Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 51 - Christmas Swim - full transcript

The Heelers gather for a classic Aussie Christmas, Bluey gets a new teddy and introduces him to the whole family. But the family play too rough with him and now he wants to go home. Until Frisky convinces him to stay.

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OK, who else have we got here?

To Uncle Stripe from Nana.

Oh, here we go!

There you go, Uncle Stripe.

Thanks, Bluey.

Ho ho. 'World's Best Chef'!
Thanks, Mum.

Hey, I thought
I was the world's best chef.


Oh, you both are.

That one is for Nana, from Bandit.

This is from Dad.
Oh, thanks, Bandy.

No worries, Mum.

Ooh, what is it? Oh, it's a shirt!

What does it say?

Hang on, I'll just get my glasses.

"Hang on, I'll just get my glasses."


What is it?!

Yes, a doctor's bag!

Ah, inflatable pool lilo.


Oh, yeah, tennis balls!

To Bluey, from Mum and Dad.

Oh, it's for me. Thanks, Mum and Dad.

ALL: Ooh!
Whoa, I love him.

I'm going to call you Bartleby.

I think that's it. All done.

Christmas swim!

ALL: Yeah!

This episode of Bluey
is called Christmas Swim.

Let me introduce you to my family,

They're your family now too.

Are you sure you know
how to do the crackling?

Read the apron.

Uncle Stripe, this is Bartleby.

G'day, Bartleby. Nice to meet you.

Hang on, Bartleby. I'm just getting
blown towards the pool.

So, what do you...


Whoa ho ho!

And this is my cousin Socks.

Merry Christmas!


Don't worry.
She does that to everyone.

Come on, Muffin.
You're going to be late for work.

Ah! Have to eat breakfast.

This is my cousin Muffin.

Hi, Bartleby.
I'm sorry, I'm late for work.

Ferry's about to leave!

Ah! I'm late!


Bye, kids.

Ah, lipstick!

Back through the door.

Attention, passengers.
Ferry's leaving.

(YELLS) Bye, kids! (YELLS)

Hooray! You made it!

Muffin is a bit busy right now.
Let's go meet Bingo.

This is my sister, Bingo.

Bingo, this is Bartleby.

This is his first Heeler Christmas.

Hi, Bartleby. It's nice to...


Croc attack!


Let go of Bartleby, crocodile!

It's his first Heeler Christmas.

Muffin, help!


You're making me late for work!


Are you OK?

Mmm, maybe we should go
and meet my dad.




Oh, yeah! Whoo!

Dad's playing Classic Catches.

Who's next?


Who's next?

Dad, this is Bartleby.

How's it going, Bartleby?

You want a turn at Classic Catches?


♪ Ahh! ♪



Caught it!


You've got to keep your eye
on the ball, mate.

Oh, Bartleby, I'm so sorry
Dad broke your arm.

Oh, Trix, I can do the gravy
if you like.

Oh, I'm fine, Chris.
I've just got some packets.

Oh, no. Let me do a proper one.

Aunt Trixie, can I borrow a towel
for Bartleby, please?

Oh, Nana, would you be able
to grab a towel for Bluey, please?

Oh, sure.

Did you get wet, Bartleboy?

Dad landed on him.

Oh, deary me.

(YELPS) Nana, no.


He's got a broken arm.

Oh, goodness me, I had no idea.

Sorry, Bumblebee.

Hey, Uncle Red and Aunt Frisky
are calling.

Stripe, are you sure you know
how to do the crackling, mate?

Read the apron!


Oh, I wish you guys could be here.

Yeah, me too, Mum.

Look what I got for Christmas,
Uncle Red.

Wow, look at that.

Ah, Muffin!

Hey, where's Bluey?

I'm sorry it's been a bit crazy,

I hope you're still having
a good time.

What's that?

What? You want to go home?

Hey, Bluey, look who it is.


Hey, Bluey. Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Frisky.

Who's that you've got there?

This is Bartleby. He's having
his first Heeler Christmas.

Oh, how's it going?

Well, not good.

He got attacked by a crocodile,

then Dad broke his arm,

then Nana jiggled it all about.

Oh, dear.

He wants to go home.
He says my family is too rough.

Here, let me have a word with him.

Ooh, OK.

Nice to meet you, Bartleby.
I'm Frisky.

I'm new to the Heeler family
as well.

And just between you and me...


..they're a bit crazy.



But give them a chance.

You'll see.

Yeah, but that's not why
I voted for him.

Oh, Stripe, this crackling!

Oh, really?

They're full of love.

Ah, Bartleby, where are my keys?

Quick! Ferry's leaving!

Oh, come on! Bye, kids!


Merry Christmas, everyone!

ALL: Merry Christmas!

And here's to Bartleby.

ALL: Yeah, Bartleby!

Welcome to the family, mate.



Sorry, buddy.

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation