Bones (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 16 - The Salt in the Wounds - full transcript

The remains of a volleyball player are found in a Salt Truck. They discover that she was pregnant, and that several of her friends are also pregnant.

Weather guys are like
psychics,man. They don't know squat.

I went to a psychic
once, talked to my mother.

Mom even bothered me dead.

- All of the bridges?
- All of 'em.

Okay. Fill me up.

- What's up?
- Something in the salt.

What is it?

You know that Bible story about
the woman who turns into salt?

- Lot's wife?
- I think maybe we found her.

Yes,it's cold. What's your
procedure when the road freezes up?

So,the,uh,weather's been
warm for the past six weeks--

so they haven't had to use rock salt.

The dermis is extremely desiccated.

The salt quick-dried the tissues.

Looks like a really big apple doll.

Teenage girl.

Very tall. Six feet.

Looks like she's been dead
for about a hundred years.

No,in fact,less than a month.

The salt is hygroscopic.

It draws moisture from its surroundings
and replaces it with crystal.

You know what? I suddenly
got a potato chip craving.

Cats are so disdainful.

They're independent and
self-assured. Like you.

Dog... Cat.

Which you gonna pick?

Uh,this is a lion eating a gazelle.

What's with the sudden pet desire?

We're not even living together.

Yet. Look at him,Rox.

Look at his warm,brown eyes.

He's going to do this five times a day.

Mr. Vaziri is Iranian.
He's an observant Muslim.

Bright side: we'll always
know which way is east.

I don't know if this is
going to work out,Dr. Saroyan.

This country was founded on the
notion of religious tolerance.

Well,I am not discriminating
because he is a Muslim.

I find all religions equally irrational.

Oh,thank you for your patience.

I had no choice. Apparently,
it's a Constitutional issue.

Uh,trauma to the temporal and sphenoid
region, with buckling on the outer edges.

Probably from being
dropped from the bin.


- I see some red fibers.
- Ooh,that's me.

Mr. Vaziri, Do you see the
ante-mortem skeletal trauma?

Significant remodeling of the
metacarpophalangeal joint on the right thumb.

A snap. An old fracture to
the little finger. Crack.

And... a bone chip at the dorsal
radial portion of the left wrist.


I have seen this before
in cases of abuse.

A girl who was handcuffed to a radiator
in order to preserve her virginity.

Well,it turns out, there aren't
that many 16-year-old girls

who are six feet tall on
the missing persons list.

Ashley Clark. Missing three weeks.

So,Roxie and I are getting a dog.

I had Roxie pegged as a cat person.

I'm Angela.

Oh,Arastoo Vaziri.

Uh,your boyfriend's name is,uh,"Rocky"?

Like,pow? Like the famous boxer?


Angela's boyfriend is a girl.

Perhaps your religion won't
allow you to accept that.

Blood chemistry shows unusually
high levels of relaxin.


Sounds like something you
could get arrested for taking.

It's a naturally occurring
hormone secreted during pregnancy.

So,if she was handcuffed to protect
her virginity, didn't work out so well.

ernoon before her high school dance.

It was the End of Winter Dance.

I remember because we made
a bunch of jam that day,

and Ashley was worried that
she'd smell like raspberries.

Ashley never made it to the dance?

We had to wait 24 hours before
she was officially missing.

Were there any major developments in your
daughter's life in the weeks leading up to her death?

He means drugs. Was Ashley doing drugs?

- No,we don't mean drugs.
- No,no drugs.

Were you aware that your
daughter was pregnant?

Approximately 12 weeks.

Pregnant? Ashley couldn't
have been pregnant.

She was.

Do you have any idea
who might be the father?

Is that who you think killed
her? The father of her child?

Well,we'd like to talk to him.

My daughter and I were very close, and it simply isn't
possible that she wouldn't tell me she was pregnant.

I would appreciate some insight
into the high number of injuries

your daughter sustained since puberty.

So now you're saying that
we abused our daughter?

It's all right. They have to ask.

My daughter was an athlete.

She grew almost two feet
over the last four years.

You can confirm the injuries
with her chiropractor.

We are very sorry for your loss,sir.

Then you shouldn't say
such terrible things.

Ashley wasn't a victim of abuse.

She was the victim of athleticism
and a competitive disposition.

See,this remodeling of the right thumb,the little
finger, the dorsal radial portion of her wrist?

- Volleyball,of course.
- That's right. That's very good.

- Patellar tendonitis.
- Jumper's knee.

- How did you know that?
- Athlete,Bones.

Thanks,Dr. Fitts. We
appreciate your help.

- Yeah.
- Thanks.

Were you aware that
Ashley Clark was pregnant?

No. No. Her last appointment
was about six weeks ago.

She didn't mention it.

Well,despite the fact that you aren't a real
medical doctor, you have been quite helpful. Thanks.

Oh,you're welcome. Oh,and,by the way...

you aren't a real medical doctor,either.


No hematoma,meaning the skull
was fractured post-mortem,

probably when the body tumbled
out of the overhead bin.


Very descriptively put.

It's been pointed out to me
that I tend towards onomatopoeia.

Dr. Saroyan, why hasn't
the body been defleshed?

I'm still conducting the autopsy.

Well,if I can't remove the flesh,then
I can't find cause of death.

If you remove the flesh, I
can't find cause of death.

What flesh?

The body is completely desiccated.

Any remaing indicators are
going to come from the bones.

Not if I can rehydrate the tissue.

Paleontologists have used Ruffer's
solution successfully on mummies.

But shush.

The salt arrested bacterial
development. There's no decomp.

If I can rehydrate, I
can do a proper autopsy.

It will take too long and a
positive result is debatable.

Lucky for me,I'm the boss.

I claim one of my freebies.

I claim one of my freebie declines.

Come on in.

Uh,what can I do for you, Mr. Clark?

I,uh,wanted to tell you that I
suspected my daughter was pregnant.

All right. Have a seat.

And you,uh, didn't want to say
anything in front of your wife?


I found a pregnancy test in
the wastebasket in the bathroom.

Your wife is still young
enough to have children.

Sexual intercourse has not been a
part of our marriage in several years.

Did you,uh,talk to Ashley
about the pregnancy test?

Yes. But she denied that it was hers.

She said it was a friend's.

She asked me not to tell my wife.

She called it a father/daughter secret.

Was there a,uh,a boy in Ashley's life?

Ashley argued about a
boy with her friend Becca.

I overheard it on the phone.

Didn't get a name.

I see. Well... I'll look into it.

I hope my wife doesn't have to find out
that I kept this huge secret from her.

I don't think she'd forgive me.

Forgive you?

Considering how it turned out.

His name is Donatello.

and he's a rescue and
he needs a good home.

One caveat,though.

He's afraid of the wind.

Wow,you really don't
want this dog,do you?

Is it because Donatello
is a stupid name?


You're breaking up with me.

You don't have to say
anything, Rox. It's okay.

I do want to say something.

Ange,you live in the moment, I
know that, but moments are fleeting.

They pass.

Yeah,but we decide
when the moments pass.

This one has passed.


I've got to think about the future.


You gotta be kidding me.

- Excuse me. Agent Booth?
- Yeah?

I'm Becca Hedgepeth. They
told me I could find you here.

Ashley Clark's friend?


,you heard that Ashley was
murdered on the news,right?

- Yeah.
- It's my job to find out who did it.

Okay. Well,I hope you do.

According to her father, he said the two of you got
into a fight and you stopped coming to the house.

That's just because Ashley went
behind my back with my boyfriend.

What's your boyfriend's name?

Well,ex-boyfriend. Uh,Rory Davis.

Wait. I was jealous enough
to kill my best friend?

Or are you saying Rory did it?

Well,you're pregnant. Emotions
run high during that situation.

Me and Ashley would've gotten past
it because she broke up with Rory,too.

Looks like I'm going to have to
talk to "love-'em-andleave-'em" Rory.

Okay,very careful.
The tissue is fragile.

All right,ready? On my count.

One... two...

Now,we're going to completely submerge
her in a bath of sodium carbonate,

aqueous formalin and
ethyl alcohol. Good.

And somewhere between 24 and 48 hours from
now, she should look practically human again.

Ready? And... go.

I got the trace back on those
red fibers you found in her hair.

They're tri-lobal. Two red strands,
one blue strand woven together.

Given the length and texture, they
definitely came from an automobile.

But the killer must have transported Ashley's body
from wherever she was killed into the salt pile.

Can you narrow down what kind of car?

Yeah,I'm running the
fibers through FACID.

That should be able to give
Booth make and model and year.

Ooh,time-out for Allah.

- Hey,Arastoo.
- Hello,Angela.

Listen,do you need
me anymore here today?

'Cause I could really use,uh...

Angela. What's the matter?

Roxie and I broke up and I just...

You know,I'm going to take
Angela for a cup of coffee,okay?

Sure,yeah,go. This is a
simple murder; solves itself.

- Okay,Rory Davis?
- Yeah.

Whoa,a little warning,dude. I'm
only the Hulk when I get pissed.

Listen,we'd like to talk to
you about,uh,Ashley Clark.

It wasn't me.

It wasn't you who what?

Becca texted me,saying that you
think I killed Ashley. But I didn't.

Excuse me,you want to give me a moment
here? I'd like to talk to him alone.

Dude,you're a murder
suspect. That's awesome!

Becca said that you and
Ashley connected sexually.

Yeah,her exact words
were: "got all over."

This is completely not fair.

That you had sex with two
girls and they got pregnant?

We didn't have sex.

Pregnancy is unlikely
without intercourse.

Right,thanks for the tip, Bones,yeah.

No,we didn't have intercourse.

I'm a Christian. I'm not gonna
have intercourse until I'm married.

Okay,so you got two girls pregnant, but
you didn't have sex with either one of them?

Well,uh,I think some of,uh,my...

you know,stuff may have
found its way in there.

I mean,the way Ashley came after me,it's
like she was really, really trying...

To get your sperm?

Yeah,well,if it wasn't for my faith in Jesus,
there would have been sexual intercourse.

How did your relationship
with Ashley end?

Bad. Ashley was mad at
me. Becca was mad at me.

I did everything right,
and it turned out all wrong.

Hmm,did Ashley have any
arguments with anyone else?

Or try to get their sperm?

She had some sort of
fight with Mr. Hawthorne.

I heard it from the weight room.

Who's Mr. Hawthorne?

He's the volleyball coach.

Where would he be?

Wow,that was great.

Like I told you, I'll always be there
for you when you need comforting.

I didn't need comfort.
But I need a good tumble.

"Potatoh, Potahto."

I'm fine about Roxie.

People come and go in life.

What did she say? Aside from "so long"?

Basically,she said she wants somebody
who doesn't just live in the moment,

but who considers the future.

- What's wrong with the moment?
- Nothing.


But it's nice every once in a
while to think about the future.

So,let me get this straight.

To be together then,it has
to be all about the future?


So,this,right now, this isn't together?

It was a moment. A great moment.

But like all great moments, it passed.

Well,we heard that you got into
a loud argument with Ashley.

- With shouting.
- That's true.

Two fights,in fact.

First one was when she failed to seduce me;
and the second, a couple of months later,

when she threatened to name me as the father
of her child if I didn't give her five grand.

She tried to seduce you?

All right,seduce isn't the right word.

Look,that girl came at me like...

So,Ashley Clark tried to blackmail you?

In case you're thinking that drove me to
murder, you can check with the principal.

I reported it.

What with the way things are, I
figured that that was the smartest move.

The way things are?

Half my volleyball team got pregnant.

We're gonna need a team roster.

Well,if you want to talk to
them,go to the multipurpose room.

They're having another baby shower.

Oh,you gotta be kidding me.

This school ever hear of sex education?

- Well,if so, there's gaps in the curriculum.
- That's for sure.

- These people are...
- Okay.

- There's Becca.
- Hello.

Hi,I'm Alyssa Howland.

You guys have already spoken to Becca and Rory,
so I imagine you're here about Ashley Clark.

Wow,this texting thing
is way out of control.

Were you by any chance the
captain of the volleyball team?

Alyssa was the captain of all our teams.

Yeah,and I'm also valedictorian
and student body president--

or I was until people decided
that I was a bad example.

Well,as alpha female,
you are a bad example.

I'm sorry but in this day and
age of available contraception

and easily accessed information,
for a teen girl to become pregnant

is clearly a lapse in judgment.

Okay,girls, you do realize
this is a murder investigation?

Oh,yeah,we understand that.

Yeah,we're quite intelligent.

Right. So,Rory Davis was
not the father of your child.

I never said he was.

And he wasn't the father of
Ashley's baby either,was he?

No,no. As a matter of fact, the same
guy is the father of my baby and Becca's.

And Ashley's.

What about the rest of them?

- Jenny?
- Yeah,um,her.

And the others got pregnant by
their boyfriends and whatnot.

So,one boy is the father of four babies?

- Okay,and who would this stud be?
- It's Clinton.

Oh,President Bill Clinton?

No. Clinton Gilmour.

The cute one in the yellow sweatshirt.

The one in the yellow?

- Clinton.
- What?

Alyssa Howland says that you had
sex with the entire volleyball team.

The girls volleyball team. Not
all of them. I don't like to boast.

A gentleman does not kiss and tell.

How old are you?

Sixteen. My personality
is completely formed.

How'd you get those four girls pregnant?

You want pictures? Check the
Internet. That's what I did.

Right. You know, I show no disrespect.

I went to high school, and
high school has not changed.

The fact is, from what I remember,

guys like you can't get that many
girls. You know what I'm saying?

Wait,you can't lift that.

All right,see, the point is,I can do that, but
I didn't get girls like that in high school.

So,what you're saying happened
really didn't happen,huh?

Like a conspiracy.

The conspiracy is that they like me.

I'll tell you something else.

More than one of them told me that I'm actually
very considerate and sweet in the bed department.

Ashley is dead. She was murdered.

The prime suspect would be
the person who knocked her up.

I need to know the
person who did that deed.

It was me. The sex deed part.

The killing part was
definitely somebody else.

You know what I think?I think
those girls are up to something,

and they're using you as a cover.

It's okay. We'll just do a DNA test,
and the truth will come out. All right?

Take my DNA, and,uh,you'll
find out the truth.

I am the "MacDaddy Supremo Baby
Daddy" of GeoDub High School.

The Ruffer's solution is working.

I find myself wondering if the rate of
tissue reclamation will accelerate over time,

decelerate,or hold steady.

You're worried about
what to tell Dr. Brennan.

And if Dr. Brennan asks, when do you
think we will have access to the bones?

Tell Dr. Brennan that unless she can
think of a way to examine the bones

while leaving the flesh
intact, you're both out of luck.

during the investigation into the death
of high school sophomore Ashley Clark,

it was discovered the presumed murder
victim was part of a group of girls

who made a pact to get pregnant
and raise their children together.

There is no proof that there was a pact.

See,this is what happens when
all you worry about is the future.

Pregnant teenagers.

I would argue that most pregnant teenagers get
that way by becoming involved in the moment.


Are you all right?


It was so worth it.

Will you be able to remain BBFs?


Best Friends Forever.

Will you resume a sexual
relationship with Hodgins?

I already did.


Yeah,but he can't keep it casual.

He's the marrying kind.



I think you live your life very well.

Thank you.

You are not afraid to change
your mind when conditions change.

Conditions always change.

The successful organism is
the organism that adapts.

This is one area where
we are very similar.

I was with you until there.

Like me,you are not swept
away by your emotions.

You remain rational.

You use your brain to pick
someone for sex and companionship.

A minor correction
there: I use my heart.

That is not.

Metaphoric heart,sweetie.

Stay with me here,right?

Love,like art,comes from the
moments where two people become one.

Minor correction: Love comes from a confluence
of chemicals and hormones in the pineal gland.

Right,but all beauty is
transient and of the moment.

Like a sunset is beautiful.

You know,it sounds like we're in
agreement,which is worrying me just a little bit.

Hodgins says he found pectin in the
scratches he swabbed on the victim's arm.

How did he find scratches?

The victim looked like beef jerky.

Well,apparently,Cam has had some
limited success in rehydrating the body.

It's impressive.


Pectin is used in
making preserves,right?

Sure,I remember that from growing
up a farmgirl in Amish country.


I'm sorry.

The victim and her mother were making
jam the afternoon before she disappeared.

Have you ever noticed that a sunset looks more beautiful
when you share it with somebody that you care about?

No,I haven't.

But I'll pay better attention next time.


So,we have evidence that you scratched
your daughter shortly before she died.

I grabbed her arm is all.

Hard enough to leave marks.

Was it because you found
out she was pregnant?


I still find that hard to believe.

Ashley and I talked about everything.

Why can't this woman face the facts?

Perhaps because the
facts are so painful.

You suspect the father of incest?

It would explain the mother's behavior.

I didn't know about the pregnancy.

I was angry because...

You wrote your daughter
a check for $5,000?

No,she forged my signature.

I caught her before she could cash it.

Why did Ashley need $5,000?

I don't know. She wouldn't say.

She just was always hanging around Becca and the
rest of that team,and suddenly I didn't exist.

Now the news is saying that
she had some kind of pact.

Booth,I have a theory.

Can you excuse me for a
moment there,Mrs. Clark?

What do you got?

Okay,it's possible that Ashley Clark was killed
by the pact for not coming up with $5,000.

So you think this whole
pact thing is true?

There have been many instances in history where
women group together to raise their children

and the men become nothing
more to them than sperm donors.

The "walking marriages" of the
Mosuo in the Himalayas,for example.

Right,okay,so you think that the Himalayan Momos
just killed each other when things got dicey?

Killing is a more male response.

Women tend more toward shunning.

I might be able to figure out the
nature of the girls' relationship.


Let me at the alpha girl.

Psychologically,I mean.

Mr. Vaziri,do you have any idea where all the
monitors on the forensic platform have gone?

I appropriated them.

I sent you an e-mail.

I didn't have a monitor
to check my e-mail.

You've created a virtual skeleton.

It was your idea,Dr. Saroyan.

Now,I don't recall...

In speaking of Dr. Brennan,you said to
me,"Tell her that unless she can think of a way

to examine the bones while leaving the
flesh intact,you're both out of luck."

I'll make sure you get the
credit for this with Dr. Brennan.


You don't want credit?

No,I would rather not be the
person to point out to Dr. Brennan

that she was incorrect about retaing the soft
tissue at the expense of exposing the skeleton.

Meaning you found something?

I would never have seen this on the actual
bone,but when I blew up the digital X-ray...

Here,in the middle ear,there is
a hairline fracture on the stapes.

What does that suggest to you?

Violence,Dr. Saroyan.



Hi,Arastoo,how are you?

I would like to pass on to you my
condolences that your heart has been broken.

Oh,here we go.

Are you gonna quote the Koran?

No,no,I- I put together a CD with some songs
that I have found to be carthartic.

"Hope There's Someone" by Mr. Antony
and the Johnsons,"Breathe Me" by Sia,

"Heartbeats" by Mr. Jos?
Gonz?lez,"Fade Into You" by Mazzy Star--

this is not a person but a band--
"Lullaby of Loneliness" by Aaron English,

and of course,the finest of the
melancholy songs,"Dust in the Wind."

Very melancholy that.

I wish you peace,Ms.Montenegro,and
I wish that you find love again.

Thank you,Arastoo.

Thanks very much.

Dr. Saroyan.

Tell Dr. Brennan she
cannot have the remains yet.

Hovering will not make
this go any faster.

Dr. Brennan required me to hover.

How's about you go bank a prayer?

Give me a little breathing space.

I apologize.

I quip sometimes.

Believe me,it is nothing compared to the 1st
Battalion,9th Marine Regiment,Regimental Combat Team One.


What are you going to do?

Ruffer's only gets us so far.

So I'm going to inject some glycerine
around the soft tissue of the ear.

Oh,to see if there's any tissue damage
which might explain the fractured stapes.

A pact?

There's no pact.

The papers totally made that up.

Okay,but you are very close.

Yeah! We played on this team
together since we were freshmen.

We've traveled a lot,too. I
mean,we've been through a lot together.


Boys come and go,you know,but your
friends,that's who you can really count on,right?

Count on?

Yeah,they don't pressure you like boys.

Like parents.


Pressure to succeed,yeah.

Well,you're a very
high achiever,Ms.Howard.

Student body president,valedictorian,a
full scholarship to Amherst,

all of which went away
when you got pregnant.

Yeah,that's okay.

I mean,I'm totally cool
with being a mother.

Is it a coincidence that once you got pregnant,seven
of the others on the volleyball team did the same?

It's not my fault that
people want to be like me.

I'm a natural leader.

They look to you as an example.

It was my idea that we
all get a house together.

Help each other raise our kids.

Where would the money come from?

Oh,um,I mean,we all put in.

I'd figured out how much we'd need.

$5,000 each?

That's right. Wait. How did you know?

You said it wasn't a pact?

Then how do you explain that four of
you got pregnant from the same boy?

He seems an unlikely choice.

Clinton wasn't a choice.

I didn't plan the baby.

I'd...just found out
I'd won the scholarship,

and my parents started
to plan my whole life.

I just went to the park.

I couldn't...breathe,I couldn't think.

Too much pressure?


And Clinton was there,and I was crying and
I just,I felt like I was being banished.

You know,I mean,nobody
asked me what I wanted.

And Clinton understood.

And he held my hand and he let me cry
and,you know,one thing led to another.

And he's been great.

Great how?

Well,he's a kid,you know.

He doesn't really want to raise kids.


Maybe that's why the other girls
chose him to get them pregnant.

Yeah,yeah. And it's going to be great.

We all are gonna have these cute kids,and
we'll all be there for each other.

Except Ashley.


What exactly are we doing?

I couldn't see any
contusions around the ear,

but perimortem bruising is often only
visible under certain light wavelengths.

You're using colorimetrics?

That's right.

I read an article in a forensic journal.

A Japanese scientist
published his study.

We read the same article.

Could you turn on the UV light?

Look at that.

Are you switching teams,Mr. Vaziri?


My preference is forensic anthropology,but Dr.
Saroyan's use of colorimetrics was thrilling.

Look at the monitor.

Assuming sufficient force,that perimortem
bruising explains your stapes fracture.

The bruise is directly
on top of the vagus nerve.


- Cowabunga!
- What?

When the vagus nerve is triggered with enough
force,the victim will go into cardiac arrest and die.

You have discovered the cause of death.

The tissue damage is distributed evenly.

What does that indicate?

That it was a single blow.

Whatever did this is
completely flat and round.

Some kind of hammer?

Anyone interested in
our mysterious red fiber?

Oh,you identified the vehicle?

Late-model German
sedan-- Mercedes or BMW.

Let Booth know.

And,uh,just so you
know,Arastoo is praying again.

Either that,or he's doing
a very repetitive yoga move.

Is that appropriate in the lab?

Some of us take coffee breaks.

Some of us take smoke breaks.

Mr. Vaziri takes a spiritual break.

Who smokes?


Not very often anyway.

Just very rarely in
times of great stress.

If you had released the remains to me when
I'd asked,and Mr. Vaziri had removed the flesh,

then we'd never have
found cause of death.

Thank you.

Why are you thanking me?

I'm simply stating a fact.

I'm thanking you for stating
the fact that you were wrong.

Oh,you're welcome.

The odds of hitting the vagus
nerve by accident are very slight.

So,do you think this was done by
someone who knew what they were doing?

Yes. Someone who's very
familiar with human anatomy.

Like a physiologist or a
doctor...or a chiropractor.

Let's check out the
victim's chiropractor's ride.

So,Dr. Fitts drives a 2007 BMW sedan.

So,you got a warrant?

There are 1,208 BMW sedans in D.C.

So,you didn't get a warrant?

But how many of those drivers knew
how to kill using the vagus nerve?

And how many of those drivers
had access to the victim?

And own chiropractic tools we might be
able to match with the murder weapon?

Guys,no warrant.

If Booth and I hadn't questioned Dr. Fitts,we
could mount one of our clever undercover operations.

Hey,not me,but I do have a great idea.

How long have we been married?

Just concentrate on your symptoms.

That's all he's going to ask about.

I'll look for this thing here.

Brennan says it's the murder weapon.

So,you heard about me and Roxie?

Yeah,I'm sorry.

Oh,no,really,it's absolutely fine.


I also had a little afternoon
delight with Hodgins,

but let's just say it's
not really his thing.

Again,I'm sorry.

No,it's totally fine.

Then,why are you telling me?

Brennan approves of the way
that I conduct my love life.


What's wrong with living in the moment?

Nothing,nothing. As long
as it's working for you.

Oh,it is. Definitely.

- If it weren't...
- No,it is.

- Well,if it weren't...
- It is.

If it weren't,I'd suggest to you...


You won't like it.

Oh,no,I'm...I'm happy
living in the moment.

What you say is merely interesting.

Well,what I would advise you to do
is remove sex from the situation.

I don't like that.

You're a beautiful woman.

You're confident in your
sexuality,which is laudable,

but you need to connect
with people on another level.


Why? Because sexual attraction is only
one facet of the human romantic experience.

So,don't have sex?

I...I'd suggest you be
celibate for,say,six months.


Six months?

Why not ten years?

You asked my opinion,and that's it.

Forgo sex in favor of other connections.

Shouldn't we have,like,a cover story in order
to reassure the chiropractor that we're married?

Mr. Sweets?


Okay,honey,we're up.

This is us,a happily married couple.

- Help me,please.
- Okay.

Thank you.

You've had some discomfort
in your lower back?

Uh,yeah,yeah. As a fireman,I
often have to carry heavy...

Oh,it's very tight. It's very tight.

Oh,what are you...Oh,God!
What are you doing?

Okay,um,frankly,these knots
I feel in your lumbar region

are more congruent with sitting hunched over a desk
than they are pulling people from a burning building.

Oh,well,he's not a
fireman yet,Dr. Fitts.

He's just training.

another week.

Spends a little too much time on
the Internet,if you know what I mean.

I feel knots in your lumbar region.

I'm going to give you
a minor adjustment.

This won't hurt.

But you will feel some pressure.

Not as much as you.

One night to be confused

One night to speed up truth

We had a promise made

Four hands and then away

Both under influence

We had divine sense

To know what to say

Mind is a razor blade

To call for hands of above

To lean on

Wouldn't be good enough

For me,no...

One night of magic rush

The start,a simple touch

One night to push and scream

And then relief

Ten days of perfect tunes

The colors red and blue

We had a promise made

We were in love...

Ashley needed $5,000 to leave home and raise
her baby,so she tries to blackmail her coach.

But it didn't work because
he'd never had sex with her.

Right,so she has to go
and seduce the chiropractor

and threatens him with statutory
rape if he doesn't pay up.

And he killed her.

So,um,are the rest of the girls
still renting a house together?

Right,you know what I don't get?

How is it that eight beautiful girls could just
give up their whole lives during high school?

It's a rational decision.

On what planet?



Given the current environment,

the paradigm within which a group of girls band
together to raise their offspring has merit.

Without their fathers?

Anthropologically speaking,those
girls have grown up in a culture

that reinforces the sad truism
that women cannot count on men.

Don't say "men" like that.

Men do not like a world
without responsibility.

Well,that boy whom these young
girls chose as their sperm donor,

he seemed more than happy
with the arrangement.


You're right.

I know.

Who you calling?

Clinton,listen,it's Agent Booth.

I need to talk to you.

The kid?

Listen,meet me at the Royal
Diner,uh,in 20 minutes.

Yeah,just get there,okay?
Thanks. I'm buying.

Look,I know you want to
come along and all,but...

No,I get it.

Go on,it's
a...guy-to-guy thing.


Why did the chiropractor kill Ashley?

Well,Ashley seduced him,you
know,and,uh,tried to blackmail him.

- So he murdered her?
- Dude.

Yeah. You know,Ashley needed
money to,uh,raise her baby.

Your baby.

You didn't think those girls would have sex
with me because I can't bench-press enough.

DNA tests,they prove
that I was wrong,so...

yeah. I owe you an apology.

I did...I told you.

- Yeah,you know what? You are a smart kid.
- I know.

But you're also a real smart-ass kid.

Okay...there's something
I want you to think about.

Sex is never free and easy.

I beg to differ.

Because the fact is,any one of these
girls,they could change their mind,

and you would be paying child
support for the rest of your life.


You see these four girls right here?

You are responsible for bringing
their children into the world.

Whether they think so or
not,they're your responsibility.

Your children,your responsibility.

Do you understand?

And what you do about that will
define what kind of man you are.

Hold on a second.

But if you ignore that-- ignore your children--
that's exactly what you're going to become.

A loser,a deadbeat.

For the rest of your life.

You know,there's something else
that you should think about.

Ashley Clark.

She was going to have your baby.

According to our pathologist,it
was going to be a boy.

A boy?

A son.

Who died...with his mother.

What did you have to
tell me all that for?

Because you need to hear it.

Do you understand?