Bones (2005–2017): Season 12, Episode 5 - The Tutor in the Tussle - full transcript

James Aubrey is in doubt when his wanted crooked father Philip suddenly turns up, asking help for his new family. Seeley's team investigates the smashed skull death of an Ivy League student who tutored less gifted rich kids. Suspects include trumped rival Matt Bogdan, his ex-con roommate, disgruntled charges and their parents, people finding out about Internet course substitution, mothers who cheated with him on their husbands.

OFFICER: Hey! Hey,
you! You right there.

You kids gotta stop
stealing that sign!

Hey! Hey! Get back here!

It's a lost cause, kid.

Drop the sign!

Where you going now?
Where you going, huh?

Yeah, I got you.

I got you now. Stop
right... Whoa, whoa!


(PANTING) See ya.

OFFICER: Damn it, get back here!

Oh, hell!

Yeah, it's Adams. I need backup.

your location? Yeah. I'm at 10th and...

Well, it's a lot at the
corner of 10th and...

I'm at 10th and
Boner, all right?

It's pretty juvenile,
if you ask me.

I mean, the street is named
for a prominent old family.

I disagree. The word "boner" is
objectively hilarious. (CHUCKLES)

The human penis has no
skeletal material of any kind.

Wow. You really
are overthinking this.

I mean, the kids,
they steal street signs

that sound like
dirty words, okay?

Like Wanger Street
or Morningwood Way.

There's nothing humorous about
nocturnal penile tumescence.

It's a natural phenomenon,
as you well know.

But... (LAUGHS)

Boner Street...
Right. That's great.

Why don't I just put
on some entertainment

for someone over
the age of eight.

Kathy arrived at Quantico

but found her
lecture hall empty.

"Where is everyone?"
she asked herself.

Booth, what is this?

What? You don't recognize it?

It's your latest
novel on audiobook.

NARRATOR: "I'll need to see
the Director at once," Kathy said.

This is terrible.

The narrator...

The narrator? Yes.

He misses all the nuance
of the main character's voice.

I need to call my editor. Here.

Sounds good to
me. Listen to him.

But there, too, Kathy could
find no one. Booth, do you mind?

All right, great, I'll
just drive in silence.


Bones, all I'm saying is,

you know, you should
just stay in your lane, okay?

Let the publishers do their job.

I mean, come on. What are you
gonna do? Narrate your own book?

Yes. That's exactly
what I intend to do.

I'll narrate it and then have
the audiobook reissued.

Good morning, you two.

Is everything okay?

Excellent. Excellent
compared to this guy here.

So, what? Shotgun, right?

'Cause we got shells
all over the place.

Yup. Techs found
multiple shell casings

from what appears
to be a 12 gauge.

And I'm finding bird
shot inside the body.

All right, so the killer,
he stood over the body

and he shot him at close range.

Yeah, which sent bone and tissue
flying everywhere within a 10-meter radius.

Be careful of what you touch.

It's likely there's evidence
even in the branches of this tree.

Wow. Time of death? I'd say...

Impossible to say based
on osteological evidence.

Cam? Based on decomp, two days.

See, Bones. You see what happens
when you let people do their job?

Lack of arthritic deterioration
suggests a young adult,

however, with the skull
and the hands so damaged,

determining ID
will be a challenge.

And we got no
eyewitnesses either.

You got nothing on your canvas?

You know, people in this
area, they just don't seem to be

too interested in talking
to law enforcement.

Wait! Oh.

Oh, well, you know what? That
happens to the best of us, Aubrey.

Anybody got a good
dry cleaner? Stay still.

I got a great guy. I'll give
you the information later.

Oh, Stan, on New Street.

He is good with blood,
not so much with bile.

Stan is not the
man. I got the guy.

BRENNAN: I use Susan
at Dupont Cleaners.

For blood and feces,
there's no one better.

BOOTH: I got a better guy.

Right next door is
this great sub shop.

Okay, people. I think
one is probably enough.

Yeah, why doesn't everybody
just send me their guy.


Taking a closer look
at the victim's patellae,

I'm seeing robust
tendinous attachments

as well as early
stage osteoarthritis.

CAM: So, bad knees?

FISHER: Yeah. The kind you see
after thousands of hours of manual labor.

Ugh. The sheer
drudgery depresses me.

Hey. Speaking of labor,

is Brennan really
narrating her audiobook?

It's pretty crazy how
she managed to bring

the Agent Andy
character back, right?


Ooh, Fisher, you can tell us
if the science was authentic.

So, a sternum
transplant? Is that for real?

Oh, you guys actually
read Dr. Brennan's books?

Uh, you don't?

Well, no offense to her,

but I find them to
be a little lowbrow.

Okay, I would definitely not
let Dr. B hear you say that.

Yeah, I'm more into
the nihilists' work,

Kierkegaard, Garfield.

Like the cartoon cat?


Oh. It's gonna be
difficult to get an ID.

Well, that's a pity.

But, then again,
Kierkegaard would say

the very idea of
individual identity

was long ago subsumed
by the specter of the public.

Is he still talking? (CAMERA

Hang on, Angela.

Your camera's flash
just illuminated...

Yup. It's a contact lens.

Dr. Hodgins? HODGINS: Mmm?

CAM: If we can pull
his fingerprint off it...

Gonna be a long shot,
but I may be able to get ID.

The victim is Austin Wilson.

Twenty-four. Booth and Brennan
are talking to his roommate.

He's got a criminal record.

Thank you. Here. That's yours.

Thank you.


No. That must be
yours. What is that?

Come on. It's the
sweet nectar of life.

It's the QuadShot
Cappuccino with cinnamon in it.

Oh, man, caffeine much?

No, I was up before dawn

video chatting with Jessica.

She's on this Euro trip.

With the time difference,

there's just no chance to talk.

Mmm, I'm jealous.
I mean, of her trip.

You know, I went to
Europe right after college,

and I'm not trying to brag,

but things got
a little bit crazy...

Ooh. I'm so sorry. (CHUCKLES)

Hello, James.

Uh, hi, I'm Karen. So...

Do you mind giving us a minute?

Sure. I'll meet
you at the office.

You look good, son.

Hey, Dad.

I'll tell you what. I'll
make this easy on you.

Why don't you turn around

and put your hands
behind your back?

James, don't be ridiculous.

You can't just arrest me.

Sit down, son. You
and I need to talk.

BENNY: You sure it
was Austin? We are.

Listen, your friend
was killed by a shotgun

in a pretty bad part of town.

Any reason why he would
be involved in criminal activity?


No. People think, 'cause
we came up in the system,

we got to be gangsters.

Not Austin.

Look, no offense,
but you have a record

and Austin was arrested

for assaulting a cop.

No, that was a misunderstanding.

We were kids in high school.

Riding bikes, shaking up soda
bottles, spraying them on people.

Austin just got unlucky.

He sprayed an off-duty cop.

Evidence on the body suggests
he worked manual labor.


He was working construction
through college to pay for Princeton.

Princeton, huh?

What? 'Cause he's a foster
kid he can't go to a good school?

I assure you, we think
nothing of the sort.

I, myself, spent
time in foster care.

Look, do you know
where Austin worked?

At this tutoring company.

He was applying
to med school also.

Tutoring? Like, I'm sorry,
helping kids with their homework?

It's a common way for graduates
of elite schools to make money

while they pursue
graduate-level degrees.

I'm telling you,

Austin had no life. He had no
girl. All he did was work and study.

Those rich parents
were intense, too.

You should look at them.

Austin's phone records show
almost no contact with friends or family.

Benny was right.

His whole life was tutoring for
money and preparing for med school.

That's sad, right, Bones?

Everyone needs a
little fun in their lives.

I rarely socialized between
college and graduate school.

find his work ethic admirable.

Ugh. What is it?

(SIGHS) My editor says that
if I want to perform my novel

I have to record an audition.

Sure, it makes sense.

That did not make
sense, it's insulting.

All right, well, there you go.

Tell her that you're
not gonna do it.

Problem solved. Don't be
silly. Of course I'm gonna do it.


We were all horrified
to hear about Austin.

Well, we're hoping we
could take a look around.

If you must, but bear in mind that
our students have been traumatized.

We're doing our best to maintain
a professional environment.

Right. We are still talking
about homework help, right?

Well, we live in a competitive
globalized world now,

I founded this place to
ensure our students stay on top.

We only hire the smartest
tutors from the best colleges.

Harvard. Yale. Northwestern.

Sure. If we're
understaffed. (SCOFFS)

I attended Northwestern.
It is quite prestigious.

Oh, I'm sure it is, Dr. Brennan.
No offense intended.

Well, I assure you
offense was taken.

Wait, let's all just calm down.

So, was Austin
here the day he died?

No, he met with a
few students off-site.

Maybe we can take a look
at his work computer, files?

Of course. Yeah.

Miss Bryan, what's up
with the vending machine?

I'm so sorry, Meredith. The
repairman will be here next week.

If you... Next week?

How am I supposed to
focus without snacks?

I completely understand
your frustration.

Miss Bryan, we heard
that some of your clients,

well, most of your clients
were pretty much demanding.

Did Austin have any problems
or conflicts with any parents?

Not that I can think of.

What about Psycho Sue?

Psycho Sue?

That what some of the kids
call Jacob's mother, Sue Casey.

She's passionate but
harmless. Harmless?

She tried to run me
over with her SUV

when I beat Jacob
in geography bee.

I'm sure that was an accident.

And last week, I saw her
yelling at Austin in the parking lot.

And she slapped
him across the face.

She hit Austin?

Let's not... "Let's not" what?

(SCOFFS) You're
just afraid of her

because she threatened
to rip out your intestines.

Well, those weren't the
exact words she used.

No. But we're not
supposed to swear in here.

It was, like, way worse.

Okay. We'll have to
keep our voices down,

Jacob's practicing for the SAT.

His critical reading score
is stuck in the low 700s.

Well, that puts him
well above average.

Tell that to the Harvard
Admissions Committee.

Miss Casey, do you
wanna explain to us

why you slapped
Austin Wilson last week?


Austin talked Jacob into
applying early to UVA.

The last eight generations of
this family have gone to Harvard.

So, you slapped Austin
because he talked your son

into applying to a different,
well-regarded university?

I wasn't paying $300 an hour

for Jacob to get his heart set
on some community college.

Mom, you're being a psycho.

Our phone records indicate that there
were five calls made from this house

to his cell phone
on the day he died.

Uh, that was me. That was you?

Yeah. I had a huge
physics test the next day

and I wanted him
to answer a question.

(SIGHS) Jacob, focus.




Wow. You guys big hunters?

(SCOFFS) Okay. I
see where this is going.

Look, Austin and I
had our differences,

but he was a decent
tutor and Jacob liked him.

That's sweet and all. But we're
still gonna have to test your guns.


Whatever it takes to get some
peace so Jacob can focus.

Cam, I was wondering
if... Whoa, there.

Duck season or rabbit season?

Hey, I'm just
trying to determine

whether Sue Casey's shotguns
are a match for our murder weapon.

Dr. Saroyan... Whoa, there.


very, very quiet. She's hunting rabbits.

Come again? Looney Tunes.

Oh, come on, man. Well,
cartoons upset me as a child.

More of an Addams Family kid?

Twilight Zone reruns, actually.

Everything about you
makes more sense now.

Mmm. Did you need something?

Uh, yes. I found blunt
force trauma everywhere.

The legs, the ribs, the skull.

So, maybe our victim was beaten

before he was taken to the
location where he was shot.

I don't think that he
was shot with these guns.

So you've determined
that already?

Thanks to Parasteatoda

What is that?
They're spiders, Cam.

Oh, God! How about a warning
for us non-Latin speakers next time?

Be careful with
that in my office.

Oh, God. Are those eggs? Relax,
Cam, they're not gonna hatch.

Oh, nice. They're
in this one, too.

Okay. I'm not a fan.

Okay, these must have
been in Sue Casey's basement

because these webs
take at least a week to...


What? Is something wrong?


No. I was just...

(STUTTERING) I was thinking that
that suggests that these guns over here

were last fired long
before he was killed.

Okay, then I've got an idea.

Why don't you two take
these guns and their inhabitants

and, uh, go far, far away.

Good idea. FISHER: No problem.

You sure nothing's
wrong? Hmm? Mmm-mmm.

Nope. Everything is really good.

I'm gonna go.


Hey, you, uh, need any help?

Uh, sure. Just starting
in on Austin's client files

from the tutoring company.

Grab a few. Totes.

That's short for "totally."

I know. Okay.

So, looks like Austin
was pretty popular.

He was gaining new
clients almost every week.

Hmm. Maybe some of the
other tutors got a little jealous.

Yeah. That's what I'm thinking.

So, how was it seeing
your dad yesterday?

Come on. You didn't think
I'd notice who that was?

Listen, I'm not
gonna tell anyone.

I just wanted to come in
and see how you're doing.

Look, I appreciate the
thought, but this is not therapy.

Oh, I'm aware. It's just
that you always said that

if you ever saw him again, he
would be arrested immediately.

There's a kid.

A kid?

The government's been tracking and
shutting down his offshore accounts

but he's got a new
wife and a son.

He came to me asking
for money to support them.

Now, I don't care what
happens to my dad, but...

This is your half brother.

So, if you make that arrest

then he grows up without
a father just like you did.

Now look, you don't
know Phillip Aubrey.

I mean, everything that
comes out of his mouth

is a lie meant to manipulate.

I don't even know if the
kid in this photo is really his.

But if you don't think
he's telling the truth

then why haven't you told
the FBI that you saw him?

Booyah! You just got shrinked.

"Booyah"? You're
so weird. Thank you.

So, I think I'm starting
to see a pattern here

with Austin's newer students.

A lot of them used to work
with a tutor named Matt Bogdan.

Losing clients
means losing money.

Maybe we should talk
to this Matt Bogdan guy.


ANGELA: So, Aubrey asked
me to look into communications

between Austin and
his colleague, Matt.

And I found this online portal.

CAM: Tutor Talk. Yeah.

I've looked through
most of the messages

and they're almost
all work related.

Hey, has Hodgins been acting
different around you lately?

Uh, this morning he tried to get
me to taste a mold culture, so no.


He's just been poking
his head in my office

and then making excuses
to leave when he sees me.

Hmm. He hasn't said
anything to me about it, but...

Oh. Hey, look.

There is a message
from Matt to Austin.

"Dude, answer my calls. I'm asking
one last time to back off or else..."

"My life depends on it."

Yeah. This was sent the
day before Austin was killed.

I'll let Booth know.

Oh, my God. Cam! What?

What? No, no. What? What?

Oh, God!

Ahhh! Oh, my God!




I know Hodgins is your
husband and your soul mate...

No, no. We'll kill
him together. Yeah.

This stays here.

You wrote an op-ed
for your college paper

about how you bought an
assault weapon in 15 minutes.

So, we know that you're
comfortable acquiring guns.

Yeah. I'm for gun control.

I wrote this column to
show how lax our system is.

That's why I wanna
go to law school.

AUBREY: Law school's expensive.

Must have been pretty stressful
losing all those clients to Austin.

Please. Money is not an issue.

I do this job for
the networking.

Networking with 15-year-olds?

With their parents.

There's no better in with
Beltway insiders than their kids.

Wait, so the last client to
switch from Matt to Austin

was the daughter of
the Solicitor General.

That's like the most
important lawyer in the country.

Must have been pretty desperate to
maintain that networking opportunity.

(SIGHS) Okay. Yeah. I did beg
Austin to let me keep one student.

He refused. But I would
never murder him over it.

Come on. You weren't just
a little bit jealous of Austin

being so much more
talented than you?

No. See, that's the thing.
Austin wasn't a better tutor.

And de-Niall is just a
member of One Direction.

It's a guy in the band.
He's named "Niall."

Seriously, look at
our metrics. Okay?

My students saw their
SAT scores increase

by more points on
average than Austin's.

And I never did really
figure out what it was

that parents
preferred about him.

Hey, uh, has anyone seen Cam?

She's at home.
Showering and changing.

FISHER: Which means you
should escape while you still can.

But first, swab results.

Nothing that indicates where
Austin was knocked unconscious.

But I did find
methylsulfonylmethane and vitamin C,

two ingredients commonly
used in anti-wrinkle cream.

Huh. That's weird.
Austin's in his 20s.

Why would he be
worried about aging?

Well, I didn't tell you where
I found the particulates.

They were on his
boxers, right by...

Let's just say his
lower abdominal area.

Okay. So that means
someone much older than him

had their hands down his pants.

Well, that explains
it. Explains what?

Why mothers prefer
Austin's services over Matt's.

Yeah, I don't... I...

Oh, my God, you guys, really?

Come on, Austin's
like a total hunk.

Objectively speaking, he
does appear more virile.


Looks like one of the mothers at
the tutoring place thought so, too.


Dr. Fisher, on the
scapulae and the left radius

I'm seeing blunt force trauma

that suggests the victim was hit
with some object with an angular edge.

Yes. The damage is consistent
with a squared-off object like a 2x4.

I concur. How are you progressing
with your skull reassembly?

In process. How are you
progressing with your audiobook?

Very well. Not
that it interests you.

Angela told you?

(SIGHS) I am a contemptible
fool for trusting her.

Tell me, what is it about my
novels that you find so objectionable?

I don't know that I
should speak frankly here,

but from what little I've read,

I find them to be cheap and
lacking a certain perspicacity.


Yes. It's a common vocabulary
word for my SAT students.

It means "shrewdness"
or "insight."

I'm aware of what it means.

I merely thought it
an interesting choice.

Hang on.

There is a slight contusion on
this fragment of the frontal bone

and its corresponding piece.

See that? Just a small nick.

A slight puncture conforming
to the shape of a human incisor.

I've seen this injury
profile in cases

where the victim
head-butted an attacker.

So the victim got into a
fight shortly before he died.

Given the evidence
of the hand cream,

and if he was sleeping
with married women,

we might be looking
for a jealous husband.

A melodrama worthy of
one of your pulp novels.

Maybe that's enough
speaking frankly for you today.

Look, this is all just a big
misunderstanding. Where's my wife?

She's with another
agent, Mr. Mills.

Never mind her.

Austin was at your
house the day he died.

ER records show that
you checked yourself in

for the broken nose that night.

No use denying that.

Look, I understand how
enraged you must have been.

You found your son's
tutor with your wife.

You killed him by accident? No.

Look, he's the one
that overreacted.

He head-butted me, hard.

So, you fought back?

Hope your wife's
telling the same story.

So, Mrs. Mills, how long have
you been sleeping with Austin?

Please, call me Cornelia.

And I wasn't
sleeping with Austin.

Come on, there's
no reason to deny it.

We know that you had
your hands down his pants.

Yeah. I went for his goods

because I knew that Gavin was
about to walk through the door.

So, you wanted your
husband to catch you?

Gavin and I both run very
stressful legal practices.

We need a release.

And there's nothing like that
feeling of being caught in the act.

It's a horrible feeling.

My wife gets off on
taunting me with other men.

Of course, Austin's
hardly the first.

No? Oh, heck no! No.

There was the gardener,
the pool guy, the piano tuner.

So, Austin, he
was the final straw.

No, this wasn't even
the first time with Austin.

Usually, he just pushed her off.

But this time, Austin
seemed different.

Angry. He head-butted you.

And then he yelled
something like, uh,

"You people are all nuts!

"You think money means you
can get away with everything.

"I'm done."

Then Austin stormed out and
that's the last that I saw of him.

Great, thank you, Mrs. Mills.

I told you, it's Cornelia.

Uh-huh. You're free to go.

We're gonna hold your husband
for a little bit, check out his alibi.

In the meantime, anything
else that you may...

Why don't you give me your cell?

In case I do come
up with something.

CAM: Hey.

Anything in Austin's
files that suggests

why he was more
stressed than usual?

He was juggling
about 50 students.

But that was normal.
I seriously doubt that.

In my tutoring days, I could
juggle up to 10 students.

To imagine Austin being five times
more productive strains credulity.

ANGELA: Yeah. That
does seem like a lot.

Do you have something
for me, Dr. Fisher?

Yes. Hodgins got these swab results
back from the blunt force trauma injuries.

And he had you deliver them?

I think he was
afraid to see you.

But he did say whatever
Austin was beaten with

was made of stainless
steel and had trace of leather.

I'm thinking it was found in
the Fifty Shades of Grey aisle.

Thank you for that image.

So, these are
Austin's client invoices.

All I have to do is
let the computer scan

the dates and times
of the appointments.

That's odd.

It looks like he was
regularly triple-booking clients.

Oh, I see what's going on here.

Scams like this are
running rampant.

Parents are paying
cash-strapped college grads

to take online
classes for their kids.

So, Austin's students
were cheating?

Well, some of them
might have been honest.

But he would have
charged the cheaters extra.

If that's true, Austin's boss,
Amy, would certainly know about it.

AUBREY: Miss Bryan?

Special Agent Aubrey. This
is my colleague, Karen Delfs.

You wanna come
on down? This again?

Look, as I told your
colleagues, we all want to help,

but this is disrupting my
students' learning environment.

Don't you mean disrupting
the tutors that you have

taking the students'
classes for them?

I don't know what
you're talking about. Oh.

And I told your people already,
we didn't see Austin the day he died.

So, I'm sorry, there's
nothing more I can do for you.


Look at that.

Is that dried blood?

Austin was injured by an object
made of steel with traces of leather.

Kind of like these stairs
with shoe leather on them.

He fell down the stairs.

We're gonna have to
ask you to come with us.

This learning environment you
got here is now a crime scene.

Look, I'm only gonna
ask you one last time.

What was Austin doing in the
office the night that he died?

Amy, I would advise you

not to answer any more
questions. BOOTH: Oh.

I'm sorry, what're you doing?

I'll be representing Miss Bryan.

My son is her client.

So, representing her in this
matter is the least I can do.

She lied to us. You
understand me?

Austin was going to
blow the whistle on her.

This is insane. I never
spoke to Austin that day.

That's enough, Amy.

Agent Booth, what
I'm hearing is that

you have no physical evidence
to tie my client to the murder.

Or to suggest her knowledge
of Austin's cheating.

Well, it's difficult to believe
Amy didn't know about it.

She was making money off
of Austin's fraudulent work.

I have something that
you might wanna see.

This is a list of each student

Amy met with in her office
the night of Austin's death.

As well as stills from
the security footage

of Amy out to
eat at a restaurant

30 miles away from
where the body was found.

My client's alibi is
documented and it is airtight.


So, if that is all...

Or maybe it isn't
all, Agent Booth.


I'm gonna have a
cheeseburger, side of fries.

Nothing for me, thanks.

Nothing? You feeling okay?
I'm just not that hungry, that's all.

So, Dr. Brennan, how's the
audiobook career coming?

Don't encourage her.
Very well, thank you.

I finished recording my audition
and sent it in to my editor.

Cool. Let's hear it. Sure.

BOOTH: Oh, wow.

Andy and Kathy were in a predicament.

"Where are we?" Kathy asked.

"I'm not sure just
yet," Andy said.

Hold on, I'm sorry. That is
your voice for Agent Andy?

Yes. It's exactly how I hear
him in my head when I write.

No. That is really
good. It's really good.

Recording quality
is super clear.

So, the case? Right.

So, look, even if Austin didn't
actually see Amy the night that he died,

based on what he said to the Mills,
clearly, he went there ready to quit.

The question is, what
happened outside those offices

that stopped him
from going inside?

ANGELA: This is a map of
all the gunshots on the body.

CAM: What do the
colors represent?

Each color corresponds
with one of the five shots.

But it's still a
little bit unclear.

What if you take this image

and place it on top of an
overhead view of the crime scene

and map out the areas where
the pellets hit the ground?

Yeah, that's a good idea.

Okay, this will just
take me a few seconds.

Hey, have you figured out what
you're gonna do to Hodgins yet?

You sure you wanna know?


Oh. Yeah. Much clearer.

The killer fired while
standing directly over the body.

The spray is too spread out.


Okay. Yeah, you're
right. It doesn't match.

Given the size of
the spray range,

the killer would've had to have
shot from several meters overhead.

But not if the barrel
was shortened.

What? Like a sawed-off shotgun?


Adjust the simulation for a
barrel length of 30 centimeters?


Yeah. That works.

But wait, isn't it illegal to
even own a sawed-off shotgun?

It is.

So, we're not looking for
someone with a gun used to hunt.

No, we're looking for somebody
with a gun used to commit a crime.

Aubrey, didn't they tell you
there's cake in the break room?

Look at that, huh? No. I'm okay.

Okay. That's it. What
the hell is wrong with you?

Come on.

All right. Look, I don't want
this to interfere with work.

But you know that my
dad is back in the country.

Yeah, I know. We got people
out there looking for him.

Yeah, I know. It's just, uh...

It's on my mind, that's all.

Anyway, uh, this is every case file
for crimes committed in the past year

involving a sawed-off
shotgun. There's a lot of 'em.

We can throw out any of the gun
holders that were arrested, right?

You can't kill someone if
you're already in prison.

That's for sure.


Thick, eh?

Yeah. My old man,
he was a piece of work.

Yeah. He drank, right? Yeah.

He drank and beat the crap
out of me and my brother,

till Pops took us in.

I guess neither one of us drew
very well in the fatherhood lottery.

Well, you know, my
dad, he died a while back.

I never got a chance
to really confront him.

Tell him how I really feel.
You know, man to man.

Look, Booth, let's just suppose
that I know where my dad...

Stop talking.

All I'm saying is, when
we do bring your father in,

maybe you'll get a
chance for some closure.

And look at this.

I think I got
something. What is it?

Convenience store
robbery about a month ago.

Does this look like
anyone that we know?

It's Austin's roommate, Benny.

And he's got the same weapon
that was used to kill his friend.

So, looks like your best bud, Austin,
was murdered with a sawed-off shotgun.

recognize that cashier?

AUBREY: 'Cause
he recognized you.

Pick you out of a
lineup. No problem.

I get it. This looks bad.

But like I told you, I would
never ever hurt Austin.

What are you saying, this
is some kind of coincidence?


You say it was a
sawed-off? Then, yeah.

It was my gun that killed him.

Look, I fell in with
the wrong people,

into some bad things
that I shouldn't have.

Austin, he found
out. He was pissed.

He called me on it. He told
me I was better than that.

So, he was gonna turn you in.

You and your buddies
decided to shut him up?

No. Austin was no snitch.

No. He took the gun from
me and the ammo and he hid it.

He was holding the sawed-off.

One of the parents
must have found it...

I'm getting sick
and tired of you

pointing the finger at
everyone except yourself.

You're right.

It was my gun and I
have to live with that.

But I didn't kill him.

So, you think it was one
of his students, Benny?

No. No.

Those kids, they idolized him.

I used to joke that those
rich kids were just a paycheck.

Austin, he made them feel
like it was something else.

Like they were friends
or something, you know?

They loved him.

I'm telling you,
look at the parents.

CAM: Dr. Brennan,
you found something?

Take a look at this
injury on the left humerus.

Blunt force trauma.

Most likely from
falling down the stairs.


But there are far more hairline
fractures surrounding the site

than on the other
stair-related injuries.

So, you think
something else caused it.

I should have Dr. Hodgins
swab the wound site immediately.

CAM: You know what?
Let me take it to him.

It's time he and
I had a little chat.

Dr. Hodgins.

Dr. Brennan wanted
you to look for trace

in this injury she
found on the humerus.

Yeah. Sure. I'm on it.

Also, I thought we should talk.


So, how much trouble am I in?

Oh, please,
Dr. Hodgins. Actually, I...

I'm looking at this little episode
as an opportunity for self-reflection.

You are?

The fact that one of my
colleagues was so afraid of me

that he would cover up a
spider infestation in my office

makes me think I should
reconsider my management style.

So, you're just
gonna forgive me?

Well, either that or...

I wait until you're lulled
into a sense of security,

maybe days, maybe months,
and then when you least expect it,

exact my revenge.

Are you serious?

Come on, Cam. That
anticipation. That's just cruel.

Almost like living
in constant fear

that there might be a
spider crawling in your hair?

You might wanna
hurry up with the swab.

You don't wanna keep me waiting.

We searched Benny's
place high and low.

No sign of the murder weapon.

Well, maybe he
was telling the truth.

KAREN: I might have something.

Benny said that all the students
really adored Austin, right?

That they thought
the world of him.

They thought of him as
more of a friend than a tutor.

Which means none of
them had motive to kill.

Except that I've worked
hundreds of stalking cases

and nine times out of ten, it's
not the overtly threatening type

that you wanna be worried about.

'Cause, you see, they're getting their
aggression out through their words.

The ones that
should scare you...

Are the ones who
express their affection.

So, what you're saying,

maybe if a student was
attached enough to Austin...

Then that student will be very upset
to find out that Austin was leaving.

Aubrey, get a list of
all the kids who were at

the tutoring office that night.

So, I should just... Okay.

Hopefully we won't hit any
traffic. We should be there by now.

Ugh. Great. Now what?

Just need to ask your son a couple
of follow-up questions, that's all.

Uh, no, sorry. We already
told you everything we know.

Except Jacob failed to mention
that he was at the tutoring offices

the night that Austin died.

I didn't lie.

I told you, I had a
question about physics

but Austin wouldn't pick up,

so I rode my bike over
to see if Amy could help.

There. He answered
your question.

Now could you please leave?

Whoa. Hold on for a second.

Bones, take a look
at the peg, will you?

Shape seems right. It corresponds
to the injury I found on the humerus.

What is she talking about?

Our lab found axle
grease on Austin's body.

If Jacob put his bike inside
Austin's trunk along with the body,

the peg could have pressed
up against Austin's humerus.

Booth, there's blood
residue all over this bike.

Okay, you have
no right to be here.

You saw Austin outside the
tutoring offices that night, didn't you?

He told you he was gonna quit.

Well, I asked him
if we'd still hang out.

He said no. He said I was
nothing but a paycheck to him.

That must have made you mad.

Jacob, what did you do?

I didn't do anything.

He's the one who picked a fight.

I didn't mean for him
to fall down the stairs.

But after he did...

You drove him to
a bad part of town,

you shot up his body so it
wouldn't look like an accident.

Jacob, tell them they're wrong.

Mom, would you just shut up?

I just... I didn't...

I didn't wanna lose
everything I worked for.

He called me a paycheck.


Figured if I waited here
long enough you'd show up.

This safe for us?

Does this mean you thought
about things, that, uh...

You're gonna help
me? Not you. This kid.

Thought about how I grew up

seeing your face on the
news, seeing Mom cry.

I wouldn't wish that
childhood on anyone.

You know, I never would have left
if I didn't think you could handle it.

That you turned out
to be such a good man.

And I was right.

I'm proud of you, James.

You're one of the only good
things I've ever done in my life.

You know, a friend of mine
says that people can change.

Maybe he's right.

But, I'm just not
ready to believe in you.

Phillip Aubrey,
you're under arrest.

This was a mistake, James.

Sir. Oh, and one more thing,

don't ever take credit for
how I turned out, okay?

Any good in me was
despite having you as a father.

AGENT: Let's go.

I know this was hard,
but you did the right thing.


Did I?

I put a call over to my friend
at the State Department,

who just got back to me.

They don't know who this kid is.

That's not your dad's son.

Can you get my friend a
burger over here, please?

Come on, I'm good.
Really. Double cheese.

Okay, maybe a
shake. Two milkshakes.

Knock, knock. How are you?

Cam wants you to sign
off on this forensic report.

Thank you. You're free
to go for the evening.

Have a good night.

Actually, before you do...

Earlier, you critiqued my
work as lacking perspicacity.

Perhaps I was a bit too harsh.

I assure you my skin is quite
thick. In a metaphorical sense.

However, the word
choice triggered a memory.

Years ago, my
editor sent me stories

written by readers in
the style of my books.

Fan fiction. Oh,
fan fiction. Yeah.

Most of them
were quite terrible.

But one story at least
got the science right.

It was called The
Perspicacity in the Bones.

That's ironic.
Memorably bad title.

The plot centered around
a tormented intern, who...

Had an affair with his boss.

Uh, Dr. Brennan, if I may...

I ran a computer
analysis. No, you didn't.

Of the prose from that story
with work you've written for me.

The result was conclusive.

You've not only read my novels,

but you were once a
devoted fan of them.

You're gonna tell Angela and
Hodgins about this, aren't you?

That would be needlessly cruel.

Thank you.

I think it's enough
for us to know

that despite your
apathetic affectations,

there are things in this
world that bring you joy.

I am in a hell of my own making.

Hey, Bones. You're just in time.

Christine, she's brushing her
teeth, getting ready for bed.

Excellent. How's Aubrey?

Oh, he'll be okay. He's fine.
He's already 12 donuts in.

Listen, I've been thinking.

I think it's great that you're sending
in your audition tape, you know,

you're challenging yourself.

Actually, I destroyed
it. What? Why?

As an author, I can
read my audience

and everything I need to know
about my future as a voice actor

was evident in Aubrey's
demeanor today.

Oh, kid's got no
poker face. Besides,

someone else reminded me that my
work has already touched many people.

No matter how you read it.

Speaking of which, all right,

there is a big fan of yours
in the back room there

that would love to
hear a reading from you.

Oh. You think? Mmm.
(SCOFFS) For sure.

Really. Well...

If I start with my latest novel,
that might be too confusing.

Maybe my first book?

Whoa. Wait a second,
are you serious?

That's a little dark
for a six-year-old.

No. My plots are no darker
than your average fairy tale.

Bones, you're talking
about brutal murders here.

In the original Cinderella,

two doves peck the
eyes out of the stepsisters.

I don't remember
that in the movie.

Well, it's in the original short
story, which I've already read her.

What? Okay, don't
judge me, Booth.

When I describe the pecking out of
the eyes I do so in a tasteful manner.

BOOTH: Tasteful?
There's nothing tasteful...