Bones (2005–2017): Season 10, Episode 4 - The Geek in the Guck - full transcript

The Jeffersonian team, with the help Special Agent James Aubrey, investigate the murder of a video game designer whose remains were found washed up in a river. When the team uncovers more ...

What about "breasts"? Try "breasts."
Nah, then you just get skeevy medical pictures.
Try "bikini malfunctions."
Blocked. Again.
My parents block everything!
You live in the one house in the world that can't get porn.
Wait, I heard that liz stephens
And her friends go to seneca park,
You know, by the river.
And they go topless.
Let's satellite view it.
Oh, my god. There!
Dude, no way you can see boobs from that far away.
Then zoom in, idiot!
Make 'em big.
If that's liz stephens, I'm totally instagramming it.
Shut up and zoom.
Oh, my god! Holy crap!
This is even cooler than boobs.
Come on, christine, if you want to be a big girl,
You got to eat your breakfast. It's good for you.
Mommy says size is determined genetically.
Any ideas?
Yes, there's a chinese immersion kindergarten
That we should definitely visit.
No, I'm talking about eating breakfast here for her.
Not... Forget about the schools right now. She's not eating.
Without the vitamins d, c and e in the food,
You could suffer from asthma, anemia,
Truncal and limb ataxia, sweetheart.
Booth: That's not gonna work, bones. You don't...
Look at that.
How'd you do that?
There are 113 kindergartens in the area, booth.
Choosing the right one for christine is a critical choice.
We don't have to worry about that right now.
We've got a lot of time.
Okay, worst-case scenario--
We can always go to brandon elementary,
Right down the street.
Their student-to-teacher ratio is 14 to one, booth.
That's way too high.
Wow. Mom is getting really serious with this.
Christine deserves a clearly structured program
That will stimulate her intellectual growth.
Right, but she also needs a program
That encourages kids, you know, (cell phone rings)
To skin their knees every once in a while,
Or draw pictures
That they could put up on the refrigerator...
Brennan. Oh, okay.
(whispering): Got to help me out here.
Okay, I'll be right there.
A body arrived at the lab.
All right, I-I got this one.
Don't worry. Maybe we should ask christine
What she would like. (whispering): Go ahead.
I want to learn to be chinese.
Well, um... Okay.
You know, I-I'll let you handle that.
We'll discuss it later. I love you both.
I love you.
Love you. Mwah.
Daddy. Yeah.
If I'm chinese,
Will I still be able to skin my knees?
Definitely be able to skin your knees.
Don't worry about it. Promise! (giggles)
The victim has a narrow sciatic notch
And partially defined lower extremities on the pubic face.
A white male in his 20s.
That's what I said.
This was totally a revenge killing.
Based on...?
The old gutsky.
Ms. Warren, in this lab we make conclusions
Based on facts, not intuition.
I had a gut feeling you'd say that.
Hodgins: Based on blowfly larvae, the body was
On the riverbank for two and a half days.
Well, comparing the remains to this satellite image
That was taken two days ago,
The degree of marbling in the abdomen
Puts time of death about six days ago.
Basic math dictates the victim was in the river
For three and a half days.
Is our work interfering with your social life, ms. Warren?
Mm. No. Not at all.
Who would cut out somebody's eyes, nose, lips and ears?
A chelydra serpentina. It's no psycho killer, (cell phone dings and buzzes)
It's just an eastern snapping turtle having a little snack.
Ms. Warren. I second that.
Sorry, sorry. There's total drama at the house.
All the people I live with are freaking out.
All the people?
Yeah, there's like 19 of us now.
19? Yeah.
There were a lot more while I was growing up.
Oh, I have so many questions.
(cell phone dings and buzzes) as have I. About the remains.
Yeah, I am on it. Totally.
(clears throat)
The ligaments have irregular, frayed ends
Consistent with tearing.
She's right, the arms were torn off.
Well, don't blame the turtle for that.
Booth should know about this.
So, you grew up in a commune?
God, no.
An educational cooperative.
There were 37 of us including parents.
Okay, now I just have more questions.
An educa...
Hey, bones.
This is not an accident victim.
The irregular, frayed ligaments
In both shoulder joints indicate the arms were torn off.
You know, it's probably gang-related.
Gangs think it's smart to weigh down their bodies
By their arms or legs before dumping them in the water.
Victim also has perimortem fracturing related to a beating.
Wait a second, a beating before dumping?
You know what, there's a good chance this murder was payback.
That's what I said.
Well, I said "revenge killing,"
But same difference.
It was a gut call.
Yeah, that's nice, though.
I like the gut call.
Thanks. (whispering): That's not allowed here.
That is correct.
Using your gut in the field is one thing,
But there is absolutely no room for guts in my lab.
Then... What do I, uh... Do with these?
Body washed up here, near old sugarland run.
Any gang-related activity nearby?
Downstream about 15 miles.
All right. Look, they wouldn't drive that far upstream
To dump a body.
So, any I.D. Yet?
No, and I don't know how there ever will be
With the remains they have to work with.
Never, ever underestimate a squint, okay?
I've seen them solve a crime
With two fingers and a bottle cap.
And I thought I was smart.
I mean, I am, but not that way.
Dr. Hodgins said the clothing scraps were made up
Of, uh, worn jeans, t-shirts, all low-rent stuff.
All right.
Aubrey, what do you remember
About your kindergarten experience?
Whoa, wow.
You really don't trust me
If my background check's going back that far.
Bones is... She's talking about, uh, schools,
You know, for christine.
Okay. So, fighting, are we?
Excuse me?
Isn't, uh, education one of the big subjects,
Up there with, uh, sex and money?
We're discussing.
Discussing. Right.
Just forget it. Just forget it.
Look, everyone's too precious about school nowadays.
They call coloring a small motor skill.
To me, if you're interested in something, you get smart at it.
Yeah, exactly. Like this case.
Which we know nothing about.
And we will work until we get answers, right?
Warren: The exit wound on the squamous region
Of the right temporal bone measures 8.5 centimeters.
The victim also suffered fractures to the l-3 and l-4.
Okay, it's gonna be tough to I.D.
Without eyes, ears, lips or a nose,
But I'll give it a shot.
Hey, so 19 of you actually lived in the same house?
Yeah. Oh, wait-- no.
Sam just left for juilliard, so there's 18.
Not work-related, I know.
I'll zip it.
You said it was an educational cooperative.
The only one I'm aware of in this area
Was run by a professor from stanford who...
Yeah. Barrett.
Barrett mclaughlin.
You've heard about him?
Yes, I'm surprised that someone with your academic acumen
Was involved with his experiment.
Well, I'm like the least accomplished person
In barrett's cooperative.
There's blue discoloration on the victim's central incisors.
That could indicate lead or mercury.
Well, depending on the amount of toxins,
The victim may have been poisoned.
All right. Well, I'll take a sample for the mass spec.
But mclaughlin's disregard for rigorous teaching models
Would belie academic accomplishments.
To a rigid traditionalist, sure.
But we have a pulitzer prize winner, a concert cellist,
And two rhodes scholars.
So, what's the problem with the commune?
Cooperative. Barrett's leaving.
And everyone knows that that means the experiment is over.
I was born there.
Mm... That's sad. Perhaps it's for the best.
His experiment was probably anomalous.
I think you could have used a little time with us.
I... Think I know what the victim's last meal was.
Chinese food.
Two rhodes scholars?
Hodgins: Hey, how's it coming?
You're just in time for us to put back
What the turtles snapped away.
So, this is an estimate,
But it's close enough to grab any matches that come up.
I found out what happened to jessica's professor.
Oh, yeah?
He checked into a retirement home.
Oh, wow.
Out of one commune and into another.
Well, actually it's consistent.
But it must have been really fun growing up like that.
Come on. That's not so different
Than how you grew up, right?
Being on the road with your dad and the rest of the band.
I mean, it beats me,
Dressing up in a little suit and tie for school.
So, I guess no private school for michael vincent?
No, public school is perfectly fine.
Especially since that's the only thing we can afford.
Yeah, there's that.
Oh, let's see what missing persons came up with.
Hodgins: Oh, man.
You know him?
It's hayes robertson.
He's a-- he's a gazillionaire video game designer.
Okay, then why is he wearing such crappy clothes?
Well, he's a gamer.
It's couch potato chic.
He had a roommate?
I thought he was wealthy.
Well, you know, he was a geek, okay?
Money doesn't, uh, mean the same thing to them.
Okay. (whistles)
If he was killed here, they would've cleaned up.
Does it look like they clean, bones? I don't think so.
Noah gummersall. Fbi.
Anyone home? Door was open.
Booth, someone's coming.
Are you kidding me?
How can I help you?
Stop. Right there, okay?
Fbi, agent booth.
Looking for, uh, noah gummersall.
I'm noah gummersall.
Is there a human entity we can talk to?
Well, I'm in my office, but this should do.
No, it won't do, okay?
We need to ask you a few questions
About your roommate who was murdered.
Oh, my god.
He's... Yeah.
Follow me.
Follow you.
Ah, there he is, mr. Robot-man.
You go right here.
You sure it was hayes? I mean, I just saw him.
Oh, really? Because, you know, he's been dead for days.
Well, I just-just meant sometimes I wouldn't
See him for a week at a time, but...
So the night he was killed. Tuesday?
Tuesday. I saw him Tuesday.
We-we ordered takeout.
You had chinese food.
Lo mein noodles, kung pao chicken.
Yeah, how'd you know?
(phone ringing)
What are you doing?
It's chloe.
My girlfriend.
I have to tell her the news.
She's gonna be crushed. Why don't you just focus right now,
And put that down, because you are
A potential suspect in a murder investigation.
Hayes and I have been best friends since kindergarten.
Uh, and where did you attend kindergarten, mr....
Bones, really? That's not the time.
Tuesday night, where were you?
Here. I'm-I'm always here.
I left here two times in the past three months.
What are you doing? Checking for blood
And bone fragments.
Are you allowed to do it? Is she allowed to do that?
I'm sorry, do you work? Sure I do.
I-I test video games
For hayes.
You and hayes had a joint checking account?
Uh, well, that was sort of
How I got paid, and I'm pretty sure
You're not allowed to just go through my things.
So you basically just write a check
From a rich person's account whenever you want.
You make that sound bad.
Well, it is bad,
Because that rich person is dead,
And you get all the money.
Oh, my god.
The heater!
The heater? From the game.
It's a weapon that can only
Be operated by those pure of heart.
Okay, aubrey, don't geek out.
You're here as an agent, all right?
No, I'm just saying it's an awesome game, you know?
Hayes robertson was a g...
Oh, dude, kro-no the snow giant!
Are you kidding me?
Really? Okay, what, do I have to give you quarters now
So you can play the arcade games?
Come on, you'd be just as excited
If we were at a... What are you into?
Gardening? I'm into
Solving a murder.
Good point. Can we just focus?
I'm anne schamberg. You asked to speak to me about hayes?
Yeah, fbi special agent booth.
This here is... Special agent aubrey.
Hayes was a friend. Whatever I can do.
So, hayes robertson, what was your relationship with him?
I was the number two programmer under hayes.
We worked side-by-side developing games.
Sometimes 24/7.
Now that he's dead,
Does that make you number one programmer?
Acting head programmer, yes.
What about his friend there, uh, noah?
He started out as a programmer. Noah and I actually dated
When immersion games started up,
And trust me, he's harmless.
Can we walk and talk?
I got to be on the gaming stage, and I can't be late.
Wait, we-we can see the actual stage
Where the games are shot?
Yes. Yeah. A-aubrey.
That could be very important for the case.
The case.
Warren: I found a ring fracture
At the base of the skull.
The skull must have struck something
With sufficient impact to snap back into the c1,
Causing the ring fracture.
I've seen fractures on the remains
Of suicide victims
Who have leapt from cliffs or bridges.
So it's caused when the skull makes impact with the water.
The exit wound wasn't an exit wound.
It started as a depression fracture
Caused by blunt force trauma of some kind.
And when the body was dumped,
The face-first impact into the river
Pushed water through the oral and nasal cavities
With enough pressure to cause the depression fracture
To explode outward.
We still don't have cause of death.
Right, but at least we know that the body was dropped
Into the river from a great height. So, if we can figure out
The height from which the body was dropped...
We can find out from where the body was dropped.
And hopefully retrieve the victim's arms,
Which are likely still submerged at the drop site.
This was a beautiful cooperative moment.
Did you feel it?
This is where our actors play out the game scenarios
In motion-capture suits.
The graphics artists then turn them
Into creatures and characters.
This is the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life. Aubrey.
But it does not compare with my daily service to my country.
Look, did hayes have any enemies?
Jen and hayes got into it sometimes.
Jen as in jen park, your cfo?
Sounds like the frustrated cfo butts heads
With her control freak game creator.
Was there any arguments last week? Anything like that?
I guess they kind of got into it over one
Of our new games, the crusher. Hayes wouldn't even show her.
The crusher already had a release date, though, didn't it?
I had an order in.
Anne: Lots of people did.
A delay would be...
Costly, I guess, is the right word.
How costly?
$20 million or so. Wow. Okay then.
With hayes out of the picture, jen can come in
And just get that game released on time.
Jen: You were late.
I was here ten minutes ago.
Are you bringing friends in here?
Would you like to keep your job, schamberg?
Okay, slow down. Fbi. We have a few questions for you
About the murder of hayes robertson.
My attorney's number.
And since there is proprietary information
On this stage and since we, uh,
Clearly don't trust each other,
I'd like you to leave.
Aubrey, let's go.
I'm sorry, what is going on here,
Hodgins? Hey. Well,
I've harnessed these shock cords to the ground
Using dichromatic hooks lifted
By an anchor pulley. We
Built a human slingshot. Yes. To figure out
How far the body dropped into the river.
Okay. Uh, we could've used the angelatron for that.
It wouldn't have been as accurate.
Excuse me?
Uh... Tell her. Tell her why.
Yeah, okay. Um, right, so-so here's why.
So I-I took a sample of the potomac river,
You know, where the body was found
And I-I had to recreate the viscosity, the temperature,
As well as the particulate matter in order
To try and... I-I could've entered those variables.
Sweet wife,
Please let a man have his toys.
Barrett taught us that we learn better by using
Our hands-- the kinesthesiology of knowledge.
Show her how it works, curly. Yeah,
So what we do is we actually take a dummy,
We hoist it up using the pulley system,
And then... We let her rip.
We need to duplicate the victim's injuries
By matching the force impact into the water.
Here we go.
Angie, would you like to do the honors?
You know cam is gonna kill us.
(clears throat)
All right, the sensors show that the ribs and skull
Didn't hit the water with sufficient impact.
What the hell is this?
Hi. Oh, um, this, uh, here, um...
This is the kinesthesiology of-of knowledge.
And this couldn't have been done
On your multimillion- dollar computer? Uh, no.
No. It couldn't, actually. I tried, but...
(scoffs) such a drag-- it just didn't work out, so we're
Here... With this. (machine humming)
And now we have to do it all again
With more force.
(whispers): Hey. Let her.
Um, cam, would you like to help us out
By pulling the lever?
(clears throat)
Me next.
So the killer had to be able to drag the victim
To the bridge, tie on the weights and throw him off.
Well, jen park, she's a strong woman. She could do that. It appears as if jen and hayes
Have had a long-standing rivalry. Well, the only problem
Is jen is hiding behind a lot of expensive lawyers.
So you need more to bring her in? I need more.
I need a lot more. Angela is trying to decrypt
Hayes robertson's laptop. Perhaps she'll find
Some correspondence between the two.
Perhaps, right.
So, bones, you know, I've been thinking about christine.
And school. Right? There's a great public school
Right in our area. The neighborhood kids, they love it.
There's a great playground there, it's... So you want to stop
Looking and settle because of a playground?
No, I'm not saying that. Look, I trust you,
All right, and your take on all this. I went to
Five schools before I was nine. And you?
12 before university. And you know what?
We turned out fine. Better than fine.
I hated it.
I had no consistency. I had to make a way for myself
When I was too young to do it. I want to give christine more.
(phone rings) I want her to have a better life than I did growing up.
Brennan. Hodgins: Hey, dr. B.
So the body was dropped from a height of 85 to 95 feet.
Now, there's only one bridge on the potomac
Within that height range that's upstream from
Where the body washed up.
Hodgins found the bridge
From where the body was thrown. If we can
Retrieve the arms, perhaps we can
Get cause of death or at least
Discover some defensive injuries.
Well, okay, I'll call aubrey
And see if we can get a team of divers to search for them.
(laughs) what-what
Was that noise, dr. Hodgins? Oh, just confirming
Our data. You can never be too thorough.
The divers found the arms under the bridge
Tied to the weight.
The water kept them in good shape.
Guy had nice guns.
There are deep lacerations and defensive wounds
Along both arms and hands.
We need to untie the wrists and prep them for x rays.
Ooh. These suckers are tied tight. Perhaps
I can assist. Assist?
That's a first. Well, ms. Warren
Is used to a cooperative environment, I...
I thought I would see what it was like.
Did the earth stop spinning, too?
I visited mclaughlin's web site and read
His mission statement. I expected to be displeased
By his disdain for private schools'
Competitive and elitist focus.
While a hopeless idealist,
His theories have a clean and
Inviting logic to them. Too bad you and christine
Can't join now that the cooperative's disbanding.
The idea of a communal wardrobe wouldn't work for me.
Oh, god. Me neither.
Nearly all of these wounds are perimortem.
So we can rule out turtles. Please swab
And clean the bones as quickly as possible, ms. Warren.
And you'll assist?
Aubrey: How's the hack going?
Ah, slowly but surely. Hey, you don't have to come here
For an update, you know. I know.
But, you know, all this equipment...
Come on. How cool is this?
Yeah, and then there's me.
(laughs) so,
Unfortunately, hayes robertson was a brilliant programmer.
Who happened to be an anal control freak. Yeah.
But that's the good part.
Guys like hayes-- everything they do is digital.
And it's all saved. E-mails, meetings.
I can tell you where he went, what he ate.
I'm gonna start decrypting it now. It's incredibly cool.
I'm sensing a little computer envy.
Well, ah, I just got an awesome new laptop.
Little smaller than this, but not the size, right?
No. It's... It's the size.
While I'm waiting for the arms to be cleaned,
I reexamined the ribs.
I found remodeled microfractures on the sternal rib ends
Bilaterally on ribs eight and six, and
Two additional fractures on the fourth rib on the right side.
What caused them?
I'm feeling they're punches because of what he was into.
It's true, the games were violent fighting games.
And look at the pattern. There's six of them.
Is six relevant? Yeah.
According to the video that aubrey took on his cell phone.
There. Four ascending symmetrical punches up the ribs
Followed by two left blows.
These injuries match the moves made by the giant minotaur.
When can I get my bones, curly?
Soon. I added tergazyme to speed up the process.
Because if we can match the injuries on these arms
To the injuries we just found on the ribs,
We might find cause of death.
You're pressuring me. Is it working? 'cause I want
To show dr. Brennan
That genius and flaky aren't mutually exclusive.
Okay, all right, I guess a bit more tergazyme couldn't hurt.
So, how have you been?
That's the opening line of a very boring conversation.
No. I just mean that now that professor mclaughlin's leaving,
And your commune... Cooperative.
...Cooperative is-is breaking up.
It's no biggie.
Barrett said change is the one reality we can count on.
Trying to hang on to our expectation-- that is death.
Yeah, but these are the people that you grew up with.
I mean, that's your family.
Yeah, and they always will be wherever we are.
Wow. That's a very healthy way
To look at the diaspora of your commu... Operative.
Hmm. They look done.
Yeah. You want to do the honors? Mm-hmm.
I think I'm in the mood for ribs tonight.
(grunting) ¶ hello, how you doing? I'm a loony bin ¶
¶ depending on what mood I'm in, that's word to brand nubian ¶
¶ certified kraftwerk, ribkat-- first name backwards ¶
¶ king kong kickin' in the building, killin' rap nerds ¶
¶ yeah, get a dose of it, snap your collarbone, dummy ¶
¶ funny how I got the globe rolled into dope money... ¶
That cute squint laid out the specific six-punch combination
That would have caused the injuries to the victim's body.
That cute squint? Yeah, my bureau training taught me
To be precise when using language.
She's a squint, and she is cute.
Yeah. Got it.
Dude, that's it. That's the six-punch combo right there.
That'd be our guy. It's got to be our guy.
Fbi. Take a break, huh?
I don't care who you are.
We're in the middle of something here. Get off my stage.
Okay, I don't think he understands. He doesn't understand.
Okay, hi. (snaps fingers) we're from the fbi. Oh, you're from
Some sort of cop game. Then you should know about ruining
An entire sequence. Now get off my stage before I make you.
Okay, you just need to relax there, mr. Lite-brite, okay?
We have permission to be here, okay?
I am special agent booth.
I warned you. (grunting)
He doesn't understand.
That was a big mistake, buddy.
Oh. Okay, that was a bigger mistake.
Aah. Shoulder's hurting, rotator cuff.
You want to get this one?
Sure. Okay.
(groaning and grunting)
Look at that.
We restrained a manotaur.
Uh, minotaur. Whatever.
Man: I admit it.
I beat up hayes... But he deserved it.
Hayes robertson employed you for over six years.
That didn't give him the right to steal my idea.
As if he wasn't rich enough.
What idea? I came up with the crusher.
He took credit for it.
That game's even based on my move. Booth: Your move.
Wow. I'm thinking the boss betrays him,
And he wants revenge.
Okay. Okay, look.
I was out one night across town at, like, 2:00 a.M.
When I randomly ran across hayes on the street.
I confronted him about stealing my game.
He called me a troll, which I'm not.
I'm a minotaur. So, I beat him up.
You used the same move on him that he programmed
Into the game. Irony, right?
He just forgot about it? He didn't fire you or anything?
I expected it, but after I punched him,
Hayes went down, and this really expensive bracelet
Fell out of his pocket.
How'd you know it was really expensive?
I used to work security for a jewelry dealer, and believe me,
These diamonds were real and big.
Anyway, hayes just grabbed the bracelet and ran off.
Next day, I'm waiting to get fired, and all he said was,
"don't worry about it. It never happened."
Booth: Okay, so you're telling me
That he was willing to forget
About the beating because of a bracelet?
Look on his face.
He wanted me to keep quiet about that bracelet.
I don't know why, but he was willing to happily bleed for it.
So this is what was on hayes robertson's computer?
Yeah, I got everything from million-dollar video game ideas
To e-mails from nigerian bankers.
Anything more than
Snooping on his private life?
Well, no. That was enough.
The cloud updated everything from his phone,
Including everywhere he went.
Oh, because of the gps on his cell. Right.
Now, these are the places he visited in the past month.
Isn't this where he was beaten up by
Travis leete?
(computer chirps)
316 north sycamore avenue.
Yeah, it's a location
He's visited six times in the past month.
And according to the time stamps,
Usually in the middle of the night.
Sounds like he was having an affair.
A single 26-year-old guy doesn't need to sneak around.
Maybe he was seeing a married woman.
Agent booth, it's aubrey here.
Listen, I think I found out
Where robertson was going with that bracelet.
So angela did find the apartment? Yeah.
But no one's here. Who's on the lease?
Well, that's the interesting part. Chloe blanchard.
Robertson was visiting his roommate's girlfriend?
That's what it looks like.
All right, well, bring her in.
I'd love to, but the place is empty.
Looks like chloe grabbed her stuff and moved out.
And there's nothing there? No way to find her?
Well, angela pulled the images
Off her social media accounts.
She ran chloe's picture against online images using
Facial recognition software.
Okay, well, did she get a hit? Aubrey: Yeah.
Chloe was tagged in multiple pictures, two of which
Were taken today in wexford. Booth: Wexford.
That's only, what, like, 30 miles away. I'll tell you what.
I'll get a local p.D. And have 'em pick her up.
Okay, but in the pictures,
Chloe was tagged under a different name.
Tell them they'll be looking for an alice kelly.
Wait a second. You're telling me that she moved
To the next town over and changed her name?
My guess is, she knows she got herself in the middle
Of something she wants nothing to do with.
Right, well, you know, just pick her up.
Maybe she can tell us what she knows about noah.
I know if I found out
My best friend was sleeping with my girlfriend,
I'd have a murderous thought or two.
I feel guilty not being at the lab.
I don't. I found the girl, so I can chill.
And you have jessica, so, you can, too.
You'll feel guiltier
When christine grows up and says you worked too much.
It's nice spending time together,
Just us, like we used to.
Yeah, except now we're talking about day care rather than sex.
I had extremely satisfying sex last night, actually.
It began in the tub. (laughs)
You guys like the tub, don't you? Yes.
When hodgins and I feel like getting a little crazy,
We go to the kitchen.
We always get hungry afterwards,
So then we just don't have to move.
I can't fault your logic. Christine?
You have reached your maximum
Potential energy on the swing.
Lower your center of gravity, please.
Does she actually know what you're saying?
Of course.
Michael vincent?
If you run up that slide one more time,
I'm never feeding you again.
He understands me, too.
Do you think I'm incapable of being open to new ideas?
Is this about jessica's commune?
Cooperative, but yes.
I want to guarantee christine will have
The best possible education, but some of these schools
That are so free-form, I'm...
I don't know how to trust something
With no formal structure.
Well, do you want to?
Well, I think it would be a good balance for christine
Since she lives with me, but I don't know if I can.
Hmm. You know, the way I figure it,
They're going to blame us for everything
That goes wrong in their lives anyway,
So you might as well just do what feels right for you.
I'm not sure what that is.
Although I didn't think I would like the tub the first time.
(phone rings)
Yes, I'll be right there.
Uh, that was ms. Warren.
She found some carpal fractures. Do you think that you...?
Yeah, I'll drop them back off at day care,
And I'll be ten behind you. Thanks.
Yeah. Christine?
Brennan: Where are the fractures, ms. Warren?
I found postmortem carpal fractures
In the trapezium, lunate and scaphoid,
Where the victim was tied to the heavy weight.
None of which would kill the victim.
Right, but I also found two splintered
Fractures on the humerus. The plotting
Of the fractures indicates blunt force trauma
By a rounded weapon.
The angle at which the weapon splintered the humerus
Would have caused a laceration to the subclavian artery.
Causing the victim to go into irreversible shock
Within minutes while he bled to death.
You found cause of death, ms. Warren.
I did my part, but we found it.
I'll have dr. Hodgins swab the humeral fractures.
Already did.
How long am I going to be here?
Well, you know, that really depends on you, noah.
The sooner you cooperate, the sooner you can get out of here.
I'm cooperating.
You know, we just recently found out that your
Good buddy hayes was visiting your girlfriend chloe
Repeatedly at night.
Doesn't make any sense. Kind of makes sense to me.
She is a good-looking girl.
We think they were having an affair.
It's not possible.
Definitely is possible, and if you found out
About that, you probably would become very angry.
I know hayes, I know chloe.
Neither of them would ever do that!
You just need to settle down. Then stop lying
To me. I'm not lying. I'm just
Presenting you the facts.
Agent booth, she's here. I just told her
To wait outside. Right. Come on in.
Who is? Chloe? She's here?
Uh... Ask her.
She'll tell you she never cheated on me.
She loves me. Ask her. Chloe?
Just settle down.
No. Chloe!
Hi. This is so crazy,
But you didn't sleep with hayes, right? You love me.
Tell 'em.
Who the hell are you?
Aubrey: So noah's never even met chloe
In person? No, look, he only knew
Of her online.
But she doesn't know him at all.
Because that girl right there is not the one
That he was chatting with, okay?
She is just an innocent bystander.
Okay, hayes robertson, okay,
Stole images of her on the internet and created chloe.
So chloe never changed her name to alice. Aubrey,
She was always alice.
Hayes catfished noah. Exactly.
Since he knew that noah never left his place,
He could keep the scam going because these two
Would probably never meet. Guy was a control freak, all right?
He created chloe in order to control his best friend.
If noah didn't know he was being catfished and he'd never met chloe before,
Then he doesn't have a motive to kill hayes.
Are you with me now? Mm-hmm.
I'll go talk to him. You stay here.
I'm so embarrassed.
I thought I was talking to you every day.
I sent you gifts.
You did? Really? Yeah.
This... Beautiful bracelet. Diamonds.
I thought you'd love it.
Diamonds? 'cause of your eyes.
The way they shine, they remind me of diamonds.
I'm sorry.
I'm an idiot. Uh, no. No, I,
(door opens)
He sent me jewelry.
No, no. He didn't s...
No, alice, he didn't send you jewelry, okay?
He sent chloe jewelry.
Got it? Okay, so... Neither one of you
Had any idea about what was going on here?
Not at all. No.
You never saw or talked
To hayes robertson?
I never even heard of him before now.
I can't believe he would do that to you.
I mean, you're so... Sweet.
I don't think so. No, you are. If he wasn't dead,
I'd kill him myself.
It's just... None of this
Makes any sense. I know it's hard for you to take
All this in right now, but, hayes...
Your buddy was a bad guy.
I mean it-it literally doesn't make sense.
If hayes was chloe this whole time,
Then who have I been chatting with online all week
After he died?
You kept talking to him? Chloe was saying
She wanted to break up.
I was trying to save my relationship. I would never
Break up online.
I'll give you my computers,
My-my phone. Check the logs.
It couldn't have been hayes.
Do you really think
My eyes shine?
Hey, so I used the scanning electron microscope
And pyrolysis and found flakes of gray paint
In the humeral fractures, as well
As polypropylene particulates. Motion capture markers.
Please explain. The sensor balls
Used on motion capture suits to make 3-d animation.
Like the type the video game actors wore at immersion. That's right. Yeah.
So the gray paint plus the motion capture markers... Combined with
The depression fracture on the skull caused by a flat surface weapon...
As well as the blunt force trauma
To the humerus caused by a rounded edge.
I know the weapon.
This is the video that aubrey shot on his cell phone. Brennan: The shield.
It has a flat surface with a rounded edge. It's painted gray
And has motion capture markers on it.
It has to be the weapon. Yeah. Here is where we really
Hit the jackpot. I accessed immersion's server
Through robertson's computer to see if there was any data
Captured by the markers on the shield.
So it turns out that the murder took place on the gaming stage,
So we have a full 3-d motion capture video of it.
Saroyan: Is it still rendering?
No, this is
All robertson's computer captured.
Because neither the murderer nor the victim
Wore motion capture suits. So...
All we have is the movement of the murder weapon.
That's all I need. Please replay the video using
A figure of robertson's physique. And then
Have the movements
And the strikes determine the assailant's height and weight.
The assailant was approximately five-eight,
120 pounds.
And the killer was also right-handed
But had more power
With swings arcing from the left.
From the size, probably a woman
Who was weaker on her dominant side.
Aubrey: Anne schamberg? Booth: Yeah, noah said
When he dated her, it was actually robertson who set them up.
Hayes robertson set up his best friend with his programmer,
Then turned around and broke them up.
Right. They were actually talking
About moving in together. But robertson
Didn't like that because he wouldn't be able
To control them anymore. He created chloe
To break them up, okay? What, it's a perfect way
To keep his best friend and his best programmer
In his pocket, right?
Whoa. Okay, there you are. Yes.
Stuck in traffic?
Brennan: I've been here. All right, let's go.
So you failed to mention that noah broke up with you
Because of chloe.
I don't see why that's relevant.
You suspected robertson was behind it.
You see, robertson, he's a control freak.
So what do you do? You confronted him and,
What, he humiliated you, right?
Made fun of you. And that's when you snapped.
Which is why you killed him. No, I didn't.
No, that's when you took over chloe's online account, right?
So that you could pretend to be chloe, right?
Break up with noah and you could have him all to yourself.
(chuckles) that's ridiculous.
Can you take your cardigan off and stand up, please?
Why? Let's not make this any more difficult
Than it has to be, ms. Schamberg.
She's your killer, booth.
What? We subpoenaed your medical files. In high school,
You ruptured
Your right patellar tendon
And tore the meniscus
In the same knee.
So? So years of dealing
With a significantly weaker right knee would cause you
To compensate for the injury.
The muscle mass in the left side of your body became
Approximately five percent bigger than your right.
Brennan: Yes. It would also cause her to move
Exactly like this when she killed hayes robertson
On the video stage.
I love noah.
I asked hayes, why would he break us up?
He laughed and said we were just characters in his game.
We're people.
Noah and I are people.
We just wanted a life together.
We just wanted a life together.
¶ I've been searching
¶ the fossil that once was a fawn ¶
¶ I've been waiting
¶ for the sun to rise up with the dawn ¶
¶ sleeping for 21 hours a day
¶ fending the doctors away
¶ bleeding decay...
You want any help?
Oh. No, thanks. I am almost done.
Well, then can I maybe buy you an after-arrest drink?
Man, I would love that, but angie and I--
We got to get home to the little guy. Oh, yeah.
Yeah, that's fine. It's fine.
Totally get it.
You okay?
Yeah. Why?
Because you just lost your home today and you don't seem okay.
Uh, I told you... (chuckles)
Change is one of the foundations of the cooperative.
Without change, there is no life.
Right. But sometimes change can be painful,
And we can hate it. Like the transient receptor potential
In drosophila melanogaster.
(crying softly)
(sniffles) I have no idea what that is,
But it's probably right. (crying)
(sniffles) uh... Montenegro: Whoa.
Whoa, wh-what did you do to her,
Hodgins? He was just really,
Really confusing and really, really nice.
(chuckles, sighs, chuckles)
I lost everything.
I lost my family.
(sobs) well, thank god you're not trying to hold it
Together anymore. (sobs, chuckles)
Come on. You're coming home with us.
After michael vincent goes to sleep,
We're gonna open a bottle of barolo
And... No, um,
You know, I can't. Um...
No, I can't.
So the only family that you can be a part of is that commune?
Come on. Get your stuff.
You're coming home with us. Come on.
(chuckling, sniffles) okay.
(sniffles) but it's a cooperative.
Ooh. Noah and alice went off together?
Yeah, they really hit it off. I mean, I guess there really is
A silver lining, even in...
Murder. Whoa, whoa. Wait a second. What's this?
No work at home, remember? This is my research for christine's schools.
Oh, no, bones. After reading professor mclaughlin's book,
I realized that my expectations were as rigid
As my approach to finding the right school.
So all the ratings and the...
Kindergarten language requirements, what,
Are you just gonna toss those out the door? Yes.
I'm leaving them to you.
Yes. You are far more open-minded than I am.
And since I would never consider wearing a beer hat in the tub,
Far less rigid.
Well, thanks, bones. I...
That's a compliment, right? More of a statement
Of fact. You can choose any of these.
I've pre-screened them
So you're only dealing with the best. The best.
What about the, uh, public school down the road?
It's not in there. I've listed my reasons
On page four. Of course, you can choose it if you'd like.
So if all this goes wrong, it's my fault.
Yes. But I-I trust you'll make the right decision.
Why do I feel like this is not a victory?
I feel remarkably good, actually. Mm-hmm.
And, um, speaking of the tub...
Mmm... (laughs)
(chuckles) well, the dishes are done, christine's asleep...
Yes! (whoops) no beer hat, booth.
I will fill 'er up.
N... Booth, come on. No beer hat. I'm not that open-minded. Come on.
You were last night. I'm far too rigid to enjoy something like that.
Rigid? The hat'll help. Come on. One sip.
What's that mean?