Bones (2005–2017): Season 12, Episode 9 - The Steal in the Wheels - full transcript

Booth and Brennan go undercover at a demolition derby to investigate the death of a young man in a hay baler accident.

Previously on Bones...

No, hold on, Zack, okay?

This is a transfer, you
understand that, correct?

I never killed the lobbyist.

I confessed because I assumed
I would if I'd been instructed,

but then last night I learned
I'm not capable of killing.

I believe you.

I think I may have found a way

to prove that the
killer wasn't Zack

based on the severity
of the stabbing.

Wow. This is conclusive.

And yet, you don't seem excited.

Well, I'm just a little worried

that this is too
good to be true.

You think I planted evidence?

I can't look at evidence that
may have been tampered with.

Then toss it.

Dr. Hodgins, you're
here earlier than usual.

What? Oh, wait, don't
tell me it's morning already.

Angela is going to kill me.

You've been up working all
night on Zack's case, haven't you?

Well, yeah. What
choice do I have?

His hearing is in two weeks.

You and Kent threw out the only
evidence we had that would exonerate him.

Well, we threw it out because
your evidence was suspect.

Do you really think that
I would falsify my work?

For a friend? Yes.

I am telling you that
Zack's microbial signatures

showed up nowhere
on the lobbyist's remains.

That doesn't matter.

Absence of evidence is
not proof of innocence.

You know that as well as anyone.

Fine. Good. Then, well, at
least I'm doing something. So...

I see.

You're implying that in the
week since my father's death,

I have not committed myself...

No, no, no. Dr. Brennan,
wait. Please...

That's not what I meant.

Dr. Hodgins, I assure
you I have examined

every piece of evidence
at least a dozen times.

And as much as
it pains me to say,

Zack's sentence will
not be overturned.

Now, we have a body being
brought in that needs our attention.

Dr. Hodgins? Yeah.

Okay, guys, you can
drop it right over there.


Talk about a roll in the hay.

What? It's too early?

I don't think time of
day is really the issue.

Dr. Hodgins, if you're done
making sophomoric puns,

I need your help
extricating the remains.

It's pretty fresh. Do you have
any idea what happened?

Not a clue.

Except the farmer that
was operating this thing

didn't see the body until
it was folded end over end

then spit out of this bailer.

Okay, this set of remains
has been pulverized.

Given the sheer magnitude
of the task before us...

I need an intern
immediately. Already on it.

I was just waiting till the
sun came up to call someone.

But who needs a
full night's sleep?

Not me.

Well, that is patently false.

Studies show that sleep deprivation
greatly diminishes productivity.

Okay, so do you want me
to wait before I call someone?

What I want is assistance,
if that's not too much trouble.

Of course. I will
get right on it.

Booth, you got a visitor, and FYI,
brought some tiny cakes with him.

Um, they're petit fours rather
than cakes, Agent Aubrey.

Whatever they're
called, they look delicious.


Just a little back thing.
Double-G, glad you could make it.

Agent Booth. Anything
for an old friend.

Well, I gotta say, it's an honor to
finally meet the Dr. Gordon Wyatt.

Booth says you're one hell of a
shrink, maybe an even better cook.

Well, thank you.

And now that I've earned
my first Michelin star,

I feel that I've earned the
right to be called "Chef".

Oh, my apologies,
Chef Dr. Wyatt.

Just call him Gordon Gordon.

Agent Booth,

while I'm absolutely
delighted to be freed

from the sweltering
confines of a kitchen,

you do know that I
haven't really practiced

any psychiatry for some time.

Oh, come on, it's just
like riding a bike, all right?

Plus, I need you, all right?

Sweets said that
you were the only one

he trusted with his files, so...

Yes. Poor Sweets.

Um, and I take it, those are
Dr. Sweets' session notes,

all of them, with Dr. Addy?

Yes, Booth and I already
read through all of them

hoping to find something
that could exonerate Zack.

But we could definitely use
someone of your expertise.

Agent Aubrey, if you were to yield
to your desire, rather than fight it,

I think you might be able to
return to the matter in hand.

Is it that obvious? You're
drooling like a Great Dane.

I'll take that. They're for me.

Please, gentlemen,
don't fight over them.

There are plenty to go around.

Plenty. Share.

Good children share, don't they?

Based on the prominent
occipital protuberance,

the victim is male.

Okay, but given that
half the skull is MIA,

I wouldn't count on
an ID anytime soon.

Dr. Saroyan, again, I
must ask, I need assistance.

Yes, I heard you
the first 10 times,

and Rodolfo is on his way.

Angela, until he arrives, will you
please help us with the recovery?


Yes. You.

Uh, yeah. Okay.
Whatever you need, honey.

Hey, Angie, do me a favor.

Find any more of
these, you let me know.

Uh, ew! What is that?

That is an ascaris lumbricoides.

It's a parasitic roundworm.

Yeah, and the good news
is this guy is still alive.

Okay, I'm so canceling that
hay ride with Michael Vincent.

Angela, I assure you, the worm
is not indigenous to the hay.

It most likely came from within
the victim and vacated after death.

"Vacated," you mean
like, came out of his...

Okay, this is so much
worse than I thought.

Hey, Cam, take
a look at this guy.

Most often than not,
you find worms like this

in impoverished
rural populations.

Is it just me or does
this guy look desiccated?

Well, yeah, he probably
left his human hotel

five, six days ago

and has been
starving ever since.

Which would give us
approximate time of death.

Bone osteons in the
femur are large but sparse,

which suggests the victim
was in his late teens to early 20s.

So we're looking at a poor
younger man from a rural area?

It's probably some local
farmer kid who got drunk,

wandered into the field
and just passed out.

Yeah, maybe, but then,
why was he wearing this?

Is that a ski mask?

Well, temperatures
in Northern Virginia

can drop below
freezing this time of year.

Yeah, true, but if you're
so sensitive to the cold,

the field isn't necessarily
the best place to hit the hay.

Really? That one
was an accident.

I promise.

Uh, guys, I don't think the
victim was wearing a ski mask

because he was chilly.

Well, I did some digging.

Turns out there were
58 armed robberies

in the tri-state area

during the week that
the victim was killed.

How many involved a handgun?

Nineteen. Four of
those were caught,

which leaves us with 15
unknown masked bandits.

Let's get the rest to the lab,

see if they can narrow it down.

Whoa! What the
hell's going on here?

Well, you told me to
make myself at home.

Have a biscuit. AUBREY: Yes.

I didn't mean literally
make yourself at home.

Those are cookies.

Booth, go easy. He's gonna
stop making us snacks.

Did you find anything at all?

What I have is an inchoate
nebulous glimmering of a case,

which involves secret
societies, cannibalistic rituals,

and a brilliant young
forensic anthropologist

who was coerced into a plot
he didn't fully comprehend.

Right. Okay, so you found
nothing in Sweets' notebook.

My dear fellows, that's what
I'm endeavoring to ascertain.

Why don't we "endeavor" to
find you a new office, shall we?

All right.

All right? You'll love
it. You want me to...

Yes. No, no, no.

No Bobby? No, no, he
stays here. Thank you.

Don't touch. Okay.

Thank you for coming in.

So we need an assembled
skull, like, yesterday.

Yeah, give me an hour, tops.

You have 20 minutes,

or I think Brennan is
going to have an aneurysm.

She just lost her father.

I think her crankiness is
just a symptom of her grief.

Yeah, I know. I wish there
was something we could do.

Hey, have you found an ID?

Uh, not since I just finished
putting on my gloves.

Yeah, well, I might
have something.

I got the results from
the victim's tox screen.

No drugs, no alcohol, but his
blood did test positive for saline.

Saline? Like, contact solution?

That could suggest a
double red blood cell donation.

Double red cell?

Yeah, it's a rare
type of donation.

I'd do it myself, but you can
only give every four months.

Yeah, I'll talk to my
contact at the Red Cross.

Since we have the victim's age and
gender, this could help determine ID.

Thirty minutes.

Dustin Doyle, 22 years old.

He lived alone in
Covington, Virginia.

He's also got quite the record.

Multiple accounts of
breaking and entering,

petty theft, burglary.

I see, so because of his past,

you don't think that he's
worthy of a proper investigation.

What? No, I'm just saying
that he had a checkered past.

And I'm saying that just
because somebody has a record,

it shouldn't define
who they are.

Dr. Brennan, just to be clear,

you know that I'm not talking
about your father here, right?

I never said that you were.
Oh, don't let me interrupt...

But I could hardly pass

this gorgeous creature

without saying hello.

Dr. Wyatt, so good
to see you again.

Why are you wandering
around with that cart?

Oh, well, Agent Booth
suggested I take up residence

in the conference room,

but as you can
see, it's occupied.

Yeah, sorry about that.

Booth had to go to the chiropractor
to get his back checked out.

I guess I accidentally

That's the victim's
mother in there.

No, I don't understand.

Dr. Wyatt has come
all this way to assist us,

and you and Booth couldn't
find a space for him to work?

It was a mistake. I'm sorry.

It's extremely inconsiderate.

Really, it's a slight

One that needs to be
remedied immediately.

Tell you what.

Can you just give
us a few minutes

and then the room
will be all yours.


I just...

I don't understand who
could do something like this.

Dustin never did
anyone any harm.

I know that this is
difficult, Mrs. Doyle,

but can you tell us when
you last saw your son?

I don't know, maybe
two, three weeks ago.

That job of his made it
hard for him to get away.

To what job are you referring?

He was just promoted to the
manager of the Waffle Shack

on Thorndike Street.

Ma'am, I hate to tell you,

but our records show that Dustin
was fired from that job six months ago.

No, you're wrong. He...

He told me all about that
job. How well he was doing.

Ms. Doyle, you have
Parkinson's, don't you?


But how could you know?

The stoop of your shoulders,
the soft tone in your voice,

the tremor in your hands.

Most people don't notice.

It would be much worse
without my medication.

Mrs. Doyle, our
records also show

that you're currently
not employed.


Dustin is the one who
has been taking care of me.

Prescriptions like yours could cost
upwards of $5,000, 10,000 a month.

Well, like I said...

Dustin was an angel.

Dr. Saroyan, perfect timing.

I believe I have found
something of note.

Oh. What have you
got? Cause of death?

I'm afraid not.

There are peri-mortem
avulsion fractures

on the inferior
margin of the C5,

and the superior margin
of the C6 vertebrae.

So the victim suffered whiplash.

Yes, that would suggest that he was
in a car crash within hours of his death.


I just received ballistics on
the gun we found near the body.

It shows that it was fired

and that there was one bullet
missing from the chamber.

So, between the car crash and
the fact that Dustin fired his gun,

that should help us to narrow
down the list of possible robberies.

I'll let Booth know right away.

But before I do...

I have a little something
I'd like to give you.

What is this?

A gift.

Um, you may or may not know,

but we have a tradition
here at the Jeffersonian.


I heard you finished
your doctorate,

making you the first ever
forensic anthropologist

to be certified in both the
United States and Cuba.

We are so fortunate to
have you, Dr. Fuentes.

Thank you.

Hey, Doc, sorry for
interrupting your workflow,

but this is the biggest
TV screen in the building.

Oh, no, that's fine.

I look forward
to a bit of telly.

It'll be a refreshing
palate cleanse

after all the cannibalistic
feasting that I've had to consume.

So what are we watching?

A bank robbery. Ooh, goody.

Okay, so of the 15 unsolved
bank robberies committed last week,

I couldn't find any where
gunfire was exchanged.

But I did find one
involving a car crash.

Bendsville Savings & Loan.

The bank is located 10 miles
from where the body was found.

Now, you see the mask?

It matches the one
found on our victim,

and the robber is approximately

the same size and
build as our victim.

Hold on, hold on, I
was enjoying that.

I'm just skipping
ahead to the good parts.

Now, fortunately, the
Bendsville Police Department

all use dashboard cameras.

I haven't had this much excitement
since my last baked Alaska fiasco.

Well, now we know how
Dustin got his whiplash.

I gotta say, this
guy drives like a pro.

Yeah, well, look at this.

I was able to follow the chase

through a series of security
cameras along Main Street.

Big Brother may be watching,

but he certainly knows
how to make good TV.

Whoa! AUBREY: Whoa!


I didn't see that coming.

It might have been unexpected,

but this crash was
not an accident.

He timed it perfectly,
running the stop sign.

So that second car means that

your fast-driving bank robber
was working with an accomplice.

We're a small local bank.

The $60,000 that
was taken is about

as much cash as we
ever have on hand.

Think someone on the inside
may have tipped them off?

No, like I told
those TV reporters,

everybody in town knows that

Friday is when most
people cash their checks.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out
that that's when we have the most cash.

Charlene, this is Agent...

Aubrey, FBI.

Charlene was our brave
teller who was held up.

I'm sorry, I already spoke to
an agent about the robbery.

Yeah, this is about a homicide.

The man who robbed
you was murdered.

Does that mean the
money has been recovered?

No, not yet.

Working theory is that he had an
accomplice that killed him for his cut.

Now, listen, do either of
you recognize this guy?

Man by the name of Dustin Doyle?

No, he's certainly
not a customer.

I know every one of them
by name, Agent Audrey.


This is him, this is definitely
the man who robbed me.

I can tell. I remember
he had nice eyes.

"Nice eyes"? The guy
who held you at gunpoint?

I know it sounds
strange, but he was kind.

All things considered,
he was calm, collected,

he walked me through
everything I needed to do.

Seems to me like this may not
have been Dustin's first heist.

If it was, he certainly acted
like he knew what he was doing.

Ah, Dr. Hodgins, don't get up.

Good Lord! Don't tell me that you've
gone and joined the Freemasons.

Well, if I did, I wouldn't
reveal it, now, would I?

It's good to see you again.

Likewise, my friend.

So what do I owe this honor?

Hey, I thought you were taking
a stab at Sweets's files there.

Yeah, dead end, I'm afraid.

But by good fortune, I did get
to see a rather exciting video

of our deceased bank robber
being aided by an accomplice.

And that got the little
gray cells churning.

Okay, Poirot, what do you got?

Well, "accomplice" made
me think of "apprentice."

Apprentice as in Gormogon.

Yeah. Now, correct
me if I'm wrong,

but Dr. Addy's assertion is
that he didn't murder anyone,

but that the previous
apprentice killed the lobbyist.

That's right, yes.

And then Gormogon killed the
apprentice to make room for Zack.

Killed him on the exact same
night as the lobbyist, no less.

Okay, hold on a second,

your gray cells are
getting me a little lost here.

Well, in order to
exonerate Dr. Addy,

we need to find the
previous apprentice

and examine his body for
whatever evidence it may yield up.

The previous apprentice?

Who was murdered
and disposed of,

God knows where,
almost 10 years ago?

Well, unless you've
got a better suggestion...

I say, let's start right away.

Dr. Saroyan.

Let me guess, Dr. Brennan's
asking for the remains.

I'd say "insisting"
is more accurate.

One second.

I just found this slug lodged
in the abdominal aorta.


Well, judging by the
size, it's a .357 caliber.

Same as the gun we
found on Dustin Doyle.

Stippling on the abdominal
tissue and an angled abrasion ring

suggests he was shot
at point blank range.

But this is interesting.

Take a look at his right hand.

Gunshot residue.

Which could mean
he shot himself.

Not exactly. I also found
torn ligaments in the wrist.

So, likely, there
was a struggle,

and the killer turned the
victim's own gun against him.

Excellent work. Thank you.

You can take the
remains now. Okay.

Dr. Fuentes, I
can't help but notice

that you're not wearing
your new jacket.

Did I get the
wrong size? No, no.

No, no, it's perfect.
Thank you, again, for that.

You don't think you're
getting out of this room

without an explanation, do you?


As I'm sure you're aware,

there are very few jobs in the DC
area for a forensic anthropologist.

A fact that Arastoo reminds
me of on a daily basis.

Getting my doctorate means
that it's time to move on.

And wearing the jacket just
makes it a little too real for me,

and the fact that I'll soon
have to leave all of you.

I understand.

But you're still coming
to my wedding, right?

Of course. We're family.

And I love to party.

Hey, got something you should
look at. Oh, how's the back?

Yeah, you know, I just
got a slight adjustment,

but then it just moves the
pain around. I'll be okay.

What do you have? Okay.

This is surveillance footage
from the bank's parking lot

on the days leading
up to the robbery.

That's Dustin's car.

Yup, he was casing the
joint for two to three days,

which the manager might've
noticed if he ever reviewed his tapes.

What about his accomplice?

Nothing yet, but
I'll keep looking.

Hey. By the way, where did
Gordon Gordon run off to?

Little souffle emergency?

No, I sent him off to the lab to
compare notes with Hodgins.

What's that you're working
on? Credit card statements.

Our victim stayed in these hole
in the wall motels once a month.

Penhook, Virginia...
Bittinger, Maryland...

Yeah. Mocksville,
North Carolina.

In each of these towns, there was a
bank robbery while Dustin was there.

So what I want you to do is I
want you to call the motels, right?

And get a list of all the
other guests that were staying

while Dustin was staying there
and, hopefully, we'll find the...

Accomplice. That's it.

Hey. You're on it.

So the accomplice's car
has no license plate on it.

Yeah, and those windows
are too tinted to give us an ID.

What about the car itself?

Well, it looks like a junker.

Like it's just a bunch
of mismatched parts.

Like Frankenstein's
monster, but the car version.

Yes, but the body
from the monster

is from a 1973 Caprice Classic.

That is the largest
model Chevy ever built.

Geez, I never realized you
knew so much about cars.

Growing up in a country that banned
imported automobiles after 1959,

you tend to live
a rich fantasy life.

Is it me, or do those tires
look too large for that body?

They're all-terrain,

and unlike the rest of the
car, they're relatively new.

Wait. That is not
the original bumper.

Okay, let's run a search.

It's from a '77
Cadillac Coupe DeVille.

Wow, that is a
heavy, strong bumper.

That car may look
like hell on wheels,

but you can't beat it
in terms of toughness.

So whoever this
mysterious road bandit is...

He built a car ideal for
smashing and crashing.

I know I might lose my
James Beard Award if I say this,

but I honestly think the simple
appeal of diner food is timeless.

I tell ya, I couldn't
agree more, Doc.

Well, unfortunately, both of your
meals are filled with saturated fats

which have been linked to heart
disease, high cholesterol and stroke.

Bones, come on,
we're trying to eat here.

I'm just stating a fact.

I understand that
you're stating a fact,

but we haven't seen Gordon
Gordon in a while here.

We may never see him again
if he dies of a heart attack.

She doesn't mean
that. Yes, I do.

I'd appreciate it if you
didn't speak for me.

Everything all
right, Agent Booth?

No, it's Aubrey.

It turns out those fleabag
motels that Dustin visited,

they're all booked with
demolition derby competitors.

I'm hardly surprised,
given the way

they were driving
during the getaway.

Wait, what's a demolition derby?

Oh, my dear! It's the absolute
pinnacle of American culture.

You get these old junk boxes
slamming and smashing into each other,

bursting into flames, until there's
only one vehicle left standing.

See? Bam!

That is absolutely barbaric.

Okay, come on. Aubrey
says there's one this weekend.

What do you say, you want
to tag along with me, Doc?

I tell you what.

Why don't you both go
undercover and compete?

Yeah, that's a... What
do you say, Bones?

No, no, it's too dangerous.
Especially with your back ailment.

I'll be fine, okay?
I'll get over it.

I have no interest in
those childish antics.

Fine, I'll just go by myself.

I didn't think you'd wanna
drive one of those cars, anyway.

Why? Because I'm a
woman? I didn't say that.

No, on second thought,

I order you both to participate.

On the one hand,
you'll get a better handle

on who Dustin's accomplice
was if you're on the inside.

On the other hand, I think
the aggression of the derby

will be rather therapeutic
for you, Dr. Brennan.

Therapeutic. What
do you say, Bones?

I'd say that Buck and Wanda
Moosejaw have some car shopping to do.

Boom! Yeah!

Hey. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

All right!

Wanda, Wanda, Wanda!
What do you say, Wanda?

You ready to kick
some tailpipe ass?

Booth, this is a mistake.

Listen, Bones. Yeah.

You gotta stay in
character with me, all right?

I'm sorry. Buck? Yeah.

Honey? Yeah.

This was a mistake.

Honestly, you
think the killer will be

stupid enough to show up here?

Come on, it's a demolition
derby. Oh, fair enough.

All right. Look, just remember
what Gordon Gordon said.

What? That this would
be therapeutic for me?

I found that dubious,
to say the least.

Well, take a look around at the
cars and the names on the cars.

It'll tell us a lot.

I'll keep my eye
out for a car names

"Killer Bank Robber Accomplice."

Bones, here, look at that.

There, right there, that car.

"Filthy Rich." Yeah.

Well, it's a stretch.

But I imagine a bank
robber could name a car that.

No, look at the body, all right?

That's from a '77 Coupe DeVille.

And the bumper and the doors
are from a '73 Chevy Caprice.

The two models that the
accomplice's car was comprised of.

I think we should
go find that driver.

We advise the race will
be starting in five minutes.

Now, to locate the
apprentice's body,

what we need to do first

is to get inside the mind
of Gormogon himself.

You're going to get into the
mind of a cannibal while eating?

Well, human tastes like chicken.

Okay, one, that's disgusting.

Two, what if that's
exactly what happened?

What if he just
ate his apprentice?

No, no, no, I don't
think he'd do that.

You see, in Gormogon's
eyes, the apprentice failed him.

He's not as worthy
as our Dr. Addy.

Yeah. Plus, we know that the body
has to be somewhere in the DC area

because Zack said when
Gormogon left with the body,

he was only gone
for a few hours.

Yes, but where would he go?

I don't believe he'd just deposit
him in some shallow grave.

Like the Masons, Gormogon
was a slave to ritual.

Hey, sorry to interrupt,

but, Dr. Hodgins, you had
something to show me?

Right, yeah, Cam, so,
in my initial examination,

I actually swabbed the victim's
hands and found coconut oil,

argan oil, honey
and royal jelly.

If you added crushed almonds,

that would be a delicious
Moroccan dish called amlou.

Or more likely, it's
a high-end hair oil.

But I found none of that
in the victim's own hair.

Which would suggest that he put
his fingers in another person's hair

just prior to death?

Huh... Well, I'll
let Booth know.

How are you guys coming?

Swimmingly. Yeah.

Which is the British
stiff upper lip way

of saying we've got
absolutely nothing.

Can my sister and
I get a selfie? Sure.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Howdy. Looky what we got here.

Well, you must be Filthy Rich.

Yes, I am. Thank
you for noticing. Yeah.

I'm Buck. This here,
she's Wanda. Howdy.

Never seen you around here
before. Is this your first derby?

A good friend of ours told us
about this place, Dustin Doyle.

Dustin? Yeah.

He sold me some
parts for my ride.

Are you sniffing my hair?

I was just curious what
kind of product you use.

No product.

Home recipe.

Mayonnaise based. It's
what gives it its luster.

Mayonnaise? Now don't
judge. It sounds tasty.

Now, I'm gonna give
you some advice.

Does it involve condiments?

There's no colluding
in demolition derby.

If you think because we're
married we're gonna team up...

And because you know
Dustin. That boy is a cheat.

Meaning he's colluded
before. He has a partner?

Ray Kimball.

He and Dustin are
as thick as thieves.

"Thick as thieves,"
like your hair.

Okay, can you move in closer
to the left temporal, por favor?

All right, see those
two cuts on the bone?

They're approximately
the same size,

and they appear to be parallel.

Suggesting Dustin wasn't
struck in the head twice,

but once with an object that
has a 1.2-centimeter gap in it.

Okay, zoom in a
little bit closer, please.

Yeah, just as I suspected.

Both lines have indentation
with a similar zigzag pattern.

Yeah, I don't see it.

Okay, do me a favor, pull up
an image of a monkey wrench.



Does this mean
our victim was hit

with a wrench
and shot in the gut?

Well, judging by
hemorrhagic staining,

the blow to the face predated
the gunshot by at least a few hours.

Busy day. Beaten and shot

and still had time to run his
fingers through a woman's hair.

Actually, I'm not so sure that it
was a woman's hair he was holding.

The plot thickens.

Well, it's not what you
think. We ran a simulation.

Wait, a simulation of a man
rubbing another man's hair?

Not exactly. I found bone
bruising on the victim's left patella.

The move was a
Muay Thai knee strike.

Ooh! That looks painful.

Well, not just painful.

A blow like that would leave
bruising that should still be evident.

I'll let Aubrey know. He
should be at the derby by now.

Aubrey went undercover, too?

He's not driving, but I'm
sure whatever he's doing,

he's fully committed
to the part.

Hello? Cam? Hey, sorry, I'm...

What are eating?
Funnel cake or a corndog?

It's more of a hybrid, actually.

Little bit of both.
What do you got?

Our victim struck
his attacker hard.

So be on the lookout for
anyone with bruising on their face.

Bruise on the face,
hold on a second.

I just located Ray Kimball,

the driver that Dustin
Doyle was colluding with.

Well, be careful.
From what we can tell,

he struck our victim with a
monkey wrench before shooting him.

Will do, thanks.

Hey. Hey, man. How you doing?

Big, big fan, I gotta tell you.

That is one hell of
a ride you got there.

Dude, what are you doing,
man? Get your food off my car.

Ooh! Nice set of tools, too.

Is there blood on that wrench?

Bro, I don't know who
the hell you think you are,

but if you don't pick that up,

there's going to be a hell of a
lot more blood on this wrench.

Put it down. You
don't wanna do that.

You got a dent in your car!

More bad news,
you're under arrest, pal.

All right, Ray, why
don't you take a seat?

I need to ask you
a few questions.

No, man. This ain't right.

You didn't tell me you were FBI.

So what, you're saying it's
okay to swing a wrench at a guy,

as long as he's
not in the Bureau?

You mean like you
did with Dustin Doyle.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

You know what I think?

I think that something
went wrong in your last heist.


No... Heist?

I don't even know what that is.

Come on, you don't
know what a heist is?

It's like a robbery. You
know what a robbery is, right?

Yes, I mean...

Not firsthand or nothing.

Look, this is just a big
misunderstanding, okay?

I mean, maybe I hit Dustin, but if
he's saying that I heisted a bank...

No, Dustin isn't saying
anything, Ray. Dustin's dead.

I don't believe you. I think
you're trying to trick me.

Ray, I could trick you by pretend
throwing a ball and palming it in my hand.

Now, you didn't know that
Dustin was dead, did you?

You're scared. I'm not scared.

And I'm not saying another word.

Not till I speak with a lawyer.

Damn it. We have
been at this all day.

We've got absolutely nothing.

If you don't watch
your anger, Dr. Hodgins,

I have a good mind to send you
off to the demolition derby, too.

Sorry, it's just that I promised
Zack I wouldn't let him down.

You know, I've been thinking
about what you said regarding

Gormogon's love-hate
relationship with the Freemasons.

What if he did bury his apprentice
according to Masonic ritual?

Gormogon wouldn't do that
because the apprentice betrayed him.

No, no, no.

He wouldn't dispose of the
body with any kind of reverence,

but what if he employed some
Masonic ritual that symbolized betrayal?

The apprentice was a traitor,

so he didn't put his bones in the
widow's son's skeleton. Maybe...

He also didn't eat them
because, you know,

to him, he was
basically poisonous, so...

That's it. It's the acacia tree.

No. The acacia tree surely
symbolizes the immortality of the soul.

Yes, it does that, but also, the
acacia itself is inedible and poisonous,

which is the perfect symbol for
a poisonous outcast apprentice.

So if we can identify all the
acacia trees in the local area,

then it's possible
that the apprentice

will be buried in
close proximity.


Ooh, I like it.

So, I just finished testing the
blood on Ray Kimball's wrench.

It definitely came
from the victim.

Was Aubrey able
to get a confession?

No, I just spoke to him.

He said Ray Kimball seemed genuinely
shocked to hear Dustin was dead,

and that he seemed scared.

I'm not surprised, given
the evidence I found.

Look at the humeral head
of the victim's right arm.

Is that an avulsion fracture?

Yes, and there's a corresponding
fracture on the left humerus as well.

Which means Dustin's arms were
likely pulled backwards and held there.

Which explains the
lack of defensive wounds.

Dustin couldn't fight back because
someone was holding his arms.

Well, and if that was
done at the same time

Ray hit his face
with a wrench...

It points to a
second accomplice.

Hey, Wanda.

I just got off the
phone with Cam, okay?

She's saying it's likely that
Ray has another partner.

What do you mean, likely?

Likely. I mean, listen.

Aubrey agrees, man. Ray was
really scared in the interrogation.

Booth, I don't want to be here.
I need to get back to the lab.

Nope. Come on,
we got to get going.

The derby's gonna
be starting soon.

Why? The whole reason
we're here is to solve a case,

not to pointlessly
smash into cars.

All right, look, my
gut is telling me

that we can still find this guy,

that's he's out here, all right?

And Gordon Gordon
says it's good for you, too.

Booth, demolition
derby is not therapy.

It is idiotic and dangerous,

especially when
you have a hurt back.

Look, my back's fine, all right?

Look, and these, these cars
are built to protect you, all right?

Everything's gonna
be fine. Trust me.

All right. Come on,
Bonecrusher. Get in there, Wanda.

Come on, Wanda-Tanda
from Buffalo,

she gonna take
you down, Mad Dog.

Okay, so this is what
you're looking for.

This is a present-day
map of Washington, DC.

And here are the original
boundary lines from 1792

before Virginia reacquired
everything west of the Potomac.

That seems to be a sort of
perfect symmetrical diamond.

That's because
the architect of DC,

Pierre L'Enfant,
was a Freemason,

and the rhombus
is a key symbol...

Excuse me.

Oh, Agent Aubrey. Look, I hope
this isn't a food related matter,

because it's not a good
time. I'm busy looking for trees.

What? HODGINS: Acacia trees.

Angie's plotting all
the acacia trees in DC

in case the apprentice
is buried underneath.

Well, that's great,
but believe it or not,

that's not what I
was calling about.

Listen, Doc, I need your
help breaking a suspect.

Booth says that you got wicked,

Jedi-like ninja
powers or something.

Why? Is the suspect
some kind of an evil genius?

No, he's an idiot, but there's
no way that he's gonna talk.

All right, well, if you'd give
me a moment to think here.

Well, do it fast, 'cause
this derby is about to start,

and my guess is,
by the time it's over,

the second accomplice is
gonna be as good as gone.

Angie, would you do
me a favor and focus

on the western
side of the old map?

Okay, why?

Well, with the Freemasons,
the west with the setting sun

represented finished
projects and death.

Um, Agent Aubrey, I think
I have a solution for you.

You should let
the idiot go free.

What? No, at minimum,
the guy is an accessory.

Which is why you should
keep him in your sight,

but first, let him lead
you to his partner in crime.

Okay. Here goes nothing.

What do you say there,
Wanda Bone Crusher, baby?

Hey, Bones, come
on, we got this.

Love you.

Come on, man! No more
sandbagging this time, you hear?

I'm gonna Mad Dog
all over you, buddy!

This is not a good time.

Booth, I let Ray
Kimball go. What?

Gordon Gordon said he would
lead us to the other accomplice.

He's making a phone
call as we speak.

Right, okay. What's
going on, Booth?

Bones, take a look
around at the other drivers,

see if anyone picks
up their telephone.

Yeah. No. Booth,
Booth. Over there.

In the Big Belly car.

Okay, everyone, here we
go. Get your helmets on!

All right, drivers,
start your engines!

Let's count it down,
folks, take it from five.


three, two,

one. Let's derby!

Booth, don't let him get away.

Booth, look, he's
trying to get off the track.

Stop hitting me! I
have important work!

He's heading for the exit!

Booth, it's okay, I've got him.

Bones, where are you?

Stick with him,
Bones, you got him!

I'm coming for you,
baby! I'm coming, Bones!

Bones, you okay?

I'm fantastic!

How's your back?

Couldn't be better, Wanda!

Hey, there, Big Belly.

My wife and I have a
few questions for you.


Really? I'm done.

Mr. Dixon, take a
look at the evidence.

We found almost
$40,000 in your trailer.

I'm gonna tell you one
more time, I never killed him.

How's the interrogation going?

Well, he's denying it,
but something's not right.

I mean, he's clearly guilty,

he had the money from the
bank heist in his possession.

Yeah, $20,000 is missing.

Well, it's likely Ned
and Ray spent it.

Ned is saying that Dustin
only brought him 40,000.

And the bank manager
said that 60,000 was taken.

Which is why they
roughed up Dustin,

'cause they thought
he was holding out.

Then what? Just let him go?

Dr. Fuentes.

Dr. Brennan.

That is an interesting
wardrobe you have on.

Thank you.

Your new lab coat
looks very nice as well.

Oh, thank you. I think...

Now show me you are
worthy of your new title.

It is quite small, but note the
hexagonal crushing fracture

on the victim's right
intermediate cuneiform.

It is an injury
I've seen before.

As have I.

Typically, when a female
uses the heel of her shoe

to stab down on
her assailant's foot.

What is strange is, both
our suspects are men.

Hey, I'm looking for
Hodgins. Have you seen him?

Uh, no, not for a
couple of hours.

He went out looking
for potential burial sites

for Gormogon's apprentice.

So far he's zero for four.


What are we looking at? Is
this more bank robbery footage?

No, not exactly.

Booth said something was weird

and asked me to look at
the video surveillance footage

from the day after the robbery.

Now I think I know why.

Is that the victim's car? Yeah.

Looks like he came back
to the bank the following day.

That's a hell of a risk.

Yeah, and then, look, he
follows that other car out.

Wait, can you get the
license plate on that other car?

I've got the feeling I
know why he came back.

Miss Fisher, we had a
team go through your car,

and we found some
blood caked in the trunk.

There. See?

You don't understand.
This isn't my fault.

You knew that Dustin was
gonna rob your bank, didn't you?

You saw him on
surveillance casing the place.

On the day of the robbery,
see, you handed over the 40,000,

but you pocketed
20 for yourself.

It was a victimless crime. The bank
is insured in case they're robbed.

Yeah, but the only problem is,
the bank manager went on TV

and said exactly
how much was taken.

Dustin must've figured
out what you did.

So after he got beaten
up by his accomplices,

he came back to confront you.

That's when the two of you
struggled and you shot him.

It was an accident.

None of this would've happened

if my idiot boss had
just followed the manual.

Everybody knows you're not
supposed to say how much was stolen,

you're supposed to say,
"An undisclosed amount."

If he's just done
his stupid job...

I didn't mean for
this to happen.

I'm telling you, you should've come
with us. You should've seen Bones.

She was smashing things
left and right and bam, boom...

And she was back!

I was not back. BOOTH: Okay.

Wanda, on the other
hand, might've been back.

Wanda? Wanda's back.

Oh, that's your
nom de guerre, is it?

Yes, and I have to thank
you. You were correct.

The derby was
just what I needed.

Well, I'm glad to hear it.

I must say, I think it's very
therapeutic every now and then

to get out of your
proverbial skin, yeah?

Right. What about you, huh?

Thinking about, I don't know,
hanging up the apron there

and coming back to the
Bureau and shrinking it up a bit?

Agent Booth, I must admit
that over the last few days,

I have had a few moments where
I really, really enjoyed myself.

But the fact is, I failed
in my assigned task.

No, no, you didn't fail, all
right? It was a long shot.

Booth is right, you did
everything you could.

Zack's situation
is difficult. Yeah.

Well, it's very kind
of you to say that.

So, Chateauneuf du
Pape for the next course?

Hey, if it's the Pope's
wine, I'm drinking it.

Hold on, it's Cam.

Hello. Dr. Brennan,
where are you?

We're gonna need you to come
into the lab as soon as possible.

Um, of course. Is
everything all right?

What's going on, Bones?

Cam, I'm putting you on speaker.
- Is that her?

Dr. Brennan, you're
on with Hodgins.

Dr. Brennan, I want
to make sure you know

that Cam is right
here next to me.

I don't want there to be any chance
you think I've falsified evidence.

I don't understand.

He found the apprentice.

Dr. Hodgins, it's Chef...
It's Dr. Gordon Wyatt here.

Are you sure that it's him?

Hell, yeah,
partner, it's gotta be.

The shape of this thing is
the inverse of a Masonic coffin.

Okay, let's open her up.

Oh wow!

Clothes on this guy
are perfectly preserved.

Dr. Hodgins, look at
the cuff on his right arm.

I need you to tell
me what you see.

I'm seeing what
appears to be dried blood.

And if it's from the lobbyist...

Dr. Wyatt...

Thank you.

Anything for an old friend.

I can't believe it.

Zack might actually
be coming home.

- Yeah, Zack could be back.
- I'll drink to that.

All right.