Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 47 - Ice Cream - full transcript

Bluey and Bingo want a lick of each other's ice cream, but they are so focused on making sure each lick is fair, they don't notice their ice creams are melting.

♪ Mum!

♪ Dad!

♪ Bingo!

♪ Bluey! ♪

Ooh, dinosaur.

Its mouth opens and shuts.


Dad, can I have one of these?

Only if you pay for it yourself.

But I haven't got any money.
Well, then you can't have it.

But I want it.

Well, that's commonly called
bad luck.

Oh, that's not fair.
It's pretty fair.


Get it off! Get it off!


Hi, kids.

Dad, ice-cream!

Keep walking.
Oh, can't we have an ice-cream?

Nope. No-one's having ice-cream.

Why not?

Because you had one yesterday, kid.
It's too much sugar.


Oh, no fair.

It's fairly fair.

Well, why does Muffin
get an ice-cream?

Muffin's not getting an ice-cream.

I got an ice-cream!

Oh, thanks, mate.

Look, kids, Muffin gets an ice-cream

'cause she got a dinosaur
stuck on her head.

It was a velociwaptor.

Oh, no fair.

It's totally fair.

Maybe Muffin'll give you
a lick of hers.

Yeah, that's not gonna happen, mate.

Can I have a lick, please, Muffin?



Oh, OK, OK.

You can have an ice-cream.

Yay! Ice-cream!

This episode of Bluey
is called Ice Cream.

Look, they've got mango.

This is the happiest day ever
of my life.

Oh, our ferry's here, Muffin.

See you later, girls.

Bye, Bluey. Bye, Bingo.

Hey, kids, Uncle Stripe and Muffin
are saying goodbye.

Oh, bye, Muffin.
Bye, Uncle Strawberry.

See ya, mate.

Now, you have to finish that
before we get on the ferry, Muffy.


Right, do you know what you want?

Yes. I'd like mango, please.

OK. One mango, please.

And extra big size.

Extra small size, thanks.

Oh, no fair.
Highly fair.

Bluey, what about you?

I can't decide.

I want either mango like Bingo
or strawberry.

Can I have two flavours?

Oh, no fair.
Very fair.

OK. I'll get strawberry, please.
In a cone.

I can always have a lick of Bingo's.

$6, please.
Thank you.

What flavour are you getting, Dad?

I'm not getting one.
Gotta stay in shape.

It's just coming up.

It's taking a while.

Oh, go on.

Give us a double chocolate
in a cup, extra large.


I've got a problem.

Everyone happy?


Is yours nice, Dad?
Yeah, it's chocolate.

Bingo, can I have a lick
of your mango?

Here we go.

OK, but only if I can
have a lick of yours.


Ah, not a big lick.

I wasn't gonna take a big lick.

You were.
Your tongue was all the way out.

No, it wasn't.
It was. It was like this...


No, it was only out this far. Blah...

No, it was out this far.

It wasn't.

It was out this far.

It has to be out this far.


OK, that's OK.

Hang on. If I lick first
and you lick second,

you could just take
a bigger lick than me.

Uh, Bluey.

No, I won't.
You will.

You lick first, I'll lick second.

But then YOU'LL just take
a bigger lick.

I won't, I promise.
You will.

OK, kids, come on. Sort it out.

We can't both lick second.

What are we gonna do?

I know. Let's lick at the same time.

Oh, yeah. Good idea, Bingo.

OK. You ready?

So, we both take the same size lick,

OK. Show me how big
your tongue is out.

OK, that's OK.

Show me yours.

Is mine OK?

Well, let's go.

No, your tongue's out too far.

But, but...

Bingo, not that much.

Ooh, ooh...

Kids, what are you doing?

That's too much.
No, tongue back in, tongue back in.

Not too big.

No, back, back.
Oh, not too much.

Uh! Get out of it.

Ahh! My ice-cream!

It's melted!

Mine too.

They're both melted.

Dad, our ice-creams melted.

It's a hot day, kid.
You had 'em out in the sun.

The sun melts ice-creams.

But that's not fair.

It's about as fair
as it gets, actually.

Can you buy us another one?

Zero chance.

Oh, why not?

'Cause it's not my fault
they melted.

You took too long to eat 'em.

So, we get nothing?

Well, you get
a valuable life lesson.

I don't want a valuable line lesson.

I just want an ice-cream.

Alright, I tell you what.
You kids can have mine.


Yeah, go on.

Yeah! Thanks, Dad!


Let's take turns.

You go first.

Have as much as you like.

Thanks, Bluey.

Is it good?
Mm, yeah.

Your turn. I only took a little bit.

Thanks, Bingo.

Well done, girls.

Mm, it's even better than mango.

Yeah, it's chocolate.

I'm sorry you don't
get an ice-cream, dad.

It's all good, kid. I'm fine.

Well, it's actually your job
to give us your ice-cream.

Oh, is it now? And why's that?

'Cause you're the big daddy man.

Fair enough.

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