Bones (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 8 - The Knight on the Grid - full transcript

The Gormogon killer strikes again, and his next play is a little close to home. Russ returns to face a parole violation when his girlfriend's daughter takes a turn for the worse.

[People Chattering]

[Siren Wailing]
[Vehicle Horn Honks]


Dr. Brennan
looked a little hurt...

when I told her you asked me
to come out here instead of her.

[Chuckles] No. Bones's feelings,
they don't get hurt. She's not like you.

Like me? Yeah, a girl.

The word you're looking
for would be "woman,"

who incidentally makes
more money than you.

Touchy. What can I say?
I'm just a girl with feelings.

All right, listen. Construction crew,
they found a body this afternoon.

Key word here is
body, as in "still meaty."


Male, middle-aged.

Bones, she usually
kneels next to the remains.

These are designer pants, and my bodies are
always so much gushier than Dr. Brennan's.

I'm just saying.

Looks like a stab wound
to the middle of the chest.

Naked, wrapped in plastic.

Bite marks to the face and
extremities. Looks like rats.

- Rats?
- Mm-hmm.

Looks like he might've been
kneecapped. Mob thing maybe?

- [Booth] What's that?
- [Camera Shutter Clicks]

Some kind of gemstone.

[Police Radio Chatter]

This blow through the
sternum would've been fatal,

dealt by a double-edged blade.

So we know our killer is strong.

Based on the rate of decomp, I'd say he's been
dead three days. Probably dumped Friday night.

The gemstone is jade. Narrowing
down the exact type now.

Grit from the wounds.

[Hodgins] Hey, grit to
you. Open book to me.

The injuries to the knees aren't
from baseball bats or bullets.

Zack is right. The victim's
patellas were removed surgically.

- King of the lab.
- [Scoffs]



[Woman] Dr. Brennan? Yes?

Amy Hollister.

I'm your brother's
girlfriend. Of course.

Please, come in. Thanks.

- Would you like
something to drink?
- No, no.

I'm sorry. I... I don't
have a lot of time.

- Do you know where Russ is?
- Amy, I haven't seen Russ
in months.

Oh. Uh... Um...

I have two little
girls. Well, you know.

And, um, the youngest one, that's
Hayley, she's not doing too good.

Cystic fibrosis.

Russ mentioned that
she had lung problems.

Well, her breathing's
real bad, and...

now her liver, and, um,

she keeps asking for Russ.


I'm going to give you
the... phone number of...

Dr. Leo Goetz. [Pen Clicks]

He's the premiere authority
on cystic fibrosis in the country.

I can't afford that.

Oh, no, Amy. Um,
Leo and I are friends.

He'd do it for me as
a favor. No charge.

I'm going to give him a
call, tell him to expect you.

Oh, uh, I don't know
what to say. Thank you.

And as for Russ, I think
you're better off talking to Dad.

I understand. Um,
thank you for your time.

[Footsteps Approaching]

[Paper Cutting]

The knees.

Somebody sent you
human kneecaps in the mail?

- That is like... [Groans]
- Zack says they
match our victim.

We're dusting the envelope for prints. It
was sent somewhere from the D.C. area.

- These patellas
are unusually worn.
- Worn from what?

It's hard to say definitively, but I'd
say the man did a lot of kneeling.

[Angela] Wait a minute.
I've seen that before.

That symbol looks familiar,
like it's from some kind of seal.

Hey, Bones, you are gonna, you know, stay
with a friend? Check into a hotel, right?

She can stay with me. Great.

- Thank you, no. Why?
- Mr. Kneecaps has
your home address?

- I can't freak out every time
somebody googles me.
- Cam, she goes nowhere alone.

- Don't listen to him.
- Who are you more afraid of,
me or her?

- Booth...
- Whoa!

So this is what it's like to
be a kindergarten teacher.

[Chuckles] It's fascinating
interpersonal interaction.

- Dr. Sweets.
- I, uh...

Oh, my... That is gross.

[Booth] Yeah, it's an autopsy room. It's
no place for therapists. What do you want?

Um, you and Dr. Brennan
missed our session this morning.

Maybe because somebody sent
body parts to Bones in the mail.

Oh, my God!

- [Zack] I've identified
the murder weapon.
- Oh, that was quick.

Tapered, inch and a half wide
with both a hilt and a quillon.

The cannelure is
also quite distinctive.

- That's the Gormogon knife.
- The serial killer?

Which is why the
symbol looks so familiar.

I've seen it on a
tapestry in the vault.

So this is the famous bank vault where
the violinist was murdered and eaten?

We transported everything from
the bank here to the Jeffersonian.

So if you touch anything, Sweets,
you put it back exactly the way it was.

Oh, awesome. The
Widow's Son sculpture?

It's a complete silver skeleton which is replaced
piece by piece with bones from murder victims.

And all of the relics, including that
skeleton, can be traced to the Gormogons.

A 17th-century anti-Masonic
group. Supposed to be extinct.

How many victims?

This statue contains the bones of at least
five unidentified victims, plus the violinist.

That is the actual
violinist's pinkie.

Well, obviously Gormogon sent
you his kneecaps to continue his work.

We are not fitting those
kneecaps onto this skeleton.

Mark my words, you'll find something
special about those kneecaps.

Okay, this tapestry
here is... off somehow.

- [Hodgins] Off?
- Well, don't look at me.

My idea of art is a half-naked
woman on the side of a van.

That's interesting.

No, it's not interesting,
Sweets, because it was a joke.

[Booth] Okay, what's the matter?

Russ's girlfriend, Amy, came
to see me. Her daughter's sick.

She's looking for Russ, so I told her
that my dad might know where he is.

Your brother's a wanted fugitive who's a
material witness in your dad's murder trial.

Amy knows that. He's not gonna come
back just because your niece has a cough.

Well, technically, she's not my niece.
And it's not a cough. It's cystic fibrosis.

Dr. Brennan, Missing Persons sent
over dental records from middle-aged men.

- I checked them
against the victim.
- Get a hit?

Father Douglas Cooper, vicar general
to the archbishop of Washington, D.C.

Okay, Sweets was right about the kneecaps.
This guy would've been a world class kneeler.

Saying that someone is a whiz at psychology
is like saying they're good at mind reading.

It's a series of lucky guesses.
I'm bringing Sweets in on the case.

- You make fun of him.
- Only when he messes
with our heads.

He was right about the knees.

Shouldn't you be figuring out what
was used to excise the kneecaps?

- Yes, Dr. Brennan.
- [Chuckles]

What? You just dismissed Zack.

No, I didn't.

Oh, don't get me
wrong. I liked it.

[Booth] Thank you for
coming in, Archbishop Wallace.

You've found my vicar general?

Yes, Your Holiness.

Monsignor... or Steve.

So how did Doug
die? Well, Steve...

- Bones.
- He said to call him Steve.


Father Cooper was
stabbed to death...

as a part of a series of
cannibalistic murders.

"A series... of
cannibalistic murders"?

- We're still trying to find out
what they had in common.
- [Clears Throat]

Doug Cooper was
a... a quiet man.

He'd been on sabbatical
for the past six months.

He was writing a book. About?

A history of early Christianity.
Its ties to paganism. Esoteric stuff.

Somebody ate Doug?
Just a part of him.

A lovely, decent man.

Humble, dedicated
to serving others...

Unfortunate choice of words
given that someone ate him.

- Just a part of him.
- Just a part of him.

There's too much
evil in the world.

God forgive me, but
sometimes I wonder...

if I'm little more
than a Band-Aid.

- Amen, Monsignor. Amen.
- Thanks, Steve.

These ligature marks suggest...

the victim's wrists and
ankles were bound with wire.

There are indications of
dislocation in both shoulders.

- He was hung by his arms
for a long period of time.
- Probable.

In the same position as the
Widow's Son sculpture? Possible.

Angela identified the
red-haired figure on the tapestry.

Barabbas... A
murderer and rapist...

who was condemned to death
in New Testament Jerusalem.

The Gormogons believed that the descendants of
Barabbas started the first secret societies.

To the Gormogons, Barabbas
is an enduring symbol...

of all that is backwards,
upside down or inside out.

So, if you find his figure
on a Gormogon relic...

It's a sign to interpret it
backwards or in a mirror...

or upside down. The numbers on the
tapestry are a simple alphanumeric code.

[Electronic Beeping] Each
number corresponds with a letter.

Ium." [Hodgins] Which
means "capitol city."

D.C. was laid out according
to Masonic symbols.

Now, notice the pentagram
here over the White House?

[Angela] And you see the
compass and the square.

The point of the compass is
over the U.S. Capitol building.

But here's where Angela's
Barabbas thing really kicks in.

The presence of Barabbas on this
means backwards and upside down.

So when the compass is inverted, it
points to some very interesting landmarks.

The bank where
we found the vault.

[Angela] The place where
Father Cooper's body was dumped.

The highway overpass off of which
Gavin Nichols's head was thrown.

- What's there?
- It's an old mansion. It's now a nursing home.

And this falls very precisely.

[Saroyan] What's that? [Hodgins]
Mausoleum at Silver Hill Cemetery.

You want to look
inside? Hell, yeah, I do.

[Hodgins] This mausoleum's
been here since the 1800s.

It's paid for by a trust.

As far as the director of the cemetery
knows, no one's been out here for a century.

This better be good. Look.

"Pater mortuus." It
means "dead father."

You know Latin? Dude! Altar boy.

[Stifles Chuckle]


You got a key?
Yeah. Brought my own.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. What?

Can I do it? No. You don't
let me play with your bugs.

[Thumps, Creaking]


Ahh, great.

Another one.

Booth, this one's
completely made of bone.

[Oxygen Pumping]

[Monitor: Rhythmic Beeping]

Hi. Hi.

How's Hayley doing?

Dr. Goetz is a godsend.

I don't know how to thank you.

Oh, Hayley, sweetie,
that's Dr. Brennan.

Temperance. Another doctor?

- Oh, not that kind.
- Temperance is Russ's sister.

Couldn't you call him and
tell him to come home?

It's complicated.

Here, eat your Jell-O, sweetie.

I tried to get into the
jail to see your father.

They wouldn't let me in.
They said I'm not a relative.

Amy, Russ is a fugitive. The minute he comes
back to D.C., they'll toss him in jail.

Well, how would anyone
know? Well, I work with the F.B.I.

You don't have to be in this.

All you have to do is ask your
father to get a message to Russ.

You look my baby in the face
and tell her she can't see her father,

because you're mad at yours.

What have we got? So far,
I've identified 18 different victims,

and I'm not done.

All bones show cannibalism indicators.
This tibia appears to be over 50 years old.

You mean, the victim's over 50?

What I mean is the victim
was killed over 50 years ago.

Well, that would suggest
that Gormogon's... What?

A minimum of 70 years old?

The teeth marks on this bone
do not match Gormogon's teeth.

My God. We have
another cannibal out there?

An old one? [Electronic Beeping]

The gemstone you found in
Father Cooper's chest is violet jade.

- The dirt contains sepiolite.
- And we're happy
about this because...

Both violet jade and sepiolite are
found only in a certain region of Turkey...

The Anatolia region to be exact,

legendary site of
the Garden of Eden.

And this comes from the vault.
Guess what. It's the same stuff.

Run the new dentals
against the N.C.I.C. database.

- What do you want me to do?
- Uhh...

Be on the lookout for a face-eating
cannibal who uses a walker?

[Buzzer Buzzes]

[Door Opens] [Sighs]
There's my girl.

I, um... [Door Closes]

- I brought you a coffee cake,
but they took it from me.
- I'm not into coffee cake.

These days, all my meals are
prepared by men in hairnets.

I'm glad you came.

While I was waiting, I was
thinking about all the places...

that I've been that
are worse than prison...

El Salvador, for example, and that
two weeks I spent in a shipping container.

Disney World. You
hated Disney World.

- I thought I was always able
to keep that from you kids.
- [Laughs]

No. I was six. Russ was
10. It was pouring rain.

Mickey sneezed so
hard, his head popped off.

I think I like prison
better. [Laughs]


- Dad, I'm here about Russ.
- Oh, he's fine. You don't
have to worry about Russ.

The woman he lived with, the kids
he was raising... they need him home.

Russ sends Amy and the
girls money every month.

The younger child,
Hayley, is really sick.

She's asking for him. How sick?

I'm here, Dad. I'm
asking you to tell Russ.

Let him make up his
own mind what to do.

If he comes back to D.C., Russ
is gonna end up in here with me.

He won't do that. He's
scared to death of jail.

He'll come if you ask him to.

You look more like
your mother every day.

I've gotta go.

Well, come back soon.

And thanks for the coffee cake.

[Man] Wait right
here. I'll buzz you in.

I found the same symbol that was
mailed to Dr. Brennan on this tapestry.

- It looks like
a bunch of tarot cards.
- Okay.

The architect, the
martyr, the orator,

the musician, the
bishop, the corruptor...

- Whoa! That's it.
- What?

- Gavin Nichols... the musician.
- Father Cooper was a bishop.

He's doing it in order.

- What's next?
- [Angela] The corruptor.

So the next victim
is a corruptor.

So, let's call up every porn kingpin
and drug dealer in the country.

Tell 'em to look out for a lunatic with a
napkin in his collar holding a knife and fork.

Dude, you're being way too literal.
These icons extend from the 1600s.

A corruptor would mean a heretic...
like, say, a pretender to the throne.

- What are you doing here?
- You left a message
that you wanted to see me.

Not see. Talk...
on the telephone.

Interesting what
people say unwittingly.

I'm totally into the Gormogon file, and
it's my opinion you're looking for a duo.

- How did you get the file?
- Booth.

You gave him the case file?

Time out, okay? He came
up with the whole duo thing.

We found another
Widow's Son skeleton.

This one's complete.

The teeth marks
suggest two cannibals.

Really? It's awesome!

It's like the Sith lords, man.
There's always only two of them.

Did you just Star Wars us?

In the parlance of the 17th century,
it's a master-and-apprentice situation.

Each master must create one of these
sculptures while training an apprentice.

When it's complete,
the master retires,

the apprentice becomes a
master, starts his own project.

- So Gormogon used
to be the apprentice.
- Now he's the master.

How does me saying no
translate to bringing Sweets in?

All right, get this. Both victims lost their
fathers at a young age... widows' sons.

- Coincidence? I think not.
- Also, two months ago, we
arrested Gormogon's apprentice.

Yeah. He killed himself.

Point of investigation: How do masters find
their apprentices? [Cell Phone Ringing]

- Not on Craigslist. I checked.
- [Booth] Booth.

I bet you two free sessions that the
master has access to at-risk children.

- Kid's got chops.
- Eh... [Sighs] Anything else?

Yeah. It must be killing
him that you have this.

This is, like, his
whole reason for living.

- You might be able to find
some way to use that.
- Wait till you hear this.

- Father Cooper took a trip
to Turkey last year.
- The Anatolian region?

Mm-hmm. Gavin Nichols
was on the same trip.

- The bishop and the musician.
- What about a corruptor?

The trip was arranged by
a lobbyist. Is that too literal?

A lobbyist? Oh, that's a
total pretender to the throne.

[Chuckles] This is how
we roll. Right, guys?

Bones, you got time
to talk to a lobbyist?

You think my life is in danger
because I went to Turkey?

[Booth] Two of the men you traveled
with are dead. Their faces were eaten off.

This is Washington, D.C. People
have their faces eaten off all the time.

Mr. Porter, are you a
member of any fraternal order?

Masons, Odd Fellows...

Ku Klux Klan?

You see these cufflinks, Agent Booth? Each
one costs more than you make in a year.

I own a hundred-foot yacht, two
mansions and a ski chalet in Switzerland.

I have these things because my
associates trust me to do what they ask.

- And to keep my mouth shut.
- I'll take that as a yes.

We know you're a member
of the Knights of Columbus.

Says so right here
in your résumé.

I showed you my cufflinks. Next
I'm gonna show you my watch.

My Uncle Stan is a member
of the Knights of Columbus.

It's like being a Shriner.
What is the big deal?

We know you went to
Turkey with the Knights...

to visit the mythical site
of the Garden of Eden.

And you think there's a cannibal
out there who has something against...

a group of civic-minded men who
do good works in their community?

The guy we're after, he thinks that the
Knights of Columbus is an evil, secret society.

- That's crazy.
- I think he's
finally catching on.

- Your life is in danger.
- Why me? There were 40 guys
on that trip.

How old were you
when your father died?

Six. What does that
have to do with anything?

- You lost your father,
and you're a corruptor.
- Okay.

You want to talk to me?
You do it through my lawyer.

All right, listen. Mr. Porter,
we are just trying to help here.

The F.B.I. is investigating influence
peddling. I am one of your targets.

Somebody eating the faces off the Knights
of Columbus? How stupid do you think I am?

Right now? Very, very stupid.

Okay. Bones, you didn't
have to call him corrupt. Why?

Why? Because, obviously, he is.

Agent Booth? Yeah?

There's someone here to see you.

- Where's Hayley?
- Russ! You came to the F.B.I.

- Yeah, that was the deal.
- Wow. This just keeps
getting better.

All right. Russ Brennan, you're under
arrest. Come on. You know the drill.

- You lied? You told Dad
Booth wouldn't arrest me!
- No. I never said that.

- I should've known better than
to trust anyone in this family.
- Russ, I swear.

I want to see my step-daughter.

[] [Man] ♪ All I see is ♪

♪ My newfound friend ♪

[Siren Wailing In Distance]

♪ And all the things
she grants me ♪

- Hi, honey.
- [Hayley] Russ, I knew you'd come.


Hey. Here, come
here. Look who's here.

You making funny faces? Uh-huh.


♪ Well, this is where
it all begins ♪ Mmm!

Thank you for coming, Russ.

- ♪♪ [Continues, Indistinct]
- Thank you, Booth.

Oh, this never
happened. Don't thank me.

As far as the Bureau's concerned, I
caught him here 15 minutes from now.

Thank you, Booth.

Just don't tell
anyone. [Clears Throat]

You told Russ I said
Booth wouldn't arrest him.

I couldn't turn him over to you. That
just puts you in a quandary with Booth.

I did it this way for you. Dad!

What? Booth busted
him, that hard-ass?

[Cell Phone Rings]

Brennan. Dr. Brennan,
it's me, Zack.

I found something in the Gormogon
vault I think you should see.

What are you being such a
hard-ass on my kid for, Booth?

Who's that? Nobody.
It's not Booth.

- [Sighs]
- You know, it's bad enough
that nobody can trust you.

But now you're making it so Russ
and I can't trust each other either.

He came back. He
hugged his little girl, okay?

So far, things are
working out great.

I'm here for you, and
a lot of dads aren't.

[Man Chattering]

[Man] All the way to
the line. Face the wall.

That's true, Dad.

- What's going on, Zack?
- Why don't you
turn the lights on?

I was down here helping Angela
decode when I noticed the mirrors.

- [Booth] What mirrors?
- Put these on so you can
see where you're going.

- This better be good.
- I'm surprised no one noticed
the mirrors before.

They're everywhere...
different kinds, different sizes...

Placed seemingly at
random around the vault.

But I have an overdeveloped
sense of spatial reasoning.

As a result, things that appear random
to some people appear deliberate to me.

[Booth] Zack,
just get on with it.

Watch this.

[Booth] Oh.

- Wanna see where it ends?
- [Booth, Brennan] Yes.

[Thuds] Ow!

From that spot, you'd be able
to see every corner of the vault.

- Shh.
- [Whispering] I don't get it. What does it mean?

Gormogon has been
watching us this whole time.

Bones. Tech guys,
they did a sensor sweep.

That eye is broadcasting a
signal both audio and video.

It's white light-activated, so it
probably wasn't triggered by Zack's laser.

What do we do? Exactly what
Sweets said. Use it against Gormogon.

How? Haven't got a clue.

Well, if we fool him into thinking
that we're transferring the sculpture,

he might try to grab it. No.

If he wants it as much as
Sweets says, he'll try to steal it.

No. Why not?

Because I didn't think of
it. Look, it's a great idea.

But if you're gonna sell it,
you're gonna have to put...

Father Cooper's kneecaps
in the silver skeleton.

I do this under extreme protest.

The truck will be
here any minute.

[Loudly] Who knows about
this? Just you and me, Bones.

Not even the driver knows
what we're transporting.

The M.R.I. at Bethesda will tell us if
Gormogon hid anything within the bones.

- Like what?
- I don't know!

That's why we need
the M.R.I. at Bethesda.

- Shh.
- [Whispers] What?

- You don't have to scream. I'm right here.
- Right. Okay.

Are you done? We're
kinda on a schedule.

Yes! I'm done.

Now we can load it onto a
truck and take it to Bethesda.

[Tires Screech]

[Booth On Walkie-talkie] Everybody keep their
distance. I don't want to spook this guy.

I have a question.

No, you can't drive. We're
undercover, and I'm the taxi driver.

- Passengers don't sit
in the front seat.
- You're not a passenger, okay?

You're a trainee, and I'm
training you how to drive a taxicab.

[Motorcycle Engine Revving]

Okay, all units be advised. I
got a motorcycle with no plates.

- Whoa.
- Easy.

- Get down!
- What? Why?


Bones? [Groaning]


Don't move.

[Clattering] Bones.

Okay, put your arm
underneath my shoulder.

Come on. You ready?
On three. [Groans]

One, two, three. Move with me.

I'm okay. I'm okay. Okay, okay.

Get over here. Come on.

Paramedics are on their way. He knew
who we were because I was sitting up front.

- No, it was because
of your bad acting.
- What? Back at the vault?

- I was good.
- No, you were loud. That's
what they call overacting.

- You shouldn't have shushed me. That's how he knew.
- Who's got the motorcycle?

- Nobody. We lost the follow car.
- Damn it! What about the truck?

[Chattering On
Walkie-talkie] It's fine. Yeah?

He knew the truck was a decoy. He
wasn't trying to get the skeleton back.

He was trying to kill us. Booth?

[Siren Wailing In Distance]
What? Oh, all right, easy. I got it.

[Groans] What is that?

Oh, it's...

It's a human tooth.

He put human teeth in
his bomb for shrapnel.

Bones, he was trying to kill us
because we know his next target.

- The corruptor... that lobbyist!
- Hey! Wait! I want to come!

- Stay right there!
- [Fire Engine Siren Wailing,
Horn Honking]

[Man] Put it in the back
of the truck. [Groans]

Go on in back now. It's
gonna be okay, ma'am.

I'm fine. Fine. Just a flesh
wound. We got you right now.

[Muffled] Booth!

You believe me now?
He ran downstairs.

He had a knife. He had
a knife. [Door Slams]

[Panting, Grunting]

- [Child] Mom!
- Hey!

- It's over. Drop him!
- No! No!

- Put the kid down.
- Put me down!

- Put him down!
- Mom!

- [Boy Coughing]
- All right.

It's okay. It's all right. It's
all right. It's over. Okay?

[Crying] Okay. All
right, buddy. Okay.

The Gormogons started
out as good guys, you know.

In the 1600s, the malignant
manipulations of secret societies...

like the Illuminati,
the carbonari,

the Masons, the tong,
were starting to be felt.

The Gormogons
championed the ideal...

that humanity should be free
of these pernicious influences.

Good guys. So you feel
sympathy for Gormogon?

There are secret
societies working today.

It's naive to think otherwise.

You think I'm paranoid.


The question is, how paranoid?

Zack says that there are
over 30 victims represented...

by the skeleton
created by Gormogon...

and his master, who
has gotta be in his 80s.

And we know that there are seven
in the one created by Gormogon...

and his dead
apprentice, including...

the violinist and the priest.

Now, my point of view? He's
going after the Knights of Columbus.

Gormogon is nuts.

Dr. Sweets?

Dead apprentice.

Gormogon needs a new apprentice.

He may have already found one.

We're looking for
a kid in his teens.

- [Russ] Tempe, what happened to you?
- I got blown up.

Russ, I never told Dad that you
should turn yourself in to Booth.

If I'd come to you, you
would've told Booth anyway.

- What do you mean, "blown up"?
- It's a case, Russ.

It's my job. We're trying
to put a bad guy away.

You mean, in here? With
other bad guys like me and Dad?

There are levels of bad guy, Russ,
and you're not even on the first level.

Why do I feel like you
just called me a sissy?

I wanted you to hear it
from me, Russ. Dad lied.

I never told him it was safe to come
back. I had to come back, Tempe!

- For Hayley.
- Yes. But they are gonna put me
away after my parole hearing.

It's not just that
you violated parole.

- They think you know something
about Dad's murder case.
- I don't!

Nobody believes anybody in this
family. Maybe I'm just like him, right?

A liar? Not worthy of
trust? No. Don't say that.

I am just like him. I am.

- I had a family. I left 'em.
- You haven't killed anyone.

That's the most
reassuring that you can be?

"Hey, Russ, congratulations
on never killing anyone."

Being reassuring has
never been my strong suit.

Levels of bad, right?

[Sighs] And I'm a sissy.

It's a good thing, Russ.

Thanks for helping Hayley.

I love that little girl
like she was my own.

You believe that, don't you?

Yeah, Russ. I believe that.

Normal person gets blown to hell, they
go home, pour a glass of wine, watch TV.

Caroline, I think it should be worth
something that Russ turned himself in.

Bumping into Booth at the hospital
is not the same as turning himself in.

- That's not what happened.
- It's what Booth says happened.

No, Russ turned himself in, but I convinced
Booth to let him go see Hayley at the hospital.

- I did not hear that.
- [Loudly] Russ turned himself in.

But I convinced Booth to let
him go see Hayley at the hospital.

Do I have this straight?
You're a genius?

An honest-to-goodness,
dyed-in-the-wool genius? Yes.

Dr. Brennan, I like
you... On and off.

But your brother is a material
witness in my murder case.

I cannot recommend
that he be set free.

Please? Oh, well.

Now that you've said please...
Are you being sarcastic?

Yes! Oh.

Best I can do is arrange for you to
speak at your brother's parole hearing.

Looking the way you do, maybe
the judge will feel sorry and let him go.


[Zack] These are the marks
left by Gormogon's teeth.

I've reverse-engineered
a dental set.

So, this is what the front plate
of Gormogon's teeth looks like.

Top and bottom,
from incisor to incisor.

- Okay.
- These are the teeth
from the bomb.

It's a match. That was Gormogon's
tooth lodged in my shoulder.

The tooth found in your
shoulder was chipped.

In fact, all of the teeth we found,
almost a full set, were chipped.

Due to the explosion? No.

These marks here were made
by common, hardware store pliers.

He pulled out his own
teeth? I don't know.

Certainly they were
removed with pliers.

That's what happened, Zack.

Gormogon pulled out all his teeth one
by one with pliers and put them in a bomb.

Booth was right.

He meant to kill us.

He's a cannibal. Symbolically,
he wanted to bite you.

He literally bit me.

I've come to believe that the Widow's Son
sculpture is an effort to re-create Adam.

Oh! Adam and Eve. Okay. How did you
come up with that one? The Garden of Eden.

Plus the notion when Adam was cast out of
the Garden of Eden, he was disowned by God.

He became, in essence, the
ultimate rejected son... fatherless.

- Why re-create Adam?
- Obviously,
these people are wacko.

No, no. Sweets,
you see, it's like...

Answers like that is exactly
why Bones hates psychology.

[Sweets] Right.

Use what's useful.
Reject the rest.

[Chuckling] Yeah.

Okay. Thanks, Sweets.

$200,000 in student loans and
the kid comes up with "wacko."

Maybe Sweets is right. What?

These boys, these young
men... They have no fathers.

Oh, what? So they become
apprentices to a serial-killing cannibal?

Or they become
serial-killing cannibals.

Oh, yeah, right.

- I see what's going on
inside your head.
- What?

You know, my dad wasn't
so great, but I came out okay.

You've killed a lot of people,
probably will kill more in the future.

- Unbelievable!
- What?

- Did you hear
what you just said?
- It's the truth.

The truth? How about a little kindness,
huh? Some consideration here?

I'm sorry. You're a good man.

You're being sarcastic.

I don't do sarcasm.

Look, the point is
Russ is gonna be fine.

Who said anything about Russ?

Listen, Bones, your father... he's
not the normal guy, but he loves you.

He loves both of you, and that right there is
90% of what a son needs to hear from his father.

- Really?
- Well, maybe about 95%.

Where are you getting this data?

Look, the point is
Russ is gonna be okay.

I know he will.

- Will you say something
on his behalf at the hearing?
- Nope.

- Why not?
- He broke parole,
and I'm not his dad.

He's got to stand up
and own his mistakes.

I was photographing the skeleton
in preparation for taking it apart...

when I noticed this on a rib.

"1026." What is it?

- It's a number.
- No, Zack. Cam meant,
what does it mean?

- Is it code?
- It could be
an ordinal index automata.

I could start a solution, but
it would extend into infinity.

- And how long would that take?
- Forever... obviously.

- [Saroyan] How's about
that alphanumeric business?
- Uh, "J.B.F."

- Meaningless.
- No, wait a minute. I got it.

What? He's an artist.

He's finished something,
and it's terrible.

But to him, this is a piece
of art. It's his signature.

1026 is a number, not a name.

No, I'm telling you.
This is a signature.

The vault is like a museum
of the Gormogons, right?

- An archive.
- Then why don't we just look
in safe-deposit box 1026?

- 'Cause they're all rigged
to blow up when you open them.
- I solved that one in my head...

while having my Cup-a-Soup. Wow.

What I'm doing is smothering
the phosphorous with argon,

thus giving Booth time
to reach in with tongs...

to remove whatever's inside
the box before it ignites. Why me?

- Obviously because you
have the fastest reflexes.
- Fine. You can pull the tray.

- Fine.
- Exactly how far back
should I be standing?

Ready? Door, tray, lid, tongs.

- [Metal Clanging]
- Whoa!

- Did Booth get it?
- Yes. Can't you see?

Not for another
three to five minutes.

It's a key with
a bar code on it.

You called me to the F.B.I.
because you found a key to my office?

We accessed the information
contained in the bar code.

It came up as the key to your
office in the Social Services building.

That's not the key to my office. Room 1026,
Municipal Department of Social Services.

Nobody's used a key like that
since the '70s. It was before my time.

Wait a second. Has that office
always belonged to Social Services?

Yes. Back then, it was dealing
with foster care and group homes.

Booth, Sweets was right. That would
be a great place to recruit disturbed boys.

Recruit for what?

It's just that that man that was
in that office is a bit of a legend.

He helped a lot of
kids find their way.

- What was his name?
- Arthur Graves. Well, he's retired now.

He wouldn't happen to live in a nursing
home that used to be a mansion, would he?

[Man] Mr. Graves has
been here for five years...

In a wheelchair
for the last four.

Sweet guy. A little
particular about what he eats.

You have no idea.
Beg your pardon?

- Uh, what's wrong
with Mr. Graves?
- Alzheimer's.

The last few months, he's
gotten pretty bad. Is he lucid?

He comes and goes.

Hey, Arthur? Some nice
people here to see you.

Hey, Mr. Graves. F.B.I.
Special Agent Seeley Booth.

Listen, we got a court order here
to get a dental imprint from you.

Mr. Graves, I'm
not gonna hurt you.

I just need you to bite
down on this for me.

- [Hisses]
- Oh! Hey, hey! Sorry.

He's not like that usually. I think
you may have frightened him.

- How did he lose his teeth?
- They'd all been pulled
when he got here.

- Does he have any
regular visitors?
- There used to be a man.

He drove a motorcycle.
[Low Groaning]

I believe he may have been a
nephew. We know who you are.

We know what you did.
All right, Bones. It's okay.

Let's go. We'll check out his case
files, see what kids he could've recruited.

Come on. Let's go.

While I'm here, I'm gonna get a court
order to monitor Arthur Graves's visitors,

just in case Gorgonzola decides to
come back and visit his old master.

You're doing that "Gorgonzola"
thing on purpose, aren't you?

- Hi. Temperance.
- Hi.

If that's who I think it is,
I can't really be friendly.

I understand. I'll
just wait over here.

Here. Uh, that's for you.

Hayley's feeling better.
She even wanted to come.

Please tell her thank you.

- [Woman] Agent Booth?
- Yeah.

The judge will see you now... in
chambers. Great. Why in chambers?

Judge Watkins, Russ Brennan has
already proven himself a flight risk.

He's attached to his family. [Watkins]
The same family he abandoned.

Temporarily. When
his little girl needed him,

he returned without
any regard for himself.

You're his parole officer. We're all here
because you're the one who violated him.

Only because it's
the law, Miss Julian.

I have a lot of faith
in Russ Brennan.

Judge Watkins, Russ Brennan not only
broke his parole by fleeing the region,

he is a material witness in
an upcoming murder trial.

That is a totally different issue that
has nothing to do with this hearing.

This isn't a hearing. It's an informal meeting
to decide whether there will be a hearing.

- Can I say something?
- That is a slippery slope,
Judge Watkins.

- Can I?
- [Watkins] No.
- But you said this was informal.

I'm still the judge, and I
get to make those decisions.

Agent Booth, what
are your thoughts?

- I got nothing to say, Judge.
- Booth, please!

I got a phone call from the
archbishop of D.C. 15 minutes ago.

He promises to take a personal
interest in Mr. Brennan's rehabilitation.

- For God's sake, why?
- Also a psychiatrist,
Dr. Lance Sweets,

who says he believes Mr. Brennan
will not flee the jurisdiction again.

Plus a parole officer who
is recommending against...

revoking parole.

Why should I ignore all that?

Because Ms. Davis will simply
send Russ Brennan home.

That is not my
intention. It's not?

- Mr. Brennan
should be punished.
- Punished how?

Thirty days in county jail.

What? That's nothing!

Seems pretty harsh
from where I sit.

Eighteen months should
be added to his parole,

and he should be forced to
wear electronic monitoring.

That is slightly more than
nothing... but only slightly.

I will register your opinion,
Miss Julian, but that's my ruling.

If I had a gavel, I'd bang it.

But how about the last
one out just slams the door?

Whew! Ouch! I want you to
consider what side you're on.

Bishops and psychiatrists and
bleeding-heart parole officers.

That's what's wrong with the
justice system in this country.


Russ, you gotta go
with the marshals.

- Thank you again.
- I didn't do anything again.

- You should thank him too.
- Why?

- He saved Russ.
- I didn't do anything. Okay.

Uh, Russ?

Eh, time to go.

♪♪ [Woman Singing, Indistinct]

Okay, here's the thing, Russ.

You run again, you disappoint
that woman and her kids...

and you break your sister's
heart, I will... Do something terrible.

I got it. Yeah, I hope you do.

All yours, boys.

Hey, Booth.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

Clean nose, buddy.
Clean nose, clean heart.

[Mouths Word]

"'Why was I forgotten?'
Mary said, stamping her foot.

"'Why does nobody come?'

"A young man whose name was
Barney looked at her very sadly.

"Mary even thought
she saw him...

blink his eyes as if
to wink tears away."

♪♪ [Women Vocalizing]


♪ I lock the door ♪

♪ Spinning the dust ♪

♪ In a room ♪

♪ Still like the sun ♪

♪ Around you ♪♪


What's that mean?