Bones (2005–2017): Season 11, Episode 7 - The Promise in the Palace - full transcript

An escape artist's corpse is found in the woods; Booth and Brennan try to decide if the tooth fairy should visit Christine; Angela works on her photography with Sebastian Kohl (Gil Darnell).

MAN: That's too steep for me.
Why don't you go for it?
No. No, no. No.
Uh, you go.
MAN 3: Come on, girls.
Why do you think we came here?
(laughing) (screaming)
I didn't sign up for this!
(whooping) (yelling)
(whooping) (laughing)
Oh! Aah!
Bennie, you okay?
Yeah! Oh, yeah!
(laughing): Yeah!
Oh, dude!
Your bone's sticking out!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God, oh, my God!
This isn't my bone.
You all right, Bennie?
BOOTH: Okay, good news.
Christine's first tooth just fell out.
Look at that. How exciting!
Which tooth? I don't know-- her front one.
Uh, for future reference, this is
the deciduous lower central incisor.
Great, I'll remember that. Oh, and I told Christine
the Tooth Fairy's gonna be paying a visit.
Actually, I'd prefer it if we didn't do that.
It's a modern pastiche of minor myths
which completely lack thought or substance.
It's tradition. There's no harm in that.
On the contrary, I don't want to teach our daughter
that it is okay for a stranger to break into her room
and steal discarded body parts. Body parts? We're not talking
about body parts; we're talking about a tooth here.
That's a body part, Booth.
Well, it's n-- (phone rings)
Oh. Oh, a body was found
in the woods near the national park in Gainesville, Virginia.
Oh, Aubrey's on the way.
You know, it would actually be more valuable
if we explain to Christine
the science behind deciduous teeth.
How the upper incisors are the first to shed.
Oh, that sounds like a blast. (mouthing)
(siren chirps)
(indistinct radio communication)
(sirens wailing)
Whoa! That's one hell of a way to park a bike.
HODGINS: Must've been a gnarly landing.
Yeah, gnarly and painful.
The mountain biker said that this bone
lodged itself into his arm.
The sub-pubic angle of the pelvis
tells me that the victim was a female.
Bone density suggests that she was around her mid-20s.
SAROYAN: Well, and surface flesh is pretty much gone,
but not from decomposition.
Well, you can chalk that up to tons of predation.
I mean, these trails are teeming
with coyotes, uh, badgers, foxes.
Do we have time of death yet?
Well, the first molting of maggots
have turned into second-instar larvae.
So I'd say time of death
is in the last 48 hours.
The ribs appear to have received multiple fractures,
uh, from the impact of the bicycle.
HODGINS: Well, yeah,
I mean, 170-pound biker,
a 25-pound bike, factor in the rate
of acceleration and come on, I mean,
it's your basic high school physics problem.
Not in my high school.
Well, we can rule out
a jogger or hiker.
EDISON: Yeah, the heels would suggest otherwise.
Dried blood.
SAROYAN: Well, there's more blood over here.
AUBREY: If she fell about there,
she would've rolled and hit the outcropping.
Okay. (grunts)
AUBREY: Drag marks.
SAROYAN: So her body
was thrown down there.
Someone was trying to get rid of her.
Yeah, well, I guess they didn't try hard enough.
♪ ♪
Every bit of fabric I'm finding
is a super long chain polymer.
She was wearing something stretchy.
EDISON: Work-out clothes?
The victim's bone density,
splayed metatarsals, and light frame
would support her being a dancer.
SAROYAN: So does her muscle tone.
What's left of it.
Christine has shed her first tooth.
Booth wants to leave a dollar under her pillow
and pretend it came from a fairy.
Yeah, of course, the Tooth Fairy.
The Tooth Fairy's been visiting Michael Vincent
almost every week lately.
Well, aren't you concerned
it insults his intelligence?
Michael Vincent is six.
Which means he is old enough to understand
you are essentially perpetrating a fraud.
Well, no complaints from Michael Vincent so far.
It appears the trauma to the ribs and the upper body
were not all caused by the bike.
The victim also suffered extensive antemortem injuries
that have since remodeled.
Perhaps she was previously in an accident.
This damage was not caused
by a discrete event.
The remodeling of the ischia and both clavicles indicate
it was incurred over the course of the last decade.
SAROYAN: You're right-- the acromioclavicular ligament
shows signs of repeated dislocation.
I'm also seeing signs
of expanded articulation of the glenoid fossae.
Her shoulders were repeatedly displaced out of their socket.
SAROYAN: There's something unusual
in the upper esophageal sphincter.
Let's see.
HODGINS: It's some kind of key.
EDISON: To what?
I don't know.
I've never seen one quite like this before.
Do you think she was force-fed this?
There are no apparent avulsion fractures
on the mastoid processes to support that hypothesis.
But it feels like there could be scarring on the trachea.
So she'd done this more than once?
That appears to be the case.
But why?
Right, but what about that one?
That one's good, but I like this one.
But when you print it out, be sure to dial up the contrast.
Oh, yeah.
Right, I should've thought of that.
Then there'd be no point in my being here.
(both chuckle)
Sorry, I, uh,
didn't mean to interrupt. Oh, no.
Hey, you remember Sebastian, right?
He's been giving me advice on my photography.
I'm back in town
and wanted to see how Angela's work has progressed.
But evidently,
you need Angela for other things.
Thank you, I do.
Then I won't get in your way.
Please let me know when you have time.
Yeah, of course.
Hey, so,
I've got a reconstruction
of the victim's face.
All that predation made it difficult,
but I was able to narrow it down to a pool
of 379 women in the D.C. area.
Okay, well,
here's the right second distal phalanx I retrieved.
Hopefully there's enough for a print.
Yeah, let's run that through the fingerprint scanner.
Wow, that's a total mess.
Well, it might be enough to extrapolate a partial pattern.
So, your world-famous photographer,
he's a handsome guy.
And by that you mean?
That Sebastian may be interested
in more than just your photography.
Oh, stop it.
He's a mentor.
That's it.
Well, it's not complete,
but it might get us something.
Let me run it through the IAFIS database.
I'll cross-reference these against the matches
from my facial reconstruction.
We found our victim.
Klarissa Mott.
27 years old from Silver Spring, Maryland.
AUBREY: We've got no missing person's report
on Klarissa Mott at D.C. Metro
and no known relatives in the D.C. area.
Squints reported signs of abuse.
Did she ever file a restraining order against her boyfriend?
Nope, never made a domestic violence call, either.
That doesn't make any sense.
I mean, a 20-something-year-old woman from the 'burbs,
she disappears for days, and nobody, no one--
not even her roommate-- reports her missing?
Hi, we're Special Agents Aubrey and--
FBI, Special Agent Seeley Booth.
I'm Victor Cornachio.
What's going on?
We're here to see Anna Lloyd.
That's my girlfriend. We were just cooking.
Mm-hmm. Come in.
(sniffs) Wow.
Smells good in here.
Anna and I just started a catering business.
Mandarin-peel truffle oil?
That's amazing-- That's exciting you know your oils.
Can we get back to work now?
Here's Anna. You mind
if I finish packing this up? Oh, just stay close.
We might have some questions for you.
Can we speak to you over here, please?
What's this about?
This is about your roommate Klarissa Mott.
She was found murdered.
Oh, my God, that's horrible.
Hmm, were you two close?
I didn't know her very well.
We found each other online, we kept to ourselves.
Can you think of anyone who'd want to hurt her?
Not that I knew of.
She spent most of her time in another world,
to be honest with you. What do you mean?
She's was into some weird stuff.
Straightjackets and handcuffs.
She was a magician?
I said that once to her and she corrected me.
She said she was an escape artist.
You know, like a performer?
Like Houdini. Exactly.
She did shows at this club called the Magic Palace.
AUBREY: She went by another name?
Yep, Klarissa Bilbao.
BOOTH: Will you stay
in the left lane, Bones?
It always moves faster.
Your evidence is purely anecdotal.
All lanes of traffic average out to the same speed.
You would be quite irritated if I told you how to drive.
That wouldn't happen.
I think that we can agree that I'm the driver in this family.
Usually, yes, but this car
is too technologically advanced for you.
Bones, I know how to fly a helicopter, all right?
And besides, this car is as user-friendly as it gets.
I have to admit it is easy to drive.
And when the car's not moving, Christine enjoys
playing with the reclining rear seats.
(phone ringing)
SAROYAN: I found burn marks on our victim.
Did you find evidence of smoke inhalation?
No, the burns were at least a week old,
but Dr. Hodgins found trace residue
of mercury and nitrocellulose.
Those are accelerants.
BOOTH: You think someone tried to burn her?
The fact that I found marks on both arms
is consistent with assault.
Well, thanks, Cam.
We'll get on it. Let's go, Bones.
Stay in the left lane.
BRENNAN: Just let me drive.
Oh, come on, Bones.
Don't look so serious, huh?
Booth... This is the Magic Palace.
I am a scientist.
Science's primary aim is to search for the truth.
Magic sets out to deceive.
Just like the Tooth Fairy.
Let's not bring the Tooth Fairy into this, okay?
Well, Christine needs to know that her baby teeth
fall out for a reason,
not so she can get ice cream money
from an imaginary goblin.
Ice cream that will, ironically,
cause her to lose more teeth.
It's not a goblin, it's a fairy, okay?
But just look at this place, look around you.
Look at all these old magic tricks.
Look, there's Houdini's handcuffs.
Look at these cards here.
MAN: The Great Lafayette's dog leash.
Hi, can I help you?
FBI Special Agent Booth.
This here is my partner. Dr. Temperance Brennan.
Right, we're here to see Mr. Jay.
Oh, okay, uh...
Dad, someone here to see you.
Oh, hello.
I-I-I'm Mr. Jay.
Mr. Jay. This about Klarissa?
We called her apartment,
and her roommate told us the horrible news.
Right, so how long has she been working for you?
Oh, I met her years ago,
when she was doing street magic on the National Mall.
So you gave Klarissa her start, then.
Yes, I could see
her talent immediately,
and it paid off,
because her shows were just groundbreaking.
Groundbreaking in what sense?
Klarissa took greater risks than most escapologists.
I mean, she was fearless.
Well, that could be the result of a neurological imbalance.
Did she have any enemies
at the club? Well, the Palace
is an incubator for young talent,
and everyone's always jostling for stage time.
Any of her rivals jealous of her?
She had just secured
the Friday night main stage.
Uh, that's our most coveted slot.
Whom did she replace?
All right, follow me.
JAY: That's, uh, Big Phil Leeds.
He was Klarissa's fiercest rival for years.
Whoa, you seeing what I'm seeing?
Perhaps the cause of Klarissa's burns.
AUBREY: We found a second-degree burn
on your colleague,
Klarissa Mott's body, Big Phil.
So? What does that have to do with me?
Well, when we swabbed it for chemicals,
you know what came back?
Mercury and nitrocellulose.
The stuff that you work with.
All right, you got it all wrong.
Uh, really wrong.
I pulled a few pranks.
We all do that.
Burning someone is a prank to you?
She wasn't supposed to get burned.
Oh, so it was her fault?
All she was supposed to do was open the damn box,
and a flame pops out.
That's it.
I have done it to her countless times.
And usually, she would have caught it
without burning herself.
So why didn't she this time?
I don't know.
She seemed distracted lately.
What do you mean distracted?
Um, leaving early, you know, not training as hard.
It's as if she lost her attention to detail.
Now, I-I don't know what was going on,
but something big was definitely changing in her life.
Looking at your bio here, Big Phil.
You had just gotten the main stage,
and she took it away from you.
Don't insinuate things.
I didn't hurt that woman.
And whatever fun I had with her--
listen to me--
she gave it right back.
Your whereabouts for the past three days,
and I want everything.
So don't lose your attention to detail.
Dr. Brennan, take a look at this perimortem damage.
I'm seeing fractures of the left orbital socket,
maxilla and zygomatic.
Which would suggest that
Klarissa Mott's face was shattered.
These injuries are severe,
but the lack of hemorrhagic staining
suggests they were not the cause of death.
You know, I never saw Klarissa Mott perform,
but I did attend several shows
at the Magic Palace, though, for the last few years.
I had no idea you were a fan of magic, Dr. Edison.
And I take it you're not.
No, nor of witchcraft,
astrology or the lotto,
all of which require one to relinquish rational thought.
Oh, Dr. Saroyan, you're just in time.
Uh, thank you, I suppose.
Klarissa's toxicology results just came back.
Her liver shows high levels of the opiate Dilaudid.
That's an extremely addictive pain killer.
Perhaps this was the huge change that Big Phil was talking about.
AUBREY: I combed through Klarissa's bank account
to see if I could get a whiff of this big shift in her behavior.
For the past few months, she would withdraw
340 bucks from the same ATM machine in Glover Park
every Wednesday afternoon.
Glover Park? Boy, that is a, that's a rough neighborhood.
I'll see if I can get ahold of that ATM surveillance footage.
Hey, Aubrey.
How do you feel about the Tooth Fairy?
Excuse me? Well, Dr. Brennan, you see,
she has a problem giving Christine a buck for her tooth.
Oh, gotcha. (exhales)
Maybe she's right.
So you agree with her?
You've always said Dr. Brennan is a very smart woman.
Yeah, well, what's that have to do with this?
I'm just saying,
she might know something that we don't know.
Look, there was a time when everyone thought
that the world was flat.
It took someone like Dr. Brennan to tell them they were wrong.
The world changed.
MONTENEGRO: So, Klarissa withdrew
$340 from the ATM this past Wednesday.
Okay, but what's interesting
is what happens next.
This guy in the black hoodie,
look at what happens when he leaves.
It's Klarissa. Yeah.
She's going into that building behind the ATM.
Can you get me the address?
Ran a background check on the current tenant
of 331 Oakton.
The guy's name is Timothy Hodstetter.
He have a rap sheet?
He did a nickel at Jessup
for dealing prescription pain meds.
Oh, wow. (woman screaming, music blaring)
(screaming continues)
FBI, open up.
Get your hands off her now.
Look, we know that Klarissa came to you for Dilaudid.
I don't know what you're talking about.
She came to me for flexibility training.
I'm a coach. Coach? What kind of coach?
It's called Active Release Technique.
I use my hands and my body weight
to loosen muscle, fascia, tendons.
I work with athletes,
performers, all types of people.
We also know that she came here and dropped off,
what, $340 in cash to you every Wednesday.
Yeah. That's how she paid me, in cash.
That's how everybody pays me.
I went away for a bit.
I lost my PT license.
Now I have to work off the books.
(chuckles) Jesus, you Feds really got nothing better to do
than to bust my nards about trying to make a living?
No, we want to bust your nards for murder.
What are you talking about?
Klarissa's dead.
She's-She's what?
She's dead.
And you think that...
Come on, huh?
I barely knew this woman, all right?
She came to me asking for more pliability
in her shoulders and her hips; that's all she wanted.
She mention any enemies?
Beef with other magicians, rivals?
No, she was totally positive.
Completely focused on her work
like a lot of athletes that I work with.
Really? How about you?
Are you focused on her?
I am totally professional.
I don't sell dope,
and I don't hit on my clients.
Okay, well, we're gonna take a look around.
Be my guest.
I don't even have cold medicine in this place.
So I looked into Klarissa's online
and social media presence.
I found nothing, but I did find some e-mails
on her laptop.
SAROYAN: "You thief. You steal tricks.
"Stay away or else.
Keep poaching, and you'll end up in the Chesapeake."
Who made these threats? They're anonymous,
but they all originated
from a public library in Maryland.
Okay, I'll let Booth know.
(phone ringing)
You can get that. We're done.
That, it's just photography advice.
I'm sure it is.
Will you stop?
AUBREY: I talked to Lenny at the Palace.
Look, any magicians ever accuse Klarissa of stealing tricks?
Never. In fact,
Lenny said that he gave Klarissa his tricks.
That doesn't smell right.
(phone ringing) He said he was grateful
to have someone carrying on his tradition.
Angela cross-referenced
those library e-mails with the members of the Palace.
You're not gonna believe what name came up.
The guy's kid?
Yeah, let's bring him in.
Call him up, all right?
EDISON: Dr. Brennan,
I think I found some trauma on the victim's left ulna.
Yes, it is suggestive of a defensive wound.
Seems that it's been made by a sharp object,
perhaps a large blade.
Dr. Edison, may I ask you a question?
Of course.
I'm curious about your interest in magic.
Could you explain it to me?
Well, the truth is magic got me through a really rough patch
in middle school.
Well, adolescence can be difficult,
particularly for children of superior intellect.
Dr. Brennan,
would you allow me to perform a magic trick for you?
I don't think the Jeffersonian is a place for games.
Please, indulge me for a moment.
It's a little experiment
in weird science.
Observe as I take this half dollar
and place it in my hand.
I'm about to cause a little-known anomaly
to the laws of physics.
If I hold this flame
at the right distance from the coin,
it will completely, somehow,
Now that you're done, we can return to our work.
Wouldn't you (chuckles)
like to know how this magic trick was accomplished?
You never placed the coin in your left hand.
You simply retained it in your right hand
behind the fingers.
The lighter had nothing to do with the trick.
It merely served as a misdirect
so you could dispose of the coin in your pocket,
which is where it is now, correct?
Mm-hmm, I thought so.
JAY: I want my son's lawyer here
before he answers any of your questions.
BOOTH: We can wait, Mr. Jay. It's up to you.
But Lenny Jay has been cooperative so far.
He came here on his own volition,
which could only be advantageous
to how a judge views his case.
Not a word. BOOTH: That's fine.
I'm just gonna have to show the U.S. Attorney
the threatening e-mails that your son sent to Klarissa Mott.
I know my son. He's not a killer.
BRENNAN: Unlike your stage show,
you can't determine the outcome
of this process in advance.
Your son's gonna be processed
and detained in a Federal lockup.
I mean, do you really want
to watch your son mingle
with a bunch of bad prisoners?
So why'd you do it?
Why'd you send those threatening e-mails to Klarissa?
I-I got upset.
You know? She was doing Dad's trick, the Drunken Monkey.
You knew she was working on the Drunken Monkey?
You were not supposed to know that.
I-I knew something was up.
So I started following her.
BRENNAN: Could you clarify something for me, Mr. Jay?
What or who is a Drunken Monkey?
JAY: It's an escapist move
where I'm locked in a vat of Scotch.
It was my signature trick 20 years ago.
And I gave it to Klarissa.
Yeah, you were supposed to give it to me.
You said you were following Klarissa.
How long had you been stalking her? I...
I wasn't stalking her, okay?
I-I-I followed her for a few days,
until I built up the courage to confront her.
That's not good enough for me. Let's go. Well...
Well, what about the guy that she was kissing? BOOTH: Wait a second.
You saw Klarissa kissing someone?
Yeah, I-I was waiting outside the Palace
two days ago, before her show started,
and some guy dropped her off.
I-I don't know who he was.
JAY: Tell them who he was.
You need to. Dad, I-I...
really don't know. Okay?
I-I've never seen him before.
Dr. Edison, please re-examine the area around
the sharp force trauma on the left ulna.
Of course.
Specifically, eight millimeters upward
from that nick.
Okay. I see a small indentation on the ulna.
I believe this mark
and the previous mark were made simultaneously.
Which suggests they were both the result
of one blow from a single weapon.
Well, the first mark was made at a 94-degree angle
and the second one is...
135 degrees.
This couldn't have been a knife.
Maybe the corner of an object?
Make that the corner of a sharp alloy object.
So I swabbed the wound for particulates.
I found interstitial alloy metals:
steel, manganese and nickel.
Excellent work, Dr. Hodgins. Thanks.
Yeah, I'm gonna cross-check these alloys
against potential murder weapons.
Oh, wait! Before you do, uh,
I have another, uh,
magic trick to show Dr. Brennan.
If you'll allow me to.
I think we're done
with magic at work, Dr. Edison.
The Jeffersonian
is the home of truth and scientific inquiry.
Actually, he showed me this one,
and I'm pretty sure you're not gonna be able to figure it out.
I call this one...
The Vanishing Spoon.
Behold a beaker of water.
A teaspoon.
If I put it in the water
and concentrate hard enough...'ll disappear.
The spoon is made of gallium.
You've got to be kidding me.
You blew the trick. I most certainly did not!
I molded you the perfect spoon!
BRENNAN: Gallium melts at 86 degrees.
You obviously warmed the water
just enough so it wouldn't steam.
You cover the beaker with your hand
to conceal the chemical process
of the solid spoon turning to liquid metal.
Are we done with magic tricks now?
Oh. Look.
You made Dr. B disappear.
You're here.
Yes, I was just dropping off
some prints to Angela at her office and, um... Yeah.
Prints that you could've easily had delivered.
I think we both really know
why you're coming around.
Wow. That's, uh... forward.
I guess I should just come clean and admit
I was hoping to run into you.
I wanted to see
if you'd have dinner with me tonight.
I see. (chuckles)
I'm sorry.
We just had such a good talk
at the gallery, I just thought...
No, it-it's...
I mean, I would love to...
I just got out of a serious relationship
and I'm not really ready.
Hm. Sorry.
Don't be.
Just bad timing.
Well, if you ever change your mind,
you know how to find me.
Okay. One coffee,
two creams. Thanks, Cam.
You're welcome.
What's wrong?
It's about Sebastian.
Like I told you,
he is strictly a mentor.
He just asked me out.
I-I... He wanted to go out for dinner.
I said no,
but I just thought I should tell you.
Oh, okay. Why?
I don't know. You two are close.
There is nothing going on between Sebastian and I.
I mean, I'm a happily married woman.
I know that.
So, um, what-what's really going on?
I don't...
I mean...
I don't think I'm over Arastoo yet.
Yeah. Well...
it takes time.
But isn't it nice that someone is interested?
I mean, especially a good-looking guy like that?
Good-looking and that accent.
Oh, so you did notice.
Well, I'm sure after being
with somebody great, like Arastoo,
it's just all a little foggy
as to what you're supposed to do next, right?
Well, that's just it.
I... What if I don't get back what I had with Arastoo?
You might not.
But you definitely won't if you don't try.
AUBREY: So I spoke to a dozen or so members of the Magic Palace
about Klarissa's dating life.
No one remembers Klarissa dating anyone,
but her super said that she had some flowers
sent to her a few weeks ago.
Flowers? All right, okay.
Well, who sent them? He had no idea.
Okay, you're getting that look on your face.
What look?
The look that says you want me to call
every single florist in Montgomery County.
You're good. You're right. You know what?
You're right. I do have that look.
SAROYAN: You wanted to show me something, Dr. Edison?
Yes. I reconsidered the damaged hyoid
we dismissed earlier. And?
And I have located
some bone bruising
and microfractures of the greater cornua of the bone.
Dr. Edison, you just found cause of death:
ligature strangulation.
Maybe it's good for Cam to start seeing other people.
Well, it's only been a few months since she and Arastoo split.
What, you think it's too soon?
You don't?
Well, I would want you to move on
if something happened with us.
No, you wouldn't, okay?
People, they say that all the time.
That's not gonna happen. Plus, what...
what's going to happen to us? Well, anything.
Divorce. Disease.
Uh, mental illness.
The fact that our work
is extremely dangerous.
Look what happened to Sweets.
What happened with you and your brother.
Ah, just stop, all right?
You know what? You're depressing me, now.
Well, I would think in any of those scenarios,
you would want me to be happy. Mm-hmm.
Oh. Oh, no, I don't...
I don't like the idea of you with another guy.
(phone ringing)
Hold on, that's Cam.
Go ahead, Cam.
SAROYAN: I re-examined some neck tissue
that I thought had been bruised by animal predation.
Turns out, the marks were caused by acute urticaria.
Mm, that mean something?
It means she had hives.
Klarissa was suffering
from an allergic reaction. When she died?
It's the only way they'd still be on her skin.
BRENNAN: What was she allergic to?
Her medical records show
she had a life-long allergy to fungus.
Fungus. Wait... wait a second.
Uh... truffles are fungus.
Yeah, why?
Klarissa's roommate's boyfriend.
Victor Cornachio?
Yeah, he was cooking
with some fancy truffle oil in her apartment.
So maybe he was cooking and...
Reached around her neck
and killed her.
I think we might have found
Klarissa's mystery lover.
Take a look at this, Victor.
What is it?
Your fancy truffle oil was on Klarissa's neck.
I left that oil at Anna's place.
Klarissa probably used it to make an omelette.
The only problem with that
is that Klarissa had an allergy.
She wouldn't go near the stuff.
So how did it end up on her neck?
I'm sorry, I can't help you.
Come on, Victor.
Look, what really happened between you and Klarissa, huh?
Did she threaten to tell your girlfriend about the affair?
I don't know what you're talking about. I have an eyewitness
who saw you kissing Klarissa in front of the Palace.
Okay, look, the truffle oil
might have gotten on her neck that night.
When we kissed.
I dropped her off before her show at the Palace.
We were supposed to meet up at her place later that night...
but she never showed up.
You didn't text her
or ask her why?
It was casual.
Sometimes we would meet up,
sometimes plans would change.
If it was so casual,
then why'd you send her flowers?
What flowers?
So someone else sent them.
Maybe you found out
about this other guy and got jealous.
I don't know about anyone else.
And I wouldn't care if I did.
What Klarissa and I had was just sex.
Really good sex.
The only thing that she really loved was her work.
And I was fine with that.
Did your girlfriend know about all this?
There's a chance she caught on to it.
Why do you say that?
Last week, when I came out of the shower,
I saw that my phone had been turned on.
I could see that there was something off about Anna.
She was looking for something.
She find it?
Not on my phone.
Careful about this stuff.
We learned that your boyfriend was having an affair
with Klarissa Mott.
You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?
No, not at all.
You have to be kidding me.
Kidding? No, we don't do that.
Victor told us that you went through his phone.
Oh. He did.
So you found out about the affair,
and that's why you killed Klarissa.
Well, yeah, I did find out about the affair,
but I didn't kill her.
I just didn't want to hurt our business, so I...
chose to look the other way.
So are you saying that you were okay with that?
No, I wasn't okay with it.
But I invested my life in this catering business.
I'm not going to throw it away
because Vic can't keep it in his pants.
So we also checked out your alibi.
Now, you said that you were at the convention.
Which is true.
But what you didn't tell us
is that you left a day early.
When we brought your boyfriend in, we looked into his finances,
and we found your catering company credit card.
You bought gas and groceries in Washington
the night Klarissa was murdered.
I wasn't sure they were having an affair,
so I wanted to see for myself.
That's why I lied about coming home early.
You lied about your knowledge of the affair,
you lied about when you came home.
I'll tell you what, Anna, all this lying is adding up,
and it's not looking good for you.
You have something to show me, Dr. Edison?
Yes, after learning the victim was asphyxiated,
I decided to reexamine the mandible.
A logical next step.
Now, do you notice the sequential pattern here?
SAROYAN: It looks like bone bruising.
On the right side of the mandible.
Now, I've measured the distance
between each impression.
34.5 millimeters, equidistant.
Perhaps these marks were made by the same alloy object
that injured Klarissa's ulna.
Have Hodgins swab for particulates.
Found the flower shop.
Creative Blossoms of Silver Spring, Maryland.
Okay, who sent them?
Not gonna believe this one-- the Gold Pearl Casino.
Wait a second, the casino in Vegas? The message on the card read,
"We at the Gold Pearl couldn't be more excited
to know that our casino will be your new home."
I'll be damned.
She was taking a new job.
Where you going?
Going to see the person this would have pissed off most.
Dr. Hodgins, what is all this doing in the lab?
Oh, hey, it's a select trove of objects culled
from the Jeffersonian's wide world of magic.
Well, that much is apparent.
HODGINS: Yeah, we scoured the institution's archives,
and we pulled out memorabilia, devices...
In an effort to find the weapon
that may have killed Klarissa Mott.
I don't recall there being any kerf marks
on the victim's bones.
Perhaps, but this is the saw
that Harry Blackstone Sr.,
first used to cut a woman in half.
HODGINS: And check this out.
These are the bullets caught
by Robert-Houdin 150 years ago,
and still, to this day, no one has any idea how he did it.
This is all entirely useless.
You are both grown men
and, to the best of my knowledge, scientists.
Please tell me that despite your enthusiasm for magic,
you have discovered something of value
that can help move this case forward.
All right, well, I did swab the bruised areas of the mandible,
and I found traces of the same alloy
that was in the trauma to the left ulna.
So the damage on the ulna and mandible
were caused by the same weapon?
Yeah, according to the Mass Spec, yes.
But the ulna was cut by a sharp-edged object
and the damage on the mandible was inflicted
by something with a blunt surface.
Finally, I'm seeing something useful.
BRENNAN: I remember seeing this lock and chain
in Lenny Jay's memorabilia cabinet.
He had the arrogance to display it in full view.
Okay, let's see if I can enhance it.
Hmm, the padlock's edges appear to be
the same angle as the cut on the victim's arm.
That is my hypothesis.
Okay, well, I've already scanned Klarissa Mott's bones,
so let's go full-skeleton.
We need to see if these angles correspond
to the padlock's dimensions.
Okay, well, there's only one way to find that out.
It's a perfect match.
Now, please see if the chain links line up
with the damage to the mandible.
Okay, that should work.
Let me rearrange the sequence of events.
Okay, so the killer swung the lock and chain,
and a sharp corner of the padlock cut Klarissa's left arm.
Which she was holding up to protect herself.
Then the killer wrapped the weapon
around Klarissa's neck and strangled her.
She fell to the floor, landing on her face,
causing the damage to the maxilla and zygomatic.
We need that lock and chain,
but Lenny Jay must have gotten rid of it.
BRENNAN: Perhaps not, he's arrogant.
Solely due to his aptitude for trickery,
he thinks he's smarter than us.
JAY: I don't see why you want to look at it.
Uh, please be careful.
Don't worry, we'll do our best
to handle the situation here correctly,
because we are trained professionals.
Isn't that right, Bones? Yes.
Right, see, that's our little magic wand.
What do we got, anything?
It's been cleaned. Cleaned. You are clever, Lenny.
Not really, I just like to take good care of my collectibles.
But, you see, cleverness has another side to it.
Oh, really? What is that?
Overconfidence. Yeah.
See that key?
You cleaned the lock,
but you were unable to wipe down the internal casings.
Because the key was found inside Klarissa.
She had it in her mouth.
That's the only way you could do the Drunken Monkey.
BRENNAN: Stands to reason that she swallowed the key
when you attacked her.
That was beyond your control,
so you couldn't manipulate it to further your deceit.
This clotting matches the exact frequency of luminescence
of the blood sampling extracted from Klarissa Mott's remains.
Hmm, gotcha.
I gave Klarissa everything.
I gave her her start.
I-I gave her her best material.
L-Look, these were things
that I didn't even share with my own son.
And she promised me that she would spend
her entire career here at the Palace.
Now, I invested a lot in that girl.
And she broke her promise to you.
She did. All right, so then you hit her
with the chain and you strangled her.
I just got so angry.
I-I... I-I was out of control. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay.
But, you see, it was her fault.
Why did she break her promise?
BOOTH: Let's go. Why did she break her promise?
♪ In July, in July, in July ♪
♪ I burned all your things ♪
♪ And they glow, and they glow, and they glow ♪
♪ And the fire still sings... ♪
Come on, the frequency of luminescence?
I mean, even I knew that was a bunch of bull you fed Lenny Jay.
In the time it takes to get a DNA sample from that lock,
he could have prepared a different story.
I thought it was best to confront him
when his guard was down.
You tricked him.
Just say it, you little devil.
Say it: you tricked the magician.
Occasionally, a touch of deception goes a long way.
Bones, even you are capable of a little magic.
Which is why I slipped a dollar under Christine's pillow
when I kissed her good night.
See? A little mystery is good for the soul.
What do you have there?
Oh, I'm just finishing up some paperwork on the Lenny Jay case.
Oh, perfect.
No, what are you doing? I want you to behold
the... mystery...
of the disappearing document.
Don't you dare. Booth. Booth!
That document has the signatures of three U.S. attorneys on it.
Whoa, take a look in your pocket.
What? There you go.
What? No...
How did you do that?
I did that very well, thank you very much.
(clears throat)
There must be a logical explanation
for this amateur trick.
I put this shirt on when I got home...
Well, I grabbed it right from the dryer.
A little mystery is good for the soul.
Did you plant it in the dryer?
Well, you were at work, so how did you...?
Bones, a magician never reveals his secrets.
(keys clicking)
(phone line ringing)
Sebastian, hi, it's Cam Saroyan.
What's that mean?
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