Bones (2005–2017): Season 11, Episode 21 - The Jewel in the Crown - full transcript

The team investigates a body found at a glass recycling plant with a diamond lodged in its jaw. French Inspector Rousseau approaches the team with an accusation against the Marquis De ...

Angie, all i'm
saying is that

Changing physical
therapists was a mistake.

She says the hard work
will pay off.

The hard work will pay off.

Nurse ratched has been
torturing me every morning

For the past month
and there's no change,

Which i'm totally fine with,
but i was also fine with

Our old physical

By "old physical therapist,"

You mean the hot 26-year-old?

Wait, was she hot?
I didn't notice.

That's not why you were
always showing her

How strong your core
was getting?

Come on now,
she's a medical professional.

I'm sure she viewed my body
in a purely clinical way.

It's not how she viewed your
body i was talking about.

hey, you smell that?

It smells like...

A frat house.

Someone throw a party in here
and not invite us?

Wasn't quite a party;
it's a body.

Did somebody
drink themselves to death?

It's not how
they died,

It's where they were found.


Outside a bar?


Inside a glass recycling plant.


Yeah, there's a machine
that breaks up the glass

And spits it into a
pile 20 feet below.

So the victim was
a human pincushion.

It's gonna be like
working on a cactus.

Hey, so,

How are the plans coming?

Is arastoo on board
with the big wedding?

Arastoo's excited, actually.
We've been going...

Ooh, careful.

That wasn't me.

I think we just had a tremor.

What, like an earthquake?
I didn't feel anything.

Maybe it was a foreshock.

No, i'm serious.

El niño has increased
the activity in the virginia

Seismic zone.

You knocked into the dumpster.

Wheelchair or not, i'm careful.

Why is it 9:00 in the morning

And all i can think about
is having a beer?

A few beers last
night will not

Make your vision
blurry today.

Oh, bones, i'm fine.

Okay, mr. Fine.

Read that street sign.

That sign says, uh...
Uh, michigan avenue.

Missouri avenue.

Oh, well, it's a state.

You have to call the eye doctor
when you get to the office.

All he's gonna tell me is,
"you know what,

"you had a few drinks.
Eat a raw egg and,

You know what, you're gonna
be fine in a few hours."

Alcohol consumption
gives you slower pupil reaction.

It does not cause

And the dehydration would
make your eyes dry, not puffy.

I'm not puffy.

A little puffy.

I'm not puffy; i'm fine.

Okay, listen, i mean,

I've had 20/10 vision
my whole life.

It's what makes me
an expert marksman.

I hate to
tell you this,

Booth, but you're
not 22 anymore.
You know what,

I'm gonna prove it to you.
Pull over and let me drive.

Great, excellent idea.

Let's risk the lives of
both of our children's parents

So you can feel manly
and virile and young.

I am manly, virile and young.

And i'm driving.

Oh, i see you
decided to begin without me.

Well, i suggested we clear out
the glass in order

To preserve your fingers.

It's not necessary
to protect me.

However, we might
as well begin.

Femoral head diameter
suggests what, ms. Wick?

That our victim is female.

From intercondylar
notch height, i'd say

She was of
european descent.

And there's marbling
on the abdomen,

Rigor has passed,
lividity fixed.

I'd say time of death
was roughly 36 hours ago.

Well, the
mandible's intact.

We should be able to match it
to dental records.

Wear on the
mandibular teeth

Suggests she was
in her mid-30s...

That's odd.

Her mouth was closed,

But there appears to
be a shard of glass

Embedded just below
the mandibular foramen.

So it's perimortem.
Maybe she was

Killed in the recycling plant.

I'd say this isn't glass.

I'd say it's a very large,
very expensive diamond.

Wow, two carats.

Based on color, cut and clarity,
i'm guessing that

This is worth
at least 30 grand.

It's pretty, but i don't know
that much about diamonds.

Lance gave me his mother's ring,

So we never
had to pick anything out.

I want to show you this.

You can put a serial
number on a diamond?

Yeah, and when
it's this big, you better.

So this means that we can
find out who bought this.

I mean, maybe the victim,
maybe the killer.

I'll let booth know.

Are you okay?


Yeah, no, no, i'm fine.

Wow, i'm beginning to think
there's some strong

Activity on the fault lines
underneath the jeffersonian.

You think that was
an earthquake?

I was right outside.

I didn't feel anything,
and nothing else moved.

Yeah, i'm telling you,

This-this happened earlier also.

It-it shook the dumpster.

Hmm. Interesting.

Interesting how?
Well, i'm not one to go in

For the unusual, but i've
learned to open my mind.

Have you considered
that you may

Have yourself a poltergeist?

I am not being
haunted by a ghost.

I didn't say

You were being haunted.

I just implied that
you may be the magnet.

Spirits tend to focus
on one individual.

Usually, they're trying
to send a message.

A message like what?

I need to empty my trash?

I would have thought that
someone who's convinced

That alien beings
built stonehenge

Would be more open
to the paranormal.

Daisy, i'm open as long as
it has scientific basis.

I mean, come on!

Ghosts do not.

Well, you can ignore the
message; it's your prerogative.

But i'm just warning you, you
may have company for a while.

They like to be heard.

Oh, come on.

At the gemological society,
we're dedicated

To both research
and education

In the field of gemology
and the jewelry arts.

You also help track
diamonds, correct?

Yes, we're able to etch
microscopic markings

That provides a degree
of security our clients require.

Now, what about the
diamond that we found?

Who does that belong to?

I remember that particular
diamond quite well;

I marked it myself.

It's part of this.

It's the topkapi dagger.

Or rather, it's a replica
of the original,

A gift from the sultan mehmed i
to the iranian conqueror

Nadir shah in the 1700s.

Wait, you-you mean like
the heist movie topkapi?


The film's notoriety

Made the dagger
even more valuable.

This copy?

Worth half a million itself.

The stone you found
is from the sheath.

Roughly here.

So who pays a half a million
dollars for a fake dagger?

The rich today
are no different

From the kings and queens
of old.

They like expensive, pretty
things no one else can have.

No, what-what i meant was,

Who does that dagger belong to?

Ah, well,
that's another twist.

It was on loan

To a jewelry store for a display
of "crown jewels of the world,"

But jewel thieves stole it
three days ago,

The day it arrived.

Oh, that's awesome.

I mean, it's
not awesome

That it was stolen.

Look, the truth is,
i've always wanted

To play cat and mouse
with a jewel thief.

You know what the nuns
in catholic school

Say causes blindness?

That's funny.


You're beginning to
look like a squint.

Are you sure you're okay?

I'm fine.
Okay, looks like the thieves

Were in and out
in under two minutes.

Okay. Total haul?

Um, 3.2...

Or it's 3.3...

Wait. Wait a second.

5.3? I'm not sure.

Great, booth.

That's really useful.
You know what,

I'll just read
the file myself

When we leave the
jewelry store. So...

What's your favorite
jewel heist movie?

Jimmy caan.
Now that's a movie star.

Okay, all right,
not bad, not bad.

Me? Rififi.

What the hell is rififi?

Oh, come on,
it's a classic.

Half hour heist
sequence, no dialogue.

I'm falling asleep already.

No, you should see it.
It's great.

Half the reason i do what i do
is 'cause of movies like that.

I thought you did this
because of your dad.

Yeah, sure, but i mean,
after all that,

That was part of my escape,
you know, into old movies.

Most people, they watch those
movies, they want the thieves

To get away
with the heist.

Me, i always,

Always rooted for the cop.

You know, or whoever
was trying to stop them.

You're like a kid
in a candy store with this.

Just remember, we're trying
to catch a killer here.

Well, hey, you think of it
as going after a killer;

Me, i'm playing
to catch a thief.

That's a movie.

Cary grant.
Yeah, i know that one.

And i hate to tell you, but
you're nothing like cary grant.

Why would you say that?

Well, the truth is,
they were perfect gentlemen.

Perfect gentlemen, right,

Wearing ski masks,
and that didn't strike you

As odd when
you buzzed them in?

Well, i-i wasn't
buzzing them in.

There was an older man,
moved quite slowly.

When i released the lock,
the thieves came

Out of nowhere.

You think the old man
was in on it?

No, no, he's a regular.

I think they just waited
for the right moment.

What else can
you tell us

About these, uh,
"perfect gentlemen"?

The bigger guy,

He spoke with some kind of
european accent.

Maybe spanish?

The other one
never said a word.

Went right for the crown jewels,

Smashed the display case
with some kind of hammer,

Then they thanked us
for our patience.

They really were quite nice.

Okay, thanks so much.

Appreciate it.

You ask me,
they sound like pros here.

They've done
this before.

Let's check the m.O.,

See where else these
"gentlemen" have hit.


I hear that, cary grant.

Shall we, cary?
Mr. Grant?

I know why angela
couldn't get an i.D.

Because our victim
is not american.

What? You ran
an isotopic analysis?
I did, yes.

And i found levels of
oxygen 13 and nitrogen 15,

Which are consistent with women
raised near the loire river.

Oh, i'm familiar
with the loire valley.

It's known
as the "cradle of france."

Wine and produce
grow abundantly there.

It's also
where the french nobility

Have gone for
centuries to escape

The "little people"
of paris.

Uh, dr. Brennan,
dr. Hodgins,

This is inspector rousseau.


He's here from paris,

And he believes he has

relevant to our case.

I do not believe
it to be so,

I know it to be so.

all due respect, inspector,

But i don't know
how you can have

Information on a murder
when we do not know

Who our murder victim is
or how or where she was killed.

Yeah, you are correct.

I do not know how or
where she was killed,

But i know who she is
and who killed her.

I've been pursuing
this jewel thief

Across france
for the past six months.

Now, five days ago,
my suspect boarded

A plane from
charles de gaulle airport

To washington, d.C.

Now, i believe your heist
is identical to all of mine.

Your victim's name,
or her title, rather,

Is the marquise
de chaussin.

And i will stake my reputation
on the fact that her killer

Is her husband,
the marquis de chaussin.

And i'm going to prove
that he's behind

The jewel heists,
and that he murdered his wife.

Look, i'm just saying,
how cool is this?

I mean, how often do we get
a chance to go after royalty?

Well, i'm not calling him
your highness,

I'll tell you that.
And nor should you.

You see, the concept
of nobility in france

Was deemed legally incompatible

With the equality
of its citizens

In 1789.

You must be
inspector rousseau.


I'm gonna tell you
what my wife told you.

Your badge
means nothing over here.

It's squat, pal, okay?
We can handle this.

Okay, i'm
well aware of

Your american "can do" attitude,

But let's put aside our egos,

Call my superior,

And he'll explain to you
what i can do for you.

i'm-i'm sorry, inspector.

Y-you've got your french
protocol, we've got ours.

Okay, okay. Very well, then.

You can at least take this.

What's this?
It's a dossier
you don't get.

A file.

See, the marquis
was present

At every location
of every heist.

And his wife
wasn't his first victim.


Merci beaucoup.

They say the french
are arrogant.

Anything good?

What? You think
i speak french?

Here, it's all yours.

Here's what's gonna happen.

i'm gonna go read this file,

Because it's in english.

And then i'm gonna go
talk to the marquis.

You are gonna go back in there,
you're gonna make

An appointment for your eyes.
Look, i'm-i'm fine.

It's nothing. My eyes are fine.
Booth, it's not a crime

To need glasses.
Okay, look, i will go

And get my eyes checked.

Okay? But not a word of this
to bones. I really don't need

To hear her say,
"i told you so."

Only reason i'm doing this
is so i can tell her,

And you, "i told you so."

I think i found
cause of death.

Once we got all the glass
out of the remaining tissue,

I was able to see that
the larynx had been crushed.


Let's take a look here.

You are correct.

The hyoid has a midline
fracture as well,

Which leads me
to believe

The victim was
strangled from behind,

Perhaps with some
sort of cord.

I had hodgins swab
the neck wound for particulates.

Well, i can do
better than particulates.

So, in the wound
around the larynx,

I found a tiny piece
of silk thread, which was

Dyed with this insect-based dye
and woven with gold.

From a tapestry.

Wow, that's really good.

A 17th century
french tapestry,

Which was woven
at the court of louis xiv.

Rousseau said the marquis
is a direct descendant

Of louis xiv.
Ah, oui.

Once again, inspector clouseau

Is on the trail
of the pink panther,

And this time,

We can help.

Why are you talking in
that ridiculous accent?

I'm-i'm doing clouseau.

From the pink panther movies.

Peter sellers.

Or steve martin.

Both comic geniuses
in their own right.

Well, i'm not familiar
with them,

Though i am quite sure
panthers are never pink.

No, no, no.

D-don't bother.

She's a lost cause.

In terms of movies, i mean.


Well, in any event,
this is excellent work.

And if a french tapestry
is our murder weapon,

I can venture a guess
where we might find it.

So booth is in a
meeting at the french embassy?

Yeah. We, uh,
split up the tasks.

He's at the eye doctor,
isn't he?

Damn it.
How do you do that?
I know my husband.

Well, don't tell booth
that i broke, okay?

I'll never hear
the end of it.

I don't need to hear him
tell me that i was right.

It's enough to know
that he knows i was right.

So... It seems
the de chaussin family fortune

Dates back to the 16th century,

But in the past five years,
bad investments

Have cost them
almost all of it.

But the marquis--
he has not missed a beat.

Balls, charities,
vacations in monte carlo.

Well, inspector rousseau
believes that stolen jewels

Are financing it all.

From the looks of this place,
he may be right.

something's paying
for all this.

Not exactly the picture of a man
worried about his missing wife.



Special agent aubrey
with the fbi.

Well, let me guess.

That pathetic french inspector
with his crass manners

Has carried his witch hunt
across the atlantic.

Well, if you want
to see my wife

And continue this charade,
save your breath.

We have grown tired
of this game.

She won't see you.

We're not here to see your wife.

We're here about your wife.

She's been murdered.

All broken up,

I see.

Henri, is there anything
i can get you?

No. No, no, i'm...

How did this happen?

Well, we're trying
to figure that out.

We know it was
two days ago.

Now, y-you didn't know
that your wife was missing?

She said she was

Going to new york to shop,

Whilst i conducted
some family business.

Mind telling us
what that business is?


It's none of your concern.

Henri, perhaps we should
discuss this inside.

I'm sorry, uh,
wh-who are you?

Blake masters.
She's a graduate student

From the university of virginia.

She's been managing
this small holding for me.

Small holding. Right.

Well, in any event,

I believe ms. Masters
is correct.

We should go inside.

Absolutely not.

I know this game you play.

I will not invite you in

To amass some bogus evidence
against me.

Look, i'll just come back later
with a warrant.

Well, you may attempt
to do so,

But as you venture down
that futile path,

Rousseau's ridiculous manhunt
cost him his job in france.

I can only hope...

You will not meet
the same fate.

Thank you, uh, for meeting me.

So, what's good here, huh?

I think i would like, uh,
how do you say, uh,

I would like to buy...

A 'amburger.

Ze dam-burg-ers are magnifique.

Hey, and they
say the french

Don't have a sense of humor
about themselves.

When you're inspector rousseau
of the police nationale,

You better learn to have
a sense of humor, you know?

And to use it to ingratiate
yourself to get information.

Very smart.

But of course.

I did my homework, dr. Hodgins.

I know you would have looked

Into the evidence
and understood

That government forces
are thwarting my investigation.

I did look into
the evidence.

I also read everything i could

About the body you found
in france,

The "scout" from
the last heist,

But nothing gave me
cause of death.

Well, that's because
we could not determine it.

The body was dumped
in the waters off saint-tropez.

It wasn't found
until weeks later.

Yes, but for dr. Brennan,

I mean, that's-that's
child's play.

Hey, what if you got us
access to that body?

Wait, so you're saying
you need my help, after all?

We're after the same
thing, inspector.

The marquis.


I will arrange that.

But in the meantime...

uh, deux 'amburger,

S'il vous plaît.

With french fries, please.

You said you found something?

Yeah, the car you saw
at the marquis' estate,

You were right.

You drive that baby around,
people are gonna post photos.

Well, i found
six posted on the day

The marquis'
wife was killed,

But it's this last one
that you have to see.

This was posted maybe
two hours before she died.

Does the cafe mean something?

Well, it's not where she is,
but it's who she's with.

Well, well,

Yeah, looks like

Our french expert
might have been

The last one to
see her alive.

Maybe that's because
he's the one who killed her.

Well, finally.

Did you call my superior?

Well, i called the number
you gave me.

That guy did
a sell job on you.

Then i called
the main number.

Turns out your ex-boss
wasn't a guy.

She's a woman who fired you.

Well, it worked in
beverly hills cop 2.

You can make
all the jokes you want,

But i think that this vendetta
against the marquis is a cover.

You're the thief,
and you're setting him up.

No, no, no, no, no,
agent aubrey.

You do not think anything
so ridiculously incorrect.

No, no, no, no, no, yourself.

What's ridiculous
is that you forgot to mention

That you were with the victim
hours before she died.


I was working her for months.

I tried to convince her
what her husband is.

She thought it was
a joke, you know,

A gentleman's game,
if you will.

But when i found that body,

I came to tell her,
and she was horrified.

So you flew

Halfway around the world
to tell her your suspicions.

I knew that she could not
look me in the eye

And not know that i was
speaking the truth.

All right, let's pretend
you are telling the truth.

All right, you dropped
this bombshell on her,

She confronts her husband,

He kills her.

Either way, there's still
blood on your hands.

Don't you think
i realize that?

This man has money and power.

And in my experience,
people with money and power

Will do anything to keep it.

Why would i trust you? Hmm?

Your boss didn't.

Haven't you ever had
a case where someone

Powerful tried to stop you,
and you did exactly like i have?

Went wherever you needed to,

Lied if you had to,

In order to bring
the killer to justice.


Because if that's not the case,

You are not half
the investigator

I think you are, agent aubrey.


So did you break
that pompous french...


Nope. The pompous french
detective is, uh, right here.

Look, i think he's
on the up-and-up, booth.

I mean, he's seen the videos
of the french heist.

He can help us.
Look, if the marquis
is behind the heist,

Could the second thief
have been a woman?

Okay, her name is blake masters.

She's a 24-year-old
grad student

From the, uh,
university of virginia.

And yet, i've seen her
in paris for months.

I mean, the story is she's
"interning" with the marquis.

Yeah? Is that what
they call it these days?

Wait, wait, wait, you're saying
that she was not only in d.C.

For this heist, but she was
in france for the other one?

Let's take a look.

Did you get
the surveillance videos?

Uh, just...

Yeah, i got it.

Whoa. Those are...




Probably temporary.

Take a look.
Got it.

It's hard to say.
Could be.

Oui, c'est possible, non?

Well, looks
like i need to go

Have a conversation with our
innocent little grad student.

If i may,
these kind of gems,

They are really difficult
to move.

We need to get inside
the marquis' estate.

No, no, no, just stop, okay?

We need to get into the estate.

The marquis blocked our warrant.
I told you,

I mean, these people have
had centuries to perfect

Working the system.
Hodgins told me

That you're getting us access
to the french murder victim.

Maybe dr. Brennan can find
something that'll convince

The judge to give us
that warrant.

Oh, cool!

I've heard about this baby.

The anatomage
virtual dissection table.

Neat! I used to love playing
operation when i was a kid.


Well, you're gonna have to wait
a little bit for the real thing.

Dr. Brennan had to explain to
the french how this thing works.

They're scanning
the body now.


Any more big tremors?

No, but no more ghosts either.

Well, i guess
we'll never know.

You know, i wouldn't
have believed it either,

And then after
lance died,

I saw him, and he was
telling me to move on.

And it really helped, so i
wasn't trying to be funny

Or flip, i just...
If someone's trying

To give you a message,
i don't want you to miss it.

Thanks, daisy.

Okay, was that
meant to be funny?

I-i didn't do anything, i swear.

You're not playing around?

Daisy, i'm telling you,
there's got to be

Fault line activity here.

Hodgins, listen to me.

No one in this building
is feeling anything.

If these jars were
just knocked over,

That's three times.

Three times someone,
or some thing,

Is trying to get
your attention.

Okay, daisy, stop, stop!
It-it's not a ghost, okay?

Now, look, i'm tired,
my sadistic physical therapist

Worked me to the bone this
morning, and the last thing

I want to do right now
is think about patrick swayze

Trying to send me a message,
so i know you mean well,

But can we please just leave it?


I'm sorry.

Get your warrant, detective?

It's, uh, agent.

And i'm not here
to look in the house.

I'm here for you.

I'm flattered.

So, tell me about, uh, your
relationship with the marquis.

He's been very
kind to me.

He helped with my studies,
and, in return, i've helped him

By watching over his
virginia holdings.

Okay, and were you watching
over his virginia holdings

When you spent
six months in paris?

I study french
language and culture.

The internship was part of that.

Marquis was my sponsor.


Is that a paid position?

Because there are deposits here
for 200 grand in the last year.

So either you're
getting overpaid

Or it's a little bit
more than an internship.

Is there a question?


Was stealing fancy french jewels
part of the internship,

Or was that just

I didn't steal anything;
neither did henri.

Were you sleeping with him?

So, if you're not
sleeping with him,

You're not stealing with him,

Then how did all of that money
get into your account?

I'm afraid i'm not gonna
answer that question.

Maybe you wanted to be
the next marquise de chaussin,

So you got rid of the last one.

I told you.

We weren't having an affair.

She was.

The marquis would never

Say anything-- it's against
his nature to create a scandal--

But his wife was
the one having an affair.

With whom?
I don't know.

But find out
who she was sleeping with,

And maybe you'll find
the real killer.

Are the files downloaded so we
can start the french autopsy?

The time difference
slowed us down.

They had to put people
on overtime

To do the scans we need,
and we still don't have them.

We've been rewatching

The heist video, calculating

Height, weight...

You're hoping to prove

The marquis
and his intern

Are the thieves?

Yeah, exactly.

So far, it's possible

That the quiet
thief is a woman.

Wait, run that part again.

The frame where
the case gets smashed.

Okay, stop it right there.

What, you see a tell?

Yes, i do.

So, is it a woman?

But it is not blake masters.

Ms. Wick found

Sharp force injuries
on the metacarpals

And phalanges,
but assumed they were

Postmortem injuries
from recycled glass.

But what did you see
on the video?

Well, the hammer
broke the case,

But the thief's right hand
also went through the glass.

That would have
sliced through a glove,

Creating wounds exactly

Like this, along with

A boxer's fracture on
the fifth metacarpal, the spot

Where the hand
impacted the case.

Wait a second.

You're saying our victim
was the jewel thief?

I'm saying that perhaps

The marquis and his wife
were in on this together.

And if that's true,

We know someone else
was in on it, as well.

You've got
wounds like that,

There's gonna be blood
on the glass shards

At the scene
of the crime.

Yeah, but there wasn't any.

The saleswoman.

She hid the evidence.

I guess we know
why it all went so smoothly.

They had someone on the inside.

Here's what i know, eve.

You've got a little girl
with heart issues,

Medical bills have
been piling up...

I have no idea
what you're talking...

We know there
should've been

Blood in the jewelry case
on the shattered glass.

There wasn't.
You cleaned it up

Because you didn't want
us to i.D. Your cohorts.

So you're gonna
tell me now,

Who were the two thieves
that paid you

To let them in?

I only met one of them.

She was french, i think.

She was very nice
and she knew about my daughter.


She promised no one would
get hurt-- that was key.

Now, you didn't know
the guy with her?

What i told you

He had
a european accent,

And that's all i knew.

He could've been faking
it to throw you off.

It was through a ski mask.

All right, look, forget
about the voice, all right?

Tell me how this worked.

You called to let them know
the jewels came in...

I had no idea wh-when
the jewels would arrive.

The woman, she told me when.

She knew before you did?

Yes. I-i assume they had
some in at the gem society.

They're the only ones
who would know

When the jewels
would get here.

Hey, cam?

Oh, hey.

Uh, did you
lose something?

Uh, yeah, i lost a thumb drive
earlier when i was setting up.

Oh. Thought maybe you were
looking for your ghost.

Now that i think about it,
i was probably wrong about that.

Well, it was

Really weird.

But maybe hodgins is right,
maybe it was earthquakes.


Oh, good, it's here.

The files from france?

Uh, no. Aubrey asked me
to look into chadwick grey,

The guy from
the gem society

Who put the microscopic code
on the diamonds.


Before he worked
at the gem society,

He sold jewelry in paris
at the first shop

Robbed by the marquise.

We looked into you, mr. Grey.

You used to work
selling jewelry,

And the last place

You worked was robbed by thieves

Going after historical
knock-off jewels.

That robbery is

What made me want to help
secure such items.

It led me to the gem society.

See, the thief

In that heist is
the same one here.

Maybe you know her.

Oh, heavens.

No, you must be mistaken.

The marquise
was a customer.

We got to know each other
quite well.

She was so kind.

She was interested
in what i did.

I'm afraid she did ask a lot
of questions about my work.

I guess
i flattered myself

Into thinking that

Maybe she was flirting with me.
Come on.

You expect me to believe
that you didn't know

You were giving her information?

She's french royalty.

Why would i suspect her
of anything?

And now you're saying
she's a thief?

You've arrested her?

No, i'm saying she's dead.

Oh, that's awful.

I'm also saying

That you were in on
this d.C. Heist with her.

You marked the jewels,

You told her when they'd arrive.

You were either
in the store with her

Or you were just her source.

Either way,

You're an accessory to murder.

Or maybe you killed her

Why on earth
would i do that?

Because you were having
an affair with her.

I'm afraid you are mistaken.

Well, here's what i'm
not mistaken about.

The thief working with her
was six-foot-two,

Athletic build,
and knew exactly when

The topkapi dagger
was gonna show up.

Does that sound like
anybody you know?

Maybe it does.

If he was my size,

Then certainly
it could have been the marquis.

And you just happen to know
his height and weight?

I said the marquise
befriended me.

I'd been invited to a black tie
event, and at that time,

I owned no such thing,

So she offered me one of

Her husband's tuxedos
because she could tell

We were exactly the same size.

I'm looking at the
french autopsy files,

And they did do a
pretty thorough job.

But we know something

They didn't know.

We know how
the marquise was killed.

You think it was the same m.O.?

Okay, let's take
a look at the hyoid.

Maybe a slight hairline
fracture, but the shape is off.

I'm going to make a coronal cut.


There are internal
microfractures just posterior

Of the lesser cornua.

As if something pressed

The hyoid back against
the vertebrae.


She was strangled.

It was the same m.O.

Can you go back out

To the opaque

Soft tissue rendering?

This looks like
a sharp cut.

Maybe a garrote?

That could've pressed
the hyoid back.

There's hemorrhaging

In the strap muscles
and the garrote line has

A slight cross right here.

Meaning this victim was
strangled from the front

Instead of the back,
like the marquise.

The killer wasn't worried
about looking her in the eye,

But with the marquise,
he couldn't look at her.

He had feelings for her.

That's because
she was his wife.

I can place the killing

At the marquis' estate.
So that tapestry

Had traces of tobacco,
and tobacco has a high affinity

For the bioaccumulation
of heavy metals.

In this case, uranium.


Like, uh, something nuclear?

No, no.

There's natural deposits
right here in virginia

Underneath-- get this--
an old tobacco plantation,

On top of which

The marquis
built his estate.

Looks like we have enough
to get booth that warrant.

How was your afternoon
at the french embassy?

You are...
You know what's crazy?

How bad aubrey is
at keeping secrets.

What's crazy is that
you feel the need

To lie to your wife about
going to the eye doctor.

Okay. Yeah, well,
"i told you so,"

Okay, isn't your
finest quality, bones.

But, all right, here.

Here you go.

Take your best shot.

My, don't you look

I look ridiculous.

No, booth, you
look... You look hot.

Seriously, come on.
I look like a squint.

What's wrong with
looking intelligent?

Brains and looks
can go hand-in-hand.

Uh, look, it doesn't matter,
all right?

They're temporary.

There's just some accumulation
of fluid under the retina.

Central serous

Yeah, that...
It might be that.

No, that's usually
just in one eye.

Usually. Not always.

Okay, so the doctor said
just give it a day or two.

So what do you say we just
give it a day or two, okay?


Way to keep a secret, aubrey.

Look, we got bigger problems

Than your dorky glasses, okay?

The judge wasn't home.

You were supposed to wait.
Yeah, and i was planning on it

Till i got a call
from my buddy over at state.

Gave me a heads up.

The marquis is
booked on a flight

Out of d.C.,
first thing in the morning.

He's making a run for it.

Yeah, well, he's not
gonna get far.

I jumped the fence.

I'm keeping an eye on the house.

What the hell was that?

Oh, never mind that warrant.

There's been a break-in.
I got probable cause.

I'm going in.

No, you're not, aubrey. Wait.

No, there's no time, booth.

Going to catch a thief.

You move an inch
and i'll kill you!

Drop the gun.


But then you must
arrest this lunatic.

No, no, no, no, no.

It's not me
he's going to arrest.

This man broke into my house.

And i found this
under your mattress.

Can't you see? It's rousseau.
He's setting me up.

It's a good thing you ran
the video the whole time.

But we still got you
for breaking and entering.

Oh, that will go away.

You don't think
he's gonna press charges?

Oh, i know he won't,
because if i go to trial,

I will tell every sordid little
detail about the marquis.

Scandal is
anathema to him.

You're pretty smart
for a frenchman.

He was leaving town.

You are bound by
american rules.

It's something we don't worry
about in france, you know.

And now we have
the smoking gun,

Or the smoking dagger,
perhaps. De rien.

Let me spell this out for you.

You lost your family fortune.

You needed a ton of money

To keep
your fancy lifestyle going,

So you decided
to become a jewel thief.

Okay, then,

Your highness,
why don't you tell me

Where all that money's
coming from.

Do you know what it's like

Being responsible
for ending four centuries

Of a certain lifestyle?

Utter humiliation.

Which is why blake masters

Came into my life.

I'm not following
how she fits in here.

Her area of study

Is french antiquities.

She did a fascinating thesis
documenting their history,

But more importantly,
their current value.

Which is why i enlisted
her to sell off

The family heirlooms,
as quietly as possible.

She was your broker?

She was very kind
to keep my indiscretions,

Even at the peril
of you thinking she's a thief.

But i cannot allow
this to continue.

All the money
can be accounted for.

If you had all that money,

What's your wife doing
stealing jewels?

That is preposterous.

Oh, no.

That we've already proven.


I didn't always know
where she was.

I thought... Feared...

She was having an affair?


But now you're saying that
isabelle was stealing jewels?

C'est impossible. Impossible.

So as you can see,
there's a nick in the blade

That wasn't there in the
photo from the gem society,

So it had to have hit

Something hard.

I mean, maybe bone.

Well, perhaps, although,

Ms. Wick and i have

The marquis' wife was...
Was not stabbed.

Wait a minute.

What if the killer
was stabbed in the struggle?

Nope. The weapon
was wiped clean.

Damn it. This guy
was really careful.

Wait. He-he may
have been careful,

But the killer had an emotional
connection with his victim.

he wasn't thinking clearly.


Meaning he did
what you did naturally.

He sheathed the dagger
before he thought to clean it.

So there could still be
blood on the inside.


Inspector clouseau
triumphs once again.

I still don't understand why
you're talking like that.

So three days ago,
inspector rousseau

Met with the marquis' wife.

He, uh, he said that
there had been a murder

In france on
the last heist.

But i don't understand.

Why are you telling me this?
Well, because

Rousseau got
something wrong.

He thought that her husband
was the jewel thief.

Turns out that

She was the jewel thief,
and you were the accomplice.

No. I explained all this.

You killed your scout

In france by strangling her
with a garrote.

You looked her in the eye,

As you made sure
she couldn't talk.

When she found out,

She was gonna turn you in
or tell her husband.

You couldn't let her do that,
so you grabbed this

Off the dresser,
and you strangled her, too.

This time,
you couldn't look

Into her eyes, because
you'd fallen in love with her.

I think this has gone
far enough.

I'm gonna have to call
a solicitor.

That's fine, chadwick.
You do whatever you want,

'cause right now we're in
the process of gathering

All this evidence so we can
get a court order for your dna.

Actually, booth,
i'm-i'm not sure we need dna

To prove that he did this.

And why exactly is that?

Because as you strangled her,
she took this dagger

And swung it backward,

Hitting you... Here.

Or perhaps it was here.

Then you
planted the dagger

To make the marquis
look like the killer.

Good work, bones.

I did love her.

I wanted to
run away with her.

When rousseau got close,
i knew we had to run.

But she never wanted me.

All she wanted was to buy back
her husband's bloody heirlooms.

He's an arrogant aristocrat.

All he cares about is status.

How could she have chosen him
over me?

So you found evidence
of a ghost.

Trust me,
you'll want to see this.

Okay, daisy, listen,

I respect what
you believe,

But if you've been in here
playing ghostbuster,

I'm telling you,
all it's gonna do

Is make me want to eat
a giant marshmallow.

Just pay attention.

When i left you
in this room,

You were,
if you don't mind...

Right here.

Right. Okay,
and where was casper?

You were here

When you heard the crash
that knocked over these jars.

And... Oh, so you found
ghost particulates on the jars.


I looked under the table.

The jars knocked

Because the
table knocked.

By a really strong ghost.

Hodgins, would you shut up
and listen?

Your foot is three inches
off the ground when it rests

In the footrest
of the wheelchair.

You're wearing shoes
with a lightweight

Flexible outsole
of man-made rubber

With a crisscross pattern.

Okay, you're really starting
to freak me out now.

19 inches above ground,

On the back pole
of the side table,

Exactly 21 inches from the point

Where your leg would be
resting in the chair,

I found trace
from that exact rubber.

For a genius,
you're being dense.

You kicked the table.


Um, daisy, maybe you're not
aware of this whole

Paralysis thing
i've got going on.

Maybe you
don't remember

Your sadistic physical therapist
who's been working your muscles

To reignite
their memory patterns.

Hold on. Wait, wait.

It's science, hodgins.

You were right.

It wasn't a poltergeist.

It wasn't an earthquake.

It was you.

Your muscles spasmed.
I read about it.

It means
that they can fire again.

This might be
the first step.

First step to what?

You sure about this?

A-about the-the trace
under the table?

What are you guys talking about?

First step to what?

We're talking about
a-a first step to...

A first step.

M-my leg, it, uh...

So all this stuff's been

Moving around me...

Because it's moving.

I can't control it.

I-i can't feel it, yet.

Angie, i think nurse ratched's
gonna help me walk again.

This is very thoughtful
of you, inspector.

Well, you know,
your husband was kind enough

To call my superior, who has
seen it fit to reinstate me.

But even though
you were wrong.

The marquis was
not the killer.

Well, whose fault was that?
He was hiding the truth.

Well, you're still wrong.

Don't you owe him an apology?

Go let him eat cake.

Cake. Ouch.
I mean, please.

Come on, his kind
has been saying that

To my kind for centuries.
In any case,

The crimes were solved;
it's all that matters.

Well, you know,
the truth is

I would have
done the same as you.

Eh, see?

Well, i want to
thank you both very much,

And, uh, i bid you adieu, huh?

De rien.
Merci beaucoup.

Okay, take care, pal.
Merci. Au revoir.


Bon voyage.

What the heck? This looks like
a pretty good bottle of wine.

Oh, you can read that
without your glasses?

I told you it was,
just like the doctor said,

It was temporary, you know?

I'm feeling good.
I'm feeling healthy and young.

I have my 20/10 vision back,

And i don't need
to squint anymore.

That's too bad.

Why? You really
like those glasses?

They were sexy, booth.

I mean, you know,

I was kind of hoping
you'd wear them to bed.

To bed? Why?

Well, i was hoping
you'd wear them

And nothing else.
Wow. Really?


I think i can
accommodate that.

Well, not like that, booth.
That's not attractive.

Well, that's how
they're gonna end up.
They look wonky.

Well, they may
end up like that,

But i don't want them
to start like that.

How about you? Here,
you try them on.

Let's start...
Okay, you can see.

Whoa, how do you
even see with them?

Are you serious?

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