Bones (2005–2017): Season 10, Episode 7 - The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round - full transcript

After severely damaged human remains are discovered under a merry-go-round, the Jeffersonian team begins a complicated investigation of a billion dollar hedge fund company. When the victim's boss becomes a prime suspect in the investigation, the case takes a major turn as the team uncovers incriminating evidence against the victim. Meanwhile, the investigation becomes increasingly difficult as Aubrey feels an emotional connection to the case, and Booth and Brennan are at odds when Christine curses for the first time.


Now that's a slide, huh, Bud?
It's too hot.

I burnt my butt on the way down.
Let's go play

on the merry-go-round then.
Dad'll take a break.

Welcome to the
dad playground.

Excuse me?
Take a look around you.


Are we all divorced?

Most, and I think moms
are just too scared

to let their kids play on
the old play equipment.

It's the exact same stuff
that I grew up playing on.

I turned out just fine.
That's the kind of talk

- that got you divorced.
- Daddy?


The roundy thing
is stuck.

Yeah, let's figure it out, bud.

Ooh. One of these kids

needs a change.

All right,
step aside.

Dads to the rescue.

Wow, she really
is stuck.

Let me give you
a hand. Yeah.

Okay. On three. Ready?

One, two, three.

This is not gonna be good
for my divorce settlement.

Okay, so, how long till
Christine can do the dishes,

and I can play
with my toys after breakfast?

Well, if you feel she's ready
for chores, we could start

with a simpler task,
like clearing the table.

Yeah, just have
to pick up

all the broken pieces.
I'll let her be a princess

for a few more years.

The bubbles are pink, jackass!

Did you just hear what she said?

I believe she said,
"The bubbles are pink, jackass."

Bones, Christine said
the word "a-s-s,"

and where I come from,
that's a swear word.


"Jackass" isn't profanity.

It's another name for a donkey.

No, it's a gateway

swear word, which leads to
other, four-letter swear words.

Well, numerous studies
have shown

that profanity can be
quite beneficial

when used in moderation.

Okay, you're not

seriously arguing

that our four-year-old
should be swearing?

Use of occasional profanity
has been linked

to increased circulation,
elevated endorphins

and an overall
sense of calmness.

No, no.

Don't science-up
the swearing.

We got to talk here,
all right, pumpkin?

Listen, Christine, that
word that you just used,

okay, to call your bunny--
that's a naughty word.

We don't say that
in this house.


A body was found on a
playground in Forest Hill

under a merry-go-round.
Well, last time

I checked, people
just don't

crawl under those things
and die on their own.

I have to get ready. The remains
are on their way to the lab.

All right, I'll
take Little Miss, uh,

Potty Mouth to Max's.

Then I'll go to the office then.


about the naughty words.

Right? Are we clear?

We don't use them in this house.

But it's not my fault.

Bunny is a jackass.

The parabolic
dental arch indicates

the victim was Caucasian,

while the lack of subpubic
concavity suggests male.

Age will be a bit more
difficult because...

I got age.

Slightly coarse granularity
of the auricular surfaces

puts him
mid-to-late 20s.

It's a piece of cake.

This is not a competition,

You are delightfully naive.

I am noticing

deep incisions to
the nasal bones,

zygomatic arches
and the maxilla.

Now, what kind of person shoves
a dead body

under a piece
of playground equipment?

A fun-loving person?

- How's it going over there?
- Lots of tissue

dried onto the metal.

It's gonna take a while
to scrape off.

There's also evidence of

rodent predation, so,
separating the damage from

an assailant and the
playground environment

will be a challenge
for you, Dr. Wells.

Challenge accepted.

The degree of brown
discoloration in the tissue

puts time of death
between two and two and a half

days ago.

Cam, as a mother,
how do you feel about swearing?

I try to limit it
to stubbing my toe,

getting caught in traffic...

I meant Michelle.

Only when she sings along
to music she likes.

used the word

"jackass" this morning,

and Booth said
that it was a gateway profanity.

Jackass. How adorable, huh?

I think my first one was
in the ass family, also.

I don't feel that children
should be punished

for expressing themselves
in a non-violent manner.


Looks like our victim
was sporting a mouthful

of porcelain veneers.

A set of veneers like this
could cost as much as $30,000.

- Meaning our victim had money.
- Not on him,

he didn't.
I wasn't able to find

a wallet or a cell
phone in the victim's

- clothing or effects.
- Lack of melanin

in a band shape

on the flesh
of the left ring finger

suggests the victim was also
missing a wedding band.

Sounds like

he was robbed.
Well, we may

not know who the victim was,

or what killed him,

but it sounds like
we just found motive.


um, can someone

please retrieve this piece
of evidence

- so it's not compromised?
- Yeah.

In a second. I just got
to get a picture

of this for the Christmas party.



One second.

♪ Bones 10x07 ♪
The Money Maker on the Merry-Go-Round
Original Air Date on November 13, 2014

♪ Main Title Theme ♪ The Crystal Method

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♪ ♪

As you requested,
every theft in the area

surrounding Forest Hill
Playground for the last year.

If you need anything else,
I'm here, happy to help.

That's all I need for now.

Tell you what, I'll let you get
back to the, uh, exciting world

of warrant returns.
So you think

the victim might have been
killed for his valuables, huh?

I thought you had paperwork to do.

Which no one ever reads.

In pulling those reports,
I noticed a string of robberies

at a hostel less than a mile
from where the body was dumped.

Four in the past month here.
Local PD hasn't had much luck

catching the thieves.
And if the guy was staying

at the hostel, someone might
have seen him there.

My thought exactly.

I'll see if anyone
there recalls seeing

a guy fitting our victim's description.
Oh, ho.

Slow down.
Pump the brakes there.

What, are you assigning
yourself to the case?

I guess so.

Thanks for saving
me from desk duty.

Great. Anything I can do
to help you out, Aubrey.

Would you like anything else?
How about my lunch?

How about...? Would you like

a bite of my sandwich?


You're a prince, you know that?

Dr. Brennan, when
you first started,

how many hours
were you pulling?

Before I had

a family, I was in the lab

anywhere from ten to 15 hours
a day, including weekends.

Why do you ask?

Because one day,
I plan on surpassing you

as the world's foremost
forensic anthropologist.

I applaud your ambition,
Dr. Wells,

but being the best
in your field requires more

than the accumulation of hours.

Well, I'm also a genius with
a 160 IQ, so, I think I'm okay.

but I'd temper yourself.

The likelihood of you being
as good as I am is very remote.

Oh, no.

Not "as good as." Better than.

I believe the expression is,
"Bring it on over," Dr. Wells.

No. The expression
is "Bring it on."

There's no "over." But okay.

Hemorrhagic staining
to the area

surrounding the wound
on the frontal bone

suggests that the injury
was sustained around

time of death.

The staining could have been the
result of a minor head injury

that became exaggerated

during its time
under the merry-go-round.

We can't know for sure
if it's cause of death

until the skull
is reconstructed.

that's going to have to wait.

- I need the skull.
- But

we need it to determine cause
of death.

Which isn't gonna do much good
if we don't know who was killed.

Angela said that the skull
was damaged too much

to get a facial

And I concur.

But I do not.

Cam, you're either a genius, or
a deeply disturbed human being.

Would you mind

passing me the
victim's nose?

It's weird that
that's not a weird question.

Thank you.


So, roughly?


According to my notes,
the length

of the victim's skull
is ten inches,

which means the tip of the nose
should be placed

a quarter of an inch lower.


How's that look?

Like a shredded nose adhering
to the golden ratio.

Cannot believe
we're doing this.

Well, I've always
loved arts and crafts.

Now, all we need to
do is add the ear.


And we'll have
ourselves a face.

So, the bottom of the lobe
should be placed parallel

with the tip of the nose.


A glue stick?

Hey, forensic lo-Fi.

I think we're ready.

Okay, so, I'll scan the image
into the Angelatron.

I'll fill in the gaps, and

smooth out
the contours.

Add some color
to the flesh

to compensate
for the dehydration.

From Frankenstein

to just plain old Frank.

So, we know the
victim was married.

Hopefully, his wife
reported him missing.

Good call.



Reported missing by
his wife yesterday.

Oh, my God.

- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- Mrs. Wachlin, we know that

this is a lot to take in,
but if we're going

to catch your husband's killer,
we need your help here.

I don't know how to help.

I-I don't know
how to do anything.

Toby was the one
who took care of everything.

The mortgage, the bills,
the lightbulbs.

I never even changed
a lightbulb.

Okay, I can show you how to do
that later, but right now,

we need to know
if your husband had any enemies,

anyone who'd want to hurt him.


Toby was... sweet, generous.

He tipped well.
People loved him.

That's another thing.

I don't know how much to tip,
or-or even who to tip.

Waiters, I know, but
the front desk guy at a hotel...

Annie, stop pacing.
Just breathe.

That's it.
Have a seat, please.

Just sit down.
Continue breathing.

When was the last time

you saw Toby?
I was down in Miami

with my girlfriends
all week.

But the day before last,

I got a call from Lucia,
our housekeeper.

Lucia said

Toby never came home from work

- the previous night.
- Was that uncommon?

Toby worked
late, sure,

but he'd always come home,
even if it was just for a few hours.

And where was it that
your husband worked?

Toby was a trader
at Horizon Equities.

Great. Okay.

Thank you so much
for coming in.

I think we got everything
that we need right now.

Uh, and if we have
any more questions,

we'll get in touch with you,

You've been such a help.

Am I supposed
to tip you guys?

No. Th-This way.
We go this way.

No tips.
No tips.

Horizon is the biggest
hedge fund in DC.

They manage over
$4 billion in assets.

When you're dealing
with that kind of money,

there's always
a motive for murder.

That kind of money can turn.

That's for sure.

Hold on. Look, before we
get into this elevator,

I want to make
sure you're okay.

With what? Going to a hedge fund?
You hate

the one percent more than I do,
and that says something.

Aw, come on, Booth,

I want to bring down
the bad guys.

That's what we do, so let's...
I read your file,

and I know what happened to you.

Great. Then you know
how important

a case like this is to me.


Toby was the head
of my high-frequency

trading fund.
Figures you'd have one of those.

What does that mean?
It means

he used computer algorithms
to front-run the market

and cheat the firm's own clients
so you could increase profits.

Isn't that right, Mason?

Not technically

Nothing illegal in that.

There isn't?
Legally, these defenders

of capitalism don't
even have to act

in their client's
best interests.

New kid just shorted CDK
to the tune of a million shares.

Excellent. Please...

pass this along as an expression
of my gratitude.

That was a joke, right?
You just tossed him

a lot of money.
Nine or ten thousand,

I'd imagine--
but it's actually

quite small

- he just made me $10 million.
- Okay,

did Toby lose any
of your money recently?

I'll ignore the offensive
implication of that question

and answer anyway. Yes.

Toby, uh,
hit the wrong key

last week and cost
our fund $8 million.

But last year alone,

he made the firm
over half a billion dollars.

Me killing him over a few measly
million would be bad business,

and I don't do bad business.

Right. Well, I'm
gonna need a list

of all the employees who lost
money because of Toby's mistake.

Of course.
You can start

with the beast
in the purple tie, Blair Ellis.

Poor guy's been
struggling lately.

He got hit hard
because of Toby's mistake.

But Blair's
a good person.

The only thing he wants
to kill is the market.

So, three days ago,
Toby hit the wrong button

on a computer-- a mistake
that cost you, what, $500,000?

And that same night
he gets murdered and robbed.

Right, so I'm figuring
Toby robs you,

you rob Toby--
it's eye for an eye.

When you're on a team,
you don't kill

the quarterback
just because he had a bad day.

Sure, you know,
I got a little pissed.

But I'm all about the team.

And the Horizon team
is worse off because Toby's gone.

Yeah, but Toby wasn't
really on the same team,

was he, Blair?

What do you mean?
Yeah, what do you mean?

You old-school brokers
hate high-frequency traders

like Toby-- you think
they're gaming the system,

making a mint,
and locking you out.

We all have
different positions to play.

See, that's...
that's how a team works.

Right. We know all about
your team philosophy.

Right? As the quarterback for
the Spartans, you led them

to a national championship
your junior year.

Sort of backs up my position,
doesn't it?

Look, I would
never hurt

a teammate--
you could ask any of the guys

I played with.
Yeah, but that temper

of yours ended up
getting you suspended

the following year for, uh,
punching out a ref, right?

Yeah. In the heat of the game.

You know, this...
this is all crap.

Utter crap.

Dr. Wells,
what can I do for you?


Oh. Sorry.

I just... saw
the curly hair, beard,

lab coat.
Both brilliant, of course.

Me a little more so.

Here's an example of
why-- I just finished

combing through the victim's clothing
for particulates, right?

Well, most of what I found
was silica play sand,

Zoysia grass and rust.

All stuff you find
in a playground.

Yep. But none of it was in
the treads of his shoes.

Which means he was killed
someplace else.

Are you gonna give me
bad or good news next?

Well, I also
found traces

of sulfuryl fluoride,
also known as Vikane,

Zythor or Master Fume.

Those all sound like names
of super villains.


They are brand names for
a structural insecticide.

So Toby was in a structure that
had recently been fumigated.

Yep. And sulfuryl
fluoride is

an extremely deadly gas.

So Toby had been
gassed to death.


Okay, Dr. Hodgins,
can you cut to the chase here?

It's not always the destination,
it's the journey.


it's the destination.

sulfuryl fluoride
is highly regulated,

so much so that only one
company in all of DC

is licensed to use
it-- a company

called Insects No More--
so they're sending over

the names of their
most recent jobs.

Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?


if any of the names on that list

are known drug dealers,
we may actually be in luck.

I found traces
of cocaine

in the victim's
nasal cavity.

What, a drug deal gone wrong?

Wouldn't be
the first time.

there's another powder

mixed in with the cocaine.

Sometimes dealers

mix cocaine with other drugs
to create their own signature blend.

The DEA tracks

these blends and where
they're currently being sold.

So we may be able to find out
where Toby bought this.

Yup, and if we're lucky,
who he bought it from.

After finding the cocaine,

Cam reexamined
Toby's nasal septum

and discovered perforation.

You're telling me he had a hole
in his nose because of the cocaine?

The degree of damage suggests
that he'd been using heavily

for a while.

Wall Street and cocaine, right?

Now you can understand
my suspicion.

capitalism requires...

Ah. I'm not the only one
who hates the business.

Aubrey does, too.
Do you know that

his father was a
Wall Street guy?

Owned his own investment firm.
Then I would think

that he would appreciate
the need for strong financial markets.

His father was arrested
for securities fraud

when Aubrey was
13 years old.

All right, he ran
a Ponzi scheme--

he bilked clients
out of millions.

Oh, so his dad's in jail?

Nope. He skipped bail,
hopped on a plane

to, uh, Croatia, and
he left a single mom

with a 13-year-old boy
completely broke.

That must have been
very difficult for him.

Took me years
to process the fact

that my parents left me.

Right, but your parents
left to keep you safe,

not to save their own skin.

Do you think he can be
objective enough

to work on the case?

I don't know.

I finished reconstructing

the victim's skull,
and, of course, found

exactly what we were looking for.
Comminuted fracturing.

The damage to the frontal bone

would have resulted
in severe cerebral contusions.

Meaning I found
cause of death.

Not too bad, huh?
You were merely

following the instructions
given to you.

So that's how you
want to play it?

Okay. Not a problem,
because this well runs deep.

Very, very deep.

Dr. Wells, I often find you
to be a real pain in my ass.

Wow. If I wasn't so shocked,

I might be offended.
The occasional

curse word can serve
as a healthy form

of nonviolent retribution.
So you swore

to stop yourself from hitting me?
Given your personality,

I'd imagine you're
quite used to that.

There appear to be

multiple points of impact
on this wound.

Meaning the victim was bashed

in the head
more than once.

With what appears to be

the corner of a heavy object.

A brick, maybe.

Quite a careless

since there doesn't seem to be
any rough trace in the wound.

you're inexperienced.

Perhaps we'll have a better
idea of what struck him

when you separate
the peri- and postmortem damage

on the rest of the bones.

Dr. Brennan?

How am I supposed
to prove myself

when you keep
giving me orders

that interfere with my
investigatory methods?

You have an IQ of 160--
figure it out.

So, this is a map showing every
job Insects No More has done

in DC over the past month.

There's got to be
50 jobs here.

Yeah, it was a little
overwhelming for Angie, too.

But remember
the powder you found

in the cocaine?

Well, that is not a drug,

it's a pollen.

A Hungarian oak pollen,
to be exact.

Exact is good.

We'll take exact.
So, Hungarian oaks

are only grown
in a handful of areas in DC.

And I'm guessing
the area surrounding

the playground
isn't one of them.

Not even close.

Check this out.

So, these are
the only four

locations the trees exist in DC.

Now all we have to do is find
a recently fumigated house

near those oaks.
No problem.

So, two weeks ago, Insects
No More fumigated...

this house
on a Hungarian oak-lined street

in Woodley Park.

Woodley Park?
That's a couple of blocks away

from the victim's office.

This must have been
where he went after work.

A ridiculous house

with a bunch of obnoxious cars
in the driveway.

This is either Toby's dealer's place
or one of the other traders.

The trader he worked with,

Derek Kaplan-- his
name is on the lease.

Wow, man, these idiots, they
have way too much money.

Wait, so Kaplan was here with
Toby the night of his death,

and he didn't bother to mention
that when we were in his office?

Sounds like he has
something to hide.

The blow is in the den
and the girls are all over.

Come on in,

Are you kidding me?

♪ We on the ground,
gotta get dat money ♪

♪ We toat nine, gotta get
dat money ♪

♪ You know my clique,
gotta get dat money ♪

♪ Pocketts thick, gotta get
dat money ♪

♪ We on the ground,
gotta get dat money ♪

♪ We toat nine, gotta get
dat money ♪

♪ We on the ground,
gotta get dat money ♪

♪ We toat nine, gotta get
dat money ♪

♪ You know my clique,
gotta get dat money ♪

♪ Pocketts thick, gotta get
dat money. ♪

You got to be kidding me.

In the middle
of the afternoon?

Well, what's the point

if you can't have
a nice lunch now and then?

I... Right, okay, that's it.
FBI. Break it down.

Let's go.
Okay, Snuffy--

get the bill out of the nose.

Come on, put it down.

We weren't hurting anybody.

I cannot believe you just
shut down my party.

Hey, look, before
I get into the long list

of illegal activities going on
around here, did you not think

that we would know that Toby
was here the night he died?

Well, I was kind of

hoping that you wouldn't
find out.

All right, that

probably wasn't
the right response

but I'm really, really
coked up right now.

I should probably call one of my lawyers.
I don't care how many lawyers

you have, it's not gonna help
keep you out of jail for murder.

Whoa. I didn't kill Toby.

We were just partying that
night with some of the guys.

Right, right, with the drugs
and the hookers.

Well, I mean, I said it was a party,
didn't I? Techs found traces

of blood in the back bedroom.

Looks like somebody
tried to clean it up.

Oh, man.

I'm calling it
a night, Dr. Wells.

We can come back and hit it
fresh in the morning.

Dr. Brennan already
cursed me out, I'm not

leaving until I find something
that impresses the crap

out of her
tomorrow morning.

Dr. Brennan cursed you out?

She said I was
a pain in her ass.

Not a pain in the ass.

A pain in her ass.
Specifically, her ass.

Way to go, Dr. Brennan.

So have you found anything?

all this damage appears
to be the result of some

horrifically dangerous
playground equipment.

Except for this--

a perimortem incision to the
distal end of the right radius.

Looks like
a defensive wound.

Based on the U-shaped
kerf floor,

the weapon that was used
to cause this wound

was some sort of thin,
cylindrical object that came

to a sharp point.
Excellent work.

Well, you
know that.

Will you tell that
to Dr. Brennan?

Good night, Dr. Wells.

So I stitched together
all the photos

taken by the FBI techs and

created a virtual crime scene.
The room is

full of thick, solid corners.
The victim could have smashed

his face on any one of them.
Then maybe we'd have

better luck looking
for the sharp, spiky weapon

that was used to create
the teeny, tiny

microscopic nick
that I discovered.

While doing the work that
Dr. Brennan asked you to do.

If I remember

correctly, and I always do...

hey, hey.

What about the candlestick?

Oh, Angela's
right. The spike

meant to hold the candle
could have been used

to slice the victim's arm.

While the square base could have
been used to smash his face in.

Congratulations, Angela.

I think you just found
our murder weapon.

I'm surprised you didn't
notice that, Oliver.

Yeah, I've been looking
through Horizon's financials.

Same here. So Mason
assigned Kaplan

to work with Toby
last month, but

Toby dismissed him from the
high-frequency trading division.

So Kaplan has a motive
as well as means

and opportunity.
Just got a text from the lab-- they ran

the prints from the bloody candlestick.
Oh, so we

have enough to bust Kaplan.

No, they're not from him.
They're from

one of the hookers at the
party-- a McKenzie Solloway.

I'll let you talk to her.

Bring her in, will you?

I don't know what you heard,
but it's not true.

I run a legitimate business
selling linens online.

Linens. Used?

Our agents found Toby Wachlin's
phone, wallet and wedding ring

in your apartment.

Okay, look, I know that
you were with Toby Wachlin

the night that he was killed.

Toby's a good client.

He ordered some sheets,

I happened to be
in the neighborhood,

so I dropped them off.

We found your prints
on the candlestick

that was used
to beat him to death.

Those were $4,000 sheets.

And Toby didn't
have the cash,

so, yeah, I took his
stuff as collateral.

He flipped out,
he came charging at me,

so I picked up the candlestick,
and I swung it at him.

And you just kept bashing away
until he was dead, right?

I nicked his arm,
that's all.

Toby got the message.

He said he'd get me my money,
but he needed his phone back.

His phone?

You had the guy's wallet
and his wedding ring,

and all he cared about
was his phone?

I said he'd
get it back,

when I got my money.

He said okay and left,
but he never came back,

so I took his stuff.

I figured he'd call me
when he got my money.

Well, he couldn't withdraw
that kind of money from an ATM.

So, where's Toby planning
on getting $4,000

in the middle
of the night?

Not my problem.

Actually, it is
your problem, McKenzie.

And it's kind of a big one.

So it was hooker in the bedroom,
with the candlestick.

Tell me this case is not
starting to sound

like a game of "Clue."

And it is a game
I plan on winning.

How's it coming over there?

This looks like
it's vicuna wool.

Wait, that's the same
as the victim's suit.

Check this out.

So, then this must be
the candlestick

that sliced the victim's arm.

Unfortunately, the base
of the candlestick is too thick

to have caused the comminuted
fracturing to the frontal bone.

So, then this isn't
the murder weapon.

Which means I still have a
chance to take down Dr. Brennan.

Okay, look,
I like a good underdog story

as much as the next guy,
but my money's on Dr. B.

What the hell,

I thought we were,
you know, beard buddies.

Sorry, dude, but I've
worked with this woman

for over ten years,
and I have never

not once ever,
seen anyone better.

And, as for the beards,
when I look at you,

I feel like I'm looking in the
mirror, and I have a hangover.

You might want to, you know,
clean up a bit there.

I'm gonna remember
this conversation

when I'm the one running things,
and you are looking for a job.

In the world where scenario
exists, I won't need a job,

because I will be a power
forward for the Lakers.

Beneath the postmortem damage
there appears to be evidence

of hemorrhagic staining
to the cortical bone

on the right side mandible.

It's difficult to see,
of course not for me.

The bone bruising appears
to be circular in shape,

and about 25 millimeters
in diameter.

So, maybe the face
of a hammer?

The wound hardly seems
severe enough.

I mean, even the light swinging
of a hammer would result

in slight depression fracture.

Sounds like you two aren't
having any more luck than I am.

I analyzed the blood
found in the bedroom

and discovered traces
of amylase,

an enzyme found
in the salivary glands.

Which suggests that the blood
came from a nose bleed

and is not the result
of the murder.

So, the prostitute was
telling the truth.

Toby wasn't killed
in the bedroom.

Look, she still
could have killed Toby.

She just probably didn't
do it in the back bedroom.

She won't tell us
where she went after.

Probably protecting
another client.

Right, or herself.
I'll tell you what,

why don't we just ask
some of the other girls

who were at the party?
You know what?

They're all
gonna cooperate.

Please, please tell me
it isn't true.

It-it's a joke, right?
I mean, they're messing with me?

They've got to be
messing with me.

Slow down,
who's messing with you?

The other traders' wives
have been talking...

You would know.

Was Toby taking drugs...

and sleeping with other women?

Oh, my God.

It is true.

How did I not see this?
Gone all the time,

and I believed he was working.

I'm so gullible, such a fool.

Look, your husband was dealing
with a lot of problems...

Trust me, you're better off.

Not now.
Might as well face it.

Your husband stopped
loving you a long time ago.


He told me he loved me.

Every morning.

If he really
loved you,

he would've put your well-being
ahead of his own

no matter what, okay?

But he chose
to rip a family apart

in order to
get rich.

Look, that's enough.

Is it?

My-my husband might
have had problems,


he's dead.

I'm sorry, okay?

I didn't mean...

I'm sorry.

Okay, I have everything we
need to rehydrate an eyeball.

Except for a
good reason.

Well, Toby didn't care

that the hooker took
his wedding ring or his wallet.

All he wanted was
his phone, right?

Which means there's something
important in that phone.

And your eyeballs weren't
good enough to see it?

Well, there's one locked file
on the phone.

And it can only be unlocked
using Toby's iris.

Ah, so you need
to scan the iris.

I get it.

Well, I'll just inject
a little saline,

and have this raisin looking
like a grape in no time.

Wow, that is...

possibly the worst
and the most wonderful thing

I have ever seen.


All right, we're in.

So, this is an audio file.

There's 500K here, Toby.

I need this money
in Kevin Rovito's pocket

as soon as possible.

Who's Kevin Rovito?

I don't know.

I'm serious, Toby,
I want our computers

right next to their server
no matter how much it costs us.


He is the chief
technical officer

of the CitiCore Stock Exchange.

He recorded his boss
planning a bribe.

Every high-frequency trading
firm wants their computer

as close to the main
server as possible,

because it can shave off
nanoseconds of time

that it takes to make a trade.

Yeah, and one or two
in your favor can make you,

like, tens of millions
of dollars.

A 500 grand bribe is just
the cost of doing business.

Illegal business.

So, you were right
about Toby's boss.

You know one, you know 'em all.


Look, what happened
back there...

I'm really sorry,


It was out of line.

Normally I'm a good agent...
No, you are

a good agent.

So you think you got it
out of your system?

I don't know.

Well, we better
figure that out

because we just harpooned
a big whale,

and I'm gonna need some help
reeling him in.

Maybe you should take
Dr. Brennan this time.

I've been monopolizing you lately.
Look, you're the one

who said we should be
looking at Toby's boss.

Yeah, I got a, uh,
mountain of paperwork.

It should all be filed if you're
gonna bring him in, right?

Okay. All right.

Do your paperwork,
and I'll, uh...

I'll take Bones.

Let me call you back.

Mason Barnes, you're
under arrest for suspicion

to commit securities fraud.
You sure you know

what you're doing, son?
I'm a very powerful man.

Not today you're not.
Turn around. Let's go.

Booth, these handles

match the wound
we found on Toby's mandible.

Oh, and there's blood
on the corner of the desk.

This is the murder weapon.

Right. Looks like we'll
be adding a murder charge, huh?

Let's go. Come on.

There's 500K here, Toby.
I need this money

in Kevin Rovito's pocket
as soon as possible.

Toby was blackmailing you?

After all I did for
that son of a bitch,

all the money I made for him.

He just wanted more and more.

He learned
from the master,

didn't he? So what happened?
You got sick and tired

of paying him? So what
did you do? You took his head

and you just slammed him
into the desk?

As much as I'd like
to take credit for killing him,

it wasn't me.
Okay, then how do you explain

all the evidence we have on you?
I leave my office door unlocked.

Anybody could have been in there with him.
Pinning this

on "anybody," that's not gonna
help you. Good thing you have

a lot of money because lawyers
are very expensive.

Intersecting radiating
fracture line tells me

that the victim's skull
was smashed into the corner

of the desk a total
of... nine times.

Although the extent of
these injuries suggests

that Toby was dead following
the third or fourth blow.

Sounds like Mason was
really pissed off.

I guess I would've been the same.
We don't yet have

the evidence to conclude
that Mason Barnes is the killer,

Dr. Wells.
Which means

I still have a chance to be
the one to bring this case home.


you are swearing in your head
right now, aren't you?

I believe
the phrase

is "like a naval seaman."

I believe it's "like a sailor."

That's what I said.
We should focus on the top

and back portions
of the skull.

Because that's where the killer
would have placed his hands

during the beating.
The cranial sutures

would have provided
an easy exit point

for the force of the blows.

But I'm sure you knew that.

Yes. Of course.

Because the pressure
would have forced

the sutures to pop, creating...

the jagged edge.
And one of the pieces

of the exposed bone could have
easily come in contact

with the killer's hands.

Are you looking

for that microscopic nick
on the edge

of the sagittal suture?

Damn it.
There's something

in the wound.
Something shiny.

I'll give this to Dr. Hodgins
for a detailed analysis.

I guess
you just officially

handed me my ass, Dr. Brennan?

Yes. As long
as you are here,

I will consider it my obligation

to continue trying
to destroy you, Dr. Wells.

I guess I sort of asked
for that, huh?

Yes, you did.
The Spanish writer

Baltasar Gracián once wrote,

"A wise man gets more use
from his enemies

than a fool from his friends."

Don't stop trying,
Dr. Wells.

Second best can
be good enough

for many people.

Mason claims he was at home
with an escort of his own

the night
that Toby was killed.

He was kind enough to pass along
his smart phone as proof.

I'm not sure "kind"
is the right word.

Is there any way to verify
when these photos were taken?

Yeah, I'll do that now.

No, the metadata all lines up.

Looks like he was telling the truth.
He wasn't in the office that night.

Okay, so that particulate
that Dr. Brennan found

in the victim's skull, it turned
out to be a piece of emerald.

Emerald is fairly easily
to scratch.

Coming in contact
with a sharp piece of bone

could definitely chip it.

what, are we looking
for a jeweler now?

According to the Horizon server,

you logged into your computer
at 2:00 a.m.

Those files are

We got a warrant.

Okay, so I was there.

Sometimes I come in early
to work the foreign markets.

But I never saw Toby.
It was just me.

Let me get this straight.
So it was just you

and Toby there
but you never saw him?

You're actually gonna go
with that story?

You caught Toby
stealing cash

from your boss and you smashed
his head into the desk.

Wait, so now

you're saying I killed the guy

because he was stealing
someone else's money?

That's right.
Because of your famous temper.

But then again,
this wasn't about the-the money.

It was all about the team,

I want a lawyer.

I'm done talking.

There's blood
on the stone, Booth.

Look at that.
You don't have to say a word.

'Cause we have all the evidence
we need

right there.

You chipped your ring
while you were assaulting him.

It lodged
in his skull.

Y-You don't understand.
I didn't...

I didn't mean to kill him.

It was... it was an accident.
You smashed Toby's head

into the desk nine times.

I was just trying
to teach him a lesson.

I mean, without loyalty,
we're nothing.


♪ Clone ♪

♪ Caught hold
of your flood lung ♪

♪ Harbor your someone ♪

♪ Prevent me ♪

♪ Shown ♪

♪ You swoon
in your lace run... ♪

Booth told me
I could find you here.

Dr. Brennan. Just saw the news.

You two got a nice shout-out
for busting the head of Horizon.

And the murderer.

I imagine you would like
to be receiving those accolades.

Booth told you what I did, huh?


And about your father.

Yeah, that's my problem.

You know, you don't have to...

I know.

My father was a criminal, too.

I was 15 when
I was abandoned.

I-I was angry for years.

How did you...

get over it?

I didn't.

So this isn't a comforting talk.


The pain is always there.

The challenge is to not
try to make it go away.

This is really not comforting.

Fighting it is
the problem.

We fight to try and change
the past or... push it away.

But the pain
is part of who we are.

It's like the discovery
of the quark.

It upended all of our
theories about physics.

There was fury,

but it was true.

And when it was
finally accepted,

it gave us a better
understanding of life.

If we had denied it, there would
have been no progress.

That was
a really brainy analogy.

Because I'm very brainy.

It's not easy,

but... nothing of value is.


So, I left

my wallet at work. Perhaps
you'd like to buy me a beer

out of gratitude?

I'd like that very much.
I thought so.

Can we, uh, get another one?

♪ Shot, sold and bleed... ♪


There she is.
Everything go okay with Aubrey?

He'll be fine,
once he realizes

this isn't something
he can solve.

you know what,

well, I figured if anyone could
talk to him, it'd be you.

I thought I'd be home in time
to put Christine to bed.

Did I miss her?
Yeah, she's brushing

her teeth.
We had, uh, cake for dinner.

I'm kidding.

It was pie.

I gather
you're no longer upset with her

for using gateway profanity?
You know what,

I'm, uh...
I'm cutting her some slack.

The bunny didn't seem to mind.

I'm waiting
for those big four-letter words

and then I'll nail it down.

I'm proud of you, Booth.
Thank you.

Well, you know,
I'm a good guy.

Oh, really?

- I'm ready for bed.
- Aw,

I'll put her to bed.
Oh, okay.

Good night, sweetheart.
Give me a hug.

Good night, jackass.

I beg your pardon?

I said good night, jackass.

Don't look at me.

You told me not to say anything.

Well, why did
you call Mommy a jackass?

Because you said I could.

I told my teacher that, too.

Did you call your teacher
a jackass?

Yes. You said I could.

Not your teacher.
Why not?

Yeah, why not, Mom?

You're not helping, Booth.

Come on, come on, now,
Mommy's gonna talk to us.


Okay, we are gonna sit here

- and we are gonna listen to Mom explain to us
- and we are gonna listen to Mom explain to us

why not.


Yep. Waiting.

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