Bones (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 18 - The Science in the Physicist - full transcript

During a photo shoot, a model discovers a human ear along with its body's frozen remains. Inside the remains are some gold flakes and a fragment of a meteor. The meteor was kept in a space research center, lead by Landis Collar, who was the boss of the victim, physicist Diane Sidman. Other possible suspects are her graduate students, Milton Alvaredo and Jennifer Keating, plus Diane's lovers, including direct superior and successor as research periodical editor, Dr. Christopher Beaudette. Diane's corpse shows a confusing history shortly before and after her mysterious death. Meanwhile, Angela's father comes to town to exact revenge from Hodgins and teach him a lesson.

Okay, give everything,
my darling. Everything.

Utter dross to upper class gloss, all right?

Keep her lit! Keep her bathed in the glow.

All right, yes. Okay, good, now look up.

All right, yes. Nice. Okay.
Right in front of you.

That's it. That's the future. Yes, okay.

What the hell is that?

Pigeons, or blackbirds, or crows.
Something along those lines.

- Telephoto.
- God. He has an idea.

This is what we need.

Caw, caw! Yeah, flap, flap, flap.
Yeah, yeah. Give me more. Yes.

Fierce, aviary, wings. Yes, beaks.
Caw, caw, caw, caw, caw!

Those creatures, they are death.

Flap your arms, chase death away,
but remain beautiful. You understand?

Running through a vacant lot
at a bunch of birds in six inch heels.

Excellent! Good, good, good!
You're a leopard! Leap!

You're an angel! Yes, beautiful! Beautiful.

Terror, fear. Okay, gaze heavenwards.

Look at the beastly birds, my darling.
Look up. I love it.

Yes, gaze heavenward, darling.

Yes, look up at the beastly birds.
Look up at the...


So what does it look like to you?

An ear.

- Did you just make a joke?
- No.

Because that wouldn't be like you.

I didn't. It looks like an ear.

What do you make of the stuff
in the blue bag there?

It looks like chili con carne.

Could this be the rest of the person
who lost the ear?

I don't know. It looks like chili con carne.

There's no single piece here bigger
than the skull of an Australopithecus.

Sports terms, Bones. Remember?
We talked about this.

Oh, um...

Yeah. Softball, good. You're getting better.
The size of a softball.

At first guess, the total mass
in this garbage bag

does not add up to an entire human being.

Right. So I'll just get forensics
to scour the entire lot.


Hey. Would you even want to guess
what happened to this human being?

- No.
- I knew you'd say that.

I just have to ask, you know?
All right, let's scour it up!


I've been a pathologist for 13 years,
and I admit I am a little nauseated.

It's going to fall to me
to empty these bags, isn't it?

All right then, fine.
I may need a pot of tea waiting.

Maggots place time of death
somewhere between 48 and 72 hours.

I'm gonna go with a wood chipper on this.

In that case, it was a gold wood chipper.
This looks like gold.

The ancient Sumerians were prone
to spreading gold dust over the body

during funeral rites.

Did the Sumerians chop up the body
into little, tiny bits first?

- Not to my knowledge.
- What is this?

A black pearl?

Pearls, symbolizing eggs or rebirth
and resurrection,

were used in many
South Seas funeral rites.

Did they chop up the bodies
into little, tiny bits first?

I've begun to apprehend your point,
Dr. Saroyan.

Find out how many corpses
we're dealing with.

I'll find out if these are really gold flecks
and pearl fragments.

Celibacy is a lot like fasting.

So you've become sexually anorexic?

At first you're out of sorts and agitated.

And then you sort of push through
to a kind of clarity.

Have you reached clarity?

No. I'm still at the agitated
and horny stage.

Why are you fasting sexually?

Sweets thinks it will do me good
to put sex on the back burner

in order to relate to people in other...

Why are you listening
to Sweets?


Angela, I asked,
"Why are you listening to Sweets?"

Sweetie, can you pay for this?
I have to go.

Sure. Why?

I have to save Hodgins' life. Yeah.

I found something interesting
on the cellular level.

I don't care about the cellular level.

- No hemorrhagic tissue.
- What?

It means the victim was dead before being
chopped up. You care about that, right?

No, not really. What I'm interested in
is how this guy got chopped up.

Now, this here shows that
the cell burst from the inside out.

That gives me nothing.

Frostbite can do that.

Like climbing a mountain?

Yes, exactly.

The water in the cells crystallizes
and explodes.

I have got an absolutely
fascinating clue to tell you.

Hey, hey. You have to leave town.

- What? Why?
- No. Fascinating clue first.

The pearl we found in the victim
wasn't a pearl.

- Why do I have to leave town?
- My father is here.

- What was it then?
- Carbonaceous chondrite.

It's what meteorites are made of.
Your father blames me for our breakup?

Well, he has sort of a blind spot
when it comes to me.

So I think you should just get out of town
until I can call him off.

Stop. Okay? Stop it. Dead guy.
What about the dead guy?

It's obvious.
He was frostbitten while climbing Everest,

then struck by a meteor,
then dumped into a vacant lot

in two garbage bags, and eaten by crows.

All right, obvious. That's so obvious.

Hey, it's a start.

The slowest meteorites travel
at 25,000 miles per hour.

- Uh-huh.
- I'm not just spouting useless facts.

You do not have a chance of
recreating those velocities

with a glorified blow gun.

You simply want to fire a cannon
at a dummy.

Are you staying or going?

Another set of eyes and ears
taking note can never be amiss.

What possible information could
this experiment provide us

that you couldn't get mathematically?

Mathematics is theory.
This is a real world re-creation.

In order to prove what, exactly?

That a frozen person struck by a meteorite
would turn into chili con carne.

NASA has no record of a meteorite
of the size and type

striking North America
at the time of death.

- Oh.
- According to NASA,

a meteorite matching these
characteristics is right here in DC.


But I'm all set up and everything.

Your experiment is not pertinent.

So we found out
where the meteorite came from?

From the solar nebula.

Right. You got anything
more current than that?

Fire in the hole!

What the hell was that?

We're okay! Everything's fine.

We should get out of here before lockdown.
Let Cam deal with it.

Yeah. All right.

You know you're grounded, right?

So you think the piece of meteor we found
in the murder victim came from this?

Yeah. It's an exact match.

The silicate oxide ratios
are indistinguishable.

Well, you've heard of Landis Collar, right?

Sure I have. Blind guy.

World's leading expert
in superconductivity.

Do you even know
what superconductivity is?

I know it's better than
normal conductivity.

Agent Booth, Dr. Brennan,

I'm Christopher Beaudette,
senior scholar here at the Collar.

- Shall we?
- Yes.

you work with superconductivity?

No, Agent Booth.
I'm doing research into

generating power from earthquakes.

- Groundbreaking.
- That was a funny joke.

Yeah, one I've never, ever heard before.

Are these people here smarter than you?

That would depend on
how one defines intelligence.

- I'm Landis Collar. Thank you, Christopher.
- Landis.

And I'm Special Agent Seeley Booth.
This here is...

Dr. Temperance Brennan.

Is that clicking noise attached
to your blindness, Dr. Collar?

Yes. It's a prototype. Sonic echo locator.

It allows me to

apprehend my surroundings.

Have you forgiven me?

Forgiven him?

I was turned down for a fellowship here
at the institute.

No, no. That is not true.

Your anthropological research
was rejected

because it looked at the past,
not the future.

"To eternity. To glory. To the future."

Right. Then why say your motto
in a dead ancient language?

- Okay, Booth.
- How can I help you?


Put your hand out, I'll... There you go.

- What Agent Booth has given you...
- I know what it is.

It's a piece of my meteorite.

That's impressive for a blind man.

- I know because I had it made for Diane.
- Diane?

Dr. Diane Sidman, my fianc?e.

The meteorite was set
in her engagement ring.

Well, that would explain the gold flecks.

- What's happened? Is Diane all right?
- When was the last time you saw Diane?

A few days ago. She was ill.
Which is understandable

- considering the pressure she's under.
- Pressure?

She's editor-in-chief of the Collar Journal,

perhaps the most important venue
for scientific publishing in the world.

Please, what has happened?

We have discovered some human remains

which contain what is most certainly
your fianc?e's engagement ring.

We'd like to talk to anyone
who may have interacted with Diane

before she disappeared.

You must speak with Diane's students.

Chief among them,
Jennifer Keating and Milton Alvaredo.

I'll have Dr. Beaudette bring them to you.

If you need anything else,
I'll be in my office.

My God. Dr. Sidman is dead?

We have not yet made
a positive identification.

When was the last time
you saw her, Milton?

Um, I suffer from a kind of
chronological dyslexia

which makes it very difficult for me
to place discreet events accurately

on a linear timeline.

This one's all yours.

What exactly are you working on?

I am endeavoring to find a way
to transmit single cell organisms

using common pond scum
from one location to another.

You ever try a spoon?

I've had some success vibrating two
separate samples of single cell scum

in complete symmetry on a quantum level.

That's very impressive.
You wouldn't understand, Booth.

Of course I do! Beam me up, Scotty.

Very good. Yes, exactly.

Dr. Sidman must've been eager
to publish that in the journal.

Very excited, yes.
Pending a few questions.

Is this publishing thing important?

- Publish or perish.
- I mean, is it motive?

- For murder you mean? Definitely.
- Definitely.

But only on the level of vengeance.
Killing her would not reverse the decision

unless, of course, the person who killed
her wanted to take over her position.

I last saw Diane when Jennifer asked us
to stop arguing so loudly.

Jennifer Keating?
Dr. Sidman's other grad student?

Yes. Jenny works in
cosmogenic isotope research.

It can make her cranky.

This place is making me cranky.

I asked Milton to quiet down, not Diane.

- I would never get mad at Diane.
- Why?

She's editor-in-chief of the journal.

Publish or perish, right?
What were they arguing about?

I have no idea.
Could've been about anything.

Landis encourages
a free exchange of ideas.

And it can get pretty intense.

You specialize in
cosmogenic isotope research?

- Cosmogenic?
- It's a new way of dating artifacts

using 14C isotopes.

Through accelerated mass spectroscopy.

That'd make me cranky, too.

I can't imagine that your project
excited Diane Sidman.

Veni, vidi, vici.
"Look to the future."

Carbon dating is all about the past.

You're right, there was no way
she was gonna publish me.

This time next year,
I'll be looking for post-graduate work.

Is that the last time
you saw Diane Sidman?

Yes. Three days ago. Why?
Is something wrong?

It is possible that she is dead.

Bones account for approximately
15% of the mass of a human being.

Given that the total bone mass here
comes to 8.9 kilograms,

that would suggest a human being
who weighed

approximately 59.3333333 kilograms.

One hundred and thirty one pounds.
Well, that matches the victim's stats.

It's Diane Sidman all right.
Dr. Saroyan got DNA confirmation.

There are no other particulates outside
of the gold flecks and meteorite.

What did I tell you?

That we aren't allowed
in the same room without supervision.


Because we were stupid enough
to fire a cannon indoors.


You know, you're here,
which counts for supervision.

So, I'll leave.

There's a deep pitting in these bones

which may or may not be connected
to the fractures.

Also, I excluded wood chipper
as a possibility.

- How?
- Whirling blades would create parallel

and evenly spaced fractures.

These patterns appear to be
completely random.

Even more puzzling,
they are unusually clean.

What if the cellular damage and the
fractures were caused by the same thing?

The cells could've burst
as a result of ice microcrystals

having formed if the body
was rapidly frozen.

You mean freeze the body
and then shatter the bones?

Liquid nitrogen?

You have my permission to confer
with Dr. Hodgins on the subject.

Uh, in the same room? Yes?
Just to be clear.

Any damages come out of your pay.

As requested, Diane's work area.

Looks like somebody cleaned it out.

No. Booth,
Dr. Sidman was a theoretical physicist.

She didn't do experiments. She figured
everything out through equations.

Diane was a member of
the Large Hadron Collider team.

Isn't that that thing in Europe that's gonna
create a black hole and end the universe?

There's only a very small chance
of that actually occurring.

And yet Diane received
a number of death threats.

Diane Sidman's role was important
to the Large Hadron Collider team?

The effort to find the Higgs boson
will be set back months.

- The God Particle.
- What's that?

A theoretical particle which explains
why matter has mass.

Mass and matter aren't the same?

Come on.
Don't look at each other like that.

I bet neither one of you know
how to make your own beer.

You realize you just said
"Don't look at each other" to a blind man.

Do you have records of threats
made against her?

Yes. Ever since one of our scientists
was attacked for his work in cloning.

Milton Alvaredo suggested that we look at

whoever was going to replace
Diane Sidman as editor-in-chief.

That would be the senior scholar
Christopher Beaudette.

You can understand
how that makes him a suspect.

I'll tell Sweets to look into the threats
and see if they're worth following up.

If it matters, Diane and Christopher
were also enjoying a sexual relationship.

Whoa! "If it matters?"
I thought you were gonna marry her?

At which time, by mutual agreement,

Diane and Christopher's
sexual relationship was to cease.

- Completely rational.
- Except for the completely insane part

where somebody killed Diane Sidman.

I'll be right back, Dr. Beaudette.

In my opinion, it's a good thing
they didn't accept you at that place.

- Why?
- It's creepy. Everyone there is creepy.

Well, if you think they're creepy,
then you must think I'm creepy.

Well, you have a creepy mode, Bones.

Very interesting man. Highly self-aware.
Major league smarty pants.

Right. Little brain checks in,
the big brain checks out, right?

I don't know what that means.
"Little brain, big brain"?

He freely admits that he had an ongoing
sexual relationship with the victim.


That little brain.

But he denies ever having been
"in love" with her.

What's with the hooked fingers?

Well, he said "in love" very sarcastically

like it was something
that happened to "lower primates."

Okay. Who else was he sleeping with?

- I didn't ask.
- Why does that matter?

Because maybe not everybody is
so, you know, "adult," you know?

Or "rational."

Or, hey, "clear thinking."

Or "heartless" as him.

That was a lot of quotation marks.

So sexual relationships are pretty casual
over there at the Collar Institute, right?

We're young, close quarters.
We stimulate each other.

Mmm-hmm. Who else were you
sleeping with?

Jennifer. Who was also seeing Milton.

So is it possible that Jennifer was
trying to get rid of a romantic rival?

Well, by that retrograde manner
of thought,

Landis could've killed Diane
for sleeping with me.

Or I could've killed Diane
for sleeping with Landis.

Or Milton could've killed Diane
for sleeping with me and Landis.

Ladies and gentlemen,

what I propose to show you today
is how our victim's skeletal structure

came to shatter into tiny bits.

Mr. Nigel-Murray.

He enjoys this way too much.

Basically, Hodgins sees himself
as Dr. Nemo.

Liquid nitrogen freezes
at 63 degrees Kelvin,

which is minus 210 degrees Celsius,
or minus 346 degrees Fahrenheit.

It's unnecessary to say "degrees Celsius."
It's implicit.

Shh. When I drop this
super cooled turkey...

Once again, technically not "super cooled."'ll shatter into hundreds of bits
on the concrete floor.

Shards are gonna fly in every direction.
So, ready?

Three, two, one.

Watch it!

Are you okay?

Oh! Oh! Oh!

It's just a glancing blow.

I'm Dr. Lance Sweets. I work for the FBI
as a psychological profiler.

Psychiatrist or psychologist?

He's just a psychologist.

Uh, the point is I looked through over 800
threats made against Dr. Diane Sidman.

You, Dr. Mullins, are the only person
I thought merited questioning.

- Using psychology?
- That's correct.

You might as well have
picked my name from a hat.

Normally I'd agree,
but your disapproval of Dr. Sidman's work

makes me wonder
if you're a religious fanatic.

No. Like most reasonable human beings,
I'm an agnostic.

You have a doctorate in physics
from Princeton, right?

Yet you work as a welder?

Welding is a real job, unlike psychology.

How can a reasonable human being
with a physics degree

honestly believe that
a particle accelerator in Europe

is going to create a black hole
which will destroy the solar system?

Would you like a list of Nobel Laureates
who agree with me?

The odds are one in 50 million.
Slight, I admit.

Too high when you consider
the loss of not only humanity,

but the only planet in the cosmos
that we know for certain

is capable of generating
and sustaining life.

Uh-huh. Uh-huh.


I hate to say it,
but I'm totally with him on this one.

Would you kill someone
on 50 million to one odds?

Kill someone? Who's dead?

Diane Sidman.

Of the 800 threats I studied,
106 of them were from you.

Evidence indicates
that Diane Sidman was frozen

using liquid nitrogen after she was killed.

Then her body was dropped and shattered.

Ridiculous. A frozen cadaver
would simply bounce.

Any moron should know that.

Well, the point is, as a welder,
you have access to liquid nitrogen.

My IQ is 162.

What about it?

I'm smart enough to know
when to shut up and ask for a lawyer.

Except I've got one last thing to say.

Knowing that Diane Sidman is dead,

I'm going to sleep about 50 million times
better tonight.

I got here as soon as I could. What's up?

Lab results from the CBC and biopsy
on our victim.

Abnormal proliferation of leukocytes
in the thoracic and lumbar bone marrow.

These numbers are fatal.

She died of leukemia?

Diane Sidman had a full physical
two weeks ago and guess what?

Clean bill of health.

How does a perfectly healthy
young woman develop advanced leukemia

in two weeks?

Leukemia doesn't just appear
in two weeks.

What about radiation?

There's gotta be some source of radiation
in that place that could cause cancer.

Someone accidentally irradiates
this poor woman

and then covers it up by freezing her,

and then smashing her remains
into little bits.

You know, ironically,
intelligent people

have been known to commit murders

in ludicrously complicated ways,
virtually ensuring their capture.

- Isn't that...
- It's... It's Angela's dad.

It's not uncommon for men
to fear their lover's male parent.

You know what creeps me out?
The way English people say "lover."

You know, attacking Vincent like that
clearly indicates that what he said is true.

The man is from Texas!
He told me that if I messed up...

I don't remember what he said exactly,
but he mentioned the key "G demolish"

and it sounded pretty bad.

The blues is known as the devil's music

because those most adept are thought
to have made a pact with the devil,

and thus, fear no earthly law

because they're already doomed
to eternity in hell.


Thank you, Vincent.
I... I feel much better now.

I happen to have a great deal of insight
into the whole blues culture.

- I could talk to him for you.
- Yeah, thanks, but too late.

Have you found something?

The posterior of the T7.

Looks very smooth.

This indentation could very well be
the result of a tumor.

A possible source of
Diane Sidman's leukemia.

A tumor of this size over two weeks

would require a radiation source
of between 1,000 and 5,000 REMs.

And that would've burned the victim.
We would've seen that.

It must've been a steady exposure
over time.

The woman spent almost all her time
at work.

Everything's coming up clean.

- Nothing?
- Nope.

There should still be some
evidence of radioactivity.

There's nothing radioactive in this room.

Break it down and go for...

God, I don't know how
you wear these things. Hot suits!

- Whoa.
- What?

Oh, right there.

What are you doing, Bones?

Well, this stain here
must've hit Diane Sidman

almost exactly where the tumor formed.

You're testing me on the cancer chair?

What? You're wearing a suit.
Plus, it's not radioactive anymore.

We're gonna need to take this chair.

No, no, no! You don't just go around doing
human testing on people, Bones!

- I gotta go to the bathroom!
- It's just...

Well, I touched it
with my bare hands. See?

You may be wondering why
I'm going through these bones again.

Probably because you feel bad

that Dr. Brennan found evidence
of a tumor that you missed?

The average chocolate bar
has eight insect legs in it.

"So," she said hopefully, "metaphorically
you're looking for insect legs?"

And I may have found some.

These cylindrical notches
on the left clavicle...


- Two of them, yes.
- They may be stab wounds.

Okay, we'll have Dr. Hodgins check them
for microscopic particulates.

If he hasn't lit out for Timbuktu yet.

The discoloration in the fabric
was not radioactive.

But because of your suspicion,
I tested for daughter isotopes.

Daughter isotopes?

Daughter isotopes are what's left behind
after radioactive isotopes decay.

So there was a radioactive isotope
on Diane Sidman's chair?

Yeah. A strong one.

Is anyone at that place
doing cancer research?

No. It's not that kind of place.

Yeah, right.
"To eternity. To glory. To the future."

You disapprove of the Collar Institute?

Up and forward are only two directions.

Science should look in all directions.
You taught me that.

- I did?
- Every day.

Thank you.

Hold on. Just get the door when I...

- What?
- Get the door.

- Open the door!
- What? Now?

You gotta be kidding me. You know,
it's like Club Med Mensa around here.

- Hmm.
- What are you laughing at?

You know, most people, you bust in
on them having sex with a gun,

you know,
kind of disrupts the mood.

Perhaps they decided to start
all over again from the beginning.

It's just sex, Booth.

It's not that. Look, I'm not a prude.

Well, you have
what they would call hang-ups.

- You know that guy, Landis?
- Yes.

- He's about to make a move on you.
- How do you know?

Because it is the rational and smart thing
to do, and he is all about that.

And I see how he looks at you.

How he looks at me? He's blind.

That's too literal, Bones.

His fianc?e was just murdered
and he's already moving on.

Well, she's gone. He has accepted it.

Look, good people,
they leave marks on each other.

The least we could do
is let them fade away naturally.

Not, you know, scrape them off,
or paint over them with new marks.

So you're not a prude?


Hey, I am a very fun and very sexy guy!

- That's right.
- So you just think that

if two people care about each other,
they leave metaphorical marks

which should be allowed to fade naturally?

You heard me,
but you just didn't understand me.

I wonder that about you all the time.

My apologies. Were you looking for me?

We need to see your radioactive isotopes.

Hey. How you doing there, pal?
Did you knock one out of the park?

I will be off then, Jennifer.

Goodbye, Milton. Thank you very much.

You're more than welcome.

"Thank you, Milton."
"No, thank you, Jennifer."

Everyone is so polite here.
Except for the murder and cheating.

We can get a warrant for the isotopes
if that's what you require.

That won't be necessary.

I don't know what use
you could have with these.

I haven't used them for months. But...

Something wrong?

- Some of my vials are missing.
- Hmm?

We'll need to know how many people
aside from yourself

had access to them in the last month.

Everyone in the institute
had access. Everyone.

- This guy's good.
- He really is.

Why would a guy like you play
on a street corner?

Well, I guess that depends on
who exactly you think I am.

I'd like to speak to you about Hodgins.

- Uh-huh.
- I'd like to help.

No, thanks, son.
I can handle Hodgins all on my own.

Oh, no. I mean,
I'd like to help with the situation.

See, I'm a psychologist.
It's kind of my mojo.

You misunderstand the term.

What I meant was...

Vincent pointed out
that each break appears to have happened

at the weakest part in each bone.

X-rays bear me out on that.

The most damage was done
to the weakest bones.

The anvil, the hyoid,
these points on the spine.

I don't get what that means.

Essentially the skeleton broke apart
at the weakest points.

The way a building would fall apart
during an earthquake.

So the victim was killed.
We're not positive how yet.

Then frozen, then shaken
until all the bones fell apart?

Not shaken. Vibrated.

Vibrated until the frozen bones
shattered like crystal.


Don't sneak up like that.
I could put out an eye on my microscope.

- You gotta run.
- You talked to Angela's father?

God. Well, what did he say?

I have no idea. But he was very...
He's got a very disturbing effect, sinister.

- I am not scared of him.
- Okay, okay.

You know that whole... That whole
sell your soul at the crossroads thing?

I'm buying it. You gotta run for it, man.

I told you so.

Yeah. Hey, you know what?
I secretly had a thing for Angela.

Now it's gone.
Like, wiped from the memory banks.

So it had to be Milton Alvaredo,

- right?
- Why?

He's the one who's working on
transporting matter

- through vibrations, right?
- You understood that?

Hey. He kills Dr. Sidman, flash freezes her,

then tries to transport her to outer space,
the moon, whatever,

ends up with frozen chili con carne.

- I'm very impressed.
- Yeah? Well, you know,

I've learned a lot from you.

And a lot from watching
the Discovery Channel with Parker.

Milton Alvaredo's not our only suspect.

Jennifer Keating.
Well, I mean, her only motive is revenge.

And you know, like you say,
that's just not logical.

And despite her being, you know,
a sex kitten scientist,

she's still logical.

No. Not Jennifer Keating, Chris Beaudette.

His project concerns extracting energy
from earthquakes.


Plus, Dr. Collar's working on
echo location for the blind.

So basically, we're back to square one.

I suggest we find an apparatus capable of
shattering a flash-frozen human cadaver.


- Yup.
- Right. Got you.


Dr. Earthquake?

Okay. So tell me what I'm looking for here.

Any apparatus that might facilitate
the creation of a sonic standing wave.

Right. Tell me what I'm looking for again.

You're leaning on it.

Right. I knew that. All right. Look at this.


Right. I'll just get forensics
to look for blood.

No. There won't be any blood.
The remains are frozen solid by this point.

The natural frequency of the human body
is between three and seven hertz.

Humans have natural frequencies?

Naturally that would increase dramatically
if the body is frozen solid...

Whoa! Whoa. Hey!

Forget it, Booth!
We're in a high pressure chamber.

That door can withstand the force
of at least...

- Oh, no.
- Oh, no? What oh, no?

We have to get out of here.

We have to get out of here or what,
we'll explode?

Booth, what we have to do here, is we
have to try to counteract the wavelength.

The what?

It's not working!

If we stop, our brains will turn to pudding!

Booth? Hello?
Booth, are you okay?

- Are you all right? Can you hear me?
- What?

- Are you all right?
- No, I'm all right! How about you?

I called paramedics.
They should be here any second.

Landis pulled us out!

I heard shots.

Booth, are you okay?

It was my shooting that saved our lives!

You should've been dead in
five to seven seconds.

Bones, it was my gun!

- My sonic interference idea worked!
- It wasn't your siren...

Can you hear me?

- Bones, it was my gun!
- If I hadn't started interference

we'd be dead before you started shooting!

You two might want to try resting
before communicating.

I don't need to be deaf as well as blind.


All right, now,
this notch you found in the clavicle.

- Yeah?
- I found minute traces of graphite, clay

- and copolymer.
- Pencil lead?

- Yeah.
- Which, of course, is not lead at all.

Uh, is that even possible?

All right, say a fairly heavy
mechanical pencil, right?

To the windpipe or the carotid,

the victim dies, is deep frozen
and then shattered.

The freeze-dried chunks are swept
into garbage bags

- and dumped for birds to eat.
- Mmm.

- Yeah.
- Ooh.

No, please.
You keep it.

I don't think I could ever regard it
in the same manner again since...

Thank you very much.

I warned the man, Angie.

I told him that if he hurt you,
he would have me to contend with.

Did you take off your glasses
when you said it?

I definitely did.

- It was a mutual breakup.
- Were you hurt?


Could he have stopped it?

Yeah. Yeah.

But so could I.

Well, his daddy can come down
and kick your ass.

I can't do everybody's job.

- Well, I wish you wouldn't.
- Okay, sweet girl.

I will ameliorate my vengeful intentions.



Honest. Honest as a Texas sundown.

- One of you killed Diane Sidman.
- And tried to kill us.

I think we can rule out sexual jealousy
as a motive for this murder.

- Of course we can.
- Yeah, of course we can.

Whoa, wait a second. Why? Because
these robots don't feel like humans?

No. Because radiation poisoning is
the opposite of a crime of passion.

Well, my people say that Diane Sidman
was stabbed to death with a pencil.

Well, indicating that the murderer
suddenly became impatient

or approached a deadline.

You figure out that deadline,
you figure out your murderer.

Well, it has to be the publishing deadline
from the journal.

Look at this.
Found blood in your resonance chamber.

Obviously you can't see that,
but it's right there.

That's not blood. That's not blood.

Luminol means blood.

There's no evidence of smearing.

If the murderer had seen blood,
he would've cleaned it up.

Luminol reacts with copper, iron,
peroxides and cyanide.

Which provides for
a number of false positives.

- Vegetables, fruit pulp...
- Cleaning agents, insecticides.

Various glues, rust remover, ketchup,
seaweed, sap, algae.

Is this Luminol stuff ever useful?

I'm just asking because it... Yes, it is?

- Fine. I'll shut up.
- Mmm-hmm.

- Booth?
- What?

Luminol reacts with pond scum.




Pond scum Scotty. You're our guy.

You're under arrest. Knew it all along.
Let's go. Come on, up.


That's for killing my fianc?e.

One person to your left, Dr. Collar.

My apologies, Agent Booth.
My echo locator must've malfunctioned.

This may not be the
most apropos time, but...

- Here we go.
- Here we go what?

I was wondering,
could I have your phone number?

- Wow.
- Told you.

- Really?
- I have been considering

how to respond if you asked,
and I've decided upon no.

- Well...
- I can go, right?

- Yup.
- Because I have some actual

save-the-world work to do. Dr. Collar?

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm all right.

You know what?
You're the only smart person I really like.

- Thank you.
- That's...

What about... What about me?

So Diane Sidman agreed
to publish Milton Alvaredo

only if he shared credit with her.

Right. So she said that he was using
his theories about the God Particles...

Particle. There's only one.

Right. Particle to vibrate the pond scum.

He gives her cancer, but she lives too long.

Wow. Yeah, then he kills her with
a pencil and feeds her to crows,

so he doesn't have to share a credit.
Well, that is cold.

And creepy?

I didn't mean to call you creepy.

You said I have a creepy mode.

I apologize. Okay, look.
I wasn't in my element.

Well, every element is your element.

No, that is not true. Okay, listen.

We just gotta stop hanging out
with geniuses

because you're gonna figure out
that I'm really stupid.

- What? Don't worry about that.
- Hmm.

I figured out a long time ago
how stupid you are.


What I just said is true,
and yet, it really sounded wrong.

What I should say is that
I don't care how stupid you are.

It's not any better?

No. No. Not at all.

- I mean, it's not even...
- Well, there is intelligence which I have

- and Mr. Nigel-Murray.
- Thank you.

And Sweets, even though his is so
misdirected as to be meaningless.

- Right.
- Wow. Backhand full of knuckles

- with that compliment.
- And Hodgins.

And Angela, not so much,
but she's very talented.

- Wow.
- Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

But then there's another quality,
which is the ability to use intelligence.

That is what you have.

Thanks, Bones.

Hey, wait a minute. Speaking of Hodgins,
has anybody seen Hodgins?

Oh, God.

He was caught, he was bound
In La Casa de Calaboose

He was tried, he was found
And readied for the noose

But the break he would make
It didn't turn out so well

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