it.

- Seriously?
- I'm an entomologist.

I have to hatch this insect egg in order to
identify an important piece of evidence

in a murder investigation.
Where's the funny in that?

I know you're upset about breaking up
with Angela, Dr. Hodgins.

And I know you're upset
about losing Zack.

But despite your personal problems,
this is a workplace.

And your attitude leaves a lot
to be desired.

Fine. If you want to make a change,
you make a change.

Otherwise, you let me do my job
and hatch this egg.

These action figurines, they're awesome.

Still living at home there, huh, Sweets?

No. I have my own place.

And before that, I lived with a woman,
all right?

- Was that woman your mother?
- Yeah, your mommy?

No. She most definitely
was not my mother.

If our victim's 25 years old,
I'd assume he was mentally slow?

Given the complexity of his novels,
I'd estimate his IQ to be higher than yours.

Then Booth is right.
Something else is wrong.

Full speed ahead, Sweets!
All right, let me have it. Come on.

It goes without saying.
Everything is perfectly aligned.

- Obsessive compulsive.
- How does this help us?

People with OCD repeat patterns
in their lives

in order to stave off psychological panic.

Now, if we ask which of Jared Addison's
set patterns have recently been disrupted,

we may very well discover
what got him killed.

No. We can't ask Jared Addison.
He's dead.

- She is wicked literal!
- Look, hey, it's her process.

- Don't be mean to her.
- Booth!

- I'm not defending. I'm just explaining.
- I can defend...

- You were defending.
- I was explaining.

Whoa, this is an interesting development
in your interpersonal behaviors.

No. What's more interesting is that
Booth's back hurts

- and he won't let me fix it.
- No. None of this is interesting, okay?

Look, I just want to know what kind
of mojo disrupted crazy boy's pattern.

- My first guess?
- Yeah.

- At his age? Sex.
- Sex?

- "Crazy boy" is offensive by the way.
- His mother didn't mention a girlfriend.

- What's wrong with him?
- Sweets, what are you doing?

I'm putting myself in the mind
of an obsessive compulsive

in order to figure out
where I might conceal

a memory enhancer
or psychosexual proxy.

- Right. Right. What's that mean?
- Masturbatory aid.

- Check the shoes. Yeah.
- What?

- Good.
- He's not gonna find it in the shoes.

Do all boys keep
their masturbatory aids in their shoes?

Or is that particular to you?

Well, that's for me to know
and you to find out.

Miss Kelly Sutton. There's a phone number
and an e-mail address.

- And a list of sexual suggestions.
- Whoa.

You're surprised he has a girlfriend?

No, I wouldn't actually call her a girl.

I loved Jared.

The age difference bothers you?

Well, Mrs. Addison said that Jared
wasn't really all that interested in you.

She said that I was pursuing Jared,
didn't she?

Fact is, Jared wanted to marry me.

One study showed that in 45%
of successful American marriages,

the woman was at least five years older
than her husband.

Older women are sexually experienced
and less inhibited.

Younger men have a greater sex drive
and they can keep up.

I know quite a bit about older women.
The woman I lived with was 26. So...


- Sorry.
- So, how did you meet?

Well, I help out my son
at his florist shop and nursery.

And Jared came in to buy
an orchid for his mother.

He was full of anxiety.

- Probably about microbes, Booth.
- Afraid of germs?

I picked out an orchid
and I took it out to his car.

And he was very appreciative.
And I thought he was just adorable.

So I asked him out to dinner.
And the rest is history.

He fell in love with me and I responded.

Jared's mother thought he was
at the hotel writing his book.

- But there's no record of him checking in.
- He was at the hotel, but for a conference.

- Right, with the science fiction writers.
- No. For behavior modification.

If he was trying to overcome his...

If he was trying to overcome
his psychological issues,

- that might've threatened her.
- With your support?

Of course.

Look, I only wanted what was best
for Jared. I'm not a crazy person.

I look at the remains over and
over and I can't find any cause of death.

Without the head,
we may never discover cause of death.

And without cause of death, it's much
less likely that we'll solve the crime.

This fracture on the right metacarpal,
on the last two fingers.

It's got a nickname, the "boxer's fracture."

It happens if you slug someone without
keeping your wrist dead straight. So...

- How did you know that?
- I fought Golden Gloves when I was a kid.

You x-ray my hand,
it don't look much different than this.

I don't expect anyone to live up to
Zack's standards, Mr. Bray.

But that is extremely good work.

Mr. Bray, have you ever
conducted a sexual relationship

with a woman over 20 years older
than yourself?

I ask because anthropologically speaking,

there's a correlation between
physically aggressive young males

and sexual precocity.

I'm pretty sure you aren't
any 20 years older than me, Dr. Brennan.

Why would my age be relevant?

Very good work on the boxer's fracture.

What'd you bring me, Hodgins?

Try and figure this one out.

Well, a lemma on its own
is difficult to solve

because the solution changes
dependant upon whether or not

the subsequent proposition is auxiliary
or subsidiary.

So I got you beat, right?

Yup. That makes me king of the...

That makes me king.

We're gonna get you out of here someday,

And you can be king again.

I know you're lying to make me feel better
and not to be malicious.

Want to hear about the case
we're working on now?

Body in 12 pieces. And get this, no head.

So, 13 pieces.

The linear functional must be bounded
before you apply the Riesz Representation.


The characteristic polynomial
of a differential operator

is not the same thing as the characteristic
polynomial of a matrix.

- You solved it?
- Yes.

I'm king of the loony bin.

Yeah, you are.

Hey, I got an idea.
I'm gonna leave the case file with you.

It's got all the x-rays so far, all the data.

Maybe you'll find something
we missed, huh?

I've done that many times in the past.

Angela says you and she
aren't together anymore.

Yeah, you know...

I'm sorry things are going badly for you.

Why are you laughing?

My best friend is locked up in a loony bin,

wearing gloves
because he blew up his own hands,

and he feels sorry for me.

Mud is not dangerous.

Mud is not toxic. Mud is not poisonous.

Mud will not hurt you.

What you're gonna do
is you're gonna dip your hand in the bucket

and you're gonna mix it around.

Do it!

Look at the hematoma on his left occipital.
It's what you would call a shiner.

- I know, Bones.
- Now take that mud.

Rub it on your arms,

your legs, your stomach, your feet.

- Get it in there. Let's go.
- No.

- Let's go. Come on, ladies.
- I can't.

Guys, on the chest.
It's not gonna hurt you!

- No. No.
- Come on.

I can't do it. I can't. I...

All right, who's in control, Ralph?
You or the OCD?

God. Oh, God. Oh, God.

Do you want to be ordered around
by a disorder?

No. I want order, not disorder.

I have been where you are, man.
I have felt your fears.

Now, look at me now. You can do it, too.

- Ralph?
- We got a runner.

You think you want to follow Ralph?
All of you?

But you don't want to do that.

You do not want to do that, I know.
Because I'm one of you.

Excuse me. Maybe you'd like to follow me?
I have a few questions for you.

I'm a professor of psychology
at the University of Maryland.

I received a grant to conduct trial research
on methods of reforming OCD behavior.

Was Jared Addison one of your students?

I'm bound by patient confidentiality.
I'm sure you understand.

Jared was chopped into pieces
and tossed away into an industrial pool.

Yeah, that's not one of
your therapy exercises, now, is it?

Wow. Oh, God. Yes.

Yes. Jared was one of mine. He...

I believe he was making progress
despite severe misophobia.

- Misophobia. Which is...
- The germ phobia.

- Right.
- He'd hold a flame under his fingertips

after shaking hands.
He'd literally burn the germs away.

- When was the last time you saw Jared?
- It was Thursday afternoon.

He took off right after we completed
the toilet exercise.

- You mean, he went to the bathroom?
- No.

Each participant is required
to pick a mint out of the toilet

and hold it on their tongue for 10 seconds.

Maybe Jared gave you that shiner
after you made him suck on a toilet mint.

We know he struck someone
with his right hand.

Yeah. Just like this. Right there!
You see, right there like that.

I was punched by another participant
who had an extreme reaction

to the floor-licking exercise.

- Is it common for patients to attack you?
- It happens.

There's a lot of stress involved.
People break.

Some people would see what you do
as torture.

Yeah. Maybe when Jared let you down,
you broke.

Let me down? Jared was my star patient.

It's a tragedy he died before he could
fully enjoy his new freedoms.

Excuse me?

It's okay, Ralph.
We'll try again tomorrow.

I'm not here to apologize,
Professor Amerian.

I'm here to confess.

I killed Jared.

Can you please sterilize your handcuffs
before taking me in?

Now, I just want to say for the record
that you're here of your own volition

and have declined legal representation.

Why are you letting Sweets
conduct this interrogation?

Crazy guy, shrink, it's a no-brainer.

Are we gonna let Sweets interrogate
all of our insane suspects?

Annoying, isn't it, Sweets?

- Why did you kill him?
- I didn't mean to kill him.

The fact is, if I don't eat at
exactly 8:14 a.m. according to this watch,

the person nearest to me dies.

Professor Amerian told me not to eat
until 9:00 a.m. according to this watch.

- And Jared was sitting next to me.
- And you believe that's what killed him?

When you lock me up,
I should either keep my watch

or you should only put me next to
terrible people who deserve to die.

Did you by any chance dismember Jared
after you killed him?

No. I just killed him.

Oh, no. We gotta keep looking.

If Jared was having breakfast with Ralph,

how come he never showed up
to that day's session?

Ralph, where did Jared go
after you had breakfast together?

To the coffee bar in the lobby.

- Why?
- To get coffee.

Hodgins found coffee grounds and sea kelp
in the treads of Jared's shoes.

What can I get you?

- A sample of your grounds.
- Just take them, Bones. It's garbage.

You don't need a warrant for garbage.

- What's going on?
- FBI.

Special Agent Booth.
Do you recognize this guy?

What did he do?
Lodge a complaint?

Because I never actually hit the guy.

I pushed him in the chest
with maybe two fingers. A nudge.

Why did you push him?

The dude had me wash my hands
with antibacterial soap

before I started on his cappuccino.

Then he had me redo it three times
because the cup was dirty

on the outside, which it was not.

Look at my cups. Pristine.

So you pushed the dude
for insulting your cups?

No. All of these OCDC people are the same.

Every day I'm throwing out
perfectly good coffee. I'm going bankrupt.

He did it to me one too many times
and I cracked.

Call it a crime of passion.

So was that the last time you saw him?

Nope, guy came by here the other day
and we made nice.

Thursday. He apologized to me.

He even shook my hands
without putting on rubber gloves.

He was like a different guy.

Professor Amerian's methods
were working.

Oh, God. Please keep that under your hat.

That's all I need is for this place

to become the coffee mecca
for the phobics.

Hey, Wendell, come in.

- What can I do for you?
- You said come to you with questions.

- I owe people money.
- That's not technically a question.

So there's not much for me to go on.

What I gotta do is keep my nose clean,

graduate at the top of my class, and
get a good job so I can pay off that debt.

You're worried about getting fired

because you can't satisfy
Dr. Brennan, right?

Never mind.

Wendell. Wendell, hold on.

You never actually asked me a question.

That guy, the psycho who helped
the serial killer...

Could you please not call Zack a psycho?

Crazy as it sounds, we all still love him.

He was Dr. Brennan's boy toy, right?

What? Boy toy as in "sexual"?

No. Where did you get...
No. Absolutely not.

- Plus the FBI guy.
- Again, no. Wrong.

- Well, then she hit on me.
- I don't think so.

She looked me right in the eyes

and asked if I had any experience
with older women.

It's like if you want to work around here,
you gotta...

Wendell, stop.

You need to look
for some alternative explanation

for what you think happened
between you and Brennan.

And if you can't think of anything,
then you should just

assume you're hallucinating or insane.

Because she absolutely didn't hit on you.

I'm glad we talked.

You like driving my car.

It's too big.
Why do you need such a big car?

Last week I transported six prisoners
and they were all very comfortable.

You care if prisoners are comfortable?

Well, once I have the bad guys in custody,
I feel very kindly toward them.

You know, when I said "bad guys"
you thought of Zack, didn't you?

- How did you know that?
- You shouldn't do that.

- Why?
- Why? Because Zack's not a "bad guy."

- Well, he killed someone.
- He wasn't in his right mind.

- He was in the same mind he's always had.
- That mind has never been right.

Look, brain chemistry, Bones,
sometimes it gets the better of us.

You think that underneath all of
his compulsions and obsessions

Jared Addison was a different person?

- Don't you?
- No, we are who we are,

including brain chemistry.
Everything else is just theoretical.


Our own true best selves
are always theoretical.

- Can I ask you a question?
- Wow! There's a first, huh?

You never ask if you can ask a question.
Go ahead, yeah. Ask away.

Okay, unscientifically,
with a completely non-empirical bias,

requiring no supporting evidence
or logical argument...

- You mean just go with my feelings.
- Yes.

When you first heard that Zack
killed someone, what did you think?

That it couldn't be true.
That it was a mistake.

- Thank you.
- Thank you? For what?

No, thank... I was just thanking you
for answering the question.

No, you weren't. You thanked me because
you believe that Zack has a true best self.

Zack's true best self would never
kill another person.

Won that argument pretty handily.

- What? Were we arguing?
- No, no, don't do that.

You only say it wasn't an argument
when I win.

Well, I didn't think we were arguing.

I won. You said, "Thank you."
That means I won.

I had no idea.
That can't count if I didn't...

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Winner, winner...

I am not
buying you chicken dinner. That...

You get anything
off the victim's cell phone?

I was able to recreate a call list
from the SIM.

He only called one number.

Once a day for 30 days
at exactly the same time.

Who is it?

I called the number
and recorded the answer.

Forward Retro
Publishing. How may I direct your call?

- Does that mean anything to you?
- Yes.

Forward Retro is the publisher
who dropped Jared Addison

after his second book.

The one who never wanted
to talk to him again.

The publishing game has changed.

- You know what I mean, Dr. Brennan.
- No. I do not.

Well, try me, Mr. Tushman.

Book-wise, it's no longer
about good writing, per se.

It's about marketability.

- Of the book?
- Of the author.

There's a reason why your photo takes up
the entire back cover of your books.

- Because I'm a very good writer.
- You're serviceable.

But your success is contingent upon
your image as a hot scientist chick.

- That's not true, is it?
- No, of course not.

Don't call my partner a chick.

- What's the matter with you?
- Fine. Fine. Got it.

The point is, I had to hire a guy
to pretend to be Jared.

Book tours, press, the geek flesh
at the nerd conventions.

- This guy?
- Yeah. C.D. Howe.

The deal I had with C.D. was to let him
write his own stuff.

And you know what?
It was good. He started selling.

So I had to choose between
Jared and C.D.

So you had no contact with Jared Addison
after firing him?

- Absolutely none.
- Yeah. That's a lie.

He called you every day.

Whoa, Bones!

Ask him what happened to his tooth.

All right, all right. That's assault.
Are your hands clean?

Yeah. My partner wants to know
what happened to your tooth.

Jared Addison punched him.

- I admit to that cause and effect situation.
- Why did he punch you?

Probably because he said
Jared was a bad writer.

I didn't kill Jared.

But you think I did
because of a minor physical altercation.

Okay, go ahead.
You know what? Explain yourself.

Jared came into my office.

And he told me he was cured of his OCD.

He mentioned toilet candy.

He said he was willing
to go out on the road,

hustle the books however I wanted.
I told him I wasn't interested.

I heard it all before.
And then he clocked me one.

It didn't hurt.

And then I told him
that I would take on his book.

Why did you change your mind
after he hit you?

So if I punched you,
you'd read my manuscript?

Jared hit me with his bare hand.

The old Jared Addison
would've never done that.

You believed he was cured?

Can you imagine

the sales I'd have gotten
out of revealing the real Jared Addison.

I'd have made a fortune.

Dr. Hodgins?

My egg from the victim's shoes
is hatching.

You need quiet for that?

No. I just thought it might stop you
from talking.

Pushing it, Dr. Hodgins.
How about we say you found the line?

This fly might tell us
where Jared Addison was murdered.

Look, look, look. Hey, there, little buddy.

This is a whitefly.
Only lives in very warm, humid climates.

Jared Addison's old-lady girlfriend
used to work at a nursery.

Hey, Dr. Saroyan,
I'm not moving into Zack's space.

I'm not being difficult. I just... I can't do it.

- I hope you understand.
- I understand.

I thought you being the one who moved
in there would be easiest for Zack.

Well, if he were a normal human,
that might be true.



Okay, here's the thing.
This new guy, Wendell, he might be nuts.

- Hi, Angela. Pickle?
- He thinks Brennan hit on him.

- Why does he think that?
- He said she asked him

if he was interested in having sex
with an older woman.

Which is impossible.

Which I set him straight about
in no uncertain terms, believe you me.

- I'm certain she did exactly that.
- No, no.

I've known Brennan for years. And there's
no way, believe me, that she ever...

Our murder victim was 28 years younger
than his girlfriend.

Dr. Brennan was probably looking for
insights in her,

you know, clumsy yet endearing way.

You might want to let Wendell know that
you misjudged him

in no uncertain terms.

Well, Wendell also says that he owes
a lot of people a lot of money

and that he really needs this job,
like the mob or something.

No, no, no. Unless it's rampant paranoia,
not my jurisdiction.

But on the other thing, I'm solid.

You know, the last time I listened to you,
you broke up me and Hodgins.

- No.
- Yeah.

Angela, that wasn't my fault.
I think you know that.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

So, what do we think here, huh?

- Yeah. What do you think?
- Oh, yeah.

This is definitely an environment
conducive to the whitefly.

I'll start taking some samples.

- Can I help you?
- Yeah. FBI. Special Agent Seeley Booth.

We have a warrant here
to search the premises.

- Is this about Jared Addison's murder?
- Yup.

No, no. Bones, don't touch that.

You know there's tons of disgusting stuff
and chemicals in there...

Not here. Our fertilizer's 100% organic.

It's my own blend.

There you go.
Now you're gonna get sick.

Your stomach's gonna go upside down.

- It's gonna be a mess.
- Coffee.

- Coffee?
- Sea kelp and coffee grounds.

Jared Addison was here
shortly before he died.

Jared was my mom's boyfriend.
Heavy emphasis on the "boy."

Yeah. Well, we heard that this place
kind of freaked him out.

All the germs, yeah. But he was here.

I don't know if it was the dirt that
made him squirm or the question,

- but the kid toughed it out.
- What question?

- He wanted my permission to marry Mom.
- And what was your answer?

I told him I thought it would be creepy

to have a stepfather
who's 10 years younger than me.

I told him he should forget about it
and try to be normal.

- You told him no?
- I said no, he could not have my blessing.

He's lucky I didn't conk him on the head
and chop him up for fertilizer.

- But I didn't.
- Whiteflies.

I'll do some lab work, but they look to be
the exact strain that I hatched at the lab.

I'm sorry. But did you just say
you did conk him on the head?

I said I didn't.

- Booth?
- Yeah?

Flies on the shovel.

We know that flies
are attracted to manure, blood.

The flies are mostly on this shovel.

It follows that there's something different
about this one.

Will that warrant let me test the shovel?

Well, yeah. It's out in the open so it's fine.

I'm going to use phenolphthalein.

It'll tell us if there's blood present
on the shovel.

What's pink mean?

It means you caved in
Jared Addison's skull.

And/ or removed his head.

I'm gonna have to ask you to close up shop
and take you downtown.

We have a few questions
we'd like to ask you.

Somebody as smart as you
should know better.


I don't smoke.
I just... I don't smoke.

So you weren't totally wrong
about Dr. Brennan.

I can't risk having sex with my boss.

- Like I said, I got debts.
- No. Not totally wrong, I said.

When she asked you about
your experiences with older women,

her interest was anthropological.

- She was looking me right in the eyes.
- She's direct

and awkward.

Now, you've got two choices here.

You either answer the question,
like me or Zack,

or you tell her she's being inappropriate,
like Booth or Cam.

Either way
she's not gonna hold it against you.

- You sure about this?
- Yeah.

Frankly, I'm more worried about
the money-owing thing.

I can pay my debts.

Yeah. But you can't work on legal cases

if the wrong kind of people
have leverage on you, right?

Wrong kind of people?
What's that supposed to mean?

- No. I'm trying to help, Wendell. It's...
- No, no.

If they're the wrong kind of people,
then so am I!

Could you please not yell?

My whole neighborhood ponied up
to send me to school!

They're working people!
They make money with their hands!

I need to pay them back!


I thought you owed the mob money.

Like, we're working on a mob case
and you owe the mob money?

- I don't owe the mob money.
- Yeah. See the problem?

And I don't smoke.

When I gotta think,
I ask myself what my dad would've done.

You know, he smoked all the time.

Holding this cigarette, it's stupid, okay.
But it helps me get into his head.

But he died of lung cancer.
So I do not smoke.

Wow, Wendell.
Once you start talking, it's... Wow.

I don't get you people.

I'd like to work here,
but it's like a minefield.

Too many ways to step wrong.

I admit it takes some getting used to.
Good luck.

It wasn't blood.
On the shovel, it wasn't blood.

- Bones' magic juice didn't work?
- No. Phenolphthalein is not magic.

- It's an indicator that reacts with...
- Potato proteins.


Phenolphthalein turns pink
in the presence of potatoes.

- I locked the guy up because of potatoes?
- He might've done it, Booth.

But we all know that
without the victim's head,

we aren't likely to solve this murder.

Well, maybe Wendell here
missed something in the bones.

- I didn't.
- Don't blame Wendell.

- He's doing very well.
- I just wish Zack were here. That's all.

You gotta get over it.
Zack's not coming back.

I know where to find the victim's head.

This is not good.

- How did you get out?
- You don't appear happy to see me.

- We're not.
- Well, I am. I really am.

- Zack!
- Hey, buddy.

Well, I doubt he got a weekend pass.

- Zack, how'd you get out?
- Dr. Sweets helped me.

Well, then I totally change my mind
about Sweets. I now love him.

Does Dr. Sweets know that he helped you?

- No. You're hurting my arm.
- Oh, sorry.

All right.
Zack, you're with me and Bones.

The rest of you go play
with your microscopes

or whatever it is you do.

- Let's go. Bone Room, now. March.
- Come on.

Everything in the room is
organized in sets of 12.

A dozen shoes in the closet,
a dozen action figures on the shelf,

a dozen pencils in the pencil holder.
Even books are grouped by the dozen.

- I should've noticed that.
- I should've noticed that.

Sets of 12 must be a manifestation
of Jared Addison's OCD.

I did an analysis of his novels.
There's no recurring sets of numbers.

Only recurring images of germs
and fear of microbes.

Okay, then what is with the number 12?

They live at 12 Kindergarten Street.
Kindergarten has 12 letters.

Alphanumeric is also
a 12-letter word by the way,

but I suspect that's just ironic.

this side of him I don't miss at all.

Books, CDs, everything. It's always 12.

In the yard, everything comes in 12.

Paving stones, plants,
decorative rocks, gnomes.

Always 12.

- Oh.
- What?

Well, Jared Addison wouldn't have
been gardening.

- He's germaphobic.
- Even his name, Jared Addison, 12 letters.


- What?
- He didn't name himself. His mother did.

- His mother has OCD, too?
- That's the most reasonable conclusion.

But the body was found in 12 pieces
not counting the head. Why?

The incomplete saw marks on
the C2 vertebra were hesitation marks.

She couldn't deal with the part of the body
that was her child's face.

You. You used me to escape?

- How?
- Your card.

Sweets, one crime at a time.
Murder first, okay?

- Why did she kill her son?
- He was overcoming his disorder.

Jared Addison was ready to take control
of his professional life.

He'd found love
and was ready to leave her house.

It wasn't just his patterns
he was destroying. It was hers.

And as a result,
she suffered a psychotic break

and murdered her own child.

You know, I still have my card.

I swapped out the magnetic strip
with my loony bin library card.

Wait. That's why it didn't work?

- Zack, where is Jared's head?
- Everything comes in twelves.

Everything except for this.

There's a cold fire

There's a crossfire

And there's something


And we'll never, never make it

And we'll never, never break it



And you got style

And you got grace

And you got the means

To leave that place

But you'll never, never make it

And you'll never, never break it

Until you learn to see

Until you set free

So set free

Set free

Set free

Set free

Set free

We wouldn't run and we would let go

'Cause we'd realize

That we had

That we had no control

Well, Zack was right.

Of course he was.

- As always.
- Time to go.

I should get back.

- Okay.
- Okay.


Yeah. Come on. Let's go. Come on. Easy.

- What took so long?
- Relax, Sweets, okay?

- He's all yours.
- Wait. I thought we'd do this together.

Look. Just walk him back
through the front door, okay?

Don't look guilty. And if anyone asks,
you took him for electroshock. All right?

Don't escape again. You got it, Zack?

You figure out who a killer is,
you call me or Dr. Brennan,

not Sweets, all right? Yeah.


What if he... I don't know.
What if he overpowers me or...

- Zack?
- I'm much stronger than I look.

He's done it before. He killed a man.

Okay, Zack.
Promise you're not gonna kill Sweets.

- I promise.
- There you go!

- Yeah.
- There you go!

I got great seats to the Capitals.

If we bump into anybody,
let me do the talking.

I haven't actually literally
done it before, you know?

- Had sex?
- Ended someone's life.

Why doesn't anyone ever believe
I've had sex?

You confessed to plunging a knife
into a man's chest.

No. I said I killed him. Which I did.

I told the Master where to find the man.

But you didn't plunge a knife
into the man's chest?

It wasn't me.

- Zack, why did you confess?
- I would have done it.

If the Master had asked,
I would have done it.

No, no. You don't know that.

People have no idea if they're capable
of ending a life

until they're put in that situation.

In all of our sessions,
I've had question marks.

Because you, at heart, are not a killer.

- I gotta tell Dr. Brennan and Booth.
- You can't tell them.

Because I'm your patient
and you're not allowed, ethically.

Zack, don't you want your friends to know
that you didn't kill anyone?

I'm still an accessory to murder.

If you tell them, they'll take me out of here
and put me in prison.

Hodgins assures me
I would not do well in prison.

Okay. What about the person
that actually did commit the murder?

- He's still out there.
- No.

The Master killed him
so he could recruit me.

- There can only ever be two.
- You have to let me tell the truth.

You can't tell anyone
without my permission.

We should go in.
I don't want to get you into trouble.

- What are you doing?
- Throwing out my book.

- It's still on your hard drive, right?
- No. Not anymore, it's not.

You erased it? Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

- What?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop!

But I don't want to be a writer anymore.

Why? Because of what that publisher said?
He was an idiot. Did you see his glasses?

Well, I don't want to be a "sexy scientist."

Well, that's like me saying,
"I don't want to be a sexy FBI agent."

We can't change who we are.

God, this is just...
It's not good for the back.

"Suspenseful and chilling,
Temperance Brennan leads the pack."

"Anthropology has never been
more exciting."

You memorized my reviews?

Angela can scan these
and get them back on your computer.

You know my reviews, Booth.
But do you read my books?

- Every single word.
- You never said anything.

Well, I figure, you know,
I'm all over your real world.

Why would you want me
in your fantasy world, too?

- I can appreciate that.
- You see how this works?

It's give and take. We're partners, huh?

- Except you won't let me fix your back.
- Come on. My back is fine.

- It's just...
- Really?

Okay, how do I know that you're not gonna
like paralyze me or make it worse?

I also help you by explaining
a lot of things to you.

Yeah. Well, you know, I explain

things to you just as much as
you explain things to me.

- Well, my things are more important.
- That's debatable.

- Necessary pain.
- Yeah. Necessary.

The way you really help me
is you let me be a guy.

- I help you be a guy?
- Yeah.

You know, it's a guy's thing
to fix things and make them right.

When I fix things,
I feel like I am one with the universe.

Whoa! God!

- That is amazing! How did you do that?
- See? We help each other. Quid pro quo.

- I know what that means, quid pro quo.
- Sure you do.

I know a lot of things.

Well, you didn't know
what misophobia meant.

Well, you didn't know that
you could just take coffee grounds

'cause it was garbage,
you don't need a warrant for that.

I sort of knew that.
I just was making sure that that was okay.

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