Bluey (2018–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - Promises - full transcript

Bluey keeps breaking her promises. But after seeing how much Bingo trusts Mum's word, Bluey learns the power of promises and why it's important not to break them.

There! Tidy.



I JUST tidied.

What are you doing?!

Panda puzzle!

But Dad's about to take you
to the Trampolinium.

It won't take long.
The pieces are big. See?

Alright. But promise me
you'll tidy it up when you're done.

I promise.

Alright! Trampolinium!


Bluey! Puzzle!

I'm not done!

Ooh, Dad, can we go to the library?

No, mate, we're going
to the Trampolinium.

What about after?

Uh... Yeah, Ok, we can go after.

Do you promise?
Yeah, I promise.


- Whee!
- Whoo!


- Time to go, kids!
- No! No!

Come on! It's almost dinner.

Just one more minute!

You've had 21 more minutes.

Run, Bingo!

That's it, I'm coming in.

Whoa! Hey! Get back here!


Argh! Stop it!

Oh, Dad, can we go
to the library now?

No, it's closed, mate.

But you said we could go
after the Trampolinium.

Yeah, but we stayed way longer
than I thought. promised.

Oh, man.

This episode of Bluey
is called Promises.

Night, kids.
Night, Dad!


Are you're STILL cranky with me?

You said we could go to the library.

It was shut!
You promised.

And you shouldn't break
your promise.

Yeah, I know, mate, but...

Why is this panda puzzle
not tidied up?!

Quick! Hide!

Where is she?

Uh... Where's who?

The kid who broke her promise
to clean up the panda puzzle.

Ohh! How interesting!


Did Bluey break her promise?

Well, you broke YOUR promise,
so I can break mine.


It's true. Dad broke his promise.

The library was shut!

Seems like
we've got a promising problem.


OK, from now on,
no-one makes any more promises.

But you promised
you'd always love us!

Whoa. I didn't think this through.

Listen, you can still make promises.

- You just have to keep them.
- OK. Yeah.

That makes more sense.


Bluey, from now on,
we keep our promises.

No matter what!
No matter what.

Well, goodnight, everyone!

Panda puzzle!

Come on, kids!

Hurry up!

Hey, this morning
I said to Bingo to hurry up,

and she said, "I am hurry upping!"

Dad, will you play Toddlers with us
at the library?

I'll play anything with you
at the library if you hurry up.

Do you promise?

I promise. Now come on!

Bingo, Dad promised
to play Toddlers at the library!


Hey, hang on, what's Toddlers?

Ee! Ee! Ee! Ee!
THIS is Toddlers?!

Yeah. You have to walk everywhere
on your knees.

No way!

But a promise is a promise!

Ugh! Fine.

Excuse me.


Down here.


Me want books for big boys.

Uh... Next to the magazines.


Excuse me, can you help
my little brother, please?

Oh, yes. Here you go, young man.

Read to me.


That was funny.

Yeah, yeah.

Well done for keeping your promise.

Speaking of - Bluey, do you mind
if I put my books in your book bag?

You promise you don't mind?

It's only two books.
Yeah, I promise.

Great! Here they are.


Wait up!

These books are heavy!

Thanks, Bluey!
You're your star.

OK, listen, you two.

You can't use promises
to trick each other.


The whole point of promises
is to build trust.

If there's no trust,
none of this is possible.

What, none of the whole world?

None of it.

No libraries, no roads,
no power lines.

No power lines?!

I'm not sure about that.
I think we'd still have power lines.

No, we wouldn't.
Mum's right.

No more promise-y tricks.


Ooh! Can we play in the playground?!

Yeah, please, can we?

Yes, but it's almost lunch,

so when I say it's time to go,
it's time to go.

OK, Mum!
You promise?

We promise!

Flying fox!


Oh. Um... I think it's my turn.

It's my turn!



Bluey! Help!

Are you OK, Bingo?!

I can't get down!

Just climb down the way you came.

It's too high.

This morning I said to Bingo,
"Please stop whingeing,"

and she said,
"But I only just started."

Mum, Bingo's stuck!

Oh, goodness!

Come on, Bingo! Jump to me!

I don't want to.

It's fine, honey.
I'll catch you.

You promise?

I do.

I promise.


My goodness!

Here we go!

Bluey! Lunch! Time to go!

Oh, hey, today I asked Bingo
to tidy her beads away,

and she said,
"I'm not interesting in that."

Do you tell stories about us
when we're asleep?

Get back to bed!

I promise I'll always love you.

Captions by Red Bee Media

Australian Broadcasting Corporation