Bombay Begums (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Colour Purple - full transcript

New layers of Rani's complicated marriage are revealed. Fatima juggles through personal and professional decisions. Ayesha's home hunting takes a detour.

So it gives me great joy to introduce

our very special welfare program
called Shakti.

It's called "Shakti" because there
are scores of women in our country

who harbor the dream
of starting their own business.

They have the ability and the talent,

but they lack a formal degree, a network,

or respect.

Royal Bank of Bombay will give them
the Shakti, the power.

So with great pleasure,
I would like to announce

the first beneficiary
of our Shakti program,

Ms. Laxmi Gondhali.

I'd also like to request
the honorable governor

of the Public Resource Bank

to please hand out the loan approval.
Mr. Mahesh Rao, please.

Give her a big hand, please.

All I want to say

is I had almost forgotten
that my name is Laxmi Gondhali.

But now that I remember,
I'll make sure I live up to it.

My son is here as well.

He's my biggest supporter!

Hail Lord Ganesha!

Raucous lot, right?

I specialize in finance, sir.

I'm being wasted in CSR.

I want to work under Deepak Sir,
in corporate, as a financial analyst.

You may want many things, Ayesha,
but that's not quite how it works.

Even your MBA is from…

What should I call it?
A B-grade institute.

- But sir...
- You're lucky… Hang on.

You were lucky to have been hired
by Royal Bank in the first place.

Not only that, you've been retained
even after you got fired.

I'd suggest that you be very grateful
and focus on the welfare schemes.

All right?

No transfer for now, Ms. Agarwal.
Thank you.


You don't listen to me!

What is this?

Here you go, rockstar!

Thank you.

So you want to borrow from other banks
to fund the Ozonoh deal.

That's quite radical.

Look. My job is on the line.

Bloody hell!

I'm just worried
you're falling into a trap,

trying to get other banks
to fund this takeover.

And Afzal is okay with this plan?

He doesn't even know about the plan.

He thinks Royal Bank is funding
the takeover, and he's obviously upset.

And does the mad queen know
about you taking advice from me?

What she doesn't know won't kill her.

I'm glad she hasn't been able
to turn you against me.


Can you two
just stop working already, please?

Almost done.

Come on, Deepak. Come.

- Hey!
- Yes. Hey!

- Hey!
- Ishaan!

- Guys, relax!
- Tara.

- Arijay.
- Baby, come.

Ms. Harvard, please.

My god! This little one
is going to Harvard now.

Like father, like daughter.

- Don't embarrass me!
- What's embarrassing about this?

So thrilled. Like I'm going to be there.

- Yes, you missed out last time.
- Yes.

- Ready?
- Yes! Come on!

- Wow!
- Lady!

Thank you.

- Can I also get?
- Yes.

Ready? And your eyes.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

It's okay. A little bit is fine.

Why don't you come?

- Yes, one minute.
- Hey!

Come up!

Oh, God! Arijay, be careful!

One, two, three.

- Cheese!
- Cheese!

Okay, one more.

Let's use a surrogate.


I mean, we always wanted
to have a family, right?

So let's try this surrogacy thing then.

Fatima, the doctor said your eggs are…

We can't use them. That's all right.

We won't use them.

We'll use the donor's eggs.

Are you sure?

Arijay, I want your baby.

Your child will be mine.

I love you.

I love you too.

Why can't your mother come?

It's mandatory for the society meeting.

But she's in Indore.

It's just a one-hour flight.

I just don't get this stingy behavior.

It's complicated.

Two bachelors are living in this building.

I hope you get the apartment.
Having your mum here would've been better.

Come on.

I'm the best broker here.
I have connections.

All the local politicians
deal through me as well.

See that building?

What's a begum without a palace?

A queen without a kingdom?

Sometimes it feels like the stars
are within reach.

What we want is truly possible.

And my body is full of delight
and anticipation.

You're meeting the housing society, right?

It means the deal is done.

I don't think you need
to call your mother.

All good.

I hope so, Anand.

Hey! Hi, baby! How's your day?

So, what's going on?


I just got back from the gym.

I'm going to take a shower.

Do you want to go first?

No, I'm good.


I'm sorry, actually…

- Smoke?
- No, thanks.

I know what you're trying to do.

I'm not going to tolerate this!

- Come on, Gurpreet!
- You've taken over my entire life!

Get the fuck out, Ayesha!

Leave! Find another place or something.

Don't you have another
ex-boyfriend to go to?

The maid's going to come at six.

But don't worry, she has the keys.

Are you a light sleeper?

No. Listen. Thank you so much.

And I'll be out of here as soon
as I get an apartment.

No. Don't be stupid.
Stay here as long as you need to, okay?

Should we order some food?

I'm thinking of getting some pizza.
Do you want?

Hey, put your legs up. Get comfortable.

And then there's desire.

Sometimes, it just burns like a flame

coursing through my whole body.

I feel so many things, Mummy.

Like I'm becoming a woman,

but my body is not in sync.

Why are you not ready yet?

I look strange in everything.

You do not look strange in everything.
You look perfectly fine!

And we can always go and buy
new clothes! You know that!

It's not the clothes.

Then what is it, my darling?

It's just that all the girls
in my class are wearing bras.

You and me, we'll go
bra-shopping after lunch, okay?

Isn't it cool that you get to work
on your civics project from my office?

I'll even let you sit at my desk.

Come on, get ready now.

Oh, I get it.

And from a socio-economic point of view,
imagination drives us forward.

And that is why Peter Pan
is the most important book I've ever read.

Shai, Uncle Deepak is a busy man.

But he said he was free.

Come on, let's go.

- Come on.
- I'll come tomorrow, Uncle Deepak.

Anytime, sweetie!

Thank you.

Your office is so boring,
and it's really cold.

I was having fun with Uncle Deepak.

Well, you're not going there
tomorrow either.

Big factory!

Look! I am a businesswoman now.

Your mother has finally been of help!

This will change your life.

Hail Lord Ganesha!



Yes, ma'am.

Rani says you're working on a lot of
interesting and socially relevant projects

that I should learn about.

Sorry. Who are you?

One minute.

Hello, Rani Ma'am. Yes, ma'am.

Oh, okay.

School project.


Yes, ma'am.

Sure, ma'am.

So how can I help you with your project?

Just pretend like I'm not here.

What are you doing?

Stay back!

- What the hell are you doing?
- Hey!

- Are you the boss?
- Yes, I am! Do you have a problem?

You can't go inside the factory!

And who the hell are you?

- Mind your tongue.
- I'll go inside!

- Get lost! Move!
- Hey!

- Hey! Get down!
- It's my factory! Get off!

Vijay Sathe? Who's he?

He's the municipal corporator!

He's a freaking asshole!

Why is he stalling your work?

I messed with him,

and now he wants revenge.

Okay, I'll talk to him.
Just continue unloading the materials.

No, baby. You can't handle him.

I'll have to deal with him myself.

All right, bye.




What a wonderful idea!

- Only you could have done this.
- Generous, as always.


Excuse me. Hello.

- Where are you?
- At an event.

Media Center. Come and watch?

Aren't we going shopping now?


Rani? Hello.

We'll go tomorrow, darling. I promise.

You don't have to bother.

I could take you shopping.

What do you need?

Growth begins when we actually work
in the real world.

Not in Harvard, not in Wharton,
not in any of the business schools

that each one of you
wishes you had gone to.

Trust me.

These Ivy League degrees are overrated.

She can say that because she has a degree.

And you don't.

But as you can see, we're both here.

If a bank teller from Kanpur can become
the CEO of Royal Bank of Bombay,

why can't you?

She makes it sound so easy.

I'm sure it wasn't,
but you managed the tough climb.

- Yes.
- You did what it took and here you are!

And that's all that counts, isn't it?

But honestly, how do you manage?
I mean being a mother and a CEO?

Oh, come on! Would you ever ask a man
a question like that?

I'm not answering that.

- May I take that?
- Sure, please.

Well, Zuravar and Shai,

my children, they are not from me.

But I try to be there for them every day.

To be a good mother.

Some days, I fail.

Others, I succeed.

But I don't stop trying.

This process is called
gestational surrogacy.

An egg will be removed
from an intended mother

or in this case, an anonymous donor,

fertilized with the sperm
of the intended father.

Here, it is Arijay.

Then, the fertilized egg,
which means embryo,

will be transferred to a surrogate
who will carry the baby to term.

Is the process clear?

Arijay, we need your sperm sample.

We'll run some tests.

You can go in as soon
as the collection room is available.

- Fatima.
- Sorry. It's the office…

Why don't you figure out the surrogate
without me? I mean, it's just a womb.

Dr. Khan, I will be back
in a couple of hours. I'll be back.



And sometimes,
our bodies just seem to betray us.

And we hate our bodies
for not letting us live the lives we want.

Your body betrayed us too, Mummy.

Isn't this cute?

I just need a training bra.

Come on!

Why don't you get something cute and fun?

- I want to try that one.
- Nice!

I use similar ones.

Just hold on.



Shit! Shai.

I need to leave.

I'll come with you.
Then, we'll go shopping.

Okay. Sure.

Please help me with this.

Come here. First of all…

It needs to be tight.

So what do you think?

I look so much older!

Older, and round and padded!

Let's try this.

We'll order a 30 AA and a 28 AA
and we'll see which one feels better.

What does the blanket scream
as it falls off the bed?


Oh, sheet!

By the way, I didn't start smoking
until college.

- Ayesha Agarwal.
- Yes.

- Will you be living alone?
- Yes, ma'am.

And who's that?

She's my boss's daughter.

- Is it your job to look after her?
- No. I am not a nanny.

I work at the Royal Bank of Bombay,

just like I've mentioned
in my application.

"I don't smoke."

You've mentioned that too.

I don't.

I saw you throwing the cigarette.


My dear, we have
a family environment here.

Of course! I'm a "family type" as well.

Especially the kids, they love me!

Maybe because you let them smoke.

What else do you do with kids?

She was talking to me
like I'm in the "trade"?

What "trade"?


There's nothing wrong
in being a prostitute if it's your choice.

I mean you own your body, after all.

Sometimes I feel like

society is unable to see
beyond our bodies and our choices.

They're so obsessed!

Fuck society! Live how you want!

How are you so enlightened?

I've read a few books

and an old woman's spirit
inhabits my teenage body.

Hey, Dad.


It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

The holy book says

if a woman does not do her assigned duty,

there is mayhem in society.

Are you getting me?

Do your assigned duty.

Don't try to take on a different duty.

I only have one duty, Mr. Sathe.

That of a mother.

This factory is for my son's future.

But, Lily, you're straying away
from your assigned duty.

You need someone to guide you.

I'll do that.

Thank you, Mr. Sathe.

Please let my factory open.

FCB Asia is by far our strongest option
for funding Ozonoh.

It's a stable bank with deep pockets,

and we already have
a great working relationship with Devyani.

- So for the loan that you want...
- I'm not working with Devyani.

I'll handle Devyani.

Fatima, can we please keep
FCB Asia out of this?

I think you should keep
your feelings out of this.

- Excuse me!
- But you're the boss!


Yes, Arijay?

You didn't have to come.

But it's just that…

It's not happening.

I needed a break anyway.

What can I do to help?

I don't know.

It's just weird!

I know we have done it so many times but…

Listen. You want
to go through this, right?

I don't want you to rush into anything.

My god!

I wonder how much sperm there is
on that magazine.

- Oh, my god!
- On the stool too!

If you think about it,

there's just one safe place
in the entire room.


Why aren't you hard yet?


Don't kill the moment.


I love you, Fatima.

I want you to know that.

You do know that you are going to carry me
out of this room, right?

I would love to.

How about Lord Mountbatten,
Edwina, and Nehru?

You've broken one rule. One name
should be somebody we all know.

- I give up.
- And therefore, I propose

Mukesh Ambani,
Devyani Oniyal, and Virat Kohli.

Oh, easy!

I love Devyani. I'd marry her.

- I'd kill her.
- I'd fuck her.


I'm Indian,
so marrying Virat Kohli is a must.

Mukesh is a dear friend.
He'll understand, so, you know?

And what's your excuse, Naushad?

Well, I will marry Mukesh, obviously.

Have a rollicking affair
with your husband's new husband.

And then kill Devyani
because I love my wife.

And I want Royal Bank to beat FCB Asia.

Well, you must hurry

because Devyani is looking at investing
in some pretty futuristic start-ups.

Her expansion plans
for FCB are out of the box.

Well, that's interesting because Devyani
is usually the play-it-safe,

nurture-the-old-solid-company type.

No. In fact, now she's looking
to invest in alternatives to plastic.

Is she, Mahesh?

- That sounds fabulous!
- Yes.

You know, I've always known her to be
the kind of person who takes big risks.

Big risks!

She seems to have blown you away
with her dynamic abilities.

Okay, I'll change that.

She's always been the kind of person
to take calculated risks.

Calculated risks!

She's already approached me
to get to know the PRB guidelines

on how to invest in foreign start-ups.

Well, then I guess Devyani's doing
a fine job leading FCB Asia.

- Cheers to her.
- Okay, fine. I won't fuck her.

But the question is…

who do I fuck?


I got that, Cyrus.

How about Afzal Mazumdar,
Boris Johnson, and Ms. Piggy?

That had to…

- No! Hey!
- Not again!

- Not again!
- Impossible to step out now.

We have to play this game.


Devyani is interested in Ozonoh too.


- How do you know?
- I just do.

Call her first thing in the morning.

Let's get FCB Asia
as the lending partner on Ozonoh ASAP

before they make a pitch.

I'll call her right now.
I'm sure she's awake.

Great! And has Arijay's team sent
the compliance report?

I'll check first thing in the morning.

Excellent. Have a good night.


I hope you're not going to run away again.

I am…

I just want to hear you sing.

Robin, one drink for her.

And you, hold on to this.

Hi, guys. Always such a pleasure
to perform for you all.

And the song that I'm going to start
the night with is very personal to me.

And here it is.

Who am I but a crazy searching for

Another crazy

To match my crazy

What am I but a knock on the door

Sometimes it feels like I am finally
living in my own skin.

Like my body has never belonged
to me in this way before.

Who am I?

Saint or sinner?

Loser or winner?

Or just an average singer?

You're enjoying this, right?

We don't have to do it, you know.

No. Let's do this.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

This one, maybe?

- Okay.
- Try it.

Looks cute.


Can I borrow another top for the evening?

There's an event at work
for all the new recruits.

Feel at home.

Just so you know this is just…

We are not exclusive
or anything, you know.

- This is just…
- Yes. Of course.

I mean, I'm seeing
other people too, you know.


Didn't think so.

It is not that easy, okay?

What's not easy?

Being bisexual?

We catalog donors by religion, caste, IQ,

and among other factors.

So that you can get the desired
characteristics in the mother.

Dr. Khan, we just want a healthy egg

that becomes a healthy embryo, and
then becomes a healthy child. That's it.


I'm sorry.

We can do this later, if you like.

- If you're not…
- No, let's just do this now.

I mean, at least,
the baby will be half yours.

Is the size comfortable?

You know, at your age,
you don't need this padding and underwire.

A basic trainer would do.

But you wear underwire.

I am 36 E. I need the underwire.

I need it too.

Darling, you are 13. I am 49.

Plenty of time for underwire.

I've got something special for lunch.

Ron and Ayesha are treating me to lunch.

That's nice of them.

Sorry about last night.


Sorry, I could not call you up.

What is it?

You are acting strange.

Just let me know next time
if you are having a fun night

and you're not going to come back.

Whatever. It's cool, but just let me know.

- Hi.
- Not having lunch?

I'm not hungry. Hey, Shai.
Enjoy your lunch.

- I'm sorry. Did I interrupt?
- No.

We have an extra burger
because Ron is not hungry.


But what is the issue?

How long does it take to finish
a compliance report for Ozonoh?

- Do you want us to lose this deal?
- Neha found a discrepancy and…

Why am I hearing this
for the first time now?

You have been swamped.

Don't make excuses.

Do not. I am working fucking hard
to close this deal.

We know that, Fatima.

Then work harder!

I am sorry. It won't happen again.

Sorry, ma'am.

I'm so sorry you had to see that.

Your mum would've handled it differently.


But Rani isn't my mum.

My mum's dead.

So are you ready for our meeting?
Can I come in?


And of course, it's a great opportunity

for you to be starting
your career with us,

but look around you.

There are many of you who are talented,
intelligent, with fancy degrees,

but very few are likely to succeed.

So remember this.

You'll have to sacrifice a lot.

Only a handful of you
will make it to the top.

Only those who put work above everything.

So on that note,
cheers and enjoy the rest of your evening.

Gopal, get the car, please.

- Leaving?
- Yes.

Let the kids enjoy their party.

- It's going to be a long night.
- Yes.

Oh, by the way,
FCB Asia has agreed to fund us.

Ozonoh is on.


The compliance team has to submit
their analysis, and Afzal has to agree.

Don't worry about compliance.
I've got that, and I'm dealing with Afzal

in my own way.

Just don't let him know
how we've got the funds.

- Sure.
- Congratulations!

- Let's close the takeover.
- See you.

- Good night.
- Good night.

And I'm like, "Holy hell!"

Now I have to rent a car
because I don't own one,

and then drive all the way back
to the bloody Hamptons,

which is like from here to Pune.


And all this just so my boss
can have his fancy-ass steak dinner

which he suddenly decided he needs… now.

What about Swiggy?

It's the nineties.

There was no Swiggy.

Everyone has a bad day
at the office. No big deal.

It's really not your fault.

Just drink up, guys!

It's my treat. Come on!

Thank God HR blocked your promotion.

Imagine if you had to work
with your wife every day!

Okay, guys, let's not talk shop all night.

- Let's have some shots!
- Yes. That's a great idea!

- I agree.
- Excuse me!

You're also in banking, Sunaina?

Actually, I've just quit my job.

So right now, I'm a free bird.


I wish you didn't have to leave.

I wish I didn't have to leave.

And that's why it's necessary for me
to do well here.

Really well.

There's only one way to escape.

Success at work.

That's a lot to handle on your own.

Tell me if there's anything I can do
to help you succeed.

I would love to be guided by you, sir.

If I can work in your department,
that would be just so good.

A lemonade, please.


Champagne's really tasty! I had no clue!

You can finish a bottle
if you're not careful.

- Totally!
- Do you want to have a drink with us?

Just one?

Is that even possible?

- Leaving?
- Cigarette.

- Care to share?
- Of course!


They say the female body
is a sight of great conflict.

I think it's a sight of great confusion.

But, Mummy, shouldn't our bodies
give us pleasure and free us?

And shouldn't what we want to do
with our bodies be our choice?

Like a queen,
I must own my body, no matter what.



I had promised I would guide you.

This is who you are.

Prostitution is your duty.

Make sure you stick to it.

This number cannot be reached right now.
Please try later.

The number you have dialled
is out of network coverage area.

This number cannot be reached right now.
Please try later.

The number you've dialed is switched off.
Please try again later.

All right. I'm off.

Sir, your lemonade?

You have it. Maybe you need it.

Sorry. I didn't mean it like that.

- Don't stay out too late.
- Yes, sir. I'm calling an Uber right away.

Good girl.

Oh, shit!


Sir, actually, my phone died. Could you…


Thank you so much, sir.

Sorry. Actually, my friends
are planning to stay back,

and I really wanted to leave.

Don't worry. Put on your seatbelt.

Sorry, sir. Thank you so much.

Sir, do you have a charger
for Android phones?

Yes, there must be one. Check there.

Sorry. It's such a mess.

No problem, sir.

Just as messy as the cables.

Let me.

There you go.

Thank you, sir.

Actually, I don't…

Don't what?

Sir, I don't think we should…


A juicy film is playing!

Sir, please drop me off at home.
I've had too many drinks.

Sir, what are you doing?

Sir, please don't!

Please stop.

You're such a tease.

I could feel your eyes on me all evening.

Hey! You fucking pervert!

Hey! Asshole! Hey!


Turn the car around! She's my friend!

Turn the car around! Don't you get it?

The number you have dialled
is switched off.

Burn the queen at the stake, if you will.

You can't destroy her.

You can stop right here, sir.

- Thanks.
- I'll see you around.

Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir.

Have a good night.

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