Bones (2005–2017): Season 10, Episode 20 - The Woman in the Whirlpool - full transcript

A cookie-jar collector's body is found near a river, and the killer may be a fellow kitchenware enthusiast. Meanwhile, Booth struggles to accept Brennan's decision to move out of their house due to his gambling addiction.

Previously on Bones...

Any big emotional change, even
good, can trigger a relapse.

I don't understand;
he just read your text.

He might have
too good of a hand.

So what? He's there
to catch a murderer.

He's an addict.

And you checked in
with your sponsor?

Why do I feel like
I'm being interrogated?

I need to put 200
on the Cardinals.

I'm here to collect
on a debt. $30,000.

Jimmy, your bookie, came here.

I paid him everything you owe.

This-this was a mistake,
all right?

Look, I made one bet,
that was it.

I need you to leave.

Jesus said, "Go and make
disciples of all nations,

"baptizing them
in the name of the Father,

the Son and the Holy Spirit."


Brother Tepper has accepted
the message of the Lord

and has chosen this day
to be saved.

Uh, it's okay
if I hold my nose, right?

Do not resist,
Brother Tepper.

For with this water,
there can be no death.


Oh, Lord, please!

Help us, Lord!

Begone, Satan!

Begone, Satan!


Our kids get along
really well, don't they?

I wish I could say the same
about Booth and me.

Yeah, well, you did kick him
out of the house, sweetie.

misses him so much.

Is he still going
to his meetings?

That's what he says.

Is the baby kicking?

Mm, every time
I talk about Booth.

This is gonna
work out, Brennan.

Booth has a problem,
but he's a good man.

God, grant me
the serenity to accept

the things I cannot change,

the courage to change
the things I can,

and the wisdom to know
the difference.

Keep coming back.

It works if you work it.



How you holding up?
I'm doing great.

Just settled into my new place.

Yeah, so...

You know, I think
it would really help

if you shared
with the group next time.

Yeah, you know, I'm fine.
Being here is good enough.

Not really, Booth.

There's got to be some stuff
you need to work through.

Come on, look, you've been
my sponsor for years, right?

I mean, you know me.
All right?

Uh, I'm trying.

Sure, but...

Tell you what, you know
how you could help?

Give Bones a call and tell
her how good I'm doing here.

That... that's good.

You know it doesn't
work that way.

The only way to heal your
marriage is to work on yourself.

That means participate here.

Share your story
during the meeting.

You know that's
the way it works.

Same time next week.


Seems odd that somebody
would dump a body

in such a public place.

Well, the only person
who put the body here

was Mother Nature.

Somebody tossed the body into
the river from way upstream.

Isn't Booth coming?

Uh, he had a meeting.

Why? You don't trust me
to handle things here?

I'm just worried about
my friend, that's all.

So any chance of I.D.?

Small brow ridges
and sharp upper orbital borders

indicate female.

The pubic symphyseal
faces suggest

she was in her
early 50s.


Sorry I'm late. What'd I miss?

Well, first of all,
we're missing a left arm.

Plus, judging from the jag marks
on the victim's back,

she didn't go into the water

Well, it's the Potomac--
who would?

I also found some unusual
sculpting of the bones.

Looks like someone took a power
sander to the skull there.

It's so smooth.
It could be a sign

of metabolic disease
or postmortem damage.

Or if the
body was pushed up

against a rock wall inside
a strong hydraulics system.

Like a whirlpool?
Exactly. Yeah.

Meeting go okay?

It's anonymous for a reason,
okay, Aubrey?

I just want to do my job.
Where's the arm?

We're not sure. But
if it's still in there,

Nautilus Jr.'s gonna find it.


Swim, buddy, swim.

Geez. You'd think
people would take better care

of the only habitable planet
in our solar system.

Oh. Champagne.
This is high-class living.

It's caught on some weeds.

You know you're responsible

for this very expensive piece
of equipment, Dr. Hodgins.

I know.
Look at that, huh?

Looks like you're going
for a swim, buddy.




Don't forget,
you're looking for an arm.

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The Woman in the Whirlpool
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That's odd. The flesh
decomposition isn't consistent

with the degree of sloughing.

No. The pollution levels in the
Potomac might account for that.

They can be quite toxic.

Yeah, tell me about it.

Why do you think I just took
a 40-minute shower? Man.

The bone is badly abraded.
Well, the sculpting

occurred postmortem, so
it wasn't caused by any disease.

Hmm. Okay, then.

I beg your pardon?

Oh. I'm on your side,
Dr. Brennan.

When the benefits
of one mate diminish,

it only makes sense
to search for another mate...

Not today, Ms. Warren.

Well, I'm just trying to support
Dr. B. She's been going...

I don't need my situation
explained to me, Ms. Warren.

And your support will not hasten

its resolution.

If you need to get that...

I-I don't...

Were you able
to pinpoint time of death?

Behold the aquatic
caddis fly larvae.

Based on the stage

of the case architecture,

she was in the water
for less than four days.

- Huh.
- Okay.

Wow. Well, the
victim's face

is too badly
abraded to do

a reconstruction. I don't know
what we're gonna do,

unless maybe you
find an implant

that has a serial
number on it or...

Or shirt.

Uh, sorry, Hodgins,
I don't...

I don't see anything.
Because there's nothing there.

You see,
it's what used to be there.


I think I understand.

This polo shirt
is pretty torn up,

but there used to be
a logo stitched

right above the breast pocket.

Yeah. The thread is gone,

if I can connect the dots

left behind by the embroidery,
then I might be able to recreate

the monogram.

You're a genius.

So how was your conversation
with Brennan this morning?

Ugh. Sort of awful, actually.

She really misses Booth.

He's got to be feeling
the same way.

Maybe she should just
take him back.

If thugs showed up
at our doorstep threatening me

and Michael Vincent
and it was your fault,

I would do a lot more than
just kick you out of the house.

But if he's feeling all alone,
if he feels it's hopeless...

Then he
should fight.

Isn't that what you'd do?

To the death.

Oh. It's ready.

Look at that.

Thompson Hardware.

It is in Arlington--
run by Ted Thompson.

All right,
I'll call Aubrey.

It always seemed like
Booth and Brennan were so...

I don't know, so... solid,
you know?

That nothing was ever
gonna tear them apart.

Yeah. I know.

Do you think it's this?

What we do?

Is it eating away
at all of us?


Yeah, maybe it is.

I love you, Angie.

You should call Aubrey.

My God.

Leslie was my best employee.

That explains why she didn't
show up for her shift today.

When was the last time

that you saw Leslie Hodsoll,
Mr. Thompson?

Friday night.

She closed up the register
and then left, just like always.

Can you think of anyone
that might have had anything

against Leslie?

No. Everyone liked her.

I even tried
promoting her

to assistant manager, but she
didn't want the responsibility.

Why's that?

Busy social life or...

She had a kid, um,
that took up her time.

A daughter. Courtney,

I think.

Uh, she was 20 or so.

Two of them get along okay?

I think so.

There was this one time though,

uh, about one month
ago, I-I walked in

on Leslie in the break room,
and-and she was in tears.

Turned out she was talking
to her kid.

Any idea
what they were talking about?

Seemed like normal
mother-daughter stuff, you know.

Uh, "I told you
why I can't be there,

but that doesn't mean
I don't love you."

Stuff like that.

So you can't
give me anything

until the bones
are completely clean?

Yup, that's how it works.
Any reason you're so impatient?

Well, truth, justice;
might as well throw in

the American way
while I'm at it.

Mm. So you're faster
than a locomotive?

You know, girls don't like that.

Tough crowd.

Agent Aubrey,

what brings you to the lab?

Just, uh, following up
on the case.

And you couldn't do that
over the phone?

What can I say?
I'm an in-person kind of guy.

Me, too. You know,
I would way rather

go see a play
than watch a movie.

Right? It's all about
being in the moment.




Okay, then, uh, since you have
such an intense interest

in the case,
tox results came back

suggesting poisoning.

There are
traces of lead,

cadmium, arsenic,
chromium, selenium,

even low levels
of uranium radiation.

Well, that's strange though,
since there

weren't any metaphyseal bands

on the victim's long bones.

The victim could have been
poisoned over

a long period of time.
So whoever was

poisoning her
must have been close to her.

I'm gonna go
tell Booth.

In person.

Later, Superman.

Long story.

There you are.

I've been looking
all over for you.

Sorry. I had some calls
I had to make.

You okay? 'Cause
to be honest,

you got me and the squints
kind of worried here.

Why? Did Bones
call you or something?

No, we're just all
concerned because

for some crazy reason
we care about you.

Okay, well, maybe
you should be more concerned

that we don't have
a motive or a suspect.

Well, we do now.

Okay? Cam found
signs of poisoning,

which takes a long time
to manifest,

meaning whoever did this
had access to Leslie

over a number of years.

Victim's 20-year-old daughter,
Courtney, still lives with her?


Something doesn't
make sense here.

Mom is gone for four days,
and the daughter

doesn't report
her missing?

All right, let's go.


Courtney Hodsoll?

Uh, yeah. That's me.

Can I help you?

FBI Special Agent Booth.

Here's Agent Aubrey
from the FBI.

Going somewhere?

Uh, yeah, yeah, just...
back to my dorms.

I'm just collecting
the last of my stuff.

When was the last time
you saw your mother?

Um, about three weeks ago.

Yeah, right before I moved out
to go live on campus.

I thought I'd see her today,
but I don't know where she is.

I can give you her cell phone
number though, if you...

I'm sorry, but we recovered
your mother's body

from the, uh,
Potomac River this morning.

What? No.

No, you-you must have her
confused with someone else.

We're sorry,

but your mother
was positively identified.

I-I don't understand.

Would it be okay if we could
ask you some questions?

How would you characterize your
relationship with your mother?

It was fine.


No arguments?

She didn't disapprove
of anything you did?


'Cause she wasn't
that interested.

You know, I know she...

she loved me and all.

And I-I loved her, but...


All she seemed
to care about was her jars.



Yeah, I'll show you.

She was obsessed.

Welcome to Mom's world.

You got to be kidding me.


Wow, I thought I
was a cookie fan.

It was all
about the jars.

There was rarely
a cookie in the house.

A collection
like this

must be worth a fortune.
Yeah, I'm sure

some of it was
worth some money,

but mostly it's just
sentimental junk.

Man, she was

really into this-- each
jar had its own entry

with a photo,

the date she bought it,
how much she paid.


If she wasn't
polishing the jars,

she was cataloging them

or going to
collectors conventions.

Come on. You got to admit
though, how cute is that?

Piggy jar?

Put the pig down.
Listen, uh, I'm just guessing

that there were other
people obsessed with these

cookie jars, right?

So did you hear or see
any fights over these?

Oh, yeah.

Plenty, over the years.

Any particular jarhead
who had it out for your mom?

I stayed as far away
from those lunatics as I could.

I guess maybe if I didn't,
my mom would still be alive.

These jars
explain the poison.

So, old ceramics
contain small amounts

of lead carbonate,
lead chromate, barium,


If a jar's glaze
was compromised,

then the toxins could have
leached onto Leslie's hand.

Well, I guess when people get
nostalgic for the good old days,

they overlook things
like carcinogenic glaze.

Why cookie jars?

I mean, you know, Star Wars
figures I understand, but...

Well, Andy Warhol's
cookie jar collection

sold for $250,000
back in the '80s.

Well, there's continuity
in collecting.

I'm a collector.

Wait, let me guess.

Um... Grateful Dead bootlegs.

I'm gonna go with...

Pez dispensers.

No, I collect

the elements
of the periodic table.

Uh, high purity samples,
no compounds or alloys.

Where could you possibly
get scandium?

Russian mobster named Pebbles.

Uranium? Uh, technetium?

Radioactive elements are tricky,
but I'm working on it.

And I found

a laceration to the tissue

from the victim's right hand.

Defensive wound?

Possibly. It looks
pretty recent.

I'll take a gander
at the metacarpals.

Yeah, and I'll swab
the wound and see

if I can find some particulates.

How did you isolate rubidium?

Wouldn't you like to know.

Picking up to go. Brennan.

Yeah, it'll be just
a few more minutes, dear.


Comfort food.

You getting takeout?


Eating here alone--
I don't know, I...

Well, there's a seat
right here.

Come on, Bones, we should
be able to have lunch together.

Why not?


I'll eat here
now, please.

You got it, hon.

How's Christine?

She misses you.

But she's good.

Look, whenever you want to talk
about me moving back...

It's too soon, Booth,
you know that.

Well, I'm going
to all my meetings.

I have things under control.

You're off to a good start.

I'm... I'm happy for you.

For us.

Look, I don't want to make this
a bigger deal than what it is,

all right? I made a mistake.

Is that what you tell everyone
at your meetings?

That it was just a mistake?

You put me and Christine
in danger, Booth.

Bones, please. I promise...

It was more than just a mistake.

Here you go,

Actually, on second thought,

I will take it to go.

Come on, Bones, really?

It's too hard right now, Booth.

I love you.

Cable records show
that she paid

extra for high-speed
Internet access.

Yeah? Well, it worked.
Look at these bidding threads.

Leslie was winning these

cookie jar auctions
by milliseconds.

Sounds like she was

a major presence in
the cookie jar collecting world.

I feel so stupid saying that.

Yeah, well, look at this.

Four days before her death,
Leslie posted

a bunch of blistering reviews

about another seller,
Cheryl McMichael.

Criticism from a respectable
source could cripple

a small business--
and it wasn't just

online reviews. Look at this.

Leslie was trying
to destroy Cheryl across

every available platform.

Her blog, newsletters,
the seller's Web site.

And with Leslie out of the way,
Cheryl could save her business.

Wow. Looks like a motive to me.


I noticed an injury

on the frontal
and parietal bones

when I was cleaning
the remains.

It seems as though someone tried
to kill this woman before.

There appears to be a glancing
gunshot wound to the skull.

And there's a similar injury
on the right clavicle.

Both wounds
show remodeling.

I'd say about
20 years.

Wow. That could be
why our victim's daughter

never mentioned
her mom being shot.

She was an infant at the time.
Perhaps she never knew.

This injury to her prefrontal
cortex could explain

the victim's
obsessive collecting.

Well, there's plenty
of collectors

that don't have
brain injuries.

Still, a bullet
in this location

would affect the part of
the brain that decides

what is and isn't
worth saving.

It's the source of addiction.

It's destructive,

for the addict
and everyone around them.

Uh, please note

the slight depression

within the gunshot
wound, suggesting

blunt force trauma.

It appears to be perimortem,

but the trauma pattern
is obscured

by the hydraulic sanding.

Yes. We should open up the
skull to take a closer look.

In the meantime, please
work with Dr. Hodgins

to determine the weapon
that caused the injury.

I can't believe that this
McMichael woman's life

could be ruined
by some online comments.

According to
her tax records,

Cheryl had a pretty robust
business selling memorabilia

till Leslie started
bad-mouthing her.


Yeah, all right, just
slow down, all right?

Speak English.

Right, okay.

Got it.
So Hodgins found, uh, rust

that was embedded
in the victim's hand.

Oh! Oh!
Take it easy there, huh?

Cheryl McMichael?

Who wants to know?

FBI. Special Agent Seeley Booth.
This here is Agent Aubrey.

My online consignment business
is totally legit.

I got a business license,
I pay sales tax...


Look at this.

Yeah. That's a lot of rust, huh?
Just like Hodgins said

he found on Leslie's remains.

"Leslie's remains"?
What's going on?

Maybe you can answer that
for us.

Look, Leslie and I were friends.

I sold her over 50 cookie jars.


It's really the friends thing

that I'm really struggling with.

I mean, these reviews
that Leslie wrote about you

don't seem so friendly.

You really think I killed Leslie

because of some bad reviews?

Have you ever been
on the Internet?

It's the land of
nasty, bitter people.

I'm used to it.

You must've done something
to set her off.

Sure. Yeah.

She wanted this antique Babe
Ruth cookie jar that I found.

We arranged
for her to pick it up,

but before she got there,
I got a better offer.

Very friendly of you.

The guy offered me
ridiculous money.

I had to take it.
I'm a businesswoman.

Who she hurt with her reviews.
We checked out your tax returns.

For this year.

Yeah, business was down because
there wasn't as much inventory.

That's why I expanded
into all this other junk.

Which is covered in rust
and some of which seems

to have gotten into the victim.

Take whatever you want and
test it or whatever you guys do.

I didn't kill her.

She was my friend.

I was gonna try and find her

another one
of those Babe Ruth jars.

I was correct.

The current
in the river

smoothed out the
surface of the skull

and obscured
the full extent

of the depression

But by looking
inside the skull,

we can see the full effect
of the blunt force trauma.


Radiating and linear fractures
are preserved

on the endocranial surface.

I should have thought of that.

Yes. But you're here to learn.


I also want to apologize

for my comments

Monogamy is a personal choice
and a popular one, at that.

Well, I hope that you
and Agent Booth work it out.



Hey, do you know
that I used to have this exact

vintage Hubley plane
when I was a kid?

Have you found anything,
aside from your lost childhood?

Like rust that maybe matches
the rust in the victim?

Well, you'd think so with
the amount on these suckers.

I mean, I've got yellow rust,
I've got red rust,

green rust,
brown rust...

I get it. No matches.

So, in all of this,
you have nothing.

Got the plane.


So I think I got something.

Two months ago, Leslie tried

to sell her entire collection

Tried to?

Yeah, well, she
removed the post

after only one day,
without accepting any offers.

Those jars were her whole life.
Why would she try to sell them?

My guess is she wouldn't have.

Not unless
it was life or death.

I mapped the
spider-web fractures

on the interior frontal bone
on the skull.

The injuries are definitely a
result of two separate blows,

one perimortem
and one postmortem.

Could the perimortem blow
indicate cause of death?

Not definitively, but I can
give you weapon parameters.

Longer curvilinear fractures

on the temporal
and parietal bones

indicate a heavy
cylindrical object.

And the differentiated impact
here suggests

a punt or dimple at the base.

Could that be consistent
with a cookie jar?


Okay, I found traces

of fiberglass insulation
in the victim's lungs.

Not enough to be cause of death,
but I wouldn't expect to see it

in someone unless they'd spent
a lot of time in an old attic.

Old as in the
victim's townhouse?


And if the murder weapon
was a cookie jar,

we may have our crime scene.

Have I mentioned
that attics freak me out?

Aw. Superman is
scared of the dark?

Well, spiders, really.
Anything crawly.

That's my Kryptonite.

They're so...

Yep, that's what they are.

Don't worry.

I'll protect you.

Bingo. Fiberglass.


Yeah. There is
definitely blood

on that nail.
And rust.

Could be a match for what
was found on the victim's hand.

Hard to believe
that it isn't.

We're kind of good at this,
aren't we?

Booth and Brennan 2.0.

I mean, except for the being
married and having babies part.

Or having any kind
of sex at all.

Right. Yeah, no, obviously.

Up here with the fiberglass,
you know, the heavy breathing.

I meant anywhere.

So what's the victim doing
crawling around up here?

Did you hear that?

I think
someone's up here.

Right. Get behind me.

This is kind of exciting.

FBI! All right?

Come out or I'll shoot!
Okay, no, no, no, no!

Don't-don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Please don't shoot!

Please-please don't shoot!

I'm gonna stand
up, okay?


This is not looking good
for you, Mr. Simon.

I mean, you actually got caught
with your hand

in the cookie jar.

I didn't kill anyone.

You were locked in the attic,
you understand,

where the victim
was assaulted.

I wasn't locked in the attic.

I was waiting
for an opportunity to sneak out.

How long were
you in there?

A day or so.

Leslie's kid
wouldn't leave.

I didn't want to get caught
for trespassing.


That's the least
of your problems.

Will you sit down?

I-I know.
I know it was wrong being there.

But I love the Babe.

I mean, I love him.

Babe Ruth is...

I mean, the
way that I...

the way I feel about him,
I just...

Yeah. You love him.
Yeah. We got it.

Okay, good. So-so you...
so you understand.

No. Not at all.

I feel it's important
to keep his memory alive

and to collect the things
that honored his life.

You know,
I'm like...

I'm like the gatekeeper.

You do realize that
you really are digging yourself

a big hole here, right?

Y-You're admitting
to breaking into her home.

No. I didn't break in.

The front door was unlocked.

And I was gonna

my Babe jar,
the one she stole from me.

How'd Leslie get her hands
on it?

All right.

Sit. No.
Please, just stay there.

So, after I bought it
from Cheryl,

she found out where I lived

and she kept showing up
trying to buy it.

And one day I came home,

the Babe was gone, and suddenly
she stops pestering me.

And you didn't report the theft?

I called the cops!

But I didn't have "evidence"
of a break-in.

I couldn't "prove" it was her.

How did she get into your house?

Beats me. I don't have an alarm,

but the place was locked
and dead-bolted.

Nobody has keys but me.

Wow, that must have really
"pissed you off."

You better believe it.



That, uh... that didn't sound
so good, did it?

Not really, no.

Don't get up.

Just stay right there.

What do you think?

Guy's not a killer.

Seemed kind of crazy though.

Look, get DCPD
on the line

and follow up on his
story, all right?

Where are you going?

Yeah, I got to take care
of business.

Well, you need backup?

Not this time, all right?

So I just talked to DCPD.

Turns out Scott
Simon's story tracks.

There was
a break-in?

Well, he definitely
reported one

and even reported
the cookie jar missing.

So it looks like
Scott isn't our guy.

Well, I may have something.

I've been wondering
why the victim

listed her entire
collection for sale


Financial trouble?

Not that I could find.

But look at what I did find
on her Facebook page.

That's the victim,

fifth from the left.

This photo was posted
from Orlando on the same day

that her entire jar
collection was listed

online from her home computer
I.P. address.

So you think someone else
used her home computer

while she was out of town

to sell her

And guess who was still
living at home at the time.

The daughter.
I need to talk to

the victim's daughter again.

One question,
Agent Aubrey.


I called Booth
to talk about the case.

Uh, he didn't pick up.

He said he had some
business to take care of.

A meeting?

Uh, he didn't say. I'm sorry.

He-He's doing
well though.


It works if you work it.
See you next time.

Hey, Booth.

I thought you said
you were gonna stand up tonight.

So many people got up. I didn't
want the meeting to run late.

We're all friends here, Booth.
We've all screwed up.

Yeah, I get that.
That's why I'm here.

You think if you don't talk,
that means it didn't happen?

Of course not.

We need you to get it
all out in the open.

You need to tell us
what you did.

Look, I got to go take care
of something, all right?

I'll, uh...
I'll see you next time.

No, I loved my mother.
I would never hurt her.

Trying to sell your mother's cookie
jar collection would hurt her big-time.

But I didn't go
through with it.

Maybe you realized you'd get
more from your mother's

life insurance
than selling those cookie jars.

I took it offline because
it was the wrong thing to do.

Right, because that would make
you look like a good person

before you killed your mother.

I am a good person.

My dad left when I was little.

I barely remember him.

You know, and then my mom
started collecting.

I just wanted to be as important
to her as those damn jars were.

Why'd you change your mind?

'Cause I'm not a kid anymore.

I mean, yeah, sure, sometimes
I feel like one, but...

I don't know.

I realized
it was time to move on.

I guess
I realized I could love her

even if she couldn't love me.

You know what? It...

It wasn't about
your mother not loving you.

Did you realize
that, um...

that she was shot
in a mugging 20 years ago?




No, she never said anything
about that.

The gunshot wound to her head
would explain her obsession.

It wasn't your fault.

She was an addict.

It had nothing to do with you.

Ms. Warren, why didn't
you note the small nick

on the right clavicle?

I must have missed it

because it's obscured
by the remodeled gunshot wound.

But that wound
shows no remodeling.

It's perimortem.

Do you ever miss anything?

Well, no one's
perfect, Ms. Warren.

Very humble.

But I come very close.

That wound appears
to be connected

to this damage to
the cranial vault.

Oh, before I
forget, Ms. Warren,

I have something for you.

Uh, more X-rays?

But this has nothing to do
with the case.

It's a bone scan.

In nuclear medicine,

the element technetium is

injected into patients to
measure unusual bone rebuilding.

Uh, the short half-life of
technetium makes it impossible

to gather a pure sample.

Which is why I thought

this snapshot of technetium
in action, while not as good

as an actual sample,

could complement
your periodic table collection.

I'm touched.


Thank you.

I realize how quickly
relationships can change and...

how important it is to value
those we have right now.

I guess...

what I'm saying is...

I know.

Back at ya.


Um... could a diagonal blow
cause the impact evidence

on the left frontal bone
and right clavicle?

Yes. Which means
the murder weapon would have

had to slice
through the subclavian artery.

Causing the victim to bleed to death.

Uh, let's see.

Huh. Look at that.

There's something caught
in the crevice of the wound.

Oh. It looks like
a shard of green glass.

I hear someone
discussing particulates?

Perfect timing,
Dr. Hodgins.

What do you
make of this?

Well, judging
from the density,

it's pressure-ware glass,

made to withstand
the force of carbonation.

The murder weapon is
a champagne bottle.

A thick-walled,
curvilinear side

terminating in a punted
bottom is consistent

with the fracture pattern.

And if the bottle broke
on impact,

a shard could have sliced
the subclavian artery.

But we don't have
a champagne bottle

in any of
the collected evidence.

I'm not so sure about that.

So, I remember
seeing this bottle

in the water
where the body was found.

But does the glass
in the wound match?

Hate to step on your toes, Curly,

but wouldn't being underwater
destroy all trace evidence?

Well, that is where
my Vacuum Metal

Deposition Chamber comes in.

So this can retrieve
any surviving fingerprints,

even after prolonged
immersion in water.

I'm being punked, right?

Not at all. Here, you do
the honors and tell me.

Just spin that middle one
to the right.


So, aerosolized gold

creating a thin film
which actually gets absorbed

by the sebaceous surfaces
left by the fingerprint ridges.

And coats the
non-ridged surfaces.

And voilà, we have
ourselves a fingerprint.

Your fingerprints
are in the system

because you have
a locksmith license.

Fine. So what?

We found the champagne bottle
you used to kill Leslie.

We were able
to lift prints from it,

as well as traces
of Leslie's blood.

Leslie knew that
you were a locksmith,

made you break
into Scott's home

and steal
the Babe Ruth cookie jar.

What went wrong?

I thought she loved me.

But after she
got that jar,

I... I meant nothing to her.

She was like a drug addict
or something.

What about the champagne bottle?

I brought it over
a couple of days later.

I was trying to win her back.

But you didn't.
She rejected you once again.

So you killed her.

It was an accident!

I tried talking to her,

but she was cleaning
those stupid jars.

So I took the champagne bottle,

and I swung it
to smash the jars,

but she lunged out in front
to protect them.

To protect the things she didn't
realize were ruining her life.

The bottle broke,
the glass cut her throat.

There was so much blood...

Oh, there was so much blood.


I'm so sorry.


Wow. This is like a dream
I had once.

Uh, happy
hour was about to end,

and I didn't know
what you liked,

so I just got

That is exactly what I like.

I also didn't know
what you drank,

so I got you a beer,
margarita and a Coke.

I feel like
you can see into my soul.

Well, dig in.

To our, uh, first case together.

So that's what this
is, celebrating work.

'Cause I was afraid you
might think it was a date.

A date?

No. Why would I think that?

Would I be pounding
meatball sliders

on a date?

We're colleagues.

We're friends.

That's it.

Well, they look good.

Thank you.

So, uh, do you think Booth and
Brennan are gonna get a divorce?

Those two? Never.

Pretty definite
there, Superman.

Well, you know,
Sweets wrote a book about them.

He said that
it was their friendship

that was the foundation
of their relationship.

Not the fickle nature of love.


So it's because
they're colleagues, friends?

It's good work, Bones.

We've always made
a good team.


Give Christine a kiss for me,
and tell her I love her.

Of course.

If you wanted to come by,

read her a book, tuck her in?

Thanks, but I-I can't tonight.

Maybe tomorrow.


See you tomorrow.

Well, I guess if no one

has anything else to say,

I guess we're done
for the evening.

Thank you all for coming.


I'm, uh...

My name is Seeley,
and I have a gambling addiction.

Welcome, Seeley.

I'm here today because, uh...

I want to make things right,
I want to get my life back.

You see, I've, uh...

I've hurt a lot of people
in my life,

especially my family.

I've, uh, betrayed them
and put them in danger.


I'm here to find a
sense of resolution

with that, so I can better
understand... myself.

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