Bones (2005–2017): Season 3, Episode 1 - The Widow's Son in the Windshield - full transcript

Bones reluctantly searches for a replacement for Zack. A skull is tossed off a highway overpass and hits a vehicle. There is evidence the victim was eaten by a cannibal.

♪♪ [Man Singing
Pop Rock, Indistinct]

[Boy] What I'm saying is, in this world
there's the visceral and the ineffable.

Nobody's totally un-effable.

Ha! Virgins are. I mean, you're
like the total opposite of un-effable.

Ineffable. And it doesn't mean what you think.
It means that you can't describe it in words.

Describe what? Like sex? Ooh!

- [Tires Screech]
- [Girl Laughs]

You two have zero vocab
skills. [Girl] You're bitter,

'cause you're the designated
driver and we're not.

[Boy Passenger] Dude! What's
that even mean? "Degsinated."

What the hell is that?

- [Gasps]
- [Screams]

Male, mid-30s.

Attachment site suggests
he was well-muscled,

probably due to manual labor
rather than weight training.

Okay. What killed him?

The sternal ribs are
subluxated at both the spine...

- [Beeps]
- and the sternum.

Indicating that he was crushed?

Not crushed. Pinned.


Perhaps an, uh,
industrial accident?

This the guy that Bones is
checking out to replace Zack?

Clark Edison, meet
Special Agent Seeley Booth.

Hey, what's up?
Bones. That's funny.

That's what all my friends
called me back in college.

Yeah, I like him.
You got a minute?

One minute?

Oh, are-are you going to a
crime scene? Do you need me?

I'll let you know.

- Did I get it right?
- Yes.

- Construction worker,
foundation collapse.
- But I'm not impressing her?

I'm still not completely certain
what Dr. Brennan thinks of me.

[Siren Wailing]

- [Brennan] Why am I here?
- You used to like to
come out into the field.

No car fires, no tanker trucks full of
acid, no explosions. You used to insist.

You were insistent. Don't tell me you brought
me out here for a simple car accident.

Now you're so anxious to get back, I
can barely get you out of your lab coat.

Well, with Zack gone, I'm
needed at the Jeffersonian.

Well, that kid seemed pretty good with
the "sublixiated sternicalum"... thing.

You used to correct me.
Why am I here, Booth?

[Man] Hey, Foster, get a backboard.
We got one we gotta stabilize.

[Brennan] Whoa. Mm-hmm.

So it's been, what,

three months since Zack
shipped off to Iraq? Uh-huh.

How hard could it
be to replace him?

- Male, Caucasian...
- Yeah, I'm just saying...

I mean, you in the lab, me in the field... We
are not working at our full symbiotic potential.

Late teens, early 20s,
completely devoid of flesh or odor.

It just seems like maybe you
don't want to work with me anymore.

- I work with you.
- You know what I mean, Bones.

- How did this skull get here?
- Ask our eyewitness. Come on.

[Boy] I can't... My
mom's... Come on.

Let's go, buddy.
[Sighs] I'm not high.

Neither am I. Why
is he telling me that?

Yeah, the car reeked of dope.
So, tell her what happened.

I was driving behind a dump truck,
and that came flying off the back.

- You think the rest of the
skeleton is still in the truck?
- No.

- Why?
- Didn't come flying out. It came flying off.

- It... It bounced.
- Oh, bouncing skull.

Perhaps you thought that because you're
under the influence of tetrahydrocannabinol.

- What?
- Weed.

- I wasn't high. I'm the designated driver!
- [Girl Chattering]

- You "piss test" me
if you want.
- It's possible.

Yeah? If the truck were
traveling at a certain rate of speed,

a wind vortex or shear...

could occur capable
of flinging the skull like...

- What?
- [Man] Give me a second, guys!

What, Booth?


But why would anyone throw a skull
off an overpass? [Police Radio Chatter]

So your husband signed his name
to the marriage license with an "X"?

Yeah. So you married a guy
without knowing his name?

It was Fiji. Okay?
I was on vacation.

I'm-I'm not being judgmental.

I'm just trying to
ascertain the-the facts.

Um, did you
consummate the marriage?

Uh, full moon, tropics...

Yeah. There was definite
consummation activity.

[Hodgins] We already looked
into having the marriage annulled.

Annulment requires consent
from both the husband and the wife.

Which is why we need
a private investigator...

to find the "husband"...

so we can get married.

Right. I'm just gonna need any description
that you can provide of your husband...

Details, dates, photographs,
uh, who else was there.


Yes. Muscular.

Black. That's all I've got.

You know what? I think his name had a "B"
in it. Actually, it could've been a "K."

You know what? I
could make you a sketch.

[Bell Dinging]


There are scoring patterns here on the
forehead, cheekbones, around the nose.

I meant Clark Edison.
Who's Clark Edison?

The absolutely brilliant
forensic anthropologist...

who'd bite off his own
arm to be your assistant.

I haven't decided
yet. Is that a problem?

No. I want you to be certain
of your choice. Thank you.

It's just that you've turned
down 17 applicants already.

It's a rarified discipline. Aren't
many more candidates to check out.

I'll cover the lab work
until I find the right person.

This is good. Mm-hmm. Hey, the
first time you've called me in weeks.

There's scoring on
the skull. Scoring?

- Yes, scrapes.
- Yeah, I know
what scoring means.

The scraping is uniform in spacing but not
in depth, which suggests an ungual pattern.

- What's an uncle pattern?
- No, ungual. "Guh." "Guh."

Ungual. How do I say this in a
way that makes sense to Booth?

- Something chewed on the skull.
- Oh, like a bear or a dog?

Human, Booth.
Dr. Brennan is saying human.

In the vernacular,
our victim's face was...

chewed off by a cannibal.


The ensuing accident was called in by a
trucker who saw it in his rearview mirror.

- The driver of
the "reefermobile"...
- Reefermobile?

Identified said truck as the one
from which the skull rebounded...

before said skull
lodged in his windshield.

The truck dumped its contents at
a municipal landfill near Salisbury.

We need a warrant to shut down
the landfill and comb it for body parts.

You think a cannibal
is making a habit...

of tossing body parts off of
overpasses into passing dump trucks?

Well, we only got a head, so
the rest has gotta be somewhere.


[Saroyan] What am I looking
at? It's called an osteoma.

It's a type of bone spur that grows
from the skull down into the sinus cavity.

Clark found it when I gave
him the X-rays to analyze.

An osteoma that size can cause
headaches, infected sinuses, maybe worse.

Osteomas are every bit as
distinctive as fingerprints or retinas.

We'll check with local ear,
nose and throat surgeons.

See if the pain drove
our victim to seek help.

- Nice job.
- Thank you.

The F.B.I. forensics team just
delivered, like, a million bone chips.

- From the landfill?
- And Booth says
there's more to come.


You are not gonna hire that one
either. I haven't made up my mind yet.

And when you don't hire him, it
just prolongs this lame excuse...

for you not to go out into the field
with Booth. Why would I do that?

Because when Hodgins and
I ran away from our wedding,

we left you and Booth
standing at the altar.

And that iconic image
totally freaked you out.

No, it didn't. Sweetie, this
is not one of those things...

where you try to keep a
secret and I ferret out the truth.

This is where I tell you something that's
true so you can catch up to your own reality.

Ange, I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Which actually proves my point.

I really love you to bits and pieces,
sweetie. I know you love me back.

We'll talk again
when you catch up.

Well, most of these
are animal remains.

Some are crockery and plastic.

- Oh, we got anything human?
- I'll have to go
through it and see.

Well, I could do that, Dr. Brennan.
Yeah. Clark could do that.

[Clark] Mm-hmm.
There's too many.

- This could take days,
even with the two of us.
- Aw, come on.

Is that true? Huh?

[Chuckles] Dude, you're kind of
putting me in an awkward position there.

Well, Zack would've told me.


[Woman] Another glass of wine? How hard
can it be to replace one weirdo squint?

I'd hire Clark,
but it's not my call.

No, it is. You've given Bones
enough time. Just hire the guy.

Usually when you get all blustery, it's
because you think something's your fault.

Yeah, well, you know, I did
arrest her father for murder.

She could be...
having trouble with that.

Exposing a parent to the death penalty can have
a chilling effect on the partnership, yeah.

Well, look, I mean, I asked Bones
if that was a problem. She said no.

Well, I gotta wonder if, deep
down, anybody's that rational.

You're not reassuring
me here, Camille.

Well, if you're looking for reassurance, find
someone who's not such a good friend, Seeley.

[Cell Phone Rings] [Murmurs]

[Beeps] Booth.

Yeah. Okay, on my way.
We got an identity. [Beeps]

This is the skull
in the windshield.

These are X-rays from an ear,
nose and throat specialist on M Street.

Okay, we're sure
this is Gavin Nichols?

[Saroyan] Well, the osteoma's
a perfect match. It's him.

Prodigy violinist disappears and a month later,
his skull ends up bouncing off a garbage truck?

Well, obviously we are looking for someone
who really, really hates classical music.

Look at this. Final performance
was at the Library of Congress.

He met with well-wishers,
arranged to meet...

with his girlfriend for
drinks at the Hay-Adams.

He never showed, and nobody ever saw
him again. And a violin worth $3 million.

A 22-year-old willowy kid walking around
with three million bucks under his arm?

I'm telling you, easy pickings.

A cannibalistic violin
thief who eats faces?

Yeah, it's a stretch.

But, uh, see how this is?

Us working together?
Very symbiotic.

You said that already. What
is it, the word of the day?

I'd, uh, like you to be there...

when I, uh, question
the girlfriend.

Can't. I found microscopic
grit on the skull.

Microscopic grit?
That's Hodgins's territory.

- Yes, and Hodgins works for me. So that makes it my territory.
- Take Angela.

Let her do that thing where she looks at
photographs and reads people's minds.

No, actually, what she does
is read minute facial indi...

Joke, Dr. Brennan.

How did you meet Gavin
Nichols, Miss Trattner?

I'm a cellist with the
National Symphony.

[On Headset] Gavin guested
as first violinist three years ago.

Check out the photo of them
kissing, huh? Mega tongue action.

[Booth, On Headset] How
long did you know him this way?

Within a couple of
weeks of our meeting.

[Scoffs] He was
barely shaving then.

What is she doing playing squeeze
and squish with a 19-year-old?

- "Squeeze and squish"?
- I beg your pardon?

- With a 19-year-old.
- Gavin pursued me.

His... tastes ran
to older women.

Miss Trattner, do you think
Gavin was killed for his violin?

No. No one does.

- You can't sell it anywhere.
- [Typing]

And we would know by now if
they were trying to ransom it back.

Can you think of anyone
who'd want him dead?

[Sighs] Only every
violinist in the world.

Why? No one had seen
left-hand technique like Gavin's...

since Franz Von Biber.

- I mean, his little finger
was insured for $10 million.
- What?

Great. Thank you, Miss Trattner.

Thank you for your
cooperation. You can leave now.

- Wait a minute, Booth.
- Uh, one... one moment.

Check out her face
in the quartet photo.

Just one more, uh,
question. I'm sorry. Uh...

What's goin' on here?

It was impossible not to
watch him when he played.

You don't look
impressed. You look sad.

- Like she lost something.
- Like you've lost him.

Because she knew
he was gonna die.

- Like there was someone else.
- There was?

There was someone
else in his life.

- Someone I need to know about.
- Brilliant, Booth.

- You are brilliant. Okay, this time...
- Shh!

What? I'm sorry. Nothing.

Just quietly, who
was it, Amelia?

[Book Scuffling]


Ask her.

- Rona Sumner?
- Who's Rona Sumner?

Wife of Leo Sumner,

Deputy Director of
the Secret Service.

The particles we found in
the skull are pink syenite.

It's the Cadillac of granites.

How did it get on the
skull? I don't know.

But pink syenite
is relatively rare.

Well, how did it get
there? I don't know.

At first, I thought it was a
Brazilian stone called Sienite Balma.

But trace amounts of magnetite
and this... this is crucial... [Beeping]

chalcocite, led me to the
Omineca tectonic belt...

in British Columbia,
Canada, and voilà.

There's no indication on the skull that
he was struck. So how did it get there?

I don't know. But not a lot of pink
syenite quarried in British Columbia...

has been shipped to D.C... none
at all in the last hundred years.

Perhaps the skull was
dropped on a stone floor.

I don't know.

But I discovered
half a dozen sources:

a bridge, some garden walls on private
estates and one entire bank building.

Send the details to Booth. Yeah.

Hodgins, the reason that I'm not
going out in the field with Booth...

is that I haven't found
a replacement for Zack.

Well, there is no
replacement for Zack.

I mean, he is good with
bones, excellent at math.

He's pretty brilliant at
making contraptions.

And when our experiments blew up,
it was easy to pin the blame on him.

My book... all that
makes Zack irreplaceable.

Exactly. Which is why I'm stuck in
the lab. Not... some other reason.

The only thing you can do is
forget about replacing Zack...

and find someone who can just...

Just help out around here.

Yes, I was intimately
involved with Gavin Nichols.

And, Mr. Sumner, I have to ask,
were you aware of your wife's infidelity?

What you really want to ask, Agent Booth,
is if I killed the boy for bedding my wife.

I have a far more
interesting question.

Why didn't you come armed with
the biggest, baddest lawyer in town?

I'm more interested
in the killing question.

I did not murder
Rona's fiddle player.

Leo and I have no
secrets from each other.

What you'd like
for us to believe...

is that because your husband
knew about this dalliance,

there's no motive for
jealousy and murder.

Gavin wasn't my only...

I'll use your word... dalliance.

- And Mr. Sumner
knew all about them?
- Like Rona said. No secrets.

Would you like names... to see
if Leo murdered them as well?

- That'd be peachy.
- Just tell us
about Gavin Nichols.

- Every salacious detail?
- Hit the highlights, honey.

I get it. That's the part you
like, huh? The play-by-play.

I'm heavily involved
in arts patronage.

After I put together the funding to
get Gavin his violin, we slept together.

We met perhaps once or
twice a month after that...

A total of 11 times.

When was the last
time you saw him?

The night he disappeared
at the Library of Congress.

Agent Booth meant sexually.

The night he disappeared
at the Library of Congress.

Nope. [Sucks Teeth] Not
buying it. Sorry, I don't...

I don't feel them. Don't feel
them, see? Don't feel them.

What Agent Booth means is
that unless you can prove...

that Mr. Sumner knew about
your affair with Gavin Nichols,

this could all have been a story
you cooked up after killing him.

We thought you might want proof.

Ah! Okay. So the kid and the
cougar are bumping the uglies.

- [Sighs]
- He doesn't just enjoy hearing
about his wife's sex life.

- He gets off on watching.
- Which explains why he
didn't bring in a lawyer.

They didn't murder
the kid. [Switch Clicks]

[Booth] Where's Bones?

You arrested the deputy director
of the Secret Service for voyeurism?

Yeah. Bones in her
office? That is awesome.

And really, really stupid. You gotta
love a self-destructive man with values.

- Right. Where's Bones?
- Right behind you.

Great! I got Charlie to check out
all the places with that red rock.

Pink syenite. Yeah.
There's only one place...

that uses the pink
rock in its foundation.

It's an old deserted bank
on the Anacostia River.

- Bingo, baby.
- Why "Bingo, baby"?

- I checked into
the ownership of the place.
- Why "Bingo, baby"?

Shell companies owning
defective titles... blah, blah, blah.

I don't get the significance.

- It's deserted, isolated. It's a fortress.
- Serial killer heaven.

Look, I want you
to come with me.

I've got work to do
here. Uh, Dr. Brennan.

If this building was used for some
sort of ritual cannibalistic killing...

as indicated by a skull
which has been gnawed upon,

a trained anthropologist's
eye could be crucial to the case.

Rationally speaking.

[Man] Bank's been closed for years. Doors
always locked. Never a light, nothin'.

[Booth] No squatters? Made 'em
sturdy back in the day. Look at this place.

[Brennan] It is clean.
No dust, nothing.

D.C. Building Conservancy is fighting
to keep the place a historical site.

Maybe if you told me what you
were looking for, I could help you out.

Oh, you know, bloodstains,
butcher instruments.

Anyplace where human remains
would've come in contact with granite.

- You're not gonna find
nothing like that up here.
- Up here?

Up... here?

Old vault cut right into
the foundation of the place.

Hermetically sealed, insect
proof, constant humidity.

It's ideal. Yeah, but
we gotta get inside.

[Chuckles] You want
me to kick down the door?

[Police Radio Chatter]

When I put your old man in
jail, you said you understood.

Don't start again, Booth.

We'll be together as
soon as I replace Zack.

Yeah. How's that
going, by the way?

[Clattering, Beeping]

- We're in.
- Ah, they cracked it.

[Booth Whispers] You got it?

All right. You got it? Mm-hmm.

[Man] A little bit more.

[Man #2] Okay.


You know, maybe you're
mad at me subconsciously.

What? I don't believe in that.

Ah, look, something
has changed between us.

You could at least admit
that so we could figure it out.

Yeah, I would, yes, if I actually
believed anything had changed.

[Whirring, Beeping]

Get down!

[Laughs] Why are
your eyes closed?

I thought we were
gonna get blown up.

It's just a transmitter. Oh.

Now whoever owns this place
knows we're here. Come on.

I'm curious.

In an explosion, how would...

shutting your eyes help?

Huh? I-It just...

It does, okay,
Bones? It just does.

[Booth] Now be careful. We
don't know what else is in here.

[Brennan] There's a phrase in Ancient Greek
burned into the back of the vault door.

Well, what's it say? I don't
know. It's in Ancient Greek.

Dead languages, Egyptian art,

Pythagorean mathematics,
Hebrew scriptures,


kabalah, alchemy,

druidism, astrology.

Angela can tell
us for sure, but...

I think these artifacts
are museum quality.

Whoa. Bingo, baby.

I found Gavin Nichols's violin.


What, Booth?

What did you find?

I... I don't know.

What is it? Silver?

Not all these bones are silver.

It's possible we just found
more of Gavin Nichols.

That's Gavin's violin.
What else you got?

This altar is made of the same pink syenite
we found imbedded in Gavin Nichols's skull.

- Where's the rest of him?
- Probably tossed into
dump trucks from overpasses.

All of the bones found
here show teeth marks.

Somebody kidnapped a fiddler
and served him for dinner...

in an old bank vault
stuffed with museum pieces?

I think this is high medieval.

Spanish, possibly
Calabrian in origin.

Oh, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

Twelfth-century Calabrian?

You know what that means?

The Order of Alcántara?

You people have no idea of the
reach of the Illuminati, do you?

- [Caroline] No.
- Mm-mmm.

Tell you what else. This old
bank is an original vortex point...

on the triangular grid designed
by the infamous architect of D.C.,

Pierre-Charles L'Enfant.

Not to mention the way that the skeleton
is displayed absolutely suggests...

Okay, okay, we get it. This is the
lair of a cannibalistic secret society.

Hey, you know what? You don't want
my answers? Don't ask me the questions.

Someone is replacing the silver bones
in this sculpture with human bones.

There's no way this manubrium and
this sternum came from the same person.

- We got a multiple murder?
- Is she pleased?

Hell, you could go your whole career
without catching something this juicy.

- [Caroline] Who had
access to the building?
- The building conservancy.

Run those people. Look for priors.
Childhood cat skinning, all that.

I'd like permission to move the
contents of this room to the Jeffersonian.

- It's a bank vault.
- There's room in the basement.

I think this may be one of those "bring
the mountain to Muhammad" situations.


You were married by John Kakala,

who was the headman of a hamlet called
"Nakavala" on the island of "Vatulolo"...

during a feast in honor of
the shark god Dakuwaka.

Uh, it doesn't sound wrong. Can't this
headman tell you who Angela married?

He's dead. Town was wiped
out by a tsunami two years ago.

The island is deserted,
and no one wants to talk...

because the whole place
is haunted and cursed.

Of course it is. Now... [Scoffs]

Well, do you happen to
remember any Australians?

Okay. [Laughs]

Look, they have this
local drink called kava...

that is really...

Anyway, when it
comes to memory...

No. Not so much.

Which is probably why
when I tried to sketch him...


I only came up with this.


Why Australians?

Well, on or around the date of
the marriage license, the, uh...

There was a tramp
steamer out of Adelaide.

The Innocent City may or may
not have been docked in Vatulolo.

Let's, uh, track
that steamer down.

It's gonna cost. Not an issue.


You having second
thoughts? You kidding?

Hey, this is great.

Like we're on some
epic adventure.

Adventure? [Laughs]

These are the bones
we found on the altar.

Can you confirm that any
of these are Gavin Nichols's?

To be 100% positive,
we'd have to check D.N.A.

[Saroyan] All right. Let's get
that going. [Mock Laughing]

- Bones, I mean, you see
what's going on here, right?
- What are you talking about?

You're-You're getting
them all to help you now.

Booth, the vault is filled
with priceless artifacts.

And probably materials
stolen from other victims.

- It's gonna take months to sift
through all that evidence.
- No, this is enabling.

You're enabling somebody
with a mental problem.

- Zack.
- No, you. You, Bones.

You're the one with
the mental problem.

Oh, it's Zack! It's Zack!

Oh-ho-ho! [Laughs]


What are you doing here?

Can I... Can I move back into
the place above your garage?

Are you kidding? Of
course. Come here!

- You're banned?
- Welcome home, Zack.

- Did you get wounded
or something?
- No, they just sent me home.

When can you start work?

Nice meetin' you, bub.

Well, if you didn't fill
my job, who's that guy?


Man, you look like crap.

Well, Iraq's not a vacation.

I think you look very
rakish. Are you starving?

Actually, what I'd like is to get into
whatever it was you were talking about...

before Dr. Brennan's
mental problem.

[Hodgins Chuckling]

It's hard to concentrate
when you're all staring at me.

They're happy to see you.

The depth of the teeth scoring on
this skull suggests that it was cooked.

Meaning the victim was dead when his
face was eaten. Which is good, I guess.

- Given the alternative.
- I'm seeing an interesting
pattern in the scoring.

From the windshield? It appears so.
But if you kind of unfocus your eyes...

and allow patterns to arise
from what looks like chaos...

Here, here, here.

- I didn't notice that.
- This scoring is different...

from both the gnawing marks and the damage
caused by crashing through the windshield.

- What is that?
- I don't know.

Did you run it through
the X-ray diffractrometer?

And also X-ray

Neither showed trace evidence of anything left
in the bone by whatever etched that groove.

- Well, that's our answer then.
- But the answer was nothing.

So our, uh, cannibal
has a diamond tooth?

Well, not the entire tooth. A
diamond inset, left lateral incisor.

It left a distinct
mark on the skull.

So if someone in the building conservancy
or cleaning crew has a diamond in his tooth,

that's our guy. [Sucks Teeth]

You got him.

I'd like to be in on it
when you interrogate him.

- What?
- You would?

- Why are you surprised?
- Wait, are you serious?

I've been trying to get you
out of the lab since Zack left.

Well, Zack's back, so here I am.

- That simple?
- Why? Did Angela
say something to you?

Nah. Angela? Why? What?

Well, I told you this
isn't about psychology.

Fine, fine. Hey, you
know what I say, huh?

Welcome home, Zack.

[Booth] No, it's not just because
you have a diamond tooth.

[Brennan] You don't know
why you're here, Jason?

It seems like that part
should be your responsibility.

Think about it. You're a smart boy,
Jason. You went to private school.

Six of them. Got
kicked out of every one.

Yeah, for attacking
people in their sleep.

I got counseling. I'm cured.

So, you did your little
community service,

mopping floors for the
historical-site people.

How the hell did
you get in the vault?

- At the old bank?
- He just doesn't really strike
me as the kind of guy...

who would sit beside a vault all night
listening to tumblers through his stethoscope.

He probably found the combination
while he was cleaning up somewhere.

- [Booth] Hmm.
- Nobody can get in the vault. It's what you call impregnable.

Not true.

This is the transmitter
we found in the vault.

Normal guy comes
across a treasure in a vault.

Starts... What? Sellin' it off?

You went a whole different way.

Could you bite this, please?

- No.
- Dr. Brennan
was only being polite.

We have a warrant
for that too, Jason.

So, either you bite,
or I'll make you.

What do you need it for?

The diamond in your incisor
left a mark on the skull.

Yeah, the skull
that you gnawed on.

[Inhales, Exhales Deeply]

It's not like chicken
or pork, you know?

People always say that.

It's more like beef.

The face is a little
sweeter. More tender.

The younger the
person, the better.

Except for babies.

Babies taste kind of like fish.

Have you been to bed yet?
Iraq is from a different time zone.

I can't seem to sleep right now.

Fibula and tibia of the right
leg are from the same person.

Left femur from
a different person.

Three phalanges and one metacarpal,
essentially an entire little finger,

are from yet another
person... probably the violinist.

How can you tell? Pressure indicators
consistent with years of practice.

Manubrium and gladiolus originate
from two additional separate people.

And this floating rib... an anatomically
superfluous rib, by the way...

Is from yet another human being.

Ten bones from six
separate victims. Yes.

Obviously Jason Harkness was collecting
parts from different people to create...

What? I don't know.

There's potential for a lot of
victims here. But we caught him.

Yes! We did, Zack.

Dr. Brennan always says that
catching the bad guy is only part of it.

The rest is knowing absolutely
everything about the evidence.

Why did they send
you back from Iraq?

I failed to assimilate.

Despite my accomplishments, I was
detrimental to a military team approach.

You're very good for
our team approach.

The army psychiatrist told
me that I should question...

why the Jeffersonian is
the only place I can fit in.

All due respect to
the army psychiatrist,

but that's a hell of a lot
more than some people get.

Go home, Zackaroni.
Get some rest.

[Detective] Do you, uh,
recognize any of these men?

How is this any better than
Angela's sketch? That's him.

I mean, he... he fits
the general silhouette.

You forgot to mention
that he was a giant.

This may or may not be the crew of the
Australian tramp steamer Innocent City.

It was scuttled six months
after you were married.

His hands are like snow shovels.

The man that you're pointing to is
known as Birimbau to his crewmates.

That's it. His-His
name is Birimbau.

Birimbau... It's obviously a
nickname. It's a Brazilian flute.

Did he speak Portuguese
by any chance?

Yeah, he most
definitely had an accent.

[Laughing] I mean,
look... look at this man.

How hard can it be
to find a guy like that?

Probably see him
from the space shuttle.

Did Birimbau die
when his ship sank?

Oh, that'd be great.

No. No.

What I mean is we can
have him declared dead.

He didn't die. Too bad.

Last time I found him,
he was signed on...

to a Liberian oil tanker
bound for Tierra del Fuego.

Oh. Okay. That narrows it down.

He's a sailor, he's maybe Brazilian,
and he's named after a flute.

You know what
else narrows it down?

He's a Titan...
Half man, half god.

I mean, I can see
why... Why you...

- I mean, I totally... I do. I get it.
- Hodgins, stop it.

Well, look, do I keep looking? Because if you
just wait three years, you can declare him dead.

Do you want to wait three years?

Do you?

Definitely, absolutely not.

Me either. Okay.

Keep searching, Mr. Doyley.

Zack! Zack! Well,
what did he say?

He said he needed to show us
something immediately. Show us what?

I don't know. He didn't
say. That's why we're here.

Look out! Zack. Zack?


Hi. Why are you
listening to my chest?

- Because I thought
you were dead.
- Why?

You're lying on a stainless steel
table for dead people. I got tired.

New rules, okay? Sleeping is for
couches and beds... stuff like that.

Oh, my God!

What? I thought
you'd want to know.

- What?
- You compared depth,
apogee and dimension?

Yes, three times.

And there's no way that it was a
case of pre- and post-diamond inset?

What? What? What?

The newest bones, the
phalanges and the skull,

bear only the gnaw
marks of Jason Harkness.

One bone, the femur, was gnawed
upon by Jason and a second person.

See the distinct second pattern?

So Jason invited a
guest over for dinner?

- Well, I don't know
how to answer that.
- No. Jason was the one invited.

How do you know? Well, the oldest
bones were gnawed on by another person...

with no diamond in his incisor.

Another person? Not Jason.

There's someone else out there,

probably someone older,
who pulled Jason into this.

Good work, Zack.

See why he should
never have left?

[Door Clanks] Great. Thanks.

Show them your badge again. No.

They don't see why we have to
see Jason in the middle of the night.

The shift changes in two hours.

Can't tell. They could
make us wait till morning.


[Scoffs] No. [Sucks Teeth]

You weren't upset
because Zack was gone.

- Yes, I was.
- Okay, yeah. But you were more upset...

over the fact that I didn't stop
him from going in the first place.

I could've said to him, "Zack,
Iraq is no place for a guy like you."

And he'd never have left.
You could've stopped him.

Why didn't you do that?

Whatever Zack's deal is, okay, his
weirdness, whatever you want to call it...

I call it genius. You
know, he's a man.

He's a, um... He's
a strange man,

but he's a man who wanted
to serve a larger purpose.

This is some "alpha
male" rite of passage? No.

You mean, go to war? Wrong. No.

Zack needed to leave the
nest, the same way you did...

when you wanted to leave the lab
and see the world for the first time.

And I helped you do that.

How could I stop Zack from doing
the exact same thing in his own way?

[Door Clangs] Agent Booth.

- So we came in to wake him. This is what we found.
- Oh, my God.

[Guard] We're
going to full lockup.

Booth says you need me?

I noticed that Jason
Harkness arranged his suicide.

If it was a suicide, then someone
provided him with the dagger.

His body is arranged in the same
position as the silver skeleton.

So, Hodgins, you think
that's a coincidence? [Laughs]

So suddenly you think my insane
conspiracy ravings are legitimate?

- Yes.
- No!

But obviously, there are
other insane people out there...

who have the same ravings,
and we need your insight.

Mm-hmm. All right.

All right. Both the body
and the silver skeleton...

are in the attitude of what the
ancient Greeks called "pharmakos."

It means scapegoat
or-or sacrifice.

So, what? Like he's being
pulled into the sky against his will?

You mean, aliens?

One definite possibility, yes.

Also, the rapture.

Now, as I tried
to tell you before,

most secret societies have
this figure deep in their origins.

For Freemasons, it's
known as the Widow's Son.


Gavin Nichols lost his
father when he was 12.

A widow's son.

All right, so Jason Harkness killed
himself to keep his secret society secret.

Or was sacrificed. Hey,
all the signs point to it.

Strictly speaking, the evidence so
far indicates only one other murderer.

This entire vault's filled with
evidence. Who knows where it'll take us?

Deeper than you can imagine.
Probably get us all killed.

Just so you know. Thanks, man.

No, no, Hodgins.
Hodgins. Really.

Thanks, man.

Yeah, man.

Be safe.

The Ancient Greek section translated
the motto on the back of the vault door:

"Will no one help
the widow's son?"

Hodgins was right. This
killer's part of something bigger.

Here's your coffee. Gavin
Nichols's violin was in there.

I bet there are belongings
from other murder victims too.

We have to catalog every
item in that vault. Hot coffee.

After we do a visual and
microscopic examination...

of each human bone
in the silver skeleton,

we'll take samples and do an
in-depth osteological breakdown.

We really have a lot to do.
Yeah, starting with coffee.

An isotope profile will allow us to
narrow down possible geographical areas...

Hey! It's hot!

You could've burned
yourself, Bones.

Thank you.

Listen, this whole serial killer...
It's not gonna be our usual case.

Why? Why? Because
it's big, and he's bad.

I don't see what difference that
makes. Because you have to slow down.

Right? Take a breath.

You have to realize that this is not
a sprint. It's gonna be a marathon.

"Marathon," Bones, coming from the Greek,
meaning really, really, really long run.

That's not how the word
"marathon" originated.

Look, there's something else I
gotta know, and it's important.

We solid? You and me?

Yeah. No. Not just you and me.

The squints too.
Zack is back for good.

Angela and Hodgins have their head
back in the game. Cam, she's locked in.

Why are you asking
me this? Because...

you and me, we're the center.

And the center must hold.

Right. So, are we gonna hold?


We'll hold.

We're the center.

The center.

[Laughs] What's funny?

I thought you were gonna kiss my
hand again. I did not kiss your hand.

You put it over my coffee cup.

[Clears Throat] It felt
like you kissed it. No.

Felt like it. No.

What's that mean?