Bones (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 2 - The Man in the Outhouse - full transcript

he relatively young corpse found in the content of an accidentally exploded outhouse is identified as Bill O'Rourke, star of a TV show publicly exposing adulterous spouses, which provides a list of subjects with strong motives. Booth even enlists a stalker to tail Jim Dodd, who best fits the profile according to Sweets. Furthermore, studio politics and love life provide further suspicions. Booth's doubts about Bones's polyandry with a man for sex and another for conversation prove founded. Lance gets a crush on overzealous forensic showoff-apprentice Daisy Wick.

- Hey, baby.
- Where the hell have you been?

You were supposed to call.
When are you coming home...

I probably won't be home
for another few days.

You're making another
one of your pit stops?

- What's her name this time, huh?
- There's no girl.

- Really?
- I gotta get this load to Punxsutawney.

Really, I just...

- Look, Shirl, I gotta go.
- Why?

Because I drank a gallon of coffee
and I gotta go!

Really? If I find that...

Bones! Wakey-wakey!


Wakey-wakey, eggs and bakey.

- Do you have any idea what time it is?
- 6:30. Which is why I brought you this.

Nice bed head there.

Mmm. Whoa!


So, Seeley Booth, Mark Gaffney.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- What do you want, Booth?
- My partner.

Got some pre-breakfast remains for you.

Getting a little chilly there, Mark?

- I think I'll put some clothes on.
- Excellent choice.

It would be good if you called first.

- Well, who knew you were even dating?
- Well, I wouldn't call it dating.

We occasionally make arrangements
to spend time together.

I'm just surprised you're not more picky.

My relationship with Mark
is purely physical.

And I'm very satisfied
with him in that area.

Did you see his chest and his thighs?

- Bones!
- What?

Haven't you chosen someone
because they were satisfying sexually?

- There has to be more than sex.
- Not really.

Our interests and professions
do not intersect.

Well, what is he? Bricklayer?
Truck driver? Tango dancer?

- He is a deep-sea welder.
- Wow.

I wouldn't even think
to put that on the list.

Well, they work on oil derricks,
repair boats.

After being at sea for months at a time,

he seems to enjoy having
a sexual relationship. So...

I'm sure. I am sure. Deep-sea welder.

He can hold his breath
for three minutes down there.

- Underwater?
- Of course!

Come on, seriously.

Who thinks it's a good idea
to blow up an outhouse?

Probably accidental.

Assuming a minimum methane level
of five percent, a simple spark

could've triggered the explosion.

Of course, that would depend
on the level of fecal deposit in the tank.

Okay, just stop.

Your aversion to feces is irrational.
It's three-quarters water.

Don't mention that to the guy
who almost got his ass blown off.

- He survived?
- Well, kind of.

But he ain't gonna be making
any contributions

to the gene pool anytime soon.

If the victim is alive,
then why are we here?

Take a look. Go ahead.


Gunshot wound to the frontal lobe.
Where's my new assistant?

She's at Security getting her ID and badge.

There's powder residue on the bone,

indicating that the victim
was shot at close range.

These suits are so cool.

I am a robot.

- Sorry.
- Dead for about 72 hours.

No lividity on the legs.

Wait. Poop will do that
to you in three days?

Actually, it's the fecal coliform bacteria,
streptococcus, and maggots.

The guy you're looking
for has major issues.

He deposits the object of his rage
in a literal pit of poop.

Excrement being the symbol for that
which we reject and hate about ourselves.

Do we need to take lessons
in toilet training issues?

His front teeth are shattered.

Shot in the head, punched in the face,
and dumped in the poop.

Whoever did this
did not get enough therapy.

The victim has veneers on
the maxillary central and lateral incisors.

And there's reshaping of the gum tissue,
as well as the underlying bone.

Take a look.

Looks like
there's something in his throat.

Looks like a photograph after
the decomp and stomach acid got to it.

He wasn't punched.

The killer crammed that
down the victim's throat

so hard it broke his teeth.

There's a motive in that.

You're gonna want to see
what's in that picture.

I'll call Angela.

- Bless you.
- Thank you.

This is really a lot of feces.

Stop making that face.
It's just sewage, Miss Wick.

I realize that.

- Six barrels' worth. I'm fine.
- Good.

I just thought for safety's sake,
perhaps a hazmat suit?

We got the "all clear." No danger, no suit.

- Got a problem with that?
- No, no.

Where's Dr. Brennan?
I thought I'd be working with Dr. Brennan?

She's with Agent Booth.

She asked me to tell her
all about how you're doing.

Oh. Please tell her
that I liked the smell.

No pedicle, laminae or spinous process
means we're not talking vertebrial arch,

which is cool, 'cause I'm seeing thin
lateral borders with small eminences.

Makes it one thing and one thing only,

a chunk of truck driver coccyx!

- My work here is done!
- Hand it over.

What have we here? It's human hair.

Distinct color variations.

I'll turn it over to Hair and Fibers.

I know Dr. Brennan
is a stickler for protocol.

There's no root bulb,
as there should be if it was torn out.

Cross section is round,
which suggests it's Mongoloid in origin.

Wait. Dr. Saroyan determined
that the victim is Caucasian.

He couldn't have hair
that's Mongoloid in origin.

Yeah, not bad.

But he could if he used this keratin glue
to stick a wig on his little bald head.

Start sifting through the sewage
and isolate the strands of hair.

I scanned the skull
and I factored in age and build.

- I found the toupee.
- We know, Miss Wick.

I just...
I wasn't sure if you'd mentioned it.

He didn't have to.
You did everything but hire a skywriter.

Have you gotten anywhere with
the picture we pulled from his throat?

No, not yet. I'm... How can I put this?

De-poopifying the fragments now to piece
together some kind of image.

He looks familiar.

Let me add the fatty tissue
and his new expensive teeth.

He does look familiar.

- Put on his toupee.
- Which I found.

- Oh, my God.
- That's why he looks familiar.


Be careful if you cheat on your wife.
You just might get busted by Bill.

I'm gonna go to the bathroom.

Okay, that girl's the bait
they use to lure the cheaters.

- Wait. What is this?
- Swing around. Get the wife.

- You son of a bitch!
- Joseph Perillo, I'm Bill O'Rourke.

And you've been busted by Bill.

Wait. No! My back hurt.
I thought she was a masseuse!

Lord, I'm gonna kill you!
You are dead! Dead!

Next time ask yourself this,
"Am I getting lucky?

"Or have I just been busted by Bill?"

Our victim is Bill O'Rourke.

Okay. Great, thanks.

O'Rourke and his wife live in Cherry Ridge,
old Bill must've been making a tidy sum.

Well, he shouldn't have been rewarded.

He was perpetuating a primitive
and prurient morality by parading victims

for the purpose of entertainment.

You know what? You cheat on your
spouse, you get what's coming to you.

Anthropologically, 83 percent of
societies are polygamous.

Now you sound French, okay?

Look, being faithful is what separates us,
you know, from the chimps.

No. Actually it's a gene called HAR1 F.

We're talking about
the Ten Commandments here, Bones.

"Thou shalt not commit adultery."

One down from your personal favorite,
"Thou shalt not kill."

So you also believe that Moses
wandered the desert for 40 days,

climbed Mount Sinai,
at which point a supernatural force

carved a convenient list of behavioral
guidelines on two pieces of rock?

Yeah. That's why it's
on the Supreme Court.


I was supposed to be home
this weekend.

Bill and my 20th anniversary
is in five days.

Why weren't you here?

Our daughter's away at college. Raleigh.

I try to spend as much time
with her as I can.

She adores her father.
I mean, how am I gonna tell her this?

I told Bill not to do that stupid show.

You were worried about him?

Bill was a serious journalist
until he met Arthur.

Arthur produces the show.
And at first Bill said no,

but the money was unbelievable.
I was just always so worried about him.

Did Bill have any enemies?

Have you seen that show?

There wasn't a man he caught
that wouldn't want him dead.


Amanda always resented the show.

But it didn't stop her from spending
the money Bill made.

I'm telling you, if I thought this show

had anything to do with Bill's death,
I'd never forgive myself.

Well, you know, just getting us the
footage that we need should be enough.

Well, Pete's pulling the cheaters
the moment they were caught.

- And you are?
- I'm the producer, Veronica Landau.

- Agent Booth. This here is Dr. Brennan.
- Hi.

Hey, is it true? Where they found him?

Upright and inverted in the refuse-filled
pit of an outhouse?

- Yes.
- Oh, God.

I'm sorry, but it's very difficult to paint
a pleasant picture of his demise right now.

Look, who was the last person
who saw Mr. O'Rourke alive?

Me. 9:18, Friday night.

- That was specific.
- Well, we had to shoot wrap-arounds.

And 9:20 would've put us into
time-and-a-half. So I pulled the plug.

I was... I was supposed to pick
him up on Saturday morning

for the promos we were shooting.

Knocked on the door, he wasn't there.

Pete called me, and I called Arthur.
We canceled the shoot.

No one was worried that he'd disappeared?

Bill and I had a small disagreement
on Friday night.

He wanted to go visit his kid in college.

But we had a shoot schedule. Promos.

- Anyone else hear this argument?
- No. It was personal.

We walked away from the crew.

Actually it was...
It was pretty loud, Mr. Lange.

Mr. O'Rourke threatened to quit.

He was just blowing off steam.
That's why I wasn't worried.

Figured he'd just gone off
with Amanda to see the kid.

This is a popular show.
It's probably worth millions of dollars.

- Am I right?
- Why do you ask?

Well, money like that,
you must insure your star for quite a bit.

Of course.
But I think you're taking this all wrong.

You see, Bill and I were best friends.
We played tennis together all the time.

- We...
- If he quit, you'd lose everything.

And if he was found dead,
you'd end up with a nice payout.

Wouldn't you?

Why don't you get Agent Booth
everything he needs, Pete?

I believe I should call my attorney.

Arthur Lange will only talk to his attorney,

who says he was in Atlantic City
all weekend playing keno.

Well, we're checking out his story.

- He could've hired a hitman.
- No. This was not a contract job.

This was personal and violent.

Okay, Sweets is on his way up

with the show tapes to profile
for a revenge killer.

- Okay, see you later.
- Bones, wait a second.

Where are you going? I thought maybe
we could, you know, help out Sweets.

- To a film.
- This is much better than a movie.

I mean, hours of fascinating video.
Hey, great stories for the deep-sea welder.

No. Actually, I'm going
to the film with a botanist.

Oh, I get it. You dumped Mark.
It's too bad. I kind of liked the guy.

No. I didn't dump Mark.
I'm seeing both of them.

- At the same time?
- Mark and I have a physical connection.

The botanist, while brilliant
and fascinating, just...

Just doesn't appeal to me in that way.

Okay. So all that stuff you said
about monogamy being unnatural,

you're just making excuses.

I do not make excuses. Only people
who are ashamed make excuses.

Bones, two guys at the same time,
it's not right.

I mean, that's why they invented dueling.

- How can you say...
- Well, hey, are you guys ready?

I know what I'm doing, Booth.

My gut says you're going
with your gut on this one.

And we all know how that ends up.
Not good.

Is there something we need
to discuss before getting to work?

No. No.

Just call me when you find
something of value.

No. Nothing.
It's just, she's got a date.

Oh. And how do you feel about that?

It's not about me, okay?
Let's go look at those videos.

Do you have any idea
how good it smells in here? It's...

It's Eau de Formaldehyde. Glad you like it.

There are hairline fractures
at the base of the skull.

Probably made when the photo
was jammed down his throat.

Dr. Hodgins could probably
pull some particulates.

Very good.

My boyfriend thinks it's weird
that I love doing this.

But I think it's weird
that he loves the accordion.

I'm with you there.

Dr. Brennan is my hero. Always has been.

I just hope she loves... She likes me.

Well, bonjour.

Ante-mortem fractures
to the lumbar vertebrae.

Maybe two weeks old?

- Try to find what caused it.
- On it.

It's just Dr. Brennan and I
are like the same, you know?

We just... We understand
that the dead don't talk back,

or want the window open
when it's freezing out,

or pick at your plate,
or pee on the toilet seat...

You might want to keep
a little mystery about yourself.


But you're gonna put in a good word
for me, right?

I mean, wouldn't it be fun
if I were here forever?


Brush abrasions!

Can you hand me a swab?

I managed to get some usable pieces
of that photo.

- Just fragments, but it's a start.
- Okay.

I used an infrared camera.
And I excluded all the visible light.

If I had to take a guess, I'd say
the mystery couple were knocking boots.

I always love your clinical assessments.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
But nothing was gonna happen.

- Nothing was gonna happen?
- Look, nothing...

- You're in your under... No!
- Please don't cry.

Don't cry?
You're in your underwear.

Look, don't cry.

- What do you want me to...
- Nothing was gonna happen.

- What did I miss?
- Six men crying,

two insisting they'd gotten lost,

and four saying they were trying
to show the poor young woman

how dangerous the Internet could be.

Wow. Parade of saints, huh?

The murder was premeditated
and filled with rage.

Not the act of someone
apologetic or ashamed.

Did you find any rage?

Well, I know you don't have the benefit
of years of psychological training,

but check out one Jim Dodd.

Come on, baby. I can't wait.

You bastard!

You're never gonna see this child ever!
Do you hear me? Ever!

I'm Bill O'Rourke.
And Jim Dodd, you've been busted by Bill.

- Oh, God! Stop it! Stop!
- I'm gonna kill you!

Stop! Come on!
Come on, stop!

Serious impulse-control issues.

Very good, Agent Booth.

I've marked a few other possible suspects
that match the profile.

But I think Dodd exhibits
the right amount of rage

and self-justifying vengeance.

So Dodd's our guy.
Let's go tell Bones. Come on.

- What... Couldn't we just call?
- No. Let's go.

Open City might be Rossellini's best film.

Rossellini had nothing. No sets...

1945, the country had barely started
rebuilding after the war.

Yes. Of course,
I'm also a big fan of Meatballs.

Bill Murray's paean to anarchy.

Hey, Bones.

- Hi. Special Agent Booth, her partner.
- Hi.

I'm Dr. Lance Sweets. I'm their therapist.

- Jason DeFry.
- DeFry.

- Do you follow them around all the time?
- No. No, no, no.

I'm also a profiler. I help with the cases.

- Did you know that she was on a date?
- It slipped my mind.

- Spiffy suit, man.
- Thanks. Picked it up in Italy.

- Little tight, huh?
- It's the style.

- You ever been married?
- No.

- Have a kid?
- Never been married, remember?

- I have a kid.
- He's never been married.

I should get to work, Jason.

We've got a murderer to catch.
You understand?

Yeah, of course. Of course.
You know, it's getting late anyway.

Listen, I have Coldplay tickets
for tomorrow night.

Thought maybe we'd grab a bite first.
Any interest?

Absolutely. I might have
to leave from work.

No problem,
I'll meet you at your office at 6:00?

I'll be there.

- Nice meeting you all.
- Yeah.

No wonder you two are platonic.

- What is that supposed to mean?
- Look, I'm fine with it, Bones.

Really, I have zero problems with it.

But that guy is gay.

He is not gay.

Please, double cheek kiss, tight Italian suit.

- Coldplay.
- Never married...

- Coldplay.
- Jason is as heterosexual as either of you.

Then how is it that
he's okay with not having sex?


We share an intellectual bond.

I don't have physical feelings for him.
He understands that.

Not if he's straight, right? Am I right?

You are hot.

You're here for a reason?

- We got something off the DVDs.
- Mint tea, fruit tart...

- Okay, speak, Sweets, please!
- Okay, okay.

Most of the cheaters
were essentially cowards

seeking alternate sexual experiences
because they're too afraid to confront

the problems in their own lives.

Just because someone seeks
an alternative sexual outlet

doesn't mean that they are a coward.

- She has issues.
- I do not have issues!

Case in point,
deep-sea welder and a botanist.

What? Did they go into a bar?

Huh? What... No.
Brennan's two boyfriends.

Oh! Right. Let me guess.
That one's the botanist?


- So you have nothing?
- Show her.

This is Jim Dodd.

The photograph that you pulled out
of O'Rourke's throat?

Turns out that Jim Dodd used to be a mall
photographer at Tiny Tots Photography.

- Motive and means.
- Yeah.

I mean, his landlord said
he disappeared five days ago.

No forwarding address.

And you think he left because
he was planning to kill Bill O'Rourke?

Yeah, it fits. Okay?

The landlord also said he has a drinking
buddy by the name of Chris Gutman.

We're looking for him. What?

This couldn't have waited until after
I said good night to Jason?

I'm just looking out for you, all right?

You don't have the best taste in men.

So you're going to hire a stalker
to find Dodd?

Perfect undercover move.

- So you think this is a good idea?
- Of course I do. It's mine. Okay?

Gutman was lying through his teeth.

There he is right over there.

This way we'll be
able to find out what he really knows.

- Yo! Namaste, guys.
- Hi, Noel.

Think they have mung beans?
I'm on an Ayurvedic cleanse.

- What?
- I do mung beans till Sunday.

Then I start the enemas.

Listen, Noel. We'd like to harness you
for your natural abilities.

- You want your chart done?
- No.

Stalking. You like to stalk people.

Observe them.

Hey, Noel, eyes over here.
Okay? Eyes on him. Not her. Him.

Noel! Chris Gutman.

- So not my type.
- It's not recreational.

I want to find out where he goes,
who he sees, who he talks to, okay?

Listen, he hangs out with a guy
by the name of Jim Dodd.

- You want me to write that down for you?
- No, I got it.

- What's his name?
- Jim Dodd.

Right. Jim Dodd. I want details.
I'll give you 50 bucks.

50 bucks?

Sure. But I gotta be done
by Sunday because I got this...

Right. The enemas.

- Nomaste.
- Namaste.

Everything you never wanted to drain
from outhouse sludge.

Two toy cars, three cell phones,
a doorknob,

rubber casing, plastic Easter bunny head.

And, drum roll...


- One slightly used 40 caliber bullet.
- Excellent.

If Booth can find the murder weapon,
we can match it.

We may not have to wait that long.

I took some initiative and checked out
the lumbar fractures I found on O'Rourke.

Figured he'd have to be treated for them.
He was treated at Providence Hospital.

The police brought him in.

The wife of a guy he busted rammed Bill
with her grocery cart at Food King.

You did this without my approval?

And why shouldn't I toss you
out of here right now?

Dr. Brennan always says in
an intellectual pursuit there are no limits.

Well, in fact there are.

Produce section road rage is a long way
from shooting a man dead.

Not if you're a police officer
who carries a gun the same caliber

as the bullet you found in the poop pit.

Capitol Police Sergeant Frances Diamond.

Doesn't it feel as if I've always been here?

I hate Bill O'Rourke.

He tried to destroy my marriage.
But I didn't kill him.

You don't think your husband cheating

might've put a wrinkle
in the relationship?

What my husband did was not cheating.

See, Booth?
This is a woman enlightened enough

not to expect a monogamous relationship.

He'd never cheat on me.

Okay. Then why did you turn your
husband in to the Busted by Bill show?

I didn't. It was my sister.

She called up their tip line. Kept insisting
that he was messing around.

But it wasn't true.

Sergeant Diamond, we saw the video.

Your husband met the young woman
at the motel with flowers.

And then took off his pants.

He went there to warn her that it could
be dangerous meeting someone online.

Perhaps she's not so enlightened.

Okay, ballistics is gonna need
to see the sidearm.

Please. Now.

I want to show you what I found
lodged in Bill O'Rourke's lower intestine.

I can't understand why Booth
has an issue with me seeing two men.

Guys like to think

they're the only ones who should sleep
with more than one person.

They like to be in control.

It doesn't take a lot to throw

- the little darlings off their game.
- Yeah.

And you end up lying in bed holding them
while they say,

"I don't know what's wrong.
This has never happened to me before."

He should be happy that
I've found a way to satisfy myself.

It just happens to require two men.

I've done that. I miss college.

And the botanist?
No biological imperative?

He's flirted with the intent
to become intimate.

But Mark keeps me quite sated sexually.

You really gotta learn
some girl talk, sweetie.

Okay, look at that.

How did a wire get lodged in his intestine?

Not sure yet.

The tox screen's even stranger.

Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride.

- Eye drops?
- And sildenafil citrate.


Bloodshot eyes and wood in a pill.
Party time.

Dr. Brennan, I'm Daisy Wick,
your new grad assistant.

I'd rather not learn your name
until I've assessed your work.

Of course, I'm the same way.
We're two of a kind.

You're like a hero to me.

Hero worship exposes a lack
of independent intellectual examination.

I'll tell Booth what we found.

- She's so smart.
- Yeah.

So Sergeant Diamond's firearm
wasn't a match.

I mean, she wasn't even in town
Friday and Monday.

She was with her husband fixing her
marriage at some tantric sex workshop.

Well, I've heard that if practiced correctly,

tantric sexual techniques can extend
orgasms by 400 to 500 percent.

- Whoa. They actually teach that?
- Teach what?

Extended orgasms through tantric yoga.

No, Bones. Don't encourage this guy.

It's a godly pursuit, man.

Noel, what do you have for us?

I followed Gutman
from that gas station where he works.

- Are you embarrassed to talk about...
- Noel?

Right, Gutman went off shift at 7:00.
Beelined for the roach coach.

Dude actually ate a hot dog.

Do you have any idea how many toxins
are in your average hot dog?

- Yes, I do.
- Jim Dodd, Noel.

He caught the M Street bus.


He sat next to a girl wearing
a Led Zeppelin tour t-shirt. Not a real one.

One of those fakes where Jimmy Page
has a Stratocaster instead of a Gibson.

- Where did he go?
- To a church. St. Xavier's.

Goes down to the basement

where they store
all these awesome Christmas decorations.

The Jesus is like, you could sit down
and share a doobie with him, you know?

I really hope this has something
to do with Jim Dodd.

Not only did he meet up with Dodd,
he sat next to him for two hours.

- What? With the life-size Jesus?
- No, man!

They were in a divorce support group.
They're break-up buddies.

Well, getting busted by O'Rourke
must've ended Jim Dodd's marriage.

Would you say these
divorce support groups were angry?

No way. The guys are all sad and weepy.
The dumped chicks eat it up.

The Dodd dude, he's hooking up
with at least two of them,

which is probably
why he goes there every day.

Which I know

because I photocopied the sign-in sheet.

- Right. That's great...
- So, how'd I do? Huh?

Right. You did great. Here you go, pal.

You can get all the mung beans
and the enemas you want.

Boy, here you go. See you.

The loan sharks got me down
for five G's, plus the vig.

So I told Gutman to keep his mouth shut
if anybody asked about me.

How was I supposed to know
it was gonna be the FBI?

So why'd you do a runner last week?

I owed two grand, back rent,
child support, alimony, plus the loan shark.

I mean, wouldn't you run?

And all this hard luck is
because of Bill O'Rourke, right?

What? No.
No, it had nothing to do with that.

Where were you Friday and Saturday?

- I didn't kill him. I swear.
- Where were you?

I drove to Jersey
to borrow money from my mom.

She pawned her engagement ring

because the loan shark
was gonna rip my ears off.

- Pathetic.
- Mother's contact information.


Hey. So it takes over two hours for
this computer to render each new image.

But this last pass gave us
a little more detail on that photograph.

- What is that on her back?
- A tattoo?

- It's a tramp stamp of some kind.
- Cool.

Useful, I hope.

Anyway, I was starting
to enhance the resolution

when Sweets brought me the videos.

O'Rourke was talking to his producer.

He appeared upset but the sound
was distorted and barely audible.

They were busted by Bill.
I'm Bill O'Rourke. Good night.

Okay, let's get a tail slate.

Arthur, a moment? Now?

What's up, Billy?

Okay, I sampled Bill's voice
and I removed all the extraneous noise.

Arthur, a moment? Now?

What's up, Billy?

This thing with Veronica, it's over.

- I can't work with her anymore.
- Just kiss and make up.

No. I want her gone. I'm serious.

Sounds like Viagra-popping Billy
might've gotten himself

a bit too involved with someone at work.

So that could be Veronica in the picture.

Fits the profile. Jilted and vengeful.

That's a wrap.

Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt.

I'm just packing up some things
for our daughter.

I don't know if she wants them.
But maybe someday.

If you don't mind, Mrs. O'Rourke,
we'd like a word with Veronica.

Sure. Excuse me.

Is there a problem?

Did Mr. O'Rourke ask Arthur Lange
to fire you?

- I'm still working here, aren't I?
- Because O'Rourke is dead.

See, I'm thinking that you got fired,
then you got angry, which led to revenge.

Is he serious?

Why would O'Rourke want you fired?

I sold a new show on my own.

Bill accused me of stealing
the idea from him.

- Did you?
- No, I didn't.

I knew he'd be mad when he found out.
But the idea was mine.

And now that he's dead, we're just
gonna have to believe you, right?

I worked with Bill every day for two years.

We were incredibly close.
We would've made up.

How close?

What is that supposed to mean?

I believe Agent Booth is asking

if you had sexual intercourse
with O'Rourke.

But I agree, he could've phrased
the question more clearly.

No. I was not sleeping with Bill.

Do you have a tattoo on the small
of your back?

If there are no more questions, I would like
to help Amanda with Bill's things.

Excuse me.

I'm done with the culture you swabbed
from the wound on the victim's thigh.

- What did you get?
- There's a trace of enameled iron,

a fleck of silver plating.
Maybe from a knife?

Don't think so. The wound's too jagged.
And I found amylase activity.

So he had saliva and iron
in a wound on his thigh?

And I found candidiasis in the saliva.

Okay. So somebody
with a thrush infection scratched him

with something metal
and then licked him?

You're getting warm. Look.

Come on. You can do it.

Distance between peaks is irregular
and about two inches apart.

- Wavy thigh scratch?
- Oral thrush.

Wiggle your tongue from side to side.

- You serious?
- Yeah.

Infected tongue piercing.

- Show it to me.
- You want to see it?


It's silver-plated iron.

Come on, Holly.
Was it something that Bill did to you?

I mean, he was older than you, huh?
Probably took advantage of you?

No. No, Bill was a good man.

The two of you were sleeping together,
weren't you?

I don't have to answer questions like that.
I know my rights.

Your stud, please.

- You're kidding?
- You really should consider some nystatin

for that infection, by the way.

We found saliva in the laceration
on your boss's thigh.

And we can prove that it's yours.
Your stud.

- Forget it. No way.
- Well, we have a court order.

We know our rights, too.
So your stud, please.

That wasn't too hard.

- You sure you don't want to talk to us?
- It is not what you think.

- What do I think?
- We loved each other!

Okay? I didn't kill him.
Why would I kill a man that I loved?

Is that how you got the job?
Sleeping with O'Rourke?

No! No, it was Pete, the camera guy.

Okay? Pete and I met at a club one night,
and we went out for a while.

Anyway, we still have a place together.

And Pete knew
that I wanted to get into TV.

So he got me a job
as a production assistant.

And Bill just kind of
took me under his wing.

I'd say so.
It didn't bother you that he was married?

Perhaps he wasn't fully satisfied
in a long-term relationship.

- Bones...
- What? It's understandable.

Needs change.

When did you last have intercourse?

- Is she for real?
- I'm sorry.

We have to ask these kind of questions
in a murder investigation.


Friday night.

Just before he disappeared.

What happened, Holly?

You're lying there in his arms.

Telling him you're tired of his wife,
you know, the money, the...

No, I never cared about the money.

So, you tell him that he should leave her.

But he says he's got a life with her.
He's got a daughter.

Right there you snap.

You realize you've been used.

So you show him a picture
of the two of you.

Oh, my God.

You cram this down his throat
and you shoot him.

Do you have any body modifications
other than the piercing, Miss Markwell?

- What? Like fake boobs?
- No. Like tattoos.

- I have to, right?
- Afraid so.

You know, I loved Bill.
I didn't kill him.

And there you have it.
You are busted, Billy.

Holly admits it's her in the picture
but insists she didn't kill him.

Well, if denial is severe enough,
she might actually believe that.

I know what was used to cram
the picture down his throat.

Because of what I found. Hi, Dr. Brennan.

I don't fraternize at work.

Daisy found the fractures on the sagittal
suture which contained some particulates.

- Told you.
- They are chlorinated polyethylene.

It's the rubber used on the tail
of a microphone.

The copper wire we found in his intestine
was from inside that rubber cap.

Putrescent gasses forced
the wire into the esophagus.

And the buoyancy of the outhouse sewage

caused it to migrate up
the digestive tract to the intestine.

- Well, Holly had access to the microphone.
- She's small.

Do you think she could've upended
a 180-pound man

and placed him in a poop pit?

You're her size. Pick up Dr. Sweets
and turn him upside-down.

- What?
- That's not gonna happen.

- I have to.
- No, no, no, no, no, you don't. You don't.

You don't. It's fine.


So it's probably not Holly.

Anyone else have access
to the equipment?

The print was e-mailed to somebody.

The murderer was surprised
and enraged by that image.

I minored in psychology.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Well, Holly wouldn't be surprised.

- She knew she slept with Bill.
- Right.

But someone who was sleeping with either
O'Rourke or Holly might've seen this.

The image triggered the killer's rage.

There was only one way
to avenge that violation.

The killer had to make sure
that this image died with O'Rourke.

That's brilliant.

I know who did it.

- So you're sure?
- Yeah.

It's the only person who makes sense.

Mark, what are... What are you doing here?

Well, you told me
to pick you up with dinner?

I am so sorry. I...
There's been an emergency.

Okay. Do you want me to reschedule, or...


Jason, what are you doing here?

- We're going to Coldplay, remember?
- You remember Coldplay?

- Coldplay?
- Sorry. I've been distracted by the case.

Why don't we ever go to a concert?

As a matter of fact,
why don't we ever leave your bedroom?

Can we talk about this later?
We're about to arrest...

- You're dating this guy?
- No, I don't like that term.

It has an antiquated moral
and needlessly restrictive connotation.

- And who are you?
- Obviously a guy

who's not doing as well as you.

This is Jason. Jason, Mark. Mark, Jason.

Please understand, Jason.
You're very good looking.

But sexual attraction
is an involuntary hormonal response

involving an increase
in neutrophins and testosterone.

So you get to go out?

Mark, you are a strong and attentive man.

But Jason
is more stimulating intellectually.

That's not the only way
I could be stimulating.

- Murderer?
- Murderer, yes.

What do you do with this one,

This... Booth is my partner. That's all.

- We should go.
- Yes. Okay.

All right.
Jason, we can talk at the concert.

I'll meet you out front by 8:00.

And Mark, we can talk later
at my apartment.

Yeah... Yeah. See you, boys.
Thanks. I'll grab one of those.

This is crazy.

Why would I kill him?
I mean, Bill and I were like family.

Because he was sleeping
with your girlfriend.

Although not only did you lose
your girlfriend, you lost your job.

- It was not a good choice.
- What is she talking about?

- No, Holly and I, we're just roommates.
- Yeah.

But you used to be a couple
and you were in love with her.

- And you felt that Bill ruined it for you.
- No. No.

You said that O'Rourke wasn't home

when you went to pick him up
Saturday morning.

But that's not true.

Yeah. You brought him
his usual cup of coffee.

But this time you put
in something a little special.

Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride.

That right there
is squint-talk for eye drops.

Old bartender's trick.
Guaranteed to give Bill the runs.

You know, you guys don't know
what you're talking about.


Where did you get that?

What'd you do, Pete?
Set up your own camera?

Shoot your own show
so you could bust Bill?

I just lost it.

Look, I'm a nice guy. I am.
You can ask anybody.

I just lost it.

Hey, come on in.
You look nice, Dr. Brennan.

Thank you. I was supposed
to go to a gallery opening tonight.

- What? Did Jason get a new tight suit?
- With Mark.

Yeah. The two amigos.

I thought he was more of your
"stay at home" kind of a guy.

I was visiting the possibility
that I might enjoy him

in a strictly conversational setting.


Since the murder, I am considering
the argument for monogamy.

Write that one down, Sweets.
I have a positive influence on her.

- No, you don't.
- Yes, I do.

Mark broke up with me.

- Oh. Sorry. Well, what about Gay Jason?
- Him, too.

I guess they weren't as accepting
of each other as I thought. So...

Is it typical for you two
to discuss your love lives?

Well, I mean, only when
she has naked men in her apartment.

No, that's not true. I'm very open about
my relationships, as opposed to you.

Okay. What's that supposed to mean?

You're very secretive.

As if discussing your sex life
would somehow be offensive to me.

- I assume you are sexually active.
- I do fine.

Does it seem that your partnership
provides a surrogate relationship,

making it more difficult
to form other bonds?

A surrogate relationship wouldn't
necessarily be such a bad thing.

Because then
I could avoid the sting of rejection.

Which, however fleeting,
is still uncomfortable.


Okay, look, I'm sorry. You know what?

If Mark and Jason don't know
how lucky they are,

they don't deserve you in the first place.

- All relationships are temporary.
- No, that's not true, Bones.

You're wrong. Okay?
There is someone for everyone.

Someone you're meant
to spend the rest of your life with.

All right?

You just have to be open enough to see it.

That's all.

Come on. I'll buy you dinner.

Hey, I can be fun in
a strictly conversational setting.

See? Surrogate relationship.

Surrogate nothing. Okay?
It's a meal with drinks.

- Just strictly conversational.
- I can come, too.

Actually, our partnership does
make it difficult to form other bonds.

- No offense.
- Our session isn't over yet.

- How about Chinese?
- I love Chinese.

- Love it.
- I feel more like Thai.

Thai? I got coupons to Hop Li!

What? You're gonna take me out
for a discount meal?

It's two for one.
And then throw in some...

Hi. Is this Daisy Wick? Hey. This is Lance.

The shrink? Yeah.

Listen, sorry you got fired.

Nothing. What are you doing?

The accordion? No, no, no.
I play a little bass, though.

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