Bones (2005–2017): Season 10, Episode 11 - The Psychic in the Soup - full transcript

Avalon Harmonia lends her expertise when the remains of a psychic are found rotting in the trunk of a tree. But Hodgins is angered when she claims to see Sweets' ghost; and Angela is put in...

Buddy wants
some more cake, Daddy.

I already gave
him a big piece.

But he ate it, Booth.

Buddy loves cake.

Just cut him another piece.

All right, all right.

Cutting Buddy
a piece of cake.

Here you go,
here's a...

On the plate, Daddy,
or I'll get dirty!

Wow, you guys are
really into this whole

imaginary friend thing.

Buddy is warm
and affectionate.

I think he's a good influence on Christine.
Okay, Dr. Logic.

You're the one who said that
this whole imaginary stuff

is crazy.
It has its place.

You praying to your God
is no different

than Christine giving Buddy
a piece of cake.

Okay, I don't have a
tea party with God.

What about Communion?
Oh, really? So, now what?

The whole transubstantiation
of the Host is like a tea party?




What is it?

It's Sweets's
birthday today,

and I had down on
my reminder calendar

to, uh, go get him
some doughnuts

at this, uh, bakery
in Georgetown.

I still forget he's gone.


The guy's name is Alex Dunaway,

but for now I'm just
calling him "Leatherface."

How about "the
Virginia Chainsaw Massacre"?

Interesting fact--
you know,

before being called
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre,

the original title
was Headcheese?

What's wrong with you?

Oh, wow.

Looking like some
"headcheese" if you ask me.

You talk to Leatherface yet?
Not yet.

Guy was ranting and
raving when he came in.

I'm not exactly
fluent in crazy.

I got the shrink in there
calming him down for me.

Right, so I'll call Bones--
she's probably gonna want

to bring the whole tree back
to the lab, all right?

Okay, have fun
with that.

Alex, my name
is Agent James Aubrey.

I'm with the FBI.

Do you understand
where you are?

No, I-I was cutting...



No, what we found was
definitely human remains.

Please don't make
me look at that.

At least you feel some remorse
for what you did.

No, you don't
understand, man.

I-I didn't kill anybody.

You're covered in blood, you've
been screaming like a madman,

running around
with a chainsaw.

No, I-I don't
remember any of that.

Well, what do
you remember?

I was cutting down
an old tree, okay?

I'm a park ranger.

And the tree was dead
on the inside.

You're saying the body was
already inside the tree?

I-I started cutting it down,
and all of a sudden,

blood started spraying...

I-I swear, okay?

I-I didn't know
that that was in there, okay?

I think I'm
gonna be sick.

Do you have a wastebasket
or something?

Uh, wastebasket?!

Can we get a wastebasket?!

Forget it.

Ready, guys?

This liquid appears to be

a mixture of blood,

bone, viscera, decomp fluids
and rainwater.

Doing all right
there, Dr. B?

You look like something's
bothering you.

Which is reasonable

she's about to

stick her hands
into body stew.

Well, I feel as if an imbalance

of serotonin levels

have affected my

Probably caused by the fact
that today is Sweets' birthday.

Whatever tool was used
to fell the tree caused

significant damage to the skull.

Oh, man, Sweets.

He would have been what?


He didn't make it to 30?

Yeah, but he
made it to happy,

and that's pretty
impressive, isn't it?


wherever Sweets is, he wouldn't
want thinking about him

to affect our work.

So I'm seeing the larvae
from the red carnivore beetle.

Can you use those
to get time of death?

I can try.

Hey, I'm also seeing
clothing fibers

around the edge
of the stump.

Maybe somebody fell in
and then had trouble

getting themselves back out.

Based on the size
of the pelvis

and the uniformly
coarse granularity

of this auricular

the victim was a female
in her early 30s.

Adults don't go climbing
inside trees alone.

I do.

That's where the really
beautiful Hymenoptera are.


But unless by some chance

the victim was not
an obsessive entomologist,

this is probably a body dump.

But why dump her
inside of a tree?

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The Psychic in the Soup
Original Air Date on March 26, 2015

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Body stew like this, I feel like
one of the witches from Macbeth.

Based on the scoring
and abrasions

to the cortical surface,

multiple scavengers
fed on it.

lookee here.

I got a piece of
the victim's shirt.

Based on the level
of fungal growth,

the victim's been in the tree
for about a month.

Based on the blunted nature

of the most anterior aspect
of the mandible,

I'd say the victim
was African-American.

Excellent bone structure.

So a beautiful black woman
in her early 30s.

Anyone seen Beyoncé recently?

Unfortunately, a visual I.D.
will be very difficult to obtain

since the middle of the skull
was obliterated

in the process
of cutting down the tree.

There are still shards of
that section of the skull lodged

in the teeth
of the chainsaw.

Uh, but there are,
like, a hundred pieces.

Some are microscopic.

Dr. Fuentes, my three-year-old
can complete

a hundred-piece puzzle
in less than an hour.

I expect nothing less from you.

Park ranger was
telling the truth.

Couple of hikers
corroborated his story.

But I ran a search for convicted
felons local to the area

who've committed acts of
violence in a public park.

That's very specific.

I know, but I actually
got a hit, too.

Matthew Crump, 33, multiple
assault charges, robbery...

No, no, no, no, no, no.
I don't think so.

No, it doesn't wash
that a guy like this

would dump the remains
in a tree.

It makes sense
if you're lazy.

Chucking somebody into
a tree is a lot easier

than digging
a hole, right?

Right, and Sweets
would point out

that this is not
some random tree, right?

It's a tree where lovers went
to carve their initials in.

It's a bad tree for a dump.

Unless you're in love
and not thinking clearly.

There you go, right?

Get all the names and
the initials and the carvings,

so when we get a lead,
we can move on it.

Sweets, huh?

Yep, Sweets.

But I have not reconstructed
the the skull yet.

You don't need a skull
for the I.D.

I made scans
of the intact bones.

Oh, excuse me.

I have to take this.


Uh, are you...
are you sick?

Excuse me?

You-you said

That's Spanish
for medicine, right?

Yes, you are
quite correct.

I'm getting
over a cold.

And that was
the pharmacy.

You said you
have an I.D.?

Justine Simmons.

Geez, I didn't know

somebody could look that good
in a license photo.

That's strange-- Hodgins said
that the victim has been dead

for at least a month,
but her father

only reported her missing
two weeks ago.

Wow, I-I'll tell Booth.

You reconstruct that skull.

Brennan is still gonna want

cause of death.

I'm sorry for your loss,
Pastor Simmons.

Thank you,
Agent Aubrey.

But as painful as this is,

I believe the Lord
had a plan for Justine.

Well, according to the evidence
we've gathered thus far,

we believe that your daughter
was murdered about a month ago.

Why did you wait two weeks
to report her missing?

Justine and I were not as close
as I would have liked.

The distance
between you two,

was it because
of the accident?

I see you've done your homework.

According to the
accident report,

your daughter was
driving at the time.

She walked away with
barely a scratch,

but you were in the
hospital for quite a while.

Agent Aubrey,
this was an accident.

Sir, I do hope
you're not suggesting that...


No, of course not.

So when was the last time
you saw your daughter, sir?

Six weeks ago.

At church.

Justine had started
attending again.

Wanted forgiveness.

Which I took as a sign that
she was turning her life around.

Was she in some
kind of trouble?

Like drugs or alcohol?

No, no, nothing
like that, but...

Justine made her living
as a psychic.

I begged her to stop,
but she just laughed.

"If a person turns to
mediums or necromancers,

"whoring after them,

"I will set my face
against that person

and will cut him off
from among his people."


Leviticus 20:6.

That's very good, Agent Aubrey.

So you know

that Justine was playing
with fire.

Quite literally.

Don't do it, Angie, don't.

But if this woman
was a psychic...

There are no such things.

You seriously don't
believe Avalon?


and fortune tellers

represent man's basic need
to make sense of the unknown,

while rigorous evidence-based
science is far more difficult

than just believing
in magic.

Oh, so you're saying
I'm lazy and a fool?

Oh, how did I not
see that coming?

Uh, oh, my God.

It's Avalon.

No, I'm...

I-I didn't call her. I swear!


Justine's been here
just shy of a year.

Good tenant, no trouble.

All right. Nice place.

Guess being a fortune
teller is a good gig, huh?

And Justine was amazing, yes.

Oh, so you were a client
as well as her landlord?

I did a couple readings.

She was incredible.

Really connected, you know?

No, I don't.


This computer is cracked.

There's blood on the screen.
Well, there's lots of cash here,

so if she was killed here,
it definitely wasn't a robbery.

I don't think
she was killed here.


What are you doing here?

Yeah, what are you doing here?

Did Angela call you?

No, I-I called her.

Someone contacted me
from the other side.

Said you needed my help.

Right. Oh.

Come on, out. There we go.

Okay, what's going on here?

I'm Avalon Harmonia,
a psychic like the victim.

You just finished
laying flooring, didn't you?

Wow, you're really good.

It's just your knee pads
and that pine oil smell.

Yeah, sorry.

The owners have me
remodeling, like,

four different units
in the building.

Look, Avalon, you can't be

at the crime scene, all right?

They don't believe.

I'm sensing a great
struggle in this room.

Yes, the blood evidence
told us that without having

to sense anything.
There was a man

who wanted to do her harm.

If you can tell us that
man's name, I'll be impressed.

Anthony Taylor.


He's connected to this case.

And he's a charlatan.

Justine used to work with him.

They had a falling out.

But he came here once.
They argued.

I overheard-- thin walls.

I-I'm pretty sure
he threatened her.

Yeah, that fits.

All right, enough
with the pillows.

Say, let me

ask you something.

Is it somebody's birthday today?

I'm sorry that

they don't believe,

Oh, I'm used to it.

Besides, other people's opinions

don't make the truth
any less true.

Right, so why am I here exactly?

Because you're interrogating
the fraud,

and Booth won't
let Avalon into the FBI.

So you want me to subvert
protocol and risk my career

by letting her
what exactly?

Educate you.

About how a fraud
like Anthony Taylor operates.

Avalon can tell you
how he fishes for names,

how he leads his subjects

to reveal the answers
that he needs.

So you just have to play along,

and then you turn
the tables on him.

Well, I thought you guys
were forbidden

from revealing your secrets.

She's the real deal, Aubrey.

Angela, please.

No offense, Ms. Harmonia, but...

I don't blame someone
who's been through what you have

to lack faith
in someone like me.

What is that supposed to mean?

Well, your dad leaving
you and your mom.

Someone told you.

Of course.

Call her your spirit guide
or your guardian angel.

Anyway, I'm sorry for your pain.

But I see great things
in your future.



All in good time.

Because of your gift,

Mr. Taylor, we were hoping
you could help us

with a case we're working on.

Of course, of course.

And we'll do our best to keep
your name out of the press.

Oh, no need.

The more people who know
about the power of the mind,

the better off
the world is.

Well, I'm sure
you can already sense

who the victim might be.

A moment, perhaps?


I'm getting...

a boy.

Or-or-or a young man.

He could be the victim

or the assailant.

We know very little,
so the ball is in your court.

Then it's a young man.

Very good.

A lot of money was kept
in the victim's apartment.

Robbery. Robbery
was the motive.

Greed is a powerful force.

This victim was a client
of another psychic actually.

A, uh... Justine Simmons?

Think you might know her.


She's a fraud.

I hope she didn't take
advantage of him.

Well, I thought you two
used to work together.

I am sensing Justine
is clouding the issue here.

Justine is the issue here,
Mr. Taylor.

She's the victim.

Something you didn't
seem to sense.

Or didn't want to.

You lied to me.
Yeah, well,

the difference is that
lying isn't my profession.

I can't give an accurate reading

if there isn't
an openness between us.


Okay, great. Let's be open then.

Uh, you and Justine used to work
together, then a year ago,

she quits and files
a restraining order against you.

Justine stole some
of my clients.

I lost my temper.

Is that a crime?

Judge thought
that it could be.


She stole more than
some of my clients.

She stole my methods
for contacting...

You mean the tricks
that you use to take advantage

of vulnerable people--
like how to do a cold read,

or how to run a quick background
check on a future client?

That's what Justine did.

Because she didn't
have the gift like I do.

She did that. And you know what?
She'd go deeper.

She'd dig up dirt
on her clients.

So you're saying that Justine
would blackmail her clients?

It wasn't done
overtly of course.

And I would never do it.

But you don't think

I could really
kill Justine, do you?

You're the psychic.

I shouldn't have to tell you
what I'm thinking.

Avalon? I thought
she was barred from the FBI.

Well, yeah, but she can
do her work anywhere.

She's been trying
to contact Justine.

Oh, the dead person.

Is that a local or a
long-distance call?

Oh, great.

So you think
I'm a loon now, too?

But you're great
with a computer.

So what did you find?

Okay, so...

here are the documents
that the victim pulled

when she did
background checks

on all of her clients.
Smart racket.

Any idea how many of these
clients she was blackmailing?

Well, it's hard to say,
but there's a lot of them.

The blood on the screen,
that was definitely hers, right?

The DNA was
a match, yeah.

That's good for us.
When the computer broke,

the time stamp froze
at 1:07 p.m. on the 12th,

which means I might
have time of death.

Or at least
time of assault.

I'll tell Booth.

And for the record,
I don't think you're a loon.

My grandmother
was a believer.

After my grandfather died,
she visited psychics,

hoping to talk to him
one last time.

I mean, she...

she spent thousands.

Yeah, the fakes,
people like Justine and Taylor,

they just prey on people

when they're
at their most vulnerable.

You know what I hate the most?

Knowing that all she had to do
was call me, you know?

We could've talked about him.

Kept him alive together.

And it wouldn't have
cost her a dime.


Dr. Fuentes,
where have you been?

I know I'm late.

Sorry, I, um,

I just had some personal
business to take care of.

But it's not
gonna happen again.

Whatever that
business is,

it's clearly lucrative.

Look, if you're not interested
in working here

for an intern's salary...
Well, no, no, no!

Of course I do. I...

Allow me to apologize.

It will not happen again.
I promise.

We've wasted enough time.

Why isn't the reconstruction
of the skull completed?

Well, I'm still
waiting on more fragments

from Dr. Hodgins,
but I did find

a Monteggia fracture on
the proximal shaft

of the ulna,
and that is in addition

to a dislocation
to the head of the radius

and the fractures
on the metacarpals.

So the victim clearly fought back.

The blood on the laptop
was definitely Justine's,

but there's no signs of
forced entry into her apartment.

Oh, implying that the victim
might have been attacked

by someone close to her.

So while you were talking
to the Amazing Kreskin,

I was doing this.

Running serial numbers
on hundred dollar bills?

It's money from Justine's apartment.

And they're sequential.
Yeah, they're brand-new.

Federal Reserve traced it
to a small bank in Rockville.

Withdrawing 3,000 bucks
from a small branch

in a little town might
be memorable, right?

I'll go talk to the tellers,
see if they remember

who they gave
the bills to.

I already did that.

Customer's name is
Alana Jackson.

Let me guess--
Alana Jackson

is a client of
Justine Simmons.

Ah, you are psychic.
Okay, let's go.

Alana Jackson?

FBI. Special Agent
Seeley Booth.

This here is
Agent Aubrey.

Oh, my God. My kids.

Are my kids okay?
Yes, ma'am.

We're not here about them.
We need to ask you

a couple of questions
about Justine Simmons.

We found her body
at Roosevelt National Park.

We suspect murder.


Oh, my God.

We have reason
to believe that

that she was blackmailing you,
and we know

that you gave her
$3,000 last month.

Blackmail? No.

She-she just told me
that she needed money,

so I gave it to her.


Pretty generous of you.

I was grateful to her.

She'd call upon spirit guides
to protect my husband.

He's serving his third tour
in Afghanistan.

She was, um...

She and I became close.

So, um...

Oh, my God.

I can't believe she's gone.

You two were more than friends,
weren't you?

What do you mean?

Look, I've been doing
this job a long time,

and I know people react

when they've heard
that a loved one is dead.

Did she threaten

to tell your husband
about your affair?


God, no.

Besides, Justine and I stopped
seeing each other a while ago.

Who broke it off?

I told her
I'd do anything for her.

I-I'd leave my husband,
I'd start a new life.

But she said no.

That must have made you
pretty upset.

It did.

But that doesn't mean
I killed her.

All right, can you account
for your whereabouts last month

on the 12th
around 1:00?


See, um...

I was training
for a triathlon that day.

With 14 other people.

I can... I can give you
their names if you'd like.

Yeah, we'd appreciate that.

Now, uh... unless you have
any other questions,

I really need to pick up my kids
from soccer practice.

When you can, get
those numbers to us.

Yes, sir.


You spoke to her father, right?

I can't imagine what he'd do
if he found out

that she and I
were having an affair.

So you contacted Justine?

Did she say who killed her?

She wouldn't say.

Lots of crying going
on with her though.

Well, why didn't she say?

She said she hurt
enough people,

and that her death was
her own fault, poor thing.

Oh, hello, Avalon.

It's good to see you.

Not in connection
to the case, of course,

but because I
kind of like you.

She contacted Justine.

But Justine won't say
who killed her.

She doesn't want to get
anybody in trouble.

Gee, fancy that,
not having an answer.

I did hear from
your friend though.

The psychologist.

Avalon, no.

Don't. Not Sweets.


No, Angie, she is not gonna
use Sweets like this, okay?

Avalon, just let
him rest in peace.

Not another word.

So you really had
contact with Sweets?


He's having a real tough day.

Yeah, it-it's his birthday.


I hear the first one's
always tough.

Aubrey, what do you got?

Oh, hey,
what do you got there?

Oh, these are just some
doughnuts I got from Georgetown.

Oh, great, I still got
room in my leg.

Yeah, I promised Sweets
that I would treat him

to some on his birthday.


Would have felt weird not
to get them, you know?

Yeah, I do.

Well, it would also be wrong
not to eat them though.

Yeah, you know what?

You're right.

There it is.


So what do
you got there?

Right, murder.

So I compared Justine's
financial statements

to the bank records
that she kept on her computer

so I could find out
her most frequent clients.

And when you say
"frequent clients,"

you mean blackmail

Or other intimate

So I checked social media,

Justine's name
with the client's name.

Whoa, whoa, slow down, you're
sounding very squinty right now.

Child of the '90s, you know;
computers are kind of our thing.

This doughnut is
blowing my mind.

What, you only got these six?

Aubrey, please just continue
on with the information.

Right, okay,
so what I got was this.

Wait a second,
that's her father's church.

You're gonna tell me all these
ladies go to the same church?

Justine Simmons
didn't go back to church

looking for forgiveness, she
went back looking for clients.

You know, maybe Alana
was right, you know?

We should, uh, talk
to her father again.

This piece of tissue
Dr. Hodgins found is

from the
victim's scalp.

And it's exhibiting
a significant amount

of ecchymosis.

I'm thinking this correlates
with cause of death.

So you would like me
to match that tissue

with the proper location
on the cranial surface?


Wow, you did a wonderful job

reconstructing this skull,
Dr. Fuentes.

Thank you.

Even though you've been
distracted and late.

As I said earlier,
a million apologies.

You found the location
where the tissue came from?


The occipital.

Well, that's interesting.

There's a hairline
fracture here.


So cause of death could have
been blunt force trauma.

Well, the curvature of the
fracture is almost semicircular,

suggesting that the weapon is
some sort of cylindrical object.

A pipe?

Metal would have caused
a lot more damage.

It's most likely a
lighter polymer or wood.

A cane?


Didn't Agent Aubrey say
that Justine's father

uses a cane ever since
the car accident?

You can't possibly believe
I killed my own daughter.

I am a man of God, Agent Aubrey.

Lots of killing and retribution
in the Bible, Pastor.

"As for the faithless,
the sorcerers,

"their portion will be
in the lake that burns

with fire and sulfur,
which is the second death."

Revelation 21:8.


You're really up on your
Bible, Agent Aubrey.

Minored in religion in college.

So you add her sexual
orientation to the, uh, sorcery,

I'm thinking we've got us
a lethal combination.

Justine came out to me
when she was 16 years old.

I supported her
then as I do now.

These passages you
quote, Agent Aubrey,

they pale next to
the real message

that Jesus brought to us--

compassion and love.

I am not God, Agent Aubrey.

It's not for me to judge.

I hope you're telling
the truth, Pastor.

I really do.

But we need to take
your cane into evidence.

I'm afraid I can't
let you do that.

This cane was a
gift from Justine.

Yeah, well, uh, you don't
really have a choice, sir,

because we have a warrant.

This came for you.

It was opened?

Why was it opened?

Because opening
suspicious packages

in a government facility
is recommended

by Homeland Security.

Wh-What is suspicious
about this?

Dr. Fuentes, stop.

There are drugs in here,
prescription drugs.

And taking into account
the cash that I saw you with

and the fact that Angela
overheard you

talking about medication...

I am not selling drugs,

if that's what
you're saying.

Do you have
a better explanation?

That money wasn't for me,
it was for bribes.

Okay, this is not
sounding better, Dr. Fuentes.

These drugs, they
are prescriptions,

donated by Cubans
living here in America.

I am shipping them to
a doctor I know in Cuba

who needs them
for his patients.

The money is for bribes for
customs officials in Cuba.

I thought health care
in Cuba was free.

It is, but
medicines are not.

There are very few,
and they're expensive.

Okay, well,
this is still smuggling.

And I can't condone that
or ignore it.

But we are still talking
about saving lives

and relieving suffering.

Is-is that wrong, no
matter what the law says?

No, uh, but yes,
uh, the law...

The law is wrong.

These are my people.

They have suffered enough.

The estimated circumference
to the damage to occipital

is 88 millimeters,

which does not match
the pastor's cane.

I will leave my notes
for the next intern.

Where are you going?

I haven't made
a decision yet.

We both know
what you have to do.

I'm gonna make it
easier for you.

It has been an honor
and a pleasure.

And I'm sorry it had
to end this way.

Maybe if I could have gotten
Justine to open up.

But there's only
so much I can do.

It's not your
fault, Avalon.

It's just, Sweets seems
more present to me.

I always go back to him.

I found feces
from every arboreous animal

you can imagine,
plus insects.

Aedes albopictus,
Ceratopogonidae, Chironomidae.

That's great.

And I ran a postmortem
on all the insects.

A bug autopsy?

That's right, yeah,
and one of them was murdered.

Well, before you go

and declare yourself
king of the lab,

I have some reading for you.

Wh-What is this?

So you said there's no evidence
that psychics are real.

But for generations,
physicists have believed

that nothing could
move as fast as light.

But now they've
discovered neutrinos.

Lister proved that bacterial
infections could kill,

but doctors still wouldn't wash
their hands before operating

because they'd convinced
themselves it was foolishness.

A solar eclipse was magic
before we understood it.

Great, so you did
your research.


The impossible becomes
reality all the time.

Ideas and memories
and love--

I mean, you can't hold
those things in your hands,

but it doesn't mean
that they don't exist.

So why not spirits?

And why not Sweets?

Y-You don't have to
believe, I-I get it,

but y-you don't have to dismiss
the possibility, either.

No decent scientist
would do that.


I'm sorry.

And I love you, Angela.

Professor, I didn't
see that one coming.

And that's hard for
a psychic to say.

That's it?


You're right.

So... "I love you"
about says it all.

Want to hear about the bug?

I guess.
All right.

So he got hit by a car.

He splattered
onto the windshield.

I actually found
windshield wiper fluid on him.

So how did the bug
end up inside the tree?

Well, I think
that the killer

actually dragged Justine
onto the car

in order to get the height

to push her into
the hollow of the tree.

That's genius, Hodgins.

The problem is
that I still have this trace

that doesn't fit
into the scenario.

It's a polyurea grease
and an acrylic urethane adhesive

used when installing
new flooring.

- Oh, my.
- What?

He says,
with an entirely open mind.

The landlady.

She was repairing a floor
while we were there.

And I sensed that
through my eyes and nose.

Where's my intern?

Oh. Yes.

Dr. Fuentes left.

He admitted
that he was

attempting to smuggle

prescription drugs into Cuba.

Well, that explains that.


I would do the same
thing if I were him.

They lack
basic medicines.

Please tell him to come back.
We have a murder to solve.

But, Dr. Brennan...
And we might be working late.

We tested the equipment
that you use

to fix the flooring
in the building,

and your mallet caused
the victim's injuries

and tested positive
for her blood.

So your move next.

You guys got it all wrong.

I didn't kill Justine.

So somebody stole your mallet,

then killed Justine with it,
and then what?

Planted it back on you?

Okay, I shouldn't have lied.

But I was scared
that you would think

that I killed Justine.

We do.

Justine and I fought.

Let's call it a lovers' quarrel.

Wait, you were
sleeping with her, too?

Well, it was more than that.
I mean, I loved her,

and I thought she loved me, too.

Until you found out you
were just one of many.

I was fixing a leaky pipe
in the unit next door.

Okay? The walls
are really thin.

I overheard her on the phone
telling someone

that she loved them more than
she'd loved anyone before,

and I just freaked.

You ran over
to her place.

We started screaming
at each other,

she shoved me,
and I was just so pissed...

I was so pissed that
I just kind of, accidentally,

threw my mallet at her head.

You hit her
right in the head.

I know.

I know, it's...
it's hard to aim a hammer.

But it didn't kill her.

I mean, not even close.

She was very much alive.
She started whaling on me

with those damn peace crystals
of hers. Look.

And then what?

And then nothing.

We were both bleeding,
so we just stopped.

And that's when I realized
that Justine was crazy

and I was better off
without her.

So I left.

With her very, very much alive

and cussing at me
the whole time.

Dr. Fuentes!

I'm glad Dr. Saroyan was able
to find you so quickly.

She didn't.

I left without telling you
my latest findings.

I found a small fracture
on the victim's occipital

where she was struck
by a cylindrical object.

Yes, that was caused
by the mallet

that was thrown at her
by the landlady.

No, not this one.

Oh. Dr. Fuentes.
It's okay.

I'm leaving.
No, it's not.

I need him here.
You think I didn't

look for a way
to keep Dr. Fuentes here?

But I have responsibilities,

Dr. Brennan,
even more than you...

Dr. Saroyan, it's okay.

I am here for the medications
which you confiscated.

I'm afraid that
won't be possible.

You threw them away?

As a doctor,
I had the legal right to...

I didn't throw them away.
I arranged for them

to be smuggled
to your doctor friend in Cuba

through Booth's
friend at the CIA.

Muchas gracias.

You took the drugs
from my office?

If that's a problem,
I imagine...

you will have to
fire me as well.

Why would she fire you?

You don't have any evidence.

It's gone. Isn't it?


I was raised

with Cuban justice,

which allows me
to see the loopholes.

He's correct.

All you could do is start

a long, protracted
dismissal hearing,

which would rely
on your word against mine.

Then, because of this loophole,

I might have acted in error.

Although, next time,

you should try to hone
your covert skills, okay?

Of course.

If there are no further

You're right,
Dr. Fuentes.

This fracture is
not from the mallet,

although its proximity
to the mallet strike

does give us
cause of death.

Very good.

But the damage is too small
to be of significance.

No, not if the mallet blow could
have caused a subdural hematoma.


The blood would accumulate

and expand
in the intracranial space

until something caused it
to rupture and kill her.

The small, sharp force blow
you discovered

is more than enough.

Get the skull to Dr. Hodgins

and have him swab
this new damage immediately.

And welcome back, Dr. Fuentes.

Do you know
where Sweets' car is?

Uh, Sweets' car?

What does that have to do
with the case?


I-I don't think
I'm here for the case.

Your friend wants me
to drive his car.

Right away.

He said it has
to be right away.

Okay. Um, maybe because
Daisy's selling it today.

And for some reason, he wants me
to drive with my thumbs.

Drive it with your thumbs?

That was very clear.

He kept saying, "Drive thumb,
drive thumb, drive thumb."

Oh, no, no.

Not "drive thumb."

Thumb drive.

There must be
a thumb drive

in the car
that he doesn't want to lose

when Daisy sells it.

You're good.
Come on, we have

to get to that car before
Daisy gets rid of it.

So I found grease residue
in the fracture.


Are we talking
French fries, a burger...?

Polyurea grease.

Ooh. Sounds delicious.

Yeah, if you like the
taste of bicycle chain.

That's what they use
to lubricate them.

So the victim
was hit by a bicycle?

Probably a girl's bike,

judging from the fleck of
pink, rust-proof enamel.

But I tied it to a
maker of kids' bikes,

Hardy Bike and Toy.
Look at this.

The enamel also
contained bug residue.

The same bug residue
found on the victim?

You got it.

How long is this
gonna take?

I have to pick
my kids up by 5:00.

Well, you might want to arrange
a babysitter long-term.

What does that mean?

It means that we have proof
that you killed your girlfriend.

Your daughter's bike tested
positive for blood in the chain.

Justine Simmons' blood.

Okay, I can explain.

It's... it's not what you think.

What we think is that
you fought with Justine

and you killed her.

Then you dumped her body
into the tree.

The same tree that
you carved your initials in.

So... are we missing something?

I did not mean to do it.

Look, Justine-- she came over
and broke up with me.

Then she wanted
to hug it out,

to let our
energies commune.

Our whole relationship, it...

it was just a lie.

But I did not
mean to kill her.

I didn't even push her hard,
I swear, I just...

It was just a little push.

But when she dropped, sh...

She was...

See, it didn't take much.

Justine got in a fight with
someone else two days earlier

and suffered a head injury.

That's why she died
from hitting the bike.

That's good then. I...

It's not my fault.

I'm innocent, right?


You covered it up.
You hid the body.

Because I thought
I'd get in trouble.

I have kids.

I'm a good mom-- ask anybody.

I was just thinking
about my kids.

Oh, my God.

Okay, Christine,

the tea is ready to be poured.

Look at this.

And Daddy has an extra big
piece of cake for Buddy.

Buddy isn't hungry.

He just wants you
to read a special book.

What am I gonna do with
all this cake that I got?

It's gonna go
to waste now.


The cake isn't real.


The cake's not real, Daddy.

That's my bad.
I'll, uh...

I'll bring the cake
back up to Mom, okay?

It's supposed to be imaginary.


So what charges
are being filed?

Well, for the landlady,
most likely manslaughter.

And, uh, for Alana,
Caroline's gonna strike

a deal for probation
to protect the kids.

That's good, right?

Well, it's the best
of a bad situation.

I'll get it.

So, here we go.

Did you, uh,
pick out a book

that we're gonna
read Buddy?

Not yet.

He wants a love story.

Love story.

Angela, hi.

Avalon, uh, this
is a surprise.

Why are you here?

Well, it's a long story,

but most of it
you'll think is rubbish,

so I'll just skip
to the happy ending.

We brought you
a present.

A birthday present.

Well, it's neither
of our birthdays.

No, it's for Sweets' birthday.

Do you remember
the thing he would do?

He would give out presents
on his birthday.

He would say how grateful
he was to all of us

- for another good year.
- Apparently,

he finished your present
just before he died

and never told anyone.

He was gonna give
it to you today.

A thumb drive?

And this is
what is on it.

It's the book that he
wrote for the two of you.

When he was examining our
partnership for the Bureau?


But he left out the psychology

and the efficacy of
your partnerships

and all that other
boring, technical stuff

and turned it into
a love story.

By someone who really,
really loved you a lot.

Parts of the Whole.

Is that the book
Buddy wants us to read?

Who's Buddy?

Buddy is Christine's
imaginary friend.



Whatever makes you feel better.

"Dedicated to Temperance Brennan
and Seeley Booth,

"the people who taught me
that understanding,

"compassion and love

"are not just
notions in a book.

My life means more
because I know you."

Buddy says we can
have cake now, Daddy.

Let's have cake.

Who wants imaginary cake?

I'll have a thin slice.
I'm on a diet. Oh, okay...

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