Bones (2005–2017): Season 10, Episode 18 - The Verdict in the Victims - full transcript

With only 48 hours before the execution of serial killer Alex Rockwell, whom Brennan and Booth helped convict, the Jeffersonian team must race against the clock to confirm Brennan's new ...

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Previously on Bones...

He was a good man.
He was gonna make it.

So everyone in
here has done time?

Yeah. I told you my guys
had nothing to do with this.

Oh, three more bodies.

The bodies burned for
different amounts of time.

That and the creepy
removal of the tattoos.

I'm calling this
a serial killer.

There appear to be
symmetrical curve marks

through the clavicles
and the upper thorax.

Just like Freeman.

These killings could have

a ritualistic component.

We found three more bodies where
Connor was being held captive.

Two of them
had connections to Rockwell,

one we're still waiting on.

Listen to me, Alex, if you run,
they're not gonna believe you.

You need to talk to them now.

He has a knife in the car!

I don't have a clear shot.
I do.



How you doing?

You decided what you want
for your last meal request?

I'll eat whatever the kitchen
is serving the other inmates.

Aw. They'll make
whatever you want.

Final 48 hours are approaching.

Means you get one visit
with your family and a priest,

but you got to fill out
this form first.

I know the rules.

I have no family and no priest.

They gave up on me
a long time ago.


The warden can assign you
a chaplain if you want one...

I need nothing, thanks.

I'm all I need.

Look, Bones, this is, like,
the fourth message

that I've left you
already, all right?

So just do me a favor.

I'm getting just a little
worried right now, okay?

So, you get this message,
I want you to call me

or text me, got it?

Well, this is
a big honor.

Being invited to
Sunday dinner.

Everything okay?

Bones was supposed
to be home hours ago.

She's been at the lab
all weekend long

going over her findings
from the Alex Rockwell case.

Why? I mean, that was
seven months ago.

And she got
a conviction.

Well, it's her process
before anyone is executed.

You know?
She has to look at her work.

So Rockwell didn't
file for an appeal?

No, not at all.

He even aske$ to move up
the execution date.

Well, if that doesn't say
guilty, I don't know what does.

I'm starving.

If I don't eat soon, I'll die.

Right. Coming up!

Hey, what if I
sneak you a snack?

Seriously? You carry
snacks in your pocket?

Uh, yeah, in case of
emergencies like this one.

I don't think my mom
would want me eating those.

No, I'll tell you what-- she
wouldn't want you eating those.

That's a good choi...
She's not picking up.

Okay, Christine,
you know what?

Field trip time.
Let's go get Mom.

But I'm hungry!

You know, if you want, I
can watch the mini-Booth.

What? I mean,

I'm closer to her in age.

We'll have plenty
to talk about.

Go, go. It's fine.
I'm good with the kids.

Come on, Christine and
I will be fine, right?


Listen to me then, all right?

I don't want you
eating any of these.

No sugar. Broccoli
only, all right?

You hear me? Broccoli.

Can I see those
gummy bears again?

Dr. Brennan.

It's late.
You shouldn't be here.

He has osteophytes
on both coracoid processes.

It makes no sense.

Are you okay?

No, I-I don't
believe I am.

Is it the baby?

What? The baby?

No. The baby's fine.

Look at these.

What am I looking at?

Our murderer!

These are Alex Rockwell's
humeral heads and scapulas.

There is increased
bone growth around

the glenoid fossa
of the right scapula

and osteophytes
on both coracoid processes.

Okay, Alex Rockwell

had untreated rotator cuff
injuries in both shoulders.

And they're over
ten years old.

I'm sorry, I don't get
the cause for alarm.

Because he's going
to be executed.

And there's no way he could've
killed Leonard Barnes.

He wasn't tried
for Barnes' murder.

Only the other three.

I know.
The evidence for Barnes

was older than
the others, but...

Bones, wait a sec,
what are you still doing here?

You were supposed
to be home hours ago.

I need to find
Leonard Barnes' file.

He was Rockwell's first victim.

We found him with the others
at the ironworks factory.

I know who he is.
Why are we looking for his file?

Because I don't think Alex
Rockwell is our serial killer.

Hold it right there, okay?
He was convicted

off of your evidence
and your testimony.

Dr. Brennan, how long
has it been since you slept?

You're pregnant.
Maybe the stress...

Yes, I am pregnant, Dr. Saroyan.

But that in no way compromises
my mental acumen.

I am making sense, Booth.

I found her like this

poring over Alex
Rockwell's X-rays.

His X-rays?

What are we doing
with Rockwell's X-rays?

They were taken by the prison
doctor after he got into a fight

a few months ago.
And they confirm

that he couldn't have killed
Leonard Barnes.

Barnes sustained blunt force
trauma to his left parietal

and spinous processes
of the L1 through L5

from someone swinging a pipe

from a high angle
in a downward motion.

- Oh, my God.
- Okay, look, everyone just...

someone, please tell me
what's going on.

This case was a slam dunk.

Alex Rockwell's
rotator cuff injuries.

He would've been
incapable of meeting

the force profile required
to beat Leonard Barnes to death.

All the victims,

including Barnes, had
that same ritualistic

triangle carved into the
tissue of their upper chests.

All their DNA was
found on the knife

in Alex's car-- I-I ran
the tests myself.

Okay, if Rockwell
didn't kill Barnes, then

it's possible he didn't kill
any of the victims we found.

Which means... they could be
executing an innocent man.

In just over 48 hours.

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The Verdict in the Victims
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I don't understand.

You three are responsible
for the conviction

of Alex Rockwell,

and now you're asking me
to stay his execution?


Or at least just postpone it

till we get to the bottom
of all this.

We did get to the
bottom of it,

several months
ago in court.

You consulted with the D.A.
prosecuting Rockwell,

Ms. Julian. Why are
you wasting my time?

I trust
these two, Your Honor.

If they say
something's hinky,

then something's hinky.

The last time I looked,
hinky was not a legal strategy.

Listen, I haven't had
breakfast yet, so...

The blows to Leonard Barnes
could not...

Wait, wait, wait.

Leonard Barnes?

Alex Rockwell wasn't even
tried for Barnes' murder.

Right, but the four murders
were linked.

I mean, look,
if Rockwell didn't kill Barnes,

it's likely he didn't
kill any of them.

"Likely," "hinky."

What's next-- "maybe"?

Leonard Barnes is
not relevant.

Alex Rockwell is being executed
for the murders

of Father Douglas Nabors,
Ted Widmer and Connor Freeman.

But those...
No, no, no.

No more theories,
Dr. Brennan.

Do you have
conclusive evidence

that would overturn
his conviction?

Not yet.
You know, we just... we just need more time.

Sorry, kids,

I have no legal grounds

to postpone this execution.

I can provide the evidence
if I can re-examine the remains.

You want to exhume four bodies?

How else would I be able
to re-examine the remains?

Please, just
give us this one.

You don't want an innocent man's
death on your head, do you?


Any objection from
the Justice Department?

I have no objection.

All right, I will sign
an exhumation order.

But I don't want
to see any of you

in my chambers again

until you have
concrete evidence.

Angela's particle scanner uses
similar technology

to what was used
to read through the layers

of the Herculaneum
charred scrolls.

Yeah, think of it
as a high-pressure X-ray.

It should be able to determine

the force applied
to these fractures,

and hopefully prove
Brennan's theory.

I can't believe your country
still executes prisoners.

I believe it's
your country now, too.

Yeah, and if you want to prevent
the death of an innocent man,

I suggest you familiarize
yourself with these case files.

And the 824

bones before you,
because Mr. Rockwell

will be dead in 36 hours
and 16 minutes.

So, based
on time of death,

Leonard Barnes was
the very first victim.

Which explains why that
murder was the most violent.

Our killer hadn't
honed his skills yet.

And all the
remaining victims

were then killed
in a similar manner.

But the jugular
veins were more

- expertly severed.
- Except for Connor Freeman,

who escaped and died
in the mine explosion.


That should do it.

I'm gonna load this
in the Angelatron.

My God.

You okay there, buddy?

All these victims were tortured
and left to slowly bleed out.

I can never understand

how somebody could do
something like this.

Let's hope we figure out
who it is before it's too late.

So why have we brought in
Thomas Saltz?

Well, if Rockwell didn't do
it, then somebody planted

the murder weapon
in his car, right?

Saltz-- he worked with
him at the bakery,

borrowed his car
all the time.

Giving Saltz means
and opportunity

to plant evidence in the car.

Look, during the trial,
Rockwell's lawyer

tried to drum up
reasonable doubt

by pointing the finger
at Thomas Saltz.

So maybe it was more
than reasonable doubt?

We're gonna
find out, huh?

The jury
convicted Alex.

Man, I had nothing to
do with those murders.

Well, we have reason to believe
that Alex may be innocent.

So you think I did it instead?
Borrowed his car

a few times a week, didn't you?

So it would've been real easy for you

to stash the murder
weapon in it.

Look, I borrowed his car to go
to my N.A. meetings.

Ah, look at that.

N.A.-- Narcotics Anonymous.
That's good.

Right? Now we're
getting somewhere.

Look, I'm clean.
You can ask my sponsor.

Why would I kill all those
people? I've never even had

an assault conviction.
You had a connection

to at least two of the victims.

Two of your prison mates there,

Widmer and Freeman.

Plus, we know that
Father Nabors visited Alex

at the bakery, tried to
get him back to church.

You were friends with Alex;

maybe you didn't like
the idea of losing him.

That's crazy.

What's crazy?
The night Connor was killed,

I was at one of
my N.A. meetings.

I go to the same meeting
every week.

You can check.

All the damage I'm seeing

is already listed
in the case files.

It is new.

What is it, Dr. Fuentes?
Right there.

A faint, curved striation
toward the medial end

of Father Nabor's left clavicle,
further in than the kerf mark.

Do any of the
other victims

have that same striation
on their clavicle?

Not that I saw,
but some of these remains

are extremely damaged
by the fire.

Perhaps Angela's scans
will see something else.

I hope, because this could just
be Rockwell's hand slipping

when he was
carving up his victim.

But now we know,

even after examining
these remains numerous times,

we still have
new evidence to find.

Open 12.

12 open.

Closing 12.

I declined all visitors.

Yeah, I'm sorry,
but the laws concerning

an ongoing investigation,
they trump those wishes.

Look, I'm here
to help you.

No, thank you.

Just listen
to me. We...

We reopened the investigation
into the murders.

We think you may be innocent.

You understand
what I'm saying to you?

You'd be wasting your time.

Are you saying you're guilty?

I'm saying there's nothing left
for me on this earth.

You have a son.

Is he nothing to you?

I've been fighting
for a decent life

since I was born, Agent Booth.

I've finally learned
that true justice isn't here,

not on this earth.

I'm putting myself
in God's hands now.

If you're putting
your faith into God,

then you should put your faith
into other people.

Nice thought.

The truth is, once I'm dead,

after a couple of days,
I won't even cross your mind.

Look, who else would've killed
those people, Rockwell?

Who else?

Pick it back up.

Pick the phone
back up.

Hey! I am trying to help you!

Listen to me. Hey!

Who else?

You wanted to see me,
Dr. Fuentes?

Did Ted Widmer
use drugs?

Not that we found
in the initial investigation.


I found a
tiny nick

in the base of
Widmer's manubrium,

indicative of an injury
caused by a needle.

Was this nick in Dr. Brennan's
original findings?


I didn't see anything like it
in the other remains.

We know the killer

injected his victims
with opiates

at the base of their skull.

Maybe this is another
injection site.

Have we heard anything
from Booth?


Alex is being uncooperative,

so Booth's on his way
to see Alex's ex-girlfriend.

Maybe she can help.
Well, hopefully,

she can point us
in the direction of a suspect.

'cause I got to say,
I'm gonna swab this,

but honestly,
with only 27 hours left,

I am not feeling too optimistic.

So no luck with the fibers
retrieved from Alex's car?

No. So far, everything
points back to Alex.

- There's nothing that links to Saltz.
- This is ridiculous.

We're trying to find
a serial killer in one day.

Yeah, this is the problem
with the death penalty.

Innocent people die.
Well, we don't know

for sure that Rockwell
is innocent.

Perhaps Dr. Brennan
was mistaken,

and his rotator cuff injuries
didn't prevent him

- from killing Barnes.
- Makes no difference.

Putting people to death
is inhumane.

What happened to these people
in that factory was inhumane.

So you believe
in the death penalty?

My personal beliefs aren't
pertinent to this case.

You cannot be serious.

42% of death row
population is black,

yet African-Americans
make up

only 13.2%
of the overall U.S. population.

So a person shouldn't believe

in the death penalty because of

the color of their skin?
How liberal of you.

If it was Michelle
on this table,

I'd want the person
who killed her to pay in kind.

And so would you,
if it was Michael Vincent.

I'd like to think
that I'm better than that.

And I'd feel fine

knowing justice was served.

And I'm grateful
to finally be in a country

where we can debate about this.

But not right now.

Rockwell dies

tomorrow at midnight.

Me, personally?

I don't want his life on my head

if he's innocent.

I'll swab the needle mark.

Now Alex is saying

- he was framed?
- No.

He's not saying anything.

See, that's why we're here.

All I know is
I was living

with a criminal.

I can't help you.

No, Torrance.

I have stood by Alex
time and time again,

and he always lands
back in prison.

I have to think about Zeke now.

My son is my priority.

No one else.
All right. Pastor Evans,

I-I remember you
from Alex's trial.

You, Alex and Lauren--
you go way back, right?

Yeah, Alex and I came up

as altar boys together
under Father Nabors.

I guess you could say
our lives took different paths.

Are you two...

He's Zeke's godfather.

That's all.

It's hard to raise a child

without a man in the house.

I'm just doing what I can.

I'm sorry, but
where was all this concern

for Lauren and Zeke

when you testified
against Alex at the trial?

Excuse me, but I didn't testify
against Alex.

You testified that Alex held
a grudge against Father Nabors.

Father Nabors kicked Alex
out of the altar boy program

when he caught Alex stealing.

Alex never forgave him
for that.

You see how that
could be construed

as pretty damning testimony?

I was asked a question.

I was under oath.

A-Am I a suspect now?

Well, we're just
asking questions, that's all.


I'm sorry
Alex is about to be executed.

I personally believe
that his judgment

should be between him and God.

But he's there
because of choices he made.

Not because I put him there.

You don't really believe

that Torrance Evans
killed all those people

and framed Alex to get
to his family, do you?

Look, I don't know anything,
but we don't...

we're running out of time
right here.

We got to look
at everyone, okay?

Aubrey is-is digging up

everything he can
on Evans right now.

I'm just trying to say
that there's no evidence

to indicate that Evans
is a serial killer.

There's no evidence
that indicates anything

about anyone except Rockwell.

Do you see? That's the problem.

So you think I'm wrong.

That Rockwell is guilty.

I didn't say that.

You didn't have to.

Look, I think that
you're the best, okay?

I am putting
everything on you.

I'm trusting you.

Excuse me,
Agent Booth?

Mr. Flender.
What are you doing here?

Thomas Saltz came into
work today very upset.

He said that you
guys brought him in.

I don't have time
for your lectures

on how good your men are.
That's not why I'm here.

Like you, I believe that
Alex Rockwell is innocent.

Do you have any information
pertinent to the case?

No, but...

you could bring me in.
Officially, as a suspect.

I don't understand.
Why would you want to do that?

Are you confessing?

But Rockwell, Saltz,
the other ex-cons--

they all worked for me.

That makes me as much of
a suspect as Saltz, right?

So the judge will have
to postpone the execution

if you tell her
that I'm your main suspect.

You would do that for Alex?

I'd do that for any of my men

who I believed were innocent.
The judge

is not gonna stop the execution
because we bring you in.

She's gonna want hard evidence.

So where does that leave Alex?

There was nothing
in the new swab.

So I just went over every one
of my original findings--

I mean, every particulate,
every fungi...

Let me guess.

You found nothing new.

I feel completely useless here,
you know?

What are these?
What, are we house hunting?

Oh. Uh, that's nothing.

Oh... don't worry about that.

These are Paris listings.

You want to buy
a vacation home in Paris.

I... I was thinking
about a home home.

It-it... it's stupid.

It's not even important
right now.

Angie, Angie,

talk to me. What's going on?

I just started imagining

what our lives would be like
without all this death

and shadow governments
and-and serial killers.

What a life
would be like

without my best friend's house
getting shot up.

Where you could maybe teach
at the Sorbonne and-and...

I could paint stuff.

Doesn't that
sound nice?

This is a little more
than imagining.

I mean, you're serious.

Wh-When were you gonna
mention this to me?

Well, I mean,
I was working on the case.

You-you brought it up.

It was sitting on your desk.
Well, I-I...

I don't think we should talk
about it right now.

You're right.

So, uh, the scan I did

Brennan's theory.

Rockwell was incapable
of the force profile

for the fractures
to Barnes' skull.

So then I remembered
something that Sweets said.

That a serial killer usually has

a personal connection
to his first victim.

So I went through Barnes'
e-mails and bills.


Now, we already knew
he was into cocaine.

Two weeks before he died,

he spent
an exorbitant amount of money

on flowers
for a funeral.

A funeral? Who died?

His driver.
He had a driver?

Yeah. He was loaded.

I'll keep looking and see if
anything else jumps out at me.


I looked into Pastor Evans
and found a sealed juvie record

from when he was 15
for car theft.

Are you trying
to tell me

you didn't pull
any dumb stuff in your youth?

Me? I was
a Boy Scout.

Actually a Boy Scout.

Anyway, look,

other than the sealed
juvie record, guy's clean.

What about Dr. Brennan
and the cute Cuban at the lab?

Between all those victims,

they've got enough bones
to fill a clown car.

Have they found anything?

Uh, a needle mark, a cut
that they didn't see before,

but nothing that gives
us another killer.

What is it?

What are we missing?


Wait a second.
Bones, wake up.

What is it? Wh-What's wrong?
Wake up, listen.

Uh... there's a pattern.

The dates that
the victims died.

I can't believe
I didn't see this.

It was right in front of me.
Wh-What pattern?

Look, the killer hasn't gone
more than three or four months

without killing someone.

Sweets used to say

that serial killers are
compulsive by nature.

They can't stop.
Right, so and if Rockwell's been in jail

for more than seven
months-- I mean,

if the real killer
is still out there...

He must have killed someone
in the last few months.

There has to be another body
out there, Bones.

There just has to be.

So we have to get
into the head of the killer,

so I did some research
on the history

of the Scovell Iron
Works factory.

Now, it turns out
that land belonged

to a monastery
in the 1700s.

So the factory was built
on holy land.

Given the ritualistic nature
of the killings,

that can't be a coincidence.

Yeah, exactly.
Which means the killer would

want his new hideaway
to be on holy ground.

Well, this is a map of
all of the religious ground

in the tri-state area.

That's a lot of ground to cover.

Yeah, but we know he
needs his privacy, right?

So we can rule out any
active churches, mosques,


So that narrows us down
to 42 locations.

Well, that's a start, Dr. Hodgins.

Send everything you have
over to the FBI.

I want us all working on this.

Well, it looks like you haven't
moved in quite a while.

Have they found
a new victim yet?

Angela's working
with the FBI

to try to narrow down
a possible location.

And Booth is trying
Rockwell one more time.

And I brought
you breakfast.

Oh, thank you, I'm not hungry.
Maybe you're not,

but that little person
inside must be starving.

It's an eggless
tofu omelet.

Booth said it's
your favorite,

which is upsetting,
but eat, please.

Thank you.

Have you found
anything yet?


No, I-I pride myself
on my thoroughness

and not making mistakes,
and yet I've made a mistake.

All the evidence
pointed to Rockwell,

including the knife
they found in his car.

This isn't your fault.

Of course it is.

It's my work that put him
on death row.

The only person
responsible is the bastard

who killed those four
men and framed Rockwell.

I wish I could believe that.


I think we did it.
We found a location

that might give us a new victim.

Aubrey and Caroline are
on their way

to the judge right now
to get a warrant.


We will solve this
case, Dr. Brennan.


But my fear is
that when we do,

Rockwell will
already be dead.

You can sit.

No, we can't, Cherie.

C-Can you try
the judge again?

We really need
that warrant.

She is probably
in the parking structure.

There's no cell service there.

It won't hurt
your fingers

to push those little
buttons and try.

Look, we find
a location, yet?

This kid here has
a good brain stuck

in that cute
head of his.

Okay, so needed
to find a place

that was remote,
abandoned and holy.

This abandoned water treatment
plant was built on land

that belonged
to the Kiskiack tribe.

It's on holy ground.

And at a treatment plant,
they purify water...

Guy's a religious nut--
okay, so the deaths

and the burning after is just
some kind of a purification.

You got it, Cher. Couldn't
you just eat him up?

Oh, God.

What now?
Search warrant, Your Honor.

All right,
let me get a coffee,

and then we'll talk.
No, no time.

N-N-No, l-listen
to me for a second.

Bones, all right, listen, it's
not safe for you to be here.

I don't know,
they kicked us out

because they smelled
some kind of fumes.

All right, I'll
tell you what.

I'll get all the
information to you

as soon as I find
things out. Thanks. Bye.

So we found the victim

in a barrel of ammonia
inside the facility.

Ammonia's one of the chemicals
they use to purify water.

Also good
for dissolving tissue

if used in a high enough

Wow, I could make you
an honorary squint.

Listen, before they
rushed us out of there,

we also found a worktable
with large dried blood stains.

- Victim was probably bled like the others.
- All right, well,

we'll know for sure when we're
done examining the remains.

I got to get back
under the tent.

Well, I got to get back
into the plant.

There's got to be evidence in
there that needs to be secured.

We'll take care of it.
Guys, you don't understand.

One false move in there,
one mistake,

and any moisture on your body
could react with the ammonia

and burn you
from the inside out.

I'll stay out
here, no problems.

Don't have the suit, gonna
stay right here, right?

Sir, this was found

hanging from a pipe
inside the plant.


There you go--
it's a piece of tattooed skin

like the one we found
at the ironworks.

This is our guy.

Which means we definitely got

the wrong guy on death row.

Based on the pitting
on the bones, these remains

have been in the ammonia
for roughly three months.

That fits the right time frame
based on our killer's pattern.

Hopefully, I can
pinpoint a more specific

time of death once I get
a sample of the ammonia here.

Well, we need to hose down
the remains immediately.

N-N-No, that could wash
away vital evidence.

If we don't, the ammonia's
gonna keep eating away

at what little
tissue we have.

Forward protrusion of the
anterior aspect of the mandible.

Narrow zygomatic arch.

The victim's a
black female.

His first female victim.

That we know of.

Keep it.

Thank you, ma'am.

Judge Edwards.

This cup of coffee
I'm drinking.

We found another victim,
same M.O.

The evidence matches
the other victims.

Real evidence?

This victim has been dead
for three months.

Her tattooed flesh was found
hanging at the crime scene.

Just like at the
ironworks factory.

And they found a similar

work area at the plant,

with bloody restraints,

- It's all in the file.
- Alex Rockwell has been

in solitary confinement
on death row for seven months.

He could not have done this.

I sympathize with what
you're trying to do,

but Rockwell's was a very
highly publicized trial.

This latest murder could
be a copycat killing.

No... the method is
too precise,

too exacting
to be a copycat.

Why don't
we all just admit

what's really
happening here?

Executing Alex Rockwell furthers
your political aspirations

as a law and order candidate.

I don't give a crap what you
think about me, Miss Julian.

The law is the law.

Provide me with proof

that Rockwell did not kill
Nabors, Freeman or Widmer,

or he will be executed
as planned in nine hours.


"Harbor no ill will.

"Forgive those who might
hurt and betray you.

"Expect nothing,
but give everything.

"What others say is not
who you are.

"The love you hold inside
is who you are.

"Trust in the Lord, for there is
no other justice than in him.

Love, Papa."

Rockwell, it's time.

For my son.


Open 14.

14 open.

Step out.

We'll take you to
the holding room.

You'll wait there
until it's time

to take you to the
execution chamber.

Right hand.

There's a deep striation
to the victim's anterior C-6.

Well, that confirms
that she bled out

through her jugular vein

like the other victims.

I also found kerf marks on
the victim's right clavicle

and marks on the
upper thorax.

She was definitely killed
by the same person

who murdered all the
other four victims.

Ooh, I got a match.


Yeah, looks like
an ex-con.

Seems like the black-sleeve rose
tattoo really did the trick.

It was listed
as a unique identifier.

Tracy Taylor, 33,

reported missing by her parole
officer two months ago.


dealing, DUIs, prostitution.

This little Tracy Taylor was
a busy woman.

Makes her a perfect
candidate to be purified.

So I get why this sick
puppy thinks

the ex-cons need
to be purified,

but what did Father Nabors
and Barnes do

to earn their spot
on the list?

I have no idea. When we catch
him, you can ask him yourself.

Spoke to Tracy Taylor's
parole officer;

apparently, Tracy was getting
her life back together.

And I'm
planning on entering

the Miss USA Pageant.

He said that she was
regularly attending

Narcotics Anonymous

Let me guess-- the same meetings
that Thomas Saltz attended.

You got it.
Look, I want Saltz back in here now.

And anyone else
from the N.A. meeting

who may have seen him
and Tracy Taylor together

the day she disappeared.

On it.

Right, okay, so witnesses
at the meetings say

that you and Tracy Taylor
fought for months

leading up to her disappearance.

One guy even said
that you were the reason

Tracy stopped coming
to the meetings.

Oh, so now I've
killed five people?

Did you call Flender?

'Cause I'm not saying anything
till he gets me a lawyer.

Really? Okay, what was it, huh?
She get on your nerves?

She find out
about the other murders?

Maybe she knew
that you weren't at N.A.

the night that
Connor Freeman was murdered.

That makes
sense. What?

She's the only one
standing between

you and the perfect alibi?

You guys are wrong.
Oh, really?

Why don't you help us out, then?

Tracy and I fought.

She kept trying to
get me using again.

Why'd she finally stop?
I don't know.

Maybe someone threatened
to call the cops on her.

I swear on my
mama's soul,

I had no idea that she was dead.

Kyle Martin.
Who is Kyle Martin?

Please don't tell me
you found another victim.

No. I've been looking

for the link
between Leonard Barnes

and anyone else
in Rockwell's life.

And he's the link.

So who is he?
What's the connection?

He was Barnes' driver.

He died two weeks
before Barnes went missing.

You said he spent a ton
on flowers for a funeral.

It was Kyle Martin's funeral?

Look at his
death certificate.

Says he died
of a drug overdose.

Well, Barnes had cocaine
in his system, lots of it.

Maybe they were drug buddies.

I'm still confused.
What does this have to do

- with Alex Rockwell?
- It doesn't.

It has to do with

someone else
in Rockwell's life.

Look at Kyle Martin's
mother's name

on the death certificate.

"Rosamund... Flender"?

Oh, my God.

So Kyle Martin was related
to Roger Flender, the baker.

Rosamund Flender was
Roger Flender's sister.

Kyle Martin was his nephew.

Kyle O.D.s
while working for Barnes,

and then two weeks later,
Barnes is murdered?

Flender is the only one
connected to all five victims.

Barnes was the first victim,

which means he must have been
Flender's trigger.

Roger Flender framed Alex.

He's our serial killer.

So Flender thinks he's
some kind of a messiah

and all the ex-cons that
are working for him

are like his

He even offered himself up
in place of Alex

like some sort
of martyr.

So as long as they abide
by his rules,

he keeps them protected.

And they're all devoted to him
because you know what?

He gave them all
a second chance.

So he kills anyone

who tries to lead his men
away from righteousness.

And to Flender,

only death
could wash these sins away.

This isn't
gonna be enough

for Judge Edwards.

It's all circumstantial.
We need proof.

Bones is looking
at the remains again.

She's gonna come up
with something.

Hope she can do it
in less than an hour, Cher.

Start at the distal ends of
the tibias and proceed upwards.

Tell me everything
you find,

no matter how small
or insignificant.

This mark...

What is it?

Well, you found a
curved striation

on Father Nabors' left
clavicle yesterday.

Yes, it seemed to
have been caused

when his hand slipped as
he was cutting into the victim.

I don't think
it was a slip.

It looked just
like this one.

I believe you're
right, yes.

It's a perfect curve.

One mark like this
could be a slip, but...

Not two.

This is the kind of mark

you'd expect to find
if it was drawn with a compass.

I'll check
the other remains.

Even if the mark
is not evident,

Angela's particle scans should
show evidence of pressure

that could indicate
the same curve.

We might be able to determine

the weapon that was used
to do this.

If this man Flender felt that
he was performing a ritual,

then he'd consider
his weapon holy.

Which means he would
still have it. Go!

Focus on the
clavicles, ribs and sternum.

Okay, these
are the burnt layers

being stripped away.

There it is.

The curved striations
are forming a circle

in the triangle.

What's that dot in the center?

It's probably from the weapon

that was used to create
the perfect circle.

A compass of some kind was used

to create
this ritualistic symbol.

A triangle pointing downward
could represent a lot of things.

Femininity, water...

No. Hold on, hold on.

It's deity.

This is the Masonic symbol
for deity.

Look-it, look...

The point in the center

represents an individual

The circle itself signifies

the boundary line
of his duty to God and man.

That's it!
I-I'll call Booth.

You'll find
nothing, Agent Booth,

because there's nothing to find.

There's no way
you're getting away with this.

Getting away with what?
I provide a livelihood

for men that society
has deemed worthless

because they served
a little time.

God's work?

I don't expect you
to understand.

Look, I understand
you're not God.

No sign of the knife
used on Tracy Taylor

or anything that ties him
to the ironworks factory.

Well, it was good
seeing you all again.

Ah! Have a seat,
will you?

Sit down.

Bones, listen,
you got to give me something,

or this guy's gonna walk.

It's a compass.

The circles were created
with a Masonic compass.

It will have all five
of the victims' DNA on it.

Okay, okay.

What? What are
we looking for?

Make sure
he stays put.

Hurry, Cher, Alex Rockwell
has less than 15 minutes.

Okay, okay.

Wait a second.
Masons are builders, right?

Yes. Traditionally,

stone and brick builders.

Uh, Aubrey's correct.

Hold on.

What is it, Booth?

Did you find it?

Hold on for a second.

There we go.

What do we have here, huh?

We got him. Call it in.

Bones, we got him.

We got Flender.

I kept my men safe, and
I was obedient to my calling.

My perfect obedience is
through my suffering, my death

and ultimately, one day,
my resurrection.

I may not believe
in the death penalty anymore,

but with you,
I'd make an exception.

Get him out of here.

Judge? Ms. Julian.

We have your evidence.

♪ Idle as it seemed ♪

♪ Trudging through the mist ♪

♪ Following the creeks ♪

♪ Erasing dim lines
on theist ♪

♪ Eager to arrive ♪

♪ Leaving footprints
in the clay... ♪

Rockwell's alive.

Oh. Thank God.

I can't imagine what
he must be feeling.

Probably grateful to have

another shot
at living his life.

If it were me,

I would vow not to put off
any dreams until later,

because later...
later is not a guarantee.


Hey, I'm sorry
about the whole Paris thing.

I-I wasn't trying
to be sneaky, I just...

Well, if you had

talked to me,
I would have told you

that I thought you were dreaming
a little too small.

Oh, my God.

Whoa. Wait, these...

these houses are beautiful.

Well, we have
the money now, right?

And Michael Vincent
needs a place to play,

and you need a studio.

Are you actually
considering this?

After ten years,

I think we deserve to let life
surprise us, don't you?


Well, you did good today.

We did.

Was so afraid, Booth.

You know what, Bones?

You got to have as much
faith in you as I do.

I imagine if Flender
is sentenced to death,

Judge Edwards will get
what she wants after all.


A society based
on vengeance.

You don't believe in
the death penalty anymore?


Not after all this, no.


But you know what?
Enough about death.

I mean, we have a whole new
beautiful life to focus on.

Isn't that
right, Tiger?

Ah, it just came out of my mouth.

Come on, let's get
mom and baby to bed.

Oh, well, I'm actually
a little hungry.

Hungry? Of course you are.
Tigers, they love to eat.

Tell you what, I'll
make you one of those

big, huge veggie
sandwiches you like.

I would like
that very much.

Ooh! And some leftover
dumplings from Hop Li.

Of course you
would like that.

And a piece of that, um,
banana walnut cake.

Right, Bones, by the time
we get all that eaten,

it's gonna be breakfast.

Well, an omelette
sounds good, actually.

Omelette and waffles.

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