Bones (2005–2017): Season 10, Episode 13 - The Baker in the Bits - full transcript

When the body of an ex-con is found in pieces, the Jeffersonian team investigates a local bakery known for employing former felons. But they soon learn that the victim was involved in a ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(fabric ripping)
(panting): Screw you, man.
No way you're gonna get me now.
Man (in distance): Clear!
Brennan: You want to stop for breakfast on the way to work, booth?
Just give me a minute here, bones, okay? I'm kind of busy. What are you doing?
Looking for that picture that you gave me, all right?
The one of you and christine when i was in prison.
Well, careful, booth!
There could be broken glass in there. Well, look,
I was switching out my wallets last night, okay?
I took everything out.
I had the picture right here.
Now it's gone.
Well, we can just print out another one.
That's not the point.
Sorry. I just...
(sighs) the picture just meant a lot to me.
It got me through a lot of tough times when i was in prison.
Let me help.
(phone ringing)
Yeah. Okay, got it.
We're on our way. Yeah.
Found it.
Ah. Look at that.
You got it.
(sighs) you're amazing.
I must have looked in there at least a thousand times.
But i have archaeological training,
Which involves going through the rubbish of many civilizations.
I once found a cro-magnon bicuspid
In petrified feces. (laughing)
Okay, that's really great. Why don't we talk about that
When we get into the car, all the cro-magnon stuff. You would never guess
That i was the only brave one... Hey, guess what. Hey.
Body in the lab. Let's go. Body in the lab.
Oh, i should go wash my hands. (mutters)
Hey, you're late.
But i come bearing caffeine.
I thought you were gonna
Come over last night. I'm sorry, i was
On the phone with my family, and then it was so late
That i just... Is everything okay?
Brennan: Mr. Vaziri, we have remains
That require your attention.
One second. If it's not work-related,
Dr. Saroyan... Vaziri: Coming, dr. Brennan.
It's not a short conversation, cam.
We'll talk later, okay?
Well, remind me never to get blown up.
It was against osha regulations to detonate after dark.
Small comfort to our friend here.
Brennan: Your use of the singular is correct.
There is no duplication of parts so far,
So i'd say we are dealing with one set of remains.
Vaziri: And according to the greater sciatic notch,
The victim was male.
There's evidence of predation
On the tissue. Oh, please don't
Tell me that's the skull.
Judging from the presence of teeth
And what appears to be brain fluid,
I believe it is.
Mr. Vaziri, please reconstruct this.
(chuckles) but it's, uh...
This is gonna take a long time.
Then i suggest you start immediately.
I have epidermis from his forearm
That seems to be tattooed.
Hodgins: That's tough to make out.
Saroyan: Yeah, it's too dry.
If i can rehydrate it,
Maybe angela can reconstruct the image.
Given the state of the skull, that may be our best chance
At identifying the victim.
Well, we have footprints-- two sets.
Right, so he was chased down the hill,
And he hid in the mine.
Which was packed with explosives.
Eh, bad for him.
Well, there was a "danger" sign.
Guy's not gonna stop to read the sign
If he's being chased by someone.
Well, maybe next time he will.
Next time?
Reincarnation. Reincarnation?
That's what you're going with? Reincarnation?
Look at the footprints.
One set stops here.
At the fence. Right. So what
We got to find out is where the chase started.
Well, how are we gonna do that? It's all blacktop,
No footprints, nothing. Eat your food.
When you're done eating your food,
Then we'll discuss the case again, okay?
I found antemortem ligature marks
On the scaphoid and the triquetral.
The victim may have been restrained.
Booth said the victim was chased.
He was probably trying to escape.
No, the striations on the medial malleolus
Indicate his ankles were also bound.
Excellent work.
It's just us now, arastoo.
What's going on with your family?
It's my brother, hamid, in iran.
He's sick.
What is it?
In his brain stem.
It's too big to excise.
He doesn't have much time.
I am so sorry.
He's the only one of us that stayed.
After my parents fled,
The government wouldn't let him leave.
And i've missed him every day since.
If there's anything i can do...
I wish there was.
But... This is all up to me now.
I have to go back, make sure he's getting the best care...
Wait a second.
You can't go back; you were exiled.
Not technically.
I fled before the edict was issued.
So you're thinking
Of risking your life on a technicality?
No. You can't.
You-you can call, you can skype.
This is not your decision, cam.
Hodgins: Hey.
Angela might have an i.D.
(sighs) i have to go.
Promise me you won't do anything until we have
The chance to talk this out, okay?
You owe me that much.
Montenegro: This was definitely a tattoo.
Fortunately, the ink from the tattoo is made
From burned cotton, aluminum, baby oil and urine.
Urine? Why is that fortunate?
Well, it's a pretty standard recipe used by convicts
When they tattoo each other in prison.
Which allowed me to narrow down the victims
To current and former convicts.
Brilliant. So you can run the image
Through the national prisoner tattoo database.
I already am.
There's a database for that?
At michigan state.
You name it, and somebody's
Built a database for it.
Okay, we have a match.
Okay, connor freeman.
Did five years at hazelton penitentiary
For attempted murder.
Wait. Can you enlarge
The tattoo, focusing on the edge of the tissue?
This was a clean cut; it wasn't torn
By the explosion.
Someone was trying to cut out his tattoo?
Bound, sliced and blown to bits?
What the hell was this guy involved in?
Booth: Wait a second, someone tried to cut off his tattoo?
Angela says that the database shows
That his tattoo is from a prison gang.
It's quite possible
That a rival got out and was looking for revenge.
So you're saying this is his fault because he was in prison?
I'm not saying that, booth, but...
His tattoo does indicate that while incarcerated
He was involved with a violent element
Of the prison population. Well, think about it.
Probably had to do that in order to, you know, survive.
I was there for three months. (phone ringing)
All right? Look, you got to do
What you have to do when you're in prison.
All right? Don't be so quick to judge.
Booth. Aubrey: I checked with
The parole officer, and i got freeman's address.
Do me a favor, get over there
Right away, look for any traces you can find
Of an abduction or an assault. On it.
All right.
What i was saying before about judging these guys...
I'm not judging them.
I don't do that, booth.
I just look for evidence.
He'd only been here for a few months.
Didn't really know him. Didn't want to.
Don't want to know anyone who lives here.
I'll knock on your door if i need anything else.
Welcome to paradise.
(shower running)
(shower stops)
Woman: Hey. Hey!
Who's there?
Who the hell let you in?
Uh, the super.
Who are you? No, no, no.
You first. Why are you here?
I'm here because connor freeman was murdered.
Oh, my god.
Who did it? Who did it? Who-who killed him?
Well, we don't know; that's why i'm here.
Your turn. Yeah, sure. Um...
I'm sabrina clevenger,
And i was living with connor.
And i wondered why he'd been gone.
You two having any trouble lately?
You know what? Screw you. I loved him.
You're gonna make it so i can't even feel bad for him now?
Why didn't you report him missing?
So his parole officer can find out.
You know, one mistake and they send you back to prison.
Are you saying he was making mistakes?
No. He was clean.
As far as you know.
And i know connor-- he was clean.
Ms. Clevenger...
Someone tried to remove connor's tattoo.
Did he get into any trouble at hazelton that you know about?
Connor didn't talk about that with me.
He was...
All about planning for the future.
He spent, like, every single day
From 3:00 in the morning
To 5:00 in the afternoon at work.
He just wanted a good life.
Where did he work? Sunrise bakery.
He loved that job.
It's what turned him around.
Now, if it's okay with you,
I'd really like to cry and break some stuff right now.
I found residue of polyethylene on the triquetral injuries.
So the victim was bound with zip ties.
Yeah, exactly. So that got me thinking.
Oh. No, no. I'm not doing that again.
What? No. No, no, no. That's not what i was suggesting.
Oh, but we can talk about that later.
Way later. What were you... What were you thinking?
Hmm? Right. Yeah, sorry.
Uh, so i-i was compiling
The particulates that i'm finding on his clothes
And on various pieces of his remains.
I was thinking that maybe we could work backwards
To figure out where the victim was held captive.
Well, there's a lot of locations that overlap.
I should be able to map the potential paths he took.
You know, i love that we have the same interests.
Keeps us close.
I'm not doing it again, hodgins.
But if you want me to tie you to the bed, i...
Okay. Okay, so far, i've got some asbestos fibers.
Ooh, look at this-- a leg of tobacco beetle,
Some petrified limestone dust, oh, good old-fashioned rust...
That's more like it.
Brennan: Do you think freeman's girlfriend
Is telling the truth? Well, i hope so.
I knew plenty of guys who just wanted to make a clean start
Once they got out. Recidivism statistics
Don't support that, booth. All right, well, look at your father.
He turned his life around. Well, you said yourself my father is unusual.
But now i've been on the inside, all right?
There are some good men in there, you know?
A lot of them are just doing their best not to go back.
Just have a little faith. Well, i'd like to.
But you were innocent, booth.
Connor freeman was in prison for a reason.
Right. All right.
Where is the address to this bakery we're going?
Oh, it smells so good in here.
It's a good thing you brought me rather than aubrey.
He'd eat everything in here.
Not literally. I was exaggerating for effect.
Bones, i got it, i got it, i got it.
Look at those. How many ex-cons end up making cream puffs?
We're all ex-cons.
And we got fresh cherry pie today.
Brennan: That looks good, booth.
And we'll take one of these. Box it up.
Are you gonna take the whole pie? Okay. Sure, why not?
Man: I've been running sunrise bakery for six years.
I can't believe connor's dead. He was a good man.
He was gonna make it.
So everyone in here has done time?
Yeah. Uh, my dad served time.
You have no idea how hard it was on our family.
So i'm here to give these guys the tools they need
So that their families don't have to go through
What mine did. Brennan: I'd like to know
Your success rate, mr. Flender. A cash business like this
Must be tempting for ex-convicts.
Bones. Maybe if these men
Didn't have someone like me who believes in them,
There'd be a problem. Well, there is a problem.
See, connor freeman is dead.
True. I'm sorry.
It's just, it's hard for me to accept that, i guess.
Brennan: The victim was cut.
Do you mind if i check your knives for blood?
These men are gonna think that you suspect them.
Well, at this point, i suspect everyone.
Even you. All right, look, a lot of these guys are gonna make it
Because of the work that you've done, all right?
And some of them won't. You know, we can't let
One bad apple ruin your work.
Uh, just want you to know,
Connor wasn't causing any trouble.
He just kept his head down,
Did his work. Hey.
This is, uh, alex rockwell.
Worked his way up to assistant manager.
Brennan: Congratulations.
You're a true anomaly.
Huh? Huh?
Rockwell: What is she doing?
The knives are all clean.
Told you my guys had nothing to do with this.
What about outside of work? He had a tattoo
Someone was trying to cut out, so someone was angry with him.
He could've done it himself. He hated that tat.
He said it reminded him of all the trouble he caused.
Rockwell: He's not cutting it out himself, saltz.
Have you talked to pemberton?
Pemberton? Who's pemberton? Connor was a driver
In a convenience store robbery that went bad.
A clerk got shot. She was pemberton's sister.
When pemberton found connor got out
On parole, he'd come by. He made threats, you know?
You didn't think this was important enough to tell us?
These men are confronted by their past all the time.
Nothing ever comes of it.
Well, it has now, hasn't it?
You're avoiding me.
I'm not. I have to work.
Dr. Brennan wants...
Don't lie to me, arastoo.
If you're really thinking of going to iran,
That affects me, too.
You can't make it a unilateral decision.
But it is.
It's my decision alone, cam.
It's my family. It's my risk.
I'm your family, too. You always want to talk
About marriage, fine. What does marriage mean to you?
What do i mean to you? That's not fair.
No, what you're doing isn't fair.
How would it help your brother if you wind up in prison,
Or worse?
The regime isn't the same as it was.
I have a better chance now of avoiding an investigation.
The minute you set foot into that country,
You are an iranian.
You are no longer an american citizen.
Cam, i love you.
But i have to make sure he gets the best care.
My parents can't go back. I'm the only one who can help.
There's no discussion here?
None at all?
We have a murder to solve, cam.
Can we just do that for now, please?
Of course, mr. Vaziri.
What have you found?
Kerf marks to the clavicles
And the upper thorax-- all symmetrical.
I measured them with a protractor.
They make a perfect isosceles triangle.
And the significance? Not sure.
But there are additional kerf marks on the right scapula
That suggest a downward stabbing motion.
Suggesting that the killer may have made the initial incision
While the victim was restrained.
And then stabbing him in the back as he ran.
Well, that's very helpful.
Thank you.
I love you.
I'm sorry, but...
I don't really know what that means right now.
Pemberton: They let that lowlife freeman
Out of prison, and i'm the guy hauled into the fbi?
Yeah, mr. Pemberton, because you were threatening that lowlife
And now he's dead.
Dead? Really?
Yeah, really. Did you want to do a little dance there, jason?
You want me to be sad?
He shot my sister. He didn't.
And even the shooter testified that freeman had no idea
A robbery was going to take place.
They left her bleeding on the floor.
She can't walk now, did you know that?
Yeah. And i'm sorry for that.
What they did was reprehensible,
But so is vigilante justice, all right?
So why don't you help me out here. Where were you
Last monday between the hours of 1:00 and 6:00?
I don't know. Maybe work.
Maybe following freeman?
Couple of guys he works with
Say they saw you outside the bakery.
Okay. Yeah.
Sure, i was following him. See?
This is good. Prosecutor will understand if you come clean.
I didn't kill him though.
I was waiting for him to mess up,
So i could get him locked up again.
I followed him with a camera every chance i got.
Maybe since he was keeping his nose so clean,
You got a little frustrated, impatient.
I have rights, too, you know.
It's not just the criminals that have rights.
And i don't think i want to talk to you anymore.
Oh, perfect timing.
Hodgins found zinc particulates that i matched
To this section of fence
And some tobacco beetle bits that i traced back
To a flour warehouse.
Despite the name, the beetles like wheat more than tobacco.
Wow. You sound like your husband.
Are you and arastoo still fighting?
I don't want to talk about it.
Okay. Well, since you two were spotted
Looking really intense earlier,
Everyone else is already talking about it.
Arastoo's thinking of going back to iran.
Isn't that dangerous for him?
Yeah, very. But his brother's sick,
And apparently i have no say in the matter.
I had no idea. I...
I respect it's his brother. I-i read his medical report.
It doesn't look good.
Oh, god, cam.
I'm so sorry.
Well, let's just... Solve the case.
I, uh...
I was looking at the victim's heart tissue
And found severely depleted atp levels.
Uh, atp. You're gonna have to help me out with that one.
It means he was so exhausted
That his muscles were about to give out.
Huh. Well, can you tell how far he ran?
That would narrow down where he escaped from.
Well, i can give you time, not distance.
He ran for about 30 minutes,
Adrenaline pumping on full.
Montenegro: Well, that'll add a few square miles and...
Several thousand buildings to the search.
So that makes it more difficult.
I also analyzed the tissue using liquid chromatography,
And it didn't help with the atp levels,
But it did turn up traces of etorphine.
Isn't that an opioid? Yeah, a very strong one.
It should have knocked him out completely.
And yet he could break free from his restraints and run
30 minutes at top speed?
What are we missing?
Drugs? Yep. Arastoo sectioned the femur.
The marrow tested positive for multiple opiates. Oh, man.
Oxycontin, percocet, fentanyl
And a few minor bathtub variety players.
There you go. So much for cleaning up his act. Yeah.
Well, it explains why he wasn't knocked out by the etorphine.
He'd built up a resistance.
And nobody at the bakery mentioned his drug use?
Well, you know, a lot of people, they... They're good at hiding it.
The girlfriend though, that's... That's a whole nother story.
He... You know what, she had to have known. I bet she knew.
So she was protecting him. Tell you what,
I'll get aubrey to, uh, talk to her again.
So, uh, what's going on with arastoo?
Is he really thinking about heading back?
Yeah. Actually, that's why i wanted to talk to you.
You've been over there. He says he's gonna be okay.
And you want me to say that everything's gonna be fine.
No. I want you to tell me the truth.
The truth. Well, it's possible he'll be fine,
But, you know, he turned his back on the regime
When he became an american citizen-- that's dangerous.
Well, that's what i'm afraid of.
But... (sighs)
He won't listen to anybody, and he feels guilty
That he left his brother behind.
Right. How about alex at state? Did you talk to him?
Yeah, he advised against it,
So i've called a friend at doctors without borders,
And, hopefully, if arastoo knows
His brother's getting the best care...
It's family, cam. It's hard to turn your back on family.
Yeah, i'm just... I'm...
I am so scared, seeley.
Hey, it's gonna be okay.
You know, look, if arastoo can work with bones,
Dealing with the iranians--
It's gonna be a piece of cake, right? Right?
Connor was doing drugs, wasn't he, sabrina?
Not that i knew of.
System was full of opioids.
Usually a loved one notices something like that.
I don't know. I just...
Thought maybe he had a few beers is all.
Kind of seems to me like
You don't want to know who killed connor.
What the hell are you talking about?
Well, you're not helping.
Maybe you have something to hide.
Look, i tried everything to get him to stop.
Okay, he was running through every dime we had.
So he was taking your money?
He-he had a problem.
It was hard for him being out
And adjusting, you know, so i just wanted to help him.
You know where he was getting his stuff?
Maybe his dealer killed him.
I don't know.
I swear. I told connor
I didn't want to have anything to do with the drugs.
So you cut him off?
He had a good heart.
Connor did.
And whatever he was involved in,
He didn't deserve to die.
I've only partially reconstructed the skull,
But i found a puncture mark
At the base of the occipital.
It appears to be an injection site.
Yes, and judging from the angle,
He couldn't have done it to himself.
Perhaps he was sedated to make his abduction easier.
But because he'd built up a tolerance,
The injection wasn't strong enough, which is why he escaped.
I can't believe he got into drugs
So soon after getting out of prison.
You would think he'd do everything
He could not to go back.
It's an odd position for you to take
At this time, don't you think?
Excuse me? If avoiding prison
Was the goal, then you wouldn't travel back to iran.
There's no warrant out for my arrest.
Because you're not there. I was 18.
I'm hardly someone
They're interested in.
And yet you've avoided going back to see
Your brother for years.
If you're serious
About going, you need to be honest about the risks,
And honest with dr. Saroyan, so if you never see her again,
At least you know you didn't lie to her.
Please finish reconstructing the skull,
And see if there are any other injuries
That could give us a weapon that was used in the assault.
Aubrey: Mr. Saltz, you were locked up for dealing drugs.
Saltz: Yeah, but i served my time.
I'm clean. I'm pee-in-a-cup clean.
But you knew connor wasn't.
I mind my own business.
I ain't trying to do no more time.
Who'd he get his stuff from?
I don't know. He asked me for my help,
And i said no.
Roger would fire me if i did anything wrong.
Anybody else at the bakery know what connor was into?
We all suspected,
Except roger.
That dude invented
Rose-colored glasses.
And, uh, what else did you suspect connor was into?
I answer, you could charge me with accessory.
Yeah, and if you don't,
I charge you with impeding an investigation.
I told him not to do it.
I told him i didn't want no part of it.
None of us did.
I swear.
I'm waiting.
He said he was gonna knock off a store or something.
He knew somebody on the inside.
Which store? I don't know.
I didn't want to know.
I just wanted to bake bread
And make enough money to marry my girl.
Hey. I'm trying to track where the victim came from.
Oh, this is a lot easier. Don't you want to take a little break?
Well, no, not since i found
Ascomycota fungi on the victim's shirt.
Well, this won't take long.
So these are all the charges on his debit card?
Yeah, for the two weeks before he died.
Well, most of them are for parking meters,
And they're coded for the same neighborhood.
Preceded by charges for food.
Aubrey: Oh.
Look who's into it now. Please.
I'm instinctively curious.
So where are these meters?
They're in anacostia.
And he fed them regularly.
Can you show me that block?
And each meter is coded?
Yeah, they have to be. Hodgins: My money's on
The two meters across from the check-cashing place.
Hodgins is right.
He used those two meters
And stayed an average of two and a half hours each time.
Yeah, because he was
Casing the place.
Hey, he was planning to rob it.
You kind of stole my thunder there, hodgins.
King of the lab, aubrey.
So booth said that he had someone on the inside.
Okay, well, sometimes
The web sites have a list of company employees.
Aubrey: Look at that.
Assistant manager sabrina clevenger.
Hodgins: That's freeman's girlfriend.
Looks like you have your inside man.
Aubrey: We know that you were gonna rob
The check-cashing place with connor.
I've got no record. Check it out.
I never helped with a robbery. Then maybe
You killed him so you wouldn't have to go through with it.
Why are you doing this to me?
I told you, i loved connor.
That's why i told him no.
So you admit that he wanted to rob the place.
He wanted me to leave the back door open, but i said no.
We had a fight, and he walked out.
That's why i didn't think anything
Of not seeing him for a few days.
And you couldn't have told me all of this before?
He was dead.
What difference did it make?
And if the other guy found out that i was a snitch,
Then what? Wait, wait, wait. What other guy?
Connor was working with someone else? I don't know who.
One of the cons from work.
He must've roped connor into it, because connor was a good guy.
Maybe not as good as you thought.
Saroyan: Arastoo,
I need two minutes. Sure.
But first, look at this.
Striations on the mental eminence.
Perimortem. The directionality of the striations
Suggests the victim fell as he was being chased.
Nothing odd in that. I'd be surprised if he didn't fall.
Right. But when i stained the mandible
As well as the victim's patellas and metacarpals
With hematoxylin and did a microscopic analysis...
Saroyan: Corresponding striations.
That contained particulates.
Dr. Hodgins is analyzing them now.
Depending on where he fell,
The particulates might help pinpoint
Where he was being held.
Very good.
Now my two minutes?
Can't this wait? Please?
Not when you're pricing out tickets to iran.
You forgot to close your browser
On the platform computer you used.
I talked to a cousin over there.
He said my brother is failing.
I don't know how much time he has left.
I contacted a friend at doctors without borders.
He knows a great doctor in tehran.
He said he'd promise
To make sure... Yeah, but he can't make sure
That i'm holding hamid's hand if he's dying, cam.
Have you thought about me even once in all of this, arastoo?
I tried not to.
The thought of choosing between the people i love...
It's impossible.
I even thought, hey, hamid's dying.
When i get there, he might not even know it's me.
But i'm not doing this for me, cam.
I'm doing it so a member of my family won't suffer alone.
But iran...
Iran is a wonderful country.
Thousands of years old.
It... It's a part of me.
And politics aside, i miss it every day.
I have to believe that there's a basic goodness there,
A decency that will keep me safe.
I promise, you will not lose me, cam.
I wish you could know that.
You understand?
Even a little?
I understand that i hate this.
But that i love you even more.
The particulates were traces of... Oh.
Ah, you have information
Pertaining to the case, dr. Hodgins?
Hodgins: Yeah. The particulates
Were traces of glass made with
Manganese? Over a hundred years old.
So, angie's just factoring that into her map now.
Thank you.
Mm-hmm. That's good.
I worked with connor for almost a year, so you'll understand
If i find it a little hard to believe that he planned
A major crime. Perhaps your idealistic views
Of rehabilitation were unrealistic, mr. Flender.
Well, it's always better to hope, isn't it?
I agree. Brennan: But maybe if you weren't blinded
By hope, you'd have seen the victim for who he was.
Yes, a victim.
Of circumstance, class, lack of opportunity, simple rotten luck.
I'm sorry, dr. Brennan, but i refuse to believe
That we can't make sure that there is goodness in this world.
Booth: Let's just focus on trying
To, you know, find the killer, that's all.
So, which one of your men was closest to freeman?
I give you someone else, they'll all feel
That they're gonna be scapegoats.
Look, i don't want to
Arrest you for impeding an investigation,
But i will.
If you have to, you have to.
But if you really cared about these men,
Why would you choose to be imprisoned
Rather than help us find connor freeman's killer?
Because i believe in all of my men.
And since you have no proof,
I think you're looking in the wrong place.
And if locking me up is what it takes
To show that i'm on their side, so be it.
The blue area is all the particulates that hodgins found.
Green is the bone stuff,
And red is the range of travel, which came from
Cam's atp test. What's that brown line?
Well, the brown line is where everything should overlap.
Which is the route that freeman took.
Hopefully. Most of the evidence we have
Is close to the mine,
So i'm running the simulation backwards.
So, first, we start
With the body as it was discovered.
In pieces, near the mine.
I used a crime scene photo for reference,
And then it was just a matter of
Plugging in hodgins' horrible little math problem
To figure out point of impact.
Hodgins: Cool. Next i take freeman
Up to this fence.
Vaziri: Can you determine where the victim sustained injuries
To the mental eminence and the patellas?
Well, that's where
It gets tougher.
Soot and soil, tobacco beetles
And paving materials only take us another 500 yards,
And then there's a range of possibilities
Of where he could have been held captive.
I swabbed the patellas and got the glass with manganese in it,
So it had to be in a building that went up prior to 1910.
Okay, there's 15 that are still left standing in the area,
So i'll eliminate the ones that are
Off vector or are too far away.
Uh, which means our most likely suspect is...
Scovell iron works.
It's right on the edge of
Our range, so there's a good chance
That's where the killer held freeman
Before he got away.
Keep your eyes open; never know what we're walking into.
I always assume bullets.
Well, it's a perfect place to hide.
Nobody wants to come in here.
Yeah, that's for sure.
Tac loop.
Broken. Must've been from the restraints he popped off.
He was definitely here.
Booth: Squints said that the killer made symmetrical cuts
On the victim.
That would take time.
So we're looking for
A work space, somewhere dry.
With light. That certainly fits the bill.
(quiet thump)
Huh. A little jumpy?
Little bit.
Have i mentioned how much i hate this place?
Whole lot of blood.
Maybe a few days old.
Booth. Over here in the incinerator.
Oh, wow.
Aubrey: Three more bodies. He burned them.
Look what we have over here.
Sick bastard.
Four victims, one location.
Does that make this a mass murderer or a serial killer?
The different levels of fire damage to the bones
Indicate that the bodies burned
For different amounts of time.
And months apart.
Yeah, that and the creepy removal of the tattoos.
I'm calling this a serial killer.
According to the pelvic structure,
All three sets of remains are male.
And they all were killed in the same manner,
As evidenced by the deep incisions
On their respective anterior c-6's.
Saroyan: That would sever the jugular veins.
These guys bled out on the factory floor.
We'll know more when the bones are clean,
But there appear to be symmetrical kerf marks
To the clavicles and the upper thorax.
Just like freeman.
Brennan: The use of fire and exsanguination
Suggests that these killings could have
A ritualistic component.
So we're looking for crazy. Well, the killer
Could think that his actions are quite sane.
The aztecs would cut out their victims' still-beating hearts
As an offering to the gods,
And they were celebrated for it.
The religious angle just got more intense.
I got a hit off the missing persons database
For this victim-- a priest, father douglas nabors,
Who was reported missing three months ago.
And what about the other two sets of remains?
This one is ted widmer,
An escaped convict who was in the same prison as our victim.
And some of the guys at the bakery.
Hodgins: Oh, it can't be
A coincidence that he's here.
Saroyan: I'll try to scrounge up
Some usable tissue.
If the opiates we found on freeman
Were used on the others, that may give us a lead.
And i'll keep trying for an i.D.
On our third victim.
Hey. Come on, come on. So all this just came in?
Yeah. But i found the prize in the box right away.
The priest, father nabors, was assigned
To a parish in west virginia where alex rockwell lived.
Rockwell was an altar boy there when he was a kid.
Uh, let me guess, he started breaking the law
When he was in his teens.
Very good. You should do this for a living.
Yeah. Now if we could just find a connection
Between rockwell and widmer.
They served time together when they were in hazelton,
Same cell block.
Wait, same time connor freeman was there? Mm-hmm.
So, looks like rockwell just snapped
When he was released, started killing.
Let's go pick him up.
What is it this time?
Looking for alex rockwell. Alex?
You got to be kidding me.
He and connor were close friends.
He is a good man.
He could have never killed him.
Look, we found three more bodies
Where connor was being held captive.
Two of them had connections to rockwell.
One we're still waiting on.
God. Aubrey: Yeah,
So unless you want more people to die,
I suggest you let us talk to rockwell.
I don't know where he is.
He didn't come in today and i've been calling. Hmm.
Why would he do this? I don't know.
Maybe connor found out that rockwell had been, uh,
Slicing and burning people.
Okay, uh, let me try and contact him,
And i'm gonna let you know as soon as i do.
Just promise you won't start shooting.
Well, if he comes peacefully, no one's gonna get hurt.
Booth: So you got something for me, bones?
Yes. I just finished comparing the kerf marks
On the clavicles of the new victims
With the ones found on freeman's remains.
They're identical. So it's the same knife.
All right, i'm gonna need that to make a case.
Hodgins said the metallurgical composition and shape
Of the blade suggest a northern indian
Ritualistic slaughter knife.
So your theory was correct--
It was, uh, some kind of sick ceremony.
Angela said the shape is most likely something like this.
Looks like a khukuri knife--
Weapon of choice in afghanistan.
That'll definitely do the job.
Rockwell was stationed there.
Flender sent a text. He's with rockwell
At a parking lot across the river.
I told him we'd text him when we were in position.
Right, okay. Got to go, bones.
Be safe, booth.
Always am.
Alex, hey.
I don't like being out here like this.
It's okay. Nobody knows you're here.
Why are you running, alex?
Are you serious?
I thought you were on my side. I am.
That's why i think you should just talk to them.
What's going on, roger?
Listen to me, alex. If you run,
They're not gonna believe you. You need to talk to them now.
Are they here? Did you set me up?
Look, i'm on your side here, alex.
Alex, alex, stop... Shut up, you son of a bitch!
You're coming with me. Move!
Rockwell! Flender: He has a knife in the car!
I don't have a clear shot. I do.
No. No, he's hit. He's hit!
He's hit. Please, please.
Not again. Booth: It's gonna be okay.
Just wanted to immobilize him.
Flender: He was one of
The success stories. You tried.
That's all you can do is try.
Well, you know, you were right, bones.
Some people are just missing that little
Piece of goodness, and there's nothing you can do about it.
Not something i want to be right about.
You okay?
Yeah, fine.
I just, you know...
I never like taking a shot.
Because of that piece of goodness you have.
You know, his knife was a match
For the injuries.
Yeah, that's what i heard. Caroline also
Told me it was a tight case.
Very. Right.
So you ready?
Mm-hmm. How's flender doing?
He's having second thoughts,
I think, you know?
I told him the world would've ended a long time ago
If there weren't more good people than bad.
Yeah. You sound like an anthropologist, booth.
Yeah, look, that's not gonna make me
Hang out in the lab, if that's what you're thinking, okay?
I didn't say that. Well, that's kind of what you're insinuating.
I am staying away from...
They just found five new glioblastomas in hamid's brain.
The chemo and the radiation
Aren't working.
I'm so sorry.
I heard about a new alternative
Treatment at duke.
They implant...
A modified polio vaccine in the brain. I know.
You've been doing research, too?
Well, i've printed out the information for you.
Thank you.
Well, i assume hamid's gonna be my brother-in-law one day.
I want you to make sure i meet him.
I do love you, you know.
I know.
Why don't we grab a bite to eat.
I booked a flight, cam.
It leaves in a few hours.
I thought i was ready.
I'm sorry it was so fast. No, it's-its...
I'm fine. I...
You just...
I will.
You come back to me, arastoo.
Make sure you come back.
What's that mean?