Bones (2005–2017): Season 10, Episode 8 - The Puzzler in the Pit - full transcript

An adult male corpse in a building put, fast-decaying due to added acid, is identified because of a rare surgery as the lading US newspaper crossword author. He was estranged from his wife, had his fingers broken by illegal gambling website bookie Richie Williams, was stalked by his young biographer Emory Stewart and received threats from college study mate Donald McKeon, a less successful colleague, one of whose puzzles was published under the master's name, as turned out because his memory was falling prey to Alzheimer. The late Lance's son, Seeley, is born to Daisy, who soon regrets following the advice of 'doula' (birth coach) Valentina dolefully.

The coroner said the remains

- should be here any minute.
- Daisy!

Welcome back.

Wow. You are so much bigger
than I expected.

It looks like he might come out
dressed and ready for school.

My doula assured me
that my meditation

and my breathing exercises will
give me at least two more weeks.

Well, you've been
through so much, losing Sweets.

If you need to...

I took the time I needed.

Lance would want me
to rejoin the world.

And the baby
and I have never felt better.

You do seem very... Zen.

I remember, at this point
I was driving Hodgins nuts,

trying to get him

to set up
Michael Vincent's room.

Well, there's no rush.

When he's ready, he'll tell me
how he wants his room set up.

So, you're waiting until he can
talk before he has a room?

Oh, my doula says
that a mother doesn't need words

to communicate with her baby.

Ah. This doula sounds

like a... fascinating woman.

Oh, she is.
She is.

Ms. Wick?
Oh, over here.

I'll get the remains
set up on the platform.

This way.


Who is that woman, and what
has she done with Daisy?


Apparently, the protesters
were at the fracking site,

and they saw the remains
in the pit.

Any idea how he or she ended up
in the fracking pit?

No, but the protesters are
accusing the fracking company,

which is mere supposition.

the fracking people
are freaking, right?

They have enough bad publicity
without dead bodies turning up.


I recently read that in
Colorado, they have found a link

between fracking
and increased seismic activity.

All right, look.

They're putting a lot
of pressure on the Bureau

to get this solved quickly.

Well, I'm sorry,
but I'm not gonna be as careless

with my science
as they are about theirs.

I believe that's everything.

Yeah, everything that's ever
been made for a baby.

Perhaps I've gone
a bit overboard,

but this is...
Sweets' and Daisy's baby.

I am totally with you
on this. You know what?

We will be there for
every school play,

graduation and hockey game.

You're going
to be a good uncle, Booth.



Brennan. Yes?
Booth. Yeah.

On my way.

Uh, 20 minutes.
Okay, I'll be... Great.

All right, thanks. Bye.
All right, Stark. See you soon.

Stark wants me in the office.
Cam needs me, too.

Can you help me
get this to the car?

Oh, whoa, not this!

A classic. We got
to keep this!

Oh, no.
Booth, are you serious?

Come on, right?
Let's see if it works.

What are we gonna
use it for?

Bup, bup, bup, bup, bup, bup,
bup, bup, bup, bup, bup, bup.

Bup, bup, bup, bup, bup,
bup, bup. Got to keep this.

Given the narrow
subpubic concavity

and the irregularly-lipped
ventral margin

at the pubic symphysis, the
victim was male in his 40s.

The left ulna was

definitely fractured,
which explains the cast.

But there's no
other damage evident

that would give us
cause of death.

I have a few little things for
the baby. I'll show you later.

That's so nice. Thank you.

I'm sure the baby can feel
your generosity.

I doubt that very much.

These bones are quite porous.

I've uploaded the photos
of the remains

from the coroner's report.

These were taken

on-site an hour ago.
- No.

No, there must be some mistake.
These aren't the same remains.

There's at least 20% more tissue
on the remains in the photos.

No. These are

definitely the photos from the
report, but I have never seen

tissue loss
like this before.

Hey. So, I just
performed a litmus test

on the water that they brought
in from the fracking pit.

The water in that pit
isn't just water.

It's been spiked with
hydrochloric acid.

Don't those sites use acid
as part of the process?

But it's used in a much milder

than what I just found.

There must still be acid
on the remains.

That's what's causing
the rapid tissue loss.

No, no, no, don't...

No one touch it until we know
what we're dealing with.

But the acid is still consuming
the bones.

You know, I'm on it.

Maybe this is why the fracking
company was trying

to get in the middle
of the investigation.

Are you saying someone
from the company killed one

of the protesters and is trying
to destroy the remains?

There's no evidence of that.

Soon we'll have no evidence
of anything.


Stand back!
I got it. I got it. I got it.



What have you done?!

It's baking soda.

It's not just
for cooking anymore.

It should stop the acid from
eating the remains. I hope.

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The Puzzler in the Pit
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The baking soda made the
remains smell nice and fresh.

Hmm, all this tissue seems
to be compromised.

I don't know what I'm gonna get
from a tox screen.

Well, you're definitely gonna
get hydrochloric acid,

ethylene glycol,
biocides, diesel fuel.

I mean, it was all
in the pit.

Well, the porous
nature of the bones

and the irregular pitting
on the surface indicates

that the remains weren't
in the pit for very long.

Well, the speed at which
they're being degraded--

I'm surprised we don't
just have a gelatinous goo.

Well, I should be able to
recreate the exact conditions

to tell us how long
he was in the pit.

Hey, Cam,
check this thing out.

The fabric that got caught here

on the cast-- it looks like
it's got some blood on it.

Well, I'll try to get DNA off
it so that I can ID the victim.

Thanks again, Dr. B.,

for sharing Christine's stuff
with us.

I know there's a lot there.

Don't feel like
you have to use it all.

I won't. The baby will
let me know

what he's drawn to
and what disturbs him.

I don't think you understand
infants, Ms. Wick.

My doula says the baby and I
will be able to communicate

as long as we both keep
our spirits open.

Your baby
will communicate when

he defecates or is hungry.

And he will do so by crying,
not picking out clothing.

Are you feeling
okay there, Daisy?

I've never felt better.

The majority of the victim's

skull exhibits
the same pitting evident

on the rest of the remains,

except for this large section
of the occipital.

Because this section isn't bone.

It's a plastic polymer.

So, he must have suffered some
sort of head trauma in the past.

And the polymer piece was used
to repair the skull.

Well, it's most likely

It's the most biocompatible
and osteoconductive substance.

It's a very rare procedure.

There have only been two
documented cases in the U.S.

Yay. Rare is good.
It'll help us ID the victim.

Okay, so
the site manager admitted

that only three of
the security cameras were real,

and they were all covering
the front entrance.

Well, that's why
there's no footage

of the pit the guy died in.

I mean, you'd think

they'd want working
security cameras

with all the
protesters they get.

Well, you would think,
but, uh, you know,

he was accused
of beating up protesters before.

So he was protecting himself.
No, not him.

He's got an alibi.

He's got a sick brother
that he's been visiting

in the hospital
for that past two weeks.

There's, like, what,
a million witnesses.

That's a lot of witnesses.

So, maybe he was using other
employees to do his dirty work.

Exactly what I was thinking, which is why
I want you to check 'em out.

Oh, okay. There's got to be,
like, 50 people here.

There's only 46.
You get off easy.

Thank you.


I was able
to ID the victim.

Turns out, he was in a boating
accident three years ago,

and his surgery
made national news.

Here he is.
Lawrence Brooks.

Oh, my God. Are you sure?
You know him?

He's the puzzle master.

His crossword puzzles
are syndicated

in hundreds of papers.

He's got a book deal.
There's no one better.

Oh, so he wasn't a protester?

Well, no. He was
something of a recluse.

God, I love his puzzles.
I mean, they were impossible.

Maybe that's why he was killed.

He lived less than a mile
from the fracking site.

The article mentions
his wife, Emilia,

but she never reported him
missing, and she still hasn't.

I just assumed he was off
somewhere, creating a puzzle.

They were like his children.

I guess that's why
he never wanted to have kids.

Oh, you sound a little
bitter about that.

I loved Lawrence, but
no marriage is perfect, is it?

Which is why I'm still single.

So when was the last time
you saw him?

Right before I went

to the grocery store
yesterday morning.

Okay. And can you think
of any reason

that someone might have wanted
to harm your husband?

Not harm, I'm sure,
but Alexis Sherman,

Lawrence's assistant,
is very ambitious,

and she resented the fact

that he never let her write
any puzzles on her own.

Oh, unfortunately, people
have been killed for less.

But he promised
to make her co-editor,

so she knew that was coming

Yeah, but some people
can get very impatient.

The impressions from the pen
were still on the cast.

That's how I was able to
recreate what was written on it.

The blood on the fabric

was degraded by the acid,

so I could only get
a weak STR profile,

but it appears to be
a match for the victim.

What's all this on the cast?

They appear to be
crossword puzzle clues.

Well, it makes sense.
He was the puzzle master.

Yeah, except this is not all
of his handwriting.

The handwriting on these clues
is different than these.

Well, and this is
definitely his handwriting.

How do you know that?

I may or may not have
a... an autographed copy

of one of his completed puzzles.

You really are a fan.

This is not his handwriting.

"Despise ." Hate.

"Blood feud."

This is a very simple puzzle.

"Avenge ." Punish.

This one's "attack,"
this one's "payback,"

that one's "justice."

This looks like some kind of

a message from his killer.

Ooh, Booth said

the wife told them
about Brooks' assistant.

If she killed him, the clues
on his cast make sense.

Yeah, great.
I want to talk about Daisy.

I think that she might be
having a nervous breakdown.

Her work
on the case is exemplary.


she's shopping for crystals.

She told me
that her doula told her

that if she found the right one,
that it would

channel positive energy
into her womb

and make the birth painless.

Well, that's foolish
and ignorant,

but it's not
a nervous breakdown.

I told her
it was like...

having a minivan
drive out of you,

no matter how many crystals

you buy.

Didn't Daisy ask
for general anesthesia

when she had her tooth filled?
My point

exactly. This doula does not
know who she's dealing with.

Is there anything I can do?

Uh, maybe just keep telling her
she's ignorant.

Stuff like that.

Of course.
She has a doctor's

appointment this afternoon,
so I'm gonna drive her.

Maybe if I meet this doula,

I'll be able to understand
why Daisy likes her so much.

Should I go now and tell her
that she's ignorant?

Maybe... let that come
a little more naturally.




I didn't realize
Emilia hated me that much.

So you weren't mad that Brooks
promised you all this

and never delivered?
Of course I was.

I may have even screamed
and yelled about it,

but at the end of the day,
I still had the best job

in the world working for him.

I can't believe he's gone.

Yeah. And now you get to...

edit the puzzles.
And you get Lawrence's salary.

I resent what you're saying.
Look, we're just stating facts.

The killer left a lot of
hostile clues on Brooks' cast.

Clever ones.

Do you want my help
finding Lawrence's killer

or did you just come here
to insult me?

Look, anything
that you can...

help us with,
that would be great.

Thank you.

You're a thief, Brooks!
And a hack!

No one does that to me.

Not even you. You're done!

What did Brooks do?
I have no idea.

Message was left a couple days
ago, right around the same time

some weird guy showed up
looking for Lawrence.

Said he had an appointment, but
there was nothing on the books.

And you think that's the same guy
that left the message?

All I know is the message and the guy
showed up around the same time.

I saw the same guy again
yesterday in the parking lot,

like some kind
of stalker.


So you wouldn't mind
talking to a forensic artist

and giving a description?

I'll do anything
to help you guys find out

who did this to Lawrence.

So, Terry telling me the number
that was used, to, uh, threaten Brooks.

It came from the lobby
of the Granville Hotel.

So you have no way of
knowing who made the call.

It could have been anyone.

A concierge. You know,
a guest at the hotel.

A schmo off the street.
So we could

be looking for someone
who speaks Yiddish.

What? What are you talking...
What made you make that turn?

"Schmo." It's Yiddish
for "idiot."

So I assumed you were saying
we're looking

for a mentally challenged,

Stop, okay, Bones?

The killer
doesn't speak Yiddish.

How do you know?

I don't,
but that's not the point.

Then why did you bring it up?

I didn't bring it up.
You said "schmo."

Okay, fine. You know what,
I'll never bring it up again.

I promise.

I think I might have found
our guy.

Does he speak Yiddish?


Never mind. What is it?

Was Angela able

to create a sketch
of the stalker?

Yeah. And it gave us a
guy who's in the system.

Emory Stewart.
Up until two years ago,

Stewart was a model citizen.
Smart, too.

Dual degrees in computer science
and cryptography.

Clearly he's intelligent,
so he's not a schmo.

He's a chachem.

Right. Looks like his problem

two years ago when his parents
died in a car accident.


Since then, he's had two DUIs,

a few disturbing the peace

a couple of assault charges...

So a farshtunken chachem.

I got nothing.
Never mind.

Just bring him in, okay?

Our real challenge here
is getting

the acid concentration
just right

by getting the right piece
of pork to mirror

the relative mass
of the actual victim.

And the solution replicates
the conditions in the pit?


We've got the mud and
hydrochloric acid, as well

as the other caustic chemicals
that we found at the site.

Wow. Okay. Well, that batch
is a little undercooked.

On to the next.

do you really believe
in all that new age stuff?

Science can only go so far,
Dr. Hodgins.

You think I've changed
since Lance died, don't you?

We all change. All the time.

You know, that is science.

It's just... I don't want you
to push us all away

because you're afraid
of losing someone else.

Sometimes a cigar
is just a cigar, Dr. Hodgins.


Oh, perfect.

The degree of pitting
matches the victim's bones.

So that would mean...

the victim was put
into the pit

between... 9:30 and 10:00
last night.

Okay then. Back to work.

So, Emory, I have
an eyewitness saying

that you were stalking
Lawrence Brooks.

What's this about?
Did Lawrence put out

a restraining order
or something?

If he wants me to stay away,
he just has to say so.

Brooks is dead. He was murdered.

I-I just...

I c... I can't believe this.
How did it happen?

Where were you last night
around 10:00?

Whoa. You think that I...

No. L-Lawrence

was like a g... a god to me.
A god to you.

Exactly. That's how stalkers
feel about their prey.

Stalker? I'm not a stalker.

Look in my bag.

Sure, look in your bag.

What do we have here?

What's that?
I'm writing a book

on Brooks. I'm not some nut job.

I've been researching him
for two years.

Right. While you're not, uh,
assaulting people.

Man, you've done your homework.
Sort of my job.

When my parents died,

I had some anger issues.
I got counseling.

But it has absolutely nothing
to do with Lawrence Brooks.

Right, well,

I'm gonna need to take
a recording of your voice

and, uh, compare it to the
threat that Brooks received.

Someone threatened him?

Is that a yes or a no?

Sure. Anything you want.

Anything. Okay.
Since you're such a know-it-all

about Brooks,
who are his enemies?

McKeon. I'm sure you've talked
to him already.

Who's McKeon?

Donald McKeon
was Lawrence's old roommate

in college
before Lawrence dropped out.

Donald is also a puzzler.

So they were competitors?

but I guess you could say that.
Donald writes

those cheesy puzzles
you find at the car wash.

You know, with clues like
"a three-letter word for a grown kitten."

So he was jealous of his career.

Lawrence's success
drove Donald crazy.

It's all in my book.

You can take the manuscript
if you think it'll help.

You found something, Ms. Wick?
Or do you merely want to discuss

additional foolish notions
of early childhood development?

That was harsh.

Yes, it was.

I'm trying to help you, but...

I'm told my people skills
are not well developed.

Perhaps we can just stick
to the case.

I would like that very much.

The victim has an extensive
amount of remodeled fractures

localized around the pelvis,
ribs, ankles, and arms.

All of it occurring
within the last 18 months.

What do you suppose caused
these antemortem injuries?

Look at the X ray of
his femoral shafts.


of the cortical bones
of both femurs.

Meaning that
the victim's

bone density was compromised
even before the acid.

That's why our 48-year-old victim
has the bones of an octogenarian.

You should perform
a trephine bone marrow biopsy on

the posterior iliac crest,
then screen

for poison and other toxins.

I have an ob-gyn appointment.

I told you about it.

Yes. Um, of course.

I-I can perform the biopsy.

And this appointment, it's...'s with a... real doctor?

Yes, Dr. Brennan.

I'm alone now.

It's just... me and the baby.

I have to find a way
to make that work for me,

to... connect to him

without Lance here.

I'm doing the best I can.

Thanks so much for
coming with me.

You can leave when the doula
gets here, if you want.

What? No.
Why would I do that?

Daisy, we all love you.

And this is not an inconvenience
for me or for any of us.

There's my
budding Daisy.

Valentina, hi.

This is Angela.
She and I work

at the lab together.

One of the scientists who don't
believe what they can't see.

Oh, no. It isn't like that.
Yeah, no.

It's more like a friend who can
offer some help and support.

Of course. And did you have

a non-traumatic
birthing process, too?

Oh, no. God,

I had a... epidural

and screaming
and the whole thing.


everyone has to make their own
choices is what I believe.

But you seem like a nice person.

I'm sure
your child will be fine.

My child is fine.

The birthing process
was beautiful, actually,

screaming and all.

Michael Vincent
is a perfect little boy,

- and Angela is a great mom.
- Daisy?

The doctor's ready for you.

You can wait out here.

Oh, but she came...

Well, we talked
about mixing different energies.

And you agreed.

It's okay, Daisy.
I'll just wait here.

Wouldn't want to mix up
our energies.

Hey. The kid's voice
doesn't match the voice

that was used to
threaten Brooks.

So where are we going?

We're gonna go pick
up Donald McKeon.

The other puzzle guy. Wait,
doesn't he live in New York?


But he's been staying at
the Granville Hotel in DC

for the past week.
Where the phone call came from.

So Donald McKeon

is a seven-letter word for a
person appearing to have engaged

in activities that could have
resulted in the demise...

All you have to do
is say "suspect," Aubrey.

Spirit of the case.

So I left Brooks
an angry voice mail.

Last time I checked,
that wasn't a crime.

Oh, it's not

a crime, but killing him is.


Lawrence is dead?

And you hated him, didn't you?

I d... I didn't kill him.

We had our disagreements, but...

He ignored you.

Right? He thought
that you were a hack,

that your puzzles were

just crap.
Uh, we appealed to different markets.

But you wanted his market.

So, do you recognize
this handwriting here?

No. But I recognize those clues.

Well, you should,
because it's from the, uh,

puzzle that you stole
from Brooks.

What? No.

Our agents found this
in your hotel room.

You opened it!

Why did you do that?
This was my proof.

I wasn't stealing from Lawrence.
Lawrence was stealing from me.


the nationally syndicated
puzzle master

was stealing puzzles

from you?
Okay, look,

I know I seem like a hack.

But I'm good, really good.

Lawrence and I used to be
friends in college.

I thought maybe he could
take a look at my puzzle--

it's a good one-- and
consider it for publication.

But he never even
acknowledged getting it.

That must've

really pissed you off.

What really
pissed me off was when

he published the puzzle
under his own name.

This guy's a hack. You know what,
you just keep digging yourself

a bigger hole here, pal.
That call was never

about killing him.
I was gonna take legal action.

I mailed the
original puzzle

to myself the same time
I sent it to him.

It was proof
I'd been ripped off,

until your agents
came along and tore it open.

You wouldn't happen to have
another envelope

containing a believable
alibi, would you?


Did Cam get the results back
she was running

on the marrow biopsy?

Not yet, but I did find
some subtle bone bruising

around the metacarpophalangeal
joints on both his hands.


So the victim
fought with his killer.

He definitely
punched someone.

Very good, Ms. Wick.

Hold on.

The protrusions
on the proximal phalanges

at the
metacarpophalangeal joints

on his right hand are
healed avulsion fractures

due to hyperextension.

His fingers were bent back
until they snapped.

Remodeling suggests this

happened two months ago.

his murder wasn't
the first time he was assaulted.

I have the results
of the tox screen of the marrow.

The victim wasn't
poisoned, but he did

show traces of donepezil

That's used to treat

The head trauma that put him
in surgery three years ago

could've triggered
an early onset.

I-In rare cases, a side effect

of donepezil hydrochloride

is reduced bone density

and increased bone fracturing.

Which explains why the victim
had so many remodeled injuries.

But Brooks' puzzles
could stump geniuses.

How could someone with
Alzheimer's write them?


Okay. Thanks, Bones.

So I've been looking at
Lawrence Brooks fan sites.

There's a lot of chatter
about how his puzzles

have been different lately.

He might have been stealing
more than just Donald's.

They were different
because he had Alzheimer's.

Yeah. Somehow, the-the

medication that he was
taking was, like,

messing with his bones.
It's probably why he was

turning into a recluse.
So it's

likely he didn't even know he
was stealing Donald's puzzle.

He could've thought it was his.

It also explains

the different styles of
handwriting on his cast.

My grams had

and her handwriting would change
like she was a different person.

Which she kind of was.
So if that's true,

then the wife had to have known
that he had Alzheimer's.

So why didn't she say anything?

Why didn't you tell us

your husband had Alzheimer's,
Mrs. Brooks?

Because I promised

I would never mention it.
It must be hard

living your life that way.

It was hard.

Horrible, sometimes.

Do you have any idea
what it's like

when the person you've been
married to for 20 years

looks at you as if
you're a stranger?

But I loved him.
Even though he

was disappearing,

there was always
a little bit

of the Lawrence
that I loved.

And I would do anything
to preserve that.

How was he able to keep
doing his puzzles?

He wasn't.

My husband's a
perfectionist and he

must have had 100--
maybe more-- puzzles

that he had created
and never published

because he didn't think they
were good enough.

And you were
publishing those for him?

And you published

Donald McKeon's puzzle, too?
By accident.

It was on
Lawrence's desk

and I just assumed it was one of his.
Wouldn't it have been

a lot easier for your husband
just to retire?

Yes, but

we needed the money.

His treatment was expensive
and... we were broke.

Lawrence Brooks was worth
well over a million dollars.

We have his financials.
He was.

But all that money is gone
and I have no idea where.

When I asked him
about it,

he couldn't remember
what he had done with it.

Money like that doesn't
just disappear, you know?

There's always a trail.

Then please
find the trail.

Then maybe you'll find
my husband's killer.

I've been going through Brooks'

bank statements. There were
e-payments made to LPAK, LLC

that started
five months ago.

Looks like the transfers
started off small and got

bigger and bigger
as all the money dried up.


maybe someone knew
about his Alzheimer's

and was using that
to steal his money.

Well, it looks like it was
more simple than that.

a front for an

online gambling site.

gambled all his money away?
Oh, man, the guy

probably didn't even know
how much money he was losing.

It certainly explains
why his fingers got broken.

It does? I-I thought
all these sites

were out of the country.

Well, most are,
but some are here.

They're illegal,
but they're here.

And after you sign up,

if you want to stay
off the grid,

you can meet
with the bookie in person.

So maybe

because of the Alzheimer's,
Brooks forgot to pay.

This time the bookie did more
than just break his fingers.

I was able to track down
the local bookie for the...

The hell are you doing?

What do you mean? I'm
checking out the, uh,

gambling site that Brooks

was using. This is amazing--
you can pretty much

gamble on anything here.
I know. Someone

placed a bet on the first
football player to tear his ACL

next season. It's insane.

right? Crazy. So are we active
members yet on the site?

Uh, I am. Angela hacked
into a member's account

and sent me an invitation,

vouching for me.

Yeah. Me.
So... you can turn it off now.

Sorry, y... you're-you're
getting a little bossy.

Yeah, I know. It's, uh... Feels good.
I call the shots,

all right? What we have to do is
we got to smoke out the bookie.

All right? We got to place
a big bet and we got to lose.

Well, that's what I'm trying
to tell you. I already

placed the bet.
The next available

bet was at the Wexford Track.
I put ten grand on a horse

named Major Imperative.
I'm sorry-- what the hell

do you think you're doing?
You don't need to

look at it now.
I did my research.

Major Imperative
is a sure-fire loss.

I don't care if it's a sure-fire
loss, you understand me?

I'm the lead, I authorize...
Whoa, whoa,

all right?
Pipe down, okay?

You're an addict,
Agent Booth,

and I'm not gonna
let you jeopardize

your gambling sobriety
on this case

or any other case.

You read my file.

Yeah, 'cause I heard rumors.

Sweets was pretty thorough
in his report, you know?

You gambled
as a coping mechanism

after your time
in the military.

Look, you can take me
off the case if you want to,

but a situation like this
comes up again,

I will do the exact same thing.

Major Imperative
better lose.

What do I look like, a winner?

You got an eye problem, pal?


I'm 20/20.

I'm also Agent James
Aubrey with the FBI.

What, having a cup of coffee
is a crime now?

No, but transferring
funds from a bank

to an illegal online
gambling site is.

In fact, that's a federal crime,
which is right up my alley.

I'm really happy for you.

What's that got to do with me?

Oh, you're really gonna
play stupid right now?


What's stupid?

Well, stupid is
not realizing

that I can arrest
you for murder.


What the hell are you
talking about?

Listen, pal, I don't know
who got killed,

but I didn't murder nobody.

Lawrence Brooks, all right?

What? Next you're gonna
tell me you didn't

break his fingers
a couple months back.

Okay, the fingers, yeah.

Look, I hated
to do it to the old guy,

but, you know,
he was deep in the hole.

What was I supposed to do?

But I didn't kill him.

Maybe you should talk to that
woman that he was bankrolling,

because she started freaking out
as soon as the money dried up.

Wait, wait, wait--

what do you mean?
Brooks wasn't gambling?

No, he was only the piggy bank.

Look, the chick
that placed the bets--

well, she lost big
a couple of months ago, right?

So we decided to send her
a message through Brooks.

We thought she'd care.

We were wrong.

So who was your client?

The woman that worked for him.
His assistant.

She's got a problem, now,
and I can tell you that.

Of course I had access

to Lawrence's accounts
and credit cards.

I was his assistant. I did
his banking, paid his bills.

So you

took advantage of a man
who was losing his mind

in order to feed
your gambling habit.

Uh, no, no, I...

Then you killed Brooks so it
wouldn't be traced back to you.

I don't know what
you're talking about.


Fine, I'll just go get
your bookie, Richie Williams.

Maybe that'll help you remember
some of the details.

Okay, stop, just wait, um...
Yes, yeah, I-I used

Brooks' account to pay off some
debts, but-but that other stuff,

the murder-- I swear I didn't
kill him. I could never.

Sure you could.
When you're an addict,

there's nothing you won't do.

How did you
figure out

that Brooks had Alzheimer's?

Well, he started
getting confused

over the littlest things,
and then... just like that,

he would get agitated
and lash out. It happened

often enough, it was easy
to put two and two together.

Well, you're under arrest.

Well... No, wait,
what are you talking about?

I just told you--
I didn't kill him.

I can't book you for Brooks'

murder, but I definitely
can take you down for, uh,

stealing his money. Let's go. Come on.
W... No, I was going to

pay him back. I'm gonna
be making a lot of money

because I have Brooks' old job now.
That's great.

Maybe the paper'll let you
send puzzles from prison.

Daisy, Dr. Brennan said you
were having contractions?

Braxton Hicks.
They're nothing. Oh!

Uh, ooh.

Okay, they're something.

But I still have two weeks.

With all your talk about
listening to the baby,

it seems like now
might be the time...

I'm okay.
There appear to be

bilateral neural arch fractures

on the victim's
C5, 6 and 7. They were

difficult to see
through the pitting.

A broken neck--

I believe you just
found cause of death.


Booth just arrested
Lawrence's assistant.

Even with, uh, the victim's
low bone density,

I don't think she'd have
the strength to snap his neck.

And there doesn't seem
to be evidence of a weapon

that could... Oh! Aah!

Oh, whoops.

Oh, my God, Daisy,

your water just broke.

I'm sorry, I'll clean it up.

we're going to the hospital.
I should

call Brennan.
Well, and I'll call your OB

on the way there.
But we haven't figured out

who killed the victim.
That doesn't matter now.

Oh, okay. Well, somebody remind
the doctor that Valentina

wants a darkened room
with bird sounds.

I would recommend us
being alone now, Daisy.

No external distractions.

They're not distractions,
they're my friends.

I'm sorry I left before
we discovered the killer.

I was actually
thinking-- Oh...!

It's okay, Daisy love,
just reminding you,

your distress may cause
distress in the baby.

A peaceful mother
makes a happy baby.

Cut her some slack,

A human being is trying
to escape from her vagina.

Well, perhaps I can walk with
you and you can squeeze my hand.

I did that when
I was in labor

and I took great comfort

knowing that Booth
was in pain, too.

Yes, yes.

Oh, Agent Booth
should be here, too.

I want him here.

He's the godfather.

And I want to walk
with my friend.


Yelling will only make the baby
feel unwanted.

Visualize a forest...

Oh, for the love of God,
shut up.


Yeah, that's it, Daisy,
let it out.

Oh...! Oh...!

I really have to put my
foot down. This shrieking...

Get out!
I can't listen to you anymore!

Get your crystals
and get the hell out!



Squeeze my hand--

Very good.


And screw the tub!

And screw the birds!

I want shiny machines

that beep, and I
want the lights on!

And I want an epidural
and I want--


Where's the fire?

Got to get to the hospital--
Daisy's having her baby.

Oh, wow. That's fantastic.

Okay, go, I'll hold
down the fort here.

I've got plenty
to go over.

Oh, g-g-good, is that the kid's
manuscript on Lawrence Brooks?

Yeah, I'm hoping
there's something in here

that can point us
towards a suspect.

I mean, there's got to be
somebody other than Donald

that Brooks pissed off
in the last year or two.

Great, see if anyone can place
Alexis Sherman

at the fracking site.

I got it covered.
Go get 'em, Uncle.



The baby's heartbeat
is strong, Daisy,

and you're progressing nicely.

Shouldn't be much longer.

Thank you, I-- aah!

Whoa. That is quite a set
of lungs you got there.

Oh, thank goodness you made it.

It wouldn't feel right
if you missed this.

Right, 'cause,
you know,

I've never seen this many
spectators at a birth.

That's 'cause
we're like family, right?

Absolutely right.
You know what, and as, uh...

as family, I should go
in the waiting room.

No, no, you have to be here.

You all have to be right here.

We are not going to leave,

There's no place else
we'd rather be.


Right, right, you're so right.

Okay, you know what,
let's do this.

When is the anesthesiologist

going to get here?

Oh, I'm afraid it's too late for
us to administer an epidural.


It could be dangerous
at this point.

I'll go tell the doctor
how you're doing.

I could come and help.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No. No, no, no.

Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe.
Ms. Wick, we still have

a murderer to catch-- I think
you should focus on the case.

What are our findings
thus far?

No, Bones, this is really not
the time to talk about this.

Okay, okay, okay.

We know that the cause of death
is a broken neck.

Oh, oh, another contraction.

Focus, Ms. Wick.

What else about the victim?

Um, no defensive wounds,

offensive injuries only.

As fragile as his bones were,

we know there should've been
something more

than just a neck break.

We know he was bleeding.


So, he wasn't attacked?

That means that his killer
could've been defending himself.

I mean, maybe this is
self-defense and not a murder.

Oh! I have to push.
Good point, good-good...

I have to push. Pushing!

Not until the doctor
tells you to.

No, no, that's how the victim's
neck was broken.

No, it wasn't snapped.

Someone pushed him and he fell.

With the drugs
compromising his bones,

a bad fall would've resulted in
the same neural arch fractures.

Blood. Bleeding.

Oh, my God, this hurts.

You're not bleeding, Ms. Wick.

No, not me.

His blood.

If all the injuries
were offensive

and he was just pushed,

the blood wasn't
from the victim.

It was from the killer.

Okay, but the blood
was a match.

So you need to concentrate
on your breathing.

No, it was only a partial match.

Fathers and sons can have
identical homozygotes.

The victim's parents are dead
and he had no children.

Okay, who here has the balls
to argue with a pregnant woman?

It's the only explanation.

The victim

- has to have a son!
- The book!

The answer's got
to be in the book.

I'll-I'll call Aubrey.
This is... this is good.

This is perfect.
You might've solved the case, Ms. Wick.

But I actually really need
to push now.

Like really need to push.

And how are we doing now,

Okay then.

I found it, Agent Booth.

When Brooks was in college,
he got his girlfriend pregnant,

but he had to give the baby up
for adoption

after his girlfriend died
during childbirth.

A son?



Sounds like things are going
well at your end.

Yeah, everything is...

is going good.
Listen, just, you know what,

get a warrant so you can unseal
the adoption records.

Already did it.

Agent Booth!
Look, I gotta go.

All right? Just good luck.

You, too.

What'd I miss? Is it out?

Just more screaming.


When my parents died,

I found my adoption paperwork
in their things.

So, writing the book was
a way to get to know Brooks.

He was all I had left.

I never meant to hurt him.

Well, then, what happened?

I finally found the courage
to call,

and I told him I was his son.

And he actually seemed happy
to hear from me.

So we agreed to meet at a café
down the street from his house.

How did you get from a café
to a fracking site?

He never showed up to the café.

I waited over an hour.

Then I circled back
to Lawrence's house,

saw him leaving on a walk.

So I followed
and confronted him.

But Brooks had no idea
who you were.

He wouldn't even acknowledge
that we had spoke.

I was hurt.

We're flesh and blood,
so I asked him

why he was messing with me,
and he freaked.

He started attacking me,
hitting me, kicking.

So you shoved him
to get him off you.


And then...
he-he fell down the hill,

must've landed wrong, I guess.

I didn't mean to kill him.

I-I was scared...

so I-I put him in the pit.

And then you poured acid in
to make sure the body dissolved.

I was scared.

If he hated the idea
of seeing me,

he could've just said so.

I-I wouldn't have pushed it.

He probably didn't remember
that he talked to you.

It was the same day.

He had Alzheimer's, Emory.


Oh, God.

I could've helped him.

I... I would've been a good son.

I would've helped him.

He's beautiful.

Absolutely perfect.

You did it.

He looks like Lance, doesn't he?

I-I'm not imagining that, am I?


No, he really does.

What's his name?

Lance insisted that his
first name be Seeley.

So he's Seeley Lance

Do you want to be
the first to hold him?

Lance would want you
to be the first.



Hey there,
little buddy.

How are you?

Look at that, your whole family
came out to meet you.


Look at this, huh?

Look at that.
Hey, little buddy.

Hey, little buddy.
There you go.

Listen, I knew your dad.

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