Bones (2005–2017): Season 4, Episode 10 - The Bone That Blew - full transcript

Brennan and Booth investigate the remains of a bodyguard of two children who attend a high security school for the children of important people. Also, Cam hires Brennan's father as a teacher which causes some conflicts for Bones.

It must be them there near
a big piece of nothing

According to my GPS,

it's about where Texas
turns into Oklahoma.

Oh, great, right in the middle of
a jurisdictional pissing contest.

Look, I'm out of water.

Give me yours.

Hey! Are y'all FBI?

FBI Special Agent Seely Booth.

This here is Dr. Temperance
Brennan from the Jeffersonian.

Welcome to Oklahoma, ma'am.

Welcome to Texas, ma'am.

Guy, welcome to the
United States of America.

Where are the remains, please?

Oh, right here.

Hardly any flesh left.

It's very dry here,

so I'm guessing
the time of death

was some months ago.

How do you think they died?

They left Oklahoma, hit Texas,

then died of despair.

Nope, they're
definitely Oklahomans.

If they were from Texas,

they'd had sense
enough to carry water.

That wouldn't show
up in the bones.

No clothing.

Might have blown away.

Maybe a young couple,

some kind of suicide pact?

Sub-pubic angle
suggests two females.

Ooh, lesbian suicide pact.

Definitely Texans, then.

The victims were

Pygopagus, or some
would say Illeopagus.

- What's that? - Greek?

- Conjoined twins.
- What's that?

Siamese twins.

The point of attachment
is posterior.

Joined at the ass.

Definitely Texans.

So what do we got here, Doc?

Well, it's a federal case, boys.

The FBI will take jurisdiction.

Conjoined twin births occur
once every 85,000 births.

The same frequency as
hermaphroditic births.

Oh, Mr. Nigel Murray,

we've so missed your insights.

Thank you.

Why weren't the remains
dispersed by scavengers?

Well, the depression
in the earth suggested

that they were buried in an
extremely shallow grave.

The remains were spotted
by an oil survey team

from a helicopter.

Begging the question,
what exposed the bones?

Well, there was a sandstorm
in that area eight days ago.

Sustained winds of
60 miles an hour,

gusts of about 80.

Their molars have not
completely emerged

and root development
is incomplete.

Indicating that

the victims were between
19 and 21 years of age.

Guys, hello?

ID'ing them is not
going to be a problem.

How many sets of conjoined
twins can there be?

Um, over the last 500 years,
approximately 600 sets.

Over 70% women.

I did not expect
him to know that.

Well, all facts are useful.

It's just the context
that shifts.

I bet I could just go

search for missing Siamese twins

and find them in,
like, ten minutes.

By all means, give it a shot.

The victims had

two separate spinal
columns fused distally

at the lower sacral level
extending to the pelvis.

No other vertebral anomalies.

Neither one of them
could have survived

the death of the other.

So murder-suicide.

Or vice-versa.

That was vice-versa.

Soil beneath the skeletons
was full of weirdness.

Quite a bit of
decomposed cotton.

We didn't see any fabric.

Wow, it's decomposed. It's
fairly cheap stuff, too.

I think they were
wrapped in a sheet.

Naked, wrapped in a sheet.

Sweets will have something
to say about that.

Also I found
soil-dwelling mites:

genus Ameronothrus.

Nearest place they could
have picked up soil mites

was hundreds of miles away.

And decomposed popcorn.

They were killed at the movies?

I have a theory...

The circus.

Kind of stole my thunder there.

But, yeah, yeah, the
traveling circus.

I found them.


The circus.

- The circus. - The circus.

"Abracadabra" was first
uttered to cure hay fever.

Conjoined twins
wrapped in a sheet?

According to Hodgins.

It would help to know
how they were wrapped.

Well, all the evidence
is gone with the wind.

No other clothing?

- According to Hodgins.
- The murderer didn't want

anyone to identify them
from their clothes.

They're conjoined twins. You
might as well buried them

with their driver's
licenses in their hands.

Wrapped naked bodies

often indicate a careful burial,

or of course, sexual assault.

Okay, you know what? That's, uh,

that's creepy. We got to
get going there, Sweets.

- Where?
- Texas. That's where the circus is.

Circus folk

are extremely tight-lipped
and close-knit.

They won't tell you anything.

How do you know?

I, you know, I've read articles.

You're the worst liar
I have ever met.

You read articles?

Even I know he's lying.

Okay, I'm adopted.

You know what? My story
isn't important here.

No, it's very important.
Go ahead.


when I reached the age

of majority, I tried to
find my birth mother,

a psychic who worked the circus
and carnival circuit in Florida.

Bio mom was a carney.

You know what? Let's
stay on track.

The point is no one
would talk to me.

Were you wearing a suit?

You'll be wearing a suit,

and they won't open
up to you, either.

I'm just trying to
be helpful here.

I suspect Sweets is right.

I studied a carnival
for six weeks

as research for my cultural
anthropology dissertation,

no one would tell me anything.

Even though I became quite
adept on the high wire.

Fine. If they're going
to talk to their own,

- we will go undercover. - What?

If we're joining a circus,
we'll need an act.

I am quite adept
on the high wire.

No, no, no, you know what? We'll
have a knife-throwing act.

I can't throw knives.

I can. I had the best

knife skills in the Rangers.

We're going to join the circus.

We are going to join the circus.

So we're going to talk to the
twins' mother here in Ft. Worth,

then we'll pick up
our mobile home.

And we'll join the circus
right outside Waco.

"Our mobile home"?

Yeah, we're circus folks, Bones.

We crisscross the country
in a mobile home.

I'll have the field office here

paint up something
special for us.

Well, is that all you need

to get a job at the
circus, a mobile home?

You know what? It's
going to help.

It's showy, and
we're show people.

Well, it's always possible that
we'll talk to the girls' mother

and solve this whole
case tonight.

- Right? Hmm, - I hope not.

What? Hmm?

I should've never let those
girls leave this home.

Worst thing that can happen
to a mother, isn't it?

Finding out that you
outlived your child.


Except for societies with
high infant mortality rates.

My understanding is you
tried to sue the circus

several times, Mrs. Van Owen.

It's Mrs. Hicks.

Dell Hicks here

is my husband and my lawyer.

Dell helped me sue
the circus for...

Loss of income,
alienation of affection,

civil rights abuses,

animal abuses, improper hiring,

emotional distress,
mental anguish...

Any of these go to court?

It's just a matter of
time, Agent Booth.

Hmm. You really
hated that circus.

They stole my daughters.

I'll do anything to get
back at them for that.

When did you last see
your last daughters?

Four months ago. They told us

- to butt out of their lives.
- Jenny did.

If one of the girls wanted
something, it was the same

as both of them wanting it.

If Jenny wanted something,
then they both want wanted it.

Didn't matter what Julie wanted.

I took a look

at their remains,
and I had to wonder

if you ever considered having
them surgically separated?

It was too dangerous.

I disagree.

So did Jenny and Dr. Muir.

Well, Julie and I thought
it was too dangerous.

Your daughters disagreed on
whether or not they should

be separated?

Dr. Muir's office
here in Fort Worth?

I'm sure you understand that

my responses to your
questions about

the Van Owen sisters
is somewhat tempered

by patient privilege.

Well, they're murder
victims, right?

Patient privilege
no longer applies.

Ah, yes, of course.

I've never had a patient
murdered before.

You thought that

the twins could
safely be separated.

- Yes. - I agree.

As did Jenny.

But Julie and her
mother disagreed.

She and her...

well, ambulance chaser
husband tried to sue me.

So how did you leave things?

Well, in the end,
it didn't matter

what the rest of us thought.

Julie and Jenny were going to
have to come to an agreement.

I wonder if they thought
they could continue

to work in the circus
if they were separated?

Well, they both
loved the circus.

Jenny told me once that
they had some ideas

on how to expand their act.

Sounds like Jenny
was the bossy one

and Julie was a little nicer?

Well, they were like
any other sisters.

They had distinct
personalities and strengths.

If there's anything else I
can do to help the FBI...

Yeah, tell you what. Why
don't you send, uh,

the records to the
FBI in Washington.

Why can't you simply
take them with you?

We have another appointment.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The FBI did a wonderful
job with this trailer.

Okay, just lose the
Katharine Hepburn voice.

I'm just trying to find my
character, you know, acting.

Well, don't.

It sounds ridiculous,
okay, Bones?

What's my name there, Wanda?

It's written right there
on the side of the truck,

which "high wire" is not.

It's just some sometimes
you get irritated

and you say "Booth"
without thinking.

I don't do anything
without thinking,

ever... Buck.

Buck and Wanda and their
Knives of Death, huh?

Never heard of you.

We worked the Pacific
Northwest, Canada, Alaska.

I guess that makes you the
beautiful assistant then?

Wanda, yes. I'm also quite
adept on the high wire.

I got to admit, it would be nice

to have a knife-throwing
act around.

Well, folks, they
love a little danger.

So what's your thing?

Our thing?

Yeah, your gimmick.

You know, uh, cowboy
and Indian princess?

Pirate and kidnapped princess?

Jack the Ripper and princess?

- We're Russian.
- Or the Cowboy and Indian

princess thing.

No, no, no, the Russian
thing sounds good.

- It does? - Yeah.

Yeah. Okay, yeah.

- We are Russki. - All right.

Well, you do the
first show for free,

and if I like you,

then we talk payment.

Uh, you ain't seen nothing yet.


You two ain't the first
of May, are you?

No. In fact,

we are not... We are
no first of May.

We're no first of May.

This is Lavalle.

He's our 24-hour man.

Lavalle, meet Buck
and Wanda Moosejaw.

They do a barber act.


- What are you, Indian?
- Canadian.

Lavalle will show you

where to park your digs.

You can get ready for the show.

They any good?

How about that?

Hell, being able
to splinter a post

don't make you any
kind of a showman.

Oh, we're show
people, all right.

You will be amazed.

Russian? You had
to pick Russian.

I know. Brilliant, right?

It just popped into my head.

Well, you know what?

Don't pop things, Bones.

Sweets, what the hell
is the first of May?

A newbie.

A rookie.

Why would a little person

be referred to as a 24-hour man?

Oh, having a little trouble
with the lingo, huh?

He is the advance person.

He goes to town

ahead of the circus and
sets everything up.

If you like,

I-I could e-mail you a lexicon.

Uh, I would certainly
appreciate that.


Um, can I offer a
piece of advice?

Well, that's why we
called you, Sweets.

Don't try too hard
to be their friends.

Act like you're more interested
in each other than any of them.

All right? They
will come to you.

Okay, thanks, Sweets.

So, uh, sex, right?

Oh, good idea.


Okay, well, I think
what we need to do

is get a syncopated rhythm
going that takes advantage

of the natural frequency
of the springs.

Are you this spontaneous

- during real sex? - Yes, I am.

What do you think?

Let's just hope they're as good

outside the trailer
as they are in.

I'll give them good marks
for staying power.

I don't know what that is.

I can try to balance.

Getting settled in, Moosejaw?


Nice tent. Very...

It's a piece of crap.


Let's just pray there's
no wind or rain.

Hate for it to collapse
on paying customers.

There something we
can help you with?

Aim me at the Van Owen sisters.

The Van Owen sisters?

Yeah, sisters, jugglers,

Julie and Jenny, joined at the hip.

Yeah, funny. How
do you know them?

I worked a carney up
in Alaska last year.

Nice kids.

Said they were coming down
here to work at Bingham's.

I'm afraid you missed them.

Uh, Julie and Jenny,

they-they moved on...

Well, when was it, Lavalle?

Uh, after Petersburg, wasn't it?



Julie and Jenny don't
work here anymore.

Where'd they go?

Well, you know what?

I think I got a note
in here somewhere

from them that they left.

"Thanks for everything.

"We loved working here,

"and we love all of you,

"but we've decided to take
another direction in our lives.

"You'll always be family.

Love, Julie and Jenny."

That doesn't sound like them.

- Well, it sounds like Julie.
- Not Jenny.

Well, maybe they were forced
to leave under duress.

Listen to the five-dollar
words the target can use.

She likes to read
the dictionary.

Tough girl, Jenny.

Yeah, the rubes sure loved them.

Them quitting probably
hurt your box office.


I got nothing but trouble
at the box office.

I'm sure we'll run
into the girls

somewhere or another.

I mean, there's not
many circuses anymore,


Food's ready in the mess tent.

If you two can drag yourselves
out of your trailer,

I'll, um, introduce you
to the rest of the gang.

"Duress"? Real smart.

You don't use those kind of words.
What? Why?

- Just because I'm in a carnival
- Ah, forget it.

Doesn't mean I can't read books

and have a good vocabular...

Is it more impressive
that they can do that

joined at the hip or less?

Twins die an average
of ten years apart,

even when they are
genetically identical.

Not helpful.

Ah, X-rays from the
twins' doctor in Dallas.

Okay, notice the
antemortem bone lesion

in the carpal capitate, suggesting
a stab wound on the hand.

Did you see the video?

They were juggling machetes.

Found particulates of magnesium
carbonate on both girls.

Do you have any fascinating
trivia on that subject?

One man's trivia is
another man's wisdom.

Mm-hmm... the chalk

used in flooring, fireproofing,

cosmetics, toothpaste
and laxatives.

Obviously, we are on

the lookout for a clean-toothed,

eye shadow wearing,
constipated contractor.

Hey, Brennan sent a
photograph of the note

the twins left at the circus.

How long will it take
you to analyze it?

Well, I found something
pretty interesting

just by looking at it.

You said Jenny

was the left-handed twin.



The smudges and the slants
on the letter indicate

that the note was written
by the left-handed twin.

On a standard keyboard,

there are over 3,000 words

that can be touch-typed
with the left hand alone.

It's not typed;
it's handwritten.

How many can be typed
with the right hand?


Thank you ever so
much for asking me.

Please don't encourage him.

Uh-huh... the point is, "Jenny"

was signed with a right
hand, while "Julie"

signed the note with a left.

This note was obviously not
written by them, guys.

It's fake.

Oh, can you look at them, huh?


The psychiatric term

for fear of clowns
is coulrophobia.

It's not fear; it's hate, okay?

Big difference.

You mind?

Sure, have a seat.

Buck, Wanda, this

is Magnum the Strongman,

and this is Madame Nina.

Oh, are those your legal names?

Is Wanda yours?

Buck and Wanda...

they knew Jenny and Julie.

I miss those girls.

We all do.

- Uh, not the clowns.
- Why is that?

The girls were trying a new act.

They borrowed some of

the clowns' equipment
without asking.

Yeah, well, they should
have stuck to juggling.

They were just trying

to help save the circus.

Well, they wanted more time
in front of the audience.

Not Julie... she wanted
to spend more time

- with her boyfriend.
- Julie had a boyfriend?

But her sister was literally
right beside her all the time.

People can't help who
they fall in love with.

When you fall in love

with an outsider, that's
the end of circus life.

Who was it?

He was a gillie.

What's a gillie?

A gillie's an outsider.

So, one of the girls
had a boyfriend.

Booth, you're sitting
on my clothes.

I'm sorry, but it's
kind of tight in here.

Which is why you shouldn't throw

- your underwear on the floor.
- They fell.

No, don't blame gravity
for a lack of tidiness.

Is there only one bed there?

Uh, can we please hit rewind?

One of the girls
had a boyfriend?


Only one of them?

I mean, how did they,

you know, when they were...

I just don't see
physically how they...

Okay, look, that's
not the issue.

Just take that image
out of your mind

and pretend that they are
separate individuals,

and ask yourself if you found
anything that suggested

a relationship.


Huh? Yeah, sorry.

Still working on the mind
picture eradication thing.

Did you find anything
on one of the sisters

that you didn't find
present on the other?

Uh, yeah, actually.

Yeah, I did.

Uh, residue of
polyelectrolyte polymers

under the fingernails of
Julie, and not Jenny.

It was polyvinylpyrrolidone.

What is that, makeup?

It's not makeup; it's hair gel.

Seems that Julie was running her
fingers through someone's hair.

Julie was the one
with a boyfriend?

Can you identify a brand?

No, but it would smell
a lot like sandalwood.

Smoothsure Power Hold.

Uh, it's definitely on the list
of possible products, yeah.

Dr. Muir was wearing
a ton of hair gel

that smelled just
like sandalwood.


Son of a barber, okay?

I know my traditional
hair products.

So, Julie was having an
affair with Dr. Muir?

If we leave now, we can
question them and be back

- in a couple of hours.
- No, not in this thing.

And we have a show.

We can't be late.

You know, we're not
circus performers, okay?

We solve murders.

Yeah, we're undercover
murder solvers,

and if we don't make
it back in time,

we'll blow our cover.

Tell you what, I will search
for a faster vehicle.

All right?

Oh, but first, I got
to go scavenge,

you know, some Russian costumes

because somebody said
we did a Russian act.

It was a great idea.

Dr. Brennan,

if you do have to perform,
any chance that you

could set up a Webcam
so we could watch?

You know, to see if we
might be of any help

with the case, I mean.

Yeah, absolutely.

Anything to help.

You bring our real clothes?

Yes, they're in the bag.

Where did you learn
to drive this thing?

You're kidding me, right?

I'm a cop.

We should really
talk about our act.

Two complementary fractures

on each of the
victims' craniums.

Like their heads were
cracked together?

Interesting fact.

Yes, but is it pertinent?


In the fraternity of
forensic anthropologists,

these are known as
"kissing fractures."

So, heads knocked together
is the cause of death?

Little known fact.

There were actually six men
known as the Three Stooges.

So, we're going with
the Three Stooges

as the cause of death.

Such would be my inclination.

I'll let you pass that
nugget on to Dr. Brennan

when you tell her
about the fractures.

Well, I already sent off the
girls' medical records.

I'm not sure how else
I could help you.

I want to run my fingers
through your hair.

Uh, why?

To prove you were in a
sexual relationship

with Julie Van Owen.

And running your fingers through
my hair will prove that?

- Yep. - I tell you what,

look Dr. Brennan up
on the an Internet.

She's getting very famous

for this kind of stuff.

You're not gonna
understand this.

- You had a threesome?
- Absolutely not.

I dated Jenny first,

and then I fell in
love with Julie.

Jenny didn't really like that.

That's why he recommended

separating the twins.

That's not true.

My recommendation was
totally objective.

Maybe their mother found out
and sued his whole life away.

Which is the only reason we
kept the relationship a secret.


- Sexual relationship? - How?

Well, when you were...

I'm trying to understand.

When, uh, you and Julie...

The girls had
separate genitalia.

A fair amount of privacy

could be achieved by an eye mask

and an MP3 player
turned up very loud.

Julie liked the Kings of Leon.

Jenny liked Maroon 5.

The American Medical Association is
going to take away your license.

Yeah, that's a
motive for murder.

We should arrest him.

- Wait. On what charges?
- Definitely positive

for the whole suspicion
of murder thing,

but, you know, the, uh, other thing
is just, uh, it's a little confusing.

Can you go faster?

We'll miss the show.

Oh, we're making
great time, Bones.

All right, relax.

All right, a little help there.
Phone's ringing.

I'm kind of busy. Oh, okay.

Should we talk about our act?

We need costumes.

No, we don't need the Russian
costumes, all right?

- We're dropping the act.
- What?

You can throw knives. I saw it.

Yeah, I know I can,

but we caught the
bad guy, all right.

We don't need to go undercover.

What are you doing?
Digging for loose change?

Got it.

Special Agent Seeley
Booth's phone,

Dr. Temperance Brennan speaking.

Dallas field office.

It's for you. Yeah,
of course it is.

It's my phone.

Well, then ask 'em what they want.

What is this about, please?

They say that all of Dr.
Muir's alibis checked out

and they can't hold
him for murder.

Well, he didn't kill the twins?

Mmm, he couldn't have
driven all the way

to the Texas/Oklahoma
border during that time.

Now can we talk about our act?

I do know a few
words in Russian.

Oh, no.

Vincent provided me with the
approximate forces it would take

to cause the kissing fractures
to the twins' skulls.

Approximately 300
pounds per square inch,

which is, by the way,

the same as a pit bull's bite.

Were they attacked
by a pit bull?

Not a likely scenario.

- No. - See how this works,

Mr. Nigel-Murray?

A kind of mental
winnowing process?


Scenario number one,




There'd be evidence of trauma

in the vertebrae as well.

Excellent mental winnowing.

Okay. Scenario number two,

a fall.


The rest of the skeleton
would have showed evidence

of a fall. Mm-hmm.

Scenario number three,

they are assaulted
separately by a weapon.

That's possible.

No, actually it's not.

Why not?

Because the wounds
are absolutely

symmetrical here.

The possibility of an assailant
striking them separately

at the exact same angle with
the exact same force...

It ain't going to happen.

The heads could have
been conked together.

There'd be evidence

on the soft tissue of the face.

There was no soft tissue left.

What if the blunt
instrument was soft?

Like a pillow?

Oh, wait a second.

Clown props.

I'll call Booth and Dr. Brennan.


When Cortez conquered
the Aztecs, clowns

were among the many treasures
he carried back to Clement VII.

Thank you.

- You ready? - Yes.

Ready to throw knives
at beautiful woman.

- Not at, I hope. - Right, no,

of course.

Around her.

Wow, Wanda.

You, you look...

You, too, uh, Boris.

You make beautiful Natasha.

Man, you,

you act like it's the first
time you've done this.

Yeah, well, we like
to keep things fresh.

So I've seen.

Okay, so, um,

I stand against a board, right,

with balloons all around me

and then you pop them

with your razor sharp knives?

Right. Unless we
do our actual job

and find the murder weapon.

What's with the moustache?

What? I thought it'd add
a nice Russian flair.

It looks like a small animal.

Too short.

There's a giant plastic
ice cream cone,

giant plastic shoe,

giant plastic phone,

giant plastic...

You mind telling me
what you're doing here?

Or what, you're going
to play tough?

You're clowns, right?

I throw knives.

Let's kick his ass.

Bring it on, Bozo.

Uh, we're just looking
for a prop that's all.

Buck here is going to knock this

nose off my face with a knife.

Why does everyone think

the clown stuff is
there for everyone?

This is our stuff!

Let's kick his ass, you guys!


clowns are fun loving
and anarchistic.

You are rigid and humorless.

Let's kick both their asses!

You better have your biggest
ass-kicking shoes on.


Y'all want to have a clem,
that's your business,

but after the show.

Tumbles, I'm serious.

All right, let's go, guys.

Not so funny now, hey, Tumbles?

That's enough, Moosejaw.

We're lining up.

You two damn well
better be ready.

I'm ready.

How about you?

Yeah, I'm ready.

Oh, God!

- Bones, - My eye.

You okay?

I'm okay.

Well, we can't do the show now.

What? No!

The show must go on!

Ladies and gentlemen and
children of all ages,

welcome to Bingham's
Circus of Wonders,

the most sensational,

one-ring spectacular on Earth!

They're clapping for us!

Smile, Boris.

And wave.

Show them your knives!

Come on.

Where's the Buck
Moosejaw I married?

I got props.

Props? For what?

Props. Objects for you
to throw knives at.

No, no. You are going to stand

against the board still.

I am going to throw knives

around you. But not too close.

That does not sound
like a very good act.

I'm sure the crowd is expecting
a lot more than that.

There is no act. Remember?

There's just me trying
not to kill you.

What... you said you
were very good,

trained in knife skills
by the military. Oh,

But it's you I am concerned for.

Well, if you say you're skilled

then I have no reason
to doubt you, do I?

You know it's not good

for the barbers to
fight before a show.

Those things are sharp.

Let's just get through this,
all right, Mrs. Moosejaw?


Look at that.

The clowns are using
those fake barbells.

One of them could've
clocked the twins

and smashed their
heads together.

The bar joining the foam weights

together is too short.

The fulcrum wouldn't give any
of them sufficient force

to cause the kissing fractures.

But they're clowns.

They have their ways.

Folks, thanks a lot.

See you later on.

You're up.

And now, direct

from their triumphant tour
of Europe and the Far East,

Bingham's Circus of Wonders is

proud to present the
razor sharp skills

of the most thrilling,
the most breathtaking,

the most dangerous
knife throwing

act in the world.

Boris and Natasha

and their Russian
knives of death!

What's up with Brennan's eye?

An eye patch.

That's very rakish.

Plus she only has to
be half as scared.

Bones, just keep your arms
outstretched like this.


- Be very, very still.- Okay.

Shouldn't the balloons
be closer to my body?

Not if you want to live.

That was amazing!

WO That was good.

Natasha's balloons

are no match for Boris's
knives of death!


moya lyubov, spare the life

of your lyubov.


Are they sure they know
what they're doing?

You really are as
good as you said.

You should try a blindfold.

Yeah, says the half blind woman.

Is it me, or does she seem
a little too into this?

Well, there is, of course,
a sexual component

to an act of this sort,
the knife representing...

We get it.

Dr. Brennan is
showing remarkable

trust and willingness.

Be careful!

She's only got one eye left!

Well, how about that?!

Let's hear it for them, folks.

Boris the Brave and the
knee-knockingly lovely Natasha!

Come on, Boris.

Let them hear it, folks!

They loved us.

You were great.

Superb hand-eye
coordination there, Buckie.

I could have killed you.

Therein lies the excitement
for the spectators.

Super strong,

Mighty Magnum!

- Oh, my God. - What?

Magnum, look!

He definitely has the
upper body strength

to swing the foam barbell

hard enough to cause
those fractures.

Check out those arms of steel!

Hey there, big guy,

you got a minute?

For what?

I want to ask you a question

about my friends,
Julie and Jenny.

No, this is getting old.

I told you, they were here,

they left, that's all I know.

Okay, now check with some
other circuses maybe.

They're dead but you knew that,

didn't you?

Dead? What are you
talking about?

Their heads were
smashed together.

Weren't they, Magnum?

That guy is strong.

Well, he is called
the strongman.

I want to put a BOLO on
this guy right away.

Magnum the Strongman,

real name: Norman Von Gluck.

Well, of course he's big,

he's a strongman.

He's wearing a tank top
that says "Magnum"...

Shouldn't be too hard to spot.

Mr. Nigel-Murray has found

some additional bone anomalies.

Can you explain?

"Anomaly" from the
Greek "anomalos."

I'm thinking we could move
this along a bit faster,

Mr. Nigel-Murray.

I found slight
longitudinal fractures

along the distal ends of
all four lower leg bones

and stress fractures
on their cuboids.

Fractures to the
lower legs and feet.

Did the guy torture them first?

Rubber hose to the feet?

That wouldn't be consistent
with the injuries,

which are isolated to
those specific areas.

Can you send me the X-rays?

- The X-rays...
- They're on their way.

I was more than capable
of telling her that.

I was afraid you'd
start talking about

Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen

and the discovery of the X-ray.

November 8th, 1895.

He made an image of
his wife's hand...

I rest my case.

By the way, we all
loved your show.

Oh, thank you.

Did you hear the cheering?

It was all for me.

Booth was undeniably good.

However he's not

very imaginative as
far as the act goes.

Well, look, there is a difference
between imagination and tempting fate.

I am just asking for
a little flair.


You want flair then...

Can I ask about the eye?


I was thinking that I could wear

a hat of fruit and then

you could slice
through each fruit,

- while... - Bones, it's over.

No more undercover act.

It's over.

We have to go question
the other performers.


You two want to explain

what happened with Magnum?

He trapped us in the net.

For no reason?

We asked him about the twins.

Asked what?

If he knew anything
about how they died.

You want us to
take care of this?


Who are you people?

FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth.

Dr. Temperance Brennan

of the Jeffersonian Institution.

Okay, uh, the Van Owen
twins were murdered.

Our prime suspect
right now is Magnum.

He had the requisite strength.

Magnum never killed anyone.

People, can you
please come back now?

Can you tell them to come back?

None of us are
going to help you.

Don't you care what
happened to the twins?

You aren't one of us.

You don't get it, do you?

How could you?

You're gillies.

No, no, we're not gillies,
our act was good.

Yeah, you're gillies.


- We have no case.
- Yeah, we will

when we bring Magnum in.

We have no definitive forensics

tying him or anyone
else to the murder.

Yeah, you will when you
get back to the lab,

you'll find evidence.

The bonius maximus will have

his initials on it or something.

I really was pretty
good on the high wire.

I'm going to try it.

No, up there now?

Wait a second, Bones, no!

You'll fall; it's too high!

There's a net. You got no

depth perception. You
have a patch on your eye.

You won't be able to see!

But no, it's more a case
of feel, Booth, you know?

I could do it with my eyes shut.

All right, you shut your eyes

and I will shut mine

'cause I am not watching.

My teacher said I was

one of his best students.

This is crazy.

Booth! Look!

No, I told you.

I'm not gonna look, I'm
keeping my eyes shut.

This is absolutely...

Oh, my God!

Bones, whoo!

Wow, you are fearless!

My feet! I'm not
in shape for this.

Look at you, you're doing great!

You think maybe you could
ride a bike on that thing?

And maybe spin a ball

on your nose at the same time?

Ow! My cuboids!

Your what?

The cuboids are the
bones in my feet.

Bones, you all right?


Yeah, I'm fine.

Oh, my God!

Bones, are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I know what happened.

Oh, it's pretty obvious,
you lost your balance.

No, to the twins.

They weren't murdered.

The stress fractures

to their fibulas and cuboids, they were
caused by walking on the high wire.

And the kissing fracture,

their heads snapped together
when they fell into the net.

That's why there was
no other trauma.

Oh, a conjoined
twin high-wire act?

Henry said that Jenny
wanted to be famous.

Their act would have
been completely unique.

Well, that's a first.

Yeah, covered up an accident

by making it look like a murder.

I didn't kill the them.

I didn't kill them.

I loved them.

I would never hurt them.

We know.

I buried them.

They needed a proper burial.

Don't say anything, Magnum.

You asked them not to
go on the high wire,

but that's exactly what
they wanted to do.

It's probably the only thing
Julie and Jenny ever agreed on.

When they dropped to the net,

the force of the fall

snapped their heads together.

An accident like that,

their mother definitely
would've sued.

The circus would
never have survived.

You know, I'm going
to have to arrest you

for interference
with a dead body.

We're sorry. Aren't we?



We're going to get
you a good lawyer.

Just don't bring them into this.

I don't want to see the circus

die because of me.

What you're going
to have to explain,

is why you wrapped them
in a sheet because

that's something a woman
would do out of respect.

You'll also have to explain

how you forged their

handwriting on a note.


I will.


Well, I'll just

call up the Dallas field office,

and have them pick him up.

Think he'll run again?

No, he won't run.

♪ Some are reaching,
few are there ♪

♪ Want to reign from
a hero's chair ♪

♪ Some are scared
to fly so high ♪

♪ Well, this is how
we have to try ♪

♪ Have no envy and no fear

♪ Have no envy

♪ No fear

They're gone.


- We slept through it? - Yeah.

"Boris and Natasha

and their Russian
knives of death."

I guess we all got
it in us, huh?

The desire to run off
and join the circus.

We did it.

Buck and Wanda were damn good.

Buck was more dashing than you.

I mean, Buck drove a motorcycle.

Wanda was funner than you.


Well, she let me knock
off a rubber nose

from her face with a knife.

You would never let me do that.

You're way too rational.

♪ Have no envy, no fear

Where do you think they are now?

Over the horizon.