Bones (2005–2017): Season 11, Episode 14 - The Last Shot at a Second Chance - full transcript

A suspect in the murder of a convicted felon has ties to Booth; Brennan testifies to the FBI on an unnamed suspect on her assault from a previous case.


you sure you don't
want to run over

your testimony
for the morning?

No need. I'm fully prepared.

Just so you know,

I'm hearing talk of suspension,

possible anger
management classes.

Both a waste of my time
and the FBI's resources.

Bones, you know what?

You punched a suspect.

After that misogynist...


Same thing.

He told you to put
a muzzle on me.

He's lucky all I did
was punch him.

All right, just so you know,

that the, uh,
the Bureau is very big

on accountability and remorse.

But I'm not sorry
for my actions.

They don't need to know that.

You're making this
a much larger deal

than it needs to be, Booth.

So there's no scenario

where you-you
could take my advice.

Not off the top of my head,

Okay, I got it.

What if I do that thing, huh?

That thing that you like.

That you wrote about, uh,

in your book on page 187.


Well, as much
as I typically enjoy...

...the thing on page 187,

I'm not currently in the mood
for that particular thing.

Ah, here's a good one. 92.

The thing
that you talk about on 92.

You love that.

That involves a jump.

I'm not sure, but, um...

I'll wear the rabbit ears.

I might be persuaded
to take your advice

for the thing on page 214.

214. What's 214?


Very tribal.

We are in like Flynn.

214. I will prepare the deck.

I'll grab the masks.

Is it possible
that we just watched

seven Star Wars movies
in a row?

Well, the extreme
pain in my lower back

is making me believe
that it is.

I told you you
should have done

those stretches with me.

Eh, I don't know, you know.

The bridges and
the splitsy things,

that just doesn't come
as naturally to me

as it does to you.

Well, fair enough.

You know, my yoga coach
has mentioned

that I have very open hips.

Oh, yeah?

Yoga dude gettin'
a little handsy?

Is that jealousy I sense?

Why would I be jealous?

It's not like you
and I are...

No, I mean,
of course not.

I mean, I would.

You would?
Would you?

Right now?

It feels like a moment.

And we've already let

so many other moments pass by.

Oh! Oh, oh.

Oh, wow, are you okay?

Yeah, no, super, super okay.

It's a dead body.

Nothing says romantic
like having your first kiss

interrupted by murder.

Or dirty street water.

This is pretty gnarly.

the victim was discovered

by road crews cleaning up
a mudslide near Baltimore.

Was that cause of death?

I don't think so.

The decomp's pretty advanced,
but the mudslide

sure did a hell
of a job on the remains.

Yeah, you're telling me.

Check out all these fractures
on the X-rays.

That slide was
one bumpy toboggan ride.

Uh, the slightly raised ridge

across the central surface
of the pubis,

plus the
anteriorly-positioned mandible

tell me the victim is female.

And the receding zygomatics

and wear on the dentition
suggest that the victim

is of Negroid descent
and in her early 30s.

Presence of hairy maggot blowfly
larvae suggests the victim

was buried
in a shallow grave,

approximately two weeks
before the mudslide.

That tracks with the vitreous
humor in the remaining eyeball.

Hey, honey,
is your shoulder okay?

Hey, what time is
Brennan's hearing?

Wait, hearing?

What hearing?

I think it's going on right now.

Brennan punched a suspect.

That's a big no-no at the FBI.

Go, Dr. B.

I knew there was a reason
she's my hero.

Yeah, well, I think it's got her
into a bit of trouble now.

Oh, come on.

She's so good at her job,

what could they
possibly do to her?

Dr. Brennan,

I'm not sure you understand

the severity
of the situation.

You assaulted a suspect.

The FBI does not
take that lightly.


Between the years 1993

and 2011, FBI agents either

injured or killed
150 people using firearms.

Your internal investigations

let each of those agents off
without a charge.

You punched an unarmed man.

And he deserved it.

You seem to believe that

that excuses your actions.

That is correct.

I have no more questions
at this moment.

Tomorrow, we speak
to your partner.

If his testimony goes anything
like yours, Dr. Brennan,

you will no longer be allowed
to work with the Bureau.

The panel is adjourned
until tomorrow.

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The Last Shot at a Second Chance
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How did the hearing go?

There seems to be a divide

in our mutual understanding
of what occurred

between Mr. Walters and myself.

You're saying you
didn't punch him?

Not at all.

I merely argued that I should
not be held accountable.

Bet they loved that.

Unfortunately, I believe
it had the opposite effect.

Uh, maybe we should
get back to the case.

Hmm. Damage to
the heart muscle indicates

significant endocarditis.

Heart disease?

it looks more like
the kind of damage

I see on drug addicts.

I'll run a tox screen.

Ms. Warren, what do you see

regarding the surgical rod
in the victim's right femur?


I'm referring
to the rod itself.

There are no nails

to hold it in place.

This kind of surgical rod
has not been used

in most orthopedic surgical
centers in decades.

The injury's that old?

Well, not according
to the remodeling,

which appears
to be approximately

four years old.

Why was a recent injury

treated with such
outdated equipment?

It's unclear.

However, it should be easy
to track the rod itself,

given its uncommon nature.

An injury that bad,

she must have been
laid up for months.

That's got to suck.

Well, at least she walked again.


I don't believe the injury

caused any lasting damage.

No, I think that
was about Hodgins.

Uh, not to be too nosy,

but you guys do seem a little...

Cold? Distant?

Or maybe the part where he takes
all of his crap out on me?

Is it truly that bad?

I don't think
it can get much worse.

Honestly, he's pushing me away.

Yeah, I did see that whole hand
to the shoulder shrug-off thing.

Well, that's just
par for the course these days.

Oh, here we go.

Got it.

All right.

Now you can go get an ID.

Uh, but you don't
have to go right now,

'cause, you know, we're talking.

It's okay.

I, uh, I should stay busy.

You missed?


You've never kissed
a girl before, Aubrey?

What? No, of course I have.
Lots of times.

It's just... have you
ever tried to do something,

but the timing was just all off?

You know what?
The timing's off now.

Let's just get back to the case,
all right?

All right. Okay.

Well, the body dump was
in a pretty isolated area.

Not a lot of people
around there.

Yeah, but if you go three miles
straight into Baltimore,

you're gonna be smack right
in the middle of Perkins Homes.

So what, you thinking drugs?

That tracks with
the heart damage that Cam found.

You ever hear of a drug
called a Wiley Monkey?

Any relation to the coyote?

Anyhow, it's a, uh,

big drug now in, uh,
Southeast, uh, Baltimore.

It has, what, cocaine, heroin,

household cleaning products
in it.

Did you tell Cam?

Well, I was going to
until you came in here crying

about all your girl problems.

I'm not crying.
I just, I thought,

you know,
maybe you could give me

some words of advice,
if you have any.

Okay, look, Aubrey.

You know what?
There's, you know,

the first kiss
is always awkward.

There's lots of awkward moments.

I mean, Bones and I, we had, uh,

we had many awkward moments.

Yeah, but now
you're happily married.

Yeah, but we wouldn't
have been happily married

if we gave up
after that first awkward moment.

these are spectacular.


A true improvement.

Uh, you can sit down.

It's just, uh, next time
can we meet at my studio?

Oh, yeah.

In-instead of here?

It'd be more private.

Oh, your studio
is Cam-free, right?

Oh, uh...


let me interrupt.

No, no, no, no.
No interruption.

I'm actually
heading out the door.

Set for next time?


That was weird.


So, what's set for next time?

Oh, just where
we're gonna meet up

so we can go over
these photos.

What's up?

My initial tox screen
came back negative,

so I tested some adipose tissue.

I'm pretty sure the victim was
drug-free for about a decade.

I think I might know
why she stopped using.

So, the only facility
in the area that still uses

those outdated surgical rods
is a hospital in West Virginia.

The facility
primarily treats inmates

from the local penitentiary.

So the victim

was Lola Marshall, 32.

She served 10 years
for dealing crack.

Wait, does that say "fugitive?"


She was released from prison

to the halfway house
in January.

But she disappeared from there
two weeks ago.

That's when
the warrant went out

for her rearrest.

I imagine the residents
of this neighborhood

would be quite displeased
to have criminals

living among them.

It's definitely not
the suburban dream.

You must be Agent Aubrey
and Dr. Brennan.

Thomas Hemingway.

You the owner of this
halfway house Mr. Hemingway?

Thomas, and yes, uh,
I've owned and operated

Next Step for nearly
seven years now.

Hey, Louis.

30 minutes late
for curfew last night.

The bus ran late.

You should have called.

You know the rules.

I'm gonna have
to write you up.

And you know
what happens next time.

What happens next time?

I have to send him back.

I have a responsibility to both
these inmates and the community.

It means making
a lot of tough choices.

Come on inside.

Through this doorway is
our group therapy room.

And, uh, was Lola involved
in group therapy as well?

Certainly, yeah.

We-we focus on

coping mechanisms
in high-stress environments.

Mock interviews,
conflict resolution.

And how did Lola do with that?

Well, actually.

Uh, she got a job
almost immediately.

Donuts R Us.

Yeah, she was
a model inmate.

Never missed curfew,
until, uh...

Until she disappeared.


You think Lola
might have returned

to her old lifestyle, don't you?

I hope not, but...

I couldn't say.

Okay, well, who could?

Lola's roommate, Jasmine.

Uh, if anyone would know,
it's her.

You had been Lola's roommate
since January--

you two must have been close.

Did she tell you
where she was going

the night she disappeared?


Like you said,
me and Lola were pretty tight.

If she was planning on leaving,
she would have told me.

Did she ever tell you
about her life before prison?

You mean her
slinging dope in the projects?


So do you think it's possible

that Lola went back
to selling drugs?


She told me this story.

Like, four years ago in prison,

White Angels of Mercy
beat the black off her

one day in the showers.

What does that have to do
with Lola's recidivism?

Uh, she was in the infirmary
for months,

bored out of her skull.

That's when she got her GED,
turned her stuff around.

No way she worked that hard
just to give it all up.

Was there anyone
she didn't get along with?

There was this chump,
Kenny J.

He bounced out after
her first two weeks, though.

What did Kenny have against her?

Kenny was Lola's supplier.

She turned state's on him
for a reduced sentence.

Okay, did Kenny have
a last name?


You know this guy, Booth?

Um, thanks, um,

Kenny and I,
we were in prison together.

You have something

to show me, Ms. Warren?

Oh, Dr. Saroyan, yes.

Um, as I was re-articulating,

I noticed extensive fractures

on the ribs,
skull and scapulae.

The severity makes me
think the victim

was beaten with some kind
of blunt weapon.

Repeated strikes indicate
a crime of passion,

so this wasn't premeditated.

Exactly. The killer
was probably super pissed.

I'm vibing we've got
cause of death,

but I think Dr. B's
gonna want more than that.

Let me know when you have
a definitive answer

on cause of death.

You do not need my permission

to do what you want to do,

I'm not asking
your permission. I...

Can't we even just talk
about anything anymore?

I just wanted
to know your opinion.

You want to go spend time
with Sebastian in his studio.

I support you.

Then why does it sound
like you hate the idea?

Forget how I sound.

You do you, I'll do me.

That's not how marriage works.

At least,

that's not
how our marriage works.

Well, things change.

Uh, sorry.
I'll come back.

No, no, Cam.

Your timing is perfect.


Yeah, we... uh... we're fine.

We're done talking,
or whatever you want to call

what we were just doing.


Hodgins, I wanted you
to take a look

at this tissue.

It looks like burn marks,

but I haven't seen any other
signs of burning in the sludge.

Neither did I on the remains.

Okay, all right.
Just leave this with me.

I'll test it for particulates

and figure out what left
such an isolated mark.


I'm just gonna...

Me, too.

I met Kenny in prison,

before they dropped
the charges against me.

The guy's got
one hell of a record.

Seems kind of dangerous.

Okay, Kenny was the only guy
in there who had my back.

It's not easy being friends
with a cop.

That's fair enough,
but Baltimore PD

has him listed
as a known suspect

in at least two murders.

Rumors. Nothing else.

Why are you protecting this guy?
I told you.

I know him, all right?

He's a good guy,
or at least he's a reformed guy.

I'm just saying,
try to keep an open mind.

And I'm just saying,

innocent until
proven guilty, right?


Look at you.
Hot damn,

that you Seeley Booth?
How are you?

Kenny J, he looks good.
Hey, man.

This here is my partner,
Agent Aubrey.

Your partner.

I'm guessing
this isn't a social call.

I'll tell you what,
can we talk over here?

All right, so, um,
, listen.

Lola Marshall is dead.

And you think I did it.

We just got to rule you out,
Kenny. That's all.

Actually, we're here
to ask you a few questions.

When was the last time
you saw Lola?

I don't know,
probably when I left Next Step.

We ignored each other.

All right, you grow up
the way I did,

you get real good
at ignoring schmucks.

living in the same house

as the woman
who got you locked up--

that must have been hard.

Look, uh, you see that?

That's just the one I got
for being chill with this guy.

All right,
I got no interest in living

with my head on a swivel again.
I'll tell you what,

all we need is an alibi.
Where were you,

uh, two weeks ago, late Friday?

I had to guess,
I'd say at home, sleeping.

Watching TV.

Life's pretty boring, now.

So, in other words,
you don't have an alibi.

Look, Booth, you know me.

I-I'm no killer.
Look, I'll tell you what,

we know how to get
in touch with you

if we have
any more questions, okay?

I got a few quest...
I'm proud of you, Kenny.

Take care of yourself,
all right?

Come on.

The hell was that?
He doesn't need an alibi?

Booth, you're too close to this.
Stop, okay?

You saw him.
The guy got stabbed for me.

Yeah, but just because
he protected you then,

doesn't mean it's right
for you to protect him now.

Don't tell me how
to do my job, Aubrey.

The guy's a suspect
in a murder investigation.

My gut says there's nothing here.
Your gut?

Booth, are you the lead
on this case or his friend?

Get in the car.

I'm here, caffeinated and
I'm ready to jam on some bones.

Good timing.

Hodgins just gave me
his analysis

of the burn mark I found.

It's gunshot residue,

which means the victim
wasn't just beaten,

she was shot.

Aubrey tried to kiss me.

Tried to kiss you?

Yeah, it was
a weird timing thing.

Um, but, our entire relationship
has been a weird timing thing.

Oh, well, I didn't know that it
was technically a relationship.

Because of the slowness.

Glaciers move faster.

Um, I mean,
I think the feelings are there,

but what if it doesn't matter?

What if the physical
is just never there?

And then I never
have another orgasm,

and life is just
a futile existence

of jumping from one
binge-watched show to another.


Aubrey is crazy about you.

It's obvious.

You think the fact that
it's taken you guys months

to get to an actual kiss,
may have built it up a bit?

It's so frustrating.

I mean, I'm normally
the forward one.

Why can't I be here?

Because you're scared.

Maybe you feel
differently about him

than you have about anyone else.

You know, it's easy
to want to run away

from things that scare you.

Easier than trying to fight
through the complications.

Do you want to talk
about things?

Yes. This gunshot wound.

Until we find what part of
the body this tissue is from...

We won't know whether
the gunshot wound was fatal.


I'm on it.


Oh, my God.

These are incredible.

Each is a piece of my soul.

That's what
photography is, Angela.

It's finding the truth,

the beauty,
where you least expect it.

Yeah, but how do you...

how do you know where to look?

You don't.

Not at first, at least.

It calls to me, though.

What does?




- Oh, Angela.
- Angela.



Hi, what are you...

what are you doing here?

I thought you were having
a bad dream.

Uh, yeah, I-I was.

I-I-I have not been
sleeping well lately.

Anyway, I think I narrowed down

where the victim was
the day she died.

Great. Great. You should...

You should tell
Booth and Aubrey.

Yeah, that's where I was heading

before I heard you
talking in your sleep.

You said his name, you know.

So we know that our victim

was somewhere
in Northeast Baltimore

the day she was killed.

The tower that her
cell phone pinged off of,

it services
this three-mile radius

right around here.

I'm a visual person, okay?

I got to be able to see it.

Identifying the problem--
that's half the battle.

I-I found
two other anomalies,

when I was searching
through the sludge, right?

The first one being rock salt.

The stuff that they use

to defrost the streets
when it snows?

Yeah, that's right.

Now, this type of rock salt,

it's composed of sodium chloride

and contains traces of cyanide.

Great, so the
public service departments

are trying to kill us.

Well, unfortunately,
due to its toxicity,

it's only used in certain

poorer neighborhoods,
like this one right in here.

That is still
a lot of territory to cover.

You still haven't heard

the pièce de résistance:

Fresh tar
on the victim's shoe treads.

In our narrowed-down
area here,

of French fry quarter,
the only street being re-paved

on the day of Lola's murder,
was this one here,

Kennison Avenue, right by

the Arlington Estate Co-ops.

So what was Lola doing
at the Co-ops?

I don't know, man.

That's all you.

I found slight fractures
on the inferior surfaces

of the carpals.

At first,
I thought they were postmortem,

maybe even the result

of the mudslide
she was buried in.

You were mistaken.

Yes. The inferior surfaces

of the carpals and tarsals,
are fractured in the same way,

indicative of
a repeated stress injury

over a short period of time.


Suggesting the victim
fought back.

These are defensive wounds.

You are incorrect again,
Ms. Warren.

I have seen injuries
similar to these

in instances where
the victim was buried alive.

The fractures are reflective

of clawing or kicking

her way out
of an enclosed space.


This just got way darker
and creepier.

Oh, um,
I found something else.

Note the slight widening

of the victim's
pubic symphysis.

The victim
has given birth before.

While she was still maturing.

You are speculating
that the baby

is now old enough
to be the killer.

An angry kid abandoned
by his mother?

You know,
it's interesting to me

that you didn't even

visit or-or speak to your mother

the whole time
that she was in prison.

She didn't want me,
why should I want her?

Anger and resentment
are very rational feelings

after being abandoned
by a parent.

So what?

So those feelings
didn't just go away

when she moved
to the halfway house.

Maybe she tried to look you up,

and you couldn't see
that she'd changed.

You're bitter, so you
lashed out, and you killed her.

You have no idea
what you're talking about.

Okay, then what changed?

Why go back
and visit her now,

after all of these years?

You're sweating,

and it's only 70 degrees
in here.

You're showing evidence

of ptyalism,
and your nostrils

have begun broadening.
Ptyalism, right.

Except, what does that mean?

She's pregnant.

I'm right, aren't I?


I'm three months.

Well, taking care of yourself

after aging out of the system
is scary enough.

Taking care of a baby
on top of that...

Maybe you thought
that your mother

owed you something.

Then maybe you thought
you can get something from her.

Then you found out
that she had nothing.

And then you snapped.

You think I killed her?!

No way!

She said she wanted us
to be a family.

She said she wanted
to take care of us.

That she had a real job,

and that she was gonna
break the cycle.

So I said okay.

I wanted that, too.

I didn't kill her.

I let myself believe
that I have a future,

but, I...

...I'm alone again.

you need to tell us

if there's anything
about your mother's life

that may have gotten her killed.

She seemed...


She-she was saving up so that

when I turn 18 we could get
an apartment together.

We were making plans.

Okay, look, were there
any changes in habit here?

Did she have any
new acquaintances in her life?

Anything like that?

Uh, the last time I saw her,

sh-she was frustrated,
because she had to leave early.

Something a-about some friend,
some Kenny guy,

was waiting
in the car for her.

Kenny, Kenny Johnson?

I don't know his last name.

Just that they were
at the halfway house together.

Note the slight abrasions
on the superior nuchal line.

Damage from the mudslide?

Uh, I do not believe so.

These appear to be perimortem
and are inconsistent

with any of
the other injuries sustained

during the victim's murder.

Which is why I want you
to swab for trace.

Booth and I spoke
with Lola's daughter, Kalani.

The foster kid.

How did that go?

I remember being her age,

and having no one to turn to,

and having no idea

what was coming next.

I recall a feeling

of being overtaken,

as though, if I forced myself,

to think about the future,
I would implode.

Angela tell you to talk to me?


But, Dr. Hodgins,
you're my friend

and my colleague,
and I care about you.

Sometimes it doesn't matter

if you have
the whole world supporting you,

success can be
just out of reach.

Then success must be redefined

as that
which can be accomplished.

If Kalani can't have

a family with her mother
and her child,

then she must
find an alternative

that she can live with.

And if I can't find
an alternative?

You have to to survive.

You make a faulty assumption,
Dr. Brennan.

Survival doesn't
necessarily mean living.


Booth, what's up, man?

What's up is that
you lied to me.

Last time I asked you

if you saw Lola, and you
said it was, like, months.

Now I find out that you saw her
the day she disappeared?

Look, you don't know
what it's like.

All right,
you got out of prison,

right back to your cush job.


To the world,
I'm just an ex-con.

Do you know how hard
it was for me to get a job

with my record?

I mean, they find out
I'm involved

in an FBI investigation,

how long you think
they'll let me stay?

And I didn't kill that woman.

Then why didn't you just say
you were with her?

You know, back in the day,
Lola ran product for me.

All right, best thing
you can do right now

is tell me something

that I don't know.

Kalani's mine.

You and Lola
were in a relationship?

No, it was casual,
part of the lifestyle.

Of course, she didn't tell me
the baby was mine

until a month ago.


It's not like you guys
were on good terms, though.

She was all about
giving Kalani a family.

It wasn't about me and her
getting together, she just...

I don't know, man,
she just wanted Kalani

to know she has a dad.

Uh, sounds like to me,
that she wanted

the three of you to have
a second chance.

Well, anyway,
I couldn't go through with it.

I mean, look at me, man.

You think I'm a worthy dad?

If I was my dad,
I'd run the other way.

All right, so yeah,
I stayed in the car.

And then drove Lola
back to Next Step.

And that's the last I saw her.

I swear.

I had a sex dream
about Sebastian.

And Hodgins knows.


Well, um...

Angela, do you intend to cheat
on Hodgins with Sebastian?



Except what if part
of me wants to?

I mean, I don't, I don't want
to cheat on Hodgins.

I love him.

At least, I love the Hodgins
that I married.

You believe his injury

has damaged him irreparably?

Hasn't it?

It's not even
about him not walking.

It's-it's him.

He's different. He's...


It just... it doesn't feel
like a real marriage anymore.

The injury didn't impact
Hodgins' spinal reflexes

at a sacral level.

He's still sexually capable.

Yeah, everything about him
is still capable of it.

It just doesn't make
a difference if he's given up.

He can't fix that void,

if he doesn't
take responsibility

for creating it.

I-I-I can't make him change
unless he wants to.

And if he never wants to?

The rug in here

is a definite match
for the fiber Hodgins found

in the occipital injury.

So Jasmine and Lola's room

could be our crime scene.

Hodgins also found
trace of brass.

Uh, maybe from what
she was beaten with?

Hey, um,

so should we talk?

You mean,
instead of awkwardly avoiding

the pink elephant in the room?

Yeah, something like that.

Then, no.

Uh, not now.

Let's get through this case.

This looks like brass.

It's not working.

It's got a broken bulb in it.

For a lamp that's not working,
this one

sure is lighting up
like a Christmas tree.



What the hell
are y'all doing in my room?

This here's private property.

Jasmine Santangelo,

you're under arrest
for the murder of your roommate,

Lola Marshall.

Man, hell no... what the...


Got something else.

You gonna deny

that those drugs
belong to you, too?

I didn't think so.

Let's go.

Found over a half kilo of Wiley
Monkey in your room, Jasmine.

You can't prove that's mine.

Shouldn't be hard to convince
a jury that a killer,

fresh out of jail,
got involved in the drug trade

and another murder.

I didn't mean to
kill my stepdad.

I just wanted him to leave me
alone and stop touching me,

and I swear I didn't kill Lola.

Here's how it went down
in my head.

She found your stash,
threatened to turn you in,

so you beat her to death
with that lamp.

Man, I didn't even know
she was dead

until y'all FBI agents
showed up at Next Step.

I liked Lola.

She was good to me.

I didn't hurt her.

Somebody did.

Maybe your supplier found out

that she knew
your little secret.


listen to me.
I want to believe you,

but you've got to give me
something to go on here.

I can't.

It doesn't matter if I talk.

Either you'll throw me back
in prison, or he will kill me.

He who?

I can't tell you.

I can't.

Ms. Warren.

Please take a look
at the posterior surfaces

of the left third
through fifth vertebral ribs.

Now, run your finger
along the damage.

It feels like pitting.

I don't understand.

How does this help us
find the path of the bullet?

It doesn't.

This pitting is not
the direct result

of the bullet wound.

So how does that help us?

Have Dr. Hodgins
swab for trace.

I need to find Angela.

So the victim

was leaning up against
something, like a wall?

Based on the severity
of the blunt force trauma,

I would postulate
that it's much more likely

that at least initially,
she was lying down,

near unconsciousness.

Now, I believe when the bullet
passed through her body,

it hit the surface
she was lying on,

causing debris to
blow back into her ribs.

Debris that was hard enough
to cause pitting on the bones.

Got something for you.

Dr. Hodgins.

Do you have the results

of your swabs of the injuries?

Yeah, I ran them
through microspectrophotometry,

and found traces of steel
and also carpet fiber.

It's a polyester
and polyolefin blend,

like what you'd find
in the trunk of a car.

Angela, now place the victim
inside the trunk of a car.

The amount of damage
caused by the beating

suggests the killer
presumed Lola was dead

when he placed her
in the vehicle.

You think
she regained consciousness

and tried to claw her way out
as he was driving.

Then when the killer
reached the dumpsite,

he found she was still alive,
and he shot her.

The bullet hit the bottom
of the trunk with enough force

to cause the blowback
which ricocheted into her body.

Dr. Hodgins, can you determine
the kind of car

based on the carpet fibers
and the metal alloy?

Uh, yeah, actually,
I already did.

Mazda, BMW,
Ford Mustang and Fusion.

Wait, BMW?

There was a BMW
at the halfway house.

Uh, I'll notify
Booth and Aubrey.

I-I already told you guys
everything I know.

No. We think you might
have left out a few details.

Such as the fact
that you're the murderer.

That's bull.

I mean,
you don't have any proof.

Lola discovered Jasmine
was working for you.

She refused to participate
in your scam, didn't she?

Maybe she even threatened
to turn you in?

You couldn't stand for that,
so you beat her,

and you threw her in your car.

When you saw
she was still alive,

you shot her.

That's a great story.

Great story.

I don't know
who's gonna believe you.

I-I-I'm a public servant.

I have years of experience.

But our lab
can tie Lola's body

and injuries directly
to your car.

We have indisputable physical
evidence, Mr. Hemingway.

Was it so wrong wanting to make
a little something on the side?

You know, do something
for myself for once.

I mean, half those fools,

they'd be back in the lifestyle
with or without me.

I bet they can't wait to see you
on the other side of the bars.

Okay, you can't send me there.

They'll kill me.

Relax, Thomas.
I'm sure they'll show you

the same kindness
that you showed them.

You ready to go home?

Yes, but not with you.

Okay, look, if this is about the
dream, then I think that we...

This has nothing to do
with your dream, Angela.

What is this?

That's everything.

It's all my money, property,

and it's all yours.

Whoa, wait, um, I'm sorry.

I... this feels like, um,
are you trying to...

We're broken.

And it's my fault,

because I am...


And what's worse is

I'm making you miserable.

So change.

I know that this is
painful for you,

and I know that you think

that I couldn't
possibly understand

what it's like.

But this is life.

It's hard, and it is painful,

and it is every day.

But we fight.

We fight together.

This is my decision.

No, this is a coward's decision.

I am not letting you make it.

I don't care about any
of the stuff in this folder.

I need you.

See you at home.

♪ And I break up ♪

♪ Thinking that I did... ♪

It's a beautiful thing
you've done for them, Booth.

Kenny's done bad things.

He's paid the price,
but you know,

he's taking responsibility.

He's reformed.

He deserves a second chance.

And a family.

They both do.

We're gonna be late
for your testimony.


Are you ready?
Yeah, I'm ready.

Let's go, Bones.

♪ And I wake up ♪

♪ Seeing everything... ♪

♪ Of what will come ♪

♪ And everything that's been ♪

♪ And I wake up ♪

♪ From everything that's been. ♪

Have you ever noticed it's
never too cold for ice cream?

Oh, are you cold?


Aw, thanks, boyfriend.

I mean,
my friend who is a boy.

Attaboy, Aubrey.

So, I, uh,

want to kiss you.

Uh, do you think
maybe it means something

that you haven't yet,
that we haven't...

No, it's my fault.

I mean, I built
it up in my head,

and now it's like
this big T. Rex.

Big with short arms?

Yeah, it's-it's scary.

Yeah, I get that, um.

Yeah, but, um, uh,
I'm not in a rush.

Are you?

I mean, normally, I'm really
good at this kind of thing.

You know what that tells me?

That what you and I have
isn't normal.

It's more special than that.

See you tomorrow?

Count on it.


I take full responsibility
for my aggressive actions

against Paul Walters,

and I am prepared
to accept

the punishment
that fits the crime.

Agent Booth,
are you in agreement

with your partner's assessment

of the situation in question?


And you are convinced
that such actions

will not be repeated
in the future?

You see, Dr. Brennan represents
this Bureau and its values

more than any agent
that I have ever worked with.

I mean, sh-she made a mistake.

Look, we all do.

And we all
are gonna make mistakes

in the future,
and we should be able

to make those mistakes.

We should be able
to learn from them,

grow from them,

and be given a second chance.

I mean, will Bones here
ever punch anyone again?

I-I-I can't say,

but you should give
her a chance to try.

You want this committee
to forego punishment

so Dr. Brennan can try
not to hit people?

I will not be trying;
I will succeed.

I have no doubt you will.

With Agent Booth's help.

Exactly. I'm sorry?

Dr. Brennan,
this committee is placing you

on six month's probation,

to be overseen
by Agent Booth.

A failure on your part

will be considered
a failure on his part.

We'll take it.

No, no. Agent Booth
didn't do anything wrong.

He should not be held
accountable for my actions.

It doesn't matter because you're
not going to do it again, right?

That's not the point.
It is the point.

You're... you are gonna do it again?


Has a decision been made here?

Can you just give me one second?
Clearly not the point.

The point is,
that you're not gonna

hit anyone again, right?
That's not the point.

She's not... she's not going
to hit anyone ever again.

- We accept.
- We're not accepting.

- We accept.
- No. We are not...

- Not gonna take that.
- That's fine, yes, we'll take that.

What's that mean?