Bones (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 10 - The Man in the Mud - full transcript

Booth and Brennan investigate the death of a motorcycle racer, and when another seeming accident occurs on the track attention turns to the team owners and a reporter, meanwhile Dr. Sweets manipulates them into a "social outing" w...

The G.P.S. says
it's right up here.

You don't even know
how to use that thing.

The hell I don't.
[Electronic Twittering]

We're here. We just drove
an hour through the woods...

to find more woods that look just
like the woods we drove through.

Eureka. Ew!

That's mud. No.
This is, like, um...

Yeah, it's pretty much
mud. It smells like rotten egg.

Mmm. Sulfur.

Very therapeutic.

And you expect me to believe
you've never been here before.

A friend of mine told me about
this place and swore me to secrecy,

but this is my
first time... In mud.

[Mud Sloshing]
Come on in. It's nice.

All right. [Zipper Unzips]

Mmm. Something's poking me.

This mud is reputed to have
amazing romantic properties.

Mmm. I think I got it.

No, I think I'd
notice if you got it.


[Both Screaming]

Whoa. Sheesh.

This hot spring averages a
temperature of 105 degrees,

but it can spike to near boiling,
which is why we discourage bathers,

especially those who illegally drive
4x4 vehicles into a national park.

- So someone was boiled to death?
- Or had a heart attack or passed
out, et cetera, et cetera.

The remaining flesh will
have to be macerated.

- What's that?
- Uh, don't ask.

The flesh either has to be boiled
off or eaten by dermestid beetles.

Bones, why can't you
just say "cleaned"?

The sulfur encrusted the
bone. You see the staining?

- [Booth] So it's
been there a long time?
- Not necessarily.

- So why do you have to
even bring it up then?
- Signs of blunt-force trauma.

- What's that mean?
- That means he didn't pass out
and boil to death on his own.

- I'm going to need
all of the mud.
- Excuse me?

Get a tanker truck out here and suck it up
so we can filter it back at the Jeffersonian.

Humerus is 36.5 centimeters.

Medium build.
Late 20s, early 30s.

He's broken this bone before.

- Is she serious about the mud?
- Serious as a gas attack.

"Heart attack," Bones.
Serious as a heart attack.

[Electronic Beeping]

The description's too general to get
anything from a Missing Persons report.

Triangular depression in the calvarium,
interior longitudinal 1 fracture,

grazed cortical bone in C1.

There's a patterned
impression in the bone.

How many times was
he hit? And by what?

More than once... by a
square pipe. Does that exist?

In my experience, people hit people
with anything they can pick up and swing.

He was attacked
from behind? Mmm...

What? There's a vertical
impaction fracture...

to his glabella and
fronto-nasal suture.

Same weapon? It
doesn't appear so.

- I have seen this before.
- Really? Great. Where?

From sharpened stone weapons
in "Neandertal" skeletons.

I'm thinking not so
relevant in this case.

The blow to the front of the head
would cause a severe laceration.

There were no bloodstains
around the mud bath.

Indicating the body was
dumped there postmortem.

Jack, regarding the
Neanderthals... Neandertals.

What was the context
of those killings?

Accepted scenarios indicate a single
individual attacked by two or more assailants.

Then we're looking for
two or more murderers.

[Brennan] We're not sure
about time of death yet.

- It was definitely a murder.
- Definitely. Probably by two assailants.

What a shock for
that couple, huh?

They slide naked
into the hot mud bath...

- and a skeleton hand pokes
her in the, you know...
- Anus.

- Bones!
- What? It's a clinical term for
that part of the body, Booth.

Dr. Brennan. Agent Booth.

Would it be fair to
say that you use work...

to avoid confronting
personal issues?

Why? Because I don't
want to talk about...

The anus. You really
like that word, don't you?

Do you two ever discuss
anything that's not attached to work?

- Well, it's better than
talking about, you know...
- The anus?

- What is it with you two?
- Sweets could be right. We talk a lot about work.

- I talk about my kid.
- Because he was almost
kidnapped during a case.

Uh, my father.
We talk about him.

Because Agent Booth
arrested him for murder.

Okay. What are you
trying to get at here?

Your inability to share your personal
lives. I thought that was obvious.

Okay, that was snotty. I
don't respond well to snotty.

After a case, sometimes...

we have a drink or coffee.

Booth has pie. I don't like pie.

You really should
just give it a chance.

- I find it too sweet.
- Okay. There. We talked about pie.

Nothing to do with work.

It is better when
we discuss murder.

I'd like to see you guys
in a social situation.

A situation where
work is a taboo subject.

Gonna send us to a restaurant
and watch through a one-way mirror?

- I'm still not having pie.
- No. An evening out
with my girlfriend and me.

[Chuckles] They need
someone to buy them beer.

You want us to go
on a double date?

Why don't you just go on the
Internet like all the rest of the kids?

Okay. If it goes well,
I'll withdraw my concern.

I'll release you back
into your environment.

What are we, brook trout?


[Sighs] Agent Booth?

Unless you think
that's too much to prove.

Fine. I'll show him I
have nothing to prove.

Bring it on, Sweets.

[Sighs] So far, I have
three old beer cans,

an Indian arrowhead,

73 cents in change...
[Electronic Beep]

and a partially melted Sharpie.

The victim was
braised like osso buco.

The flesh was
falling off the bone.

I'd put time of death between
10 days and two weeks.

I found stress fractures and
degenerative changes in the facet joints.

Fits with the hypertrophy
of the cervical muscles.

I found microscopic tearing, but
he had to sustain this position...

to cause that kind of wear
and tear. Death by yoga?

Is that skull ready for me yet?

It should be ready. You can
take it out of the boiler anytime.

Or you could do that for me
because I will never, ever do that.

There are fractures of the pelvis, compression
fractures of thoracic and lumbar vertebrae,

multiple metacarpal
and metatarsal fractures.

What was he? Crash test dummy?

The injuries to the
vertebrae, tibia, femur...

are consistent with landing on the
feet after falling from 10 to 20 feet.

What? Like jumping
out of a tree?

The damage to the scapula and
acromion resulted from a low fall...

but forward movement from
between 16 to 20 miles per hour.

- Falling off a bicycle.
- These injuries
are more recent.

Fractured and scored
patella and torn retinaculum.

- Even I didn't get that one.
- Why would anyone
want to kill him?

Sounds like he was doing a
good enough job on his own.

[Brennan] Yes. Okay,
Dr. Sweets. I'll ask him.

How's Wednesday
night? Are you free?

Oh, what? To have our big
double date with our psychiatrist?

Just one more evening and then
maybe we won't have to see him anymore.

Fine. Wednesday's
fine. I can't wait.

Does he want me to get you a
corsage? Yeah, Wednesday is fine.

We'll meet you there. Yeah. I'm
looking forward to meeting her.

[Sighs] Okay. Bye.

This might be fun. His
girlfriend works with tropical fish.

Tropical fish? Yeah.

- This is just weird. Where are we meeting?
- At their ceramics class.

- What? No. You're kidding.
- Why would I be kidding?

He said it was a good idea
to have a common activity.

Ceramics? I thought the
whole point of therapy...

was to give us peace of
mind, not drive us crazy.

Hey, it's Angela.

Hey, Angela. Hey.

I did a rendering
of our victim's face.

We're checking him against any reports
of missing persons. [Booth] Wait a second.

- That's Tripp Goddard.
- Tripp Goddard?

He's a motorcycle racer.

Oh, I forget sometimes
I'm talking to girls.

That would explain the wrist
and neck injuries on Zack's report.

Have him confirm with dentals.

Yeah, I don't appreciate
the "girls" comment.

Uh, Tripp won a huge motorcycle
race about two weeks ago.

- That fits time of death.
- That would've been the Super
Grand Prix, out in Virginia.

Tripp won in the final two laps after some
kind of accident took out the front-runner.

Girls, huh?

[Man] It's not about the
machine. It's about the man.

Sure, you need a great bike, but a great
rider on a crap bike is still gonna win.

Riders say it's about the rider. Mechanics
say it's the machine. You know what I say?

- It's about whoever
signs the paychecks.
- Ah, yes. And that would be you.

- Yes, it would,
and don't forget it.
- Excuse me.

F.B.I. Special Agent Booth. This here's
Dr. Temperance Brennan from the Jeffersonian.

We're looking for someone who might be able
to tell us a little bit about Tripp Goddard.

Uh, well, I'm Philippa Fitz, and
Tripp rides for our family team...

Slam Bolt.

- What did Tripp do?
- Who are you?

Garth Jodrey. I'm a journalist.

Racers, when they lean real low into the
corners, their knees... they scrape the asphalt.

That would explain
his knee injuries.

- No one has seen Tripp since
after the Super Grand Prix.
- Where did he go?

After a big win, he usually takes off in his
truck and climbs mountains, swims oceans.

No one really knows
for sure. Can I help you?

Mr. Goddard's dead.

What? What happened?

We believe he was murdered.

Who would kill
Tripp? I don't know.

Well, the fans loved him.

Everybody else hated
him. Get lost, Garth.

- Daddy, please.
- No. I want him
out of here, Philippa.

Garth doesn't seem to think Tripp
was a good old boy, and you do.

- He's got his reasons.
- The wheelchair, for one.

- Tripp put him
in that wheelchair?
- It was an accident.

During a race a
couple of years ago.

You can't honestly believe that Garth had anything
to do with this. How? He's in a wheelchair.

- With help obviously.
- When was the last time
you saw Tripp?

The victory party
after the race.

I saw him get in his truck
and leave around midnight.

Great. I'm gonna
need to know the make,

the model, the year,
license plate of the truck.

Anything you need, we're here.

Just find the bastard
who did this to him.

♪♪ [Rock] ♪♪ [Man Vocalizing]

♪♪ [Man Singing, Indistinct]

♪ Funny, honey ♪

♪ Hoppin' like a bunny ♪

♪ You want more
money I'm feeling funny ♪

♪♪ [Vocalizing, Ends]

[Cheering] [Camera
Shutters Clicking]

[Laughing] Yeah!

[Garth] Okay. That's Danny Fitz.

I would've loved to have decked
Tripp like that after our race.

- Only I was in a coma
for a few days.
- Another Fitz?

Yeah. Lenny's son.
Philippa's twin brother.

All right. Watch this. Danny's
got the race in the bag.

Final lap. Tripp does that.

Classic inside-out block pass.

- Is he allowed to do that?
- Only if it's an accident.

Slam Bolt would've taken first
and second against Flame Spark...

if Tripp hadn't
have clipped Danny.

There's someone
named Flame Spark?

Yeah. Flame Spark spark
plugs. It's Slam Bolt's rival team.

I saw a little daylight. Looked like
Danny was gonna go wide, so I went for it.

It is a bummer when somebody loses the front
of their bike, but, um, what are you gonna do?

Danny had that race in the bag.

Tripp did the same
thing to you, didn't he?


Well, I guess Tripp didn't learn
anything from the time he did it to me.

Danny Fitz... was he
at the victory party?

Yeah, absolutely.
Brave face for the press.

Did Danny leave
before or after Tripp?

About the same time.

- How about you?
- I took off right after.


You're good friends
with Danny, aren't you?

You mean are we good enough
friends to kill Tripp together?

You know, I'm pretty sure I don't
have to say anything without a lawyer.

[Loud Clatter]


- It's not going to work.
- What?

Dropping loud pieces
of metal to hurry me up.

I need the skull so I can compare
tool marks to potential murder weapons.

You're just gonna have to wait.

Titanium, magnesium and
heat-treated boron particulates...

are embedded in
these skull fractures.

- Hmm.
- What?

That's a unique and exotic combination
of metals not found in any of these.

[Pipes Clattering]

You know, it is possible that these
particulates aren't from the tool.

I mean, not from the tool
alone. I don't understand.

Handmade racing motorcycles
are made from these metals.

So the particles could have gone from
the bicycles to the tools to the victim.

It's-It's not a bicycle.
It's a motorcycle.

Bicycle... two wheels.
The term applies.


Drop those.

Drop them. I mean
it, Zack. Bombs away.

I don't know what that proves. Proves I
don't handle irritation as well as I'd like.

- Can I pick these up now?
- No.

You can pick one up...
The most likely culprit.

A narrow instrument, no more
than an inch, caused the injuries.


Strain... the crushing,
tearing, shearing...

Equals the change in dimension
divided by the original dimension.

I do bugs and slime.
I don't do arithmetic.

An elongated rod with...

this cross-section is
the most likely culprit.

Good. Good job, Zack.

Am I king of the lab?

We both are. [Pipes Clatter]

Let's go tell Cam.

[Booth Laughing] Ouch.

Okay. Now that...
That's gotta hurt.

Wait. Here it comes
again. I mean, look at that.

Oh. Watch it. Watch
out. Watch out. Oh! Boom!

Let the record show that Agent
Booth is taunting my client...

by repeatedly showing
footage of his traumatic accident.

Don't say "accident," man.
Tripp did that to me on purpose.

How fast were you going
at the time of your incident?

I don't know exactly. I was
accelerating through 160.

Tripp was accelerating
faster. See there? Whoosh.

- Again with taunting.
- Why was Tripp
so much better than you?

- Taunting.
- I'm not taunting, Mr. Smalls.

I'm restating an objective fact.

Tripp had a better bike. He
had maybe 20 horses on me.

So you get Tripp's bike
now. Right, Mr. Fitz?

- I didn't kill Tripp
for his motorcycle.
- Why did you kill him?

Whoa. Full stop there, cowboy.

Don't sweat it there, princess. Any other
reason why you'd want to get rid of Tripp?

No. Danny.

Certain things you hide
make you look guilty.

Couple years back, Tripp
was going out with my sister.

- Cheated on her with a groupie.
- Came to blows.

- Who won?
- I did, for once.

- Knocked him on his ass.
- And you defended her honor.

Danny and Philippa are twins,
Agent Booth. They're very close.

Cheated on your sister,
forced you to crash.

How would you exactly
describe your relationship?

- We were the best of friends.
- [Smalls] As your lawyer,

I must caution you that sarcasm
doesn't show up in the transcript.

Best be avoided. Look. I'm sorry
Tripp's dead, but I'm not exactly grieving.

- You feel me?
- Bones, he's not afraid
of me at all.

Well, it's hard to scare someone who
rides around a track at 200 miles an hour.

Now her I like. You
want to go out sometime?

[Smalls] Danny,
restrain yourself.

- No, she doesn't want
to go out with you.
- Let me speak for myself.

Murder suspect here, Bones.

The wound at the front of
the head or the back? Back.

It couldn't be both? No.

The blow to the front of the
head was from a sharp tool.

- Sharper than round
but blunter than sharp.
- What?

That actually made sense to me.

You two have been spending
way too much time together.

Can you estimate
the amount of force?

In the back of the head,
length undetermined,

a width of 3.8 centimeters,
approximately a thousand pounds of force.

- So, a lot.
- Half a ton.

- Which is a lot.
- That actually isn't very much.

All right. Now I'm back in a
physics class I want to ditch.

A boxer's fist can land
with double that force.

- A big, meaty fist in a glove.
- Yeah. With a force
spread out...

over a hell of a lot more
than 3.8 centimeters.

Correct. It wouldn't take all that
much force to crush a skull with this.

So we haven't eliminated
anyone from our list of suspects.

Plus we don't know what
that's a cross-section of,

and we don't know what caused
the damage to the front of the face.

What exactly made you two come
in here crowing, "king of the lab"?

I'm gonna go back and look at very small
things under my very large microscope.

I can probably identify the
type of tool off this cross-section.

Do it and call Booth.
See if it's any use to him.

- Boys.
- Wow.

I don't have the weapon, but...

I microwaved the fabric samples
and used gas sensors to analyze...

All right. All right. Let's just cut to
the chase there, okay, Mr. Wizard?

I have identified what
was on the victim's clothing.

- Fine. I'll take anything
at this moment.
- What is it?

It's toluene. It's a clear
liquid used to clean up oil.

How is that supposed to help us? Every
mechanic in the world uses that stuff.

I need a weapon. Do
you hear me? A weapon.

You know, I'm feeling really
underappreciated today.

You know what? You
can suck it up, Buttercup.

Booth? Huh?

- Toluene.
- It's also excellent
for cleaning up blood.

So, if you killed someone
here and they bled a lot...

The drain. Hey.

Check this drain for blood.

Blood suspended in toluene
might be testable for D.N.A.

- Tell Hodgins he did a good job.
- I'll tell Hodgins
he did a good job if...

[Hodgins On Phone] I'm waiting.

I hate when you do this.

- Do what?
- You don't talk.

Sometimes you hate when I
talk. So it's a double-edged sword.

- Bones doesn't mind
sitting in silence, do you?
- Mm-mmm.

- I hate it.
- Why do you think that is?

- He gets bored.
- You're right. I get bored.

You should see him on
stakeouts. He talks and talks.

Well, it's very interesting.

- Is it always about work?
- No.

You're lying.

Oh, come on. How
do you know that?

I have special training in how
to tell when people are lying.

- Is that true?
- See, if you were me,
you'd know.


You're lying to protect your
partner. I understand that.

But let's agree amongst
ourselves that this is a truth zone.

Is something bothering you?

[Groans] It's this whole
"going on a date" thing.

- No, it's not a date.
- It's not a date. It's a social outing...

for the purpose of
professional evaluation.

Come on. Ceramics? I'm
not that kind of a guy. All right?

What do we say we go, you
know, bowling, or to a firing range?

Or climbing a wall. Oh. Right.
Something you're good at.

A movie. Right? Or
dinner. Dinner and movie.

Somewhere that I don't
have to make something.

[Inhales] Ooh.

What? What "ooh"?

Well, what Sweets would do in this
situation is he'd jump on word usage.

He's going to ask you why
you're resistant to "making."

I jump on the semantics?

- That's a really aggressive
turn of phrase.
- [Booth Chuckles]

Thanks for pulling
focus there, Bones.

"Pulling." Is that an
aggressive word too?

Okay, what? Did
you two plan this?

Paranoia. That is paranoia.

Since this is a truth zone,
I will tell you the truth.

We didn't plan anything.

- You're telling the truth.
- He's guessing, Bones.

We're going to a ceramics class,
and we're all gonna make something.

Time's up.

[Motors Revving]

Look. Sweets can't really
tell if someone's lying.

I'm telling you. He's
playing with our minds.

There's an area of study called
neurolinguistics which proposes...

that subconscious eye
movements and body language...

tell a well-trained observer if the subject
is lying. Yeah, well, I don't believe it.

Huh. I don't believe it.

[Brennan] Is that Tripp's
bike? [Booth] Yeah.

Looks like Danny's gonna
finally get what he wants, huh?

Do me a favor, Son. Take it easy a
couple times around before you blast off.

- I know, Dad. Ease into it.
- Hey, can I get a picture?

Let's get a picture. Look at that.
Number one on the Slam Bolt racing team.

- You gotta feel good about that.
- I'm not talking to you
without my lawyer present.

[Lenny] That goes for all of us.
Look, you... you I can replace.

Do not wreck my bike.


Well, Lenny, I'm thinking your
boy isn't gonna relax into this.

Well, if Danny gets a chance to
grab the brass ring, he's gonna take it.

[Booth] Okay. Watch this, Bones.

He's gonna decelerate right before the
turn and just slingshot right through it.

I don't see the
deceleration part.

No, no.

- [Man] Danny's down! - [Gasps]

Come on. Let's
get in there! No! No!

No! [Sobbing]

[Man] Get in there!
[Man #2] Put that out!

No, Danny.

Yes. We're at the Belleville
Practice Track on Highway 64.

Send an air ambulance now.
There's been a motorcycle accident.

[Exhales Deeply]

[Police Radio Chatter]

Where's your father?
He's at the house.

He's already had two heart attacks.
He doesn't need to be here for this.

Excuse me. Seems like a crime to
mess with such a sweet bike, huh?

Yeah, a crime, like murder. Right.
I-I-I just meant the bike itself. It's...

No, I get it. You like bikes.

These rotors are laser
cut and honed. Very exact.

Bend one just a little, and when this baby
gets to speed, the rotor hits a brake pad.

- Separates a little farther,
and the next thing you know...
- Yes. We saw.

So it couldn't have been an
accident. You mean, "Oops,

I accidentally stuck a piece of metal through
this tiny hole and pushed it with all my might"?

- So anyone could have done this?
- Anyone who's familiar
with motorcycles...

And was a killer.

Why would anyone
want to kill Danny?

You can't be near
the evidence. I'm sorry.

See what else you
can find, will you?

Recovering ink traces on plastic
and polymers is problematic.

So I am using a new technique.

A little of the reagent
eugenol, and...


- Does that mean
anything to you?

Korean restaurant? Unlikely.
There are obviously missing letters.

We need to place the consonants most likely
to appear with this configuration of vowels,

and vowels to consonants.

That is an enormous
amount of variables, Zack.

Shh. "Lee Snappers Doll
Company." Don't think so.

Oh, my God. That's it.

How did you do that?
Process of elimination.

You realize I have
no idea what it means.

It's the Web site run by the
journalist that Tripp put in a wheelchair.

So this man's pen was
found on the murder victim.

Or it fell in the mud when
the body was dumped.

[Woman Chattering]

[Chuckles] I'm enjoying this.

The last time I threw pots, I was in
Colombia with the Arhuaco Indians.

Last time I did something like
this, I was in nursery school.

[Chuckles] Well, we love it.

Don't we, Lance? Yes.

Well, I love my work.

But I'm not gonna talk
about that right now,

even though we think a
paraplegic killed Tripp Goddard.

- That sounds fascinating.
- April.



Dr. Sweets says that you
work with tropical fish. Yes.

I love fish. They're
just like people.

No. No, they're not actually.

People can't breathe underwater.

She's funny.

I am? What?

Why is that funny? I don't think
she meant that literally, Bones.

Oh. It's their eyes.

You can tell so much from eyes.

In humans, a retinal scan
is as specific as a fingerprint.

No, no. Their souls.

You can see their little souls.

I don't understand. You
believe that fish have souls?

Yes. You can see
it in their coloring.

It's... It's a reflection
of who they are.

Their coloring has developed over
millennia as a way to deal with predators.

April just means
they're beautiful.

Don't tell me what
I mean, Lance.

I mean they have souls. Okay.

Hey. Look what I'm making.

You've done this before.

- No.
- You have.

You really think that's good?

- Yes. Very.
- Yours is good too, April.

I'm not talking to you.

You think that's funny?

Are they fighting? Just
focus on your pot there.

I'm with patients, April.

Oh, no. No patients tonight.

Just us people making pots.

You can't apologize
for me, Lance.

Can we please just move on?

No. I just...

I meant I believe
that all creatures...

People, fish, dogs...
We're all connected.

We all share the same stuff that
makes life so beautiful and precious.

On a quantum level, that's true.

Although the word
"stuff" is not accurate.


What? I have great
respect for your fish.

Admittedly, I might
relate to other things more.

He kills about a
thousand people a night.

Yeah. In a video game,
April. They're not real.

Hey, Sweets. Your,
uh, thing there is droopy.

Wow. Look at my horse.

- [April] Wow.
- That's amazing, Agent Booth.

- [Imitates Hoofbeats]
- Very impressive.

Yes, it is.

- [Gasps]
- Ooh, Bones. I'm sorry.

Oh! Geez.

Hey, Sweets, I apologize. This
whole ceramic thing is great.

[Both Laughing]

- [Booth] Oh. - [Brennan Laughs]

[Forced Laugh]
Yeah. This is fun.


I'll tell you one thing. Sweets
didn't get any last night.

They're too young to be
in a serious relationship.

In agrarian societies,
young couplings made sense.

The partnership was
for survival. But today...

You know, you can play
the field and not plow it.

That was distasteful. What?

I like April though.
She talks to fish. Okay?

[Chuckles] I'm with
Sweets on this one.

- [Cell Phone Rings]
- Brennan.

- Hey, it's Zack.
- Hi, Zack.

[On Speakerphone] The pry bar from
the garage is not the murder weapon.

It's a pry bar like this
one, but not this one.

The deep parallel grooves
on the interior border...

are not a match. [Booth]
What about the blood?

Apparently the toluene
caused a false positive.

What about the vertical
fracture on the frontal suture?

- That's the forehead.
- Yeah. I did another scraping
of the fracture,

and I found a sliver of
glass with a mastic film on it.

The mass spec shows
it as a nitrate of silver.

So, I think we're looking
for some kind of a mirror.

Good. Thank you.

Found it early this morning.

No way of knowing
how long it's been here.

My guess is it was stolen, driven
around some, then stripped for parts.

- [Brennan] VIN number matches?
- Oh, it's the victim's truck,
all right.

Hey. I gotta tell you. I
love working this one.

I'm usually looking over some
battered old heap for evidence,

but the vehicles on this
case... [Inhales] they are sweet.

- Got anything else for me?
- They're testing mud on
the bottom of the vehicle...

on the chance it might match
where the victim was dumped.

- Pry bar. - [Booth] Huh?

- Pry bar.
- Yep. Covered in blood.

I blame the Stooges.

- Excuse me?
- The Three Stooges.

They were always bashing
each other in the heads...

with hammers and bricks
and stuff and never got hurt.

People think they
can do it too. Thanks.

All I'm saying is that killings
like this are Stooge related.

- Booth.
- Yeah?

The side mirror.

Long jagged edge. He
was standing by his truck.

Someone came up behind
him and hit him with the pry bar.

Falls forward into the mirror.
Fracturing his fronto-nasal suture.

- Huh? - [Together] Forehead.

Booth, this suggests
only one assailant.

Can we get some luminal,
check the mirror for blood?

Well, we're not hurting for
blood around here. Check this out.

Love these. Whoa. Oh.

Don't need any luminal for this.

So he was killed, loaded in the
box, driven to the mud and dumped.

That's physically impossible
for a paraplegic to do.

If it's only one murderer, it wasn't
Garth. Do we have any prints?

Just the victim's. But we did find some
hair in the box where the body was placed.

It's dyed. We're checking
for the exact brand and color.

The roots are gray and short.

Lenny Fitz dyes his hair.

Why would Lenny kill
his most valuable rider?

I'd like the record to reflect
that my client has been drinking.

That's an understatement.

And that he's rejecting my advice
not to speak to you at this time.

- Drinking a lot there, Lenny? Maybe out of guilt?
- I lost a son, Agent Booth.

A son.

So excuse me for feeling
bad about that, all right?

Do you mean your biological
son or Tripp Goddard?

Lady, I loved Tripp
Goddard like a son.

But Danny... Danny was my son.

There's a difference.
[Smalls] I'm confused.

Is my client a person of interest
in this or an actual suspect?

- And in which death?
- That depends upon whether
or not the same person...

killed both Danny Fitz
and Tripp Goddard.

You can't honestly think
that I killed either one of them.

- Well, we found Tripp's truck.
- Where?

Clearing in Jackson State Park.

Forensic evidence shows that Tripp
was murdered in the mechanics' bay...

and his body was
transported in his own truck.

What's that got to
do with my client?

There's forensic evidence
tying him to the body.

What you got? A nail clipping?
A piece of dried snot? A hair?

No. We got forensic evidence.

Lenny, when was the
last time you saw Tripp?

I told you. At
the victory party.

You shook hands with him, sat next to
him at the bar. Did you make out a little?

I hugged him.

Any other questions about how
trace evidence from my client...

may have wound up
on Tripp's remains?

- Just hold him on suspicion. That's all.
- Look. I didn't kill Tripp.

I can get a court order to
release him in less than an hour.

Look. Why would I kill somebody
I just signed a business deal with?

Wait. Y-You what?

Mr. Fitz signed 10% of
his company over to Tripp.

- You mean the motorcycle team.
- No. Mr. Fitz means
the beverage company.

Slam Bolt energy drinks?

- Why offer so much?
- [Chuckles] 'Cause he was the best.

So I offered him a
piece of the business...

as an incentive to race
exclusively for Slam Bolt.

- And everybody's happy.
- Who isn't happy?

Every other motorcycle team.

- Did Tripp Goddard sign?
- I only got him
the contract that night.

- And then hugged him.
- So you signed it,
but he didn't.

We don't know.

You haven't found
the contract, have you?

We'll be in touch.

[Booth] Sexual jealousy
as a motive didn't pan out.

Professional jealousy was looking
pretty good. Until Danny was killed.

But money... that's always
good. How much money?

Well, company like Slam
Bolt? Millions is my guess.

Tripp Goddard could have been
attacked by more than one person.

The skull shows that as a possibility.
No "changies," Bones. Okay?

Pry bar to the back of the skull, mirror
to the face. No take-backs. One killer.

I'm just saying that maybe
Philippa and Danny didn't like it...

when their father signed over a chunk
of their family company to Tripp Goddard.

Well, it's a good
business decision.

Look. Garth wants Tripp dead
for putting him in a wheelchair.

Philippa wants Tripp dead for grabbing
up a hunk of her father's company.

Two killers again? You said
no changies and no take-backs.

Doesn't scan. You know?

I mean, why would either Garth
or Philippa want Danny dead?

You're the motive guy. Look. We found
Garth's Kneescrapers pen in the mud.

That doesn't prove anything. He
gave them out to everybody. [Sighs]

[Groans] It's right here, Bones.

It's right in front of us,
but I just... I can't get it.

That whole business with changies
and take-backs... that's not real, right?


I have another question.

Is there anything more we can
learn from the murder weapon?

No, that's a you question.

My question is how did the murderer
know about the secret mudhole?

Look. I know I was breaking the rules when
I drove my truck on national park land.

But, I mean, this girl... Didn't you
see her? I really don't care about that.

Come on, man. Have a heart.

Look. I got it about the girl
the minute I saw her, okay?

We all do things for
the girl. [Taps Golf Ball]

What do you need
to talk to me for?

- I need to know how you
found out about that mudhole.
- Oh.

"Oh," what?

I don't want to be
a rat. Look, sport.

I don't care about the
girl or the mud or the 4x4.

Hardly anyone knows
about that place,

and someone
dumped the body there.

My friend told me about it.

I need a name. He didn't
do it. He's in a wheelchair.

Your friend's name Garth Jodrey?

How'd you know that?
Special Agent Seeley Booth.


[Zack] This is the
shaft of the pry bar.

It's made of tempered steel
with a shiny chrome covering.

[Brennan] The murder weapon
we found on Tripp's truck.

Yes. As you can see, the
chrome is compromised.

Putting chrome on a pry bar is
not a good example of functionality.

- Maybe it was decorative.
- Those are blood flecks.

- From the victim?
- There's no way of knowing
until a D.N.A. test is done.

[Zack] The blood flecks begin
approximately 25% of the way up the handle.

- What does that indicate?
- I have absolutely no idea.

Come on. Choke?

Didn't anybody play
softball or baseball?


It's a choke up.

For somebody not strong enough
to swing the entire length of the bat.

Of course. It's a choke up.

To foreshorten the fulcrum.

Yes. I see,

because the murderer was weaker
than the full-grown male human...

for whom the pry
bar was designed.

Right. Like a girl.

Now, when I batted, I
always had to choke up.

Then, of course, I kicked ass.

- Sweet.
- I'll have Cam check the D.N.A.

- Excuse me. Temperance?
- April, hi.

I, uh, wanted to talk to you
woman to woman, if that's possible.

It is possible because
we are both women.

Seeing you the other night, it made me
realize that you have a very objective eye.

Thank you. And you got to
see Lance and me together.

And I wonder if... if you
might tell me what you think.

Well... Could you be more
specific in the question?



Fish choose their mates based
primarily on color gradations.

Two gouramis, for example,
one male and one female,

they'll mate if they're
both vibrant blue.

Now, if the male becomes paler,

which can happen
over the course of time,

the female becomes
nonreceptive to the male.

Even aggressive. Do you
see where I'm going with this?

Sweets is too pale?


But let's say young instead
of pale and go with that.

Is there an age difference?

[Chuckles] Yeah. I'm almost 27,

and Lance just turned 23.

What's the age difference
between you and Booth?

Uh, fi... five years, but no.

We are not blue fish. Oh.

But still, he's very firm once
you get him out of that suit, but...

A pale blue. Robin's egg really.

I'm a vibrant, vibrant cobalt.

Not literally. I mean, we're
both mostly pink in reality.

No, I understand.

Did we seem good
together to you?

April, it was only one evening.

We got the D.N.A. results
from the murder weapon.

- Sex?
- Oh, so much more than adequate. It was wonderful really.

I mean, he's a nighttime person, and
I'm most enthusiastic in the morning,

but that's not the problem.

Oh. Sorry.

You were... You were
talking about work.

D.N.A. says the
murderer's female.

Excuse me. We're
here about a mud bath?

No. We got a sworn statement
here from Garth Jodrey...

that Philippa Fitz took
him to the mudhole...

three years ago. To have sex.

Same mudhole that
Tripp was dumped in.

I can give you a sworn statement
that Garth took me to that mudhole.

- Ooh, I slid that one
right by her.
- What?

You just admitted that you had prior
knowledge to the location of a mudhole.

- No changies.
- No take-backs.

Answer nothing without
prior confirmation from me.

You killed Tripp because your father
was about to sign the company over to him.

What? Don't respond in any way.

We have D.N.A. evidence that shows that
you swung the pry bar into Tripp's head.

According to the
forensic report,

the sample was very small...

and was totally used up
during the course of the test.

- It's an accurate test.
- But it can't be repeated.

And my client
has a twin brother.

Juries hate D.N.A.
evidence and twins.

What's that sound?

I believe that's reasonable
doubt starting its engines.

We have evidence that the same pry bar
was used to sabotage Tripp's motorcycle.

A common tool left
in a semipublic area,

in a situation that could have resulted
from incompetence rather than sabotage.

You sabotaged
the bike to kill Tripp,

but he signed the contract
before he could ride the bike...

and die the way
he was supposed to.

[Brennan] So you killed
him with the pry bar,

loaded him onto his own truck
and dumped him in the mud puddle.

Everything was great
until your brother...

rode the bike that
you sabotaged.

- You don't ride someone else's
bike. Danny knew that.
- Philippa.

You killed him accidentally,
but you did kill him.

I loved my brother.

Don't speak, please.

Are we free to go, or would you like to
waste more of the taxpayers' money?

- She did it.
- You may get a prosecutor
to lay a murder charge,

but a jury will never bring home
this baby the way you want it to.

You're right.

- But you know what? I'm still
gonna make the arrest.
- To what end?

- You can't win.
- To let everybody know
what Philippa did,

including her father.

I'm okay with
what you did there.

Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Thanks a million, Bones.

Don't get mad.

I'm just saying that...

I just like it better when we
catch 'em and they go to jail.

[Sighs] Yeah, well, sometimes
it can get messy, Bones.

But the point is it gets done.

This one started out in a pit of
mud and ended in a pit of mud.

[Chuckles] That's very
damn poetic of you.

Oh, hey, guys.

I didn't know you'd be here.

What do you think, Bones?

He's lying. You
want to sit down?

Not really.

- Lying again.
- Come on. Sit down.


April dump you?
How do you know that?

He's got the "dumpee"
look on his face.

I'm a trained psychologist.
I mean, I saw this coming.

It's not like the
signs eluded me.

So I prepared
myself mentally for it.

Hey, Sweets.

- Bones and I,
we're going bowling tonight.
- Yes.

Yes, bowling.

You know what? You want to come, to
go bowling with us at the bowling rink?

Alley. Bowling alley.
The bowling alley.

You know, fish aren't
actually sentient.

There's a reason people
say "cold as a fish."

Me, I'm a dog person.

I think that has meaning.

Don't you? Sure.

You think April was pretty?

Mmm, not at all.

You're lying, Dr. Brennan.

- I appreciate the effort. Thank you.
- Come on, Sweets.

What do you say we go
bowling? I got him. Come on.

Nah. That's all right. Come on.

What's that mean?