Bluey (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - Curry Quest - full transcript

Bingo and Dad must brave a swooping magpie protecting its nest when they go on a curry swap to Mackenzie's house through the park.








Doing well!

OK, now let's change colour.

Changing colour is tricky.

I wish there was
a rainbow-coloured yarn.

Oh, tell me about it.

I'm on a quest to find rainbow yarn.

What's a quest?

A quest is like a journey
a hero goes on.

Oh! How does a quest start?

Well, usually the hero
starts at home.

They're nice and comfortable.

But then adventure calls!

Alright! Who's coming with me
to Mackenzie's house?

No, thanks, Dad.
Mum's teaching me how to crochet.

Well, just you and me, Bingo.

Come on, let's go!

I'm not interested in that.

Why are you going
to Mackenzie's house?

Curry swap.

What's curry swap?
It's where you swap curry.

I've made a roghan ghosht

and Mackenzie's Dad
has made a beef rendang.

I swap a bit of mine for a bit
of his, then we have two curries.


But I need Bingo
to carry the peshwari naan!


Oh, Mum! It's a quest!

Yeah! A curry quest!


This episode of Bluey
is called Curry Quest.

(GROANS) Come on, Bingo!

Usually the hero finds a reason
NOT to go on the quest.

I want top stay with my mum!

But something
always changes their mind.

OK, fine, stay.

But you know
what Mackenzie's Mum has?

Face paints!

Face paints!

Hey, Bingo, peshwari naan!


And so the quest begins.

And what happens on the quest?

Well, the hero
is out in the wide world now -

all sorts of challenges pop up.

Hey, I didn't say
could use both legs.


You heard me -
you only get to use one leg.

(GIGGLES) I can't hop the whole way!

Toughen up, kid.
This is a curry swap.


And who said
you could walk forwards?


Sometimes the hero
meets friends on the way.

G'day, Doreen!

Hi, Bandit! Hi, Bingo!

Oh, something smells good!

It's a peshwari naan.

Doing a curry swap.

Lucky you.

You're looking forward to tomorrow,

The friends often warn the hero
of the danger ahead.


You're not going through the park,
are you?

Yeah. Why?

Oh, there's a magpie
protecting his nest.

He swooped me earlier.



The trick
is not to take your eyes off him.

If he thinks you're looking at him,
he won't swoop!


Ooh! My bus is here!

MUM: There's always danger
on a quest.

Otherwise it's not a quest.

Ooh, there he is.

Why does he want to swoop us?

He's just being a good dad.

He thinks
we're trying to hurt his eggs.

But we're not.
I know, but HE doesn't know that.

Just walk with me
and remember what Doreen said.

Don't take your eyes off him.

Keep looking. Keep looking.

I can't turn my neck any further.

Walk backwards.

But I can't walk backwards,

Oh! Oomph!
Come on! Come on!



Ooh! That was close.

Look, Dad, we're here!

Curry swap! Whoo!

After facing the grave danger,

the hero arrives
at where they were going.

Here you go - the naan peshwari.

Cheers, Bingo.

Would you like your face painted,

Yes, please!

I'm glad you're here, Bingo.

I'm on the face-painting stall at the
school fair, so I need to practise.

I'm not very good, I'm afraid.

Hey, Bingo!

Is that the end of the quest?

Not yet.

Usually here some secret is revealed
and the quest takes a turn.

Bingo, you get to go
to the airport tomorrow!

I'm not going to the airport.

Yeah, you are.

Your dad just told my dad
he has to fly to work

and he's going to be gone for ages.



So, you wait till the END
to put the curry leaves in.

Dad, are you flying away
to the airport tomorrow?

Oh...yeah...I am.

How long are you gone for?

Just six weeks.

How long is six weeks?

It's six...weekends.

Oh, that's forever!

It's here that the true challenge
of the quest is revealed.

We have to head back now, Bingo.

We can't.
I don't want to go past the magpie.

And I don't want you to leave.

I'm sorry, mate. I don't
want to go away, but I have to.

But just when things
seemed the saddest...

Bingo! I've got
the perfect face paint for you!

You want to know a secret, Bingo?


I'm thinking of NOT doing the
face-painting stall this weekend.


Because I'm not very good at it,
am I?

Mackenzie's meant to be a cheetah!

Am I?

But then no-one will be able

to get their faces painted.

No, I guess not.

Well, I think you HAVE to do it.

Even though I don't want to?

Yes. Even though that.

Yeah, you're probably right.

What do you think?!


I think I'm getting better!

See ya, Border Collies!

Enjoy the curry!
ALL: See ya!

Good luck with the magpie!

MUM: Now, every good hero
learns a few things on their quest.

Mackenzie's Mum,
can you face-paint one more thing?



Armed with everything
they've learned along the way,

the hero faces their ultimate test.



The end.

You're my hero, Bingo.




BLUEY: Why do heroes want to go on
quests, anyway? They seem dangerous.

Well, they usually don't, remember?

Oh, yeah!

But that's what makes them heroes -

they go anyway.


Captions by Red Bee Media

Australian Broadcasting Corporation