Bones (2005–2017): Season 11, Episode 8 - High Treason in the Holiday Season - full transcript

A political journalist is found dead after writing an article exposing corruption at the NSA, and Hodgins becomes paranoid when he's convinced their investigation is being closely monitored. Meanwhile, the team gathers for Thanksgiving.

Okay, you understand
I don't want him

to know-- it's a secret.

But I just want to make sure
that you can...

do that thing
that we talked about.

Okay. I'll call you later.


It was a telemarketer.

Oh, you're gonna
call 'em back?

I don't want to be rude.
Oh, no.

God definitely didn't
give you the lying gene.

Well, mendacity
is not God-given.

It is coded into our genetics
and passed down in our gene pool

to ensure Homo sapiens' survival.
Okay, stop.

The whole mumbo jumbo language
that you're giving me right now

is not gonna distract from the
fact that you're lying to me.

I-I was thinking
maybe we shouldn't

have turkey this Thanksgiving.

What? What, what, now
you're trying to, what,

incite a fight to
try to distract me?

Well, there's just
the four of us,

and you're the only one
who eats it.

What are you talking about?
So now you're saying

we should just cut out
the main course

that the whole holiday
is based around?

Are you aware
that turkeys do a dance

when they are reunited
with a person they recognize?

Dance? That's really...

That's great, Bones,
but I guarantee you

that they don't dance
as good as they taste.

It's a waste of food, Booth.

My dad will be away with Russ.

There's no one to eat it all.

Oh, hey, problem solved--
we'll invite Aubrey.

I'm serious, Booth.
All right, look.

We'll invite Angela,
we'll invite Hodgins,

we'll invite the squints
and whoever else

wants to join in,
just as long as I get

to stuff the bird, roast him up,

and I can just eat myself
to unconsciousness.

(imitates snoring)
On the couch

while I hear the game.

If you cook the dead bird.

Done. Deal.
Okay, so I'll tell you what.

Now that we're over that
diversion, what do you say

we get back to who you were
talking to on the phone.

Oh, well, it's not...
Okay? Wow.

Well, what was it?
(phone beeping)

What, where is this...? What?

Ha. Body.

Uh, Christine,
uh, time to get ready!

BOOTH: Look, I didn't say
that it was a...

it was a bad course.

I just said the greens
are like marble.

The problem is
you don't know how to read it.

Slope, velocity, a little
bit of simple geometry...

It shouldn't be
that difficult, okay?

I mean, shouldn't
be Aristotle

to play a game.
Am I allowed to talk,

or is that
a members-only privilege?

caddies don't speak.

Caddy? I'm not your caddy.

And golf isn't a game,
it's a sport.

No, no, no.

There's no defense,
no defense in golf.

No defense, no sport.

What Booth means is that
if I can beat him,

it's not a sport.

What I don't get is that--
you guys played here?

I mean, no one gets in here.

Well, you know,
when you're married

to a, I don't know,
best-selling novelist,

you can get in pretty much
anywhere you want, right?

What if your partner's wife

is a best-selling novelist?
That doesn't count.

Okay, let me change
the subject here, okay?

How about this?

Invite to our house
for Thanksgiving.

Come on, it's a real turkey.

Or a very tasty
Fofurkey recipe

that will change the way you
think about meat substitutes.

Not really looking to change

the way I think
about meat substitutes.

Besides, I think
I just lost my appetite.


Talk about a water hazard.
How long was he in there?

Well, it's hard to say.

The body was
weighed down.

He was found by
these two guys

who were trawling
for golf balls.

There's brushite
forming all over.

Well, based on hypostasis,
the closest

we can estimate is that
the body's been in the water

about two to
three weeks.

Actually, I think we can
do better than that.

I would say that the body's
been in there two weeks,

four days,
seven hours

and 12 minutes.

And what bug gives you that
precise a time of death?

Timexum horologium.


Hey, actually, if we can
figure out when this baby

went dead underwater,
we can probably pinpoint

when the killer dumped this guy.

Uh, girl.

Wear on the
mandibular teeth

suggests an age between

approximately 55 and 60 years.

Oh, and everyone here is invited
to Thanksgiving dinner.

Oh, wow, that is a nice segue there, Bones.
It seemed appropriate.

Human and turkey tissue share
remarkably similar texture.

Meat substitute doesn't sound
too bad right now.

So, a high-end golf course
used only by the one percent

of the one percent.

Maybe the killer
was sending a message.

Or perhaps the killer
was merely being prudent.

Bones is right.
Golf course at night's

gonna be dark and empty.
Gives him about,

what, a 12-hour window to come
in, dump the body and get out.

So, smart kill,

smart method of disposal.

Well, she wasn't a golfer.

Her thoracic vertebrae
are fused, T5 to T7.

You play, Rodolfo?

Where would I?

After Castro took over power,

he bulldozed nearly every course
on the island.

Turned them into public housing
and military schools.

Yeah. Some might say
he was sharing the riches

with the poor. I mean, look
at a club like Washington Hills.

It's, like, one
of the most beautiful places

around, but you can only get in
if you're rich.

Well, maybe so, but any time
you take a thing of beauty

and make it utilitarian,
something is lost.

If you consider a freshly mowed
lawn a thing of beauty.

FUENTES: Besides, I don't think
she was a rich socialite.

I mean, why would a woman
like that be in a war zone?

Is that shrapnel?

Yes. I think
she could be ex-military,

but a woman in her 50s?

There's no way she served
in combat 30 years ago.

There's trace here
of something metallic.

I'll swab, but my guess is
that one of these golf clubs

did the job.
I mean, look at that.

Just jam that jagged edge

into the orbital socket
and, boom, lights out.

Also, the killer knew
the decomp gases

from the stomach
and the intestine

would bring the body
to the surface.

So he carved her open,

like a Thanksgiving turkey.

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High Treason in the Holiday Season
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Oh, is that the victim?

Yeah, well, that's what
she would have looked like

without plastic surgery.

Her facial bones
were shaved.

I'm working on the muscle
reattachment points now.

Also, I found a callous fracture
on her nasal bone.

Oh. So she had a
nose job, too.

And I found sutures
behind the hairline, collagen,

and silicone oozing from the
decomposing tissue of the face.

HODGINS: Well, the golf clubs
aren't our murder weapon.

They were all graphite
composites or steel shafts.

Our weapon was platinum
sterling. It was very expensive,

95.5% silver.

Wow, even murder
doesn't come cheap these days.

I also found traces

of bleach
on her clothes,

so our killer doused the body
before dumping it.

Meaning there's not much left
to point us to the killer.

Oh, no.

No, no, no.

What? Do you know who she is?
You don't recognize

Vivian Prince?
Come on. Front page,

left column
of The DC Sentinel.

She is... was

the finest political reporter
in the country.

She was the one
who broke the NSA story.

Yeah, that's right. She spent
the last six months showing

how the NSA has been spying
on the American people,

world leaders. I mean, they
even have their own hit squad.

She took what Snowden did
and went ten steps beyond.

Well, I guess they found a way
to shut her up.

I know that what she did

was questionable,
but freedom of the press

should not get you killed.
Not in this country.

It wasn't freedom of the press.
Vivian Prince was in the wrong.

She didn't steal the files,

Okay, what,
she reprinted stolen documents,

she revealed secret operations,

which outed operatives
all over the world.

But if the NSA
is breaking the law...

Then you go after the people
in charge.

What you don't do
is paint a bull's-eye

on an operative's back.

Well, I checked out
Vivian's ex-husband.

Guy's name is Sal Raymond.

He's a sportswriter. Out
of town covering the Cowboys.


Roanoke Prep.

Let's just say Sal's career
isn't exactly hitting

on all cylinders.
He covers the high school beat.

How bad was the divorce?
Seems like he got

a pretty good settlement.
And while the husband

is usually our best bet,
the fact that our victim

just pissed off the world's
most elite intelligence agency

probably makes her work
a better place to start.

Yeah, right.
I'll give you that one.

I've got Angela combing
through the threats

that the paper got
after the articles ran.

We know who made the threats?

Nope. Not yet.

Hey, it's kind of quiet
for a major newspaper.

Might have something to do
with the fact

that nobody reads
the paper anymore.

Come on, what are you talking
about? I do it every morning.

I got a cup of Joe
in the left hand,

I got the paper in the right.
I can feel the ink on my skin.

Yeah, it's a mess.

Paper, ink, newsp... What?
What are you talking about?

It's a tradition.
You're not getting it.

No, I get it. You're old.
I'm not old.

It's a tradition. Stop.

David Pyne.

Is this about the threats?
Unfortunately not.

Vivian Prince is dead.

They got her.

Who? The people
who wrote in to the paper?

Uh, no, no.
Those were just, uh, crackpots.

Three weeks ago, Vivian exposes
Greystream Solutions

as an NSA hit squad.
Now she's dead. You do the math.

Tell me about Vivian's source
for the documents, The American.

I can't.
I don't know who he or she is.

The American wants
to be anonymous. He doesn't want

to end up in exile like Snowden.

What was I thinking?

Get in here! Uh,
give me a minute.

If we're not first on the story
of my own reporter

getting killed, I lose my job.

Is this about the threats?

Vivian's dead.


I'm on it.

16 inches on the breaking story,
a sidebar on The American angle,

I'll get Obit to punch up
what they have.

Okay, you don't seem
so choked up about this.

I report the news.
I can't afford to react to it.

So unless you guys are gonna
give me something on the record,

is it okay if I go?
Sure. Go ahead.

But we might have
some questions for you later.

Yeah. After deadline,
ask me anything.

I get the front page left?

Today. We'll talk later.
I think I'm beginning

to see why Vivian felt like she
needed so much plastic surgery.

You had the newer, younger
model waiting in the wings.

I'm in a dying business here.

Kate's, uh, picture on the
front page and the video blog

attracts a lot of eyeballs.

And here I thought newspapers

were all about telling
the story.

Not anymore.


Excuse me.
I'm Ryan Gill,

National Security Agency.

What can I do for you, Mr. Gill?

I'm here to supervise the
Vivian Prince investigation.

From here forward, everything
you find is gonna have

to pass through me.

Good-bye, Mr. Gill.

Dr. Saroyan, you must realize

there are
national security implications.

I do realize that.
And, personally, I think

what The American did
was nothing short of treason.

He put men and women serving
their country in jeopardy.

I'm glad
that we're on the same page.

However, you must realize

that I'm reluctant
to turn over anything

to an agency that has as much
motive to kill Vivian Prince

as they do
to protect national security.

I'm afraid that's unacceptable.

And I'm afraid
I don't work for you,

I don't answer to you, and...

until I see a court order saying

I have to share
information with you,

I'm gonna have to ask you
to leave the building.

Or I could call security.

I'm not saying

what Greystream Solutions
does is right.

But you're saying you dislike

what Vivian did
as much as they do.

Okay. And-and you're okay
with what she did?

I take the long view.
The historical view.

George Washington, in his day,
was considered a traitor.

Oh. Okay. Well, now you're
just trying to piss me off.

Washington was a British subject
who led an army

against his own country.

It's not the same thing.

How do we know?

Sitting here today,
how do we know

if history will look
at Vivian Prince

as a patriot agitating
for change

or a traitor to her country?

You know what,
I'm sorry, Bones,

but it doesn't take me
200 years for me to know

that she was wrong.

I'll catch her killer, but
Vivian Prince was wrong.

There's very little
that I can disclose

that isn't above
your clearance level.

I'm here purely as a courtesy.

Did you kill
Vivian Prince?

Bones, not exactly
where I was gonna start.

BRENNAN: Well, if he's
being difficult,

we might as well cut
to the chase.

I like her style.

And that one
I'm happy to answer.

No, Dr. Brennan,
I did not kill her.

Did you have her killed?

No, but I can't say

that I'm unhappy about it.

Okay, so then you
admit to motive.

Anyone who read
her articles knows

that she decimated
my organization,

put lives on the line.

The FBI should be going after

The American for treason,
not coming after us.

You're a suspect

because the forensics suggest

a professional killer
such as yourself.

Well, I can neither
confirm nor deny

any of the allegations
Miss Prince published.

Let's speak in hypotheticals.

If my organization were
the skilled hit squad

she made us out to be,
we wouldn't be here.

Why is that?

Because if we killed her,
you never would have found her.

Besides, the evidence that
you would view as professional,

I would say was amateurish.

And how would you know
what kind of evidence we have?

Didn't you read the articles?

NSA listens in on everything.

So, there you go.
You're saying that the NSA

is tapping our conversations?

I'm not saying anything at all.

We're not done here.
Agent Booth,

all you have is a motive
and a theory.

And if we're listening in
on everything that you're doing,

then we'd know
what evidence you have.

And you don't have jack.

So... if you'll excuse me.

From the point of impact where
it fractured the orbital socket

and damaged the frontal lobe,
this is the shape of the weapon

that killed her.
What do you think?

Maybe a fireplace poker?

Given the sterling silver,
I was thinking candlestick.

Huh. Could be.
Well, in any event,

I'm no longer convinced

that Vivian was killed
by a professional.

In addition to the
blow that killed her,

there are perimortem blows
to the skull here and here.

So it wasn't one killing blow.

There was a struggle.
Well, maybe.

There are no defensive
wounds on her arm or hands.

I found a cracked rib,
but remodeling indicates

that it was fractured
six months ago.

When the first of the articles
attacking the NSA came out.

Ah, good, you're here.

I'm gonna need
reimbursement for this.

Okay. $8,000?!

Well, yeah.

I needed to test a watch
identical to Vivian's.

Lucky it wasn't a Rolex.

I know, right?
We got off cheap.

The good news is, now we have
the exact time of the body dump.

Which is only four hours
more precise

than your original estimate.

Hey, when we drag
a suspect in here,

you're gonna be thanking me.

Fine. Who knows?

Maybe I can bill the NSA

since they tried to take over
our investigation.

Uh... ¿cómo?

Wait. The NSA--
they were here?

Yeah, don't worry.
I sent the guy packing.

I'm sure he'll be back.
No, I don't think so.

The NSA knows
they have no jurisdiction.

No, if there was a power grab,
it was all for show.

He probably showed up here

so he could put a bunch of bugs
so they can listen in.

Okay, let's not
get carried away.

Hey, I hate to say it,
but Dr. Hodgins is right.

All these agencies
work the same,

if it's Washington
or Havana.

You really think
they killed Vivian?

I don't know,

but they sure as hell
want to find The American.

And if our investigation
leads them there, he's dead.

I'm gonna...
I'm gonna call Booth.

I'll have the place swept.

No. Give me your phones.

Big Brother
is watching here, okay?

Or, more accurately, listening.

I can't believe
I'm doing this.

Whatever we find
from here on out,

don't text, don't call,
don't e-mail.

You write it down, or...
we whisper.

I suppose, given what

Cooper Blackthorn said,
Dr. Hodgins is correct.

They are listening.

Which means that we shouldn't
talk about the case.


So, maybe we should
talk about this morning.

This morning?
Yeah, this morning.

The-the phone call.
You hung up

so fast when I got in the kitchen?
You're imagining things, Booth.

No. You know what
I'm imagining?

You know what I'm imagining?

It's five weeks
till Christmas, right?

And you're shopping
early, and you know

that I've had my eye
on that Jet Ski, hmm?

I am not Christmas shopping,
and if I were, I assure you

I would not be buying you a Jet
Ski so you could kill yourself

riding around
like a 16-year-old.

Well, it would make your
husband very happy.


Like a kid on Christmas morning.


Hank and Christine will be
like kids on Christmas morning.

You will be
like a grown-up.

Or... as grown-up
as you can be.

It's Christmas morning.
Everybody acts like a kid.

No. Kids act like kids.

I'm gonna have the
feetie pajamas on,

and I'll be looking
for the Jet Ski.


Jet Ski under the tree.

Good luck trying to get that
in without making noise.

(sighs) There has to be
one adult in the family

at least.
Ain't gonna be me.

Not on Christmas morning.

Been three weeks
since Vivian died.

Somebody's been out here.

There's tracks in the dust.

Also, this succulent
is still alive.

It doesn't require much water,

but it does require light.

These shades must have been open

until someone closed them recently.
NSA probably.

I'll get a full team out here,
see if we can nail 'em.

If it was them, it might be
difficult to find evidence,

their professionalism.

Well, Bones, it didn't take us
long to figure out that

somebody else was here,
so either Blackthorn

overestimated his guys,
or it was somebody else.

This is odd.
Vivian has a glucometer.

I don't recall
anything in the file

that said that she was diabetic.

Well, we got a bigger problem--
there's no laptop here.

Wasn't at work, and
it wasn't on the body.

You think the NSA has it?

Maybe this isn't
about the NSA at all.

Vivian Prince was amending
her alimony payments.

What? To pay
her ex-husband less?

She was cutting him off

No, we were amicable.

I-I thought
that we could be friends again.

Even though
she was cutting you off?

Actually, that was my idea.

In my experience,
most people don't ask

for less money in a divorce.

The divorce made me see that
I didn't like who I'd become.

I didn't want
to live off Vivian anymore.

I wanted to...
to make it on my own.

I can see that making sense.

But you know
what makes more sense?

That you broke into her house,

where we found your prints,
by the way.

And when she wouldn't change
her mind about the alimony,

you got angry.

That is crazy.

I loved Vivian.
I-I could never...

Dump her body in the pond of the
13th hole at Washington Hills?

The course where you
covered the D.C. sectional

high school golf championships
last spring?

Listen to me. I...
I promise you,

I did not want Vivian dead.

But if-if you want
to find someone who did,

I know exactly where to look.

You want us to go after the NSA?

(scoffs) Killing Vivian only
makes them look worse.

No, the-the person
with the most to gain

from Vivian being gone
is Kate Kolfax.

Vivian promised her the column,

but after The American stories,
Vivian wasn't going anywhere.

The only way for Kate

to get that front page
was to get rid of Vivian.

Agent Aubrey.

Ryan Gill, NSA.

Here to tap our phones,
steal a few files?

I know you don't want
to believe this,

but there are people in the NSA
who want us to be better.

Who know things need to change.

If someone on our side
of the fence

killed Vivian Prince,
we want them found.

That was a good speech.
You rehearse that?

Okay, look, you don't want
my help, I get it.

But you're about
to question Kate Kolfax.

Look at that. This man knows
where I'm going before I do.

Let me just offer you
one piece of advice.

Ask her about
the encryption key.

I'll bite. What the hell
is the encryption key?

Just the thing that
Kate Kolfax has been using

for the last three hours
to try to decode the e-mails

between Vivian Prince
and The American.

I am interviewing Special
Agent James Aubrey of the FBI.

On the record.

So, I understand
you've recently learned

exactly when Vivian's
body was dumped

at Washington Hills
Country Club?

That we have.

And it's gonna help you
close in on your suspects?

That it will.

You're so quotable.

I answered the question, right?

Okay, let's try being
a little more specific.

Is Cooper Blackthorn a suspect?

I cannot confirm that
at this time.

Sal Raymond?

No, cannot confirm that
at this time.

You suck at being interviewed.

Went out on a limb
to get you this much.

But, listen, I was thinking--
you and I are both young.

Moving up the ladder.

Maybe I help you, you help me.

Okay. What do you want to know?

I want to know
what Vivian was really like.

Off the record?

When I first started here,
I was in awe.

I thought she could show me the
ropes, I could learn to be her.

But what you learn
working with Vivian

is there's no working
with Vivian.

You sound bitter.

You asked me what she was like.

(clears throat)

Now, I helped you,

so you got to give me
something more.

Okay. We know that the killer
broke into Vivian's house.

We ran the place for prints,
and they'll be back any minute.

Really? You have fingerprints?

We also know

that the killer is looking
for The American,

and he or she has
an encryption key

that Vivian had,
and that he

or she is trying to crack it.

And we are going
to arrest him...

...or her... by the end
of the day for murder.

This interview was just
a pretext, wasn't it?

We found your prints
in her house.

Okay. I was in her apartment.

I didn't know
how to do the story right

without The American.

So I broke in,
I saw her laptop...

You stole her laptop.

You know what?

You can have her laptop.
And the encryption key.

It doesn't even work.

So you didn't find The American?

What is "George Orwell"?

Yeah, I thought
that was the passphrase,

but it's not working.

So maybe you guys can crack it.

And if you do, you call me

if you find this guy, you know,
since I'm being so cooperative.

(chuckles softly)

HODGINS: Well, maybe it's not
"George Orwell."

Well, "Orwell" should work,
but the program's asking

for a second code.

What if we used the...

Uh, uh, don't-don't
say it out loud,

Angie, just,
you know, do it.

Honey, we swept for bugs.

Apart from those little critters
in your office, we're clean.



What about you?
I found something odd.

Dr. Brennan found this
glucometer at Vivian's house,

so I double-checked,
and Vivian wasn't a diabetic.

So I took a look at this thing,
and it's been modified somehow.

I'm trying to figure out
what it is.

What if this is
a dual access system?

Passphrase plus
biometric encryption.

Oh, that is genius.

You're saying
the messages from The American

could only be decoded when
Vivian typed in a passphrase

and plugged in a
verification code?

Drawn from her blood.
It's reading

her genetic markers.

If it's not Vivian's blood,

you can't crack the code.

One very big problem.

She was in the water
for three weeks.

There's no more viable blood.

FUENTES: I'm pumping
the medullary cavity

with a diluted
hydrogen peroxide solution.

In theory, it could react
with any remaining hemoglobin.

No, it has to, brother.
If there's no blood,

there is no way
to break that code.

It would have been better
if we drew this

before we cleaned the bones,
but I'll try.

Tibia's our best bet.

There's nothing there.

Wait, wait, wait.


Hello, code breaker.

Here goes nothing.

Come on, baby.
Do your magic.

Okay, I'm calling up
the last e-mail.

Yeah, this is it, this is it.

The last e-mail from
The American to Vivian Prince.

MONTENEGRO: Okay, uh...
"We need to meet. Tonight.

"The Riverbanks Inn, room 43.

Make sure you aren't followed."

The meeting happened the
same night her body was dumped.

I understand you need

access to room 43.
BOOTH: Yeah, we need

all the receipts and the records
and charges to that room.

I'm afraid that's not possible.

You're gonna make
us get a warrant?

I'm not being

I just can't give you
what I don't have.

Our hotel is very particular.

We cater to Washington insiders
who are trying

to conduct their affairs
off the grid.

What about security footage?

We don't even have records.
Cash only. Pay first.

No TV, no phone, no Wi-Fi.

I have jamming devices
throughout the entire property.

But we can get into the room?

Like I told your associate
ten minutes ago,

I'm all for letting you people
do your job. Have at it.



Hey. That isn't necessary.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We know who you are, okay?
Just step out of the room.

Don't touch anything either, okay?
This could be a crime scene.

It was a crime scene weeks ago.

How many people
have been here since?

Like I told Agent Aubrey,
I just want to help.

And you're welcome for the tip
about the encryption key.


What is it, Bones?

You got some blood there?

Let's just say,
given the romantic setting,

the hotel should spend more
on housekeeping.

Look, there's no reason for us

to be at odds. We both have a
job to do. You guys have

a murder case, and I have treason.
That's great. Well, at least

I'm not spying on your work
to do my job.

Oh, Booth.

Is that...

Blood spatter.

So she was killed here?

We'll do a full workup,

see if it was just
her blood or...


Stop! FBI!

Uh, partner of the FBI.

I found the murder weapon.
Sterling silver.

This is the exact shape.

look, FBI,
we're gonna have to keep this.

And any other lids
that you might have

that match it.

Look, you recognize this woman?

She checked into that room
about three weeks ago.

GILL: I already asked
him. They're trained

to leave the carts
at the door.

Yeah, yeah,
we know.

Hear no evil,
see no evil.

Come on, you're human.
You see people come and go.

You recognize her?

Actually, I do recognize her.

But not-not
from three weeks ago.

Maybe six months ago?

She rented
that room.

Her husband showed up.

Her husband?

He caught her

here with another man.

You know, if we hadn't dragged
him out of there...

Her husband was ready
to kill her.

AUBREY: The word that you used
was "amicable."

And as you're a writer,
I made the mistake of thinking

that you actually knew
what the hell you were saying.

Look, Vivian and I were
getting along fine, I swear it.

Except for the part where
you followed her, caught her

with another man,
and were ready to kill her.

I didn't do it!

I talked to her lawyer,
Sal, okay? I know about the rib

she broke when
you shoved her

into a table.

I was humiliated.

She admitted to the affair.
We had it out.

I-I swear to you,
we were on good terms.

Look, maybe it was the guy.

The guy she was sleeping with.


You know who he is?

No. But he...

he had nice shoes.
Uh, Ferragamos, I think.

Wow. That is helpful.

Vivian saw me
and slammed the door shut.

All I saw were his shoes.

He was too chicken to come out
and face me man-to-man.

Maybe he figured
you might kill him.

You know what I
think happened, Sal?

I think you never got over it.

Then it was a Friday night,
you had

a few too many,
you missed her,

and you tracked her back
to the hotel.

Wait a minute, Friday night?

No, I wasn't even here in D.C.
I was in Tallahassee.

No, I talked to the paper
that you work for, okay?

You were not covering a game
that night. You called in sick.

I lied to them, because I had
an interview at another paper.

If I was gonna make it
on my own,

I couldn't afford
to stay in D.C.

Ch-Check it out.
I was... I wasn't here.

Damn it.

How is a guy who works
for an intelligence agency

so stupid?

This is the third set of prints
from Ryan Gill.

He comes in here like an
elephant in a china shop.

And there are no prints
from her ex?

The ex might not be our guy.

Now you tell us?
Turns out

that the ex has an alibi.

But he gave us

about the guy
that Vivian was sleeping with.

Which is?

Ferragamo shoes.

That's it?
He saw the guy's shoes?

Don't shoot the messenger.
So how's everything coming here?


we got too much and too little.
Trace from all the hotel guests

and our NSA shadow,

but most of the blood
has been cleaned up.

Yeah. With Haemo-Sol.
It's very high-end stuff.

Our killer definitely knew
how to minimize trace.

So we're back
to Blackthorn's people?

Hey, man, truth be told,
I never left them.

Are you kidding me?

This Ryan Gill
really pisses me off.

He touched

I mean, how stupid can...

Maybe he's not stupid at all.

What? Do you think he

contaminated the scene
on purpose?

To cover up the fact
that he'd been here before.

So Gill is the killer.

Or he's the guy
Vivian was sleeping with.

He did have nice shoes.

Oh, my God.

There's a third option.

This NSA slime is The American?

Vivian couldn't tell her husband
who she was meeting.

She admitted to the affair
to throw him off.

She ruined her marriage
to protect her source?

You know what, the marriage
was on its last legs anyways.

I'll bring in Gill.
Uh, no.

No, you can't.
But we have to.

He is very likely the last
person to see Vivian alive.

If you bring Gill in,
whoever killed Vivian

is gonna know who
The American is.

You might as well pull
the trigger yourself.

Well, maybe he should've thought of
that before he committed treason.

Booth, there's got to be some
way you can meet

with this guy
and talk to him in secret.

This guy put dozens of agents'
lives in jeopardy, and, what,

you want me to give him
some kind of special treatment?

He was trying
to do the right thing.

Stop right there, okay?

You never served. You don't get
the right to defend this guy.

I'm just saying, Booth...
What you're saying is that it's okay

for this guy to put other people
in danger.

You know what? It's not.

Booth, I think you should hear him out.

of course
you're on his side, huh?

But then again, you've been
all about secrets this week.

Some secrets are good secrets.

Sorry, Bones. I just disagree with you.
Hey, Dad.


Hey. What's up?

That is the secret
I've been keeping. Surprise.

Hey, Parker.

You fly in for Thanksgiving?

Yeah, Thanksgiving

To see my new little brother.

the two of you have seats
behind the glass

for the Flyers/Predators game
on Friday night.


That's what I was on the phone
about this morning.

Okay, some secrets I like.

Look at you.
You are getting big.

Yeah. Must be all
the fish and chips in London.

Right. Thanks, Bones.

Look, I really
appreciate this.

Look at you.
You look great. Huh?

All right. Look at you.

I noticed tiny
avulsion fractures

at some of the muscle
attachment sites.

Not from six months ago--
these were perimortem.

They were probably obscured
by the brushite

that formed in the water.

I believe they were caused

by restraints
placed here and here.

She was tied down?

And tortured for information.

Take a look at the fractures

to the right
proximal tibia.

So you think she was
tortured on her shins?

That's not like any
torture I know of.

It's called palmatória,
an excruciating practice

indigenous to the West African
region of Guinea-Bissau.

That makes sense.
Cooper Blackthorn,

the head
of Greystream Solutions,

he was stationed in West Africa
for five years.

Why are we meeting here?

Because we're completely off the
grid. There's no Wi-Fi signal.

Everything's jammed.

No one's gonna hear a word
that we say.

And why is that important?

Because I know
that you're The American.

We're gonna have a little chat.

Either we're gonna do it here,

or we're gonna do it
down at the FBI.

That's your choice.



I want you to find
Vivian's killer,

so I'll talk, but not
if we're being recorded.

We're not being recorded.

Tell you what--
you can put that down.

You violated three sections
of the Espionage Act.

No one's gonna want
to try me for that.

They'd have to enter
into evidence what I stole.

Then the case would end up
being about

what it should be about--
what the NSA did wrong.

So you're not taking any
responsibility for what you did?

I know the cost of what I did.

It's right here in this room.

But I don't think it means

that I should be
executed for it.

What happened that night?
Why were you here?

The jump drive

that I gave Vivian has thousands
of NSA documents on it.

She was working her way
through them.

We were deciding
what to do next.

And what was that?

What she printed

about Greystream Solutions
was just the beginning.

She was going to continue
hammering them.

They must have tracked her here
after I left.

All right, so you're saying

that Cooper Blackthorn
is the one who did this?

I know that he did.

Your people found evidence
that he tortured her.

Ten minutes ago.

That changes everything.

Changes things how?

Well, if we have
Vivian's killer,

your life isn't in danger.

You're under arrest for treason.
Turn around.


Bad day for the NSA.

One agent arrested for treason,
another for murder.

WOMAN: My client did not
commit murder.

And he's willing to cooperate
in order to prove it.


'Cause I heard he wasn't
so cooperative the other day.

Well, when the NSA
throws me to the wolves,

it makes taking the
fall less attractive.

I was operating
on their orders.

You were told
to murder Vivian Prince?

No. To use enhanced
interrogation techniques

to recover documents
stolen from the NSA.

So something went wrong, maybe
you didn't mean to kill her.

Something did go wrong.

She knew
that if she ended up dead,

Greystream Solutions
would be on the hook.

So she refused
to give up the jump drive.

Ms. Prince-- she was tougher
than we thought.

You just gave up
and walked away?

Look, we've been tracking
every move that you make,

so we know what evidence
you have and what you don't.

You've got me on the torture,
but not the killing.

That's because I left her alive.

(quiet beeping)

Man, I knew it.

They were monitoring
every word we said.

I guess what
they say is true--

even paranoids
have enemies.

I'm afraid this
re-creation is not right.

Uh, no, I think it is.

The-the lid is a perfect match
for the blow that killed her.


It's a perfect fit

for that blow,
but the other depressions

on the skull do not match
the edges of this lid.

So she was hit
with two weapons?

She was hit with some kind of
long, rectangular weapon,

knocking her face first
into this lid.

So, we don't know

who killed her, and now we
don't know what killed her?

This is great. We're
moving backwards here.

Maybe I can help.

Based on Dr. Brennan's findings,
I reexamined the skull.

Along with the depressions,
there are tiny abrasions.

Now I believe
those abrasions

are from the metal prongs
on a motherboard.

So, someone hit her on the head

with a long,
rectangular computer?

Aha! I got it!

Uh, nope, it's not a bug.

What is it?
It's... nothing.

What is it?

It's the earring

that you lost
when we were, um...


MONTENEGRO (laughs):
Oh, yeah.


What? You...

You know that we're
married, right?

That's beside the point.

The point is, you found
that earring by using

a metal detector which
is essentially a long,

rectangular computer.

Booth took that
from Ryan Gill, right?

The-The American?

It seems that Mr. Gill
was not only Vivian's source.

He was her killer.

Shape of the metal detector

matches the wounds
on Vivian's head.

And the specific layout
of the metal prongs

on its motherboard
match her wounds exactly.

We got you for treason...

(sets detector on table)
...and murder.

I thought I could trust her...
to figure out where the line was

between what
the public should know

and what would endanger lives,
but she wanted a bigger story.

You didn't want her to expose
Greystream Solutions?

Not the way that she did.

Like you said,
all those employees,

innocent people--
suddenly, they're all targets?

So you killed her?

I just wanted
my jump drive back.

But she had Kate Kolfax
ready to take over her column.

Her editor wanted young and sexy
on the front page.

The documents were just
her leverage to keep her job.

You killed her
for the documents.

I was using the wand
to try to find the jump drive.

She didn't want to give it back.

She grabbed onto the wand,
and I hit her.

Then she fell
into the room service cart.

Where's the jump drive now?

I never found it.

Look, this-this was
an accident, I swear.

Yeah. And then
you carved open her body

and dumped it in a pond in order
to tank our investigation.

You see,
that was not an accident.

Makes The American seem a little
less patriotic now, doesn't it?

♪ ♪

♪ ♪



Go, Vivian.

You shouldn't be in here.

Hey. Hi.

Uh, I'm from the Jeffersonian.
I was just...

I just wanted
to pay my respects.

Are you sure that's all?

No loose ends
you want to tell me about?

It's Thanksgiving.
You should go home.

News doesn't stop
for the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving.

♪ ♪

(instrumental jazz playing,
explosive rumble of video game)

Tut, tut, tut.

Oh, yeah! I'll take that bonus,
thank you very much.



PARKER (laughing):
You're pretty good.

You got to be kidding me.

Look at that, huh?

A thousand bonus. Bam.

It's nice to have your
boys together, huh?

Yeah, and they all have
the same maturity level.

Yeah. Well, big
families are nice.

Are you and Hodgins
thinking about...?

Well, I am.

You want
to practice?


Here you go, Hank.

Hi, buddy.
Go with Auntie Angela.

Chicken squares
are awesome.

I think that's baked tofu
with artichoke hearts.

Okay, if the turkey is not a
turkey, I'm going to the diner.

BOOTH: Oh, you got to be
kidding me, huh?

Hey. Sorry I'm late.
I had to run a little errand.

Oh. Hey.
Hi, buddy.


Really?! Okay, just so we're
clear, I let you win that game.

Yeah, just to be clear, no one
in this room is buying that.

Oh, yeah, yeah.
I'm not buying it.

Uh, hey, um,
can I borrow your dad

for a minute here
before your rematch?

All right, just keep your eye
on the velocity, all right?

(quietly): Just for the record,
I let him win that game.

Yeah, sure, Absolutely.
Yeah, okay.


I thought
you should see... this.

You found it?
Yeah, I did.

I suppose you're gonna broadcast
everything that's in this

to blow the roof off the NSA.

No, I'm gonna give it to you.

I don't think I'm
qualified to decide

the right thing to do with that.

If anyone is... it's you.

You really trust me
to know what to do with this?

Yeah, I do.

Destroy it,
so nobody else gets hurt.

All right, time to eat.
Fofurkey for everyone!

Ah, she's joking
there, Aubrey.

We got a 25-pounder in here
ready to roll. Come on in here.

BRENNAN: He's gonna want
to taste the Fofurkey.

I think it will really...

BOOTH: Big 25-pound bird.
Look at how nice that is.

I'll get the pie. Bones,
have the pie. Here.

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