Bones (2005–2017): Season 12, Episode 11 - The Day in the Life - full transcript

In the series' penultimate episode, each leading character's final story begins to unfold. Brennan testifies for Zack in trial, Angela reveals some big news, while Aubrey and Jessica come to terms about their future together. All the while, the team discovers Kovac has escaped, leaving Booth in a race against the clock to protect himself and those closest to him from what may be Kovac's most dangerous plan yet.

Can I have everybody's
attention, please.

To the bride and groom.

Wait, wait, wait, one more
time. I missed it there, Clark.

For Hodgins, to
the bride and groom.

Hey, wait, wait, wait... Woah!

Careful, Dr. Saroyan,
don't hurt yourself.

Or anyone else.

Don't forget, I'm still
technically your boss, Clark.

At least until next week.

That's right. When do
you leave on the big trip?

First thing Friday morning.

I still can't believe you got
Cam to leave for six months.

Well, it's been eight years since
I've had a vacation, I was overdue.

Before we let Arastoo get
away, let's take an interns picture.

Daisy, none of us
are interns anymore.

Oh, there's Angela.


My bad, my bad. Cam.

I'll be back, babe.

Maybe you can help.
There's a gift without a card.

The problem is, I
don't know how to

categorize it on my spreadsheet.

Don't worry about
it, just have fun.

Oh, look at me. I am.

Then I'll leave you to it.

Oh, uh...

Thank you again
for taking care of

everything for Zack's
hearing tomorrow.

Dr. Hodgins and
I have it covered.

Besides, we have to get used
to solving cases without you.

I was gonna wait till
tomorrow to tell you

but who knows, maybe
the drinks are getting to me.

Anyway, I'm considering
handing over my role

as administrative head
of the Jeffersonian.

Truth is, I don't know

where the next chapter of
my life is going to take me so...

Well, if you do decide
to find a replacement,

I think we both know who
the obvious choice would be.

I agree.

Anyway, we don't need to
talk about this now, I just...

It's something to think about.

And just so you
know, Christine's trying

to give Michael
Vincent a wet willy.

Christine, you can
perforate his eardrum.

Cam, it's time. No, no.

Felicia, I told you
no bouquet toss.

The number of weddings where
I've almost been knocked out

by overzealous
bridesmaids... No.

Move out of the way, ladies.

This bouquet is mine.

Okay, here I go.
Is everyone ready?

Throw it now.


One, two...

Dr. Saroyan, can
I wear your veil?

Of course you can, sweetie.

Okay. There you go.

Thank you.


You okay? Oh, yeah,
I'm great. It's nothing.

What's important
is that you're happy.

I am. Arastoo is a great guy.

If we are half as happy
as you and Brennan,

I will consider it a success.

Okay, I think I'm probably
one too many drinks in

to be holding a child. Okay.

That's really comforting.
There you go, little man.

Real comforting,
Aubrey. To the bar.

Okay, but he's gonna
hurt in the morning.

Wanna go find Mom?
I'll see you soon. Okay.

Come on, let's go, buddy.

Mrs. Vaziri?

I'm actually not
changing my name.

So sorry. I just
wanted to inform you

we've moved your personal items

from the changing
area into your car.

Oh, thank you very much.

Hello. Hi.

Yes, I'd like to say
a couple of words.

So, as most of you
know, I'm Cam's daughter.

Which means, I know better
than anyone that my mom can be...

Stubborn to say the least.

So she's not easily
swept off her feet.

But, when it came to Arastoo,

it was clear immediately that
she was meant to be with him,

and even she couldn't deny.

So, Mom,


I love you both so
much. I love you.

And I wish you a long
and happy marriage.

Hear, hear.

And without further ado,

I'd like to invite the happy
couple onto the dance floor.


Good morning, sleepy head.

Good morning.

Oh, thank you.

What time is it? 11:00.

11:00? I have to... No.

I have to do nothing.

Wow. This is nice.

Not a bad way to
start our new life.

To sleeping in.

Mmm. Uh-uh-uh.
What are you doing?

I'm not working, I'm just
checking on Michelle.

Oh, she already texted me.

"Saw your purse sitting on
the chair in the tent, I grabbed it.

"Go back to sleep and
stop worrying about me."

She knows you well.

Woah! Looks like I've
got eight voicemails.

It's probably just

Yeah, I don't think so.

Okay, it sounds like something
serious has happened at the lab.

They need me to come in. Today?

I got them, too.

Oh, shoot, my ID's in my purse.

I got it.


Somebody talk to me.
What is happening?

It appears Miss Warren's
initial assessment is correct.

Gunshot wound to the
head. Okay, who's the victim?

We're not sure yet.

So you called us in and
you don't even have ID?

This isn't exactly
a normal case.

Seriously, guys, tell me,
what has gone wrong here?


Hodgins. Oh, hey.

What can I get you, lovely lady?

What do you have? We've
got the Saroyan Sling...

The Arastini, the

You did not name a
drink the Pookie-Noodling.

All right, it's not on the menu,

but I'll whip you
up one special.

Hey, have you
checked your phone?

Have you heard
anything from the doctor?

Angie, we said we weren't gonna

talk about that
tonight, remember?

Yeah, sorry, I just... I can't
stop thinking about it the...


My bad, my bad.

Nothing like actual smoke
to give it that smoky flavor.


It's not bad.

Angela, we need
you. Intern photo, stat.

Okay, well, duty calls.


Can I get another drink or, you
know what, make it two actually.

Well, coming up. Guys.

Dr. Hodgins, neat
setup. Very Bunsen Jude.

I think I'll have the
Saroyan Sling please.

Coming right up.

You know, for someone who's
about to defend his best friend

in a murder trial in 15
hours, you are very calm.

Please, with the evidence that
we've got, that case is a slam dunk.

Zack, looking good, my
friend. I like the power tie.

Thank you. Studies show
a necktie's phallic shape...

Yeah, exactly. Right. I got it.

Zack, you sure you
wanna represent yourself?

I mean, we can
request a continuance.

No, I've had many years to study

courtroom procedure. I am ready.

Zack will be fine. Besides,
the opposing lawyer is...

Is a fierce vision by the
name of Caroline Julian.

Is that what you were
gonna say, chere? No.

Dr. Hodgins, did I just
see your wife looking green

and running to the ladies room?

Is Angela feeling unwell?

I wouldn't blame her.

Those drinks you
mixed had me think about

giving my corn flakes a
second viewing this morning.

I'll make sure
that Angela's okay.

Meanwhile, what time
does the shindig get started?

Wanna take my buddy
here to a celebratory lunch.

Upon recovering the body of
Gormogon's original apprentice,

we found blood on his clothing
that was an exact match to the victim

which suggests he committed
the murder before he himself died.

But didn't the defendant,
that is to say, didn't I confess?

It was a false confession,
one you have since rescinded.

Thank you, Dr. Hodgins.

Dr. Hodgins, in your
considerable experience,

isn't it rare to find such
unbelievably strong evidence

nearly a decade after a crime?

It is.

And didn't your
colleagues wonder

whether you might have planted
this oh-so-convincing evidence?

Objection, hearsay.

No, I'll answer it.

Yes. There were concerns.

Which is why I
established protocol

that no one would
examine evidence alone.

Meaning it was impossible

for even someone
as brilliant as yourself

to plant such compelling
evidence? Don't answer that.

Nothing further.

What's Caroline doing?

We will move to closing statements.
Miss Julian, you may begin.

Thank you, Your Honor.

While the evidence presented
today is unusually compelling,

we must consider
the family of the victim.

To reopen these wounds...

What? No.

Zack is the real
victim here. Order.

Hodgins, please.
No, hold on a second.

What is the point
of the rule of law

if we're gonna lock
up an innocent man?

Order. Would the bailiff please

escort this man
from the courtroom?

What the hell was that?

Caroline is deliberately
sinking our case.

Dr. Hodgins, calm down.

Whatever you think
of Ms. Julian's work,

making a scene did
nothing to help Zack.

Damn it.

Brennan, you got
to get back in there.

Someone who cares
about Zack needs to

be there when his
life sentence is upheld.


Dr. England?


Hey, Aubrey.

No, I thought you
were... It doesn't matter.

What do you need?

Aubrey, good to see you. How
are you feeling this morning?

To be honest,
felt like our victim.

Hey, don't blame me,
I just mixed the drinks.

You're the one that
downed a dozen of them.

All right, what do we got here?

Based on cranial
sutures, looks like

this guy is in
his late twenties,

hard to determine
race at this time.

What about his clothes?

Looks like his pants,
shirt made of denim.

Canadian tuxedo?

Nice. But, no.

This denim is low quality
and the stitching is shoddy.

This looks more
like a prison uniform.

There's a prison not far from
here, it's about a mile this way.

Look here. There's trauma on
the skull. I think it's a gunshot would.

That's a nice find. Thank you.

Well... Listen, if this guy
did escape from prison,

he had to have made his
way through these woods.

So, I'm gonna head this
way, see what I can find.

Jessica, you should go with him.

Why? It could be fun.


Jessica, just go.


Yeah. It can't hurt.


What's this little
guy doing here?

Cam, two inmates
escaped from prison,

one named Fred
Walden, the other one is...

The other one is Mark
Kovac. Oh, my God.

Wait, Mark Kovac. Isn't
that the guy who killed Max?

Yes. Now, clearly,
we found one body,

but the other guy
is still out there.

The problem is, we
don't know which one.

Can't we use age and trace
markers to try and tell them apart?

Unfortunately, no, because both
men's profiles are roughly the same.

But Angie, she's working
up a facial reconstruction.

Dr. Saroyan, Dr. Vaziri, I
hate to press you into service

so soon after your nuptials.

Hey, guys, I have some bad news.

Please don't tell me
this was Fred Walden.

Which means, somewhere
out there is a man who...

Who wants to kill
me and my family.

For someone who's
defending his best friend

in a murder trial in 15
hours, you are very calm.

Please, with the evidence we've
got, that case is a slam dunk.

I see too much standing
around and not enough dancing.

One Arastini, gorgeous.

Thank you.

What a gentleman.

Getting a drink for that
pretty little redhead of yours.

Actually, these are both for me.

Wow. Anxious about the big move?

I guess you could say that.

I mean, don't get me wrong,

I'm grateful for the
opportunity, it's just that...

You haven't asked Jessica
to move with you yet.

This is so awkward,
I don't want to

pressure her to
move her whole life,

and to be honest with you,
I've kind of been avoiding her.

Well, at least you're
considering her point of view.

Which is a sign of a
healthy relationship.

Of course, you're also
avoiding her, which isn't.

I should probably just
rip off the Band-Aid, right?

You know what
helps with that? Balls.

I was gonna say alcohol, but...

This bouquet is mine.

This is your future. You
just have to see that...

Oh, boy.


Holy hangover.

Where am I?

Oh, good. You're up.

How you feeling? Karen.


Aw. Look who's awake.



Don't be a pig.

Yeah, you got
wasty-face last night,

we were worried you were
gonna throw up in the cab.

Karen's place was closer,
so she offered to host us.

Okay, well, that
explains this thing. Sort of.

Well, I think I'm gonna
go make some coffee.

Oh, Jessica, I think
that Aubrey has

something that he
wants to ask you.

Yeah. Hey. Uh, so...

Ahem. Oh...

Sorry, got to get this.

Oh... Oh. Oh.

Yeah, hey, Booth, what's up?


A body, covered in acid. Okay,
that should help with the nausea.

Yeah. All right. Thanks.

What's Booth say?

Brennan's in court, so you
and I gotta go look at a body.

Oh... No.

I'll drive.

Okay. WARREN: This
doesn't make any sense.

I don't know why
Hodgins insisted I come

with you, I should
be with the remains.

What? Trail go cold?

I... I want you to
move to LA with me.


I mean, I was
starting to wonder.

Is that a yes?

It's an...

I don't know.

I mean, moving
across the country

with a man who's not
even listening to me.

Well, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Just
come over here for a second.

This must be how
the prisoners escaped.

Looks like it was
blown open from

the inside by some
kind of explosive.

Hey, just want to let you know
that Kovac's wife is on her way.

I brought her in as soon
as I heard about the escape.

You okay? You still hungover?

Working on it.

Listen, I talked to Hodgins.

He said the grate was blown
open using a military grade HMX.

HMX, that's a powerful
explosive. Come on.

It's not something to buy
in a prison commissary.

No, he had to steal it.

Which means someone's
helping him from the outside.

And we know that Kovac's
used hired guns in the past.

Call the Pentagon,
see if there's been any

HMX thefts in the
past few weeks.

Good thinking. If they
can trace the source,

maybe we can find out
who's helping this guy.

Jeanine Kovac's
here. Go, go, go.

Talk to her, okay. We need
to find her husband now.

Mark was not at all the
man that I thought I married.

And as soon as he went to
prison, I served him divorce papers.

So you haven't been in touch
with your ex-husband at all?

No, not while he's been in prison.
I want nothing to do with him.

But this morning...

What? You saw him? No.

He called me. Twice.

From a blocked number.

I hung up immediately.

Okay, and which line did
he call? Home, work, cell?

My cell. Okay.

What I'm gonna do is bring
someone from our lab over to the FBI.

She is gonna make
a clone of your phone.

We're gonna monitor
all incoming calls.

Does that mean I
have to talk to him?

Hopefully, not for long.

But I promise, okay?

We're gonna keep you safe.

James Aubrey.

You look about 10 years older
than the last time I saw you.

Well, that makes sense, 'cause
it feels like it was a lifetime ago.

I heard about the Kovac
mess. How's Booth holding up?

Just the way you'd imagine.

He's got his kids at the
office, making sure they're safe.

I thought some French
fries might keep 'em busy.

How'd Zack's trial go?

As expected.

Though I made a few

sworn enemies in the process.

Yeah, what do you mean?
Sorry, one sec. Hey, Booth, yeah.

Did you hear from the
guy at the Pentagon?

Oh. jeez. Okay, all
right. I'll be right there.

Something wrong, cher?

I got to get back.

I'll see you. Hey, Hodgins,
listen, I got some bad news.

Hey, you. What
are you doing here?

I thought maybe we could talk.

Oh, yeah, sure.

This isn't really a good time
but here, let's talk in here.

You know, actually,
now that I think about it,

maybe this isn't the best place.

I can't move to LA.

You... You can't?

I'm sorry, that
was abrupt. I just...

Needed to rip off the Band-Aid?

Look, it's just...

My whole life is here.

And I'm not ready to take
that next step with you.

And it made me realize

I think maybe we should
actually take a step back.

Wait. A "Step back?"
What are you saying?

I'm saying I don't think
there's a future for us.

Not in LA or...


So, that's it?


I'm sorry.

This is Angela, I got to take care of
this. She's got a location on Kovac.

She knows where he is?

Listen, Jessica,

I really wanna finish
this conversation but...

My God, Aubrey,
go. It's fine. Just go.

Seriously. Go.

Avalon. Hi.


What are you doing here?

Ang, I'm so sorry
to crash your party,

but we don't have a lot of time.

I need to see Agent Booth.

Booth? Why?

I had a vision.

Okay, he might be
kind of tied up right now.

Ang, it's imperative
that I see him.

Okay. Okay.

Well, I'll go get Booth.


Hey, Ang.

Keep yourself safe, huh?

Hey, sorry to interrupt
you guys. What?

Avalon is here to see you.

Avalon? What is she doing here?

She said something
about a vision.

I don't know. I've never
seen her so worked up though.

So I'm supposed to miss this
whole party and all this dancing

because she had a bad dream?

I know neither of you
believe in this stuff.

I don't. You can't deny

that she's been
helpful to us in the past.

Fine, fine, you know
what, I'll go talk to her.

But she's not gonna touch
my aura or do anything like that

with the cleaning and stuff
'cause last time, she was...

Remember when we
used to go dancing?

You mean, when you would drag me

away from my work to go dancing?

Ugh. Exactly.

I suppose I owe you a thank you

for getting me out of the
lab every now and then.

Now we have husbands and kids.

But that doesn't make our
relationship any less important.

What is it they say,

"Female friendships before
male romantic partners."

Yeah. Yeah. Something like that.

To us.

To friendship.

These are much too strong.

Not for me.

Angela, is everything okay?

Yes, yes, fine. I'm fine.

Alcohol acts as a diuretic

so I suggest you
consume plenty of fluids,

and replenish your electrolytes.

Thank you. This is
not my first rodeo.

Hurry up, chere, we're starting.

I have to go.

Okay. I'm fine.
Really. I'm totally fine.

Hi, Mrs. Kovac. Hey.

Let me explain what
I'm gonna do here.

Please call me Jeanine.

I want nothing to
do with that name.

Right, yes, I understand.

Okay, so what I'm doing is
I'm plugging in your phone,

and the software
will create a clone.

It just means
that when he calls,

we'll be able to track
his location remotely.

Could that work both ways?

I don't want Mark
to know where I am.

It's just like Aubrey said, we're
gonna make sure you're safe.


Maybe you should grab a cup
of tea and just take a moment.

Yeah. That'd be
great. Thank you.

Thank you.

This should only take
a couple more minutes.

Okay, sounds good.

Uh... Is there
something else you need

or are you just not
sure if you have to pee?

No, I'm good, just something
personal on my mind.

But I guess it'd be, you know,
selfish to talk about me now, right?

This is about Jessica, isn't it?

Okay, lay it on
me. You have come

to the right woman, by the way.

Okay, look, I didn't know how
badly I wanted her to move with me

until I asked her
but if she says no,

maybe I should
just tell her I'll stay.

I hate to say this,

but I don't think you can put
that kind of pressure on her.

The ball's in her court.

Yeah, but...

What if it doesn't turn
out the way I want?

Well, then maybe this move
just forced a conversation

that you guys needed
to have anyway.

Yeah, you're probably right.

Whatever happens,
it's gonna work out.

I used to spend so much
time looking back and thinking,

"What if I had made
other choices?"

And then I realized,

I love my life, the way it is.

Live for right now.

That's the only
thing you can do.


Told you.

Came to the right woman.

Okay, looks like this is done.

So, I'll call you the second
that Kovac makes contact.

Oh... Oh!

Looks like Hodgins
got you too, huh?

Yeah, wow. Yeah, I
guess you can say that.

Angela, are you okay?

The effects of your hangover
should've subsided by now.

Are you sure you're
not actually... Pregnant?

I was going to say sick.

Oh, Brennan.

Are you... You're pregnant? Yes.

Oh! I'm so happy for you.

Don't worry. The alcohol
won't affect the fetus.

Oh, no. No, God, no.

I didn't have any alcohol last night.
Hodgins was mixing me virgins.

Anyway, this wasn't planned,
so we haven't told anybody.

Does this mean that you don't
yet know if the baby has LCA?

We're waiting on a call
from... From the doctor.

That must be very stressful.

Yeah, it is.

It was.

But then I was talking
with Aubrey earlier,

and I realized
that life works out.


I mean, even if
this baby ends up

not being able to see our faces,

we're gonna be okay.

We're gonna be great even.

I'm sorry to interrupt, I
just got off the phone.

What is it? Booth just got
a call from the Pentagon.

An entire crate of
HMX went missing

from an army ammunition
plant in Montgomery County.

Kovac would've only
needed a fraction of that

to blow open the
grate near the prison.

Which means Kovac is
likely building another bomb.

At least 1,000
times more powerful.

To us.

To friendship.

These are much too strong.

Not for me.

Mommy, Mommy, look.

You look adorable.
Look at this veil.

Wow. I am actually
craving a third piece of cake.

This is amazing.
I'll be right back.

I'm a bride.

Well, actually, in
the United States,

marriage is illegal
under the age of 18,

but you are very beautiful.

Daddy gave me his phone to take
pictures. Just like Auntie Angela.

Smile. Oh.

Hey, I just saw Booth.

He doesn't look very pleased.

Hope everything went
all right with Avalon.

I'm sure his aura is as
clean as it's ever been.

That was sarcasm. I
don't believe in auras.

I know.

Well, I suppose I
should collect my family.

What? Already? No, no. Come on.

We're having one more dance.

No, the kids have to go to bed.

And I have to be up early
for Zack's trial tomorrow.

All right. Well.

I'll see you then.

Does the defense have
a closing statement?

No, Your Honor. I would prefer
to let the evidence speak for itself.

Actually, Your Honor,
I'd like to say something.

If the prosecution
has no objections.

I usually speak about
forensic evidence.

But I'd like to take a moment to
talk about Dr. Addy's character.

Working for me,
Dr. Addy assisted in

incarcerating over 50 murderers.

Even while he was institutionalized,
Zack attempted the impossible

to find a cure for
Dr. Hodgins' paralysis.

Now, it's true. He
made mistakes.

But I still believe in my heart

that the world would only
benefit from his return to society.

Thank you.

At this time, I'm ready to rule.

Will the defendant please rise?

Had this newly surfaced
evidence been available at the time,

there would not
have been sufficient

cause to bring the
charge of murder.

Therefore, I am
forced to reverse

the conviction and
the life sentence.

However, it remains clear
that he did assist a known killer,

therefore Dr. Addy
will finish the 13 months

left on his sentence
for said crime.


Can I have one minute?

Zack, I'm so sorry.

Please, 13 months is nothing
compared to what I was facing.

Miss Julian. Thank you.

Without you, none of this
would've been possible.

She tried to keep me in prison.

I disagree.

She argued against
your innocence,

but she mentioned our
compelling evidence 19 times.

She did what she had to do to keep
her job and undo your conviction.

Sometimes, not often, I
underestimate you, Dr. Brennan.


Stay out of trouble.

Thank you again.

Found gunpowder
residue in the wound

which indicates the victim
was shot at close range.

Dr. Vaziri, I'm not concerned
with cause of death.

For all practical
purposes, it is irrelevant.

How can cause of
death be irrelevant?

Tracing the weapon
is immaterial.

It would only
matter if we didn't

already know who
the murderer is.


So then what are we looking for?

We know who the victim is.

We don't yet know
why Kovac chose

to escape with this
man in particular.

Strength, perhaps.

I mean, the bones are robust and
the muscle attachments are very large.

Dr. Vaziri, I would
like you to leave.

I'm sorry, did I do
something? No.

I'm not angry with you, I
just need time alone. Please.

Of course.

Dr. Brennan,
while I'm waiting on

the results from the tox screen,

is there anything I
can do to help you?

I just need more
time. There's...

There's something I'm missing.

It's like I see it. But I
just... I need more time.

Of course.

Hey, Cam. Booth, what
are you doing here?

I gave your bag to Arastoo.

My purse. I thought
Michelle had it.

Uh... Yeah, well,
don't worry about it.

Listen, can you just give
me a minute for a second?

Booth, this is not a good time.
I need to focus on my work.

I know, I understand. I just
needed to see you, that's all.

Why? Where are
Hank and Christine?

Kids are fine. They're
back at the FBI.

They're good. I
just... I got worried.

Booth, I assure you I
can take care of myself.

I get it and all. But last
night, okay, when Avalon,

she pulled me aside... You're
here because of Avalon?

No, not just Avalon, okay? We're
missing something here. I just...

I have this feeling, all right.

I'm very skeptical and all that.

I pulled these two
cards from her deck...

Booth, I don't
have time for this.

The man who killed my
father, who killed Aldo,

who went after our
children, he is out there.

I understand it. But look at
the cards that I drew, Bones.

You are in danger.

All right.

Oh, Agent Booth. Hey, Avalon.

Thank goodness. What's up?

Brennan's father came to me
last night and he's very worried.

All right, look, I know that
you take stock in all this stuff,

in these mumbo jumbo
things, but if you tell Brennan

that you're communing with
Max, that's gonna be a problem.

And that's why I've come to you.

So please. Let me
consult the cards.

We got... I'm missing...
All right, fine, I'm gonna sit.

Okay, we're done.
They're not saying anything.

Choose a card.

Ha! Look at that, Temperance,
that's a coincidence.

Choose another.

And that's just
what I was afraid of.

Look, Bones can take care
of herself, all right, this is just...

Don't laugh this
off, Agent Booth.

Your wife is in serious danger.

Okay, right, okay.
Thanks for the update.

You don't believe me.

But you will.


I know you think I'm a nut.

But I also know that you
know that I'm not a phony.

So don't ignore me.

All right. Um...

You want your cards back?

No. Keep them.


Look for the signs.


Michelle, what are
you doing here?

My mom left her
purse at the wedding.

If you stop by the lab,
could you give that to her?

Yeah, no problem.

So, still haven't answered
me. What are you doing here?

I'm meeting with Deputy Director
Franklin for my final round interview.

Wait a second. You're
applying to Quantico?

Cam never told me this.

She doesn't know and
please don't tell her, okay?

She worries about me so much and
I just want to surprise her if I get in.

Of course, yeah. So
what time is your...

Oh, my God.

I think that was a bird. It just
flew straight at your window.

Wait, that's like a
bad omen, right?

Oh, God, am I gonna blow
my interview? No, no, no.

It's just a silly superstition,
okay? You're gonna be fine.

Okay, yeah, you're right.

Sorry. Uh... Wish me luck.

Good luck.


What is it, bug boy?

Hey, yeah, Booth.
Calling with an update.

Anything good? In
my department, yeah.

I found a black witch
moth by the body

that's not at all
native to this area.

Well, so what do you think?
It traveled with the victim?

Don't know, I'm gonna
need to analyze it further.

It's pretty cool
though, I gotta say.

You know that there are
actually some cultures that see

this baby as a
harbinger of death?

Yeah. Uh...

Right, okay, what else?

I also found evidence
on the victim's clothing...

Hodgins, is that Booth?
I need to talk to him.

Hey, Booth, hold on one second.


Yeah, Booth, listen, the
body that we found out here,

he's wearing a
prisoner's uniform

and I just found out
how they escaped.

What do you mean,
"They," how many?

Well, I don't know but
the nearest prison to here

is the one where
Kovac's being held.

Get the body to the lab now.

All right, you want
me to meet you there?

No, I got to go make sure
Hank and Christine are okay.

Dad, look at this one.

Keep your voice down so your
brother can sleep. Let me see.

Oh, that's a good one. Just
keep your voice down, all right?


Daddy, look here.

Mommy's face is missing.

What? Mommy's face.

Let me see that.

Come on, this is just your
finger covering the lens.

Why is my finger so big?

Uncle Aubrey!

Hi, guys.

Got anything on Kovac?

He still hasn't called his
wife, but Angela's ready to go,

and just in case, we sent a
bomb squad to your house.

You okay?

I'm gonna go to the lab.

I understand that, but look at
the cards that I drew, Bones.

You are in danger.

Look, Bones, I know
you don't believe

in this stuff and neither do I.

But my gut is telling me
that something is wrong.

All right. We're
missing something here.

I mean, look, is
it so wrong that

I wanted to be near
you and see you?

No, it's not wrong.
I'm glad you're here.

Hey, guys, sorry to interrupt, but I
just got a location for Kovac's phone.

It's in a moving car near
Arlington headed south.

The FBI already
dispatched a SWAT unit.

You have to go, Booth.

I know you're
worried for my safety,

but the best thing you
can do is catch him.

This is what we do.

Seeley, hold up.

I need to go to your car. Why?

My ID was in my purse
and now I'm not seeing it.

It must've slipped out.

It might not be the
best time to leave the...

Wait. Wait a second. What do
you mean your ID is missing?

My Jeffersonian security
pass, I used it yesterday,

but I'm positive I put
it back in my purse.

Angela, do me a favor,
check the Jeffersonian security.

Okay, why?

I just need to know the last
time that Cam's ID was used.

Seeley, I just told
you. I know. Just do it.

Okay, her, ID was used
last night at 2:42 a.m.

to get onto the platform.

I assure you, last night, I was
nowhere near the Jeffersonian.

We gotta get
everybody out of here.

The explosives that were
stolen, the bomb is here.

The bomb is here! Everybody
out of here. Now! Move!

Okay, everyone, listen to me.

Evacuate now, leave
everything and proceed to the exit.

We have to leave,
the bomb is here.

No, Booth, the
evidence, I just...

No, forget about the evidence.

No, Booth, you don't
understand, I found what we need.

I know how to find Kovac.

Forget about the
evidence, I don't care.

There is a bomb here. I have
to get you somewhere safe.

Hey, we have to go, come on.

Come on, we have to go.

Let's go, let's go. Stay calm.

Stay calm. Hurry, hurry.

Cam, what happened? The lights!

Arastoo, the door. It's closing.

I can't keep it open. I need
you to override the doors.

Hurry! I'm trying.

The system must've been
tampered with, it's shutting me out.

Let's go.

Let's go!

Hold the door! No.

Cam, stand back.
Seeley, no. It's bullet proof.

Try to get to the
basement. Back, back, back.

Move, move, move!

Let's go, get out.
Wait a second.

Booth, what are you doing?

If they accessed the platform,
there's got to be a bomb up here.

I'm gonna get the
evidence. No, leave now! Go!

Wait. Angie, wait.

Hodgins, where are you
going? I understand explosives.

Booth, I can help.

Move the light table, okay.
Underneath, there's a hatch.




Booth, did you find it?

Trip wire.

You just got to get the
lead to the detonator,

that's all we got to do.

Booth, are you okay?
You have to talk to us.


It's on an electronic repeater.
We got to get out of here.

We got to get to the basement.
Bones, where are you?

What is happening?
Bomb's on electronic repeater.

God, which means there's
more than one. Angie!

Bones, where are you?