Bones (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 22 - The Girl in the Mask - full transcript

Booth's Japanese police exchange program friend Ken Nakamura reports his orphaned kid sister Sachi (21) missing. Shortly after her severed head is found in a salt marsh, under a mask from her still missing roommate Nozomi Sato. Japanese forensic expert Dr. Haru Tanaka, a 'kei' (androgyne), joins the Smithsonian team for this case.

Overall, Clark is the most
astute and experienced.

- Ah. So hire him.
- Wendell has the most potential.

And he has an excellent work ethic.

- Plus, you know, he's somewhat normal.
- That's what you like.

- Vincent is the most intelligent.
- Well, that's what you like, so you should hire him.

I mean, this person's
gonna be your right-hand man.

Well, I've decided to take your opinion
into account as I make this decision.

- Really?
- I'm making an effort.

Well- Booth.

Agent Booth, this is Sergeant Nakamura.

My friend Naki with the sake. How's it hangin'?

- I'm afraid they are not hanging well, Booth.
- What's wrong?

My sister has not returned my calls.
It has been five days.

Okay, look. We all know
how overly protective you are of Sachi.

- Your sister.
- You're a cop, like me, Booth.

She calls every day. Something's wrong.

- Okay, so why are you tellin' me?
- 'Cause I'm in Tokyo.

- Oh, Sachi's here in D. C?
- Almost two months.

- She told me she'd called you. She has not called you?
- Whoa.

Just relax, all right?

Twenty-one-year-old girl
probably doesn't want...

her brother's friend crampin' her style.

- If I fly in, can you help me look for her?
- I'll tell you what.

Just text me her information. I'll track
her down, and I'll make her call you.

- Okay? I promise.
- Arigato.

- Ja mata.
- Ja mata.

- Detective Frame.
- Hey, Rick, it's Booth.

Listen, I'm lookin' for a little
interagency cooperation.

- What do you need?
- Hey, has there been any action...

on a Japanese national,
legal entry, named Sachi Nakamura?

- Female, aged 21.
- Uh, give me a minute.

When were you in Japan?

A few years ago on an exchange program
with the Tokyo police.

Nak's a great guy, man. He and his sister-
they made me feel like family.

- But he's overprotective?
- He worries. Every parent does.

- But he's her brother.
- Raised his little sister after his parents died.

- That makes him a parent.
- I got a hit on your girl.

Car registered to her was found abandoned
near Tillbrook salt marshes.

Salt marshes? That's a pretty popular
place to dump a body, Booth.


- Hey, I'm Special Agent-
- Booth. Yeah.

Detective Frame told me to wait on you
before I had this vehicle towed.

- That was nice of him.
- I'm Officer Lisa Kopek.

Car's registered to Sachi Nakamura,
311 Ring Road.

Here on a work visa from Tokyo, Japan.

I printed her visa photo.

- This is blood on the upholstery.
- Yeah.

- Any sign of the girl?
- No.

- Damn.
- Yeah. Checked her residence. It's empty.

Looks like it's been that way
a couple of days.

Also no sign ofher roommate,
Nozomi Sato.

Miss Sato is here
on a lapsed student visa.

I... got a request in for cadaver dogs.

Okay, whoa, whoa.
Bones, what we usually do here is wait...

for people in rubber boots.

I see something.

I just got these shoes, so-

What is it? A body?

No, it's some kind of mask.

Okay, Bones. Come on.
Get out of there. Let's go.

- Booth?
- What?

There's flesh in the mask. Human head.

- She serious?
- Yeah, always.

And Booth? This mask appears
to beJapanese in design.

Based on the weak prominence
of the arcus superciliaris...

the victim is female.

The head was decapitated
between C5 and C6 vertebrae.

Judging from decomp and discoloration...

I'd estimate the head was in the pond
a minimum of four days.

- Can you confirm decapitation as cause of death?
- No.

Victim was in the water too long.
The blood leached out.

There's trace lodged deep in the striae.

Blade could have transferred
particulates from the ground...

into the wound track
when it was withdrawn from the bone.

Hey, sweetie, Booth is in your office.

- He's got some people with him.
- Thanks.

Just when I thought it couldn't get worse.

Bones, this here is
Sachi Nakamura's brother, Ken.

The honor is mine, Dr. Brennan.

May I present to you-

I know. Dr. Haru Tanaka.

The emperor awarded Dr. Tanaka
the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun...

for Dr. Tanaka's paper,
"On Investigation...

"of Second, Fourth and Eighth
Sternal Rib End Variations...

Related to Age Estimation. "
It was brilliant.

I am honored to meet you.

- Everyone in the field accepts that you are the best.
- Yes, I know.

I told Ken and the doctor
they can aid in the investigation.

That is against protocol, Booth.

Bones, this could be his sister.

I would enjoy working with Dr. Tanaka.

- You gonna be okay with this?
- I am fine.

There is a contact wound
inferior to the mandible...

exiting slightly anterior
to the bregma point.

That would be consistent
with a gunshot wound.

Bones, maybe you should just jump ahead
and I.D. the victim.

Maxilla and zygomatic
conform to her photograph.

Palate is fractured...

but appears parabolic...

with a straight suture
across the palatine bone...

indicating that she was
a nativeJapanese speaker.

Did your sister have
any kind of distinctive...

facial scarring or dental work?

When Sachi was eight,
she fell doing gymnastics. Broke her jaw.

It was wired for two months.

Impact fracture from a fall.

Remodeling of the jaw suggests...

that it occurred prior to puberty.

I feel comfortable
identifying the remains as your sister.

- I'm very sorry.
- Thank you.

If you would excuse me.

Hey, Nak. Listen. I have agents
looking for Sachi's roommate.

There's a chance the roommate
may have seen something.

Yes. Good.

- I'm sorry, Nak.
- You have a child.

You know it was my
responsibility to keep her safe.

- She was 21, but still a child.
- All right. Come on.

Let me get you back to the hotel.
You get some rest.

- Not until we find who did this.
- I hear you, Nak...

but we need a lead-
something we can go on.

Sachi was gonna move back toJapan...

but the man who took these pictures
said he could make her a model.

Okay. There's something. Right?

Whoa. This is like one of those big-eye
paintings they sell at the mall.

- The mask is based on anime design.
- Japanese animation.

So someone had it out
for a cartoon character?

No, this is original, not representing
any of the well-known characters.

Sailor Moon, Faye Valentine, Motoko.

The mask could have been used
by the killer to dehumanize the victim...

allowing whoever decapitated her
to distance himself...

from the ugly reality of her death.

Mmm, you are entering
the realm of psychology...

a field of unverifiable speculation.

Perhaps I can be of further help
to Dr. Brennan.

Sometimes I hate hard science.

I know that seems immature,
but that's just how I feel.

- So any guesses?
- We don't really have enough evidence yet.

No, not the case. That doctor.

Dude or dudette?

- I don't know.
- I-

Remember, Nak. This is my investigation.

- You're just a tourist.
- Just a tourist.

Micah Strutt.

- How can I help you?
- F.B.I. Like to ask you a few questions...

- about Sachi Nakamura and Nozomi Sato.
- Sure.

They were the roommates, right? Nice kids.

When did you see 'em last?

Must be about a couple months now.

They came in for a shoot.

- "Pappa Puffs"?
- Yeah.

- The girls worked there.
- You made them pose like this?

Me? No. That was their idea.

They convinced their boss
to do some advertising...

but he went postal when he saw the proofs.

That old jerk fired them for this.

It's the 21 st century.
Who cares about a little skin, right?

He does. That's his sister.

Hey, I feel like someone...

slipped something into my coffee.

Fashion is the way theJapanese youth...

rebel against traditional social roles.

What is with the Ama-Loli girls?

I never expected to see
the sweet Lolitas here in the States.

Culture follows the youth.

It's just innocent role-playing usually.

- Nak.
- I see.

- Excuse me. You the owner?
- Why do you ask?


We need your help. As a tourist.

Need to ask you a few questions
about Sachi Nakamura...

- and her friend Nozomi.
- Sachi and Nozomi in trouble?

Well, Sachi is dead,
and Nozomi is missing.

I've known them since
they started coming for the tea parties.

They were anime girls. I gave them jobs.

Is this the mask that Sachi
was wearing to the parties?

No. That's Nozomi's. What happened?

- Those girls were-were like family.
- You always fire family?

They developed other interests.
They didn't belong here anymore.

I tried to talk to them,
explain what a bad choice they were making.

- What are you talking about?
- The girls started working for an escort service.

- I couldn't allow that here. Families come here.
- It's not possible.

- It's true.
- Not my sister.

- Your sister?
- You know the name of the escort service?

- Elegant Escorts.
- Don't believe you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa. Put the cleaver down, pal.


Put it down.

You knew it was gonna happen
the moment you hit that guy.

Sorry, Nak.
I gotta take you off the case.

Booth, the guy basically told him...

- that his sister was a prostitute.
- He had a knife.

- You're too close to this one.
- Could be the one.

We'd have to find the rest of the body
before we could make that determination.

What would you say to me
if we were in Tokyo?

- That it was my case.
- Are you sending him back toJapan?

He can have his pancakes first.

Well, if Nak goes back toJapan,
then so will Dr. Tanaka...

and that would be bad
for the case because Dr. Tanaka...

has a unique cultural perspective.

All right, fine. Okay?
We'll have a cooling-off period.

But you have to realize, we cannot solve
this case if you are out of control.

I'm grateful.

As am I.

- Dr. Saroyan.
- Dr. Tanaka.

With your permission,
I would like to free the head of tissue.

I have a test to perform first.

You're welcome to observe.

- This is ferrocene?
- Yes. I'm testing for gunshot residue.

- No reaction.
- Any shot fired within five feet...

would have left residue.

The angle of entry was steep...

- exiting at the top of the cranium.
- Sachi was only five feet tall.

Even if the killer was lying on
the ground, there'd be residue.

Perhaps she was coming downstairs.

Or maybe standing
on the balcony of her apartment.

Grab some goggles and a mask.

Did you know the victim, Dr. Tanaka?

I met Sachi three times.
She and her brother were very close.

That's a very big favor to do Detective
Nakamura, coming all the way from Japan.

I would do anything for him.



While I examine the wound track...

you can analyze exit trauma.

Thank you.

Since Booth took you out of the field...

I thought perhaps
you'd like to consolidate...

the results of our analysis
to convey to Booth.

You are trying to make me feel useful.

No, I- I don't really do things like that.

- I owe you for talking Booth out of sending me home.
- Wasn't me.

Booth is a very empathetic man.

Yes. Are you aware how we met?

Um, some kind of exchange program?

Hai. Most of
the F.B.I. agents showed up...

and started telling us how to handle
our organized crime problem.

Booth said nothing.

Two or three days, just listening.

He was quiet? That-

That does not sound like Booth.

Then he asked a question.

He asked, " How would
you gentlemen handle...

our organized crime problem?"

He was respectful.

That is the basis of your friendship?

That and a situation incited by...

a gallon of sake, a police boat...

and Uruga Harbor at dawn.

You're a lucky woman, Dr. Brennan.

To work with Booth.

I know.

To work with Booth. Yes.

Here you go.

So the-the mask didn't belong to the killer.

- It belonged to Nozomi, Sachi's roommate.
- Okay. So?

So perhaps the killer wasn't trying
to dehumanize his victim.

- Two coffees, please.
- You got it.

Well, maybe he just had a thing
for girls in masks.

- I mean, I get that.
- You do?


In an objective, evidentiary way.

You had a point?

Yeah. I think that
the killer was purposely...

projecting Nozomi's identity
onto his murder victim.

Hey. So... I googled Tanaka.

300 hits, all Japanese.

None with a personal pronoun.

- Maybe we should just ask her.
- Him.

Uh, you people can identify human remains
based on a tiny little finger bone...

but you can'tjudge the sex of a person
standing right in front of you.

Does nobody else see the irony in this?

Of course. But as a scientist,
I also see the challenge.

Well, Dr. Tanaka
identifies with a subset...

- of an urban Japanese aesthetic known as Kei.
- There you are.

Thank you. It glorifies androgyny.

Well, mission accomplished
there, Dr. Tanaka.

You know, I think you're probably right.
We should just ask him.

- Her.
- Tanaka won't answer. That's the whole point.

Gender is unimportant.
We should be mature enough...

to accept Dr. Tanaka
just the way Dr. Tanaka is.

- Yeah, you know what? You're right. Who cares?
- Yeah. I mean...

- it doesn't really matter what he is.
- She.

What she is.

- You mind?
- Yeah, actually, I do.

James Sok, right? Elegant Escorts?

Yeah. So? I run a legitimate business.

You're a pimp.

I don't like pimps.

- He really doesn't.
- No.

Your record says
that you assaulted Bruce Takedo.

Those charges were dropped-
because the guy attacked me.

With a knife.
All I did was protect myself.

Really? Probably because
you were recruiting at his place.

Middle-aged guy surrounds
himself with schoolgirls-

- Maybe he's the guy you wanna look at.
- Nozomi Sato-

- You recognize her?
- Yeah. I like Nozomi.

- Well, she's missing.
- Well, most of my models come from Asia.

They-They're young. Flaky.
Sometimes they take off.

You know, you got a sweet life, Jimmy.

You got a houseboat down
in the marina. You got cash rollin' in.

If you wanna live your life
as my prime suspect...

in the murder of Sachi Nakamura,
that's just fine.

But just know, as of right now,
your business is done.


Or you give me something shiny
to distract me.

I don't know anything
about Sachi Nakamura...

but, uh, Nozomi
booked a client last Friday...

- and I haven't seen her since.
- That's the day that Sachi Nakamura disappeared.

- What's the client's name?
- Banker named Vogler.

Got hurt bad in the big crunch.
Made him mean.

And Nozomi didn't mind
a little rough stuff.

Let's go, Bones.

- That shiny enough for you?
- Excuse me?

Booth? Okay, come on.

There is a small scratch
to the left of the exit wound.

And the directionality is outward
from the midpoint of the coronal suture.

Whatever pierced the skull
must have splintered back inside.

Splintered? It was a gunshot.
Don't you mean fragmented?

There are no striations
on the cross-section of the exit wound.

- So she wasn't killed by a bullet?
- That is my assessment.

What could have been
driven through her head?

Perhaps you can inform Booth
that the murder weapon was not a gun.

And we can x-ray the brain to see
if we find any evidence of splinters.

I ran the particulates
from the C5 through the mass spec.

Nematodes, turbellaria, copepods-
blah, blah, blah.

All congruent with the marsh
where the head was found.

I am not familiar
with the "bra, bra, bra. "

But I also found bird vomit
on the victim's head.

- Now I truly do not understand.
- Totally lost.

Okay. All right.
In salt marshes, there are high marshes...

- low marshes and salt flats.
- Dr. Brennan found the head on the low marsh.

Yes, but that bird vomit comes
from Catoptrophorus semipalmatus.

A willet.

The willet is a high-marsh creature.

But the cadaver dogs
are looking here in the low marsh.

They should be looking here in the high
marsh, where the willet is found.

- But that is miles away.
- Yeah, which is why we need to call the search team.

Why would someone cut
a head off a body here...

and drive miles away
to dispose of the head here?

I rarely find motive in bird vomit.


Jos?, it's here.



Nak, I think we found her.

I will autopsy the remains...

then give the body back to Dr. Brennan so
she can remove the tissue.

The marks on the vertebrae will give us...

a clear idea of the weapon
used to decapitate her.

Dr. Tanaka can help me
prepare the brain for "liquefication. "

Perhaps he shouldn't be here.

If he doesn't ask for help,
it would be an insult for me to offer.

It would imply weakness.

I realize that staying here
shows great strength...

and commitment to your sister's memory.

She is lucky to have
such a devoted brother.

But it is distracting for us...

and might compromise our work.

I'm sure you wouldn't want that.

Of course not.

I will come to you with any news.

The heat and vibration will liquefy the tissue...

enabling us to examine whatever foreign
particle was picked up by the X-ray.

This was an excellent idea.

Thank you.

- Is there something wrong?
- What? No. Why?

- You were staring at me.
- I was? I was? I-

I didn't realize it. I... like your shirt.

Oh. Wow. Look at that brain.

Oh, I think I see it.

What is it?

- Wood?
- The wound track wasn't from a bullet...

but from a piece of wood
being thrust into her skull?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves-
Give it to Hodgins...

- so we know exactly what we're dealing with.
- Right away.

He has also been staring.
It seems many people like my shirt.

Paul Vogler?

- What the hell?
- Don't stop because of us.

Like to ask you a few questions
about Nozomi Sato.

- How much do you charge for a massage?
- $200.

- Bones.
- What? It seems way too much.

Her knowledge of the skeletal
and muscular system seems minimal at best.

Right. Uh, she's
not that type of masseuse.

- So. Nozomi Sato?
- Who?

You know, the prostitute
you like beating up.

- I don't know what you're talking about.
- Okay, fine.

We'll just go subpoena
the phone records from Elegant Escorts.

I saw her a few times.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah, to blow off some steam.

You know. A photographer
who did some ads for my firm-

He's the one that gave me
the Elegant flyer.

- Micah Strutt?
- Yeah. I guess he shot for them too.

You-You should really focus
on the iliocostalis and the longissimus.

That's where most people
carry their tension. Like this.

Whoa. Oh, that's great.

You see? That's what they want.

Not... usually.

Bones, she's a "happy ending'"masseuse.

- Okay? Happy ending.
- Oh.

How about this girl?

I never met her.

Nozomi was the only escort I was seeing.

You seem to be a fine collector
of Asian art.

Do you want to explain
the sword on the wall...

- there in the background?
- It's a nihonto sword.

It was used by the feudal executioners
to behead the condemned.

I know. I had to sell it.
I lost a fortune in the market.

Right. How convenient of you
to sell the sword off...

- you know, since Sachi Nakamura was beheaded.
- What?

- Beheaded.
- Hey, I don't know what you're thinking-

Hitting the iliohypogastric nerve-

can be extremely painful.

- Where's the sword now?
- Listen-

God! I'm not saying another word
to you people without my lawyer.

Fine. That's fine with us.
We'll be in touch.

Come on, Bones.

- She's a quick learner.
- Yeah. Very quick.

Hey. I did a little research
on Strutt Photography.

- I almost asked Tanaka.
- No. Really?

Not that it matters, but he-
she/he caught me staring.

I didn't mean to, but-
I had an opening, you know?

But I didn't know how to lead off.

If I said he/she was a girl,
and he/she was a guy...

he/she might be offended,
or other way around.

Same thing. God.
I miss the ease of a simple pronoun.

Yeah, tell me about it.

All right, check out
Strutt Photography's Web site.

There's a link to additional services...

which requires permission and a password.

I traced the I.P. address,
and I found the F.T.P. site...

that contains all the uploads.

Then I bypassed the password protection
by hacking into the server...

where his Web address is registered.

Why do I feel like
my checking account isn't safe?

Look what Mr. Strutt's been hiding.

These pictures definitely
weren't taken at Strutt's studio.

It's a long lens, foreground objects-

Probably taken without
the subject's consent.

- Classic stalker photos.
- Mm-hmm.

If he was stalking Sachi-

Maybe it wasn't just pictures
he wanted to shoot.

Forgive me, Dr. Brennan, but I must ask...

if you are familiar
with the Shinto idea of kami.

- The spiritual essence of an object.
- Yes.

I cannot define what is missing
from this skull-

how its kami is incomplete.

Maybe because the top
of the cranium had been removed.


I often find that handling the bone...

gives me insight
that pure science cannot explain.

I find that pure science
is the only thing...

that gives satisfactory
explanations, Dr. Tanaka.

There is something with the temporal bone.

Yes. The tympanomastoid-

a swelling in the airspace.

Tympanomastoid hemorrhaging
in the absence of a bleeding diathesis.

The victim was drowned.

Very impressive, Dr. Tanaka.

It wasn't me. It was the kami.

Well, she wasn't killed
by whatever pierced her brain.

I aspirated her lungs.
Cause of death was drowning.

We need to determine if the victim was
drowned in the marsh or somewhere else.

No problem. I'll analyze
the water samples from the lungs.

Now, I discovered what the splinter
from the brain tissue is-

Pseudosasa japonica.

It's arrow bamboo. It's ornamental.

Only grows indoors in this climate.

Sharpened bamboo
could easily pierce a skull.

The girl was drowned first...

a mask was put on her,
then she was decapitated...

and her head was mounted
on a bamboo stake?

Yeah, and then the head
was tossed into the marsh?

Let's find out what kind
of water was in her lungs.

She was beautiful, wasn't she?

Yes, she was.

A beautiful young woman.

Which is probably why
she came to America.

She felt like a woman...

and wanted to be rid of a big brother
watching her all the time.

My parents left me
and my brother when I was 15.

My brother was the only family
that I had then...

but he walked out on me too.

I'm sorry.

I turned out quite well, actually...

but it would have been nice
to have had a brother like you.

According to the F.B.I. logs...

she called you every day,
often twice a day...

and the conversations...

never were less than five minutes...

and averaged 15 minutes.

This has meaning for you?

Objectively speaking, it would indicate...

an irrefutable desire to connect-

a deep and abiding love.

I cannot imagine
never talking to her again.

I myself have no one in my life
whom I talk to that much.

Outside of work, I mean.

- Perhaps that is good.
- How so?

I can see how much pain you're in.

Is it worth it?

To have your own happiness
so contingent upon another human being?

If I was willing...

to give up my life for Sachi...

why would I not be willing
to risk my happiness for her?

Hodgins analyzed the water in Sachi's lungs.

I found dibromides.
It's the active ingredient in algicides...

used to treat water features.

So the victim wasn't drowned in the salt
marshes? She was drowned in a water feature?

- Hey, the photographer has a water thing in his lobby.
- Feature.

- Water feature.
- I'm not gonna say "feature. "

It's just weird, okay?
I'll say pond or pool.

- Or thing.
- All right, wishing well. Can we just move on?

Hodgins, if we had a sample...

- could you isolate a single water feature?
- Yeah, I could match profiles.

If you think the photographer
is the killer, I want to be there.

Nak, if you budge from theJeffersonian...

I will have you
on the first plane back toJapan.

You understand?
You know me, and you know that's true.

You were kind of mean there, Booth.

Man's in big pain, Bones.
Makes it hard for him to hear.

I've never heard of grief
affecting auditory acuteness.

Medical fact. Look it up.

Okay, I thought you only did
one shoot with Sachi Nakamura.

Okay, look, this is getting
totally out of hand.

- Maybe I should get a lawyer.
- What's your connection with James Sok?

All I do is give him names, man.

- What names?
- Names of girls who don't mind doing nude shots.

- Oh, finder's fee.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- I mean, that's all.

Right. I mean, you do know whatJames Sok
does with these girls, right?

- I mind my own business.
- He's a pimp, which makes you a pimp too.

- What about Sachi?
- She wouldn't pose nude.

- What about these photos?
- Well, it's a style, man.

Look, I got the releases
that she signed before we even did it.

You wanna see 'em?

Yes. Thank you.

The water at the photographer's
studio uses chlorine.

- So Sachi was not drowned there?
- No, sir.

- You should inform Dr. Saroyan.
- Yeah, I already have.

I just thought if I were you, I'd wanna
hear everything from the horse's mouth.

Thank you, Dr. Hodgins.

- Any luck with the Microsil?
- Yes.

I believe your partly Chinese woman
will be able...

to reconstruct the tool
used to decapitate the victim.

Uh, excuse me. Hi.

I heard that.

Dr. Tanaka means no offense. In Japanese,
that would not sound so insulting.

I will complete my work
and give you the results.

So how are you holding up?

I should have known
the life she was living.

Listen. Your sister wasn't a prostitute.

Her roommate was.

It was a warning.

What was?

Putting Sachi's head on the spike.

In feudalJapan...

a traitor's head was placed
on a pole as a warning...

that others should fear the warlords.

Right. And she was wearing
her roommate Nozomi's mask.

Yes, because the warning
was meant for Nozomi.

Nozomi sees the head
and knows she must run.

And she disposes of it so that
no one will think that she killed Sachi.

But what did my sister do?

If Sachi was a good girl...

what did she do to get killed?

Picked up her roommate
trying to leave the country.

- She's still pretty freaked out.
- She saw her best friend's head on a spike.

Trauma like that
could take years to assimilate.

Yeah, we don't have years, okay?
So get in there and work your magic, all right?


We'll keep you safe, Nozomi.

You don't have to worry.

Can I get you anything?

Look. I know you feel alone.

You think that no one else
could understand what you went through.

And no one could, but that doesn't mean
that you can't be helped.

We can prevent anything like this
from happening again-

to you or anyone else.

If you tell us who did this, Nozomi,
we can protect you.

And we'll make sure
that you get home safely.

We got the general shape
from Dr. Tanaka's cast...

but we still need to fill in the details.

Does the basic shape
resemble a katana sword...

- or a Japanese dough knife?
- Well, it's too early to say.

The prominent residual striae
indicate that a power tool was not used...

and that the blade was curved.

It has a combination
of serrated and plain edging.

All right, so there goes the katana sword.

From the breakaway spur,
I could see that there are...

approximately six teeth per inch
on the serrated section.

- Okay. Anything else?
- There also appears to be something...

that catches on the bone as it's pulled
back, like a hook near the blade's point.

Ooh. That's good.

I've never seen a knife like that. Perhaps there
was an error in the topography of my mold.

No. I've seen this knife before.

It's a marine knife. The hook is used
for cutting line and cord.

Wait a minute. James Sok-
the owner of Elegant Escorts-

doesn't he live on a boat?

So what was it, Sok?

You wanted to keep Nozomi in line,
so you used Sachi as an example?

Sachi-She doesn't even work for you.

- Where'd you get that?
- We have a search warrant.

These were taken from your boat.

The serrations are consistent...

- with the tool markings on the bone.
- I didn't kill anyone.

Then you're gonna have to explain
why there's blood on your knife.

It's clean.

- What?
- There's no blood on the knife.

Yeah, well, I'm sure
there's another knife.

We'll just tear your place apart
until we find one. That's all.


He didn't clean the sheath.

Ha. Look at that.

Why don't you just save
the taxpayers some money and confess?

Why don't you offer me a deal instead?

You're really in no bargaining position
right now, Mr. Sok.

- Evidence proves that you killed Sachi.
- No, it doesn't.

It proves that he cut off her head.
She died by drowning.

Very good.

Sachi stuck her nose
in where it didn't belong.

If you wanna know who killed her,
you'll cut me a deal.


You cut off her head and you stuck it
on a spike to keep your girls in line...

and you want me to cut you a deal?

Yeah. That's right.

- What do you want to do, Nak?
- I want to kill him.

Look. He could give us Sachi's murderer.

And then he goes free-

the man who put
my sister's head on a spike.

If I don't cut this deal, then...

her murderer could walk.

This is your case, Booth.

That one doesn't matter.

To me it does. And it would to Sachi.

Cut the deal.

Paul Vogler. He was a good customer.

One of my best. Always wanted Nozomi.

But he liked to get rough-
sometimes maybe too rough.

One day that girl Sachi
barges into Vogler's place screaming...

saying she was gonna call
her cop brother...

if Vogler ever touched
her friend Nozomi again.

Vogler pushes her into his koi pond...

holds her down, just to shut her up.

Idiot kills her.

He paid me to clean up the mess.

So, yeah, I put the girl's head
in Nozomi's apartment...

and Nozomi took off,
like I knew she would.

I had a business to save,
but I didn't kill anyone.

It was Vogler.

Hey, Nak.

Nozomi's been cleared
to leave by Immigration.

I'll see that she gets home safely.

- Thank you, Nak.
- And Sachi can rest with our parents.

If the teachings are correct,
she will be reborn.

And Sok and Vogler
will have to answer for their actions.

That is highly improbable.

But I hope that it's true.

I am forever in your debt.

My friend, one of those
good Japanese beers will be just fine.

Oh, I'd prefer sake.


We'll let you know
when it's time to go. Okay?

So... no one asked Tanaka?

Doesn't matter, remember?

Yeah. Yeah. No, I know.

It's Tanaka's life. We are not children.

- Very good.
- Oh, this is ridiculous.

Hey, Haru. It was great
working with you.

I hope to see you again soon.

Okay then. Have a great trip back.


It moved. He's a guy.


There. Huh?
Hey, it's good for what ails ya.

But usually in this situation,
we'd have alcohol.

Which is exactly why
we should do this, okay?

From time to time.

Oh, no.

Yum, hmm? Here you go.

Will he recover, your friend Ken?

From losin' his sister? Um, well, you
don't recover from something like that.

- You just survive.
- People die.

There's a fault in the design
if we can't recover from it.

"Fault in the design"?
What are we, coffee pots?

Mmm, I just mean that...

we should be designed
so that we can handle the worst.

We are designed that way.

We aren't sent anything
that we can't handle.

I'm not convinced
that loving someone is worth it.

I got a son, and it's worth it.

- Even if he died?
- Whoa. Bones, don't even say that like that.

Don't even put that out there.

It is worth it,
and everything around it is worth it.

Every moment- Everything...

is worth it, so eat
the ice cream before it melts.

- I wish it was beer.
- Right.

Know what?


You're right.

Now, this is what I'm talking about.

Good. We agree to understand
that this is worth it.

What's that mean?