Bones (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 13 - The Hero in the Hold - full transcript

The Gravedigger returns and captures Booth. He wants the evidence that someone has stolen from the case, and he believes that Bones has it. Can the Squints find their friend before Booth becomes the Gravediggers latest casualty?

Dr. Brennan, Dr. Hodgins, Mr. Vega,
thank you for coming.

You get a notice to appear
from a federal judge, you appear.

I assume this has something
to do with the Grave Digger?

The only thing the three of us
have in common is that kidnapper.

My name is Heather Taffet.

I'm the United States attorney assigned
to the Grave Digger case last month.

- What happened to Miss Kurland?
- She was killed in a car accident in Boston.

So, what? You think the Grave Digger
had Kurland killed

- because she was getting close?
- She wasn't getting close.

She was barely
conducting an investigation.

Nothing has moved
in the Grave Digger case in months.

- It turns out something did move.
- Some evidence has gone missing.

You suspect that one of us stole
Grave Digger evidence from the FBI?

Mr. Vega is a former FBI agent,

as well as a bestselling author
on the Grave Digger.

- You both contract out to the FBI...
- Let me make this very clear.

If any of you has any evidence
linked to the Grave Digger case,

I am ordering you as a federal judge
to turn it over to Miss Taffet.

Turn it over to me today
and you get full immunity.

Look at that.

That's gotta be Bones. Guaranteed.

- Yep. I'm hurrying, Bones.
- Do you need directions?

No, I do not need directions
because I am driving.

My GPS can provide perfect directions
in several languages.

Well, get this, okay?
Parker got me this new watch,

and it does the same thing.

- In several languages?
- No.

- Well, then it's not the same thing.
- I bet you are looking beautiful, huh?

Because I am in the finest tux
that money can rent.

I'm on my way home to get dressed.

But you need to be there
an hour-and-a-half before me

to watch the tribute video.

My GPS indicates
that it's a 25-minute drive for you.

- This is my big night, Booth.
- All right, Bones, listen, don't worry,

I will be there
when they crown you super scientist.

I will be the guy in the "cocky" belt buckle
and the snazzy rented tux.

Someone's knocking at my door.

Well, how can there be a knock
at your door if you're already driving?

You're late.

I know. It took me longer to get dressed
than I thought,

but don't worry,
my GPS will get us there on time.

- It's not a time machine, sweetie.
- I call shotgun.

- Brennan?
- I have taken Seeley Booth.

He has been buried alive.

He has 21 hours to live.

Bring the evidence
to the SW5 DC Boundary Stone,

in return for which
you will receive GPS coordinates.

If you involve law enforcement,
I will know,

and Seeley Booth will die.
This is my final communication.

What's going on?

The Grave Digger has Booth.

- Booth?
- He's not here. I told you.

I was hoping it was, like,
a prank call or something.

- That door was locked.
- What does that mean?

Well, I doubt that the Grave Digger
would take the time to...

Give me the shoe.

Would take the time to lock the front door
on his way out.

Especially lugging 190 pounds
of unconscious Booth.

He was dragged to the window.

Oh, my God.

Okay. All right.

We need to call the authorities.
We're in way over our heads here.

No. No, no, no.
I read up on this guy.

If we want Booth back,
we need to pay the ransom.

The Grave Digger wanted evidence.
What evidence?

It has to be the same evidence

that the State Attorney and the FBI
think that I have, which I don't.

- What? What are you doing?
- They called in Hodgins, too.

- You think he stole the evidence?
- I know you didn't.


Okay. Yeah. Okay.

- Could you stop that, please?
- I was just working off adrenaline.

How long ago
did the Grave Digger get Booth?

- What kind of time do we have?
- I know you have

what the Grave Digger wants.
The evidence that the judge told us about.

The Grave Digger thinks that I have it.
But he's wrong. It's you.

Give it to me.

- Who's there? Who's that?
- It's me.

- Who's "me"?
- Best buddy you ever had.

Your words.


This isn't real.

I'm gonna go with real.
Nice monkey suit, by the way.

Never would've thought you'd go formal
to a kidnapping.

Look, no... No offense,

but, you know, I've been drugged,
electrocuted, stuffed in a Beatles toy.

You're... You're an hallucination.

That's what you are.
You're... You're an hallucination.

That's nice. I show up to help you
and you toss me off as a hallucination.

You're dead, Corporal.
I felt your heart stop.

No use crying over spilt milk, Sarge.

You know what?
You're not real. This isn't real.

You know what?
I am gonna focus on what is real.

Right? Real.
Like getting out of this place. Okay. Yeah.

No, Sarge, it's too high.
How about that one?

I already saw that.

Now you're getting competitive
with a hallucination.

What? Right, no. Still here.

Wow. You really haven't changed, Sarge.

Once you knew what had to be done,
nothing could stop you.

- Enough already, okay?
- Yes, sir, Sergeant!

I got this.

Hey, look at that. Making progress.

There. That's everything.

The judge was after
a specific piece, Hodgins.

Something that you stole from the FBI.

I remember that.

- It was imbedded in your leg.
- Yeah.

It probably came off the bumper
of the vehicle

the Grave Digger used to run me over.

That would be shortly before
he buried me alive.

With me.

Pretty close
to discovering the manufacturer.

Which will help us narrow down
the suspect pool.

Booth doesn't have that kind of time.

- What is that?
- Evidence that the Grave Digger wants.

Sweets, you... You shouldn't be here.
The Grave Digger said no FBI involvement.

- I'm a psychologist, not an agent.
- An FBI psychologist.

Dr. Sweets, get gone now.

You stole evidence?

You don't know what it was like,
being buried in that car.

- I do. I was there.
- I know.

And if we turn over that evidence,
we will never catch the Grave Digger.

- Booth only has 19 hours.
- Okay. Okay!

Then let's just take 10 of those hours
and see if we can do both.

Brennan, I am telling you,
the answer is there.

Ten hours.

Eight, and Dr. Hodgins is never left alone.

- You don't trust him?
- No, I don't.

I scanned the new recording.

Bring the evidence
to the SW5 DC Boundary Stone,

in return for which
you will receive GPS coordinates.

If you involve law enforcement,
I will know,

and Seeley Booth will die.
This is my final communication.

Along with the recording
that the Grave Digger gave

when you and Hodgins were kidnapped.

You okay to hear that? Okay.

Temperance Brennan
and Jack Hodgins have been buried alive.

Wire transfer eight million dollars
to the following Grand Cayman account,

or they will suffocate to death.

And Seeley Booth will die.

Or they will suffocate to death.

Now, despite the voice scrambler,
I was able to extract specific phonemes

by running the waveform
through a Fourier transform.

Graphically, they're identical.
Can we hear the unscrambled voice?

No, the coding was too complicated.

But the voice scrambler was triggered
to compress at a certain set level.

Now, in this case, it was set
to the volume of a human voice.

So, when the Grave Digger
isn't speaking...

Right. The background noise
pops into the foreground.


- What is that?
- I'm still working on that.

Sorry, I...

- We'll get Booth back.
- You can't know that.

- Brennan, I just think that...
- Just work, please.


Let me try another algorithm.


Gulls. Seagulls.
The Grave Digger was near the water.

Fresh one? What?
Hallucinations can't help out a little.

- Give me that.
- You're welcome.

No, Sarge, pry with your legs.
Watch you don't hurt your back.

That can't be good.

Hang on, Teddy.
You're gonna make it.

Might want to close that up, Sarge.

Hey, guys, there was no voice match,
but there was a point of origin on the call.

- Seagulls?
- I talked to Booth an hour and 47 minutes

- before I got the ransom call.
- That merry-go-round.

- The boardwalk! King's Beach Boardwalk!
- I got it.


Vega lives in a penthouse apartment
just off the boardwalk.

You think this is my fault?

If you hadn't stolen
the evidence, the Grave Digger

- would never have taken Booth.
- Rationally speaking, it was inevitable.

It would've happened
anytime we got close.

Is that Vega's car?

- Who is that?
- It's Vega.

He's dead.

It looks like he was killed
somewhere else and then placed here.

We should take his body back to the lab.
Obviously the Grave Digger killed him.

There's gotta be some evidence
that we can use.

Remove a body from a crime scene?

That would be a very bad idea.
Step away from the car, please.

Agent Perotta.

All right, look.
The water rises up far enough,

I'll be able to get to that door and open it.

What? The room isn't filling up
quickly enough for you already?

You were here for an interview?

Mr. Vega was writing
Surviving the Grave Digger.

He wanted to talk to us.

- At 5:00 in the morning?
- It was a breakfast meeting.

- Were you following us, Agent Perotta?
- Yes, Dr. Brennan, I was.

You two are both suspected
of stealing evidence.

This doesn't exactly clear you of suspicion.

Well, was he under surveillance?
Because a fat lot of good the FBI did him.

Well, it appears that he was the one
who had the evidence.

- Are we free to go now?
- Why not?

- They have us under surveillance.
- I'll be in touch.

Tell you what. You were always
the guy to be with in a tough spot.

You never said anything like that, Sarge.

You mostly just grunted.
Made me get coffee.

So what makes you think
what's behind that hatch

is gonna be any better
than the last thing we opened?

I'll tell what. I'm either gonna drown fast
or really, really slow.

Okay, it's going up
pretty fast here, Sarge.

- Vega 's dead.
- God.

Vega's dead. Right. Like murdered dead?

We had no opportunity to examine
the remains before the FBI interrupted us.

Whoa, what?

- FBI?
- Yeah. FBI Special Agent Perotta.

We're going to swing by,
pick up the evidence

and deliver it to the Grave Digger.

What? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You mean just do what he wants?

We have no other choice.
You spoke to the FBI.

We didn't talk to the FBI.
They talked to us.

Somehow, I don't think the Grave Digger's
gonna take that into consideration.

We still have time, to catch
the Grave Digger and to save Booth.

The odds are not acceptable.

- Why?
- Because we don't have Booth to help.

Let's be clear here.

What we intend to do next
constitutes felony conspiracy.

- Not you. Me. I can do it alone.
- No. No. Nobody does anything alone.

Vega was alone.

- What the hell's that supposed to be for?
- It's a fulcrum, Sarge. We...

- We'll work it together.
- Hold it there, right there. Ready?

There it is.
There we go. All right, get in.

Hey, real people go first, Sarge.

Get in before I change my mind, will you?

Okay. Get a grip, Sarge.
You're attacking your own hallucination.

You are not a hallucination.
You helped me open up that hatch.

I wouldn't have been able
to open up that hatch without you.

Okay, okay, so what does that make me?

- You are a ghost.
- I'm a ghost?

Hey, why aren't you scared?

You being a ghost is not even on the list
of things that scare me.

I kept telling you, I said,
"Learn to pick a lock."

- You remember your response, Sarge?
- Yeah.

"Any lock worth picking is worth kicking!"
And I still stand by it.

Well, hey, please stand by it.

Advice like that,
it's a miracle I lived as long as I did.

- You got a cufflink?
- Yeah.

- Twenty.
- What's that?

- You were 20 years old when you died.
- Still am. You, Sarge,

I gotta say, you've put a couple years on.

Hey, is it true that the 30s
is when your body

really starts going south on you?

- Hey, you got any kids, Sarge?
- Yeah. I got a boy.

What's his name?

- You're probably gonna take this wrong.
- Why? What'd you do?

You name him something stupid,
like Cutter?

What, Tanner? Brady?

God. You didn't name him Sebastian?


I named him Parker.

That's my name.

It's your last name.
You know, and your lock picking sucks.

- You named your kid after me?
- Yeah.

- What's he like?
- He's... He's just like a kid, you know,

but he's even better.

- Does he like you?
- Of course he likes me.

He loves me. I'm his dad, you know?
He even got me this watch.

- What about his mom?
- Yeah, she... She likes me.

But... She didn't love me.

- You loved her, though.
- Of course I loved her.

I still do. I just...

- I just don't like her too much.
- You saw I picked the lock, right?

We're on a ship.

- Sarge?
- Yeah?

This particular ship
ain't gonna be floating much longer.

C-4 explosives.

There's a boundary stone
through the clearing.

This is weird.

Something nearby
is broadcasting a video signal.

There. A camera, up in that tree.

That's how the Grave Digger
will see that we brought what he wants.

I might be able to hack
into the camera's broadcast frequency.

I gotta say,
it doesn't seem to be the smartest move

to just hand over this evidence.
We need to be rational.

We should maximize the chances to catch
the Grave Digger, not minimize them.

Listen to me, Brennan.
Somebody you love is buried alive.

You're allowed to save them,
no matter how irrational.

- I don't love Booth.
- Yes, you do.

So do I. So do all of us.
Just take my advice

and hand over the evidence and get Booth.

Let's do it. Come on. Let's do it.

Watch your monitor.
Tell me if anything changes, okay?

- By anything, you mean...
- Anything.

Okay, I'm in.
I've locked into the video feed.

I hate this guy.
I mean, I really, really hate him.

I will find you!


- Did you do that?
- No.

No, that's the Grave Digger.
It's the vial he's after.

God, and his receiver's
within a 500-yard radius.

He's really close.

Angela, this pointy bit here
just got way pointier.

- At what frequency?
- 2.2 something.

- Oh, my God.
- What?

That signal's not coming from the camera.
Get back! Run! Run!

Go, go, go! Go!

What the hell is going on here?

- You okay?
- Yeah. Come on.

We followed Dr. Brennan's car
to the Boundary Stone.

- We arrived moments after the explosion.
- What the hell were you people doing?

We have nothing to say.

We found evidence
at the crime scene

believed to be related
to the Grave Digger investigation.

I believe they returned evidence
to the Grave Digger.

Agent Perotta, you will deny
all of these people access to this case.

May I make a request, Your Honor?
I'd like to see Thomas Vega's remains.

- I need to examine them immediately.
- You will examine nothing.

You people will stay away from anything
to do with the Grave Digger.

We're on a ship
stuffed with toys and explosives,

and that makes
some kind of sense to you?


What they do, Sarge,
is they sink ships for reefs.

They get school kids
to do all the decorating.

- Why?
- The fish, why else? Fish love decorations.

There's the transponder.
We have six hours and 23 minutes here.

- What? No ideas?
- According to you, I'm already a ghost.

As a result, I got no sense of urgency.

Hang on. Maybe we can use
the transponder to send a signal.

But that's the only failsafe.

Once you disconnect the transponder,
nothing can stop the ship

from blowing to hell
in six hours and 22 minutes.

Sense of urgency now?

It's been almost two hours.

Why hasn't the Grave Digger
sent us Booth's coordinates?

I think we have to accept that the
Grave Digger isn't gonna release Booth.

He's cleaning up.

- Cleaning up?
- Yeah. He destroyed the evidence.

Now he's trying to destroy everyone
who had gotten close to him.

- Vega, Agent Booth, you and Hodgins.
- It's over. Booth's dead. It's my fault.

- We're out of options.
- No. No. It's not over.

And I know exactly who to ask for help.

So what's so important
you couldn't tell me on the phone?

Your brother has been kidnapped
by the Grave Digger.

- Seeley's been kidnapped? When?
- Booth will be dead in six hours.

What I need you to do
is hijack the remains of a murder victim

and then bring them to me.

I'm in military intelligence.
We don't hijack dead bodies.

The victim's name is Thomas Vega.

So you want me to steal the remains
of a murder victim from the FBI?

Yes. As soon as possible, please.

- I can make a few calls.
- No.

This is not a situation
where you make a few phone calls.

That's who I am, Tempe.
I am the guy who makes a few calls.

Booth has never turned his back on you.
You are a selfish coward,

and you never deserved him.

We can feed the transponder's signal
through the ship's antenna.

Well, you taught me
sometimes you gotta stand and fight,

and sometimes
you gotta run like hell for help.

Hang on, Teddy. Stay with me.

Sarge? Sarge?

We never should've gone
on that last mission.

I mean,

taking out another sniper, that was...

That was way beyond your capabilities.
There was...

You couldn't.

That's why you're haunting me, right?

Can't an old army buddy just show up
to lend a helping hand?


- You have a partner now?
- Yeah.

You two tight?

Yeah. I mean, we're...

- You'd like her, she's...
- Her?

- Way to go, Sarge.
- Let's just focus here, all right?

Corporal, all right, whoever is monitoring
the sinking of the ship

- should be able to pick up the signal, right?
- Very cool, Sarge.


You shorted it out.
It's useless now.


Look, don't worry, Sarge.
Hey, at least we still got this flashlight.

- Vega's remains.
- Thank you.

So, just to sum things up,
the ship's about to explode,

- and now there's no way to stop it.
- Rub it in. I got you killed twice.

- Where are we going?
- We gotta get out of here.

Hey, even if we get up out on the deck,
we're gonna have to jump into the ocean.

That's right.

Where, if the fall doesn't kill us,
we'll get hypothermia and drown?

No, I get hypothermia and drown.
Who knows what will happen to you?

If you die, Sarge, I'm gone.

There's not a single person left
on the planet who will remember me.

It would be like I was never here.

- No.
- No?

No, there's that... That girl.
She won't forget you.

- You mean Claire?
- Yeah, Claire.

You know, every day
on the anniversary of your death,

I go to your grave and I visit you,
and there's always flowers from her there.

- Do you ever see her?
- From a distance, yeah.

- Why don't you talk to her?
- She blames me for your death.

- That's crazy.
- That's not crazy. I blame me, too.

Here we go.

- Sarge?
- Yeah?

Tomorrow's the anniversary.
I need a favor.

I survive this, anything.

I need you to tell Claire I loved her.

- You never told her?
- I was 20.

- I didn't know how to say it.
- Well, you say, "I love you."

I mean,
what's so hard about that?

What? You've never loved somebody
and didn't say it to them?

See, maybe that's why I'm here.
Get you to say "I love you" to somebody.

- We can get through here.
- Get through the solid metal wall?

No, the stairs, you see? The stairs.

The thinnest interior bulkhead of a ship
is gonna be along the stairs.

We're gonna blast our way through this.

Rigor indicates he's been dead
less than 24 hours.

About the same time Booth disappeared.

Vega must've been killed just after
we were threatened by that judge.

Two full thickness burns
to the posterior triangle of the neck,

corresponding with
a high-amperage stun gun.

Stun gun.

How'd you pull this off?

It's masked as a military
intelligence operation. National security.

Well, how long
before they find out the truth?

Not long, if you keep talking so loud.

You're gonna get in trouble, Jared.
Definitely lose your job.

I'm aware.

These burn marks
are not in the usual place.

On all the other victims,

they were equidistant
from the inferior nuchal line.

This time they're angled
about four centimeters to the right.

This is deep. The stun gun was held here
near his heart for an extended time.

Caused fatal fibrillation.
That would be cause of death.

Here's a hairline fracture
to the olecranon process of the right ulna.

- What does that mean?
- The victim damaged his right medial

and lateral upper epicondyles,
as well as his coronoid fossa.

Possibly consistent with a defensive
response to a posterior assault.

- Our victim got a piece of the bad guy.
- He elbowed the assailant.

Striking someone that hard,
there's going to be damage.

At least broken ribs.

- Got it.
- Good job, kid.

- What the hell's that supposed to be?
- A well-shaped charge.

It's a mermaid. You get it?
It's not sexist, 'cause she's mostly fish.

Right. Okay.


All we need now is a power source.

Right. That's what the flashlight was for.

I have an injunction here
reclaiming jurisdiction in this case.

On what grounds?

One missing FBI agent
is not a case of national security.

Grab a coffee, guys.

- Do you have the warrant?
- Right here, signed by the judge.

I don't think there's any more reason
for us to keep the truth from Miss Taffet.

No, wait, the Grave Digger said that we...

You've been in touch
with the Grave Digger?

The Grave Digger has Agent Booth?

She can't seem to
extend her arm.



- What do you think?
- About what?

It's possible.

She had complete access
to FBI files and evidence.

Nobody wanted the Grave Digger case.
It's a career killer.

But with Kurland out of the way...

Have you injured yourself recently,
Miss Taffet?

What the hell does that
have to do with anything?

Don't let Dr. Hodgins go.
Could I see the warrant, please?

Broken ribs.

- She's the Grave Digger?
- It's her.

- Can you prove it?
- No, we can't.

- Is that a problem?
- Not for me.

You got a place to lock her up?

- Where's Booth?
- She's not gonna say anything.

You haven't even asked.

Yeah, I've read extensively
on the Grave Digger.

I'm acquainted with the profile.

Very intelligent, very calm.
She won't speak.

- Then what do we do?
- You have to do spring cleaning on her.

What is that?
Is that some kind of torture or something?

Nothing. It doesn't exist.

The government keeps secret black
illegal files on every US citizen.

It's called spring cleaning,

'cause everything is brought out
into the light and turned upside down.

Okay. That is complete paranoia, right?

- I'll need access to a secure terminal.
- Follow me.

And only conspiracy nuts
call it spring cleaning.

- Sarge?
- Corporal Parker,

I really need you to stifle yourself
at this juncture, okay?

Okay. Yeah. I get it.

I mean, if these two leads touch,
that explodes, you become Booth jam.

That's correct.

Or, say, a bead of sweat
completes the circuit, then boom!

- Can I ask you one more question?
- What is it, Corporal?

It's just... How are you gonna
complete the circuit from 100 yards away,

at which distance
you might survive the blast?

One thing at a time, okay?


First time I've ever heard
of a cowardly ghost. What a wuss.

I'd like to kill you.

I hate her. I think I could murder her.

If any group of people could
murder someone and get away with it,

it would be us.

I'm not gonna
ask you any questions.

I'm just gonna tell you
what's going on right now.

Going through your file as Heather Taffet,
you have led a very tiny, transparent life.

But in 1998,

you married a man named William Burton
for exactly one month,

before you had the marriage annulled.

Which was long enough
to create an entire identity.

A whole untraceable identity,

which you used for one thing,
and one thing only.

To rent a storage locker in Spring Hill.

I got you, bitch.

- I gotta get closer.
- You're too close now, Sarge.

You're too close. Look. I'll get it. I'll get it.


You gotta get your hands
on some truth-telling drugs.

- What?
- Would you rather torture her?

I know a little bit about that.

- No? What? We don't do that.
- Booth will die.

Character is who you are under pressure,
not who you are when everything's fine.

We're the good guys.
We don't... We don't torture people.

Evidence is being compiled against you
as we speak, Miss Taffet.

Tell us where Agent Booth is.

You don't want another murder
on your head.

Okay, see? That's not gonna work.

Her pathology necessitates
controlling the game.

She's created her own morality.
She's not gonna relinquish control.

Hey, they brought in everything
from her storage locker.

Get back to work, everyone.

- Teddy?
- Yeah?

I can't see very well. I looked at the flash.

You're okay?

I think I could use some help.

Is that light?

- Did we find a way out?
- You always find a way out, Sarge.

I'll be your legs, you be my eyes.
Come on, Teddy.

- Which way, Corporal?
- Towards the light.

That sounds bad,
huh? "Move towards the light."

- Hold up. These boots were worn recently.
- Hey, Jared,

can I see your black file of spring cleaning
or whatever?

- Contents are on my PDA.
- Talk to me while you analyze.

Aedes sollicitans.
It's a common marsh mosquito.

- Blood's still in its gut.
- Indicating it was worn how recently?

At least in the last 24 hours for sure,
but wait a second.

- I got some paint chips here.
- Run it through the mass spec.

See if there's anything special
about that paint.

I'm on it.

- You still with me, Teddy?
- Yeah.

But I gotta tell you, I feel like
we've kind of been here before.

I'm sorry I got you killed.

I was so anxious to get off that shot,
take out my target,

that I forgot to tell you to get down.

But you told me to get down twice.

- You gave the order. I didn't listen.
- What?

Sarge. Stop.

I didn't come here to haunt you.

I came to tell you it wasn't your fault.

Active amine hydrogen,
epoxy, hydroxyapatite and silica.

It's an obsolete composition
of deck coating

used by the Navy prior to 1961.

So, she was on a Navy vessel
within the last 24 hours?

Yes. Yeah, an old one.
Most likely decommissioned.

Wait a minute. A ship?
Listen to this.

Taffet was a volunteer at the aquarium.

They were prepping
some sort of old Navy ship to be sunk.

- What?
- They're making some sort of reef.

The Navy's not afraid of explosions
or sinking ships.

Plus, it'll really annoy my brother,
the Army ranger, to be saved by a squid.

Brennan, they know where Booth is.

Jared is getting a helicopter
to take you there.

He's on an old Navy ship.

You can put me down, Sarge.
You don't have to carry me anymore.

Doesn't work that way, Teddy.

Temperance, can you hear me?
I'm patched through via cell phone.

Jared? I don't understand.

Why aren't you here
in the helicopter with me?

Typical Navy red tape.
Nothing to worry about.

But listen.
They couldn't cancel the detonation.

- Something's wrong with the transponder.
- What do we do now?

The ship blows in nine minutes.

The Navy's only giving you five
to get there and get Seeley off.

No, Jared!
Booth could be anywhere on that ship!

Five minutes is not enough time!

These guys don't negotiate, Tempe.
They won't risk any more lives.

Are you all right?

It's all worth it,
as long as you save my brother.

- Rangers lead the way, Sarge.
- That's right.

Rangers lead the way, Corporal.

There. All right?


I knew what you did for me.

How far you carried me.

Sarge? One more thing I gotta tell you.

No way you're getting the deposit back
on that tux.

Booth! Hurry! Come on!

Hurry, Booth! Come on!

Booth! Come on! Hurry!

Thanks for coming to get me, Bones.

You should've stayed in the hospital
another day.

No, I didn't mean
getting me out of the hospital.

I meant coming out on the helicopter
to the ship.

Thanks for saving my life.

I got you this.

"Cocky"! How did you find that?
That's hard to find.

I read through your report.

Seems you would need two people
to do most of what you did.

I had help.

There was a ghost.

You were injured, drugged,
disoriented, breathing bad air.

There are no such things as ghosts.

Whatever you have
to tell yourself there, Bones.

Whose ghost?

- He's buried over there.
- The ghost?

Corporal Edward Parker.

He was slain while serving his country.

He was 20. He was just a kid.

Was it your fault that he died?


Fortunes of war. It wasn't my fault.

You see that woman over there?

Her name is Claire.
I have a message for her from Teddy.

- What? A message from a ghost?
- You wait here, okay?

But you're gonna deliver a message
to that woman from a ghost?

It's a sign that lets you know
There is a life awaiting

The day you make your peace
With the love in you that died

Beautiful day.

- Makes you glad to be alive, doesn't it?
- Yes, it does.

And the dam becomes a river

The fire burns out under the rain

Can you feel it now?

It's gone from you forever

When the pain dies down

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