Bones (2005–2017): Season 11, Episode 22 - The Nightmare in the Nightmare - full transcript

The team attempts to find The Puppeteer, a serial killer from the past, who lives with his victim's bodies before disposing of them; Brennan struggles with guilt over not stopping the killer earlier.

Previously on

Body was found
in Cherrywood Park.

Somebody wanted the body
to be found.

The evidence collected
is far from... normal.

His name is George Gibbons.

George, look at me.

I need to know
who you're working with.

Oh, my God, he didn't do it.

In Gibbons, he chose
the perfect accomplice,

somebody he could
easily manipulate.

A video camera?
Someone was watching him.

He's smart.

He's smarter than anybody.

If I talk, he'll know.

Gibbons is dead.

Hanged himself
in his cell.

Our killer drilled holes
into his victims.

He lived with the body

for an extended period of time.

Oh, my God.

He was turning his victims

into marionettes.

We're not dealing
with an amateur psychopath.

This guy's a serial murderer.

Given the killer's M.O.,
it is very likely

he is out there looking for
his next victim as we speak.

You're not taking responsibility for all this.
Booth. Booth.

If we hadn't quit our jobs...

Allison Monroe still
would have been killed.

The cameras were still
transmitting when I found them,

which means the killer
could've been watching

when Booth and Brennan
came to the house.

This very sick individual

could know exactly who we are.

The victim has
fourth-degree burns

extending along
the length of the body.

His hands are badly damaged.

Dr. Hodgins, can you tell
what caused the explosion?

Based on the smell, I'd say
it's some kind of peroxide,

possibly TCAP.

I'll run a sample through

the Gas Chromatograph/
Mass Spectrometry.

Poor guy.

His face looks like
molten lava.

I'll get started on the
facial reconstruction.

Oh, please do so
as quickly as possible.

I am certain that
the victim's identity

is the key to finding
our killer.

Based on what?
You just laid eyes on the guy.

Well, I can't explain it,

but for some reason,
when I look at him,

I am confident he is the key.

I hate to say it,
but I think you might be right.

This guy is

Check this out.

There's a drill hole

in the left clavicle.

All the serial killer's victims

had drill holes, Hodgins.

It's how he hung them

like marionettes.

Yeah, I know, but...

look closer.

No, this is an aberrant event.

He's dead. Postmortem injuries
don't typically bleed.

You sure about that?

Looks to me
like old wounds can cut deep.



You okay?

Yes, I'm fine.

How long was I sleeping?

Well, not-not long.

For probably about
half an hour.

That means we must be near.

I should check my kit.

Make sure I'm ready.

You had another one, didn't you?

It's just another dream.

It's nothing you need
to concern yourself with.

Bones, what are you...
How can you say that?

I mean, you haven't slept
in a week.

Not since this nutbag
missed his timeline.


With a serial killer,

the time between murders
is an interval.

What difference does it make?

All this guilt
that you're feeling...

you gotta know there's nothing

you nor I could've done here.

Booth, I appreciate
your trying to help,

but you should know
that your words

are having the opposite effect.

I promise,

I will sleep when this is over.

The body was found
by a demolition crew.

Apparently, the whole
building's being torn down

and turned into
a charter school

focused on math and science.

Oh, did you hear that? They're
turning it into a squint school.

That's good, right?

Yes. Excellent news.

Perhaps someday,
the United States

can surpass Estonia
in math and science.

Oh. So still not sleeping, huh?

Where is Dr. Hodgins?

Has he already started
on the remains?

No. The tissue is so thoroughly
desiccated, there's almost no

insect activity, so I figured
I'd let him sit this one out.

That's too bad.

I was really
hoping to see him.

I heard that he actually got

some feeling back in his legs.

He has.

Unfortunately, that feeling

isn't an altogether
pleasant one.

Okay, take her up.
Let's go.

It's odd that
this body was left here.

The previous two victims were
found in national parks.

Which means our killer has
altered his method of disposal.

Okay, look, maybe this isn't

the Puppeteer or whatever it is
you want to call him.

Oh, it's him, Seeley.
Trust me.

Also, if we're voting on names,

I like Puppito,
the little puppet.

Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa?

That moniker
doesn't make any sense.

It doesn't elicit any fear.

Well, I'm with Cam on this one.

New rule:
serial killers don't get

cool or frightening nicknames.

No matter how
terrifying they are.

Talk about a classroom
from hell, huh?

Well, you'll note all
the adipose was removed

and the skin was put
through a tanning process.

My best estimate is

Puppito lived with the body
at least six months.

So in other words, this one
is just like the others.

Small, non-projecting mastoid,

sharp supraorbital margin...

The victim was
a Caucasian female.

What about the trauma
to the face?

The same as before.

The damage is postmortem,

inflicted by
a right-handed assailant.


What have you got?

Nothing new.

Just a Bible in the drawer
and a mix tape.

Which means he's following

the exact same ritual.

No, this one is different.

Why? Just because
this is a classroom setting?

Also, look at
the victim's clothes.

The ensemble is much more

contemporary than the last one.

The blouse, the pants...

they're made by
a modern designer

using only
sustainable materials.

Are you sure?

I mean, how could you
possibly know that?

You didn't even look
at the label.

I used to own a similar outfit.

Wait, what do you mean, used to?

I donated it...
to the thrift store

at the Women's Mission Center.

What is it?

It's a sales tag from
the Women's Mission Center.

These are your clothes, Bones.

The victim is meant to be you.

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The Nightmare in the Nightmare
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The victim suffered
perimortem fractures

of the left and right ulnae,

also the right triquetral
and hamate.

Defensive fractures.

She went out with a fight.

What about Dr. Brennan? Do you
want me to e-mail her the X rays

or should we let her sleep?

E-mail her.
Trust me, she's not sleeping.

I'm seeing soil deposits
here, on the shoes.

I'm gonna analyze that
as quickly as I can.

I don't understand.

I thought you said that
Dr. Brennan went home

after her initial

Oh, she did, but not to sleep.

Given the circumstances,
she wanted to make sure

Hank and Christine were safe.

I gotta say, I can't blame her.

I mean, this is
creepy to the power of ten,

this killer just targeting her.

I agree, but she still has
to take care of herself.

If she's not healthy,
she's no good to anyone.

Speaking of which,

how are you doing?

Me? No, fine, yeah.
Never better.

Hodgins, come on.

You're wearing the headband

because you're perspiring
from the pain.

No. It's a fashion statement.

No, you look like
a young Bill Walton.

No one wants to look
like Bill Walton.


Look, I'm experiencing
some minor discomfort.

But I'm telling you

that this is actually
a good thing.

My doctor said
that neuropathic pain

is just, you know,
a common thing during recovery.

And what does your doctor say
about pain management?

That as long as I don't have
to talk about it,

it'll be fine.


I guess I'll get started
on a tox screen.


it's strange, but I found
quite a few loose hairs

that appear to have been cut


You know what I think?

The killer was grooming her.

Look. I ran my
facial reconstruction

through missing persons
and got a match.

Melissa Goodman.

No, I see what you're saying.

Her hair was considerably longer

before she
was abducted.

Yeah. And look at the way
the killer styled it.

Does it remind you
of anyone we know?

He made her look
just like Dr. Brennan.

If you come up with anything,
just let me know, all right?

You got something?

Ah, I just got off the phone

with the thrift store where
Bones donated all her clothes

and no one remembers
who purchased them.

Well, any cameras
in the store?

Sales receipts?

How about you?
What did you come up with?

Well, I listened to the mix tape
that you found at the scene.

It's the same as the last one:
all childhood favorites.

"Buffalo Gals," "A Tisket,
A Tasket," "Frère Jacques"...

Send that over to Angela.

See if she can pick it apart.

Will do, but I'm also going
to do some digging of my own.

There's something familiar
about these songs.

I just can't figure out what it is.
What about her husband?

Well, he should be here shortly.

It turns out he and Melissa
were separated

at the time she went missing.
Does he have a record?

Him? Nothing so far,
but I'll keep digging.

You take a look
at the victim's file?

Oh, I sure did.

You're gonna like this one.

Two DUIs,
drunk and disorderly.

She was also fired

from her last job
for embezzlement.

So not a pillar of the community
like the others.

Which means he picked her
because he needed

a surrogate for Dr. Brennan.

Yep. That's right.

Here she is.

Tempe, relax.

I'm gonna take great
care of the kids.

You have nothing to worry about.
Nothing to worry about?

Dad, I swear, if anything
happens to either one of them...


Nothing will happen to them.

Hey, talk to me.

I've never seen you
so frightened,

not even when
we were on the run.

Well, if it's all the same,

I'd rather not talk about it.

Oh, okay.
Tough beans.

Tough beans? Tough beans?

That's the best, most cogent
argument you have for me?

Well, it worked
when you were a kid.

I would say "tough
beans," and, uh...

the argument
was over.

I remember.

I'm your dad.

You-you can talk
to me about anything.


Honestly, it's probably
just a symptom

of being sleep deprived...

...but I started feeling

like I was being watched.

At the lab, in my car,
even at home.


I know it's illogical

and I have no
empirical evidence.

Forget evidence.

Well, that's not
your nature, but...

but be careful.


Mr. Goodman.

You doing okay?

Seem a tad bit nervous.

I-I'm fine, I just...

didn't think we'd
be meeting in here.

Sorry about that.

Conference room was booked.

So, you want to tell us
about your wife



our relationship
was complicated.

Melissa had
difficulties with alcohol.

That must be your excuse
for beating her.

- No. No, I didn't.
- Really?

'Cause I dug up a police report
from about a year ago

that suggests otherwise.

No, what happened
was Melissa was drunk.

She slipped and hit her head.
Look at the report.

Well, assume for a second
that we believe you,

you think of anyone else
who'd want to harm her?

I don't because we weren't...

we weren't even talking
when she went missing.

Her therapist thought it'd
be best if we took a time out.

Her therapist.


His name is Dr. Brandon Faulk.

I take it he was treating her
for alcoholism?

Initially, yes, and then...

something happened.

She started to develop
new symptoms.

She'd wake up in the middle
of the night screaming.

Wait a second, you're saying
she was having nightmares?

About what?

I don't know.

Oh, my God.

Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Angie, I'm just having some
involuntary contractions here.

Okay, uh, uh, here.

Just, um...

I-I-I picked up your medication.

I have some Valium.

No, no, no, wait.
It's okay, it's okay.

It's passing, it's passing,
keep it for later.

Are you sure?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, no.

I'm good.

Everything's good.

Thanks, Angie.


I'm gonna clean this up, um...

first let me show you
what I was working on here.

Look at this.

I, uh...
I found this food remnants

between the victim's teeth.

See this?

Um... let me guess,

this is the same gruel
that he fed to the others?

No, this is seitan.

It's a-it's a food
made from gluten,

which is the main ingredient
in wheat.

This particular piece,
it was drenched in,

like, a piccata sauce.

You know, lemon juice,
capers, shallots.

Wait a-wait a second.

Seitan with piccata?

That's... that's one of
Brennan's favorite meals.

But... how could he know
that, unless that he's...

Hold on, hold on, hold on,
before you get ahead of yourself,

let me show you
what else I found.

See this here?

This is actually the soil that
I found on the victim's shoes.

Now, it's got a very high
salt content,

which means that it's probably
from a brackish region,

but I also found disinfectant
underneath the soil.

Okay, I'm nodding here and just
pretending like I have some idea

what you're talking about.

I think that the killer
actually wiped the shoes clean

before muddying them.

I mean, think about it.

We know that this guy's
got this, like,

crazy genius IQ level and
he's manipulative as they come.

So, it's possible that
he planted the evidence

in order to mislead us?

That's the problem.

With this guy,

we can't even trust
the evidence that we've got.

♪ Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques ♪

♪ Dormez-vous?
Dormez-vous? ♪

♪ Sonnez Les matines,
sonnez Les matines ♪

♪ Ding, ding, dong,
ding, ding, dong ♪

♪ Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques ♪

♪ Dormez-vous?
Dormez-vous? ♪

♪ Sonnez Les matines,
sonnez Les matines... ♪

I am sorry to keep you both

Usually when a patient calls,

it's a matter
of some importance.

Well, not a problem.

Thanks for taking
the time to see us.

Dr. Faulk, I must say
the decor here

is unlike anything

I've seen in a
psychologist's office.

These firing neurons
are quite beautiful.

Oh, I'm glad
you appreciate them.

Neuroscience was what I got
my first doctorate in,

so my tendencies

are a bit more physiological

than my colleagues.

Please sit.

I tend to view psychology
as something of a soft science.

It's far too open
to interpretation,

so in my practice,

I do what I can to remedy that.

I find your ambition
to be admirable.

As, uh, as I said on the phone,

I'm happy to do whatever
I can do to be of assistance,

however, that said,

I can't breach doctor-patient

What if I told you other
people's lives are at stake?

I see. Well, uh...

then, please, ask.

I'll do what I can to answer.

Let's start with
potential suspects.

Melissa... did she ever mention
anyone who scared her?

About a month prior
to Melissa's disappearance,

she began exhibiting
symptoms of paranoia.

She also began
experiencing nightmares,

premonitions that
she was going to be killed.


You believe that she was
foreseeing her own future?

Uh, let me explain.

In my studies, I have found

that vivid and emotional dreams

are linked to two parts
of the brain--

the amygdala
and the hippocampus.

The amygdala, we know,
controls emotional response.

The hippo...

The hippocampus
has been implicated

in memory function.

Well, in my opinion,

nightmares are
a desperate attempt

for memory and emotion

to try to connect
with each another.

Okay, look, so...'re saying
that Melissa knew

who her killer was

and the answer
was in her dreams?


Results from the tox screen

show traces of propofol
and Succinylcholine.

So cause of death
was poisoning.

Which means she was killed the
exact same way the others were.

Not exactly.

On the right hand, I found
longitudinal fractures

of the second, third,

and fourth
proximal phalanges.

Also, take a look
at this direct fracture

on the base
of the occipital.

Wow, a blow there
would likely have

rendered the victim unconscious.

Taken as a whole,
the narrative of these injuries

suggests the killer struggled
when abducting his victims.

There's something else.

The holes drilled
into the body

correspond perfectly
with muscle attachments.

I'm telling you,
this guy knows human anatomy.

I knew it.

Told you that music
sounded familiar.

What is this?
Songbook published in 1978.

In it-- every one of
the songs on the tape

that the killer
left us, in order.

There's no way that's
a coincidence.

How many of these were published?
Just a couple thousand.

Publisher out
of Michigan.

Most of the sales were in-state.

Oh. How'd you know about this?

My good old Aunt Donna
in Lansing sent it to me.

What can I say?

I've been a singer
since the day I was born.

Maybe you want me to bust out
a little a Capella

to refresh your memory, there.

That is okay.
I got enough horror in my life

as it is.

Wait a second.

If this was
published in 1978,

this helps narrow down
the age of the killer.

Yep. Also tells us
where he likely grew up.

All right.

Do me a favor, will you?

Hand me the, uh, Goodman file.

Dr. Brennan.

I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to startle you.

You look like you could
use a little caffeine.

Thank you.

If you don't mind, can I ask
what you're looking at?

It's nothing.

Past cases.

Burn victims.

For some reason...
I think it might be relevant.

Okay, well, I'm going
to get back to the bones.

Let me know
if you need anything, okay?

I will, thank you.



Mr. Bray?

Mr. Bray?

Dr. Hodgins?

Angela, are y...

Dr. Saroyan?

Hello? Who...

Whoever you are, I can hear you.

Please, I must ask you
to stop where you are,

and identify yourself.

Whoever you are,

I-I must warn you,
I'm holding hydrochloric acid.

I-if you value your life,

or at a-a minimum,
your appearance,

I advise you to stop advancing.

Well, that's what I figured.

Dr. Brennan?

A-are you okay?

I heard you call out.

Yes, I'm fine.

Nothing to worry about.

Everything's going to be okay,
Dr. Brennan.

You'll figure it out.


if you knew what I knew,

you'd be so proud of me.


Tempe, what's the matter?

Hey, whoa, it's Dad, it's Dad.

It's going to be all right.

It'll be all right, all right.


I need help.


Oh, come on, Bones, don't you
even want to try to talk this out?

No, why would I? You're not
an expert in this field.

Field? In what field,
listening to you?

'Cause trust me,
no one has logged more hours.

Okay, you know what?
I'm coming with you.

No, Booth,
I am a full-grown adult.

I don't need you to babysit me.

Okay, all I'm asking,

is that you keep
your phone on you

so I can reach you
at any time.

My father will be back shortly,

when he is,
you can leave for work.

why are you even doing this?

You don't even
believe in psychology.

You're right. I don't.

That should tell you
exactly how desperate I am.

Let me explain
how this works.

Nightmares are, essentially,

a safe way to process threats

stored in our
autobiographical memories.

Now, my goal... to help you figure out

what it is in your past
that's threatening you.

And to, presumably,
do so before I am murdered.

Like what happened
to your previous client.

Dr. Brennan...

if you'd like to consult
with someone else...


I am willing to do

whatever is necessary
to make this stop.

How would you like me to begin?

When a body is
brought into your lab,

how do you begin
to catalogue the injuries?

I'm not sure I understand,
uh, but, um,

with skeletal remains, I...

I typically begin with trauma

that is most readily apparent.


Let's close our eyes.

Now I want you
to try to visualize

your autobiographical timeline
as a set of remains.

What trauma do you see

that's most readily apparent?

My mother and my father
abandoning me...

...and my mother's
subsequent murder.

Tell me more about your mother.

What was her name?

Chapter seven.

I can't believe how good
of a reader you are.

Okay, here we go.

"There was a table
set out under a tree

"in front of the house,
and the March Hare and

the Hatter were
having tea at it."


Sorry to break up the tea party,
but Hank's asleep.

That means Daddy's
got to get to work.

You go put your shoes on, okay?
All right.

Can I talk to you?

I'm worried about Tempe.

Look, so am I.

Listen, this therapist that
she's seeing, seems to think

that her past has to do
with her nightmares,

which means I need you
to come clean with me.

About what?

Everything, every-every robbery,

every crook that you
double-crossed, every murder,

anyone who could be
coming after Bones.

Booth, we've been
through all this.

I have no more secrets
left to hide.

What is it, Aubrey?

I'm kind of in the middle
of something here.

I got a potential

suspect for you.

His name is Graham Reynolds.

He's a puppeteer who has a store
in West Point, Virginia.

A city which,
according to Hodgins,

is known for its brackish soil.

The same soil we found
on the victim's shoe?

The reason that
Reynolds didn't pop up

on our radar is because

he just now re-opened his shop.
It had been shut

down while he was in prison.

What were the charges?

Attempted murder.

The guy did two years in Sussex.

Good work, just text me
the location.

I'll meet you there.
Listen, Max...

Daddy, please,
don't leave.

Hey, hi.

Okay, listen, I am gonna
be back soon, okay?

I love you.

I love you, too. Listen,
you stay here with Grandpa

and I'll bring back
ice cream, okay? Kiss.

All right.

Go with your grandpa.

Go ahead.



Right this way.


Okay, uh...

Right this way.

I'm afraid of clowns.

Yeah, hi.


How are you doing?

Are you boys here
for the party?

No, we're looking
for Graham Reynolds.

Uh, is he around?

Are you, like, talent scouts?

Sure, sounds about right.

Mm, I thought so.

If you like, you can peek

your head inside,
catch the end of the show.

All I ask is that
you don't talk.

It ruins the whole experience.


Okay, well...

Come here, come, come,
come, come here. Come here.

- Ah, no! No, no, no.
- Small crowd.

I guess
the word got out

that our puppet
master was a felon.

Booth, shh.

You're ruining
the experience.

Stop, you tell me.

What did you do
with the babysitter?

You want to know

what I did with the babysitter?

Well... first, I did
a little of this!

And then I did some of this!

And then this!

What the hell am
I watching here?

It looks like his take on

Punch and Judy.

It's a puppet show
from the old days,

like a...

Itchy and Scratchy

from the Victorian era.

Oh, no, is she dead?

I don't know.

It appears that she is dead.

Oh, well.

Happy birthday!

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

It is so good to be back.

And for those of you
who would like to learn more

about puppeteering,
please stay in your seats.

I just need to take a quick
recess and I will be right back.

Thank you. Thank you.

Okay, it looks like
he made us, huh?

So much for being
talent scouts.

Whoa. Okay.

Um... Booth.


I've got something over here I
think you're gonna want to see.

Booth, you all right?

You see him?

No, it looks like
he went out the window.

All right, right there.

Let's go, happy puppet boy.

Come on.

Sit down.

Or at least

he wanted me to think
he went through the window.

Drop the hammer.
Drop it.

Hey, Cam just called.

In Reynolds's basement,

she found blood in the drain.

What do you got?

I got Reynolds's files.

His, uh, psych report

from the prison
and his bank statements.

Anything good?


He didn't do it.


How are you?

Hi, Mr. Bunny.

...four, five, six, seven...

12 little bunnies.

You can stop with that.

Mr. Reynolds,

I need to ask you
some questions.

Let's start with the guy

who was subletting your basement
for the past year.

I don't know what you mean.


let me introduce you
to a friend of mine.

His name is George Gibbons.

He kind of reminds me of you.

High school drop out,

criminal record, expendable.

Look, the guy

who rented your basement,
he lied to you.

I need a name.

I don't know his name.

But he paid you.

Yeah, I needed money
to open my shop.

The banks all
laughed at me.

How did he pay you?

He left it on my workbench

at the first of every month.

I need to know
what he looks like.

I don't know.

You're scared, aren't you?

You saw him.

I s-s... once.

I-I-I was curious
and I shouldn't have.

What did he look like?
I didn't-I didn't-I...

What did he look like?

I couldn't see his face.

It was too dark.

He was wearing

a sweatshirt with, um,

a-a hood on it and he had...

he had gloves.

What else?

I don't know.

I didn't see anything else,
I swear.

I don't know who he is.

I don't.

Okay, let's go back
to the beginning.

The first victim, Douglas Burkhart.

The first two murders
make sense, all right?

The problem is
the most recent victim.

Melissa Goodman.
She doesn't fit the profile.

Exactly, so why is
he going after her?

I don't know.

Maybe he just needed
someone that he could

dress up like Dr. Brennan.

I don't know.

It's got to be something else.

so, uh, in the-in the basement,

there were the photos
of all of us.

No, no, I'm not
buying that, all right?

The photos,
they're just a smokescreen.

Well, I agree.

Everything else points
to Dr. Brennan.

The way the victim
was clothed.

The way her hair was cut.

The question is,
how does killing Melissa

get him closer to Bones?

Well, it doesn't.

If anything, Dr. Brennan
is more vigilant now than ever.

Even as we speak,
she's getting help

so we can find this guy.

Wait a second.

That's it.

Bones is getting help

from Melissa's therapist
right now.

Son of a bitch.

Now keep your eyes closed.

I invite you...

to listen only to
the sound of my voice.

I'd like you to return
to your dreams.

Tell me what you see.

I see a burned...

Caucasian male.

His face is like molten lava.

You know him.


He's unrecognizable.

Look closer, here.

But he's not dead.

He's bleeding.

He is your husband.


Looks to me
like old wounds can cut deep.

I-I don't want
to know who he is.

You've moved on.

Where are you?

I'm in my office.

The intern, is he there?

Dr. Brennan,
are you okay?

I heard you call out.

His hands, they're burned.

Like the other victim.

He has a cigarette
tucked behind his ear.

gonna be okay, Dr. Brennan.

You'll figure it out.

It's an affectation of his.

It's... something he used to do.


I-I don't remember.

If you knew what I knew,

you'd be so proud.

Dr. Brennan.

Who is he? Who is he?

Who is he?

Who is he?!

Who is he?

Who is he? Who is he?

Bones, get away from him.

Booth, what-what-what's...
what are you doing?

Move. Get away from him.

Agent Booth,
what is happening?

Put your hands behind your back.

Do it.


It's him, Bones.

It's him.

He did it.
He killed her

to get to you.

Look, all I'm saying, Bones,
is take a look at his file.

His parents were murdered

when he was seven-years-old.

You think that a first grader

is capable of murder?

I'm not saying he killed them.

All I'm saying is that
their deaths fit the profile.

Or it could simply
explain his profession.

Often those who

enter psychology do so

because they have
suffered traumatic loss.

You're defending him.

No, I am merely pointing out
that you have no proof.

Think about it.

This guy is smart,

he knows basic anatomy,

and he is manipulative!

Nothing you are saying is proof.

He was trying to help.

He was playing you.

He was just trying
to get close you.

I disagree.

I am done arguing with you.

If you think he's innocent,
go ahead and prove it.

I will.
Until then, I am not

letting this guy
out of my sight.

Oh, hey, guys.

Shh, it's Brennan.


Hi, hello.

What are you doing?
We were just talking about you.

Nothing bad,
I assure you.

The night is young.

Oh, here,
let me put you on speaker.

Hey, Dr. B,
you gonna be here soon

or do you want us to go ahead
and order for you?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Why is no one here in the lab?

Honey, are you...
are you feeling okay?

Aside from being abandoned,
yes, I'm fine.

So, you don't remember
sending that e-mail out?

I-I-I don't know
to what you are referring.

The e-mail you sent;
you told us to shut down the lab

and that you were gonna meet us
here at the Founding Fathers.

Hey, Dr. Brennan,
you're so sleep deprived

you probably just don't remember.

No, I assure you
I did no such thing.

Okay, then...

if you didn't send the e-mail,
who did?

I... I have to go.

No, no, no, hold on.

Dr. B, what's happening?

I know who sent that e-mail.

He's here right now.

It's okay.

I just must be having
another nightmare.

Wait, whoa, whoa,
what-what are you talking about?

Dr. B?

Um, I'm calling Booth.

This is bad.


Call you right back, Cam.

Hey, what's going on?

Ready to go in?

Apparently you are.

Agent Booth, stop.

I don't know what you're...

No, you stop right now, okay?

I need your notes.

Everything you talked
about with my wife.

No, I can't breach

You can breach confidentiality
if someone's in danger.

Get up here. Do you understand me?

She is missing.
He took her

and he's gonna kill her.
I need your damn notes.

All right, take them.
They're in my office.

They're in your office.

Sit down. Okay.

Get the car.

Cam, all right, this is
what we're going to do.

Cam, did you do
everything I asked?

Yeah, were you able
to get the notes?

I got the notebook right here.

All right, what do we have here?

Okay, this
is everything we've got.

Every conceivable detail

about who this
killer could be.

Okay, Aubrey, add to the board,

uh, what we have on the mix tape.
Okay, so...

we know that the killer
was musical, okay?

Likely born after 1978,

somewhere in the
Midwest, probably

in Michigan.

Okay, what else?
In terms of

mathematical and

computational linguistics,

this guy is off the charts.

He also knows human anatomy.

And robotics
or applied engineering.

Also, he's not very strong.

He struggled physically
taking his most recent victim.

Oh, okay. Okay...

1978... Michigan...

Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait.

Wait a second, Bones
mentioned something in this

notebook, talking about
her dreams, yeah.

Here it is.

It's about you.

What? Me-me?

You think I had something
to do with this?

She said that
your hands were

burnt, like they'd been

in some kind of an explosion.

But that doesn't make any sense.

Look at him, his hands are fine.

Yeah, but, come on,
dreams aren't always literal.

I mean, Wendell could

just be a symbol here.

A symbol for what?

For someone who used

to work at the lab.

I know who it is.

Oh, no... it can't be.

I need to see him.

Agent Booth,
it's the middle of the night.

I assure you, he is sleeping.
I need to

see him with my own eyes.

He is sleeping!

Agent Booth,
you can't...!

Agent Booth.

Come back.

Agent Booth!

Agent Booth,
come back.

You can't go into his
room, he's sleeping.

Please, Agent Booth.

Don't disturb him.

Agent Booth, you can't
just barge into his room.

I'll call security.

It's time to wake up.


Dr. Brennan,

it is good to see you again.

You and I...

we have so much to talk about.

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