Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 49 - Typewriter - full transcript

Bluey, Snickers and Winton are on their way to ask Calypso for help with their problems, when they are ambushed by the Terriers and use their unique talents to get past.

Tick, tick, tick, ching!
Tick, tick, tick, ching!

Hey, Bluey, Calypso's
telling a story!


There once was an old dog
who had sat on a chest

by the side of the road
for all his life,

begging for treats.

Oh. Ooh. Mm.

Up you get, Snickers.

One day, a gnome came by
and said to the old dog,

"Have you tried opening that chest
you sit on to see what's inside?"

"Oh, no, of course not.

"There's nothing inside.
It is empty."

Can I sit next to you, Coco?

But the gnome insisted
that the old dog open the chest

and when he did, he discovered

that it was full of treats!


Huh? That doesn't make any sense.

Aah! Ooh.

This episode of Bluey
is called Typewriter.

Why didn't the old dog
look in the chest sooner?

I'm not sure.

Well, I'm going to write a story

where he looked in the chest
straightaway and he saw the treats.

Hey, where did the real typewriter

I don't know.

I'll go ask Calypso.

I can't be a storywriter
without a real typewriter.

Hey, Snickers, what's wrong?

Everyone else has learnt to sit
except me.

But you're a sausage dog,
it's gonna take you longer.

'Cause you're longer.

Oh. I hate being a sausage dog.

Why don't you come with me
to see Calypso?

Maybe she can help you too.
OK, thanks, Bluey.

Hey, Winton, what's wrong?

Everyone keeps running away from me.

Oh, no, they don't.

They do.
Ah! Winton...

Well, why don't you come
and see Calypso with us?

Maybe she can help.
OK, let's get going.

I'll follow you.

Oh, no!
The English are approaching!

Archers, ready.

Hold and fire.

And fire!


Hey, we're shooting bows and arrows
at you.

Not real ones.

They're pretend real.

We're not playing your game,
we're going to see Calypso.

I'm looking for the real typewriter.


Please can you pretend
that they're pretend real?

Oh, OK.

Arrows! Get down!

Whoa! Argh!

Hooray! Pling.

And fire!

How are we gonna get past them?

Snickers, you sneak around them
through those skinny trees.

And then wait at the top of the hill
to do you know what.

Oh, yeah, OK.

Run your little sausage dog legs!

They're trying to outflank us.

I'm going into those skinny trees.

Oh! Why do YOU get to
go into the skinny trees?

Because you got to sit
in the boot seat this morning,

even though it was MY turn.

'Cause I said, "Boot seat!"
at breakfast before you.

Oh, alright.

For Scotland!
For Scotland!

Pling, pling, pling.

I'm coming.

Where are you?

What was that?


Why aren't they attacking us?

I don't know.
Well, I'm going to scout.

Oh, why do you get to scout?

'Cause you got to sit closest
to the tap last night.

Even though I said, "Close tap"

on the way back from jiu jitsu.

Oh, alright.
For Scotland!

One's coming!
What do we do?!

I know. When he comes, ask him
a question and then he'll run away.


Wait, what question?

Any question. It doesn't matter.

Ask him if he's gluten-free.

Alright then.

Wait, why will he run away
if I ask him if he's gluten-free?

'Cause you're a space invader.

Oh, OK.

Wait, what's a space invader?

It's someone who stands too close.

Like what you're doing right now.


Most people stay about
this far apart.

But you don't,
you get right up close.

'Cause I'm a space invader?


Is that why people keep on
running away from me?

Yeah, probably. Try it.


Are you gluten-free?

Winton, not so close.

Just tell me. Are you gluten-free?

Aha! You're right, Bluey!

Come on.

Where are you?


Argh! Archers ready.

Pling, pling! Pling, pling.

How are we gonna get past the arrows?

Use a shield.

But I don't have a shield.

Use this one.

Oh, thanks. Hang on.

Pling, pling. Oh! Pling.



Hey, I'm shooting bows and arrows
at you.

Yeah, and I'm pa-doinging them
with my shield.

Oh, no!

Pling, pling, pling.
Pa-doing, pa-doing, pa-doing.

Come on, Winton!

Get 'em. Ya!

Oh, no, they're catching up to us!

Snickers, now!

Sausage rolllll.

I love being a sausage dog!


Good one, Snickers!

Hey, Winton, look.

I'm not a space invader!

Hey, wait up, guys.

Let's play that again.

Hi, Calypso.

Hello, Bluey. How can I help you?

I can't find the real typewriter.

Oh, are you being a story writer?

Well, it's around here somewhere.


Oh, hey, how did you get past
the terriers?

I used a shield. See?

Ting, ting.
Ting, ting.

That's a nice shield alright.

OK, typewriter. Where is it?

Oh, what if I asked you to show
me a typewriter?


Tick, tick, ching.

That's a lovely typewriter,
isn't it?

Yeah, it is.

Thanks, Calypso.

I'm going to write my story now.

OK, have fun.

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