Bones (2005–2017): Season 12, Episode 7 - The Scare in the Score - full transcript

Booth searches in his past because dead bodies start appearing close to Washington, D.C. that are connected to his old army unit. Brennan panics about her father, she doesn't know whether she can trust him, because of a medical pr...

BOOTH: Previously on Bones...

HODGINS: That's Aldo Clemens.

Who's Aldo Clemens?

He was the chaplain
of Booth's army unit.

BOOTH: Anytime
I needed anything,

Aldo was always there for me.

I'm sure that goes for the
other men in your unit, too.

Hey, Sergeant. Hey, Mike.

Wish this were a
different occasion. Me, too.

Who killed him, Seeley?

I don't know, Dave,
but I'm gonna find out.

BRENNAN: Aldo Clemens was

tortured for an
extended period of time.

HODGINS: He was fastened
to the table by duct tape,

but he managed to loosen it.

BRENNAN: He could
raise his upper torso...

And sever his spinal cord.

It was a sacrifice.

You know, that
X-ray that we saw,

I'm the one who made that shot.

Bosnia, 1995.

The warlord?

Aldo knew that I
was the shooter.

He killed himself so he
wouldn't have to give me up.

This is about revenge.

What should we do?

We should be ready.


He's still after me!


He's still after me!

No, no, no! Help!

He's still coming!




Talk to me. What
is it this time?




Darla, are you all right?

All right, calm down. It's
never as bad as you think it is.

So your dad stepped out to take
a private call. What's the big deal?

It's not only that, Booth.

He looks... Different to me.

And healthier.

That's good. Maybe
he's changing his ways.

Well, at his age? (CHUCKLES)
I do not believe that.

Come on, people can
change later in life, Bones.

Actually, neurological
studies show how difficult it is

for an elderly person to
alter their basal ganglia.

Basal gangamaly? What
are you talking about?

It's a part of the forebrain
that is responsible

for routine behavior and
deeply ingrained habits.

Good morning, everyone.

The, uh, kiddos
ready for drop-off?

They are.

Everything all right, Dad?

Absolutely. Why wouldn't it be?

Well, you never go
outside to take a call,

so why the sudden
need for privacy?

I was just catching
up with an old friend.

At 8:00 in the morning?

Whoa, 8:00 a.m.?
(CHUCKLES) Really?

It's that late?

Should help the kiddos,
you know, tie their shoes.

Uh, I'll help, too. No.
Good luck with that.

Dad, we need to talk.

I guess I'm not going
anywhere until we do, am I?

What's going on?

What do you mean, Tempe?

You know what I mean.

Your skin has that
healthy pinkish flush.

And for the last few weeks
you haven't once wheezed

while playing on the
floor with the kids.

Oh, thank you. I think.

What's wrong with
feeling great? Nothing.

As long as you can provide
me with a causal explanation.

Well, I have a right to keep
certain things to myself.

Not when it comes
to your health.

(SIGHS) Okay, okay.

A few months ago,
I had some issues,

and I went to see a
cardiologist about it.

When were you planning
on telling me this?

I... I couldn't find the
time. You're so busy.

So I just went
ahead, and I went in,

and I had them put it
in my chest, and I feel...

Excuse me! I was...

You had a pacemaker embedded
in your chest without telling us?

Yeah, and I feel great, too.


Now I have upset you?

Yes, of course I'm upset!

You had a significant
procedure done without telling me.


Hold on.


A body was found.
They're bringing it to the lab.

(STUTTERS) Don't be angry
with me. You have to understand.

We'll talk about this later.

Jogger found the body in
Fountainhead Regional Park.

I'll have Aubrey look into any
missing person reports in the area.

It looks like it's been
there for a while,

judging from the decomposition
and the animal predation.

You know, I've been
thinking about your dad.

Maybe you should
give him a break.

What? A break?

Absolutely not. He lied to me.

I'm an FBI agent.
That was not a lie.

He lied by omission.

Why would you hide a
significant medical issue

from your own daughter?

Well, because he
didn't wanna worry you.

Well, I want to be worried.

What... You wanna... Why?

Because I want to
be involved in his life.

At his age, I only have
so much time with him.

I don't wanna be in the dark
about what he's going through.

Well, yeah, he's lucky to
have a daughter like you.

He'd be a little less
lucky if he continues

to withhold information
about his health.

The obtuse angle of the mandible

indicates the victim was female.

CAM: And the texture of the
hair suggests Asian descent.

Rounded eminence of
the maxilla supports that.

The length of the
femur indicates

her height was
about 5 feet 3 inches.

X-ray show osteophytic
lipping on the thoracic vertebrae

which indicates the victim
was probably in her mid-70s.

There's also evidence of
osteoarthritic degeneration

on the humeral
heads of the shoulders.

It must have been
painful for her to move.

Based on the blow-fly larvae,
she's been dead for about a week.

Hey, what do we have here?

More hair?

Looks like canine hair.

I'm gonna examine
the medulla structures,

see if I can narrow
down the breed.

ANGELA: What did you find?

When the jogger
fell on the body,

the impact must
have lodged this object

into the glenoid
tubercle of the scapula.

HODGINS: Let me see that.

It looks like jewelry.

Oh, I might be able to
locate a make and vendor.

Oh. No need, it's a limited-edition
Enchanted Hummingbird Brooch.

Okay, how did you know that?

You can get it from HSM.

Histological Stenotic

More likely, Home Super Mall.

Oh... Oh, okay, hold
on a second now.

Our cosmopolitan,

stylish Cam Saroyan
watches the Home Super Mall?

Well, I may have caught bits and
pieces while I was channel surfing.

(CHUCKLES) I can barely get her
away from HSM whenever it's on.


No, no, no, hey, where are
you going? No. Come on.

Cam, I have so many
more questions for you now.

I am sure there are more pressing
things to attend to, Dr. Hodgins.

And we will discuss
this later, Dr. Vaziri.

"Dr. Vaziri."

I think you're in trouble.


AUBREY: So, I checked into the
sales records of the Home Super Mall,

2,108 people across the country

bought this limited-edition
Enchanted Hummingbird Brooch.

Any in the DC area?

Eighty-three individuals.

Okay, how many were elderly?

My guess will be all of them.

You see that thing? Right.

And Angela said that this
woman matched a reconstruction,

Margaret Kwan of
Rockville, Maryland.

Looks like we have
our victim, huh?

The X-ray show pronounced
bone loss on both femurs.

Almost certainly due
to Vitamin-D deficiency.

Chances are she
didn't get much sunlight.

And what are you finding?

That you think it's appropriate

to share personal details
about me with everyone here.

You have nothing to be ashamed
of. You like to shop on TV.

And you enjoy telling
everyone about it.

Okay, a little.

Only because you're
so professional.

I mean, if you weren't, I
would kiss you right now.

I might even grab your butt.

Don't you dare.

Okay, fine.

I'll try not to.

But the struggle is real.

Well, I am flattered
and appalled

by your lack of professionalism.

Now, I'm finding adhesive
capsulitis and tendonitis

on the victim's
capsule ligament.

So the victim had a
repetitive stress injury?

Yeah, but only on
the right shoulder.

There's also bone
spurs on the right hand.

You think they're related?

Well, it's just on the
one side of the body.

Maybe caused by an activity
or hobby that favors one arm.

Something repetitive
and detail-oriented.

Knitting? Oh. That would do it.

So, an old shut-in who
spent most of her time knitting,

who would wanna
kill such a woman?

BOOTH: How long
did Margaret live here?

And what's with all the boxes?

Beats me.

Don't you manage the building?

Yeah, only because
my dad makes me.

I'm so out of here as soon
as I find something better.

Attitude like that,
you're gonna go far.

It's funny, my dad
said the same thing.

Right. So, any idea who
might've wanted to hurt Margaret?

No, she kept to
herself. Barely ever left.

Any friends or
family come and visit?

That would mean I
would've had to let them in.

I'll take that as a no.

Looks like Margaret was
preparing for the apocalypse.

She got everything
delivered here, huh?

So, no photos of family
or friends, no visitors.

Looks like no one
cared about her.

I'm finding ante mortem comminuted
fractures on the phalanges

and metatarsals of the feet.

These are impact fractures.
Note the radiating pattern?

They appear to have been
caused by a heavy cylindrical object.

A hammer?

That would match
the force profile.

I can see that the
fractures were made

by multiple blows inflicted
over an extended period of time.

Which suggests this
woman was tortured.

The amount of remodeling
indicates that the damage occurred

a week prior to death.

I was examining tissue from
the victim's wrists and ankles

and found ligature marks.

ARASTOO: They're at
least two-inches wide.

So, she was strapped down
before she was tortured?

Torture is usually an
attempt to extract information.

What information could
Margaret possibly have?

ANGELA: I've been looking
into Margaret Kwan's records,

and looks like her
life was pretty quiet.

No husband, no children, no
contact with the outside world.

Everything points
to her being a hermit.

Well, the killer
targeted Margaret,

there's gotta be something.

I'm sure that's true.

I can't find links
between her and anyone.

She barely used her cell phone.

Parking security
cameras show that

her car sat for three
and four weeks at a time.

AUBREY: That's consistent
with what we found.

She even ordered food online.

Her apartment was
filled with boxes.

That's it. Boxes.

I mean, look, someone
delivered those boxes,

whoever it was

may have seen something.

Most of the deliveries came
through National Parcel.

Those drivers have
routes. Can you get a name?

Yeah. Her shipping
receipts show that

the packages were delivered
by one employee, Michael Reiss.

Wait a second, Michael L. Reiss?

Yeah, how did you know?

He served with me
in my Ranger unit.

I just saw him
at Aldo's funeral.

Wait, another guy in your unit?

We gotta find Mike.

According to his work records,

he hasn't been
there for a few weeks.

How about cell records?

ANGELA: That stopped
about a week ago.

And no ATM withdrawals
or credit card use, either.

Are we certain that
Margaret and Aldo

were killed by the same person?

We are not certain of
anything until we can prove it.

Now, Aldo Clemens was
restrained with duct tape.

Let's compare the width
of the ligature marks

I found on Margaret
Kwan with Aldo's.

They seem to match.

But both of them were
tortured in different ways.

That is correct, however, the
modus operandi are identical.

In each case the torture
was extensive and prolonged.

Well, fortunately, there aren't
that many people out there

with an aptitude or a taste
for inflicting this amount of pain.

I finally got a breed
for those dog hairs

I found on Margaret
Kwan's blouse,

Border collie.

Oh, Booth said there was no
evidence that she owned a pet.

It might've come
from the killer.

How is Booth, by the way?

Well, he's deeply concerned.

Aldo's death was a blow to him

and now Mike Reiss
appears to be in danger.

There's a chip between the first
and second mandibular molars.

It appears to be perimortem.

Presumably caused by
the victim biting intensely

during her torture.

Oh, there's a faint blue stain.

Something came into
contact with the teeth

long enough to leave residue.

I'll swab. See if
leads us somewhere.


There's damage on the mandible.

General Joseph Radic.

I do not like the way
he's looking at me.

He is a war criminal,
guilty of ethnic cleansing.

That pretty much confirms it.

Look, my unit was the one
who killed him in the '90s.

I was the one who took the shot.

Too many links to you, Seeley,
for this to not be about revenge.

Killer tried to get Booth's name
out of Aldo. Aldo wouldn't give it up.

I still don't understand what this
has to do with Margaret Kwan.

Mike was a ranger
just like Aldo.

So the killer knew that
torture wouldn't work.

Are you telling me this monster
tortured an innocent old lady

in order to get Mike Reiss
to give up your name?

That's the way Mike
was. He was a good guy.

That was the killer's best shot.

I'm not taking any chances here.

I'm putting you and your family

into the highest
level of safe house.

Even I won't know
where to find you.

I'll make sure that Max
and the kids get there

'cause I'm not giving
up on this case.

Why did I know you'd say

Booth. We know how
Margaret Kwan died.

We found corresponding nicks on
the gonial angles of the mandible.

The killer slit her throat.

He would only do that if
he was finished torturing her.

Which means he
got what he needed.

We have to assume he
knows who you are, Booth.

Then I have to get to him first.

I think that I found something.

You know that weird blue
stain on the victim's molars?

Hodgins says that it's Calcium,
Aloxite, Silica and Cobalt chloride.


Well, it's a high-end billiard
chalk called "Blue Lightening."

Margaret Kwan was a
shut-in, not a pool shark,

it must've been from the killer.

Well, I've been running a
search for bars and pool halls

within the DC area that
use this Blue Lightening.

I've found 37 so far.

You know, Hodgins said the
killer had border collie hair on him.

Can you help us with that?

Yeah, I can run a
search for dog licenses.

There was a license filed
for a border collie by a...

Javor Nicovic.

And the address is Eastland Bar.

One of the locations that
uses Blue Lightening chalk.

Nicovic emigrated from
Serbia 20 years ago.

I'll tell Booth.

Give me a high five.

To the side, the other
side, down low... Oh!

MAX: I don't
understand. Too slow.

If there is somebody out
there that is a threat to Booth,

please let me help.

It's more than a threat, Dad.

This is revenge, for
something Booth did years ago,

and Booth says that they won't
be satisfied until they kill him.

I have experience
with this, Temperance.

You'll need me. I
need to help Booth.

And I can't do that until I
know my children are safe.

Well, they're with an FBI agent.

BRENNAN: That is
not enough for me.

We're sending them to a
safe house. I want you there.

How am I going to
know if you're okay?

You're tying my
hands behind my back.

Dad, I've never needed
you more than I do now.

Please do this for me.

Of course.

Javor Nicovic?

Yeah. How can I help you?

FBI. Special Agent Seeley Booth.

Special Agent James Aubrey.

Hey, I don't understand.
What's this about?

Put your hands
on the bar, please.

Oh! You can do a lot of
damage with that, Javor.

Show me a bartender
that doesn't keep a gun.

It's licensed.


Put your hands on
the bar. Don't move.

Will you please tell
me what this is about?

Margaret Kwan.
Never heard of her.

Yeah, well, she was murdered.

And our lab
connected it to your bar.

Well, it's terrible, but this
is not a place for criminals.

This is a community
place for my people.

Recognize that guy there?

Of course I do. Everybody from
Serbia knows about General Radic.

Those kind of people
are why we left Serbia.

Any of them ever show up here?

I told you, this place
is not for criminals.

What, Booth? Hand
me that picture.

Who's this? Do you know him?

Mark Kovac. He was a good player

for our soccer team
some 20 years ago.

Does he still come in here now?

JAVOR: Yeah, to play pool.



So, this is Mark Kovac.

He came to this country
when he was eight.

The Red Cross refugee program.

sure this is important.

How about you let me know why?

That is General Radic's
son. This is our guy.

How do you know this?


I just know. We need
more than that, cher.

Emigration papers,
adoption records,

something that directly
ties them together.

Look, I'm just saying,
if something happens,

I want you to remember
that name. Kovac.

I don't like the tone of your
voice, Seeley. It disquiets me.

What's gonna happen?

I don't know what's
gonna happen.

I'm just saying if
something does,

this is our guy.


So, Mark Kovac is now
28, married, no children,

and works as an EMT.

BRENNAN: That is a productive
and honorable occupation.

ANGELA: Yeah, well, everything
about him is pretty honorable.

He was a war hero. One of ours.

Two tours in Iraq as a medic.

Combat Infantryman
Badge and a Bronze Star.

Is there any evidence showing that
Mark Kovac is General Radic's son?

I've been looking
at birth records,

but it would've been right
around the fall of the Soviet Union,

and government services
in that region were a mess.

That woman...

Sasha Radic.

She would be Mark
Kovac's mother.

I have an algorithm that can
mix and match facial features.

So, let me see if that'll work.

Please extrapolate
the age backwards

to Mark Kovac's
current age of 28.

Similar zygomatic processes,
upward arching maxillas,

the width of the mandibles
are extremely similar.

Mark Kovac is almost certainly
the product of the same parents.

Mark Kovac. Special
Agent Seeley Booth.

This here is Special
Agent Aubrey, from the FBI.


Mark, what's this about?

Can we come in?

Uh, yeah.

Sure, I go to Eastland.

It's a chance to hear the
language I heard as a child.

When was the last
time you were there?

A few weeks ago.

Seems like you're pretty
plugged in to that community.

Absolutely. I'm very
proud of my heritage.

I know you didn't ask,
but I brought some coffee.

No, we're fine.
Thank you. It's okay.

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't
realize that was inappropriate.


Mark, is everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine.

These men are just asking me
some questions about Eastland.

Do you mind telling me why?

Well, there was a murder
connected to the bar.

Oh, my God. That's terrible.

Who was murdered?

What do you know about
General Joseph Radic?


Yeah, why are you
asking me about him?

I know who Radic was.
Everybody from Serbia does.

It's a murder
investigation, Mark.

Not really a good time to lie.

I don't understand.
Lie about what?


Joseph Radic was
my biological father.

I thought you said
you didn't know

who your biological father was.

Look, I never said that.

Mark, you said you were
adopted. I was adopted.

But you didn't tell me that
you knew who your biological...

I was gonna tell you
when the time was right.

When were you
gonna tell me that?

Mrs. Kovac, please, okay?
We're asking the questions here.

I don't broadcast who
my biological father was.

You can probably imagine why.


Tell her, Mark.

He was a war criminal.

Oh, my God. A war criminal?

Mark, don't you think I
should've known about that?

I was six when he died!

You still should've
told me that.

Okay, you guys can
work that out later.

Look, we're looking for anyone
who's connected to the general.

Look, I barely remember him.

I was taken out of
Serbia by the Red Cross,

and I was placed
with a family here.

As far as I'm concerned,
those are my parents!

That man Radic, that
man wasn't my father.

I'm so sorry.

Hey. Cam, hey.

So, I swabbed the wrist and
ankle skin samples you gave me.

Any luck figuring out what Margaret
Kwan was strapped down with?

Duct tape. The kind
you can buy anywhere.

Same that was used
on Aldo Clemens.

Also, I found particulates of a
discontinued old talcum powder.

How do you know
it was discontinued?

Well, because it used to have
2% asbestos in its makeup.

Ugh. Yuck. Yeah.

It's been banned for the past two
decades because of its link to cancer.

So, we should be
looking for a place

that has old talc
sitting around?

That, as well as resilite vinyl.

It's the stuff that they use
to make wrestling mats.

So, maybe we should be
looking for old abandoned gyms.

Hold on a second.

Cam, didn't the killer use an abandoned
recording studio for Aldo's murder?


Stop right... Hold
your fire, Aubrey.

It's only little old me.

You still managed to
scare the hell out of me.

Where's your partner?
He's looking for Mike.

Tell him about what I'm
showing you. He'll understand.

You only get one look

and it never leaves my sight.


Oh, it's Mark Kovac's psych
evaluations from the military.

Strictly off-limits.

Without a court order, that
would take days for me to obtain.

Have you read them?

If I had, I would've seen
multiple assessments that say

Kovac had no
disorders whatsoever.

I don't understand. That
just confirms what he told us.

He's completely clean.

Have you ever met
anyone with no neuroses,

no OCD, no hint of anger issues?

I guess everybody's
got something.

Especially a son of a war
criminal who saw his father killed,

and then served
in combat himself.

So, he's got to be
hiding something.

Or he's a complete psychopath.

One thing I know from spending
most of my life prosecuting murderers,

a man with no disorders whatsoever
is always hiding something.


Oh, agents found another body

in an abandoned gym in Bethesda.

(SIGHS) Booth's on his
way. I better get there.

You're forgetting
something, cher.

Oh. Right.

HODGINS: There was no ID.

But, based on height and
weight, he matches the description.

Check his left arm.

CAM: Okay. Where?

Right below his shoulder.

"Sua sponte." Latin.

"Of their own accord."

(SIGHS) It's a Ranger motto.
I was with Mike when he got it.


I'm sorry, Booth. This was bad.

This must've been where
Margaret Kwan was tortured.

She was positioned
right in Mike's sight line.


You okay?

Should I be?


CAM: Okay, this is weird.


Well, the body...

Your friend,

the techs assumed,
based on the way it looked,

he'd been here a while.

He hasn't?

He's been dead an hour at most.


The maxillary sinuses
have multiple scratches

that appear to have been
made with a sharp, thin object.

How about an ice pick?

That would do the job.

Mike's nail beds are lacerated

because the fingernails
were torn from the phalanges.

Yeah, most likely with these.

I'm still seeing keratin
residue in the plier's jaws. Wow.

This guy used
every tool in the set.

And every region of the body.

The patellas show an extensive
amount of blunt-force trauma.

That actually correlates
to the hammer.

Wait, the diameter of the
hammer's head suggests

it was the same one
used on Margaret Kwan.

The size of the
fractures are identical.

However, the extent to
which Mike Reiss was tortured

far exceeds what was
done to Margaret Kwan.

ARASTOO: Margaret's
torture appears to have been

an effort to obtain information.

Once the killer had it,
he quickly ended her life.

CAM: Troponin enzyme levels

and elevated stress
hormones in Mike's blood

indicate he died
of cardiac arrest.

So, then, why
keep torturing Mike

if he already told the
killer everything he knew.

For the pleasure of it.

I'm aware Dr. Brennan
considers the field of psychology

a soft science,

but do you guys happen to know
about the concept of the Dark Tetrad?

CAM: Yeah, it's the
diagnosis of individuals

who share the same four
sinister personality traits.

Narcissism, sadism,
Machiavellianism and psychopathy.

Well, our killer
ticks every box.

I don't think Dr. Brennan
would encourage us to analyze

this killer psychologically,

but it's clear to me this
person is certainly sick.

And dangerous.

Which means we have to
find him before he finds Booth.

Hey, I need to talk to you.

I heard about Reiss.
How's your partner taking it?

Blaming himself for
not getting there sooner.

He can't take that on.

Reiss didn't have a chance.

Good luck telling him that.

Look, there's gotta
be something more

that we could bring Kovac in on.

You and I both know
that he's behind this.

I bent the rules to get
you those psych files.

Now you want more?

You FBI boys are cute,
but not lose-my-job cute.

Well, then, we've got a problem

because we need more
evidence to get a warrant,

but we're not getting a warrant
without some evidence here.

Yeah, it's a paradox.

Let me know when
you've untangled it.

Caroline, come on,
this guy is after Booth.

I get it.

But how am I gonna find a judge

who isn't gonna
demand probable cause?

Caroline, please.

My partner needs this.

I'll do what I can.
But no promises.

I've been working on the killer's
communications from that gym.

What communications?

He didn't leave any cell
phones or laptops behind.

Well, I've been checking
out Wi-Fi usage in the area.

There's no service in
that abandoned gym,

but I did find 11 wireless
routers in the vicinity,

and a computer that was
piggy-backing a signal from this place.

(READING) Nancy's
Cuts and Curls.

Are you sure it wasn't a
customer in for a cut or a curl?


This person had an agenda.

Look at what they
were searching for.

Wait a second, what do you mean

you couldn't get a search
warrant? I went to three judges.

None would sign off. You
have no probable cause.

I'm not waiting for Kovac
to make the next move.

What are you
proposing? I don't know.

Bring him in on
a parking ticket,

a house code violation, a
broken tail light if you have to.

Just bring him in.

If he gets a restraining
order against you,

you're off the case and
there's nothing I can do.

I'll take my chances, okay?

Maybe you won't have to.

What the hell's he doing here?

Agent Booth.

I need your help.

I found evidence of electrolytes
and TPN in Mike Reiss' system.

"Glucose, amino
acids, lipids..."

All components of
the maintenance IV.

Mike was being kept
alive to extend the torture.

Why did both of you come
here to give me this information?

We wanted to see how you were.

Not well.

I find it difficult being
separated from my children.

No one would blame
you for being with them.

This is not going to end until we
find evidence to stop Mark Kovac.

Usually, you let the evidence
lead you to the suspect.

How are you so sure it's Kovac?

Kovac is the son of
a man Booth killed,

and he has paramedic training
which is consistent with the IV.

Normally, you'd insist on a higher
degree of evidence, Dr. Brennan.

These are not
normal circumstances.

Okay, you do realize
that I am recording us?

You have to say "yes."


All right, so why don't we
start with why you're here?

Look, I know that this
is gonna sound nuts,

but I think somebody's trying
to pin both these murders on me.

Wait a second, Mark, we
only talked about one murder,

and it was Margaret Kwan.

Well, I saw the news, that
you found another body

at that abandoned
gym in Bethesda.

That's my wife's old listing.


Jeannine is a commercial
real estate agent.

Okay, so Radic was your father.

Now you're connected
to a crime scene.

No, it's worse than that.

That old recording studio
where they found that body

around a month ago,
that's Jeannine's too.


Well, I'm assuming
you wouldn't be here

unless there was some
sort of explanation.

Somebody must be using
Jeannine's old listings.

That doesn't wash with me, Mark.

I... This has nothing
to do with me.


All right, you know what,

you've given me no
reason but to lock you up.

Please, Agent Booth,
I'm the victim here.

I need to talk to you.

Hey. I'm just trying
to work things out.

Yeah, what is it?

There's been a shooting.

It was the safe house where
we put Max and the kids,

but we don't know anything...


BRENNAN: Where are
they? BOOTH: Come on.

Where? Hank! Christine! Come on.

Where are they?
Booth, over here.

I need to know... There.
There. There. Down there.

BRENNAN: Hank, Christine!

BOOTH: Come here, come here.

What's going on, Daddy?

BOOTH: It's okay.

All right, okay. Everything's
gonna be okay, all right?

We're here, honey.
Where's Grandpa?

Mommy, don't go!

Hold on, honey, I'll be
right back. I promise.

Dad. Dad.

Brennan. I'm here.

Hey. I'll make sure you're okay.

I'm fine. I'm fine.

Nothing that I haven't been
through before. How are the kids?

The kids are fine.

Who did this to
you, Max? Two guys.

We need to get him
to the hospital now.

I'm coming with you.

MAX: Oh, that... No, I'm fine.

No arguments, I'm
coming with you.

MAN: He's got
some bullets in him.

We've stabilized the
hemorrhaging, but...

Bones, go with him.
Everything's gonna be fine, okay?

I'll make sure everything's
okay back here.

OFFICER: Sergeant Doug, go
with him. They've both gone inside.

Tom, what the hell happened? Two
gunmen ambushed the safe house.

How the hell did they
find it? It's a safe house.

They're working on it.
That means you got nothing.

Great. I want to talk
to all the shooters.

TOM: Both were killed.

So is Agent Chatterjee
stationed at the entrance.

They came through the side yard,

blew the door with an RPG.

Wounds are tightly clustered.

High-intensity rounds.

They went right through a Kevlar
vest. These guys are well-trained.

They weren't expecting
your father-in-law.

Okay, go ahead. What
happened, Austin?

They came through the
yard, tripped the sensors.

Max put the children
in the basement.

Max came up on
this guy's blind side.

Yeah, he saved my life.

Stood his ground.
He got off a full clip.

How much did the kids see?

Your father-in-law made
sure they saw nothing.

Turned up the TV so they
wouldn't hear anything,

and we took them
out through the back.

BOOTH: Who are these guys?

We pulled fingerprints.

Names are Goran Milovic
and Andre Belgrader.

And one of them, as he was
bleeding out, kept saying "Majka."

Evidently it's
Serbian for "mother."

(SIGHS) Max is stable
and going into surgery.

HODGINS: Oh, good. He's
tough, he's going to be okay.

So, Milovic and Belgrader were
both Radic's bodyguards in Serbia.

I checked cyber security
with both the DOJ and the FBI,

and there were no security
breaches on either one of them.

Was it an inside man?

Unlikely. The team
was picked by Booth.

Then they had to have
been tracking the family.

Yeah, but how?

Brennan made Max leave
his phone at the Jeffersonian,

and she wouldn't even
let Christine take her iPad.

So, there were
no devices to track.

Wait, Brennan said that Max
recently had a pacemaker implanted.

Pacemakers send GPS
signals to their doctors.

Max was a patient at the
St. Francis Medical Center.

I can get on their server.

The pacemaker was the link.

But it looks like someone was
still pinging it for GPS information

even after the bodyguards
were shot dead.

So, this isn't over.

Tell me those children are okay.

They will be.

And your father-in-law?

Getting surgery.
Bones is at the hospital.

Seeley, we can't hold
Kovac much longer.

I'm not gonna hold him
anymore. I'm gonna take him down.

So, you used my father-in-law's
pacemaker to locate the safe house.

I came here for help.

Why would I do that?

To see the look on my face when
they tell me my children are dead.

That's crazy.

Really? 'Cause it says here
that General Joseph Radic

was shot at long range
during his son's sixth birthday,

September 15th, 1995.

I don't remember that. I
must have blocked it out.

Let me help remind you.

There was a party, there
were a lot of people there,

it was fun, there was cake.

General's blood
splattered... You can stop.

All over the boy who
was celebrating...

You can stop!

It must've been a nightmare for
you 'cause you loved your dad.

My father was a monster.

Yeah, but he was
still your dad. Right?

Who are you? I'm
Mr. Kovac's lawyer.

I'll be with you
in a moment. No.

My client will not answer any
more questions until we talk.


Dr. Vaziri.

I'm looking at Mike Reiss' bones

and there's some
unusual contusions

on the anterior surfaces
of the sternal ribs.

The marks seem to
form an oval pattern.

There's fracturing, yet
there's no sign of impact.

It doesn't make any sense.

I concur that this is
not an impact fracture.

Then, what else could it be?

We know the killer
administered an IV to Mike Reiss

to prolong torture.

Is it possible he had
access to a defibrillator?

Of course. Mark
Kovac is a paramedic.

The bruise is an exact match

for the shape of a
defibrillator paddle.

Dr. Brennan, your
father is out of surgery.

Okay, um, Dr. Vaziri, I
need you to call Booth.

Take a good look, Mark.

CAROLINE: Crime techs did
a sweep of your ambulance.

According to the report,

you cleaned your
defibrillator pads

with accelerated
hydrogen peroxide.

A good EMT always cleans his
pads before and after every shift.

You cleaned your machine, too.

As my client has explained,

it is important to maintain
a sanitary environment.

BOOTH: We got your cord, Mark.

CAROLINE: With all
its nooks and crannies.

Turns out when you shock
someone with 800 volts,

saliva and sweat and God
knows what gets tossed around.

Mike Reiss' DNA is in there.

My client did not...

I do not need a confession.

I got him.

You're done.

Did you kill my
father, Agent Booth?

I ask the questions here.

Let's go.


(CHUCKLES) How you feeling, Dad?


That's from the
laryngeal airway tube

that was used to intubate you.

The soreness will go
away in a few days.

Christine and Hank...

They're fine.

At home, worried
about their grandpa.


He has what he needs to
put Mark Kovac away for good.

You mad at me?

Why would I be mad at you?

The pacemaker...

I'm sorry I didn't
tell you about it.

No, I'm not mad.

But for future reference...

It's preferable to be informed of
any pending medical procedures.

I'll try.


I was just dreaming about you.

What was the dream?

You were a little girl...

And we were in the car, driving.

The whole family.

Your mom and Russ were with us.

The leaves were turning,


And it started to drizzle.

It was so quiet.

You could hear the raindrops

falling on the windshield.

And you were in the back...

Doing that thing
you do with my ear.

Rubbing your
earlobes. (CHUCKLES)

It always put me at
ease when I was driving.


And all those years...

I was gone...

Whenever I missed you...

I'd just think back

on the rides in the car.


Dad? Dad?

No, no, no.

No, no. Dad.

No, no, no, no...

MAN 1: Okay, what have we got?

I... I can help you with this.

Dad, I'm right here. Let
us do our job, ma'am.

I'm right here, Dad.

MAN 1: Heartbeat's
still dropping.

Defib, let's charge.

MAN 2: Grab some
demerol. MAN 1: I got nothing.

BOOTH: Bones.

We should've
gotten there sooner.


I'm sorry.

♪ For a minute I almost remember

♪ I'm still in it
though I lost ♪